Celebrity Big Brother POV Results! “You’re the most powerful guy in the house”

Power of Veto Winner: JAMES

11:01pm The live feeds return from being blocked. In the bedroom – James and Ross are talking. James – the second they put her before me I was pretty sure I got this one. Ross – unbelievable! Lets enjoy the night and cheer her up. James – I spent a couple minutes talking to her too and I straight up told her .. because you know I am trying to encourage her to stay in the game. Anything can happen… if Omarosa blows up at Brandi and she gets pissed off.. Ross – she can try, that’s what I would do. I would poke Omarosa and see what happens. James – you know something is going to happen, whether it works out in your favor or not. Ross – celebrate, celebrate. James – I am. They head outside.

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11am Backyard. Ross and James. Ross – one of those rare nights when you can go oh god everything is okay. James – Shannon is at 90% that she is going home. Now she knows it but you know what that was a fair and square head to head. Ross – no backdoor, she had a fair chance. James – and this is one that I can celebrate a bit and not be found on. Ross – everyone was rooting for you. James – because it makes everyone else weeks easier. Ross – MMMhhHHhh. Enjoy it. James – because we have this here, I would have to see what its like here. Ross – Ari can’t play in the HOH. It’s only going to be Omarosa and Metta. Mark joins them. Mark – that was a clutch performance. James – I’m all about the team here man. Winning when it counts. This is not about winning everything in this house. I am lucky I did not win the first HOH. If I had I would be out by now. Ross talks about the veto comp. (It was the black box veto competition) Ross – there was 6 inches of honey. It was darker than that bedroom gets at night. It was nuts! Ross heads inside. James tells Mark – I feel like you, me or Ross or Marissa need to win the next HOH. Mark – yeah I would love to dude! James – like Ross in the bowling one .. If its something that I can let you win, I would be down to do that. Then I can play the next one. James – I lost my ego after I didn’t win the first HOH. I am grateful I didn’t win the first one. Mark – There is a strategy to not winning. you’re the most powerful guy in the house, you’ve been on the block twice. If you win this HOH, then you have a clear path to the finale. There is no hiding now. Everyone is a target after Friday. They head inside. Mark – what did Shannon say? James – I said if there is anything you can think of.. I know I can’t work with Shannon. If there is anything I can do, get in a fight. If I could save her too I would. Mark – you can’t, and the house would turn against you too.

11:15pm – 11:40pm Big Brother gives them Chinese food. Marissa – the cake says happy half way point. They talk about how the competition was fun. Omarosa – does anyone what to have a cake fight? Mark – no but I want a piece of that thing.

11:45pm Backyard. Shannon, Brandi, Marissa, Omarosa and Ari. Marissa – its almost 12am, I get to take this thing off soon!

1:45am Backyard. Brandi tells Shannon that she has an idea. Shannon smiles. Brandi – we’ll talk later. No crying. Brandi heads inside to go to bed. Shannon is alone and talking to herself – I’m sorry Simon. I know I let you down. Please let there be a twist! Omarosa comes out and asks if she is okay. Shannon – yes. Omarosa – Sorry I was sucky! I was trying so hard. Omarosa then heads inside to go to bed.

1:55am – 2:05am Marissa and Ross in the bar room. Marissa – If I got HOH what’s the plan? Ross – I would do James and Omarosa. Or Omarosa and Mark. And if you get the change then you backdoor James .. or worst case you get out Omarosa. I wouldn’t mind Omarosa going before James. Marissa – I would rather have Omarosa go before James. Ross – Omarosa is not a threat though, we can beat her in the end. Marissa – true, true, true. So if I win and its a quick one.. Ross – it wouldn’t be a bad thing to get Omarosa out if it was quick one. The only thing though is if she is pulling in viewers. I guess it doesn’t matter at this point there is only 1 week left. Marissa – we’ve been waiting for twists and the twists is there are no twists. Ross – the fourth eviction will be a double. If Omarosa puts up me and Brandi. I need you to rally for me. I just need your help. Marissa – you have my help. Ross – we have two more to get out. That gets us to the final 5 with Metta and then he bows out. Brandi needs to be careful. Marissa – its hard she gets drunk. Can we just say that when Omarosa got caught lying it was amazing! Watch Omarosa win this. Ross – that’s not what America wants.

2:10am – 2:15am Ari and Brandi in the HOH room. Brandi – he doesn’t remember anything he says. Ari – he is trying to upset you. Brandi – why? Ari – This is what he wants? He is definitely with James. I am glad Ross is sleeping there tonight because they are going to talk. Brandi – the fact that he said it in the kitchen. Mark had a whole new glow about him. Did you see that? Ari – he won the veto. Brandi – he won the Veto not the HOH. That’s a different story. He is saving his own a$$. HOH is something else. When he was sitting here and Omarosa was giving him the questions. He didn’t know one f**king thing. Not one! Guess what, yes you run real fast but you can’t spell a sentence? You’re not getting anywhere. Shannon is great at both things and that’s why she has to go. I get that but the way he talked to Metta tonight … f**K him! I want James and Mark out. Ari – Now Metta knows. I don’t know why he acts like that. It makes him look ugly. Brandi – it makes me really mad. They have my number, they know what makes me mad. Ari – everyone seems to forget what she did. Brandi – she talks in circles until everyone forgets what she said. Ari – Shannon is desperate and we have to remember what she did. If she stays in the house she is coming after us. Brandi – it would have been easier to lie to her face and backdoor her.

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I don’t know how I feel of James winning veto on one hand I’m happy he won veto the second hand I’m pissed that he won veto. I wish Shannon Won Veto it would’ve been some fireworks if she did it’s laughable that people think Shannon is the biggest threat but not Ross especially Ari and Brandi who basically have no type of social game compared to Ross because all they do is talk crap about Shannon , and I can’t wait till both of them leave this house . James better be glad he won because if Shannon Won he would’ve been gone I wish he didn’t trust Ross like he does I hope one day he walks in a conversation about him being backdoored one day so things could really heat up


Total flop of an idea BB. If your going to run the show the same way you do for us reg people, then don’t do the show at all. Big bust in my opinion of giving them all the delusion they are above the rest of us, no wonder they act like they do. Their biggest pain & suffering is getting voted out, other than that, they are not playing BB. Bring on the slop, ants, and torture beds, then watch they squirm, all you give them is more booze.


Seeing a houseful of squirming “celebrities” would be awesome.


Nomorosa has been spouting lies the whole season. I don’t believe anything she says. All the things she says are just for her to try and make herself look better. And this whole “nice” persona that she thinks she is pulling off – give me a break – people don’t just change from how they have been their whole life. Everybody has got her number. Can you say FAKE? Get her OUT! We are sick of watching it! Hate to see Shannon go. She has been a good player. She did way too much talking to not become a target.
Someone needs to take Ross down. I really liked him at first, but now he’s just getting on my nerves. Who is going to do it? If he makes it to finals, he will probably win. I’d rather see Metta World Beast win than him. Wouldn’t that be a hoot? All he has wanted from the beginning was to go home. I like him!

Double D

Nomorosa telling lies? she learned from the best.

Bounce Omarosa

Pinocchio Obama?

Faux News

Not really sure why this is getting so many down votes. It’s an objectively true statement.


NO, she was lying before she ever entered the White House. So no it’s not a true statement and Politics should be left out of BB.

Are Celebrity twists more famous than regular BB twists ?

You want to know why its getting so many down votes ? Maybe its because it would be nice for a TV show to be entertaining versus divisive. CBS controls the edit and is making it divisive. Maybe people on both sides are finally getting sick of being manipulated. Maybe your comment and the previous ones that initiated your comment remind people how old the division is getting


Are you kidding?! You obviously didn’t watch her 1st season on The Apprentice. She was a liar and a schemer wayyyy before she met Donald Trump.


I hope there is a twist Shannon can stay then let the firework begin


Damn. I really wanted Shannon to win veto.


Metta had me worried for a second when he was talking about starting to play the game on last night’s episode. Just keep doing nothing bud, you’re killing it.

Botox Pelosi

If I could vote for the rubber duck in the grid it would rank higher than any of these houseguests.

Metta is a Joke

Sorry, not buying the Metta is cool & funny schtick….he was a big baby early on and wanted to go home to mommy, er his wife….. didn’t know crap about this game… thought coming on the show would make him relevant… probably coached BIG time by production to be funny giving him props in the hot tub and the owl to sleep with at nite. The dumb act is not cute… and his “ you didn’t send me home so now I’m coming after you” He likes to threaten but not much in the strategy department….Asthmarosa has to explain stuff to him all the time.. watch Arioddna and Metta be F2(eyeroll)

The D List

Is anyone else having a hard time figuring out who to root for? I was Team Shannon but it is looking bad for her. I guess I’m going to have to pull for Meta or Mark?

No Omarosa, Ross, Marissa, or Brandi please.


With Shannon going, (sad sigh), forced to root for James, Ariadna, Metta or Mark. And that’s only cause I don’t greatly dislike them like I do the others.


Yah, I couldn’t figure out while watching the episode, why the crowd was cheering when the previous winners were stating they wanted Ross to win – that was weird. I am totally rooting for Shannon but if BB doesn’t intervene, definitely going with my second choice which is Mark.

I really can’t stand how Marissa turned out. I didn’t know who she was to begin with but now that I have an idea, I’m not too happy with out she treats Shannon who is supposed to be her “buddy”.


Yeah,I’m over metta. He’ll probably win though.


Having a hard time rooting for anyone.
Find most of them grating.

Been disappointing in the drama department as well. expected more. What a bust.


Why can’t it be mark or Marissa
Son of a bitch! I can’t listen to Marissa anymore!


What, you can’t take listening to Marissa constantly interrupting everyone while their talking?

She’s been quite the treat – smh.

Hate Celeb BB

Production! Listen up..If you want this celebrity BB to be any type of a success, you need to put a twist in to keep Shannon..she is the ONLY one of this F list crew that deserves to win anything..Dont letus down..Keep us watching by keeping Shannon in the game!


I will never encourage production to interfere more. They do too much already. It’s a shame Shannon is going home but that’s the game.


I don’t want Mark to go either….Ugh would be nice if they did some sort of intervening…doubtful though.
I really wanted Shannon to win – I’m rooting for the animals :'(


Well now, if there was even a sliver of hope that Shannon might stay, it’s now gone.
Hate celebrate bb’ ,just made sure of that.
That was the intention.
I get it.


if james goes home before the final im not watching to next year it be a waste off time
since Shannon might be going home this week them the only two people I think should win