POV Competition Results! “If I put you up and you go home, its not my fault. Its Ash’s fault”

POV Holder: Ashleigh Next POV May 15th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony May 17th
HOH Winner Sarah Next HOH May 20th
Nominations: Zach and Ashleigh
Have Nots Brittnee and Zach
POV Players Everyone participates

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-16 08-45-47-779
The live feeds were blocked from 5:25pm last night till 8:30am this morning for the power of veto competition to take place. It is likely that the veto competition was an all night battle as the feeds returned and big brother let them sleep in till 11:30am.

*** ASHLEIGH WON the veto, Sarah plans to put up Pili as the replacement and have Zach voted out.

11:40am HOH room. Brittnee talks to Sarah in the HOH while she brings her new batteries. Sarah tells Brittnee they will tell Pili it doesn’t matter if she trusts Godfrey or not. Sarah says we don’t have to trust God it doesn’t matter. Sarah says they will say Brittnee is definitely going to vote Zach out. Do you trust Ashleigh? If I put you up on the block and you go home this week its not my fault its, Ashleighs fault. Brittnee says because I am voting to send Zach home. It breaks my heart.. Sarah says but thats how I am going to vote too. We’ve been saying its best for our game and its what we have to do. Brittnee says honestly it is what it is otherwise he is going to take it. It was easier when it was an instant thing when I knew it was going to happen quick. It’s harder now because we’re going to have to watch him like… but but who knows we can’t get too confident in him going home. Its the right game more. Sarah says he would have done it to us. He just tried. Brittnee says yeah.

11:55am – 12:30pm The feeds return again to Sarah, Brittnee and Godfrey talking in the HOH about Bruno. Sarah tells Godfrey I just hope you don’t feel alone. Sarah tells Godfrey that Ash was planting the seed that if she won the veto this was the final 4 (Ash, Pili, Sarah, Britt) basically saying I should put you up. Godfrey says oh hell no. Brittnee says I can’t believe how much I underestimated Ashleigh. Sarah says its not like I wouldn’t vote for her .. like she didn’t do as much as Zach but its the perception.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-16 09-33-20-627
12:40pm Ash joins them. Sarah tells her congratulations. They talk about the competition being about the “Son’s of Anarchy” TV show. Ash says she knew what the guys names were because she’s seen the show before. Sarah tells Ash that the 28 minutes she (Ash) completed the competition in was insane. Godfrey says he wished he had seen the show before because all he knew it was faces. Godfrey says when you came back we knew you had won because Zach and I took 2 hours. He says when you came back so fast I thought you had been disqualified so I went to bed. Ash says thanks for the vote of confidence. Godfrey leaves.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-16 09-44-41-445
12:45pm In the bathroom – Zach asks is the POV ceremony today? Zach says I am out the door. Do you know who she is putting up beside me? Godfrey says from what she has said I think Pil’s. Zach says Pil’s, that’s a good move. She told you I’m putting up Pil’s, vote out Zach. Godfrey says pretty much. Zach tells Godfrey it depends on who you want to role with Sarah and Brittnee or me and vote out Pili.

1:10pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.

1:45pm The live feeds are still blocked…

2:40pm Still blocked.

3:30pm Still no feeds..

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-16 12-37-47-828
3:35pm – 3:45pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds. When the live feeds return – Brittnee and Pili are laying in the HOH bed. Zach is laying on the HOH couch and Sarah was reading her HOH letter. Ashleigh is laying in bed in the main bedroom crying. She gets up and starts pacing around in the room. She says stop crying .. holy sh*t!! Big brother then blocks the feeds again..

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-16 12-43-19-138

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It would be pretty hilarious if they kept Zach. He is nice to look at and these people have been locked in there long enough that their hormones might be getting the better of them.


If that was the case, I am sure some April/Ollie-like action would have tooken place already.




So I guess Zach simply goes home because Godfrey and Brittney vote him out and Ash votes to keep him?


This is where SBG can really plant some seeds with Pilar. If Ash actually votes to save Zach they can say to Pils so your BFF wasn’t going to take you to F2 it was Zach she was taking.

And if Godfrey wants to play some game he should tell Ash I’ll vote to keep Zach if you want to trap her. And he can tell Pilar I wanted to test Ash to see who her real F2 was and it wasn’t you! That would be brilliant game play on his part. Because he’d probably pull Pils to him in the event Ash/Pils do end up staying next week b/c maybe he could pull her closer to him.


That sounds like a nice strategy. All it would take is for Godfrey to convince Ash he is voting to keep Zach.


More production speak. Seriously the showmance is going to save each other. This is nothing like a douche voting out Willow get serious. Pili has to know Ash is voting her out any person with common sense would. Are you folks buying this drivel Pili is going to run to crybabies based on Ashes vote seriously? By the way Ash may even vote out Zack but this early it’s a small chance. GOD never saves Zack.


It has to be Pili and Zach on the block right? and God will obviously vote to evict Zach right? It’s all down to God’s vote. He has all the power in the world if he is not the replacement nom


WTF Brit … She should be happy that she has another opportunity to vote Zack out.
But No … She’s bitching moaning about it. I’ll leave my personal opinion of Brit to myself.
But I can say her game decisions and loyalty suck big time!


What is Brit bitching and moaning about? I highly doubt she is bitching that Zach is going home.


Watch the first vid …
Sarah is thrilled that they can get Zack out,
Brit says “it is what it is, but…bla bla bla” and she is acting bummed about it
Just look at her body language and her facial expressions
She should be happy about it and she isn’t


I’m assuming Sarah puts up Pili. That would leave Godfrey as the deciding vote. He’s so good at making all sides feel like he’s with them that I can’t tell what he’s going to do.


Assumptions don’t seem to pan out this season. It was assumed, by many, that Zach would have left during the last two evictions…he ‘s still there.
If he is capable of pulling off his current plan and is successful in getting Godfrey on the block he will be there a bit longer.
Now we’ll see how good Sarah’s bull shit detector is and whether Pili does go on the block…


Just so you know, Dawg, that convo between Britt and Sarah was Sarah telling her what she was going to say to Pili when she puts her up as a replacement. She was saying that Pili doesn’t have to trust Godfrey…it doesn’t matter how he votes. Britt is voting out Zach, so it comes down to how much Pili can trust Ash. And, if Pili gets evicted, it will be Ash’s fault…not Sarah’s.


Finally, finally!!!!!


Why do people think Zach is such a big threat? His only HOH he sent his F2 out. What exactly has he done? I really don’t get it. People in the house and the viewers feel he’s played a good game. WHY?


I’m of a similar mind with you. Zach has had poor strategic skills (it’s obvious JP did the thinking). His social game is good, but he’s been using it on mainly Ash and Pilar, not the sharpest tools in the shed.
He’s an alright competitor, but hasn’t won anything in awhile now.

He’s an okay player, but nothing spectacular.

But everything in BB is perception. Some of the best players are underrated, while average players are sometimes held on a pedestal.


I think if you look at Zach’s thinking it is fairly reasonable and insightful. But for some reason he has totally misjudged some major things this season. In particular he overestimated how much the others want to keep him!

I think he got sucked in by the smooth gameplay of Sarah, as much as I dislike her.

Ms Anthrope

Just take a look at the jury and see who it’s comprised of. At this point, i think he has all the bro’s votes in the jury and probably has Ash and Pili’s votes as well if they were to be sent to jury. That makes him a large threat to win. Plus the fact that, even tho he hasn’t played the brightest game, he is well liked by almost everyone and in BB that usually equals a win.


In ‘normal’ seasons about a third of the competitions would be physical, so Zach would be a threat. But given this seasons has had basically *one* physical competition (the POV during the triple eviction), i can understand where you are coming from!

Very suspicious IMO and i am not a conspiracy theorist.


V is for Veto POV (Sindy won)
Dam it (Kev won)
Spooling around (Johnny won)
Through the Wringer
Delivering the Goods (Pils had to quit & it was said she was using a dolly to move the furniture)
Pick Your Poison was strength based
And most of the Have Not Comps were physical


Thanks for that list. I take back my comments about no physical competitions.


zach has played a great game. His social game has been through the roof and he’s pretty much dictated this game up until a few weeks ago. Every single person that’s gone home zach’s had a helping hand in getting them booted out except Bruno. He’s been running a lot of people’s HOH. He’s a physical threat, a mental threat and is capable of being very loyal.

If he made it to F2 I would vote for him as well.


He didn’t have anything to do with Kevin, Willow, Bruno and Greg leaving He had a hand in JPs eviction, but that was a terrible move. Sindy? Everyone wanted her out. Naeha? That was all Kevin. Bobby? That was Kev again. Risha was all Canada, and unless you think he sent out Jonny then as far as I can tell he really didn’t have a hand in sending anyone home


True he may not have had anything to do with Risha, but he was tight with Bobby and obviously had a say in getting out Sindy the first time, he knew Naeha had to leave and was in on that too (Jordan was the one trying to talk Kevin into keeping Nae, Zach wanted her out), not once did he campaign for Graig to stay he saw him as a threat and tried to show allegiance to JP, Sarah, Johnny and Brittnee during that week. He supported Bruno’s HOH to get Johnny out, saw him as a threat too and campaigned to get Johnny out citing it as being loyal to the Chop Shop. He fucked up royally with Jordan yet still got him out, he may not have meant or wanted to but yup had a hand in getting him evicted. He ran Pili’s HOH more than most people think and got Sindy out the second time. He played a hand in Kevin’s HOH and certainly did not try to keep Bobby around sending him out. He ran Ashleigh’s HOH which everybody saw and their grandmother could see.

He’s been a player that’s had control without being seen he’s had that control until the triple. He was JPs number two, in the chop shop, Bruno’s number 3, Kevin’s number 2, etc.

I still think he’s played a great game but I don’t want him to win. Emotions aside he’s been a strong competitor and has played the game well.


I agree 100%


I know. It was driving me crazy when Ash was convincing Pili that Zach is the reason they made it this far. Actually, Zach only made it this far because of everyone else is saving his ass time and time again. His game play actually sucks. He repeatedly gets it wrong when trying to read how the house feels or how the game is going to go. He hasn’t really won when he needed to. The only thing he has going for him is that he has a lot of friends on the jury. But, based on his game play so far…he would have to rely someone else take him to final two…not the other way around.


I really want Zach to go (especially at the hands of Sarah)…. BUT I admit it would be ridiculously entertaining if:
1. Ash gives her veto to Zach
2. Ash chooses to save Zach over Pilli


I was thinking about that scenario but it just doesn’t work unfortunately (for Ash & Zach). Ash is i larger threat than Pili for winning the main prize because she has one a couple of HoH’s and also she isn’t viewed as ‘dumb’ by the jury (in Sarah and Britt’s opinion).


Oops, disregard that last post, Dawg. You just changed it.


YES! Finally this might be the end game for Zach. Finally.


Like… FINALLY. i have been waiting for this moment for so long. (hopefully, just like last week, nothing goes wrong.) Zach has to go.


Oh thank The Lord! I’m so glad to see Pilar and Zach didn’t win tgr Veto. I actually really wanted to see what would happen if she won the Veto? I pray she doesn’t fall on her own sword and take Zach off the block. It will be interesting to see whether she takes herself off or not. And if she does come off whether she’ll vote Zach or Pilar out.

If she doesn’t want to show where her loyalties lie she should keep the moms the same.


She won’t do that especially with Godfrey already saying to Zach “so is Ash voting to keep you?”

Remember Zach put Godfrey on the block telling him he was a pawn, also got Pilar & Ash to put him up and tried to get Kevin to back door him.

Godfrey is a smart guy so he’ll keep playing this with Zach/Ash putting the onus on Ash to say she would keep him. He’ll make sure Pils gets herself on the block before pushing too hard and then he’ll vote Zach out b/c God isn’t dumb. Then knowing Sarah/Britt want Ash out next he can possibly sway Pils to his side by telling her Ash was willing to vote her out and that he was suppose to keep Zach but only said that to show Pils where Ash’s real allegiance was.


Pure rubbish! All alliances of more than 2 people have a pecking order. Here we have a showmance so it would be natural for Ash to save Zack. Ash and Pili will have a long talk about this by Wednesday. It does not matter who ash votes for. Do you think Pili is going to run to Sarah you are a complete fool.
I realize production has handed everything to these 2(Sarah/B). Not this time. And You better hope GOD or B win HOH or there is going to be some sweating going on. Now we get to potentially see GOD’s game. I’m interested in “after the float”.
Team Seagull for the win!



I recognize we might like different players but to call me a fool or my opinion rubbish is unnecessary.

Perhaps you should read what I wrote more carefully as you would see I’m sayng GODFREY could pull Pils closer. (not Sarah). I recognize the pecking order but Ash is the one who has repeatedly told Pili she is her number 1 over Zach, her ride or die.

Obviously if she tells Pils she wants to give him a sympathy vote that’s fine. What I’m suggesting is GODFREY play Ash/Zach to let them THINK he will keep Zach. Ash could show her true intentions then.

This move would be considered a blindside so Ash would likely not tell Pils. Remember this is the girl who is stil angry with Britt for putting her on the block (something she also did to Britt) this many weeks later. Although Pils would likely forgive Ash it would put a wedge between them and open a door for Godfrey to pull her closer.


Thumbs up if you’ve donated/are going to donate to the best Big Brother site around!


I can’t imagine that Godfrey will vote to save Zach at this point. He doesn’t need him to save himself. He won’t want to go against him in final two…nor would he trust Zach to take him. He has to know his chances are much better going against the girls and that Zach and Ash have to get busted up. Zach can’t really offer him anything at this point that would benefit his game. This is the third time Zach is a sitting duck and Godfrey has been the most vocal about him need to go. I am sure that Zach and Ash will try to pull him in, though. I guess they shouldn’t have waited til now to do that. If they had invested their effort much sooner, maybe it would work. I would be shocked if Godfrey makes that move now, though.

It will be interesting to see how Zach and Pili both work on Ash for her vote. She is going to have a very stressful week. She went from having a wasted HOH, to being on the block, to saving herself, to having to chose between her showmance and BFF to evict. I can’t lie…it is going to be fun to watch her squirm. She was being way too cocky, acting way too entitled, and had been way too comfortable this entire game. Hopefully, this past week will humble her experience.


I agree. I think the only chance is if Godfrey gets worried about how popular Sarah & Britt are with Canada. If he gets spooked he might turn against them because of that. But obviously it is a very slim possibility.

Yo Bro

I don’t think Godfrey is going to keep Zach.
Godfrey’s entire game is staying on good terms with everybody he will have to work with next week.

He saves Zach he creates 2 mortal enemies (half the house).
He saves Pili and he is on excellent terms with both sets of ladies.



Don’t get wrong … I like Godfrey as a person … he’s hilarious
But his awful “little girl tattle tale” strategy is coming to an end.
Godfreys game…
Talk to someone tell them I’m with you …. go to the next person and tell them what the other person said and tell them, I’m with you….go to the next person and tell them what the others said, Say I’m with you …throw comp… repeat repeat repeat
Grant it, He has had a hard time aligning with the others but at the same time he has passed on opportunities to be loyal and align. Just keeps on snitching. I just can not respect that game play. Especially throwing comps.


He just might get himself into trouble within a day with this strategy. We’ll see.


Ash and God keeps Zach. One of those 3 will win next HOH and Brit & Sarah goes up. They don’t win veto. Britt goes to the jury. Then it depends on what production wants. Love to be wrong but as the old saying goes, it is my gut feeling.

Yo Bro

The next move is Zach convincing Ashleigh to use the veto on him with the scheme of getting Godfrey out or sacrificing Pili. Ashleigh believes him, and of course the plan backfires and Ashleigh gets evicted.

Is Zach that big a ratbag? Is Ashleigh that stupid?
Somebody please, please tell me the answer is no to one or both of these questions.
Please, I’m begging you!


Yes and Yes

Ms Anthrope

You know, this really wouldn’t surprise me at this point. Ash seems so snowed by Zach and eagerly drinking his kool-aid. She has already talked about sacrificing her game for Zach on the feeds. I’m so disappointed in her lack of gameplay. Love or hate Sarah, at least she is playing her own game and i can respect that. I wish BB Kasting would just choose people that are there to play the game and that actually know what a POV is! 😛

I want to see a have-not comp

i can’t see Zach, Ashleigh or Pillow on my TV screen anymore. I’ve just had enough of them. I call Pili Pillow for obvious reasons.

By the way, if anyone lives in Toronto, you should totally go check out The Brick store at Yonge and College. They have a replica of the BBCAN HOH room and Living Room. They also have some costumes from the challenges and a power of Veto necklace. It was fun to see!


It would be surprising if Zach stays this week but I don’t see it happening.

Anyhow, any of you know anything about the dressgate with Neda and Gary? From what I’ve heard Neda was supposed to be the guest last week on side show but was prohibited to wear yellow because Gary would be wearing yellow? If i’m not mistaken this was the second time that Neda had to change her outfit because during her first guesting Gary was also wearing blue so she changed it to white. :)))


If that story is true than Gary needs to get a grip. I like him but seriously WTF


Gary is the co-host and has more status, Neda is only the guest. That’s the pecking order and how tv works.


So you’re telling me all their guests have to check with Ariza the host & Gary the co-host to see what color they are wearing before they’re allowed to come on the show? Or bring multiple outfits in different colors?

I have friends in T.V. and have never heard of someone actually demanding that. I’ll have to ask them b/c that’s cray cray. Aren’t they called guests for a reason? Gee next thing we know the evicted hamsters will need to check with Gary prior to walking out the front door. I mean, come on.


Yes, That’s precisely what I’m saying.


There was a previous episode of side show where the question was asked if there were arguments between Arisa and Gary over their outfits selection for the show. The answer was to date they haven’t actually clashed over anything yet.


I’m so done with the Side Show besides the 5 minutes of the evicted houseguest.
I really don’t give a flying F where the Gary buys his dresses.
I really don’t understand why people like him?
He brings nothing constructive to the show at all.
Neda would be a much better Host!
I am just about done with Globals garbage,
They have ZERO respect for their Fans/Live feeders.
Why couldn’t they simply show us some respect last night
and tweet that the feeds will be off all night.
Is it that difficult to spend 30 seconds and send out a tweet?
or just let us watch it.
Unless there is a few people I really really like on BBCA next year.
I won’t be watching.

The Truth

I find Gary hilarious in the skits they show with him and Peter but whenever Arissa asks him a question he gives the worst answers. He often just repeats what Peter says in different words. He’d make a better host rather then a “panel member” or “co-hosts” who offers opinions. The sideshow should only be 30 minutes though. And for the love of God please invite relevant guests. Not Anick.


GODFREY YOU BETTER NOT F THIS UP. Hopefull God and Ash vote out Zach!!!!


I think Godfrey will smudge this up, he’s already ran back n told Zach what Sarah has said. This guy is the biggest gossip queen in the house.


Right now…. I don’t trust Godfrey or Ash. Guess we’ll see what convos are had threw out the day. Also if Godfrey isn’t careful with his lip… he very well could end up as the replacement nom.


Do you guys think ash will vote out zach or pili?


My guess is she’d vote out Pili, hope I’m wrong… I want to be wrong.


Ding Ding Dong Zach is dead. Zach’s strategic skills a subpar, to put it nicely. He should’ve tried to convince sarah and britnee, that taking him to end would benefit them because he so “hated” by jury. He could’ve said I’ve lied to them, made multiple alliances, no way could I win. Will used the hated strategy, and it worked. Zach has no strategic mindset.


Does anyone know how the ratings are for this season and if there is a possibility for the show to be renewed for a fourth season?

another name

while on slice (the global canwest cable subsidiary) big brother episodes had the highest ratings on the network.
on global season three has been, for the most part, in the mid to high 20’s in the top thirty of global programs. as of approx. 2 weeks ago they dropped below 30.
this can be looked at in a few ways: 1) the program changes on global from slice (guidelines and restrictions) have given viewers pause. 2) the program changes (twists) have turned off viewers. 3) the season began 18 days later than season 2 and 24 days later than season 1, and is now having to fight with other shows that are gearing up for season finales.


The ratings have been terrible last time Simon posted results they were at the bottom of Global.

another name

I don’t yet have enough information to speculate on what godfrey or Ashleigh will do with their votes. it’s Saturday. the pov ceremony hasn’t yet happened, let alone the bulk of the campaigning. one could argue its best for godfrey to keep Zach: one could argue it is best for godfrey to evict Zach. both arguments have their merit. my ONLY concern in godfrey keeping Zach: look at what happened to each guy that stood up with Zach as an ally: Jordan. Kevin. Bruno. see a pattern forming?
What I can say is that veto comp was perfect for godfrey. consecutive instead of concurrent competitions are always easy to throw. just when other houseguests say they’ll have an eye on him he’d better do his best, it’s a consecutive veto comp. do I think he threw it? Of course he did. now he gets to play not my monkeys not my circus with each of the factions of the house.


The long conversation between SGB was actually really insightful. Even Godfrey pointed out how Sarah was painted as a villain and master manipulator by other HG’s when Bruno tried playing the exact same game as her, but was seen as a good guy. I mean Sarah only had 2 final 2 deals. Bruno had 4?

I originally never could have seen Ash winning, but it’s hard to tell how bitter the jury will be towards the Fembots. Ash would actually potentially have more votes than Britt even though she’s not done nearly as much as her and Sarah have.

I could definitely see Godfrey playing mind games with Pilar to bring her closer to him. But then again he might do well to just go to the final 3, with the fembots and try to win the part 3 HOH, and pick one to take to the final 3.

I’m still rooting for the fembots to make it to the end after being on the outs for so long, but we’ll see what happens.


Godfrey tells everyone what he thinks they want to here.
Except for his little slip-up yesterday. So funny!
If Sarah gets voted out before final 3
I could care less who wins
I’ll be done watching this season
BBUS17 starts in what, 5 weeks

The Truth

I just realized today that the showmance between Zach and Ashleigh is quite different than the showmance between Kevin and Pilar. Zach and Ashleigh seem more like people who occasionally date but I don’t see the same kind of affection between them they way we did with Pili and Kevin.


you are right Thetruth..zshly are not that much of a couple at all. to the point you would hardly know they had been more than casual friends.

i think we all think juru eill be bitter voters and they never are at the end. thse are also fans the will end up doing the right thing. it may not be what we want but bruno isnt going to not vote for sarah if it ends up being god and sarah for example. if it was brit and sarah many will vote sarah because they all credit or blame her for all the moves done by brit as well as who knows who else. i imagine britt will choose to take sarah thinking she has a huge edge and be surprised hen she finds out how many assumed sarah ran her hohs lol….. if she did wouldnt willow still be there? because of brit the two of them have had a harder struggle when it should have been much easier considering the triple and the double save


They both were given the game


Please Godfrey…be smart! F%÷K Sarah and Britt over! Will be best if you keep Zach for now!


Pili is in a popcorntard and Brit is in a puppyonesie. Was this by choice on both parts?


SBG are right when they discuss not being able to go to the end with ZAP because they have too many friends in the jury that will vote for them out of misplaced friendship/loyalty or just to get revenge for getting them out.


Would be only fair if Zach is given a twist to save him…just like Sarah and Britt WERE GIVEN!
Right Comrads?


Production has options to save Sarah F5 and nothing for Zack sorry.

If Ash/Pili win the next HOH I’m very interested to see with the numbers dwindling if GOD can stay off the block. He has done so little work on the goblins option he’s likely up with Sarah. He better win POV IMO. The second 1/2 of the double could be interesting.

The Truth

Stop whinging. The twist are over. What’s been done is done.


That photo with Ashleigh holding a clothe hanger looks like something else… -_-


Have to admit I didn’t like Zach but he is still here and that’s impressive. Doesn’t get rattled like most others when things don’t go his way and I believe God can still save him because he is a wildcards and just would mka e sense Godfrey’s big move is saving his swron enemy to help him break up Sarah and Britt


It’s Zach’s time to go!!! If he stays, he wins the 100G. Godfrey (as much as I like the guy) will not win unless he’s sitting next to Pili/Pilar at the end.


i need a streaming link for tonights eposid please C;


this might work —-> streamup.com/8675309