Power Of Veto Competition Results! “She is the BB comic reigning champ YO!”

Head of Household Winner – Nicole
Nominations – Christmas and Memphis
Power of Veto holder – Nicole
Power of Veto Ceremony
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1:11pm – 5:38pm The live feeds were blocked for the power of veto competition. It was the BB Comics competition.

HOH room. Nicole and Cody.
Cody – I was just over analyzing it. They talk about each of the missing details in each of the comics. Cody – I knew I didn’t do good enough to win that competition. Nicole – but you got second right?! Cody – yeah but I knew I didn’t do good enough to win it. I knew someone was going to have a faster time than me. Enzo joins them. Enzo – yo they’re in the room strategizing already. Nicole – they’re going to try and get me to backdoor.. Cody – me. Nicole – yup. Enzo – yo, 11 minutes is f**king crazy yo!! Nicole – that is my favorite comp! Cody – yeah she won it on hers. She is the BB comic reigning champ yo! And she beat it again! She is the defending champ! She the Patriots when it comes to BB comics!

Bedroom. Memphis and Christmas.
Christmas – this is like … you literally have to offer her something. Memphis – but you have a better rapport with her than I do. Christmas – I think she would be receptive to a deal. Memphis – you feel her out first. Christmas – I have been. She has another big target in the house.. I just don’t know which one it is. You have your word. You are a straight shooter. That is going to work in your favor when you talk to her. Memphis – we just have to make sure she doesn’t know that we’re working together. Christmas – I’ve told her that I’ve tried to talk game with you but you’ve shut me down because you don’t want to work with anyone.

Bedroom. Memphis, Cody and Enzo.

Memphis – she (Christmas) is going to be on her (Nicole). She came in here saying its not over. Memphis – I hugged her and was like we had a good run. They all laugh. Cody – Yeah I’m getting backdoored. Memphis – She was like I’m going to go get her to use the veto. I was like ok! They continue to talk about the competition.

6pm 6:50pm Memphis is cooking dinner for the house guests.

7pm – 7:30pm HOH room. Cody and Nicole.
They talk about how Memphis hast to go. Cody – name a scenario where one of them (Enzo or Christmas) could beat us in that veto (next week) if Memphis goes this week. Cody – If I lose to you .. I lost to Nicole btu if I lose to her (Christmas) ..I don’t know if I am going to be able to wrap that around my head. They switch to talking about todays veto. Cody – I am just glad that you and I were the two and they weren’t even close. (In the veto) Nicole – I know, it was so awesome. Cody – I just feel that is how its going to be the rest of these comps. Nicole – I hope so. Nicole – what a great ending to the season that would be…. for us. Maybe not for others but for us. Just winning out the entire season. Like and just being warned week four. Cody – they tried telling you… and you f**ked up. Nicole – and Janelle tried telling everyone too. Kaysar tried telling everyone about you. Cody – yup. Nicole – me winning this is not the best for me because she is going to expect me to use it to backdoor you. Cody – why does she expect that .. what have you been saying? Nicole – I haven’t said anything but she is going to expect me to take her down. Cody – ummm you tried to vote me out .. no! Like she literally tried to vote you out .. your deal is shot.. go kick rocks .. you’re lucky you’re here. Like you should say that to her. YOU should say you’re lucky you’re here Christmas. Nicole – no. Oh yeah that’s exactly what I would say to her .. not! I do not want to get in a fight with that girl. She will definitely bug me.

8:18pm HOH room. Christmas and Nicole
They talk about their Instagram followers and wanting to find new sponsors to get free stuff.

8:45pm Nicole and Enzo.
They talk about the veto competition. Nicole – Memphis is going home. Enzo – That’s it! Nicole – I am so happy! Enzo laughs. F**king Final Four YO! Lets GO! Nicole – I am taking him out! It feels nice!

9:15pm Memphis and Christmas are playing a game of backgammon.

9:45pm Big Brother gives the house guests alcohol. They head up to the HOH room. to drink and chat. They talk about the pet peeves they have of their significant others.

9:50pm – 10:50pm Off and on Big Brother blocks the feeds.
11pm – 12am The house guests continue to chat about random things


12:13 am Wine for Cody, Nicole, and Enzo.

Then Nicole sees Christmas coming up and runs away with the wine.
Christmas – and she runs to the bathroom.

Nicole- don’t be mad Christmas ..

Christmas – damn I’m on the block and I get no more booze..
Christmas- they gave up another bottle?
Nicole – no it’s my HOH bottle.

Nicole – this is all I got from portion control. you want it
Christmas – no, what did you guys do chug all her beer? What happened here?

12:50 am Christmas
“tomorrow I got work to do”
“tomorrow I have to convince Nicole to use the veto on me to backdoor another target frankly Cody or Enzo I don’t care. ”
“there’s a deal to be made here”

1:00 am Christmas and Memphis
She whispered some joke into his ear. They go on about the BB comics competition today. Nicole got 11 minutes. Memphis says there’s no way he could have gotten that close even if he didn’t “F*** up”
Christmas – I have a post-show idea for you
Memphis – tell me
Christmas – it’s a post-show conversation
Memphis – mmmmhmmmm.. I’m going to use my imagination
Christmas – if you want

2:26 am Sleeping..

8:34 am Sleeping yo

10:30 am some houseguests getting up.

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Nicole is incredible. What a freaking beast. I bet she will win her way through the final.


You are either Vic or a family member. Because if you call her a beast then Christmas is a beast too.

Holly Gates

I agree w u!! This is the first time all season she has won anything!! She been riding Cody the whole game!


No, she’s been waiting for the right time to strike. Do any of you nitwits understand strategy?

Vic luvs coins

Hi Vic! Lol strategy? Um ok. So her strategy in 16 and 18 were hand jobs?


If I’m Vic then you’re Janelle. Because she basically said that all season. She’s so envious of Nicole, it’s quite sad. 40 years old and acts like a jealous high school girl who’s mad at the prom queen who stole her crown.


Bwahaha! Yeah, sure, Janelle is jealous of Nicole.


Also, she wasn’t jerking anyone off this season. So come up with a new line.

Guy From Canada

The fans count….jerking us around with nice girl edits when the feeds say otherwise talking about re doing good bye messages and DR sessions not matching what is seen on the feeds, poor best friend Ian….

The Beef

Key words here being “this season”, which makes her behavior in previous seasons acceptable exactly how? What she DID do this season was participate in the mocking of a player who is autistic; backstab not one but TWO of the players she was supposedly closest to in the game, and not at the end of the game either, the first was before the game was even half way finished; and backstab and lie about it to the woman who basically was responsible for her winning BB 18 and who she swore she would never betray again.

You can say that this was all game play, but two of these people were people she was in very close alliances with and had Final 2 agreements with! For someone who supposedly relies on her social game to win, I don’t see how backstabbing your closest allies is going to help you win votes at the end. She’s played a bad game both competitively and socially. She’s only alive because of her pre-game alliance and being a goat.

The Beef

Do YOU understand production interference? Individual timed comps are easy to manipulate and make sure the production favored contestants are protected or taken care of, and this was surely the case with this latest BB comics fiasco. She hasn’t won jack shit all season and now all of a sudden she wins 2 in a row? Yes, of course she does, because she didn’t want to win any time before (which is why she’s been crying about losing the whole season), or maybe because she had a little help.

And you call us nitwits. Pretty clear you’ve got your head buried in the sand, or maybe buried shoulders deep up inside Nicole’s butt.

Roll Tide

Christmas is not easy to like. She is a bit arrogant. Nicole is a sweet girl.

Annette Galiazzi

Team Christmas

Wash Your Hands Nicole

Roll Tide but Nicole is sweet……like lemons.


Sweet??? Hardly!


They both are…..and nope…I`m just a Nicole superfan…I can only wish I was a family member.


I love Nicole. She wins when she has to. She’s very good at this game.

Wash Your Hands Nicole

Future restraining order?

Coin Slots

This is definitely VIC

Another C*nt

No, its Corey AKA Lurch. He never got over her.

Vic luvs coins

I’m pretty sure corey didn’t like Nicole but did like her hand.

I Bite

What people can’t get over is a female winning the game. She can hand job whoever she likes. Do you also take issue with the men who engage in sex on the show? What about Corey? He gets a pass?

Vic luvs coins

Must be another Nicole Family member. Assume all you want…but no issue with a female winning. I was happy for Kaycee. Never said Corey got a pass, just that he never liked Nicole just her hand. I do have an issue with the guys and sex, Jackson and Jack. Nicole just whined her way onto Season 22 because she didn’t get the first call.


Depends whether the dude is engaging in sexual activities because he’s horny…or because he’s doin it strategically as a game move. :p


Harry Potter Harry Potter


Hardly a beast.


Imagine that, she won an individual timed event. It’s a good thing or she might have had to make a choice.

Wesley Sims

Way to go Nicole


production wants nicole to win. hopefully they some how fail. it would be an actual joke of a season.


Who’s the target?

Game fan



Nicole and Cody in the final 4 was the literally my worst possible pre season thought.

Rough end to the season woof. Janelle and Kaysar tried ???


They had final four locked up before they ever entered the house. The pre show alliances have really ruined this season for me. It was all rigged from the get go. Can’t ever have an all-star season again.

Game fan

I don’t think Christmas and enzo were in that alliance pre-game. especially enzo.
Also .. they , like more cody, knew how to pull in Tyler to their side and won comps. Nicole is pretty lucky yeah..but she did great this week and also by lower her profile.
Cody played this game amazing.


He was given the first HoH by Julie, given a pregame alliance by Derrick, and because of that picked off the only people actually trying to win the game in the first 3 weeks.

Game fan

He didn’t have pre game alliance with Christmas, enzo and tyler . Def not with Tyler who was so loyal to him . he is going to f4 never been nominated . After winning
3 hohs. 2 povs. Control every vote and almost every nominations.
(Memphis can’t be told what to do..)
Okay nicole and danni were aligned with him but they didn’t had to do litterly EVERYTHING for him and his game before their own. So is Enzo playing to his hands. 2 out of 3 in his final 4 is taking him to f2.
Memphis had the same alliance but didn’t manage to get the same bonds and social game that cody played. Danni had alliance but they didn’t trusted her even her closest friends. Christmas and kevin are the only ones not drinking his colid..


The only way Nicole will win is if she backdoors Cody, she has nothing else on her resume.


Such bs of course whiney wins POV. Once again all orchestrated by production. Shes wins nothing not even close then back to back wins. God forbid Memphis or Xmas win to shake the game up……..gotta pay for her & Vic’s farm wedding since her sponsors dropped her due to her behaviour. So obvious.


Why would they shake-up the game now? They didn’t w/ Janelle and Kayser. They didn’t w/ Bay and Day…they certainly wouldn’t now. This pre-game alliance made a mockery of this “all-stars” season.

Tom is a Canuck

CBS or an affiliate must want to do some type of wedding show for Vic and Nic. They’re trying to raise her profile but it ain’t workin.


If nicole is sitting next to cody in the end, i hope she wins.

Game fan

She would get Kevin vote . But that’s probably about it.


Nicole will only win next to Christmas which will never happen.


No if she backdoors Cody she could win against any of them. If not no she won’t win.

Shana D Freeman

Nicole is so dumb!!! Cody will take u out. Why would you put him up, you dont deserve to win.

Vic luvs coins

It’s pre game, I’m sure Derrick said take Nicole as no one will give her the money since she won before. Only way Nicole wins is if she is sitting next to Christmas.

The Beefcurtains

Enzo is going to smoke them all out.

Tom is a Canuck

Cant stand him and all his BS.


Surprise Surprise Nicole wins a timed event . 2 wins in a row . Way to go Production .

Game fan

Cody hoh – nicole is probably safe .
Christmas hoh- she needs Enzo to lose pov. Cody might throw it !
Enzo hoh – nicole is very safe.
She has no reason to keep Memphis.


I wouldn’t be so sure Enzo winning would keep her safe b/c he’s fully aware of Cody/Nic closeness & his past few votes have all been to remove Cody’s F2s (Dani, Tyler & the upcoming Memphis)


If Memphis stays the target this week, his worst nightmare is about to come true….being the the jury house with David. Now THAT is an episode I can’t miss. Using his HOH just to get David out all paid off didn’t it? (sarcasm) Idiot….

Guy From Canada

Enzo screwed that plan up


It’s just crazy Memphis just wasted his HOH during the double. That’s when you “shock the world” and take out big targets. If he goes out on Thursday, he deserves what he gets. Came all this way, just to lose to Nicole.

Tom is a Canuck

Hilarious and David gets the last laugh and more money.


These players are idiots. Anyone that has watched the show knows this is what Nicole does. She slithers her way to final six doing nothing and then turns it on. It’s all their faults of she wins again. I hate her!

Watching paint dry is more exciting

I agree. They let that snake slither all the way to the end, they deserve to lose to queen of handsies.


Warning – long post

Nic wins POV- what to expect this week:

Cody telling Nic she should say to Xmas “go kick rocks – YOU’RE LUCKY YOU ARE HERE’ punctuates why this season is so unlikable. No one can dare to mention Cody’s name but anyone fighting to stay should know their place – UGH (and I’m not even a fan of Xmas).

Nic WON’T use the POV & Memphis will leave without production interference as it gets their Golden couple to game end with the least conflict.

Does Memphis already know he’s leaving? The initial conversation between him & his WG 1.0 alliance didn’t show any signs (outwardly) he does. During the week he’ll ask them both to confirm & Enzo will do what he masterfully did with Ty – tell him he’s worried about the NiCody duo being so tight & feels they might cut him which means his vote won’t matter. Cody will do what he did with Tyler & feign ignorance saying “you’re fine” all while not committing that he truly is — until eviction day & will blame it on C/E. Cue Memphis recognizing he should’ve kept Tyler instead of Xmas and simultaneously recognizing Dan’s pre-gaming was only to compliment Derrick’s grander plan.

Memphis hasn’t had to make intricate moves b/c he’s had the Committee and other than making the two WG alliances hasn’t done much else to ensure his safety. Like Tyler – Enzo was Memphis’ blind spot b/c neither recognized Enzo was as tight with hamsters other than themselves.

The only way I see a shift to keep Memphis is via Enzo. And that’s not out of the realm of possibility. Especially if Xmas guns to take him out in order to save Memphis. If Nic shares that with them (or with Cody who tells Enzo) then he could shift back to keeping Memphis & say to Cody look – the girls are going to take each other & Xmas knows her dates at least with him we know he’ll take us & not Nic.

Remember what made Enzo shift off Ty was similar actions where he felt Ty was being too thirsty & active and he got him by not going along with the DE Nic vote. He said it was to stay loyal to Cody/Memphis but the truth was he wanted to paint a target on Ty & it’s what took him out last week. Something similar could happen this week. Unlike Cody who plays overtly emotionally – Enzo is more calculated.

If Nic doesn’t parlay that Xmas is gunning for Enzo (don’t hold your breath she keeps that to herself) I’d expect Cody to tell Memphis in his GBM that Enzo outed the second WG alliance which will be his reason to evict while Enzo’s GBM will clue him in on their Roots F2 & he was most loyal to that.

Although the odds are in favor of a Memphis oust this week I wouldn’t sleep on the Meow Meow shifting things up – he’s not fond of hamsters taking away his cat toys.

Guy From Canada

Do you think Enzo will split the vote and make Nic cut Memphis to then to gain jury votes?


I don’t think so — it’s too late in the game to give ‘sympathy’ votes especially when a vote can be the reason (excuse) to become next week’s target right? Imagine if Xmas stays and happens to win the POV then she would determine who leaves so that could be her excuse to evict him. Or if he does it to put Nic on the spot & she wins POV it gives her more ammunition (although that’s how she’s already leaning).

Also, it’s not like Memphis would vote for Nic over Cody or Enzo so he wouldn’t gain anything valuable or extra by doing it. As it is – if Nic wanted to own his oust to add to her resume it should also be the reason not to split the vote so she can’t claim credit & Enzo/Cody could by virtue of being the two votes to evict him.


Memphis created the Committee and both Wiseguys alliances. I do not think he would ever think he should have kept Ty over Xmas. You wanted Ty to stay, but not Memphis. Xmas was a loyal final 2 to Memphis…whereas Ty was gunning to take Memphis out b4 anyone else that was left in the house. So I do not believe it would have ever occurred to him to keep Ty over Xmas. But I do agree mostly wit the rest of your analysis. :p


Yeah I’m not saying Memphis was necessarily wrong in his analysis — I’m saying he’ll feel he made a mistake if he leaves b/c Nic would’ve targeted Ty ahead of him if he’d stayed.


Agreed. She most likely would’ve gunned for Ty 1st.

Game fan

Memphis can be safe after all,
If Christmas will push the bd Cody idea too much.


We got a showmance…Memphis and Xmas sittin in a tree…K I S S I N G! Lol :p


Ugh. Gross.


I’m glad someone mentioned this. This season has been pleasant in regards to there being no showmances. every one of them seems to be in some sort of committed relationship that they didn’t want to mess up. Then Christmas who already thinks she’s hot stuff goes and messes it up for Memphis. I’m relatively sure that the woman he’s involved with is a much better person than Xmas will ever be, pretty sure she doesn’t have an arrest record and isn’t known as a freaken bully. I’m actually pretty pissed off that she had the nerve to make a move like this, what a POS.


I know…right? But it was just a “joke.” LMAO….haha bahaha. :p

The Beef

Not exactly sure what you’re talking about, but Christmas is also in a relationship outside of the house. If you are referring to the comments about the post-show idea she has for Memphis written about above, why do you assume it has anything to do with a personal relationship, because that is not indicated by the conversation at all! The only person that made it a little bit “weird” was Memphis, when after she said “It’s a post show conversation” he made the comment “mmmmhmmmm.. I’m going to use my imagination”. How the Hell is that Chistmas’ fault? Her history has nothing to do with this particular conversation and interaction, and as far as I know, she hasn’t made one move on Memphis or anybody else inside that house this season that could be considered sexual in nature. Her idea could be any number of business opportunities that she just wants to discuss with him, and for you to jump to the conclusion with absolutely ZERO evidence that she somehow wants a sexual relationship with Memphis is beyond stupid. If Memphis is so committed to this woman you speak of, maybe he shouldn’t be flirting with Christmas, because THAT’S the only thing I see going on in there. Him and his “imagination”. Talk about a double standard.


The HOHs keep winning the POVs for their week. Dullsville.