Power Of Veto Players Picked! “How am I supposed to compete against these people?!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Ashleigh Next HOH May 13th
Nominations: Sarah & Godfrey
Have Nots Canada gets to vote
POV Players VETO PLAYERS PICKED: ASH, Sarah, Godfrey, Zach, Brittnee, BRUNO

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-08 10-58-00-941
VETO PLAYERS PICKED: ASH, Sarah, Godfrey, Zach, Brittnee, BRUNO

1:50pm When the live feeds return – Zach and Bruno are sitting in the living room chatting about the eviction speeches from Kevin, Willow and Pili during the Triple Eviction. Godfrey joins them. Bruno asks so there’s 3 weeks left. Zach says explains how the it will get down to the final 3 and then that’s when the 3 part HOH starts. Godfrey brings up how Arisa was very specific during the triple eviction.. “REMEMBER YOU’RE VOTING FOR WHO IS SAFE!” He says she said it a few times.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-08 11-08-16-520

2:15pm In the bedroom – Sarah is crying by herself – “I want to see a picture of Scott before I go to jury! I know I’m not going to win” “How am I supposed to compete against these people!!” “Sorry for being a baby! It’s only a game. I’m trying my best!”

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-08 11-12-13-743

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-08 11-23-32-282
Godfrey comes into the HOH bathroom. Godfrey says I am thinking if anyone else wins they’re not going to use it. Ash says if Brittnee wins then I will have to put up Bruno. Godfrey says and we’re still good. Ash says yeah. Godfrey says hopefully she doesn’t win it. Ash says that’s best case scenario. Godfrey says if I win it I have to use it. But we’re on the same page.

In the living room – Zach says that Pili will send out Sarah. She will do what ever Ash wants.

2:30pm – 3:10pm In the bedroom – Sarah says we need to win this. Brittnee says I need to win this so bad. If Ash was smart she would just wait until Zach and Godfrey were out and then give it to me. No matter what Ash is set up ..she could go to the final 2 with any of these people. Sarah says I guess that’s the way to play this game. Sarah talking about Ash “I was picked to be in the big alliance and now all I have to do is ride this out.” Britt says hopefully Willow is good. Sarah says she gave me her ring though. Britt says maybe it was a selfish move of mine to put up Willow. Sarah says but I voted her out. We never could have anticipated Bruno using the veto on Zach. Even if Willow did outlast us and sucked their d**ks … I would rather her win. Sarah says I regret it. I feel like it was my biggest mistake. Sarah says that now they’re four (Ash, Zach, Pili, Bruno) like this (she gestures 4 fingers tight together). Willow wouldn’t have been with them like that.

Brittnee says I’m sorry I’m a dream crusher. If she maybe showed a little more loyalty. Sarah says I didn’t trust Willow. I wouldn’t have ever dropped out and given her an HOH. So you’re right it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter! I have to stop thinking about it.

Godfrey joins them. Sarah says B’s going to win this and I’m going to win HOH next week. Godfrey says I straight up asked her if Britt were to win this what would you do.. and she said she is not putting up Ash and Zach. Britt asks you mean Pili and Zach. Godfrey says yeah. She is going to put up Bruno. If you two were off I she would have no choice but to put up Bruno.

3:25pm – 4:15pmAsh says I am worried that if B wins it she will take Sarah off and I’ll have to put up Bruno. The she will vote out Bruno for sure. Meanwhile in the bedroom – Pili talks with Brittnee about going to Calgary during the summer to visit Kevin. Bruno joins them. They talk about this seasons twists and past seasons twists. They talk about what is up with the 10 person jury. Pili says it could be a 3 person finale. Godfrey says Arisa said that’s all I can say for now (about the jury).

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the only people who are FOR SURE safe this week
ashleigh (hoh)
sarah/brittnee/godfrey (secret POV twist will save two of them and will most likely nominate zach and bruno)
so therefore, pilar would also be safe too
so unless zach wins the POV
but i think everyone will be able to participate in the next hoh though


if zach wins pov hes safe and then if sarah or god get that power and take both of themselves off wouldnt ash just throw up brit and bruno and have it be a 2-2 tie where ash tie breaks?


Bruno leaves over Britt.


Say if Britt ends up winning POV and takes Sarah off the block and Ash will most likely renom Bruno. With the have not power, say if Sarah/Britt/God wins it and decides to take God off the block then Ash has to choose between nominating Zach or Pili, two of her closest allies, who do you think she will choose to nominate?


Pili cuz she’s up Zach’s arse.


Ash won’t be the one making the decision the power holder will. They just can’t REPLACE the nominee with the HOH or POV Holder.

Zach's hater

It isn’t up to Ash. The ‘Secret Veto holder’ is the one doing renoms so Ash has no choice


why wouldnt they take both noms off so Ash is forced to nom Zach


Mike, the HaveNot Power Holder not only takes off one or two nominated HGs, they decide who goes up on the block too! Not the HOH (Ash). Ash’s HOH is a joke….she is exposing herself to the rest and might loose Zach in the process depends on the votes. **( visions of Zach’s HOH come to mind…. Lol)


BB twist are not good for the game….


It would’ve been more forthright if the producer just came into the house and placed the ‘special power’ around Sarah’s neck.


rooting for sarah and brittnee for secret pov twist


Godfrey would be a wiser choice than Britt. Godfrey wants the guys gone as bad as Sarah and Britt. Britt is okay with Godfrey gone…maybe Sarah is as well.
Godfrey is the only one of these three that is logical more than emotional.


u don’t need to root. the production is going to give it to them for no reason whatsoever. Sarah has not done(won) a thing and she does not deserve a penny from this game.


The person that doesn’t deserve a penny is by far Ashleigh. What has she done except recently won HOH? Her and Willow were the most boring females then Pilar. Whether you find Sarah annoying or not at least she has been entertaining.

Not really

Stop talking to yourself…


Bullsh%* ashleigh deserves $$ as much as the rest of them.,,why hate on her for being gorgeous? She’s still there and that’s all that counts in thus game! She is not like Sarah who says rotten things about people…and who thinks she’s so intelligent and deserving..why?….doesn’t know how to play at all….Sarah should of left her man..hating attributes at home…and aligned with guys….
Now she says…she didn’t trust willow lol

Ms Anthrope

Intelligent? What kind of crack have you been smoking? She’s been Zach’s puppet all along. What decision has she made on her own? It has nothing to do with her looks, she’s just a boring waste of space. We want to see people that actually play the game. Thanks.


So convenient how ppl forget thing, Sarah did align with guys, Johnny, JP, Zach and Kevin. Then tried to work with Bruno, Bobby, God.
She did trust Willow 100%, but she can’t tell Britt that because she didn’t want her to know how close they were. She can’t tell her now either, she could lose trust with her. Also, I think Britt practically knew, and is trying to get confirmation out of Sarah. Their all playing each other somewhat, you seem to forget this and take things at face value, especially when it serves your anti-sarah bias. Objectivity goes right out the window!


It’s okay Sarah. Just let it all out now!
It’ll all be worth it later!
Canada got ya gurl!


I hope she won’t feel too bad knowing we made (trying to make) her a have-not. Hope there isn’t too much time lag between them thinking we hate them, and finding out they are the only ones to get a shot at that VETO.


Oh trust me, there’ll be a huge lag. Makes for good tv


BB Canada should just start using the BB UK and BB AUS format. Because someone like Sarah doesn’t even need to play the game. Why should she even “talk game”,..When production and the Canada public can just throw special powers at her. And Players like Zach , Kevin, and Naeha that do well at the game just get penalized for playing the game well.


man the f up Sarah, hustle! this girl sucks at competitions, and youve already lost if you go in thinking you’ll lose


That voting though lol! I honestly thought Bruno’s would be slightly close! oh right he pissed off Canada!


I don’t wana be the one who say this but…
what if Zach won POV….?
the damn kid’s got like 9 lives


who is scott?


Sarah is annoying as hell! She needs to realize she is on a game show this is cry all day and whine. I like the diapers but I feel as though the show tailors the game each week to one side. This have not twist is definitely helping side with Sarah and Britnee which to me is crazy because they haven’t done ANYTHING but whine this whole season.


Why does it seems like Sarah wants to blame Brittnee on Willow’s eviction, it was her who voted her out. she did say it was her mistake but it’s like she’s guilt-tripping Britt? And abruptly said she doesn’t trust Willow enough for her to win HOH after realizing she probably went too far and say what Britt wants to hear.

She’s scrambling


If Britt had replaced Zach with Ash then likely Ash and Kevin would be gone. For 2-3 weeks her and Britt and others talked how it was important to break the 4 person alliance. Leaving 3 of the 4 in the house was a bad move increased the odds of losing this HOH. And now, it appears that there is 3 strong 3 person alliances vs Sarah and Britt.


PLEASE BIG BROTHER GODS… Don’t let Zach win the POV!!!


Or Sarah!

Nate Dawg

I’m confused….with the Have Not superpower twist, who chooses the renoms? Is it the HOH Ashleigh or the winner of the superpower?


I couldn’t believe this but the renom is the Super Power holder and not Ash. That’s from Arisa on the Side Show last night. Still foggy(as usual) on whether the HGs vote or SP holder. Logically it’s the HG and Ash breaks a 2-2 tie. But these idiots never clearly explain anything.


Hey Stan,

I found a video on the main site where Arisa describes the power. She states the HOH/POV holder are safe everyone else is fair game and the holder of the special power decides on the renom(s). 🙂

Kind of like when Jeff in BB US won the Diamond Power of Veto.


Sarah’s complaining and crying is ridiculous. Didn’t she say on the first week that she’s not an emotional person? She’s crying by herself in her room because she’s already accepted defeat.

She reminds me of a 6 year old who just yells and screams until they get their way and their mother (aka Canada) will give it to them because they just want her to shut up.


Wow imagine what she’d say about you behind your back!

here we go again right

I’m pre-empting the Sarah haters to jump on the comment that Sarah made to Britt about not trusting Willow.
She’s talking to Britt. Britt didn’t trust Willow. Britt could potentially save Sarah from the block. Sarah’s trying to stay in Britt’s good books. But i’m guessing more grist for the mill.
I suppose when Bruno and Sarah hugged yesterday and said, ” I love you,” they really meant it.
When Zach told Ashleigh he was never at the meeting to make the Purple Cobras, and didn’t ever talk to them, that was the truth.
When Zach told Pilar that Sarah was lying to her and throwing Kevin under the bus with lies, that was the truth too.
When Bruno told Ashleigh it was Zach, Ashleigh, Pilar and Bruno to the final four, he meant it.
When Ashleigh told Sarah she was just a pawn to get Godfrey out of the game yesterday, she meant it too.
Don’t let context stop you. Because everything said is face value 100% true.


People don’t dislike Sarah because she lies to other people. They dislike her because any time she doesn’t get her way she sulks in the corner like a child. I’m not sure if she’s been spoiled her whole life or if she is under the impression that everyone in the house is there to play her game.

Her DR sessions are also the most scripted, which annoys me personally. Either that or she is the worst at acting like what she says in the DR are her actual thoughts.

another name

actually, the predominant comments hating sarah aren’t about her whining. the most common used words in the hate comments are liar backstabber and poison (with quite a bit of feminist and under the bus throw in).
the whining was a complaint in the first two weeks, and then after willow left. and I agree, the soliloquy whining is a bit much. don’t like it myself. get the feeling that all of the players talking to themselves do so at the bidding of production for that what’s going on in your mind stuff in case they use it (like they did with adel and arlie in season two), regardless, yeah the whining is really annoying. agreed. but not the most common hate expressed by people that hate sarah.


Sarah meant it 1HUNDO!!! she didn’t trust Willow ! She doesn’t think Willow is all there…she really didn’t want Willow further in game with her cuz she thinks she would f*^k things up …fact!

uh huh huh

they made a final 2 … fact

Habs Rule

Oh come on Canada!!……..voting for sarah…really????….ugh…Thats like rewarding a child who just had a temper ttantrum because they didnt get what they wanted……Please wake up Canada!!

Habs suck

Habs suck


So sad the game has become everything it should not be…. potentially.
Lets review this secret power as I understand it from the side show. POV played and then POV ceremony. This is the norm for a BB week. Only ones that are safe are the HOH holder and POV holder. That’s the 1st red flag to consider! In the ceremony if POV is used the person comes down as per the norm. The POV holder is that person who received it. In theory the POV winner can then be nominated by secret power(SP) and evicted. Or is it option 2 which has the original POV winner safe and the person taken off the block can be put back up and evicted after being saved what a sham that would be. It says only 2 are safe not 3. Just to mention again how much I hate production and global this season.

So lets get to the meat and potatoes. SP is not used until the Eviction ceremony. Now here is what I think the process is. SP can nom 1 or 2 but why ever use 2? Simply put they choose who is evicted as I understand(maybe) this BS power so you only need to take one down they choose the replacement. Again not clear from the idiots at global do the HG’s vote on eviction or does the SP choose whose evicted? If the HG’s vote then having 2 vetoes makes sense. Lets say you put up Zack/Pili if eligible. Bruno/GOD could in theory save Zack and that’s the worst result possible. I despise this twist!
So what I hate the most is a lay about cry baby who is playing poorly(being polite) can receive a power that all but insure an entire week means nothing if your given the opportunity to play for SP and win. Sorry to the Sarah fans but a total cry baby every time she doesn’t get her way isn’t worthy of winning 100K. Now Willow wasn’t trusted seriously Sarah is just a selfish backstabbing douche at this point in the season. For the other 5 sure is completely unfair. You can make similar comments about Zack having this SP. He had a disasterous HOH he no more deserves the money than Sarah. There are some negatives to everyone is my point. Should not have messed with the game to this extent.
Now for the surprise. Time for Zack to go! Shouldn’t make it to the end IMO. This heavy handed unfair Power is perfect. Hope GOD does not win SP. He gets no blood on his hands. I hope B/Sarah win it but not for the same reason their fans do. See if B uses it to take out Zack the pawn queen becomes a big target. Sends a message to Ash/Pili this woman cannot be trusted. Good news for diaper girls Bruno and God already figured it out. Or Sarah holds the power and diaper girls see her send Zack home either way is perfect. Sarah gets completely exposed and/or B. It’s the only positive that will come out of the stupid SP.
Be cautious about 1 thing the forum and the feeds give you one perspective a guy like Zack or Bruno could be top 2 and thus have nots. It’s the Global viewers perspective that could decide things. Sarah gotten a great edit she is competitive no matter who’s voting. Zack/Bruno a better edit on global. GOD has played way better on the feeds as has B. Feeders may put GOD and B as 2 and 3 behind Sarah. Global might be Zack/Bruno.

The next great convo…. after Zack is evicted on Wednesday. I sincerely hope that happens. Black and Bru deciding on diaper girls or Sarah/b to work with. some of the best talk each season evolves around F2, lacking this year for sure. But right behind should be F4 talk. Gotta be an epic talk about who to take diaper girls or cry babies. Think GOD will want cry babies as he has better relationships. Bruno’s smart he’ll want diapers as easier to sit beside F2. I think Bruno has the ability to cut GOD loose late. Certainly GOD will cut anyone loose. Logically they should get rid of the threats that’s clearly more Sarah/B. They have to hope the 2 diaper girls are so stupid they’d get out the guys. Diapers might get 2 at F4 either way
Team Seagull for the win!.


Burn Bruno, burn with the witch Assleigh and her odious fin-nose boyfriend!


Man, Sarah is really hard on herself. I don’t think thats playing it up or looking for pity, I truly believe she is just used to beating herself up.

To the Curb

I think we are on Sarah brit or Godfrey’s side as we really don’t have a lot to choose from in this year’s cast. Zach has to be the most arrogant ass hole i have ever come across. Bruno could never be friends or a team player with a woman he is typical old school italian. Ash is just riding the zach train. Pilar is a woman child that has a lot of growing up to do. I believe any sane person would lose it with those idiots around. Just watching zach’s attitude on the feeds i would love to be able to put my hands through the screen grab onto him and shake the f’n shit out of him. so i am cheering on sarah brit or god to bring home the win..just so those other 4 idiots are not rewarded for being the person they are.

Habs Rule

Your right about everything except ……..yove pointed out all the faults of people you dislike which is fine but man if sarah has no faults i must be blind……Out of all the people in the house she has to be the biggest whiny brat baby of them all and yet people want to vote for her……wow it amazes me how people can get behind that!!

Not really

I like Sarah cause she’s a pot-head. I think it’s funny.

I’m done favoring people over strategy because this season it’s been really really bad. People throwing HOH and POV competitions when they shouldn’t. People offering to put themselves up as pawns. Girls blindly doing what guys tell them, just because they think they’re cute. Fake POVs. Come on!! They’re all amateurs… The only person who was able to see everyone for who they were and actually fought during competitions was Sindy. Unfortunately she was bad at social game and didn’t know when to step down to blend in the background.


I think Sindy was good HOWEVER I also think she came in with Naeha’s strategy (as she alluded to several times). The ONLY mistake Naeha made was trusting Zach initially but she would have seen through him but quick.

Sindy told Sarah repeatedly “Naeha said to do this … and this….” etc. It was only once Sindy got caught she messed up by saying too much to too many people. Still I really liked Sindy part deux. My favorite was when she said to Bruno “You want to work with me???” “Well I’ve been talking game with you for over a week and you’ve given me nothing” I laughed out loud, b/c all of the players allude to that fact but she was the only one to ever call him on it. Loved her spunk.

To the Curb

i never said i liked sarah, brit or God’s game play..but after watching the feeds those three i could tolerate without completely losing my sanity. i would take a whiny brat baby over a rude arrogant cocky prick any day.


I agree….she’s been blubbering cuz she hasn’t got her way since week 1. Please BB. Don’t fix it for her to the end! She doesn’t deserve shit. The way she turned on the 1 person that would have done anything for her simply because Sarah believes willow not smart enough to go to the end with! That was sooo ooh low!


I hope BBUS 17 is old school game play … no twist
Hopefully they selected a better group of players … real gamers
If they can not play a game of chess … no go … not on the show


I was so happy to read some of these comments from people who are not blindly following Sarah! OMG people come on! Sarah is soooo pouty. No wonder her and B formed a bond. They should be called the whining wieners!
It amazes me how I seem to always be on the other side of the majority. How is Sarah on top of the polls??? Is she just a fan pawn to take down the perceived power of the house which is the remaining diaper alliance?? I think Zack, God and Bruno are playing a great game. Kevin was my favorite to win but the triple nixed that and I thought it was brilliant that Bruno saved Zach. Bruno knows exactly what he’s doing and I like the long play strategy. We have yet to see a good strong female who can play the long play without losing her marbles along the way. (with the exception of Neda who played almost a flawless game last year).
I plead with Canada to stop playing with your emotions when you’re voting for twists. I can totally visualize some people behind their computers reliving high school and taking out their aggression on those big bullies but this isn’t high school. This is a great social experiment and although I wish we, the public, would be left out of it completely, production has chosen to let all the crazies get involved. So all I can ask is stop trying to get “payback” on people you perceive to be bullies and in control of the game only to give the power to people who aren’t smart enough to use it properly. The whole point is to be in control of the game!


YES!!!!!!! but they will still side with that dispicable. Sarah…she hurt a very nice person who had her back no matter what! Why ? Because Sarah didn’t think Willow was smart enough to go further with!


I think Sarah has played to hard n fast … She’s seems to be burnt out n frustrated
Maybe if she wins the power it will boost her up abit.
She also has to actually win at least a comp or two
She has her flaws but I am still hoping Sarah wins BBCA


Feeds are to much right now uuhh …
Is Godfrey eating a peach or a plum?
the mystery continues ….
tune in next time for the amazing Pili out thinking Ash
who’d of thought
Beautiful sunny day here ….time to hit the beach


I prefer Sarah to win SP take herself and God off the block and replace with Bruno and
Zach,,,that’s the only way to get them on the block. Of course, Bruno will go home


Simon i have been reading comment and just want clarification on what the secret veto’s powers is
according to the comments on the website am not certain whether the winner of the secret veto gets to choose the replacement nomination or does the HOH do the replacement nominee


Thank you……am so happy to hear he can replace the nominations.
Hope God wins and does a big move.
Ps keep doing a good job man!!!!


You guys rock…Simon and Dawg. And everyone on here! It’s way more entertaining than the feeds….I like this season and can’t wait to be hear in the summer too!
Oh Ya! P.S.——
Sarah not keeping Willow….no excuse for it…she keeps trying to justify…but the simple truth is that Sarah…had 0% faith in Willow…and was afraid she would F*^k up her game! Understand that Sarah lovers…it’s the truth when you really put everything together.


Thanks! always glad to hear the site’s appreciated.. love the comments on here and the hearing everyone’s opinion its GREAT!



You might have missed some vital information regarding this

1) Willow came out of the room from Zach/Bruno/God (correction they asked her to leave) and told Sarah 100% I’m leaving

2) The boys decided to keep her but Godfrey (who was high on Godfrey’s hit list especially over Pilee who he had just made a deal to work with) decided to go against them. God told Sarah the boys were keeping Kevin so that Sarah would vote for Pils. It was a briliant move on God’s part b/c it weakened Sarah who he likes/trusts.

Having said ALL that (and I’m a Sarah fan) you STILL vote for your ally.


These powers are so ridiculous. This show is essentially a fix. This is why survivor is so much better since there’s more consistency and integrity to the game. BB just comes up with ridiculous twists to benefit certain people.


You really can see a difference between a game for 100k and a game for 1 million


I like Sarah, not as a person, I think she is a huge whiner, but as a game player. I like players who play the game. Even if I dislike their personalities. Sarah, Godfrey, Britnee, Bruno, Kevin, Naeha, Cindy, Graig Johnny and even Zack adds spice to the game. The only players I dislike are the weak spineless ones who won’t make a move or flip. I dislike players like pili and ashleigh or JP, far too predictable and boring.

I voted for Sarah and God, because those are the two most likely to use the power and shake up the house.

Defending Sarah

to the people saying she shouldn’t be crying because she said in a pre interview she isn’t really emotional. This game does a lot to your emotions. She may not be emotional outside the house, but that doesn’t mean she is emotional isn’t emotional in the house. It stirs your emotions. ffs people. Some fans are rude af


The power is not as complex as it looks like. It is just another coup d’tat. The last time it happened, Brendon left in season 13 which I really enjoyed.