Power of Veto Ceremony Results “you have to get [Omarosa] out she’s so toxic”

Quick and Dirty Spoilers

1) James used the Veto on himself
2) Ari nominated Mark
3) Mark and Shannon on the block
4) Tomorrow nights Head of Household competition is endurance. Watch it on the live feeds.

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After the feeds come back from the Power of Veto Ceremony..

1:25pm James and Shannon
Shannon tells him she’s not mad at James. “Those four are not getting my vote that I can say… there’s no scenario that those 4 get my vote” (Ross, Ari, Marissa, Brandi)
James – I thought the plan was Omarossa
Shannon- it’s tough to play the game with people that don’t know how to play the game… a bunch of them have never seen it
James – they’re also using their emotions.. theirs not a whole lot of strategy
Sounds like they had to do two takes.

James says that “they” are going to do the same thing to him that they did with Shannon. He’s just gotta win HOH.
Shannon – you need to break up Pairs.. you need to break up Ross and MArissa, Brandi and Ari
James agrees
Shannon – Ross and Marissa are more dangerous because they know the game and they’ve been studying the sh1t about it
James – BRandi and Ari are reckless
James claims he has no “structured” deal with anyone

Shannon – good f*ing luck in here.. I’m going to Starbucks..
James invites her to his house after all this to “hangout”
James – good wifi

1:36pm James and Ross

James – I want to go through a bit of a timelin
Ross – like if you win HOH…
Ross – if you get it who do you go after or who do you want to go after
James – As a final 5 if I don’t have a final 2 within that final 5 i’ll be the first one out
Ross – mmmmhmmmm
James – where is your head at with all that
Ross – right now I trust that group
James- but when it gets to final 5 I’m the first one out of the group
Ross – things can change trust me.. I’ve been there.

James – I don’t mind the final 4 being you, MArissa, me and Mark
Ross – lets focus on Omarossa and go from there
Ross – I think you have to get her out she’s so toxic
James – I agree
Ross – she makes stuff up and it could ruin your game before you know what’s happening
James – I completely agree
James says “they” did not do what they all agreed on by putting Mark up.

3:00pm Ross, Marissa, Ari and Brandi
Ross tells them about James’ concerns about being the 5th in a group of four
they talk about their next move. Saying they need too put Mark and Omarossa up and Backdoor James. If James wins the HOH Ross has to make it sound like the two of them (James/Ross) are going to separate from the girls.
Ari think if the noms stay the same between Mark/Omaossa that Mark should go. Brandi and Ross want Omarossa gone in that scenario.

5:23pm It’s been pretty quiet..

6:48pm James, Ross and MArissa
Talking about what they should push for next week. Who is the Pawn?
James – I don’t think Mark would want to go on the block again
Marissa – I’m not going to pawn it I woke up not trusting anyone
Ross says he won’t “pawn” it either
James – I already went on the block twice.. I think I paid my dues there..
Marissa – what if Omarossa wins.. then it’s Metta
Ross – then it’s metta.. we all go to her individually and say it’s time..
James sasks them what the plan is for if they win HOH
Marissa – If I’m HOH Omarossa is the target
Ross – this next HOH Omarosssa
Marissa – either MEtta and Mark as pawn

11pm Metta – I would not be surprised if Shannon gets out of this somehow. Omarosa – she’s not getting out of this. Metta – no she’s not, I just wouldn’t be surprised with anything she does. It wouldn’t have been terrible if she had gotten out of if. It would have been good for the girls. Omarosa – I am not saying never say never. Its sad because I really like her.

1am Bathrooom. Shannon is telling Metta all about her organization in Africa and how they’re saving Elephants and Rhinos from poaching.

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Botox Pelosi

I think James may be the only person that I can support.

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

My favorites:

The Owl
Rubber Ducky



BB Fan

These people for a lot of them claiming to be watchers surely didn’t watch last season where pissing off jury members is not a good thing. This jury even gets to watch live feeds before voting everyone voted off so far has already seemed to have made up their minds.

Orange Moron

Ross sure complains a lot about people who plays hard, when he does the exact same thing


There has not been a lot going down lately and it seems the only one who can bring drama is sadly Omarosa because these people are boring
I don’t know who annoys me more Marissa , Ross,or Brandi I hear the same thing from them everyday and when they don’t talk about the game there stories aren’t interesting at all either I I Just wish CBB had a reset week where Shannon didn’t go home & win HOH and one of those 4 were sent home this week. At Least James wised up a little bit, but I don’t think it will last one Ross is Basically a Paul at this point people won’t get rid of him and he’ll be sitting down in that F2 chair at the end of the game smh .


But at least he’s Paul the gnome without all the bullying, isolating tactics. Although I’m turning off from Ross too. Never could stand O.


The hypocrisy is always stunning.


I wonder when this group figures out – they are playing Omarosa’s game. I 100% don’t see James or Shannon a threat of any kind.

wish they would let HOH enjoy the HOH room by themselves!


Just like regular BB, get the people of colour out early.

Gimme a break

yep Chuck and Shannon are people of colour *Facepalm*


Vanessa your comment is the complete opposite of reality, either you never watched regular BB or you are a troll!

Here’s reality:
BB2 Monica 3rd place
BB3 Danielle 2nd place
BB3 Marcellas 5th place
BB5 Marvin 6th place
BB6 Beau 5th place
BB7 Danielle 6th place
BB7 Marcellas 9th place
BB8 Jameka 4th place
BB10 Libra 9th place
BB11 Chima 6th person to leave after being expelled
BB13 Kalia 5th place
BB15 Howard and Candice, 5th and 6th evicted after 3 white guys and 1 white girl were evicted
BB16 Jocasta 6th person evicted
BB18 Davonne 7th evicted
BB18 Zakiyah 8th evicted
BB19 4th evicted after 2 white guys and 1 white girl was evicted

those who left early and why:

BB10 Parker left early because of the couples twist , where 2 people left at the same time. Parker’s partner had a boyfriend in the house, she was the target not Parker. (victim of circumstance)
BB13 Keith 1st evicted After leading the charge against the vets who were in power (bad gameplay)
BB14 Jodi 1st evicted (By Production)
BB16 Devin 3rd evicted after being one of the craziest players the game has seen (bad gameplay)
BB17 Davonne 2nd evicted after getting heated and arguing in a room full of people (bad gameplay)
BB18 Jozea 2nd evicted after callig himself the messiah and telling the HoH that she’s his target (bad gameplay)
BB19 4th evicted after blowing up peoples games with her talk show (bad gameplay)


BB OTT Neely 4th evicted after 3 white guys were evicted, and Justin made 4th place


If only Zakiyah left before the storage room incident…

An ornery mouse

Also, in BB19 when it was revealed that God was personally advising Dominique on game strategy, the others felt that might be an unfair advantage and voted her out.

Had nothing to do with the amount of pigment in her skin.




BB19 Dominique

So anyway

How’s that when the only person of color that left so far SELF EVICTED.


What the f are you talking about?? The first person to leave was chuck who is white. The second to leave was Keisha and she begged to leave. The next to go I’m pretty sure is going to be Shannon who is white!! Metta, who is black, has wanted to go home since day two but they haven’t put him up. If Omarosa ends up on the block it won’t be because she’s black, it will be because she’s a rude b@tch. You know what, ignorant morons like you really piss me off. You need to shut your mouth and stop always bringing colour into every situation. I’m so sick of it.

Sakura Haruno

I don’t want to offend anyone and I know that I’m not going to get likes but I wish Shannon would throw Ross under the bus and expose him of playing all sides. She can come up with the augment that she and James had a final 4 deal with Ross and Marissa (who is also in a final 4 with Brandy/Ari) causing Ross to become public enemy number 1 after Shannon leaves. If things keep going the way its going we’re going to have another season of follow the leader. All I hoping for is for Mark to be a Trojan Horse that can emerge and win comps and make moves.

Mark FTW


I thought the same thing, Sakura! Shannon should have started “outing” everyone at the table on nominations night. Get everybody wondering about everybody else.

Ross…ugh. Liked him in the beginning but he’s just a sneaky suck up.

Omarosa….please just go away…….

Fan of BB Always

I so agree about Ross. I really liked him in the beginning, but now I see what a snake he is. He accuses other players of exactly what he’s doing. He really has been running this game. And I am surprised at what a follower Marissa is! She is letting Ross make her decisions.

I will miss Shannon and I am not sure how much I like James, but I would prefer him win over any of the others!

The Truth

The problem is Shannon already tried that but it didn’t work. Ross had already told Brandi and Ariadna ahead of time that he and Marissa were in a “fake final four” with Shannon and James. Since everyone knew about the deal before Shannon outed Ross, no one felt like he lied to them. He keeps telling each person that his real alliance is with them but makes fake side deals to gather intel and make persuasive arguments should someone else get hoh.


I was a Shannon fan in the beginning, she was my pick. Not any more. She is not playing a good game at all. She came on so strong in the beginning, then folded. She’s been Omarosa-ized. I do not like Omarosa, haven’t since she first appeared on the Apprentice, but Shannon has let Omarosa intimidate her and turn her into a teary eyed, apologetic, defensive victim. Too bad she isn’t playing the way she fake played in her Ika Wong interview. That’s the Shannon I wanted to see.


Same here. Chuck was my pick and he got the boot. Then I picked Keisha and she had to go pump. Then I picked Shannon and now she’s leaving to go elephant hunt. I pick Ross now until he get’s the boot! By the way Ms Rossa has been classy since she’s been there.


Nothing classy about Omarosa!


i don’t want james or omaross to go home
i want brandi ross to go home
james an omaross is the reason this season is good Shannon was too


Omarosa? I don’t think she belongs in a phrase with the word “good” unless there’s a negative included.


Shannon is her own worst enemy. She cannot be mad at anybody but herself. She played too hard too fast and for what? As an uber Big Brother fan, Shannon should have known to lay low in the beginning


I don’t know if I’d say she played too hard, too fast because they only had about 3 weeks to play. I think her mistake was flipping on Chuck just because she thought Keisha made some side deal. I think she could have held onto the girl’s alliance until seeing who got the next HoH and then took a shot at Keisha. With the accelerated eviction schedule, there is a sense of urgency and you have less time to process the sketchy information you have so you may make bad choices. If she had waited and Keisha had ditched Shannon, Shannon would still have been in trouble.

At least it seems most of these people are actually playing. I’m still curious how genuine Metta’s desire to leave is; maybe he’s playing folks.

Marissa is a Pig

And I’m not referring to her size…. anybody catch the convo between her & Ross talking about their jobs when younger? She worked at a hot wings bar and admitted eating French fries off customer’s plates before serving them…. surprised she would actually admit this to the other HGs let alone ppl watching the feeds. Just goes to show how desperate some of these D list celebrities are for attention. Dream scenario tonite James wins a crucial HOH, teams with Mark, Oma, & Metta (scary, I know) puts up Ross/Mapigga and Brandi/ Ari….. let the fur and boobs fly.


You really can’t win here: The last I’ve-lost-count seasons, you’ve had casts with maybe 2-3 players and everybody else are superfans just happy to be on TV, joining super-alliances as sheep, waiting their turn to be slaughtered…this season there are only 2 people seemingly not playing to win and everybody else wants it. Super-alliances last a few hours tops.

That everybody is playing for themselves make this better than any season in recent memory


What happened to all the bombs you predicted Shannon would set off before she left? It would seem she never lost track of why she came to the show. Sure, she loves the game, but not so much so that she would tear up her “I am still classy ” card. She used her time well and proved she is as sincere inside the Big Brother house as she is on the outside.
Are you watching, Keisha??? You didn’t understand the game well enough to appreciate Shannon’s artful play. You thought James was an “innocent” victim of Shannon’s manipulations? Thus, you used your time to try to blow up the evil Shannon’s game. Genius, Keisha!! All you accomplished was to save her from an intended backdoor. But, again, you didn’t understand the game, and whereas they all seem to know why Shannon came to play, no one knows why you were there. Was it the paycheck?
At least Brandi made it clear she was playing for tuition for private school for her kids.


Fantasy Celebrity Big Brother Twist:
Shannon participates in a “Battle Back Competition,” wins, and returns to the house. Production has to special order adult diapers for Ross and Marissa. (ROFL)