Nomination Results! “I probably have more blood on my hands than you or any of them!”

POV: ? Next POV: Sept 15th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 17th
HOH: Angela Next HOH: Sept 20th
Noms: Sam & JC Have Nots Havenots are done!

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2:32pm – 8:39pm Big Brother blocked the feeds.

The had a private concert from BEBE Rexha

Angela Nominated: Sam & JC

The feeds return to Angela hugging the house guests in the kitchen. Sam – you did great! You did great! We thought today was going to be so long and boring. Angela-la you only geek’d out once. Angela – I looked up. I wasn’t going to look at you guys especially JC. Sam – I think the only reason why we made it through that is because we’re all in a good mood and JC doesn’t feel good.

Tyler – do you hate me? JC – well I definitely don’t love you now. Tyler – are you ready for the veto? JC – That was the most bullsh*t crap like excuse. Tyler – her speech? JC – yeah. Because you know that I probably have more blood on my hands than you or any of them. Tyler – you do?! JC – Don’t give me that! Tyler – you have blood on your hands, I know. JC – and you don’t think that Brett going there (Jury) telling everyone I was behind every single one of their evictions. Tyler – Fessie was already telling them that. JC – the only thing with my relationship with you is that you think that you don’t have a chance with me. 2 because of that .. and its bullsh*t. Tyler – that’s not me, that’s her. JC – yeah I know but she didn’t come up with that. Tyler – it didn’t come from me. JC – you have less chance against Kaycee. Rockstar and Bayleigh… all those people will pick Kaycee over you. Tyler – you dont think I know that. Just don’t freak out. Veto! JC – if I win the veto, she is going to put you up. Tyler – that’s fine. JC – what do you mean, I know. That’s fine? Tyler – I have your vote. JC – Okay and then we’re moving forward with Kaycee and Angela. Tyler – I will win the veto. JC – you win the veto, take me off. You me and Kaycee. We take out Sam. I am not going to top 3 with Angela. It can’t happen. Tyler – we have to go to top 4. JC – if Sam wins the veto we are pretty much f**ked. Tyler – we’re not. I can convince her not to put me up.

8:50pm – 9pm HOH room. Angela is eating sushi and watching the spy tv. Angela – will one of you guys come up here!? I need emotional support. Kaycee comes up to the HOH room. Kaycee – you did great. Your speech was on point. Angela – was it I blackout.. Kaycee – it was amazing. It just makes so much sense you saying they have no blood on their hands. You did really good. Very clear. So what do they know? What does Sam know? What does JC know? Angela – I haven’t told them anything. Kaycee – does JC think he is the pawn? Angela – yeah, that’s what Tyler said. Kaycee – ok. So have you told him that yet? Angela – I haven’t had a chance to talk to him yet. Kaycee – you should talk to him. Angela – but I told him last night that what would make top 4 is loyalty. And he knows who’s been loyal and who hasn’t. Kaycee – yeah, you should tell it to him. Angela – does he look nervous. Kaycee – yeah. Its his first time on the block. Does Sam know anything? Angela – no, she doesn’t even come up to talk to me. Kaycee – so pretty much she (Sam) goes home unless she wins the veto. We just need to win the veto and keep it the same.

They wonder what is going on in the jury house. Angela – hopefully Haleigh doesn’t believe him about the GBM’s (goodbye messages).

9:40pm Bedroom. Kaycee and JC. Kaycee – you’re good. If we win the veto we’ll keep it the same and she will go home. JC – thank you. Kaycee – she cannot win it. JC – I know if she wins the veto, I am f**ked! Kaycee – we’ve got this. She is going home this week. JC – yeah. Jury sucks! I just don’t know why she hasn’t come talk to me. Kaycee – she said that she wants to talk to you. She feels bad. Did Tyler tell you, you’re the pawn? JC – no, I don’t know why everyone thinks I’m working with people. People always want to know what is going on in my head. Kaycee – you’re good. JC – thank you for telling me. It makes me feel better.

9:43pm – 10:15pm HOH room. Angela and Tyler. Angela – so what is going on downstairs? Tyler – JC and Kaycee just got into a fight. Angela – wait?! What?! Really!? Tyler – no. Angela – oh. Tyler – telling JC he’s the pawn. Angela – did he believe you? Tyler – well Kaycee told him. I haven’t told him. Angela – I feel like I told him pretty much last night. Kind of indirectly. Tyler – yeah, he’s fine. We’ll win the veto. Angela – promise? Tyler – promise.

Kaycee joins them. Kaycee – he (JC) jsut feels out of the loop. Which makes sense. He won’t understand until the end. Tyler – he is just using it as a reason that if he wins he can us it to justify putting you up.

10:20pm HOH room. Angela, Kaycee, Tyler and JC. Angela tells JC – I am sorry that I didn’t tell you before that you are absolutely not the target this week. I thought that you would have known that immediately when you saw Sam up there first. But I definitely should have gotten us all together and told you that you’re going to be the pawn this week. I just wanted you to know that you are not the target. I just had to put two people up. JC – well thank you.

11:15pm Kitchen. Sam – what if tomorrow is a battle back? Tyler – what if tomorrow.. I just leave! Sam – what if its a battle back and Scottie comes back in. You’ll just leave. Tyler – yeah. Sam – what if its a veto and then another double eviction. Tyler – f**k that! Sam – what if the twinstons come in? That would be awesome! That would be so epic!

11:40pm Tyler heads up to the HOH room. They get under the covers with the lights off. Angela – 11 days left. Tyler – 11 days. Angela – 11 days sneaking around the house hiding our feelings. They kiss. She pulls the covers over them.

11:49pm Tyler comes up for air… Tyler – nothing to see here.

11:53pm – 12am Havenot room. Sam talking to the cameras – BEBE Rexha was in my bed. BEBE Rexha was in my saucer! I saw her today. Ohh my gosh!
Sam – you might be more patient than me. Sometimes I pretend its just me and you. When I saw my home video I wasn’t worried if he was waiting .. or if at that point I really didn’t care. It sort of has all come together .. and I am right where I am supposed to be. Everything happens for a reason. Thank you for everything.

12:30am ZZzzzz

7:40am zzzzzz

10:00am Wakeup

10:40am FEEDS

11:19am JC and Tyler (JC is rambling.. )
Jc says Sam has a chance to win Veto if it’s the face morph. Says he doesn’t want to see Tyler on the block as a replacement he wants to see Kaycee or Sam
JC – believe it or not I never doubted yo in this house..
JC – you’re my Friend.. I enjoy your presence.. and all this what do you want me to think?
JC says he doesn’t see Tyler voting out Angela unless he’s some amazing actor.
JC – she’s smart.. she’s smart don’t even doubt her for a little bit.. (Angela)
JC – if she makes top 3 and you really expect.. first off she’s winning competitions.. even if it’s you me and Angela and She wins… that’s not my goal my goal is top 2 here
JC says if Sam goes home and it’s Kaycee who wins HOH it’s the two of them on the block.

JC pushing for them to try and get Kaycee out this week, “I love Kaycee.. Kaycee and Sam ”
Tyler says he had to do what he did on Thursday, he knew if he told him about it JC wouldn’t be for it.

11:33am trying to figure out final 4 mechanics.

12:50pm Tyler and Kaycee

Tyler telling her about the conversation he had with JC, “he was liek you think for a second in final 2 they would pick you”
Kaycee – Dude.. he has no idea..
T – no idea
Kaycee – no idea
T – she has no idea (angela)
kaycee – she has no idea
K – She’ll totally understand..
T – yeah
K – I’m sure she’s thinking that me or you would take her because it would be easier

K – because they hate her
Kaycee – not happening, 100% you without a doubt.. I don’t want yo to ever doubt that I swear to you it’s me and you to the end DUDE.. I envision it every night. You are my best friend
K – since day 2 .. eveyr one is going to get blown away

K – JC will understand, Angela will understand how do you break something so solid we’ve been loyal since day 2 .. they’ll totally understand
T – I think JC is going to be bitter towards me for sure..
K – you can’t.. you have to respect the game ,.
T – He never had any clue between you and I

Kaycee – even thought we work together she has no idea about me and you..
T – none
K – she probably thinks you would take her and I would probably take her
T – yeah she does
K – I feel like if she will win.. which she’s not going to she’ll take you
T – No.. it’s not going to happen..
K – we’re good

1:30pm Studying.. .

2:40pm The veto competition starts..
4:26pm Still blocked…

5:30pm No feeds for you.. still BB re-runs..

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Who said that!

What’s the deal with Sam constantly calling Fes gay?


Sam, kc , and jc think he is gay or at least bisexual because of the way he acted sometimes. They had a conversation about it with ang and ty recently where they mostly just referenced their ‘gaydar’ as reasoning from what I recall.


Sam may or may not realize how easy it would be for others to call her WELDER butt LESBIAN.
So, What’s the deal with Sam constantly calling Fes gay but never calling Tyler gay?

Elijah Clueless Cummings

How sweet would it be to somehow have JC or Tyler win veto and him and Tyler make the move of the season and vote out Kaycee? I doubt it will happen but if they don’t I think Kaycee may be the winner of this season.

Hillary BleachBit

Has Kaycee won the veto yet?

Level 6 Seriel Killers

i saw this on another site, Pretty impressive.

“Someone from Level 6/5/4/3 has been HOH since Day 65, five in a row, and eight vetoes in a row.”

Hillary BleachBit


What time is the veto today?

Hillary Scrubs With BleachBit

Thank you Dawg!


JC is pushing hard for them to get rid of Kaycee. Tyler nodded…then went to Kaycee and re-affirmed their final two deal.
If Tyler has it his way, Tyler loses to Kaycee in the finals.
If production has it their way, they will convince Tyler to take Angela because it makes for better tv (especially when Angela ALSO beats Tyler in final two).
Production spends a lot of time with Tyler. They need to ask him such subtle questions like: “So, who has more blood on her hands than Angela? Do you think there’s anybody that would not beat her in final two?” or “Angela came across so bitchy with the Hive. Don’t you think?”
Kaycee beating Tyler is way too boring. Everybody sees that a mile away. Production needs to go to work on Tyler so he picks Angela for final two. Your average Big Brother fan (an intellectual equal of Fessy) will be shocked when Angela beats Tyler. That would be a good “surprise” ending to the season.

Jimmy Jam

Because FES is gay. He is in the closet though. JC knows and confirmed it.


Jc also acts the age of act biys his height and has constant temper tantrums especially when the person he loves loves another and he realizes that he, jc, is not actually the puppet master the thinks/thought he was. These last few weeks have made me absolutely haaaattee jc! He calls Sam crazy! What a laugh! They are both nutty woman hates but he’s worse!


JC is so friggin annoying. Every one of them have been on the block a couple times. He goes on the block and thinks it’s bs. JC being mad about Angela putting up him and Sam
Is ridiculous. Who did he think she was gonna put up? Kaycee or Tyler? Her two closet friends in the house, he can’t be that dumb to think she would have put up one of them over him.

JC has me confused

Exactly!!! The entire house knew Kaycee and Angela. And for the past 2 weeks JC has accused Tyler of being in a showmance with Angela Of course Tyler denies but JC knows what’s up. He knew the second Angela won HOH he was going on the block. I think JC is going to spin out of control like everyone expected Sam to do for weeks while Sam keeps it together.

And besides the point Angela knows you were trying to take her out last week. Tyler is covering for you otherwise you would be the target.

My Two Cents

I wonder if Tyler is covering for JC because, with Angela and Kaycee piling up the comp wins, he realizes that JC may just be the safest bet to take to F2?


I honestly don’t see where Tyler has covered for JC. Maybe I am missing something.

Smitten Kitten

Tyler knew that JC was the one who was manipulating Brett into turning on Angela/Kaycee, Tyler has known this for weeks now because Brett has told him.

However at some point, Brett actually started to drink JC’s kool-aid instead of just humoring him & decided to make a move on KC/Ang this week.

Had it not been for JC working Brett so hard, Brett definitely would have stayed loyal to Level 6 until the end & RIGHT THERE is where Tyler is covering for JC.

Instead of telling the girls that Brett’s idea was actually all JC’s master-manipulator-puppeteer idea, he let Brett take the entire fall so the girls wouldn’t want to vote JC out this week instead of Brett.

Tyler knows this best bet is dragging JC to the end, he didn’t have that same confidence that he could beat Brett.


I wonder if Tyler throws the veto to JC or Sam so that they can vote out Kaycee. Then Tyler can tell Sam and JC that he saved them and Angela that he did it for her because everyone loves Kaycee and she would of won. Leaving Tyler smelling like a rose.


Tyler is not covering for JC. He has told his two cohorts everything JC has ever said about them including putting them up on the block if he won HOH, and JC is too dumb to realize this.


Tyler does not tell Angela all the bs and smack about wanting Angela gone that JC says over and over and over. Sure is hiding stuff from Angela to protect JC as he still need a him in the game.


But he did cover for him when he was telling Kaycee that putting them up was all Brett’s idea.

Who said that!

Wasn’t Angela only nominated once and removed with the veto,and Tyler was briefly up by the hacker and his head was spinning,so neither have been on the block on eviction night.

JC has me confused

You are correct. However how many competitions has JC won? Was JC on the block when there were still 9 or 10 other options to be put up?

Who said that!

JC can’t win a comp,thats why no one sees him as a threat which has kept him off the block.He has reason to freak because he is now completely dependent on Tyler.

JC has me confused

JC has been pretty much entirely dependent on Tyler. But week after week JC has made fun of or spoke directly to the person on the block to tell them to calm down bc otherwise they would end up going home. JC on the block for 10 minutes and he’s talking to Orwell! LOL.

Maybe JC can’t win a comp or maybe JC hasn’t tried hard enough all year to win a comp and now he needs to and it’s too late. Still not entirely sold either way. Either way he used the strategy very well to get where he is now.

Point being he’s top 5 and after the DE. JC knew unless either himself or maybe Sam won HOH he was going on the block. Angela won and he’s on the block. I don’t even think he’s going crazy bc he’s on the block. I think it’s more he thought he was the puppet master and Brett getting sent home he knew zero about and now he doesn’t know what the plan is even though he’s being told he’s the pawn.


If Ty or Ang were up on eviction night, they would be gone. It would only be logical.


And Kaycee may find herself in the same position if she doesn’t win this veto.


BBFAN1967…my thoughts exactly! I truly hope they toss that cranky little runt Wednesday. Put him out of his misery. Give us ALL a break. Seriously. He’s a bully & a whiny cry baby.

JC One Scoop or Two?

Dwarf tossing is illegal.


He is more upset angela is still in the game and that she won hoh. He is not mad at her for puting him up.
He is also still mad tyler put him.


He is dumb enough not to realize Tyler is working with those two girls and that he is NOT going to final 2 with Tyler.

Tyler the snake

I hope JC keeps his shitty attitude up. They will be more inclined to kick him to the curb first. He deserved to go before Brett. JC’s big mouth is the reason Brett is no longer around. Oh. AND the reason he has NO one on his side anymore. Karma is a bitch. Buh bye!


bretts big mouth got him evicted he should have went to tyler and said jc is pushing me to go after the girls and see tylers reaction and went from there instead he went to tyler and pitched going after kaycee and angela and that got brett the boot


Oh man, I cannot WAIT until Level 3-4-6 Britneys J.C.

It will be delicious.

Smitten Kitten

I have watched that YouTube video over & over again, it NEVER gets old.

I love that you can recognize the exact moment she finally realized just how screwed she really was.

I normally would have felt empathy for someone being blindsided, but Britney was such an unnecessarily vicious, gossiping, mean girl that season, I didn’t feel an ounce of sympathy for her.

I’m guessing Britney didn’t exactly care for what she saw when she got home either, because when she came back to play a few seasons later she had a totally different attitude.


Brit had the best DR sessions tho! Love her for that.


Britney is hott bring her back to play soon.

Elizabeth Pocohantas Warren

I agree. Britney was always entertaining. i would love to see her on another All Stars season.

Hillary Scrubs With BleachBit

The Spidey Sense is strong in the one with the handle Batman.

Here Kitty Kitty

Britney was super cute, funny and awesome.


I hope it’s as good without brett there. The four of them, two (brett and ty) of which he thought he controlled would have been even better than brit. Hopefully it is still fun to watch with just the three.


Oh man, I cannot WAIT until Tyler fans discover that he has ZERO CHANCE of winning big brother 20.

Rachel MadCow

Are you voting for Bayleigh or Swaggy C for AFP?



Not Gullible

i understand and that was gold Rachel.


New funniest handle :p


What the heck am I missing???? Why would you take out Sam instead of JC???? Why keep JC to F4????

Neither he nor Sam can win a comp – they both hate Angela….so why keep him????

I don’t get it……What the heck am I missing????

Paul Treffinger

Sam has been closer to winning things then JC like she kinda wonbthe wall comp, JC hasn’t come close at anything at all


He came close to Tyler.


but did he clean it up himself?

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I don’t know – I’d say it doesn’t matter which goes first. Neither of them are good at comps so the three L6 members most likely will control the rest of the game. JC thinking he has blood on his hands is rich. He’s been on the block a minute; he definitely played the game in his own way, and was quite useful to L6, but he was by no means 100% loyal. He played a huge role in getting Fez to put up Scottie, but he was NOT behind every move as he thinks; and at some point, you have to win something to preserve yourself.

Sam, I don’t consider what she’s done playing the game. True, she’s made it to top 5; but Victoria made it to Top 3? I can’t remember. Sam has played a great game of House.

eh eh

“JC thinking he has blood on his hands is rich.”

The idiom “to have blood on one’s hands” doesn’t mean “was loyal” or “won competitions”. It means he lied to people, tricked people into trusting him, and betrayed them. He’s been doing that all game long. You may hate him all you like for pushing Brett too hard or whatever reason, but his words are simply accurate in this case.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Forgive me, oh definer of BB Lingo.


With JC touching everybody’s private parts. Perhaps someone had their period. j/k

Stevie J

I totally agree and he was behind just about all decisions…


No he was not. The only one you MIGHT be able to say he was behind was fuzzball’s nom of the rat. But even that one…we all know how powerful jealousy is…and it was way more because of jealousy than because jc said so


The problem is the HOH who nominates and gets the juror evicted is they one that juror will blame, not the little mouthpiece who ran around betraying everyone.


Exactly, JC has no blood on his hands! He hasnt had any control?! He was not Angela’s puppet master, she was taking out fes no matter what. He may have been in Fess’ ear for Scottie, but Fes was responsible for that. All JC said was that Scottie got a crush on his girl… which is true. I dont see any blood on his hands at all.


No it doesn’t…it simply means doing the dirty work that needs to be done, out in the sunshine for all to see. It has zero to do with betrayal, lying, or tricking.

Brett for AFP!!!!!!!


In their mind She has won a comp and came close Thursday night and jc has done more work for level 6 than Sam has and is the weaker competitor of the 2


Although Personally I’d take jc out if it was me

eh eh

L6 got where they are playing with brains rather than emotions.

Ready Fire Aim

They have played an incredible game but has there ever been another alliance in Big Brother that voted out their own members?

Swaggy's Missing Brow

And alliance of more than two will always have to vote our member.


basicly almost every single time


For Tyler is does matter. It’s three-fold:

1) obvious is the competitions

2) although each of the remaining players are likely to take him to F2 – in the event Sam stayed there is a chance she blindsides Ty & takes Angela thinking “I’ve got this in the bag” . Sure, JC could do that, but it’s less likely b/c we know JC wants to brag about puppeting Fes & Tyler to get his way. Taking KC or Angela would mean he’d have to solely rely on a bitter jury

3) Most importantly: F4 evictee sees the jury for first time at the round table, so there’s very little time to spill secrets. Since Brett is now at jury downloading L6 & how they ran things it will offset part of the story & reveal JC was NOT the orchestrator. PLUS, JC will also have to face the angry F-Hive mob who now know for certain he betrayed them & wasn’t even a “full member” of the L6 alliance.

This all works to help Tyler’s strategy as he tells the jury how he wanted to make a pretend F2 with someone who would rat about the other side & also vote with L6. And, b/c everyone is prob sick of hearing JC take credit for everything once Ty reveals JC had no clue Brett was part of L6 or that KC was his Day 1 F2 partner. This should buy him currency even from a few who are bitter (but respect loyalty &/or strategy) like Fes, Scottie & Bay.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I hope Scottie redeems himself but so far he’s only disappointed. I’m going to be interesting in how JC votes, since his eviction will be very fresh.

Scottie's Condoms

F3 evictee doesn’t go to the jury house. F4 evictee will be leaving Thursday, and will have Fri-Wed in the jury house.


Every year of the jury round table the F4 evictee joins them on set because they ask them to predict who it is. And yes the F3 evictee leaves on the night of the finale joining the jury on stage. To your point the F3 evictee definitely has no time to download much, but neither does the F4 evictee.

As for “day” they join I seem to recall it’s on the Friday (which makes sense). But this is why F5 versus F4 makes such a difference b/c the F4 evictee NEVER GOES TO JURY.

Think about the jury segments when the evictees arrive the last one they show is the F5 person. I specifically recall (b/c I end up invested in the hamsters post eviction thoughts) listening to podcasts of the players and Caleb, John and Kevin all said they never saw jury and spent their time in a hotel. This b/c TPTB bring the jury back and put them in hotel rooms just prior to the round table and then until finale. So, in essence it’s the same situation as they’re in prior to the show starting. Now, that may not mean they are secluded from one another like preshow, but there still isn’t the same opportunity to interact as there would be in the jury house.

Dumber Than a Box of Rockstars

Good points TTOT. Tyler really has a great blend of talent and strategy. I don’t see him lifeguarding much longer.


He is trying to take JC to F3 so it doesn’t give him enough time to blow up their game so he can’t taint the jury. Carrot Top thinks he is clever. I hope they toss JC next so he can blow up their game. This season is the worst possible outcome and ranks very close to Andy Herron’s season. #UGH.
Don’t be surprised if CT wins veto so he can control who goes home now that he is practically competing with all girls now. And no, JC cannot win anything, Are you kidding me?


the worst possible outcome is having a member of the dominant alliance, that has controlled the entire game from week 1 minus one eviction (Winston), win the game? Actually, that is the best possible outcome

Trolls suck

Troll, troll, troll, troll.

Screw Showmances!

Because since Tyler & Angela hooked up, they stopped thinking! Tyler, Angela & Kaycee can’t be at the end together if they want to win. They have stopped seeing the big picture. You take JC or Sam!! Idiots!


if they take JC or sam then JC or Sam would win easily

Butters Mom

I find it interesting that JC feels everyone owes him something. He has been carried basically to where he is right now because he hasnt won a single comp. He is what people call an entitled little biotch. Here is the situation everyone has asked for… Sam and JC on the block together…. hoping for some dramatic cat screeching to begin soon. I’d love JC to give them a reason to send his butt out the door first. Better yet, I’d love to see JC self evict lol, right after he makes Sam so mad she threatens to curb stomp him.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

We all know JC can’t stand Angela because she stole his man (Tyler). But next to Angela’s 3 HOH wins and 2 veto wins, he has little room to complain. It’s top 5, there are only 4 choices; she won AGAIN; he’s been after HER; buckle up sweetheart, it’s BB.


And his partner in crime, Brett is out on Angela’s HOH. The hate is strong. he has no one to manipulate. Which was JC’s only game mode. It woudn’t surprise me if production is *helping * Sam as they did for Haleigh. If Sam wins Veto…then the week will be hell on wheels..because JC will KNOW he’s all out of luck.


brett went out on tylers hoh not angelas


Tell that to Sam who has been practically literally carrying him around all season and mothering him to death plus feeding that huge ego of his.


I think JC feels everyone in life owes him something. Obviously his own family is done with him and I have to wonder why?


Without JC being in the Hives ear Level 6 would have lost more players, it wasn’t Brett who came up with the idea to say that he voted for Rocksatar to stay. JC played the Hive like a fiddle and even Brett being gone is also part of JC because he planted seeds in both Tyler and Brett’ s ears. So as much as I can’t stand JC he played just as good a game as the rest of them and actually insured that they made it this far in the game. If Sam goes I hope it’s KC and JC in the finals with KC winning as she’s the only one I can stomach at this point.


the only eviction JC can claim is Scotties first eviction

Not a Rockstar fan

I agree with you on that one. JC was constantly working the Hive.


When Brett was evicted, the camera went to JC. He looked like a minnow that finally realized he was swimming with sharks. He is a smug, conceited jack-ass, and a number of us will be glad to see him go. The only way he stays is if the following Veto and next HOH competitions can only be won if they involve fitting your entire body into a small suitcase


He will rewatch the season and realize he did nothing really. You could’ve removed him from the game and literally Fes would’ve still put up Scottie as he didn’t trust him with Haliegh. Also, Tyler allows JC to feel as though JC has controlled him during the game, so JC actually BELIEVES he has puppet master skills. Lmao Tyler is playing such a good game, I’m a little worried that he has everyone believing their own BS a little too much. He may struggle during jury talks to make them realize how well HE has been and him lose the 500k….and then when they return home to watch the episodes, they realize he was right, yet he only got 2nd. It’s not enough to make F2. When you’re as shady as he’s been with everyone, you also have to leave little hints to the HGs that you’ve won and they haven’t and I don’t think he’s doing that.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

He just needs to own it, and keep an element of humility and kindness in his explanations; always goes a long way when your jury still feels the sting of their demise.


“Can’t even own it” Dangit I miss Brett lol


Notice we never hear Tylers GB messages to the evicted HG’s. NEVER!! I bet they’re epic like Josh’s were. Josh’s GB messages won him the game. If Tyler has that in addition to all his comp wins, he’ll win.


We saw his GB message to Scottie.


I had no idea that the DE victim got GBMs, but Tyler mentioned he taped on after the fact. I guess all evictees get to see all the GBMs (maybe that’s why Julie always says “stay right here” during commercial breaks, to air all the other ones).

I think Tyler having a chance to explain why he had to make the move may help Brett not be too salty once he hits jury.


just think of poor Brett having to share the house with Rocks in her head. I won’t be surprised if the first jury footage we see is Brett curled up in a ball rocking back and forth.

Miss Conception

I hope that JC gets strung along.I want to see that little worm squirm and sweat.What makes him think that he does not deserve to be on the block,he has not won squat!


So. Brett’s going for jury votes re the GBM’s have come to naught.
And if Sam doesn’t win Veto…ALL that wooing the people going out…will come to nothing.
KayCee was just nice to everyone..all the time. To their face in any event.
How will Sam take being evicted, I wonder.
Her DR on Wed, episode was fierce and furious.
Also yesterday her coming at Tyler about Angela.
I hope she leaves as classy as Haleigh did/
On live feeds Sam was very strange. Quite un-nerving.
I don’t know just what goes on with her. But it’s worrying

Haleigh's Purple Panties

Long live Sam. Cmon robot girl, crank it up and stomp a mudhole in the veto competition.


Sam, Sam and Sam Yes, Yes and YES


Sam is my sweetwoman!!!


JC got some nerve, he’s been floating the entire summer, Sam too, but she won that one comp.. Did he really think he or Dam earned their way to final 2? Wait does he even know about the Level 6 alliance (not the group, but the people working together).


JC has no idea of L6; he still thinks he has a final 2 with Ty and thinks KC / Ang is a duo. Im guessing he’ll find out about L6 next Thurs during his GBM LOL

eh eh


What show are you guys even watching….
Have you ever seen a previous season?

I get the love for Tyler, Angela, L6, whatever & hoping for someone who wasn’t 100% loyal to them to get played but you guys realize it’s an individual game, right? He’s gonna try to convince people they need to keep him, obviously.

I find him pretty entertaining. I think Tyler has played by far the best game so far but JC being around does not bother me enough to start reinventing the season to pretend that he wasn’t a very clever little demon most of the time. Maybe even good enough to win on a season with more Hive types & fewer L6 types.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

“eh eh” I tend to agree with most of your posts; where you lose me is by being a jerk about it.

Cray Cray6

JC did pretty much flit tho. He never truly solidified an alliance with anyone on the side of the house he was working with. Every week he waited to see who was in power and sure he hung with the L6 side and listened to them strategize what they thought was best and he’d run right to Fes and start whispering in his ear to either so he spread it to his alliance and throw them off of the vote or to convince Fes that someone was shady to get him to influence his other alliance into doing what JC warned him. Fes was a sucker and bought it all and got paranoid because he thought JC was his friend. He really didn’t get into anyone else’s head to change their minds. Bayleigh, Haliegh and Scottie all saw through him and knew he was full of shit. But JC was always only out for his own interests and once Fes left he was no longer useful.


Join the discussion…Best by far? I hardly think so! Kaycee has played the best game so far. BB is a social game!!! She is liked and a comp beast. She needs the noms to stay the same, make F4 and do comp damage. She has a slight edge over Tyler at this point. One of these 2 should win the season. And please remember that Tyler has gotten a far better edit from prod. What the house sees might be very different come finale night. I see 1 taking out the other. That’s the key to Sam versus JC. Tyler will take JC F2 if he can IMHO.

another name

When you consider the technical definition of floating vs. coasting (basically Rachel got it wrong and people have just accepted her error because the lifevest line sounded good), JC did float. He admittedly played the middle, hoping for the two sides to stay even and take each other out. He would be more on the side of whoever was hoh seemingly, until Tyler had the conversation with him saying it was time to drop the middle game (so that Tyler could keep the remainder of level 6 intact). Even then, JC tried very hard to get the two sides battle restarted two weeks ago.
Playing a good float game isn’t an insult, it’s more difficult than people give credit for.


Sam only won that comp by demanding that Tyler fall. He could have stayed up there way longer than her. So basically, she didn’t win it…she was given it. Not a winner of anything in my book.


f… off


I don’t think Tyler had much left in him at that point and I’m pretty sure Sam had a lot left. It’s just a comp where shorter, more compact forms typically dominate and Sam is deceptively strong. She toted Kaycee up or down the stairs.


sam legitimately beat everyone but kaycee and tyler. kaycee was intent on throwing it as long as kaitlyn lost and tyler was roughly in the same boat. sam legit outlasted kaitlyn and therefore legit won the comp.


tyler would have stayed up a lot longer if he wanted to win that hoh but to sams defense she was solid and never moved while holding on to that tree and tyler was showing signs of struggling not saying she would have won if tyler didnt jump off but she was solid up until that time

JC Meltdown

And the meltdown begins!!! Hopefully by eviction night they will be ready to send JC packing over Sam.

Who said that!

Seriously people,the way you hype shit up only leads to disappointment.Until the next HOH it’s gonna be boring.

eh eh

Part of me would laugh if they took Sam to F2 and she won. Clueless & kind of self-alienating most of the game. If anyone was a floater…


f… off

Smitten Kitten

The house is super boring without poor Brent
(talk about adding insult to injury with that, ouch!).

I wonder how he’s doing right about now?
I bet when he woke up yesterday he never could’ve imagined his day ending up ANYTHING like this.

One thing’s for sure, nothing will hurdle that boy’s ego back down to reality faster than;

1) A savage blindside by your own alliance.

2) Julie Chen not giving enough fucks to learn your actual name after 85 days.

3) Having to spend the next 12 days LOCKED in a house with people who absolutely despise you.


I could tell from his diary sessions that he wanted a gig in wrestling and the Euxton episode with him dressing up and talking about wrestling confirms it. Looks like Mr Perk-tacular will have a bro

Swaggy's Missing Brow

“I bet when he woke up yesterday he never could’ve imagined his day ending up ANYTHING like this….” as he sees Rockstar crouched at the end of his bed, staring…just staring.

Smitten Kitten

You just made me projectile water all over my sleeping puppy… he was none to pleased by the wake up call.

That was some mental image you provided, thank you.
Side note; I pictured Kathy Bates from Misery as well.
So much material we could reference, so little time.


If only they would give us regular updates from the Jury House. It’s the greatest failing of the show.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I don’t recall any previous season that they’ve shown the jury house having such limited coverage. Particularly given how slow the house has been, I do wonder why we’re not seeing what’s going on in the jury house.

I think product might just be trying to keep the “bitter jury” suspense up. It’s like when we watch a live eviction show, knowing full well who is going, but the live show makes it seem uncertain or even suggest the opposite could happen.

Bozo Bernie the Socialist

I can fill you in on the jury footage. The Hive ” We got screwed this season. I’m sure America loves us. Production fixed the game so the entitled rich white kids can win.”


pretty simple

1. no point in showing bayleigh by her self
2 they showed rockstar
3 they showed Scotties first eviction
4 no point in showing faysals since they revealed his eviction to the jury during the battle back comp
5 didn’t have time to show Scotties because of the double will prob show his Hayleigh and Brett during either Wednesday or Thursday eviction episode

eh eh

I find it amusing how everyone keeps preaching their certainty that JC will spin out of control & have fits over being nominated – and/or making believe he already has. Just because you hate him doesn’t mean he’s a clueless bundle of nerves.


He’s already spinning out of control.


I really wish JC would go home over sam!


Who is Sam talking to this time?

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I “believe” she might be talking to someone in production…at least I hope she is.

Just from some of the things she says, I kind of suspect that she has regular sessions with someone in the diary room to keep her on an even keel and her comments are directed towards them.

Otherwise, I’d be pretty upset that they’re keeping her in the house.

Rachel MadCow

Thunder Cat

Chuck U Schumer

Or she could be talking to Kaitlyn in another dimension.

another name

I believe she’s developed a crush on somebody in production. She’s beginning to identify with her captors. She’s become a case study in Stockholm Syndrome.


I’m sick of houseguests every season using the term “blood on my hands”…get over it. Being HOH isn’t pretty. It’s not meant to be. It’s about having power and getting rid of other HGs. They are there to win $500k. So you have to be willing to get blood on your hands – make the game benefit YOU. Not protect the feelings of others. That’s one of the only things I liked about Evel Dick (bc he’s otherwise a horrible person). He played the game to benefit HIM.


11 days left. That means Angela’s DTF. I told you Tyler was gonna hit it at the after show wrap up party. Y’all can start saying I was right.

Rachel MadCow

I can see why they keep you in the backyard.


I hope Sam wins the veto. It would be perfect. JC can go suffer with the rest of jury.

My Two Cents

I’d LOVE to see Sammi somehow, miraculously win the veto and take herself off the block. JC would flip completely out and make life a living hell in the house until Wednesday’s eviction.

Maxine Waters - Space Alien

Unless Sam and Tyler then evicted Kaycee and flipped the house upside down.

sharp objects

Every time someone says “I can’t sit next to so and so, the jury loves them” KC gets very very quiet and you can see in her face that she is scared she is next. I am also convinced Sam is flirting with the camera guy…


everyone trashing jc, you might not like him, but fighting to stay off the block is an important part of big brother. Its the players that are just accept being nominated that make bb boring, especially when they just accept that it’s over. So we should appreciate his fight.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

JC did make a bold pitch to Tyler today. He wants Tyler to “pull a Kaitlyn” on Angela; play her emotions and convince her to take out Sam.

Well Tyler, get up there to the HoH room and start snuggling…JC’s orders. The best part is, JC will be grateful if Tyler can convince her to take out Sam.

JC ia giving it a try but I think it will got “Brent” on him.


RE: This season’s most important lesson.

What’s the most important lesson you guys are taking away from this season? For me, it comes from Julie Chen-Moonves. As you may or may not know, Julie was super critical and highly judgmental towards Mrs Bill Cosby standing by her man since he is such a sexual predator. When her own husband is outed by several women, she decides to stand by her man. I think she did the right thing. My most important lesson learned this season is simply this:

A lady must ALWAYS stand by her man…if he has $700 million.

Dumber Than a Box of Rockstars

I used to think that Houka was the worst poster this season……

Jimmy Jam

Julie wants to lock in the separation package Les gets from CBS before she files for divorce. She will get hundreds of millions and date a younger more attractive man.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Interesting fan polls today. While the three I follow usually tend to be close/similar, there been some divergence since Brett’s eviction. Today’s results:

1) Kaycee – Brett – Tyler – Angela (KC moved up to bump Tyler out of a first place he’s carried for quite some time, Brett moved up into second, Tyler third and Angela holding at fourth)

2) Tyler – Brett – Kaycee – Angela (this poll remains unchanged)

3) Tyler – Kaycee – Angela – Brett (Brett had been holding steady at number two for a long while but was finally edged out by Kaycee; surprisingly Angela has passed him today)

Elijah Clueless Cummings

It is nice to see Angela getting respect for her gameplay and whether your a Brett fan or not he was great television.

Butters Mom

Sam winning veto and Angela having to replace her on the block would be golden. It would show who her true loyalty is to and its the perfect opportunity to vote out one of L3. Im honestly hoping for this to happen just to make it more interesting.


I would love to see Sam win Veto and JC go. Go, just go!


The interesting part would be to see if then they make a move and vote the Level 3 person out. To see Kaycee or Tyler go would be a huge game move.


they would get together and decide who will be the pawn like they did this week (Angela volunteered before brett outed himself to Tyler about flipping on the girls)

Botox Pelosi

11:49pm Tyler comes up for air… Tyler – nothing to see here.

That was great Dawg. LOL

Rita Withers

Would love to see JC sent to jury! He thinks he’s run this whole game – now he’s realizing he’s on the outs?!


Kaycee should be paranoid and vote out JC. Tyler is only keeping JC to come after her. She knows JC was more involved with the Brett thing than Tyler is saying. Shouldn’t she be thinking why are we keeping JC over Sam?

another name

Kaycee, whose personality and team game play experience has made her value team loyalty, wants Sam gone before JC. Last week Tyler asked more than once, so do we change the order and get out JC before Sam? Each time Kaycee said Sam first. She had the same knowledge then. She believes she is safer with JC because of the LGBT connection lie JC has been telling her.


because both Sam and JC will have the same targets and they view JC as the weaker competitor

Jimmy Jam

Its sad to see Angela thinking with her shaved vagina instead of her head. Evicting Sam is another bad move for Jury management. She will never get Sams vote in jury and Sam will blame her. If JC were evicted he will not like Angie but he will feel more betrayed by Tyler. He knows Tyler controls and influences things. And I think JC would be more bitter to Tyler than angela in an odd way. JC is already blaming Tyler for going up.


Pshh. Angela is smart enough to know her only chance at Sam’s vote was sitting next to haleigh….there is nothing she could do to sway her.


Angela already knows she is playing for second place.

Jimmy Jam

Les Moonves is the TV version of Harvey Weinstein. I am laying 60 days or less is when Julie files the divorce papers. He is very ugly and Julie is still hot.


Crazy time, what if Sam beasts the last comp and pulls a Steve by cutting Tyler? Tyler whines about the pinky swear and Sam responds with “what are we, 9?” Then drops into her chair and tells everyone to start voting before she starts stomping mudholes.

Jimmy Jam

Sam goes this week. Down to 4. If tyler wins HOH next week he will try to take out KC. JC will be on board and he will be able to convince Angie that KC is too popular with jury. Tyler wins and he puts up KC and JC. KC will be krushed and realize her final 2 with Tyler is off and he is taking his showmance partner. will KC be able to win veto? That could clinch the BB win for her. She wins POV and now its Angie and JC on the block. KC is furious at Ty and Angie and KC votes Angie out. Final 3 is Ty JC and KC. This will be a very strained week. Not like paul josh and xmas. Ty realizes he is now the runner up of BB. He can not beat JC or KC in a bitter jury and he knows it. If he gets to pick it doesnt matter. JC or KC beats him. KC knows she can take either Ty or JC and she wins BB. If the impossible happens and JC wins, he will take Ty and JC will be be the biggest upset winner in BB history. Tyler at this point is the runnerup in any scenario you run.

ty and kc= kc
ty and sam=sam
ty and jc = jc


You are way off base. Tyler is going f3 w Angela and KC barring a miracle in the next hoh/POV that follows. If Tyler wins f3 he takes Angela and wins….he has best of both worlds. Angela is his best bet to beat in f2. At the same time he can keep her happy by taking her to f2…the summer of Tyler continues.

Tyler’s only concern is kc wins f3 hoh. However I’d be shocked if he seriously even considers cutting kc before f3.


Wishful thinking on your part.

My Take

Maybe it’s something you ate?


Ty win vet
takes down JC
They evict KC

Angela can’t play HOH
She doesnt win veto
They evict Angela

Ty, JC, Sam F3
Ty wins final comp,
Brings Sam
Ty says they had an f2 since she was a bot.

Sam wins LMAO


yea that is not going to happen

JC has me confused

I have to admit. I really want to see JC leave this week but I think it will be Sam unless Sam wins the veto. But watching the feeds last night and seeing JC sitting on the block talking to Orwella, playing his ball all alone. It made me feel really bad. Idk if it’s bc I was rooting for L6 all game and he was pretty much apart of L6 unofficially and now it’s time for them to break up or if it was bc he looks like a 10 year old bc of his size all depressed.


I know for me. It is because he is so little and looked like a broken hearted baby. Lol. But I do think he’s adorable. Then I remember certain things that don’t make him adorable. He is the only one I go back and forth with.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Callie my wife WAS the same way, then she visited Evel Dicks Twitter page to see what he had to say about L6/5/4/3 game play (he likes it by the way). Dick has a video linked under “Never forget”…a video featuring JC.

That might change your mind, it sure did hers. Myself, I watched it and hope to be out of counseling within three more weeks.


Oh wow. Ok. I’ll gixe it a look. I could use some counseling anyway. Lol. Thanks for the info.


Did Angela say anything about getting out Kaycee? I feel she wouldn’t but I saw something on social media that someone said she told Tyler this? Truth or lie

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Move over Swaggy, Josh has decided to launch his own clothing line…Team Meatball Apparel. Why buy 15th place junk when you can buy first place crap.

who me?

Earlier today Angela said to Tyler: “I’ll trade in my company for you any day.”
Funny since she founded Paper’d Moments back in 2011, but laid off her workers and closed the business when she was chosen to play on BB. She’s playing you son!

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Yes, being a successful woman who started her own business is such a terrible thing. Excellent reviews on Amazon by the way!


Um not workers! Worker as in one assistant. And it’s not out of business or closed.

another name

I don’t comment much on post eviction interviews. Mostly I don’t like them, and mostly that’s because i doubt the veracity of the evicted house guest in terms of their actual game as opposed to representation of episode edit. In other words, I have always had the feeling that the answers and comments in interviews are after production debriefing so that the interviews can help push forward the version of events the tv only watchers see. The Brett and Haleigh interviews… do not change my opinion. Okay, I read them, but not to check out the evicted hg’s insight into their own game, but to see if I can glean any production spoilers (many times you can tell mid game who will be the next evicted in the next week just by reading who the evicted house guest thinks is playing a great game).


If we are to assume L6 is the final three they are awfully confident that Angela wont win one of the 2 part competitions. She has won just as many as the other two, so unless they vote her out before JC I wouldn’t count Angela out so fast.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Totally agree.

These days it’s a toss up who is more reviled by the perpetually perturbed, Angela or Tyler. According to them there is 1) no chance of either winning, 2) they’re both playing for second place, or 3) Tyler creates hair loss in men and Angela is the leading cause of cellulite in women.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

…or as Tyler said, nothing to see here.


Wait Tyler will get out Kaycee at final 3 right? He would be clueless not too Kaycee could actually win over him. He is thinking of taking his lady love right Angela? I could see Kaycee wining last HOH…who would she take I really think she could beat Angela over Tyler also


I am seriously concerned for Sam’s mental health..

JC can suck it. What a big baby. He talks a big game but, can’t handle when things don’t go his way. It reminds me of a rotten kid who acts like a little sh!t when they don’t get what they want……..

I want Sam to be voted out for her own well being.

I want JC voted out because of his personality….it’s just sour.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

PEANUT, PEANUT, PEANUT! L3 has won ten comps in a row!

JC is Pervy

Sam and miniman can’t win anything


I can see tyler playing everyone and letting Angela win the last HoH so she can pick him and get Kaycee out. (No blood on his hands). He knows he can win agaist kaycee or JC and everyone hates Angela. .


Kaycee. Now is the time to take out Angela!