“Don’t f***g go back to them don’t make this season about them playing us”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jared
Nominees: Corey and America
POV Players: ??????
POV Winner: ?
Veto Ceremony: ?
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

12:55 am

12:33 am Corey, Matt and Jag
Matt warns that Jared and Blue are still up in the HOH room.
Corey says at this point he’s just trying to make sure America is OK, “She’s having a tough time”
Matt – we’re all on the same page to get Cameron out.
Corey – if I am up there with America that sucks… Obviously I will try I won’t cross any lines.
Corey thinks if Cameron wins Veto he’ll use it.
Matt – just to cause Havok
Corey – he’s closer to America than anyone in this house
Corey suspects Cameron would use the veto on America and Jag would go up.
Jag joins them. They talk about Jared using the veto if he wins.
Corey tells Jag his guy tells him Jag is in trouble.
Jag doesn’t think he is says he thinks Bowie is going up
Corey – you know how I know it’s a backdoor for Cameron? Cameron is spiralling he’s begging America to pick him. America feels bad she’s not picking him.
Corey says Jared would want him gone over America, “I could get Cameron to use the veto on me I feel like I could”

America joins them.
Corey – America! here’s the TEA
Corey – What we need is Cameron to take one of us two off.
Corey says Jared thinks he has Jag and Matt, Blue. If Matt and Blue can make it clear if he puts up Jag he losses Jag who does Jared put up “Bowie”
Corey counts the votes if Bowie goes up they have 4 votes the 5th cote is going to have to come from Cam or MEME.
Corey – MEME is hard because she’s with Felicia.. but I think we have Cam.

Corey says the night before the vote Cirie told him if the vote flips tell her because she wants to be on the right side.
Corey – what she told me is Felicia is targeting you (Corey) and America She said that so us two would vote out Felicia.
Corey – do You think we can go to Felicia and tell her this. It’s the truth she will be furious with Cirie.
Jag – this would be a wednesday thing
Corey says America needs to go to Cam before the Veto and have a emotional breakdown to him. “Cam I feel like I have no one in this game it’s Just corey and it just you”
Corey says Cam gives himself 90% of the credit last week even though he did “F*** all for the vote it was all of us”
Corey says he will tell Cam his goal is to take out jared next week.
Corey – we can make a world where there’s zero bad scenarios Worst case Cam wins takes one of us off and puts Bowie on. We can do that we can make that happen. One of us wins we come off Cams goes up he gets voted out.
Corey – anyone but Cameron wins one of us comes off CAmeron goes up cameron goes.
Corey – we could be 100% safe.. we aren’t obviously.
Jag – the risk is one chip pull
Corey says he’s not a risk guy he wants to make sure regardless of the chip pulled they win.

Corey – I feel better
America – I feel better
Corey says you should have seen me and Matt when Jared told us the lie about you (Jag)
Corey – we were seething..
America – that f***Er
Matt – me and him were like WHAT THE F***
Corey – We were like Jag is next
They all laugh about how mad they were at Jag until the truth came out. Conversation shifts to the Have not blow up before the vote and feeds flip to Cirie snoring in bed. When we return.

America says Cirie is masterminding everything. She came to her and Corey and said that she wants Corey, Izzy, Cirie and America to form a final 4.
Corey – it was just to make you feel safe
America – I know for the vote. It was endless alliances.
Jag – She was trying too hard to defend herself when her name wasn’t even brought in.
America – she’s guilty
Corey – she said Corey why did you bring my name into this.. Well Cirie it’s because you were part of it. Jared is your very close Ally and he lied to me alot and I am voting your number 2 out I don’t see us getting to final 2 together.
Corey – I don’t think it’ll be Cirie and Corey at the end so I’m doing what I need for my game. She said I fully understand. I’m like OKAY
Jag – Cirie is tripping BRO.. SHe only cares about defending herself..
Jag – Cirie was like have I leaked any information? I was sitting there thinking YEAH you absolutely have. She’s in the conversation with my Name you’ve been doing shady sh1t.
Corey brints up the look on Jag’s and Matt’s face when he told them he knew about the 7 deadly sins
Jag – In life there’s always balance.. He (Jared) f***ed around and now he found out
Jag – Granted he’s HOH and you guys are on the block so maybe it’s the other way around (LOL)
Jag – At some point he will find out
Corey – there’s four people that knew about all these alliance, Me, Cirie, Jared and Izzy. Three of them were in all the alliances.
America says she found out about 7 deadly sins the day after they formed for real for real “Before Cams HOH”
America goes over when Izzy told her about the 7 deadly sins

Corey mentions the viewers that voted for the three of them to play in path to power must have been frustrated with them being morons before the house flip. They laugh at all the times they had no idea what was going on.
Jag – thank god Izzy is gone.
Corey says Bowie was the reason why Jared was tripping Thursday morning.
Jag – Bowie went to Cirie and said the votes are flipping.
Corey – Bowie said I want to go with the house and the house if evicting Izzy
Jag says Bowie told him that her and Cirie had made this packed so she wanted to tell her 10 minutes before eviction
jag – I said BOWIE cool your f***ing jets you cannot do this. I had this conversation I said are you good? She said I’m good. 5 minutes after I find out Bowie is Yapping.
America – did she not hear that Cirie made a deal with everyone?
Jag – let me be very clear.. This is the squad. Bowie is not to be trusted with any information.
Matt – she doesn’t know how to handle it.
Corey – if it comes down to this HOH where we need Cameron’s vote I think we make the pitch it’s Family style we need you.
Corey – I know it’s hard because we don’t f*** with Cam.
Corey gets called into the Diary room.

America says Cirie wants to talks. She suspects it’ll be her saying “for real for real” is real
Jag says Cirie told them all in the have not that “for real for real” alliance was fake.
Jag – Cirie’s game is simple be good with everyone don’t win anything
America – I don’t think she’s intentionally throwing anything
Matt – you want to know something really interesting. Pressure cooker first 4 out new they didn’t have to win.
America – I don’t think Izzy threw it.
They talk about how Izzy, Jared and Cirie were the ones in all these side alliances they didn’t have to sit in the cooker for 16 hours they got an extra 10 hours in the house talking.
Matt – they played us.
America heads to bed.

2:00 am Matt and Jag.
Matt – how are you feeling about everything in general?
Jag – after all this I’m leaning more towards Core and america how about you?
Matt – I can go both ways
Jag – who do you think is being honest?
Matt – with Corey and America I am at the bottom of it. I just don’t talk to them a lot.
Jag – Corey, America, Me you is what they want..
Matt – Okay thats good
Jag – It’s me/you, Me/you/Blue, me/you/Corey/America/
Matt says if they win next week they have to backdoor Jared. “Get him out as soon as possible. He’s the biggest threat”
Matt – Done the road Felicia will target us
Jag – we really need to side with Corey and America. When it comes to trusting people I don’t trust Jared. Jared lied.
Matt – he’s going to win this game. We can’t let him get that far.
Jag – did you tell Jared or Cirie that the votes were flipping or you didn’t know how the votes were going
Matt – I told Cirie Ohh I’m not sure .. the morning of. yeah she pulled me into storage.
Jag says Cirie and Jared told him today that Matt came to them to tell them where the votes were but Jag never did.
Matt – they approached me.
Jag – they feel like they can trust you more because your said the vote was iffy I never mentioned that.
Jag – Even little things like that we gotta be on the same page. I could have pulled Cirie aside Then Cirie would trust both of us.
Matt apologizes says he was taken a bit off guard when approached, “Sorry”
Jag – all good I didn’t think you did it maliciously
Matt – Izzy was f**ing us over hard.
Jag – here’s my thing.. not to say who we work with because right now we’re in the middle and we can kinda do both but who we should trust. Not work with cause we can work with 7 deadly sins and Corey/America. Who can we trust.
Jag – Jared lied and he lied about multiple things, Felicia is targeting us and she has lied Before, Cirie has leaked information and she’s playing a game where she’s lied.
Jag – At this point the way I see it They’ve lied to us I don’t think we should trust them. Work with them Jared is HOH Cool! we’ll work with you.. Next week if Felicia or Cirie are HOH we’ll work with you right. When it comes to who we move forward with we feel solid with in general I think we really need to trust Corey and America also.. Obviously we trust each other and Blue (Blue?)

Matt – they want us in the game with them.
Jag – they want us BAD in the game with them.
Jag – If Corey or America, one of them leaves this week because things don’t work out they still want us to continue to move forward.
Matt – I know..
Jag – they don’t want to keep getting f**Ed by them (Cirie’s side of the house). If it comes down to it and you have to vote one of us out Vote one of us out. Don’t f***g go back to them don’t make this season about them playing us. Right now is the first time in the season after so many days that we found out about them playing us. We can’t go back to them
Jag says he knows Blue is close to JAred that is the scary part. They agree next week if Corey, Jag, Matt or America win HOH they will backdoor Jared.
They start counting votes.
Jag – lets say you win HOH you put up Bowie and MEME and take down Bowie and put up Jared and Meme.
Jag counts the votes, 4 to evict Jared 3 to evict MEME
Jag – if jared and MEME are on the block, Me, Corey, America, Bowie are the four.
Matt – I hope Bowie will
Jag – Bowie will.. WE’ll be good.


3:00 am Zzzzzzzz

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These people! Why the hell would you put up Bowie and Meme to get out Jared?

You put up Jared and Cirie. If one wins, one wins, but they can’t pull each other down, and Felicia isn’t winning the veto unless it’s about robes and slippers (ok, clown shoe veto).


That’s right. I agree. What a bunch of morons!
Why are they all shoved right back up Jared and Cirie’s ass again? Because Jared won HOH?
Nonsense! They betrayed them, used them, lied to them, and played them as fools. Don’t they remember that?
And why are they crapping on Cam ? America may have figured out what was going on with Cirie’s Crusaders first but Cam was the one who had to repeatedly beat it in their heads that they were all being played!
Now they seem to hate him. Yet they keep saying that they need him to win the Veto? Fu@k that! That’s no way to treat someone.
I’m almost at the point of ripping out my hair!


Cam is like the cast whooping boy this season. Everyone hates him, but can’t give a “real” reason, other than the obvious. The only thing I have seen is that he doesn’t take crap and he’s a lone wolf who is playing the game for himself.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Are you kidding??? They’ve cited multiple reasons they don’t like Cam! The list is looooooong. What show are you watching????

The Beef

They don’t have a good reason. Oh, he lied to us. Which one of them hasn’t lied to each other yet in this game? He dumped Family Style to go to the Geriatric side in week 1. Well, Cory, Matt AND Jag have been ratting out and bussing each other and the other members of Family Style ever since Reilly went home (maybe sooner in Cory’s case) and they don’t seem to hold that against each other or recognize that in themselves, so that’s okay I guess.

Cam is the victim of lies told by numerous house guests throughout the season. Part of the reason why the younger group don’t “f@ck” with him (why they have to use that term is beyond me) is simply because they are “younger” than he is and lack his experience and knowledge. What they should do is LISTEN to him, use that knowledge to their benefit, and see where it takes them, not to mention he’s the only person in there that’s proven to be any good at competitions, at least to this point. If they had any sense, they would realize they NEED him, at least long enough to get rid of Jared, and maybe then they could consider offloading him, but only then.

Spot ON

“I’m almost at the point of ripping out my hair!”
Try not to get upset with the STUPIDITY of others. It’s not good for your well-being.


No one ever mentions putting up Cirie.


I sincerely think the DR told them they couldn’t. These people can’t seriously be that stupid otherwise.

Spot ON

“These people! Why the hell would you put up Bowie and Meme to get out Jared?”
Try not to get upset with the STUPIDITY of others. It’s not good for your well-being. lol


I just read that I’m as nearly lost my mind! How does that make sense!?! These people deserve to lose if they think that’s a good move!


What the Hell is wrong with these people? Jared and Meme as noms? Why not Jared and Cirie? Why is she not even a consideration to be on the block with Jared? Did production tell them she can’t be a nom or something?


You better believe production is protecting her 100%. She is a shoe in to win if they have anything to do with it and let’s face it, they have rigged this game for a long time now.


As long as Jared goes


I know It’s been said, but this has to be the dumbest cast. Like WTF are they looking at? No game play, no strategy. America and Cory, I’m sorry, but they suck (all hype). Jags a floater, and Matt is Andy 2.0…. Blue is there for clout, Bowie has no idea what she’s there for, but “wants to go to Jury”…. Cam is the only hope at this point. If he doesn’t get picked for Veto, all hope is lost and they may as well hand it to Cirie or her offspring AKA douchebag.


Why do they want to make it to jury? Do they get a lot more money weekly if they’re in jury?

Julie Chen

Yes. If they go home they stop being paid.


I meant do they get more money in jury than they get in the house?


That’s what I’ve heard previously….

Julie Chen


Spot ON

“Corey gets called into the Diary room”
What exactly is discussed when called in there? Production tells them how to read the script, and what to say, and what to do, to conform with the SCRIPT?


The season should be scrapped. In future, the rule should be no two family members play together. Cirie just won $310,000 USD in The Traitors. You think she and her family should sponge off of Reality TV by fixing outcomes? I don’t. The network screwed us to try an easy way to ensure viewers. What a turnoff.