Power Of Veto Competition Results! “Four vetos! You’re the f**king champ!”

POV: Kaycee Next POV: Sept 15th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 17th
HOH: Angela Next HOH: Sept 20th
Noms: Sam & JC Have Nots Havenots are done!

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2:40pm – 6:38pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the power of veto competition.


They all have medieval costumes on. It was a maze competition. JC – four vetos in a f**king row! Tyler – four vetos! You’re the f**king champ! Kaycee – how the heck did this happen, I suck at mazes! Kaycee tells Tyler that he was so close. Sam – I ran through it like a f**king psycho. It wasn’t even that hard of a maze either. Angela – it wasn’t hard but once you start running you forget where the last one was. Tyler – not easy! Sam – congratulations, that was hard. I have no idea how you did that so fast. Sam – JC you did good too. I was the only person that didn’t complete it.

6:45pm HOH room. Angela and Kaycee. They talk about how they both thought they were going to time out. Angela – that was hard. That was a ten minute sprint. They cheers. Angela – Sam is going home. Four in a row! Kaycee – well you had yours during the double. Its 6, 6 and 6!

7pm – 7:35pm Kitchen. Sam, Tyler and Kyacee making dinner. Tyler – I am kind of pissed that they had the drone because its going to show us right next to the f**king thing. So many times I would stop right at where I need to be and turn around. Sam – oh yeah I was like Jesus take the wheel!

7:38pm Bedroom. JC and Kaycee. Kaycee – Sam is pissed. JC – hopefully this week is short. Kaycee – hopefully. JC – yeah because I don’t want to be here with this. I don’t know how she is going to react sitting up on the block with me. I don’t know if she is going to campaign. I am just going to be quiet. It really f**king sucks. Congratulations. Kaycee – thank you. JC – I am glad you got it to keep things smooth because I am already on the block.

8pm Sam sleeping…

8:25pm Family dinner minus Sam.

9pm Kitchen. Kaycee and JC. JC – Sam made it really far being crazy, napping and being crazy as F**k. She made it far. Kaycee – I know. Its crazy. I am just so ready to get out of here. JC – we all are. I’ve been ready since the second week. Kaycee – I feel both ways .. I want to get out of here but I’m also going to miss it.

9:09pm – 9:40pm HOH room. Angela and Tyler. Angela – six, six, six. We’re all tied up. (Angela, Kaycee and Tyler all have 6 comp wins each) Tyler – its a lucky number. Angela – I wonder what is going on in the jury house. I wish we had cameras in the jury house like we have up here. The conversation turns to talking about random things. Kaycee – we probably won’t let us out any more. JC – you don’t think they will let us out for two weeks? We are going to go crazy here. If they don’t let us out and the eviction is on Thursday, Sam is going to go crazy. Like she would legit go crazy. She was already weird today. Kaycee – I’m going to go lay down. JC – I’m going to shower and then go to bed.

10:30pm Sam eating on the stairs..she starts to tear up. Sam – I miss my mom. I miss my mom’s cooking. I miss my mom’s voice. Sometimes I pretend I can see her now screaming at the tv like a banshee watching me run through that maze. Balling her eyes out. That was just pitiful. I looked like a panicked baby deer. I don’t know how y’all are going to make that look funny because it wasn’t funny. Me falling and saying f**k all the time while I was falling.

10:57pm – 12am HOH room. Tyler and Angela. Tyler – I couldn’t not say goodnight. Sam was on the stairs. Angela – whatever she’s gone. Tyler – she’s like a gargoyle just standing over watching over everything. Angela – right?! Like its so inconsiderate. Tyler – its intimidating. Angela – like people are walking… why do you sit on a stair case? Its meant for like transporting people up to another level. Tyler – she just hides there because the camera’s can’t see her. Angela – I am going to pour chicken fish juice all over the stair case so that it smells like a$$ and she won’t sit there. I am going to rub salmon on it. Tyler – good call. Angela – maybe I will rub salmon under the bottom of one of the stair so that she will smell it and not know where its coming from. Tyler – she will still sit there. Angela – or maybe I’ll tape a dead fish there. I am going to trip one day and eat sh*t and its going to be all her fault. Tyler – MMmhhh then you can yell at her. Tyler – I can tell the things that get to you. Angela – what else? Tyler – mainly just Sam. Sam talking. Sam sitting. JC’s little comments. Oh and Brett with all his jokes. Angela – all his s*xual humor that’s not funny.

Angela – how amazing would it be if we were top three. Its going to happen. Can you imagine the only competition he (JC) does win .. its not going to happen. I’m not even going to think that. Tyler – you’re going to win the veto. Angela – or Kaycee will win another one.

Tyler – JC was always under the impression that him and I were working both sides. Like he was supposed to work the Fes side and I was supposed to work you guys. So like he knew I was working with you but he didn’t actually think I was with you guys. Angela – I had no idea. Tyler – I never told you guys that? That’s why he is always so pissed at me. I definitely told you guys that. I definitely told Brett that. Angela – thanks! I didn’t know that was JC’s plan. Tyler – his plan was to even out both sides. But then I kept having to shift it so that he wouldn’t take shots at our side. Angela – was he ever trying to? Tyler – yeah that’s why hes always so mad at me. Angela – I never knew this.. it all makes sense now. Tyler – that’s who I always got info from the other side, through him. Angela – you never told me this. Tyler – yes I did. That’s why I keep saying why JC is so pissed at me. Angela – I knew he was pissed at you but I thought it was because he was in love with you. Tyler – its because of that and because I was supposed to be evening out the sides with him and I was actually more loyal to you guys.

Angela – we haven’t been away from each other for 88 days.. what’s going to happen if we have to be away from each other for like a day after this? Its going to be really weird. Tyler says that he will face-time her.

10:03am Houseguests are getting woken up.

10:27am we got movement

Sam downing today’s cocktail of pills..

Sam is so flipping unique.

Sam – so I had this dream and it was probably it wold have to have been 10 years ago when my grandma was taking walks with me and my mom

sam – my grandmi had the most beautiful graceful walk.. Our neighbors would watch her get the mail .. She just had a signature stroke just classy.. anyways.. and then their property..
Angela comes out..


11:40am Sam and Angela
Sam is telling her about a dream that includes humming birds and rufus..

” All of a sudden there’s a wiener dog attacking my bunny”

11:53 am Dream stories..

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OK….time to see jury house segments this Sunday!!!!!!!! At least those guys would be entertaining!!!!!


There won’t be a jury segment on Sunday but what’s so entertaining about a group of people who blame white privilege for their evictions and not the fact that they got out played and out smarted every step of the way


You have to be trolling


Only people who feel some internal guilt continue to bring that up…


Do we owe you anything for your opinion Doctor Nope?

BB Fanatic

When they setup the show with more than 1 or 2 blacks against 10 whites then you may have a point


Oh stfu… Faysal, Kaycee, and JC aren’t white and you don’t hear any of them screaming about White Privilege

Always the Victim

Bravo Kayla!

BB Fanatic

Klan Kayla they also are not black so you stfu


swaggy or bayleighs eviction had nothing to do with the color of their skin. swaggy was evicted because he was the leader of the other side. bayleigh got evicted because she told Rachel about the power app


What?! You mean players targeted a person who had a power which could screw them over if she used it? If she’d been white…she’d still be evicted and most everyone would agree it was a smart move.

BB Fanatic

Didn’t say it did just make the playing field balanced. JC been saying the whole show he would never vote Kaycee out because she was gay. So what do you think if their were 8 gays and 4 straights I guarantee the 4 straights would be gone first. Just human nature and facts.


Black represent 1/8 of the US. So there shouldn’t be more than 2 ever in the House.


Live feeds from jury house would be fun to watch. Interactions btw Brett and Blockstar would be funny; Fez-Hay-Scottie triangle; Sam in da jury house. I would watch for at least ten mins.


They need to show jury way more often. How about 30m recap on BBAD.


RE: Jury segments

If they show jury segments, they must keep it VERY brief or edit like crazy OR ELSE even the vast majority of brainless Big Brother viewers will grasp that Tyler has NO CHANCE of winning Big Brother. It will ruin the ending. You don’t need to hear much from this bitter jury to grasp that Tyler is jury enemy #1 come finale night.
Production still has a lot of work to do to make the ending of this season entertaining. Leave an idiot like Tyler to his own devices and he’ll take Kaycee and lose in a predictable, boring finale. Production wants him to lose to Angela instead and will go to work on him. Either way, Tyler “crispy” Crispen has ZERO CHANCE of winning. it’s just that Production wants to exploit the shock element of him losing to Angela. They want a surprise ending ( it would be a surprise for Tyler to lose to Angela…to most viewers who are incapable of grasping what happens when you stab multiple people that you had final two deals with in the back and then need their jury vote to win the game).

Team Tyler

Tyler would not lose to Angela!


It was much harder trying to explain to big brother fans last season that Paul has no chance against escaped mental patient Josh “Meatball” Martinez.
Tyler wants to take Kaycee (which pretty much everybody can see would beat him).
Production wants Tyler to take Angela (which most of you STILL cannot see would ALSO beat Tyler). THAT is much better TV. You guys will be shocked. THAT is excellent television. Any game related comments from the jury would make it obvious even to the most dim witted viewers that Tyler is public enemy #1 to the jury.
Angela will not have betrayed anybody she had a final two deal with. Did she even have a final two with anybody? When all cards are on the table, juries do not give the win to the guy who had final two deals with half the house. If a piece of furniture makes it to final two with Tyler, then the piece of furniture wins. If an escaped mental patient makes it to final two, she wins. Angela would have to start insulting the jury to their face to have any chance of losing to a greasy weasel like Tyler.
Note well: I realize that you fans do not see Tyler as a greasy weasel. You just need to realize that’s how the jury will see his style of play.

Gullible1 hates Tyler

Wow, someone has major hate for Tyler.

Eh eh

I like Tyler but minus the hyperbole, see that gullible 1 makes valid points. We’ll see how many of the Jury actually are that bitter at him. With Paul / Josh it was only a 1-vote difference I think.

Sweet Leaf

Gullible=Little Fez?


J.c and sam hates angela think she is the worst.
Fessy!? Rockstar? Never. But you know what.. mark and coddy voted for josh so.. realy anything can happen. Including tyler winning with bay voting for him.

Jimmy Jam

Gullible is correct solid reasoning. Tyler fanboys will scream bitter jury when he loses. You are already telling them that fact and they dont want to hear it.

ednamay torres

Tyler played the game,he did what he had to do to stay in the house.I think he would beat Angela but KC I don’t know she won a lot and everyone likes her.I like her,I think it should go to one of them.


He lost 5-4, right? You predicted that number too? I don’t believe it.

Jimmy Jam

So true.

Maxine Waters - Space Alien

Instead of the jury house we are going to see the Bebe Rexha concert and Angela’s HOH and nominations.


I’m shook! Kaycee is the one to beat and at this point she is the biggest threat. Amazing work.


Kaycee is the new Veto Queen. She will keeping winning comps all the way to final 2 😉

Let’s go!

Botox Pelosi

The next veto is big. Whoever wins that veto casts the sole vote to evict so if you want to stick around you have to win HOH or the veto next week. if you win them both you get to decide who you want to cast that vote. It is going to be tempting to go for Tyler or Kaycee.

I can’t even...

Now if she were smart (and I don’t think she’s stupid), she’d use this opportunity to get Tyler out. I think she’ll win against anyone in there, but Tyler is her only real competition.

ednamay torres

I agree

Roll Tide

She better not trust Tyler. He will cut her out, Brett pointed out how Kaycee is on a roll to win. Tyler axed him for it.


So…seems Kaycee will be deciding who goes to the final 2.


Not necessarily the third part of the hoh is a complete crap shoot


Right, those who said what questions always seened pretty random for something that means so much to the result of the season.


What are the odds the house guests record both answers and the “answer” is chosen by production? Tin foil hat time!

Who said that!

If Tyler and Kaycee are honest about their final 2 wouldn’t they evict Angela before JC to avoid the risk of her winning the final HOH.

Maxine Waters - Space Alien

No because they know the Hivers are not going to vote for Angela but they might vote for JC.

Who said that!

Taking JC to final 3 is zero risk,there’s no way he could win multiple comps in the final HOH so Tyler and Kaycee would automatically be final 2.

JC's One Scoop or Two?

Wrong. The winner of part three of the final HOH comp picks who they want to go to the final with. You don’t have to win anything if your in the final three to make the final two.


Losers of comp 1 play in comp 2. Winner of comp 2 plays the winner of comp 3. Winner of comp 3 choses one of the two losers to go to the finale. Third wheel becomes the last juror. JC could lose the first and second comp, not play in the third and still get picked to be in the finale. JC needs time to cool off so he needs to go sooner rather than later.

Who said that!

But the premise of my question is if Ty and KC are honest about their final 2 deal shouldn’t they take the least threat to winning a comp.

Who said that!

You’re completely missing the point,in the final HOH comps Angela can win,JC can’t.


If they did that, man would I be a happy camper.


Angela is sitting pretty right now. Because they HAVE to know that sitting next to Angela is the best chance to win it all.

Who said that!

So you think Tyler and Kaycee are lying to eachother.

ednamay torres

I hope not,It would be nice to see the best 2 make it to the end.


Stupid to keep JC in the game. Don’t the HGs know that the next HOH and Veto will be in Spanish?

Dirty Harry Reid

I’ll still take Kaycee.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Ten in a row!


This girl is winning Big Brother. They arent going to be able to get her out. She is Paul/Rachel Reilly/Janelle good when it comes to comps. But still better off than those three because she has not pissed no one off and is extremely likeable.


Paul should not be in the same sentence as Rachel and Janelle….


Agreed. He can’t hold a candle to them

Guy From Canada

Cause his greasy beard will catch fire? Or cause he is a vile person that we never want to see on feeds again unlike Janelle or Rachel?


And paul didnt win. And janelle didnt make it to the final 2- twice!!
In her second season she didnt even make it to part 3.
Tyler is still better at comps and hopefullt he get her out in the final 3 maby even final 4 if they get the chance


If Tyler and Anglea dont try to take a shot at her next week they are stupid and deserve to lose.


Kaycee will be the one “taking a shot” She knows very well Who she’s up against.

Win out the season baby!

Built relationships + loyal + comp beast =
Kaycee BB20 Winner.

You can’t beat that strategy!



So many on Twitter called KayCee boring and “furniture” for months, like they’ve never seen a full season of Big Brother. It was so clear she was holding back on winning comps until necessary.

Who said that!

Kaycee won’t take a shot without Tyler telling her to.



Cray Cray

Next week is the final

King Silva

Very true because there is NO way JC’s little troll ass is beating Angela and Tyler in the final 2 part HOH.

I would be for another blindside because Tyler is my # 1. Sorry Kaycee you are my # 2 but I’ll take my # 1 and # 3 (Angela) over you if it means Tyler wins.


Same 1,2,3 for me too.


If JC makes it to final 3 he could totally win the first part of the comp which is usually endurance simply because of his size. Then he could win part 3 which is just questions about the jury members. And then boom he wins and makes it too final 2. I’d get him out at 4.


Endurance is totaly tyler. J.c always fell fast in those comps.

Is Tyler My Daddy

Bye Sam. This is the predictable moment you wish Foute hadn’t been so bad at this game.

JC is Pervy

See ya all Thurs. We’ll watch Sam go.

I'm Julie Chen Moonves

Isn’t there a Wednesday eviction show? And another on Thursday also as normal…..aren’t they going to show reruns on live feeds Monday at some point?

JC is Pervy

Ahhh yes. I think you are correct.


At some point after the veto doesn’t get used but before the non-live eviction, the feeds will stop until after Wednesday’s show. I’m not sure if they’ll come back before Thursday’s show. They might although with having to do an HoH, nomination, veto all in 24 hours it’ll be all chopped up anyway.

B Diddles

Does anyone else think they are stupid for wanting Sam out first? JC is far better strategically I feel like.


You have to have pieces to play strategically though. He has to win something to be a problem now. Everyone else knows what he’s up to so there’s no way they’ll trust him over the other two. He’ll be gone Thursday after Sam is gone Wednesday. I do think this week’s comps will have a greater element of luck to them though so JC may have a shot at one of them.


And if he wins the next HOH they will regret targeting Sam.


And if they target jc and Sam wins they would regret targeting jc

King Silva

They would have the same regrets if Sam ends up winning HOH. And Sam is a much bigger threat to win the game than JC due to the bitter and just stupid AF jury.

Both have about the same chance to win HOH/Veto but Sam might have the edge. Wasn’t she only like 1 point behind Tyler in his double eviction HOH win?


It would be a shame if JC pulls out a win now. I’m hoping Sam and JC are gone this week. Good feeds are pretty much over. I still think B.B. should have at least one night a week of just the jury house (IMO) now that would be entertaining:)


They think that Sam is throwing comps….and she has kissed up to every juror so they don’t want to chance her winning now.


it comes down to who’s more likely to win comps. both sam and jc are terrible at both mental and physical comps, but i think jc is worse at them.


Sams leaving because Angela doesn’t like that she was talking shit about her

Rocky's Mom

But its ok for Angela to say nasty horrible stuff about Sam! Tyler needs to rethink his romance because everything annoys Angela Brett’s joke,Sam sitting in the stairs,JC wanting her man! I tried to give her a chance to show it is just game and she’s frustrated but I really think she is just snooty and mean!


I think Angela reached out to Sam a lot through out the season and was kind to her. Sam hasn’t liked Angela from the minute she laid eyes on her. It took a long time for Angela to get fed up with Sam’s antics. Now Angela is venting.

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

Hell, I get annoyed just watching some of these people After a couple of hours. Try living 24/7 locked up in a house with people you never chose to live with and see if you don’t get annoyed at times!


And they all been talking about Sam, calling her crazy. The final 6 aren’t nothing but immatre bullies.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

I think it’s a 50/50 proposition. Sam is annoying to them, and negative energy is draining; they are trying to focus for this last stretch. JC hasn’t won anything. If JC has a random chance of wining something, then Sam has that same chance. JC is still playing a game of mental chess. Sam wants everyone to comfort and reassure her and snarks at them.

Why am I still watching?!?

After outing Brett to the girls, taking Sam to the final might be Tyler’s best hope to win. He loses to KC at this point. Her social game kept her good with everyone on that level, and she doesn’t have all the final twos. Now he does not even have a comp advantage. Turning on Brett was dumb. Better to throw that comp and let things unfold. With Angela, he would have to hope the bitterness or feminism does not rule. JC would be easy for the Hive to vote for. If Sam is sitting there in final two, here are the votes she might get: Rockstar. Maybe Brett and/or Scottie if bitterness rules. If Tyler is sitting with her, he wins easily. Anyone else is a coin toss or definite loss.


Tyler is going to regret turning on Brett very soon. That move may have cost him 500k.


JC should of been gone before Brett. He was in Brett’s ear and Brett caught the paranoia flu. Too late now.


Just watched JC again going off on Tyler. Calls him a F!&king idiot. I really think they need to rethink getting rid of Sam first. JC is so full of himself and just disrespectful. Over the top and he needs to go. It’s a toss up on who should stay anyway.

BB Fan

Buh bye Sam, you useless weirdo

Haleigh's Purple Panties

Leave my robot alone. Long live Sam.

Your Humanity

Rude. She is in no way a “useless weirdo” any more than you are.

Art Vandalay

Weirdo Sam is not useless, she likes scrubbing the toilet.

BB Fan

I stand corrected; she’s almost useless. Lol


Sam had potential in the beginning. I was rooting for her. She gradually declined to the point of being ridiculous.

BB Fan

My apologies to all of the cat ladies. Oops, I mean all of the Sam fans.

BB Fan

My apologies to all of the cat ladies. Oops, I mean Sam fans.


Wasn’t funny the first time, much less the second. And, I don’t even like cats.



Janie Haze

Kaycee for the win! Again! Lol

Golden machine

Yay Kaycee!!

Charlie B.

Nobody is going to win sitting next to KC
No chance no way.
Time to put the friendship thing aside and evict KC asap. That is if you want it bad enough to be cutthroat about it, but isn’t that BB.


They will not have a chance to knock her out cuz Kaycee will just win out the season 😉

Veto Beast! 😉

King Silva

Have you seen Angela?

She is about the most ruthless person in a while.

If Kaycee is on the block come Final 4 I would be surprised and incredibly disappointed if she (or Tyler) doesn’t use their sole vote to evict Kaycee.

If they don’t they are throwing away the game because they may not get the chance to get her out in the final 3.


I know that getting rid of Sam is a good move but I think getting rid of JC is a better option

another name

Realistically, giving JC more time with the jury is problematic. If you are playing the game, the last thing you want is an egomaniac in the dark thinking he was responsible for everyone’s moves in the game and telling the jury that the remaining players weren’t responsible for their own actions in the game. It further taints the jury. Nobody would give credence to anything Sam had to contribute to jury deliberations.


If she’s smartshe would pull JC off, forcing Tyler on the block and they could vote out Tyler.


That would clinch the win for her.

Is Tyler My Daddy

Unless she doesn’t win final HOH, nobody is beating KC. She doesn’t win that HOH, no one would want to sit next to her.

She has zero motivation to rock the boat.


Getting rid of Tyler gets rid of the biggest competitor in the house outside of herself and make it that much easier to win the final HOH. It would also be a big move that would win the jury over fully.


She already has the jury, and she will still have the jury even if she’s sitting next to Tyler. I don’t see her taking that shot this week.

Who said that!

I guess she’s not smart.


J.c wont let that.

Backdoor Tyler Now

I’d say pull Sam off, she would be more willing to vote out Tyler for a ‘girl’s alliance’ argument.


Well, Bye Sam. I hope Kaycee wins the game and Brett gets AFP.


Me too ! Kaycee and Brett where my picks for final two. Come on Kaycee. Let’s Go !!!!


JC for AFP!

JC's One Scoop or Two?

I’m not sure that jC has a shot at AFP but his being on the show will probably get him a few more pen pals in jail.


I don’t think CBS would give AFP to JC. It wouldn’t look good for them after all the controversy he has caused.

JC One Scoop or Two?

Do you think Tyler tells Sam the truth that she is being voted out and blames it on the others so that he still gets her jury vote?


He doesn’t have the decency to tell her face to face, but I’m sure he’ll tell her some sort of story in his GBM. I given the chance, he’ll pick Angela for F2. Houseguests were stupid for not breaking up their showmance sooner.

Same Ole Same Ole

Yay Kaycee! She needed that. You can’t trust anyone at this point.

My Two Cents

Tyler HAS to be rethinking his strategy of sitting next to Kaycee at the end. He’d be a fool to even consider it.


At this point, he needs to take Ang with him to F2 if he wants to win (Jury hates her; and they love KC)


At this point he may need to be sitting by himself.

3s a Crowd

Tyler has played the best overall game, but Kaycee will win in a F2 over him. I’m pulling for Tyler, but he deserves to lose if he doesn’t recognize this obvious fact


It doesn’t seem like he does


If JC win the next HOH, Angela is a goner but he should get Kaycee out because she won 4 POVs, an HOH, the Hacker, and she’s well liked by the jury. Now if by chance JC make it to Final 2 with either Tyler or Angela, he might win because of a very bitter jury. What are your thoughts everyone?


JC beats everyone come final two except Kaycee.


Next hoh only means they are safe. Who ever wins veto,is the one who has all the power as their vote will decide who goes.


If JC wins HOH. It’s possible if he’s the only one competing but even then I wonder.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Love seeing great players at the end. KC’s a beast!


Yeah, there’s nothing worse than a couple floaters in the end!


Yep, all 3 fully deserve to win. None of them would be sitting where they are today without having worked so well together as a team. And if I have to explain which 3 I’m talking about then you have been watching another BB.

Haleigh's Purple Panties

Long live Sam. Good try our resident mud stomping robot. Keep your chin up and your head in the game.


I not watching anymore this whole show is rigged.


You should also stop reading and commenting.


I can do as i please moron. What’s it to you nothing jerk face ?


It’s ok snowflake. I’m so sorry your boi Swagster Z didn’t fare better. But then again it’s tough to beat people that are equipped with IQ+EQ. Keep using emotion to guide you in life, just ask Baleigh or Rockstar how that’s working out for them.


The predictability is boring.


Yep, the cream continues to stay on top just like it should. No floaters winning this season, sorry to disappoint you.

The Hive is Compost

Kelly is jelly.


Nah, I actually wanted Tyler to win basically the entire season. It just is always boring at the end and the cockiness is getting annoying. It’s more fun when a wrench gets thrown into the plans IMO. It’s a television show, and I don’t care who wins now. This was one one of the best seasons in a long time.

The REAL Intuitive

And the winner of Big Brother 20 is…


And Simon. And Dawg. Please remember to hit the donate button my dear fellow OBBers… seriously. This site just gets better and better each year. I know I want/need them back next year!!!

Finally a good season

Kaycee you really deserve to win. Keep winning these comps and don’t trust tyler. I don’t want you go out like vanessa in BB17.


If Kaycee is robbed like Vanessa I will never watch this show again.


How so? Anyone intellectually honest would know that Tyler Angela Kaycee are all very deserving of the win. No one is being robbed. It’s a game.


All 3 have 6 comp wins.
JC on the other hand…has an ice cream scooper.

What now?

Vanessa, really? She was a comp beast but she also cried, back-stabbed, and tried to use guilt to get ahead in the game. She played an effective game, but I couldn’t stand her. I was so happy to see her come up short. Kaycee is a much more likable person and should not be grouped with Vanessa.

Jimmy Jam

Bye Sam! KC just won BB! Even. Anglela and Ty lose to her and JC in a final 2. The only way angie and ty can win is to go with each other. I dont see it happening. They would have to get her out next week. Ty would have to win HoH and put KC up. Ty would lose her vote and prolly bretts. sams and JC. He has had too many final twos. He has to take her to final 3 and she is gonna win there.


If KC was smart she would use the Veto on Sam and Put Tyler up, and her and Sam vote Tyler out. She would have less competition, and a way better chance of winning.

Cray Cray

Sam won’t vote Tyler out, she pinky swore.


Don’t work, wrong move at the wrong time and Kaycee ain’t that stupid. Tis not the time to start playing dumb.


It is a smart move. This late in the game you have to be ready to get rid of all threats


The biggest problem Tyler, Angela, and even Kaycee have right now is they can’t sit next to JC and maybe even Sam. The Hive jury may be petty enough to not vote for them. So two of those three need to be the final two. Removing one of L6/5/4/3 now makes a chance HoH/veto a huge problem. Kaycee has a great chance at winning part one of the HoH so she’s looking to that.

None of them should start making moves just to make moves.

Backdoor Tyler Now

I’d love to see that. Give him the Brett-special , ‘one step ahead, two steps ahead’


In terms of “managing” Sam and JC clearly the biggest issue is for Tyler. Not to beat a dead horse (and I do love Kaycee) but KC is not sailing through without offending anyone if Ty doesn’t have the bonds with JC/Sam for voting and gathering intel. Therefore —-

* Angela can’t do anything to affect her relationships with either Sam or JC – moot point.

* Kaycee – even not removing either from the block won’t hurt her – so status quo – she’s fine.

As for Tyler there are a few things he can do (both slightly manipulative and both may or may not work to improve his situation). For Sam: tell her in advance the ladies are going to keep JC, so his vote won’t save her and worse will paint a target on him going into F4 putting him in a 3 against 1 scenario. So, he’s going to go along and vote her out (now this is the important part & manipulative part & has to be said with the proper delivery)…”That way, Angela doesn’t get the satisfaction of breaking the tie to evict you.” Sam might buy that or at the very least PREFER that.

JC is a little tougher. He HAS to win F4 HOH or his game is over b/c F4 POV will be dates & speed and even if he had the dates down cold the trio has the distinct advantage on him. In that event, I think post POV Ty should sit him down and tell him everything . Explain to him he had a couple of allegiances in the game as valuable as JCs which unfortunately began prior to JCs (L6 and KC). He should explain to JC the whole time you thought I wasn’t playing I was. it just worked out we had the same targets (soften the puppetry in other words).

Again this last part of Ty’s message has to be said with a refined approach, so JC can mull it over while de-stressing at the hotel for six days. Ty knows JC is irrational about Angela (the showmance spun him OUT OF CONTROL). And, the other item most commonly mentioned by JC is how he can’t wait to be with Tyler after the show (to travel, to live together?, to be on TAR) so here’s what he should finish his download to him with … “So, I know KC is most likely going to win if I take her but we worked the game from Day 1 and if I get to choose I’m picking her it’s who I promised first. I never made any final deals with Angela outside L6. Maybe the jury will respect that move maybe they won’t. So, maybe the jury hands KC the money or maybe they appreciate I played the game & didn’t let the girl play me. And hey, we’ll be hanging out, traveling etc and if by some chance I win then maybe TAR will ask us to do the show together”

Based on how JC has acted with his over the top unnecessary jealousy of Angela that might just make him be okay to vote for Ty & help him gain some votes. (it could also back fire brutally).

Oh, and he can’t tell JC about the showmance/relationship until AFTER votes on finale b/c HELLO if TAR asked anyone to compete it’s far more likely to be Ty & KC or Ty & Ang (he just has to keep that one to himself).


You act like JC matters. He doesn’t. Other than he thinks he does, Fes was his crowning achievement. He told Tyler he has “more blood on his hands than you do” and Ty almost fell over in surprise because JC has actually never influenced anybody or anything except Fes. And L6 knows it. The only reason Ty is so sweet to him now is jury management.

Butters Mom

I think he’d be better off just giving them some info in his good bye message rather than risk them blowing up while still in the house.


It’s going to be a tense few days. JC for sure is going to push Sam’s buttons…and Sam..who does NOT want to leave…is going to show a lot of her true self I think. Especially if she twigs that she is the target.
I do think Production have told the guests to go easy on Sam..due to her *issues*.
Otherwise someone would have mentioned to her about blocking the stairs etc.
So..either Sam is going to go all out with cleaning, washing, Princess trays OR……not going to *keep it nice *

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Dorinda Medley “I TRIED TO MAKE IT NICE!!!” (Lol). So many ways it could go with 4 smart players. It will be interesting to see how they navigate their last few moves.


LOL…That’s exactly why i said it ! Didn’t know if anyone would catch it. Dorinda is such an hilarious drunk..but was kinda mean this season.
Sam on stairs..talking to herself. It seems there is quite a bit we haven’t seen or heard..because the HG’S are always saying how crazy she is.
Seems angry and sorry for herself. I really think she thought she was going to win BB20.
She won 1 COMP. !!!!!!


and that is only because Tyler threw it to her…

Jay-cee equals money...

In all honesty, JC would be the easiest to beat in the final 2 because he’s done absolutely NOTHING except run his mouth and piss people off. If I were Kaycee, I’d get rid of the showmance and take him to the end. The easiest $500,000 ever!


JC would beat Angela and Tyler in the F2. He has pissed less people off and has the support of the Hive who all hate Tyler and Angela

The Beef

And what a travesty to the game that would be, since JC has done absolutely nothing to deserve to win the game. What a shitty finish to an absolutely masterfully played game by L6, any of the three of which DO deserve to win!

Jimmy Jam

This is the problem with idiots who think the game is about comps. Its not. Its about getting jury votes. the social game is more important than comp wins. JC makes a final with doing nothing comp wise. that takes talent. Would angie or Ty make final 4 if they never won anything? Capice?


True, but one could argue that it is much easier to keep yourself in good standing with everyone in the house when you never have to show your cards, which winning forces you to do. Not saying what JC has accomplished up to this point is easy…..but his style is certainly the path of least resistance. Why would anyone want to get rid of someone who hasn’t even come close to sniffing a win this season? You could even argue that’s why he is still there as opposed to his social game. This entire season he thought everyone in the house were his big dumb puppets while not knowing he instead was L6’s puppet the whole time.

Jimmy Jam

JC played the same game as kevin. But he worked both sides of the house. Its very impressive to win ZERO and make it to final 4. It means you have a strategy. You keep a target off your back while the bullets are flying. Dont underestimate how he worked on brett all week. He kept plating seeds. Remember how everyone thought L4 was solid at the beginning of the week.

The Beef

Which is why he had that look on his face when Brett was nominated, and why he was about to cry when he voted Brett out. You act as if he planned on Brett being evicted, which he didn’t. The seeds he was planting was for Brett to get one of the girls out, not himself. How is this an example of JC’s great social game?

As for the rest of your post, JC was kept around because he was easy to manipulate (by Tyler), always voted as he was told (again, by Tyler), and was absolutely NO THREAT to win a competition, so he couldn’t put any of the L6 alliance in jeopardy. I agree that certainly keeps a target off your back, but it’s NOT because of any great social game play or strategy, unless you consider the strategy of Tyler on behalf of L6.


I think JC would win because the jury is very bitter, and once he starts talking he will manipulate all of them saying he controlled Tyler. I would not take the chance bringing him any further.

who me?

Everyone says JC doesn’t deserve to be in F3-F2 because he hasn’t won anything or done anything. Well L6/5/4/3 wouldn’t still be there if it hadn’t been for the sneaky work by Brett & Jc…but people on here don’t like to admit that.


JC keeps saying how it sucks being on the block. JC spent 95% of the season off the block so stop whining JC
Welcome to Big Brother.


I think Kaycee is loyal as can be and will take Tyler to the F2 if she wins last HOH. But who do y’all seriously think Tyler will take if he wins last HOH?

Same Ole Same Ole

Angela of course.

Boring week ahead

Dont get why they hide under the covers to kiss unless your giving tyler head or something! Nobody’s in the room with ya! JC please win the next hoh to evict this basic bitch.Season was ok until now. KC open your fucking eyes man! Come on!

Jimmy Jam

Angie is blowing Tyler like a trumpet. They aint shaking hands under the covers.

Neg Jimmy Jam

You must be a very unhappy person to talk such trash about people you don’t know. Every comment of yours is negative.

Positive Jimmy Jam

You are just bitter.


I don’t know if this comment is negative, he may be right.


So what kind of comp can JC win?

Jimmy Jam

Match this Spanish word to its English word.



The quiet one

Unless it’s turd-dle.

JC's Cold Hands

Ice cream genital scooping.

JC One Scoop or Two?

Minion humping.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

A limbo dance off.


Being a creepy mccreeperton


Cabbage patch doll look alike comp

Where's my razor

Who can grow the largest amount of hair on their back in the least amount of days comp…


He was good at hula hooping…..

Backdoor Tyler Now

Anything requiring crawling through a small opening.

Billy Birdfan

The Houseguest with the most subtitles in 20 seasons of Big Brother?


You must have not played attention to past seasons of big brother. The mean person almost never wins when they are in the final 2. Angela is not winning this game, not even against Sam.


I agree. I think Angela has a zero shot at winning this game. I don’t even see how she has fans, if I’m being honest.


Sam won’t be here for long, she’s already a goner.


If Kaycee doesn’t use the veto now she basically lost the game and will be a regretful moment when she watches back the show and sees how Tyler played this game. I believe Angela and Tyler will each take another to the final 2.


Looking forward to seeing Fez and Haleigh in the jury house segment 🙂


I didnt get why angela got 6. I forget about that stupid comp in week1. Who cares about that.
And swag team comp was hard.. angela won by luck (kc was last by the way..)

Also.. angela and tyler made moves with their wins.
Angela used both veto wins she had. And tyler used 2 out of his 3.
Kc now will have her 4 veto but in all 4 of those she will not use .


Kaycee’s goal was for those noms to remain the same so winning the veto assures that. The folks on the block want them to change so sucked to be them when Kaycee decided she wanted the veto.


True but.. also when she was hoh she didnt make a big move it was always a team move and something that the house will be happy about. She didnt took risks in the game. Like now. She can take tyler out but she wont. Her smarts move was puttting rockstar on the block. And even then it was tyler veto win that sealed her fate.


Getting rid of Brett too soon was stupid. Should have eliminated JC or Sam first. Brett will now have a lot of time to spill some secrets to possibly one of the jurors – like Haleigh. Brett knows Kaycee was the hacker and the reason why Rockstar was put on the block & evicted. Brett knows all of the Level 6 secrets. No one knows what will happen in the jury house. It’s one reason we have no 24/7 cameras there.


They want their secrets to be known….


Honestly I think whatever Brett tells them will only help L6. It just all depends on who is bitter and who votes on gameplay. They are already screwed if the jury is bitter. But if they vote on gameplay. Anything Brett tells them only helps. Plus Brett’s GBM to Haleigh I’m sure will be discussed and the fact that Brett did the crazy speeches full of lies. No one is even going to be hearing what he says. Haleigh as far as her post eviction interviews seems not bitter at all and stated she wants KC to win it all. And owns that her and her alliance’s game is what got them evicted. I have a feeling she may be the voice of reason to them. Then you have the fact that Tyler said Brett knew the days too well. No hesitation. He felt Brett might beat him and he thinks that might be the next HOH comp. He wants to control who goes with him and he knew Brett wasn’t on that same page. So I can see Tyler’s reasoning for getting Brett out now. Very possible he would win next HOH if it’s the days comp then Tyler’s plan gets messed up.


It doesn’t matter what Brent tells them. The idea now is to sell just how much you controlled, manipulated, and dominated the game not how honest you were. Brett telling the jury just how much work L6/5/4/3 did all game will help the L6 finalists. The issue is if Brett downplays the control it could hurt them. Of course if the jury decides to be all petty and bitter it’ll be a toss up.


Kaycee could lock it now. Use POV, work deal with jc to vote tyler out. Angela has to put Tyler up when vetoes used. Tyler gone. Sure angela will be pissed but she kaycee can’t lose.


Angela won 3 hoh and 2 povs. What’s her sixth win? And they counting the competition on the first day?


Yes. Its stupid cuz she lost to swaggy at the end of it.

The Beef

I don’t see how you count a competition win for which there was no reward. Besides, she really didn’t win that comp, she won the “semi-finals” and lost to Swaggy-P in the comp final (who BTW counts this as 2 comp wins himself LOL). IMO Angela has 5 comp wins (3 HOH’s and 2 Veto’s) which is a very good record, especially considering the 2 veto’s she won lead directly to the eviction of Bayleigh and Brett.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Congratulations to L3; Tyler, Angela and Kaycee. Extra kudos to Kaycee for becoming the great hope to defeat Tyler…to many of the same people who were calling her furniture a few weeks ago.

All three are deserving of the win, and all three are capable of winning. The truth is, no one in L3 would have gotten to where they are at today without the others. That should have included “Brent” had he not decided to take a shot too early (which many of Kaycee’s new fans had been calling for).

First off, the game and jury dynamics change continually. Who has the better shot at winning the jury? Who really knows. We’ve no idea what and how the jury has been talking amongst themselves, and beyond Rockstar, all we know about how the jury feels is what Scottie claimed…and Scotty claimed a lot. But, the “bitter jury” will remain the fallback great hope after Kaycee for now.

We also don’t know who any of L3 will prefer to take to final two. Whether it’s based on our limited knowledge of the jury, or our over abiding anguish over L3 sweeping the board or some comments in an out-of-date dairy room session…we really don’t know.

Finally, beyond knowing that Tyler has been very successful in one-on-ones, and Kaycee has been good at comforting those about to leave, we’ve no idea how any of L3 can perform in a final speech, with jury questions or how the jury (less Rockstar) will respond to them. Yes, yes but Paul. Screw Paul, he didn’t play this season.
Bottom line. All three F3 deserve to be here. All three F3 have a decent chance at winning. All three of them have set a new standard for BB game play. Congratulations to them, congratulations to all the viewers who enjoy “the game” and to the rest…you don’t need to expect the unexpected, you will be disappointed.

Botox Pelosi

Great post SMB. It looks like an exciting end to an very good season is on the way.


Best alliance in a very long time. Jury is up in the air now. If Haleigh’s stays true to her post eviction interviews, she will vote for best game. And I feel that they all will listen to her. She could very well be the reason the jury votes differently than what we all expect. Brett may not be bitter either.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I actually believe that Fessie will vote game as well, and possibly Bayleigh who is into “appearances”. Scottie is still an unknown for me; he’s completely blown it twice.

Rockstar…I’d be shocked if she voted anything but her own anger issues.

I’m interested in how Sam and JC vote. Sam will probably depend on how they present it to her before the vote. JC will still be fairly butt hurt, so I don’t know which way he’ll go.

One scenario I’ve seen offered that has some logic is that if JC has any time in the jury house he could tell everyone that Tyler was Angela’s bi*ch the whole time. If believe, it could throw “played the game best” her way.


I missed the live show Thursday. Did they show the jury house any? Excited to see all of the hive in there together, congratulating themselves that the power is now in their hands.

JC's One Scoop or Two?

No they didn’t.


This week may be hard for Tyler. JC could expose their final 2. Ty tried spinning his version of how they worked together to Angela. Even a serious crushing Angie wasnt bying that she forgot Tyler was working with JC. Sam & Kaycee are going to be even harder to mist on this one

who me?

Angela – “six, six, six. We’re all tied up.” (Angela, Kaycee and Tyler all have 6 comp wins each) Tyler – “its a lucky number.” I guess only Angela & Tyler would think a number like this is a lucky number. Everyone else I’ve heard from sees it as evil.


Agreed. While some may see 6 as a lucky number, 666 is not so much. I’m hoping that’s not a bad omen for the three of them…


Tyler’s demise…. Angela brings up the fact that Tyler has been working with JC 007 style to Kaycee and she agrees that she didn’t know he was working with JC either. So they decide to axe Tyler for not being honest. This gives them a reason to justify their move even though it’s really weak.


I think it all depends on the info the jury gets. No one knew Tyler got the Cloud, not even his people, until Scotties eviction. KCs people know she got hacker. If Tyler can talk his way with the jury and show how he strategically played the game, he could win over KC. Not to mention people have promised him their vote like Sam and JC. Probably will have Scotties too. Not to mention that it was only Haileigh that saw him as a threat and put jim up says a lot AND kc was up more that he was.


Tyler told Sam & then Scottie the second time he was evicted in his gbm


Oh right I forgot about Sam, but she is the only active individual that was told about it, and she isn’t even in his core alliance. I still think that if he gives out all of what he has done to the jury and blow their mind like wow tyler was behind x y z, he will win. No one else will have that ammo.


I don’t understand why Tyler has the girls keeping JC! IF JC wins HOH I could see him putting Tyler up against Angela. Sam would put up the girls! Best play for Tyler IMO is keep SAM and throw the HOH comp so it’s just her and Angela going for it. If SAM wins he needs anyone but Kaycee to win Veto and Kacee goes. Then him and Angela in the end and he wins.

Backseat Driver

They (KC, Angela and Tyler) are keeping JC because that’s who they want sitting next to them at jury vote! What happens until that moment will be fun to watch…..

Backdoor Tyler Now

If there’s a bitter jury, anyone sitting next to JC will lose to him. That will be fun to watch.


Ryan we are no longer in season 2&3 . There is a thing called “power of veto” . It makes next week noms eralevent (as rachel in week 2 😉 )

Just observing

I find it funny Sam threw two young females under the bus because she felt they were using the men. But Sam hates all of the females in the house. So much for sisterhood she trashes on them any chance she gets. She needed to go a long time ago.


Agreed! I hate all the mean comments. So high school.


Agree and she does her cutesy act just as much- the poor -I am a widdle biddy country gal-