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POV Used No POV Ceremony Sept 10
HOH: Kaycee Next HOH: Sept 13
Noms: Sam & Haleigh Have Nots Havenots are done!

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1:55pm Kitchen. Tyler and Haleigh are chatting about the BB comics veto competition from last night. Heleigh – I probably went 6 or 7 times and would stand and stare in between each one. I’m really disappointed in myself. Tyler – It’s okay. It was fun though. So they’ve never done that one before. Haleigh – all they’ve ever done before is you’re holding onto that thing and sliding along.

2:10pm Kaycee gathers everyone in the living room. Kaycee reads the card. “This weeks havenots are….. NOBODY!!!” Congratulations the havenots are over for the summer!! LETS GO!!!!! All the house guests cheer! Sam – I think I might keep the big saucer as my bed. Is anyone opposed to that?! Haleigh – you don’t want your bed? Sam – no. It gets darker in there. Kaycee – we made it guys!! Sam to JC – why aren’t you happy? Oh you just woke up? JC nods. They joke about how funny it would have been if JC was named havenot again this week. Kaycee – you know what I was thinking about that they do some seasons… home videos. JC – I think that’s top 5. They talk about how Steve and Swaggy were the only ones that never went on slop. Kaycee comments on how she wants to get a tattoo of the game controller with BB20 on it. Haliegh says she wants something too but something that represents this season. Its sad that the only thing I’m remembered for is the Shakespeare (reading the book). JC – and your HOH. (Where her alliance member Rockstar went home.) She then says she might get a camera pointed at the BB20.

2:33pm – 2:52pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.

2:52pm – 3:20pm The house guests received videos from their loved ones at home. Tyler – hey, JC Regina needs that cheque to go shopping. Brett says he isn’t sure where his mom was… maybe the house in Florida. I am so bummed my brothers weren’t in that. Damn I wanted you guys to see my brothers so bad. Sam – can we watch them again!? Haleigh – my dad… its about time you come home. Sam heads to the havenot room and says be still my heart!! Haleigh – I am so worried now because Cooper wasn’t there (her dog). Brett – I really wish my brothers were there so you guys could see how funny they are. They continue to talk about they’re videos.

4pm Kaycee, JC, Haleigh, Angela and Tyler are all in the bedroom chatting about their families. JC – its going to get easier because now we don’t have havenots.

4:45pm Kaycee is up in the HOH room listening. Meanwhile the other house guests are making dinner.

4:47pm Big Brother tells the house guests they’re on an outdoor lock down. All the house guests head out into the backyard.

Sam is prepared for it to be a long lock down..

5:45pm Tyler, Kaycee and Angela start working out. Meanwhile inside Brett is making steaks.

6:40pm Brett, JC and Tyler. Brett – you know what’s crazy is Toys R Us went out of business. JC – its because of everything online. Brett – I don’t like shopping online. I like brick and mortar. But now it is so quick. If you live in the right city near an amazon delivery (Amazon Canada, Amazon USA) [Shameless plug], you can get it the same day. That’s insane! JC – like LA and Miami. JC notices the production scratched out Whole Foods off a food container. Brett – you never know with those live feeders. Tyler – what about them? Brett – if they’ll see whole foods on something. JC – on the bottom of it and like this (small)? Brett – yeah. JC – f**k if they can see this on the live feeds .. they have seen my whole f**king body and my b*tt hole and everything! Brett – they probably have. Your beauty hole.

7:03pm Brett and JC. Brett – dude I roasted.. I hope Rachel kept her sense of humor because I roasted her. JC – where did you roaster her? In the DR? Brett – about the dinosaur. JC – ahhh.. damn!! JC – she wasn’t event that old. She’s 29. She really does look younger. She looked F**KING AMAZING! She is very good looking. Brett – I’m not saying she wasn’t. JC 0 she had the best body in here. She has a better body than Angela. Are you telling me she has a better body? Brett – I don’t feel like doing this comparison. JC – what its between you and me talking about girls bodies. Brett – we’re on national television and I don’t really feel like doing that. JC – I think Haleigh has a better body than her (Angela). Brett – they all have great bodies. I think anyone that came here has a great body. Brett heads inside.

Kaycee – what kind of pick up lines do you like? JC – just don’t remind me that I’m short!

7:44pm Brett, JC and Tyler. Brett – who pissed all over the seat? Tyler – I said JC. JC – it was already pissed on when I peed. Tyler – its either me, Brett or you. I didn’t even go in there. JC – the thing is I don’t like touching my peepee when I’m peeing. So I just pull my shorts down and I pee. Tyler – the thing is .. I just can’t aim. JC starts cleaning up the mess he made on the floor. JC – I don’t know why I am cleaning this up .. Sam is the big brother maintenance girl.

8:30pm Kitchen. Haleigh, Tyler, Angela, Kaycee and JC are hanging out chatting and eating.

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Dirty Harry Reid


That picture of JC sitting next to Tyler on the couch cracked me up.

Maxine Waters - Space Alien

Hayleigh a good tattoo would be a picture of a hive with a dunce cap on top.

Wake up America

Hayleigh is a great player and posted all the other hive members. Perhaps you have not watched many sessions, of you had you would put her in the top of strategic players.

Buckle up buttercup she ain’t done yet!

As well she is without question the prettiest girl to ever play BB. Don’t hate, appreciate.

The Hive is Compost

In her own words she said she was the worst Big Brother player ever and she is toast. Time to deal with that fact.


Cassie Colvin Season 13 from Dallas……she was evicted day 20 by the females of the house she was so hot lol… model and former Victorias Secret model look her up on Wikipedia you will not be sorry….I’m still pissed she was evicted so early she was jaw dropping.

Smitten Kitten

Right, I remember Cassie, pretty girl.
I also remember that god-awful, manly, phoney Shelly in the cast, she pretended to be BFF’s with Jeff & Jordan just to stick a knife deep in their back with zero feeling or remorse.

She was cold… like sociopath cold. Brutal.

Hayleigh is History

Hayleigh is a pretty girl…..on the outside.

Eh eh

Perhaps below the neck? Everything’s relative and there are sights harder on the eyes but I find constant eye-rolling, scowling & fake smiles quite effective at turning a potential positive into a net negative appearance.


I’ve watched every season and she is no where near the top in either categories.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Haleigh is so slick that everyone knew she and Fez were in a showmance all summer, and STILL they weren’t as big a threat combined as other targets. Between the two of them, they didn’t execute one good plan.


They executed L6/5/4’s plans to perfection.

Hay is History

Wake Up you must be really into moles huh?

BB Fan

Don’t be immature. Everyone has moles. It’s not her fault. She didn’t plant it there on purpose you fruit loop.

Drink Every Time Bay Says "Literally"

Nothing you said is even close to accurate. And your stupid “Buckle up, buttercup” smells awfully Texan. I detect a friend or family member. Take heart friend/family, at least she’s not Swaggy C(rap), Rockhead, or Queen of No One – Bay.

Crazy T



Haleigh was a horrible player. She wasn’t even a target until she put Tyler up on the block after the Hacker comp. You don’t make a move like that unless you know you can get that player out. Especially when you’re talking about a player that has protection all over the house. Haleigh was stupid to have that house meeting and call Tyler out like that and admit she was the Hacker. Horrible, horrible, move. She cared more about saving Bayleigh’s game than her own.

And as for looks, she’s pretty, yes but I can think of a lot of other BB girls who were beautiful like Lisa from BB3, Cassi from BB13 and Kara from BB14. And I know a lot of people hate her, but Aaryn from BB15 is beautiful too.


Yeah and her best friend Bay let her ruin her game for no reason…..she was going home anyway and she knew it lol.

BB Fan

She is pretty but prob not the prettiest. There have been a lot of beautiful women on B.B.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Haleigh isn’t even the prettiest girl in the house this season.

Gig Her

Hay was a mean girl and very phony. She will fit right in with the other Hive members in the jury house. I bet she is evicted by a vote of 4-0.

Free Scoops


Is it true that JC’s video message was Jared from Subway?


Or Kevin Spacy lol.

Roses Are Red Hivers Are Blue

Hayleigh I think you will be remembered for the clip of you and Faysal saying we are the worst Big Brother player ever because they will probably replay that on finale night.

Done Deal?

Does anybody think that anyone besides Tyler or Kaycee is really going to win this game?


I still think brett and angela have a shot. you never know what jury will do for sure. you never know what production will do–remember that BB13 BS at the end when it looked like Rachel and Jordan wore done and production whipped out the pandora box to bring back the duos twist complete with the first ever endurance veto tailor made for Rachel? That was just one really super obvious production meddling of many over the seasons. Point being, anything can happen. They can tailor a comp to anyone and the unexpected could win.


JC still has an outside shot but yeah the rest have no chance.

Eh eh

I think if JC gets to the end he may win due to bitter jury spite. Even Sam has that shot. Josh’s win set that precedent in spades. Very hard to see them keeping Hay past this week, so I think she’s done.


Rockstar is going to lose her last remaining inch of sanity when she learns that Angela only had to be on slop for 1 week this entire season. Her hatred already runs deep, but it may go to new depths.


I know what Angela should get! That ass tattooed by Tyler lmao

Dirty Harry Reid

By any chance are you sending that helping from prison?

King Silva

I am DEAD at this likely scenario! O_O


Why are they on an outdoor lockdown?

Stage 5 Clinger

Fessi saw the video of Tyler applying the Icy Hot to Hayleigh.

who me?

They were removing the have-not room


Taking Angela to F2 is the ticket to winning this game.


All quiet on the BB Front. Sam knows she’s staying..and Haleigh seems resigned. However…Haleigh may very well do major (her way) campaigning tonight after the message saying her parents are proud of her.
Sam is just weird. I keep thinking about WHO she was talking about the other day when she said * Do I give up $500,000. for true love *
At the time…I had the funny feeling she must mean Brett…but she often blurts out random, strange things.
KayCee seems quiet and deep in thought during this HOH. I wonder if she now realizes she has the real chance of winning…and if she should be a final 2 with Angela or Brett? And for sure JC.
Last night she argued with Tyler about getting out JC and Brett.
KayCee is a superfan and knows very well how this game works.
The fans are voting for haleigh as AFP. She has NOT performed well…and has played a poor game all round.
It comes down to being gorgeous.
I would vote for Tyler, Brett, KayCee.
But last year Cody won AFP…which had me shocked to the core.
No question. Production absolutely favour Haleigh. So that’s what I expect this year.

Eh eh

“fans are voting for haleigh as AFP”

Seriously? Man, BB must be popular with people who just resent character & positivity.


Hay certainly doesn’t have my vote. But productions been giving her an excellent edit the last 4 weeks so those who only watch the tv show probably would give her the sympathy vote.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Haleigh is getting FOUTED by the Season 19 Fessie. Josh says he’s voting for Haleigh AFP.

Josh of course would have fit in very well with the Hive and deserves honorary membership. Yes, he did win but not because he didn’t try very hard to lose. Paul is the only person in BB history who could have sat next to Josh and made him look like a winner.

So go for it Josh…tell everyone they should vote for Haleigh.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

The season Cody won AFP was the ONLY season I was for giving it to someone because someone with a beard was so beyond disgusting that I no longer wanted him to win the game. AFP for me would also go to Tyler or Kayce or Brett. Brett could be called a villain but he was fighting for his life early on (will add that his strong alliance was also fighting to keep him). If Tyler hadn’t won those comps early on, L6/4 would have taken more hits. They went through a losing streak for sure.


I have come to appreciate Brett’s great charm and kindness, he’s now my vote for AFP and I haven’t ruled out his winning the last veto and therefore the whole shebang.

Cody won last time as a finger in the eye to the bullies of the house, mostly to embarrass Paul and Josh. I thought everyone realized that.



Stick a fork in him. Her husband Les is done as head of CBS.


Poor Julie, she’ll probably have to get a third job. So sad. She’s ripping him a new one. And just wait, this will get worse.


OMG just saw that. Ooof.

Eh eh

mong dem rumors

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

He’s done, but he’s getting at least a $100 million buy out so poor them.


I don’t think so. Some news outlets are saying after this new batch of 6 women today they might pull the plug on any money. He may be “SOOL” (sh#t out of luck) And deservedly so.


SJW Julie Chen won’t know what to do now. Another liberal Hollywood smuck hits the wall nose first.

another name

oh, come on. we both know his teflon coated golden parachute will keep julie in gawdy god knows what the designer was thinking outfits for as long as she wants to pretend she watches any part of the season instead of just getting production notes telling her who she should like, who she should hate, and one or two notes about why they sucked enough to be sitting outside the house next to her.


Dr. Will would be a good replacement if he’d do it lol.

another name

the robot they used week one with the announcer’s voice in place of sam’s would be more lifelike. oh. no. awful horrible bad day thought…. anyone. but. paul.

I had a Threesome with Hillary and Maxine Waters

Julie will be cashing out. She gets the money and no longer has to fuck an old guy.


She knew lol.


Curious. Did they show the old houseguests paying a visit on the feeds?

Red Wave



I’m not sure what feeds you watch but the feeds were down during their visit.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

They showed it tonight on CBS. Wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I think they are super cute together (Victor & Nicole). Haleigh gets WAY too much camera time for her lack of game play. It’s ridiculous. All her empty promises (I”m GOING to win the Veto; I’m NOT going to lay down; I’m NOT getting the answers I want; tears; more tears. More eye rolls). Again showing Sam threatening to tear the f’ing doors off this house if she gets voted out and other crazy threats coming from someone who has swept the floors all season.




No they did not!


Would be sweet if all access had a cam of the crew setting up

Sweet Sweet Baby Bird with a Man Bun

I just love Sam. She’s soooo quirky


If by quirky you mean crazy I agree.


I guess on eviction night for Sam if it comes They better have all the houseguests locked in the HOH room and send her a video message that she has been evicted. Then send the army or national guard in to bring her out. That was a pretty scary scenario she had going if KC is lying to her. People say things but hopefully she’s just venting. I really hope she doesn’t go out in a bad way when and if it happens.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I figure if they can bring back Josh and the bearded wonder boy, anyone can recover from a bad look on BB. If Sam does any special appearances after, people will love her.


Someone tweeted a clip of Sam in DR. CRIKEY!!! Sam is saying KayCee told her she’s fine. Says if she’s not..she will leave tearing the hinges off the doors..and swears to all that’s Holy they will regret it.
The things is. She is NOT joking. She’s bent out of shape saying it.
NO question.
Sam thinks she’s winning this game.
Best to have her go in DE…or all hell will break loose.
You see the REAL Sam in that clip. I guess it’s on tonight’s episode.


So Scary. I hope that they are ready with some tranquilizer darts to bring that bear down. I fear for everyone’s safety.


She will pull them out with her teeth….

Swaggy's Missing Brow

There was absolutely no reason that they needed to show that clip of Sam. It will only serve to further humiliate her later when she watches it.

BB should have let her go long ago when she first wanted to self-evict. Instead they convince an emotionally distraught house guest to stay so they can squeeze sensational ratings clips like this from her; to Hell with what it will do to her later.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

It’s ridiculous that now they are showing every bad clip of Sam on CBS versus trying to push Haleigh down everyone’s throat as some sort of underdog hero. Just because she annunciates big words regularly doesn’t mean she is using them properly. Barging in on KC in the HOH listening to her tunes after ringing the bell 6 times. Why?


Who rings a bell 6 times? Ridiculous.

BB Fan

Right. Take a hint Hay. Then she just walks right in. RUDE!!!!!

BB Fan

Stage 5 clinger


And her telling kc over and over that kc has her. When it wasn’t working and she wasn’t getting what she wanted, she rolls her eyes. Yea. She’s not fake at all with kc. That eye roll of hers just showed it was all an act. Which most people know that already. Some refuse to believe it.

Who said that!

Yeah,but Thursdays double eviction episode will be entertaining.


Well..Sam NEVER wanted to self evict. That’ was just her game play. Begged The HOH’S to not put her up. From the Get go.


Television in general. All about the shock and awe. It’s getting hard to see her isolated. Whether she does it to herself or not. I do feel bad for her.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I no Longer feel bad for her because she DOES do it to herself. She gets all the encouragement and hugs she wants, has everyone dancing around her moods, and it turns out she’s being fake when she’s saying she wants to self evict and “stay as long as they’ll have me” ( all the while claiming she’ll rip the f’ing doors of the hinges if they vote her out).


I don’t know which is better her going during DE or during a normal eviction. The reason I say that is she will not have her stuff packed. I think she will freak at the thought of someone going through her belongings.

I feel bad for her. CBS really should have let her leave when she wanted to self evict.

another name

The days of the d/r being a confessional are long gone. Prod. handlers are in there asking questions and pushing buttons to get the answers they want, and then telling them to repeat what was said, but to sound a different way.
Look at Haleigh’s d/r clips the week Fes was hoh for further examples. there were about 40 of them in those three episodes. And not once was it mentioned that she bought JC’s story hook line and sinker and helped to push Fes to nominate Scottie with the help of her good friend wine bottle.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

For the last two episodes BB has wasted a lot of time. We had the too long interview with Derek, where he basically said nothing. Tonight we had the way too long engagement party/reunion.

Meanwhile, the last time we saw anything from the jury house was when Scottie arrived THE FIRST TIME. We’ve seen nothing since then. Are they just too boring? Have they reverted and started melting down over the entitled rich witches? I want to see what the Hive is up to not what Josh has to say about wedding crashing.

I did enjoy Kaycee’s letter from home moment and when Angela told Tyler about her non-childhood (bring on the thumbs down). Those were two honest, refreshing moments.

who me?

They have to find some filler, since the season has taken such a nosedive into boringness


I agree…. What was the point of putting us through that? I didn’t like Nicole or Paul or Josh on their seasons, so why would I want to see them on this season??

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Agree! It’s the first they are really showing on CBS the real Angela. I find those two refreshing as a couple. Just because Angela is slow to warm up and blabber her every thought bubble to everyone in ear shot (Haleigh) does not mean she is a b####.

another name

I think they have a hard time filling an episode with the house guests’ behaving as they actually behave instead of behaving in the character edit molds they’ve pigeon holed them into.

BB Fan

And who wants to see Paul? The biggest hateful bully to ever play B.B.


I love Brett’s DR’s……He is so funny. I hope he wins HOH during the double and takes out either Sam or JC.

I do feel a little bad for Sam……She seems so sad.

I am really like Kaycee…..She started off a little slow for me but now that she is getting TV time she is really making me like her. I just love her personality. She seems like a good person and she is winning at the right time. Makes me wonder if this was her plan all along.

As for Tyler and Angela – I like Tyler and I think that their “secret” showmance is sweet….It doesn’t bother me as much as some others have but I don’t think they would work outside the house.

The next couple of weeks are going to drag on…….But I am still hoping for a Brett/Angela final 2. If not that then Tyler/Kaycee.


Spot on Kelly but I would love to see either Angela or Kaycee cut Tyler and make it to final two with Kaycee for the win.

Tyler can have AFP because we all know he will be back for another season for redemption.

Team Kaycee! Let’s Go!

BTW … Go Giants …Go Big Blue … Let’s Go! 😉


Hayleigh is a beautiful girl and I don’t care what anyone says.

I had a Threesome with Hillary and Maxine Waters

I would not date her but she could blow me in the car.

Fes the Rhodes scholar

My dream scenario. Haleigh goes home. She is super excited – why I dont know- to see Fes but he is in a torrid love affair with rockstar!


Hayleigh was robbed and it sucks that she’s going home before Sam who’s done practically nothing in this game. At least hayleigh has been trying even though the odds have been against her.


Bless her heart.

another name

How was the girl that was given a heads up week one and week two that she was going to be on the wrong side of the vote, and thrown a life line to join the other side that she declined to take… then quite possibly given production assistance to win two comps… then had a battle back that the exec producer said would not occur this season send someone in, which kept her in the game an extra week robbed exactly? Is it robbery that she chose to drink before and during two strategically important conversations? Has her d/r episode edit not been golden enough? I’m not sure how much better they could make it for her. Was her idiotic choice to reveal that she was the hacker in a week where the target of the hack was going to continue to be in the game somehow robbery? The woman is a million bad choices, and being showmanced with Fes isn’t even in the top ten of the worst choices. That’s saying something.


She’s dumb all right…….

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

But do you reward really BAD game play over no game play? She was given chances earlier in the game, as was Scottie, to play with better players. They turned it down and upped their bad game play. Good riddance.

BB Fan

Do you need a binky and a safety pin?

another name

imagine, if you will, an episode where they edit the house guests as they really are. you know, dump the isn’t the child with a hoola hoop cute segment, and instead showing the ignorant adult that depends on others infantilizing him because otherwise he’d get kicked off the show segment added.
That episode was such a waste of an hour.
I’d totally forgotten that Nicole’s voice sounds like a donkey with a sinus infection, it’s head stuck in a fishbowl, while running it’s hooves down a chalkboard. shuuuudder. I didn’t mute fast enough. i’m going to hear that droning whine for hours.

Makin' bacon

Angela has grown a better mustache than Brett.
Brett’s mustache ( if that’s what you want to call it)looks like a 16 year old kids peach fuzz.

BB Fan

Grow up!!!!!

Darrell G Irick

double eviction….

looks like Haeigh will be evicted first round…
second round….. JC, Sam or Brett will be evicted

who will Hive alliance vote to win the season ?

another name

considering the hive “alliance” couldn’t put aside their individual egos enough to actually work together as a unit, or agree on ANYthing as a group in the game… it’s going to end up being a bunch of bitter bad players choosing according to whom they each individually felt more slighted and DIS—Gusted by one of the final 2 than the other. It’ll be a 3/2 split just amongst the hive. I say they Foutte a jury consensus.

I had a Threesome with Hillary and Maxine Waters

Stop sniffing panties. You are high.

Darrell G Irick

during double eviction….

angelia or brett will likely be HOH…
Tyler will likely throw this hoh and the next one…. he will fight his ass off to win the hoh when it down to 4 people left.

I don’t really see JC or Sam winning hoh at double eviction but it’s still possible.

Angelia will put JC & Sam on the block
Brett will either put JC & Sam on the block (doing what tyler wants) or will put Angelia & Kaycee on the block )doing what JC wants)

So what if JC or Sam did win HOH?

JC will put Angelia & Kaycee on the block
Sam would likely put JC & Brett on the block at the request of tyler.

Tyler will also throw the VETO comp thursday night.

It’s great when you have final 2 deals with everyone remaining in the house.


Who the heck do these guys think they are? Sam should not have to clean up their pee just because they cant aim properly. I have 3 boys and i did my job potty training them so if they made a mess….they cleaned it up. We had 2 bathrooms and as they got older i stopped cleaning it all together. They learned their lesson when they had their girlfriends visit and they were embarrassed to have them go in to the washroom..JC clean up your mess you pig

another name

and because he’s short and people allow him to use his height as a manipulation tool to infantilize him so that he bears absolutely zero accountability for his behavior (hello production, i’m looking right squarely at you), nobody directly calls him out on any of his crap, lest the cranky toddler hold his breath turn blue, lie on the floor and kick and scream until somebody buys him an ice cream cone. In his 20’s… it’s pathetic. I agree with you.


Jaycee has to be in the lead now to win B.B. 20. Tyler in a final two could beat anyone but her. She has played a great game and is coming on strong. Tyler is distracted?


This is seriously the worst season of all time – so predictable.