Godfrey tells Sarah & Britt “If its physical, hopefully Zach can win it & pull himself off”

POV Holder: ? Next POV May 15th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony May 17th
HOH Winner Sarah Next HOH May 20th
Nominations: Zach and Ashleigh
Have Nots Brittnee and Zach
POV Players ?

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-15 10-24-21-085

1:30pm Up in the HOH room – Sarah tells Godfrey the odds are in our favor. Just be confident and calm. Godfrey says yeah I will. Sarah “I said I would put you (Godfrey) up if they won but there’s no way I would do that!” Godfrey says if its physical then hopefully Zach can win it and pull himself off. Brittnee and Sarah say that’s not ideal … what the f**K god!?! If its physical you’re going to try and pull it off. Gdofrey says I’m just saying I would rather him than her win it. Sarah says even you want to keep this dude around!! Godfrey says no. Britt says you obviously do. Sarah tells Godfrey I better not see you drop out. Like if Ash drops and Pili drops .. you better not be like he’s not coming after you so I’m just going to let him take it. Godfrey says my main goal is to get Zach out. I know if Pil’s wins Ash is going to come off and they’re going to keep him. Sarah says obviously! But that doesn’t mean you should let him win!

In the bathroom – Pili tells Zach about the conversation she had with Sarah about Zach being the target and how Godfrey should go up. Zach tells Pili tell them you want me out because I’m close to Ash. We could even make up a fight to sell this. I will walk around this house like a big baby. You have to sell that you don’t want me in this game. To her you will vote Just say anything.. anything you have to. Zach leaves and Pili / Ash talk. Pili is worried if it comes down to final 3 with her, Ash and Zach .. she would need to win to make it to final 2. She tells Ash that she’s going if Pili wins or Zach wins.

1:45pm All the house guests are in the kitchen making lunch / chatting.

2:15pm Sarah heads up to the HOH and reads her letter:

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-15 11-13-08-790

2:20pm – 2:50pm Ashleigh comes up and tells Sarah that she has come to terms with needing to vote out Zach. Ash says it sucks but I know it has to happen. Sarah says sorry for putting you up but hopefully things go perfect and you don’t have to vote him out. Ashleigh leaves the HOH room and Sarah says “LIAR!” Godfrey joins Sarah. She tells him not to worry. People think Zach is going to win every competition but he’s not going to. Pili joins them and they sit in silence.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-15 11-16-59-043

3:15pm – 4:10pm HOH room – Sarah, Brittnee, Sarah and Godfrey lazing around sleeping / chatting about random things. Zach’s in the living room sleeping on the couch. They head up to the HOH room and Pili, Sarah, Brittnee talk about the season and other random things. Godfrey is sleeping and Zach is taking a bath.

4:40pm – 5:10pm Bedroom – Zach and Godfrey are talking. Zach says that next week only Brittnee is in the HOH competition against you, me, Pili and Ash. Godfrey says there is no way in hell I am taking Ash or Pils to the end. I want to go with people that I am confident would take me. I am leaning more towards you. I am not using it (veto) on Ash. I would rather sit next to someone that I respect. Zach says yeah thats what Bruno would say too. Godfrey says those two are solid. Zach says those 4 are solid. I would be so scared if Ash pulled herself off …I don’t know who she would nominate, you or Pil’s. Zach says if you made a huge move on Sunday that would be a good campaigning point. And then win HOH next week. We could ride this thing out. Godfrey tells Zach you and me were the only ones who have sweated.. well, you were on the block for 5 minutes. I just hope this week goes smoothly. Zach says it starts with the veto. We just have to win it and stick it to them. Godfrey tells Zach If I win the veto I will pull you off. Zach says thanks. They decide to keep it on the DL.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-15 14-00-37-214

5:20pm – 5:35pmBrittee asks Sarah what do you think about this? Sarah says lets just wait and see what happens. If anything happens we can talk our a$$es off to get out of anything. If Zach stayed and wins (HOH) this week it would be better for him to win so that he would maybe put one of us up with Godfrey and we could get the girls to vote out Godfrey. Sarah says that she thinks God will do whatever is best for him. It wouldn’t be a bad situation if Ash won and took herself down. We would just put up Pili. Sarah says a lot of weight is off our shoulders knowing that Bruno is out of here. If I was to go home next week I feel okay that he went before I did. It wasn’t okay what he did. Sarah says the one thing you have to work with God is that you’ve saved his life multiple times. Britt says that doesn’t mean anything to him. Sarah says I would vote for him in a heart beat. They don’t realize what he’s done. Pili is going to be heart broken if Kevin voted for someone over her. He’ll vote for someone who had the best game.

5:45pm – 6:25pm Bedroom – Ash and Pili are talking. Ash says I still think there are secrets about Godfrey that we don’t know. He’s just so mysterious. Pili tells Ash how she told Sarah if Ash comes off the block she should put up she should put up Godfrey because either way we are getting rid of a guy. Godfrey joins them. Pili says we’ve got to win this. Even if Sarah or Britt win it they will keep it the same. Godfrey tells Ash if he wins it he wouldn’t use it. Don’t stress out. Ash asks Godfrey what he thinks their reward is for winning the competition. Godfrey says he isn’t sure. Ash says maybe we’ll be in a Pizza Pizza commercial. Ash “I feel like a useless sack of POOP!” God “A sack of poop is useful though. You can use it an manure. Don’t insult the sack of poop”

In the HOH room. Brittnee says what if they don’t win the veto on themselves. Sarah says well f**k that’s the worst case. Either way we are putting Pili up and we are taking out one of their numbers. Sarah says 3 people that tight this close to the end is terrifying. Brittnee agrees. Sarah keeps falling asleep and big brother keeps waking her up. She says I’m awake, don’t you see my legs moving?

6:30pm – 6:55pm Big Brother calls all the house guests to the HOH room and then blocks the feeds … The feeds return a few minutes later with the house guests still lazing around.

7pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.

7:10pm Feed back with more silence..

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-15 16-11-43-996

7:15pm Sarah, Brittnee and Godfrey talking about getting to final 3. Sarah says as long as they get one of “Them” (diapers) out this week and Godfrey/Brittnee win the next HOH they’re good. Sarah starts playing up how many jury votes the other side has.
Godfrey says he told the golblins that next week he’s with them. “from how it seems Zach doesn’t have much faith in pili using it”
Godfrey adds that he knows the goblins will vote him out in a heart beat.
Brittnee – one of us are going to win there’s no option.

8:24pm Feeds block..
10:01pm no feeds
11:03pm No feeds for you
11:44pm never no feeds
12:50am No feed for U
2:02am orange screen no feeds
4:25am orange screen no feeds
5:00am no feeds
8:30am The live feeds return with the house guests sleeping. Zach is the only one laying with his eyes open.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-16 05-29-07-230

10:15am They’re still sleeping

11:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests.. and blocks the feeds.

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Just made a 10$ donation, really appreciate you guys and what you’ve done for years now. I work in a kiosk all day, so the only thing that keeps my sanity is reading your site! More donations to come this summer. Thanks Simon and dawg!

A Guy

GO Zach and God! F2! get these girls out!


What the hell. A God and Zach final 2 gets 54 thumbs up and 8 thumbs down. Last week it would have been opposite. Do people just cheer for the underdog every week. Jeez, pick your favorites and run with it.

Guy From Canada

I’ve been rooting for GOD for a while now. Any F2 with GOD I would give a thumbs up cause he would win the game 😉


It’s all the Bruno fans Bro’in it out.


Haven’t changed whom I want to win… I still want ZACK to win it. And Bruno to get favorite player!!


And i’m personally really tired of Sarah.
I don’t mind that she got power. I mind that she acts like a child when she doesn’t get her way, and i don’t like how power has seemed to go to her head.

Yes this is a common problem with people with power; but it doesn’t mean i have to like watching it.

And WTF – all the power in the house landed in Brit’s hands That’s crap.

I will say i like the diapers – but what i don’t like is any one side having too much power.

I didn’t want them winning week after week, and i sure don’t want Sarah and Brit winning power after power (through twists – if they earn it, then good on them).

I’m not finding this season as good as either of the previous two, honestly.

Though it’s better than the last two BBUS seasons.

get a clue

god is NOT making a f2 with zach, anyone who believes that to be true hasn’t been watching god play this game at all. god makes all kinds of deals, and honours none of them. if he had his way he would be f2 with pili.
there is no f2 between god and zach, he is just covering his bases. god wants zach out this week

A Guy

You need to get a clue, let me clue you in,.. i never stated anything about Zach and God making a final 2 deal! Did They? i don’t know. i haven’t seen the clip of them talking today. Let me clarify. I want the two remaining guys to be the final 2.

get a clue

furthermore, a f2 between zach and god would result in zach winning the game.


Clue up!
Zack is going home or GOD with a small chance Ash if Zack wins POV. God goes if Pili POV uses on Ash and GOD the renom. GOD won’t take Zack won’t take GOD that F2 isn’t happening. GODs got a lot of cred in the forum for essentially floating and it’s well earned IMO. Get Zack out we get to see if he has game. Can he get Pili and Ash to work with him not Sarah? I think that’s his problem frankly. He really may have no option but Sarah/B. A Pili Ash HOH he likely is the target.
Someone mentioned the change in the forum last week or so. Well I think excluding the trolls the forum has a lot of free thinkers every season BB USA or Canada. I for 1 don’t like production jamming Sarah on me. Then add in the trolls with their inability to be honest about Sarah for better and worse has gotten very tiresome. I think many just have jumped on the dislike Sarah band wagon. That’s just my opinion mind you. I hope folks still respect her manipulation skills they’re 1st rate. Most of her strategy talk pretty good to. But for rank hypocracy her and her minions here are at the top of the list.
I’d love to see B win. Oh whoops I’m a guy I must be Mysogenist ? go Zack go….. up the stairs and out the door. I’d like a GOD win to if he shows some chops after Zack goes. I really hop Pili loses the POV as GOD gets evicted if she wins and that would suck. Zack 1st and Sarah second Wednesday would set up a fun F4. F2 B/GOD is a toss up no idea. They both beat a diaper and I think Pili beats Ash but that’s close. Better than the other alternatives.


I am starting to dislike Godfrey. Godfrey starting becoming a favourite because of how dauntless he was in claiming Zach was his target. Now he’s become a useless floater throwing comps to not be a threat and make it to the end. He doesn’t deserve to win.


just because he’s using a smart strategy to make it this far kind of lay low doesn’t make him useless, at the en of the day Godfrey will do what good for him personally not what canada or the fans wants to see. and i for One think being a “floater” and covering all your bases is one of the bets startegies one can use int he house look at Dr.will kirby and danielle ( from bb us 3) .


we know what happens to those who always throw comps .. they get bitten .. I think if he throws this one Sarah and Britt will peg him and put him up as a replacement .. he (god) has to know that the girls are one to him.. and he would be the one going home .. Time to play god…

A Guy

God started becoming my favorite when he was the ONLY one i saw who went up to the HoH room to make the classic “Don’t put me up and i won’t put you up” Deal when Bobby was HoH and they shook on it. This was before Bobby made his noms and after God had already painted himself as the “house” target!


Appreciate what you guys have done! Made a 10$ donation and more to come this summer. Appreciate it Simon and dawg!


Thanks Tylerkk 🙂


So on last night’s SideShow Bruno hugs Arissa, shakes Peter’s hand but basically ignores Gary – very interesting indeed!! I always had a hunch Bruno was homophobic (he was gunning for Johnny early on without any real basis) so I had a hunch even then.
Very curious that he doesn’t want to touch Gary and ignores him (scared the gay will rub off?? LOL)….. I guess Gary is poison too hahaha


I thought I saw the same thing but I’m pretty sure that he did shake Gary’s hand. What was the point of having wacko Anik on there anyway? To distribute crystals?

As for Gary I am all for people being themselves and dressing and being who they are but at this point it just seems like he is doing everything for attention. Its like he tries to find the ugliest things he can possibly find to wear and wears them all at the same time. And that odd haircut? I am torn when it comes to Gary because I want to support acceptance for everyone but he seems to be doing himself and gay people no favours by dressing/acting the way he does. It doesn’t make me uncomfortable or anything, I just think it is so out there that he becomes an easy target and nobody takes him seriously.


I love how you can carelessly label someone a homophobic, based on absolutely nothing. You are pathetic! How can you call someone a misogynist and a homophobe when he hasn’t done anything to show those qualities? You’re obsession with slandering the guys character is really sad.

Habs Rule

Couldnt agree more…….Bruno did shake Garys hand and even if he didnt what gives you the right to label him homophobic with absolutely no basis to your claim….Hes actually a pretty nice guy and you could see that on the sideshow last night.Probably one of the nicest people on the show……He s not even in the house anymore and your still harbouring on him,,,,,Let it go and move on there buddy.


Just to confirm what an idiot you are, they just replayed the show and he clearly shook Gary’s hand, along with Peter’s, and hugged the ladies.


I just watched Sideshow Bruno did NOT shake Gary’s hand. Something about him really bugs me.

The Truth

Watch again. Play it frame by frame. He clearly shakes the hand attached to a black sleeve and gold bracelet.
That’s Gary.


I think alot of people thought the same thing as did I also, so I re-watched the episode on their site. Go to 23:38, Bruno is shaking Gary’s hand, it looks like Peter’s but is actually Gary’s. Gary is wearing long sleeves, peter has his rolled up 🙂


I agree there is something shady about Bruno. I don’t get a good vibe from him at all. I did want to like him but there is something dark about him. He does not respect women at all.

Habs Rule

How do you know for a fact he does not respect woman???oh yeah right cause he didnt fall for sarahs B.S. oh maybe cause he yelled at her…..people yell at each other its not a sign of disrespect …..i get a very good vibe from the guy he is genuinely a good person……stop assuming stuff ………Sarah is the one i dont get a good vibe from. Jesus…….sarah trolls are still looking for something to bring the guy down……Move on already……and yeah he did shake garys hand!!


Simon and Dawg thanks for all that you guys do to keep us entertained. It is greatly appreciated. I look forward every day to reading all the updates.
I have just sent my donation. Keep up the great work!!


That conversation Godfrey had with Brittnee & Sarah has put him under suspicion. I think if Godfrey won the veto, he might actually use it to save Zach. He tried to assure Brittnee & Sarah that they were all on the same page, but Brittnee & Sarah definitely left that conversation feeling like it was the two of them vs. the rest of the house. I was rooting for Godfrey to make it to the final 2, but after that conversation he just had with Brittnee & Sarah…..so disappointed in him.


You’re disappointed in him because he wants to keep Zach around. Isn’t that what Brittnee and Sarah just did 36 hours ago?

Pretty hypocritical of Sarah getting mad at Godfrey for saying that he wants to keep Zach around after she had the opportunity to change that a couple days ago and decided not to.


I’m disappointed in Godfrey because Brittnee & Sarah saved him twice! (They kept him over JP and used the special SAFE power to save him this week). I don’t know if you heard it, but when Brittnee was putting the SAFE necklace around Godfrey’s neck he kept muttering “I owe you”. He wouldn’t be in the game if it wasn’t for Brittnee & Sarah. Brittnee wanted Bruno out because he was the glue that held that guy alliance together. How often do Zach and Godfrey talk now that Bruno is gone? It was a smart game move. Brittnee & Sarah need to focus on winning that veto. They can’t really count on anyone else to keep the nominations the same.


Thats part of the game. Tough shit if it doesn’t benefit Sarah or Britnee’s game. He’s not in the house to play their game. The “I owe you” nonsense should never be taken at face value. I hope he does throw it.


Britt didn’t save him with her safe power. She took him off with herself so that Zach and Bruno would be on the block together. Ensuring one of them would get evicted. If she left him on, God would be gone. This the type of logic Sarah has tried used in the house. Do something that is strictly beneficial for herself and then try to sell it to others as being in their best interest. When people don’t buy it, belittle them.


Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Factually Britt & Sarah actually have saved Godfrey more than anyone else in that house:

1) Sindy/Sarah were the ones who initiated getting JP out and it was Britt telling Bobby that Zach was going to back door him that sealed JP leaving

2) In Britt’s first HOH she didn’t nominate God or renom him

3) In the triple eviction Godfrey was never even a considertion to go on the block hence the discussion surrounding Willow, Ash and Bruno

4) Britt didn’t need to pull Godfrey down she could have put up anyone beside him (Zach, Bruno, Ash, Pils) but she chose to do both. I’ll agree it was wise to put up both Zach/Bruno but still if she just put up Bruno the Diapers could’ve saved him or conversely just putting up Zach who knows which way Bruno would have voted.

5) Again Sarah didn’t nominate him and is looking to keep him safe in the veto.

Now let’s look at the diapers:

*Zach nominated him & ultimately was targeting him to leave
* Pils nominated him
* Ash nominated him

Of note: Godfrey had been on the block 3 times SO ALL 3 TIMES IT WAS THE DIAPERS WHO PUT HIM UP!

That’s not to say Godfrey needs to play S/B game, rather just that it makes sense to get out Zach as S/B will break up the Goblins before they take out God and vice versa so it behooves him to get out Zach now.

I think God’s ideal F3 is actually Pils and one of S/B so neither is disposed to take each other and he just needs to beat whoever of S/B is in F3 so he can take Pils to F2 and win the game


I agree with TorontoVegan.
Godfrey is betraying Sarah and Brittnee and that tells you a lot about his character. Godfrey should not win, neither should Pili, Zachary, or Ash. Go Sarah and B Go!!!!


So I guess Jon didn’t deserve to win last year, right? Hell, using your logic, there are only 3 or 4 people in the history of Big Brother who won that actually deserved to win.


I don’t get this idea that there are “undeserving” winners. The bottom line in my mind is that if you win it then you deserve to win. There are many types of gameplay and many ways to make it too the end!


I just don’t understand the logic in him saying it to Sarah. He can do as he likes, but he doesn’t have to say it. How would it benefit him to tell her?

The Truth

It doesn’t benefit him at all. Diarrhea of the mouth strikes again. Sarah and Britt have to win the POV if they want to control who goes home.


Godfrey has a number of mis-speaks. Some are releasing thoughts without really thinking about who he is talking to. Other times it’s his brain is not engaged. An example of the latter is him and Britt in the kitchen discussing Pili winning the POV. Godfrey mistakenly states that he hopes she does win, Britt says ‘what?’, he corrects himself with hopes she doesn’t win. It seems they are all really tired from BB keeping them up the last two nights…and we all know Godfrey needs his sleep.


MisogynistBruno….It was a great interview, and this is the shit you come back with? Your an asshole!!!


Its funny that Bruno has complimented Sarah on her game in his exit interviews, but Sarah was ready to poison the jury against him when she wasn’t getting her way.


Its so true. The reason why he complimented her is because he’s an ADULT and understands that this is a GAME. SHE’s a crybaby loser who moans and whines and loves to play the victim when things don’t go her way.


Hey, Bruno seems like a great guy, he’s also the guy who called Sarah poison from week one and in a fight called her a fucking disgusting bitch, trash etc. Does he really feel that way, probably not.

The point we are missing is the things he did in the house doesn’t define who is out of the house, I’m sure she’ll also speak very highly of Bruno upon exiting the house so why not give Sarah the same courtesy?

Habs Rule

Yeah but sarah is still in the house and when she does leave we will see what sarah is like and if she leaves the same way as bruno did with class and not whine and leave all pissed off like she is most of the time in the house………ill give her the courtesy she deserves. but till then i cannot give her any…….its just hard to like her imo…….


I just watched the sideshow…
What a bunch of crap!
Arisa say there was a girls alliance? Since when? Sindy saying the girls should stick together? Like that happened! Never was never will be, It was all made up by Bruno’s paranoia.
Anik as a guest (nice person) clueless about the game. WTF is that the best they can do?
Playing with condoms/talking … Ash seems to have lots of experience.
Little kids in the audience. Real appropriate Global. Another pointless clip … really Global?
Ya Global block our feeds and then do that? Some F#cked up people running this show.
So out of 45 min … 5 minuted worth watching … if that?
I hope their rating do a nose dive
Maybe they’ll bring on some real strategic guest and focus on whats really happening.
Since Global said they don’t give a rats a$$ about live feeds/fans, I’ve only visited their site once to vote for SP. Like they give a $hit, (maybe their advertisers might) I’ll do my minuscule part.


With the amount of fluff the producers are putting in both BBCan and the Side Show they each could run as 1/2 slots.
The editing really does a dis service to the game itself and they are frustrating to watch. Probably why the ratings are tanked.


What is wrong with Godfrey? Has he been hanging around clueless Pili & Ashleigh too long? If Zach wins and takes himself off you go up Godfrey and guess who votes? Zach & Ashleigh, and guess who they are voting out? What is he thinking?


Lol…maybe it was the atmosphere. Ash and Pili NEVER leave the HOH, so basically all game talk with them happens in that room. Since Godfrey was in the HOH at the time…he must have become distracted, temporarily confused Sarah for Ash or Pili, and then started throwing out some crap they would have been pleased to hear…out of habit.

He definitely dropped the ball on that one. Even if that isn’t what happened, he might want to use something like that as his excuse. “Yo bro, I don’t actually mean I want Zach to save himself. I have just been so used to telling Ash and Pili that…that I got confused at who I was talking to for a minute, yo?”

Big Brother Memo

They’re ACTORS.


TorontoGuy, you’re wrong on so many levels.

1. If Zach Pulls himself off Pili will be the replacement, not Godfrey
2. If they do put God as a replacement, then its Zach and Pili voting, not Zach and Ash
3. WHY on earth would Sarah want to have God and Ash on the block instead of Pili and Ash?

No disrespect to you TorontoGuy, but you also seem to be clueless about what’s happening in the house


LOL OOPS! What was I thinking? I stand corrected. I will blame it on how boring the season is, its frying my brain.


It’s all game play on Godfrey’s part, he knows that Sarah is not going to put him OTB unless Pili wins the veto. Therefore, during the veto comp, if Pili gets eliminated before Godfrey, he is going to throw the comp. In other words, Godfrey only competes for the veto if Pili has a chance to win it, otherwise, he throws it. However, Godfrey does not want Zach to win the veto, he would rather Sarah or Brit win the veto, he would even be satified if Ash wins over Zach. By saying to Sarah and Brit that he hopes Zach wins if it is a physical comp, Godfrey is basically saying to them, if Pili drops before me in a physical comp don’t count on me to compete against Zach for the veto. In other words, he wants to scare Sarah and Brit a little bit, in order to give them extra incentive to win the veto. Godfrey doesn’t want to win comps until he absolutely has to win, because If he wins a physical, or even mental comp at this stage, it might convince Brit and Sarah that they should take Ash and Pili to final four over Godfrey, because he is secretly a beast at comps. Also, if Godfrey makes final two, he wants to tell the jury that he played the best social game, because he made it to final 3 or 4 without winning a comp, only winning when he had to. Godfrey does not want any blood on his hands before final 4.


because god was dumb enough to say that to them, they just might throw him up there to go home in zach’s place if they think he threw it to zach. the last thing they want to keep in the house is another guy who is loyal to zach. it was very stupid of him to say that to them. if you are dumb enough to allow zach to stay at this point, you deserve to go home.

Habs Rule

first of all,,,,,,its not in godfreys hands who goes or stays unless he wins the veto…..You say if godfrey is dumb enough to allow zach to stay, godfrey deserves to go home….LOL!!!What????Its more like if Britt and sarah are dumb enough to allow zach to stay …why would b and s get rid of the middle man when they can get rid of the top dog!!……..when the top dog is gone the middle man will stay just what he is….The middle man

604 Macho

Great clip seeing Sarah say “liar” after Ash left the HOH room. Good for her not to fall for Zach’s idea for the girls to see the all girls final 4.


Ashleigh trying to convince Sarah that Zach needs to go was hilarious! It didn’t even sound sincere. Maybe if she had practiced in the mirror before heading to the HOH room it would have sounded better. If Ashleigh is not careful, she might be the one heading to the jury house. Brittnee & Sarah know that it is dangerous to have someone in the house who would fall on his or her sword for another houseguest so late in the game. Fingers crossed, Brittnee or Sarah win the veto.

21 Jump Street

Dear Sarah,

After careful consideration, Pilar and I have decided that we are going to need two votes at the eviction so that we may indeed vote Zachary out since it will be best for our game. Would you please instruct the person winning POV to use it to remove me from the block, and then we could finally be an all girls f4?

Yours Truly,

p.s. We also think that it would be best if you put Brittnee on the block as my replacement so that the guys don’t get suspicious about our all girls alliance. You could tell her that she is just going up as a pawn, I mean she would be, right?


Zach has some kind of special power. I have determined that he is able to exert his power through his mesmerizing gaze or the sound of his voice. It has to be one or the other. How else can you explain why houseguests are willing to sacrifice their life in the Big Brother house for him. It is so incredibly bizarre…and frustrating. These houseguests are willing to save him at any cost. Brittnee & Sarah are the only ones who are not under his spell, and it could be because they spend very little time with him.

Habs Rule

You say that sarah and britt are not under zach spell……Hmmmmm……then why is he still in the house after they had the power to get rid of him…….


Brit has been … Flirting with Zack big time lately
She has always had a crush on him. It wouldn’t surprise me if Zack stays she cuts a final deal with him… Never have never will trust Brit!
Sarah on the other hand, is going along with Brits decisions because she is scared if she pushes Brit to hard she will flip. Sarah always gives her opinion on who should go and Brit does what Brit wants. Real team player! Brit already super screwed up their game by getting Willow out because she was jealous, Sarah knows this and is walking the tightrope

another name

imo, because they didn’t know where Bruno really stood in the game (devil you don’t know) and erroneously believed Bruno’s control over Zach and godfrey was more dangerous than Zach’s control over pilar and Ashleigh.

Habs Rule

Then they were still under zachs so called spell…….cause anyone who wasnt under any so called spell would of realized that zach was the bigger threat to britt and sarah…more numbers mean more power…more power means bigger threat!!

another name

thinking that there was an alliance of three men would be operating under Bruno’s voodoo, not Zach’s. it was Bruno who led the charge of calling out a girl’s alliance. under the sarah and godfrey tit for tat rule if there’s a girls alliance it stands to reason there’s a guy’s alliance considering Bruno gave veto to Zach a week before..

another name

sarah and Bruno tit for tat not sarah and godfrey. looked up and saw godfrey’s name on the tab and typed it. my apology.


@Habs Rule:

At the time, Bruno was the bigger threat. He was too impulsive. You can’t leave people like that in the game. You never know what they are going to do. It was too risky.

At least with Zach, you always know where his head is at. Zach is all about self-preservation. If Ashleigh and Pili were up on the block and Zach won the veto, I’m not sure he would use it to save either of them. He would wait for one of them to be voted out, and then try to solidify a final two deal with the houseguest that stayed. He would then try to convince Godfrey that keeping him in the game for as long as possible benefits everyone.

Habs Rule

@TorontoVegan…………I still think when they have the numbers on the side and you somewhat know there probably coming after you ….it makes you a bigger threat….and at least try to get the other sides numbers down by getting rid of one of them but i Thank you for your insight anyway….everyone has a different perspective.


@Habs Rule:

When you’re in the Big Brother House, you have to rely on instinct. On that day, Brittnee thought it would be better for her game to get rid of Bruno before Zach. I guess we will just have to wait and see how her decision affects her game moving forward. It’s okay that we don’t agree. It makes the discussions on this site much more interesting. We are all huge fans of Big Brother, and I am glad that we have this site to discuss every aspect of the show.


It’s a game of numbers. Zach had a solid 3 one way and a potential 3 in a hypothetical. Bruno had a hypothetical 3. Zach was the bridge between those two groups. Remove Zach and you have 3 sets of 2 and work those two sets moving forward.
Britt had figured this out and let her emotions cloud her logic.
Yes Bruno is a threat…but Zach was and continues to be the biggest game threat in the house.
Sarah and Britt set themselves up for a greater odds of failure by not removing Zach with the special power. Strategically it was the weakest move.


Agreed. The other factor is apparently Godfrey went out of his way during the commercial to try to get S/B to save Bruno which confirmed for them how tight the 2 were.

Everyone talks about the Diaper 3 and initially I was in the camp thinking get out Zach, but in hindsight you have to see how comfortable Bruno was sitting (as he himself admits in his exit interviews).

In essence Bruno was part of the Diapers & b/c he got Zach to buy his F2 deal Zach would have tried to break up Pils/Ash before going after Bruno. In addition Bruno had God sold on being his real F2 & had Zach believing he was covered by both the goblins & the men in a F3.

As much as Pils complained about Bruno she was on board to keep him until F5 and Zach/Ash could’ve convinced her to take him to F4 b/c Ash also believed she was his F2 partner.

So looking at how well positioned Bruno was coupled with his unpredictability. For example Godfrey was the one who told Sarah/Britt about the possibility Zach/Bruno were related. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn if that was something Black & Bru cooked up to make S/B look crazy.


Zack should of gone but Brit has a crush on him.
(snuggling up to his a$$ on the couch … literally + …. ) WTF Brit
I feel bad for Sarah … Sarah knows Brit will stab her in the back again at anytime.
But, Brit is her only untrustworthy ally.
Sarah thinks logically and makes good choices for the most part, but Brit is not a team player…
That is why Zack and Ash are still in the house.
It should of been …Sarah, Brit, Willow, n Pili … Bruno, Godfrey left in the house.
Jealousy n Crushes = Brit is a bad player … I actually hope Brit goes during the double or right after. She can snuggle up to Zacks a$$ in Jury house.
Bruno was imploding, He would of buried himself. He is the one you want to keep around.
He would of totally blown a gasket at anytime. No one wants to work with that.
Brunos worst nightmare … stuck in the house with 4 women.. God forbid lol
Me personally … I like women … I’d rather be stuck with four women than four guys.


Ya Habs for sure! Also Britt.still has hots for him and would drop Sarah in a second if he chose to go that route!


He reminds me of players like Emmett and Derrick. No one ever even thought of gunning after them when they were clearly dominating the game. I also think that people with the balls are always evicted early on in the game and gutless ones stay (minus Sarah and B). Joey (the chick with blue hair) and Brittany (BB16) for example..


There is at least one houseguest like that every season. The person usually does a great job of just blending in with the rest of the other houseguests. The person does just enough for people to want to work with him or her, but not enough to be seen as a serious threat. He or she also knows exactly what to say and when. Crafty individuals! You have to weed people like this out by week 4 or you don’t stand a chance!

another name

I think sarah is less likely to believe Zach because of the lies he told her at the beginning of the season. she knows how to read him. she’s been fairly intuitively accurate when logically assessing what people are going to do next since after neaha and before jonny’s departure.
the reason sarah and britt are so guarded right now in terms of trusting what anyone says is that every attempt they made to make an alliance throughout the game was a chump situation. the hexagons was a farce to kevin Zach and Jordan. it cost them jonny. the alliance with Bruno and bobby and godfrey was a farce as well. Bruno went out the next day and threw sarah under the bus (to make someone else a target other than him), then got annoyed and paranoid when she found out, got annoyed and paranoid and threw him under the bus in return (they are a toxic yin yang of behavior), thus ending that 24 hour alliance. the attempt of an alliance with the girls last week ended in them running to Zach with every word, and everyone but sarah and britt sitting at a table discussing sarah. At this point they are trying to trust godfrey, because he owes them, and he says lets hope Zach wins and takes himself off?


As I have said in a previous post …
Zack career after BB should be
“Cult Leader”
There are unfortunately, millions of Pilis n Ashes out there


let sarah win veto have double power since it is double eviction week!


I almost forgot about that. This will be an interesting week.


Reading some of these comments you would think it was a rule in the game that you have to vote in Sarah’s and B’s favour.


Even the viewers are being deluded into thinking Ash & Pill should go over to Sarah’s side. Let me quote from this article above:

“Sarah says as long as they get one of “Them” (diapers) out this week and Godfrey/Brittnee win the next HOH they’re good”.


Is anyone else really disappointed in production this year? If you didn’t watch the live feeds or read this site you would get very little from the aired shows. The first half of every show is a recap of what they showed last show. These people are also rather boring in my opinion. But yet I always keep watching!


Skip to about 4:30 of the HOH brit god sarah clip. God is so funny. “If it’s physical hopefully Zach can win it and pull himself off”. Brit and Sarah “What the F God”…..lol


That’s what happens when you try to play both sides. Eventually, the wrong thing will come out of your mouth at the wrong time in front of the wrong person. I’m actually shocked that it didn’t happen sooner.


I do not think the goblins would put Godfrey by himself because they know that sarah and britt took out most of the best players in the game so it’s foolish to keep them into final 4


I never trusted Godfrey! My gut instinct is always right 99% of the time and he and his glib talk never won me over. I think he’s full of BS and is unable to win anything…….he’s useless, just a fricking hanger-on! Sarah should put him up if Zach wins.


I’m with you on that 100%, feel the same way… I’ve not trusted him either and I’ve tried to like him but can’t do it, Godfrey is too shady as I’ve commented before. He’s just as bad as Ash & Pili for running somewhere with every convo he’s had, he has done nothing and hasn’t even tried. Godfrey has no game.


I really appreciate all the work you put into the site and keeping us all updated 🙂


Thanks D 🙂


Agreed! Gratitude and appreciation for all you two do for keeping us in the loop on BBCAN and BBUS.


Thanks DeAnne 🙂


You guys do such great work and I’m so excited that I found your site. I’m not sure if you’re in Canada or USA but I really appreciate your coverage of BBCAN3. I’m Canadian and totally appreciate it! I just made a $20.00 donation and will be making more as BBUSA starts. Thanks a bunch!! 😀


Thanks Cynthia, we’re Canadian. We live on Vancouver Island.

VI Viewer

Another VI fan here! Thank you so much for all you do!


You’re welcome yo

Habs Rule

I was wondering lets just say pillar wins veto and takes ashleigh off the block and zach and whomever sarah noms as a replacement lets say godfrey are on the block and its a double eviction does that mean they both go home…dont quite understand how its going to go down…can anyone explain it to me??……


Double eviction means – 2 weeks worth of show in one episode, there will be the first eviction (Ash vs Zach, if noms stay the same) then a quick new HOH battle, veto comp, & 2nd eviction 🙂 hope this helps “Instant eviction”
means – HOH battle, noms, NO Veto, voting out either of the 2 noms 🙂

Habs Rule

Thanks JaneBond for the info….appreciate it!!


I want Pili to win veto becuase it will make for some exciting feeds but I don’t want to see Godfrey go.

Habs Rule

I dont want god to go either i was just using him as an example cause i do think sarah would put him up instead of britt as a renom….do you know how a double eviction would go down Simon?


Double eviction is a roll of the dice. Hopefully it’s a mix of the two sides taking hits just to keep the final week interesting.

Habs Rule

Thanks there Simon but i was just wondering how they were gonna do a double eviction…will it be.2 weeks in one show or will the 2 on the block be evicted without any one voting??


opps. two weeks in one show is usually how it goes down. Someone goes home wednesday.. EVICTION, HOH, NOMS, POV, POV CEREMONY, EVICTION. HOH Either later that night (US) or the next day

Habs Rule

Thajks Simon………Appreciate the info!!


As for the talk about GOD and owing B seriously how often deals get broke in BB/ And it wasn’t a deal but a comment made after he was saved. The bigger picture the only vote anyone owes is to what’s in their best interest. That’s why we need Zack gone. Then GOD gotta make his own best interest 1st. Right now Zack is the shield.
A fun question for everyone not in fairy land. How to you get your fav and Pili F2? Because anyone thinking Sarah beside B F2 needs their head examined. GOD gotta want a Diaper so B and Sarah. Personally I hope Pili wins just because she’s likable as a person.
.Presume Zack goes F6.3
GOD get either Sarah or B out F5. This is the Sarah exit slot for GOD.
B not sure she is, or will ever, cut Sarah loose. If she has F5 opportunity take it. Needs F4 safety with HOH or POV. If she won F5 pretty hard to go F4 with no one playing for HOH. F3 needs part 2 to get to 7 questions.
For all 3 including Sarah this is best if diaper wins HOH not a B or GOD HOH. Sarah will target GOD F5. She is smart enough to wait til she wins 7 questions to cut B loose. She may not make F2 without 7 questions.
Ash in tough IMO unless Pili goes she is number 2 choice F2 at best. She disappears before F3 unless diapers go back to back plus POV F
Deserves the win ATM…
I love a good float game GOD has been a lot better than good and a really tight social game as well. Whether he earns it depends on his play after the 1st 1/2 of the double if he survives.

B loved her from her 1st HOH on. She surprises in good way’s but the freaking crybaby stuff I cannot stand. She’s full of herself but so are most HG’s that go deep. She has nade HOH mistakes to welcome to being human. I’d be happy with a B win.

Sarah I simply don’t like her character. Her social is manipulative not genuine think that will cost her personally. Her stabbing Willow in the back a disgraceful display by a very selfish person. I wonder if F2 the jury sees her as a BB genius or a lay about douche bag. Think she has a hard time getting F2…. oh wait she’s a shoe in F2 as productions darling what am I thinking. Sarah versus Pili F2….. 6-4 Sarah.

Pili and Ash speech decides it I hope Pili. Ash showed some game til she got with Zack think that ended her season myself


Hey Stan,

As per your question re: how the jury will see Sarah. The one person I wondered about was Bruno given their fighting. As per the links below he is saying he hopes Godfrey makes it but thinks Sarah deserves it. He says she played the SAME GAME he played. Interesting. In one interview he seems to credit Sarah more for his eviction than Britt.

Toronto Sun:

BBCan3 Exit Interview:

ET Canada Interview:

Big Brother Daily Interview: (he discusses Sarah vote/injured thumb: for those not caring to read it, he says it’s still injured BUT he figured it would heal soon and he planned on milking the injury i.e. playing it up: http://www.bigbrotherdaily.com/big-brother-canada-season-3/bruno-ielo-interview.html


Yeh TT I got that vibe just from the Bruno Sideshow interview.. Still the question how does she get F2? F4 down is you gotta win. For Sarah F5 POV 1st maybe. These HG’s to some extent seem to be less a bitter jury which helps Sarah. It helps B to.

JP bitter Cindy. He’ll vote game but he left with 11 left.
Cindy- Picks a girl winner(they all may have to :P)
Bobby- Bro before hoes. It’s 2 girls most likeable maybe?
Kev- best game as he sees it
Willow- She’ll vote B or Sarah if Sarah then Willow is one very weak person. Hope she has a backbone Sarah didn’t
Bruno- Best game he’ll vote GOD if F2 if not Sarah or B in that order. I’m presuming GOD must make real game moves to sit F2.
B and Pili final 2 but boy it’s a crap shoot. If GOD stays F6 and can get the target on Sarah F5 he may make the finale. Next few days pretty tense for his fans IMHO. No Pili POV for starters.
I’ve been thinking a lot since there are less than 2 weeks left. As of right now I think B can win BB CAN 3 versus Sarah. I think there are enough HG’s in the jury that will reward game play. Second I think she is a much more likeable person IMHO. 5-5 Canada chooses I’ll just go find a good puke bucket for the last episode. Lastly if either takes the other they need their head examined unless the other option is GOD


I get what you are saying about S/B. I see the jury looking at it differently depending on how the final 7 comps go and who wins them.

If Sarah/Britt are F2 here’s the thing:
Bruno isn’t the only one who has said Sarah is running Britt’s HOH’s. The reality is Britt makes her own decisions however the jury doesn’t believe that.

Comp wins: They BOTH won shifting gears (but Sarah wisely gave it to Britt to take the target off her)
Britt won Triple Eviction & Sarah won the 100 minutes of Hell – EVEN
Plus Sarah has won the POV (that saved herself from the block which the jury will give more credence b/c Britt removed herself with a power)

The power Britt won is also something Sarah can downplay to say I was safe, Britt was on the block so I held back to let her get the power not knowing what it was. Based on what I saw it certainly didn’t look like Sarah was busting her butt to win.

Players like JP, Kevin, Bruno (Bobby by extension of doing what Bruno tells him), Zach, Sindy and Willow will all give Sarah the higher social and strategic marks given she got rid of big targets without getting blood on her hands. Especially Zach/Bruno who tried to get their allies to take our their chosen targets.

What Britt has in her favor is the fact she took out Willow to keep Sarah to herself and was responsible for the eviction of big players Graig, Kevin, Willow and Bruno. However if Zach leaves this week under Sarah’s HOH that will push her way past Britt as making the biggest move of the season.

Then look back at the alliances (though they never transpired) it was ALWAYS Sarah who negotiated for her & Britt to work with others. Perhaps that’s why the jury views her as the stronger of the 2. Certainly it’s why Bruno/Zach/JP & Kevin will b/c it’s how they played.

Though it depends on the jury when you break it down given the comps are close (to this point) and Sarah was more influential. I’d say Sarah would win.

Once again it depends on the final 7 comps b/c if Britt won 3 of the last 7 comps it SHOULD push her ahead but I’m still not sure it would sew it up for her.

Still, I’m having a hard time believing S/B can make it all the way to F2. I think Sarah will definitely be the target on the double eviction but it could just as easily be God, Britt or Ash leaving. Pils is really the safest player in the house. Like Neda said week 2 or 3 if Pils makes it to jury she’s guaranteed F2.

Which brings us to the final question would either of Britt or Sarah cut each other to take Pils to F2? Britt has already shown she’ll make big moves & take risks (Willow), but would Sarah cut Britt? I tend to think she might b/c it’s the smart move. If Godfrey is the 3rd choice that’s where it might not be such an easy choice and it’s more likely they take each other.


Edit: should say both won the same amount of HOH’s …. Britt – triple evict & Sarah 100 mins in hell


i feel like Sarah def would cut Britt in a F2 scenario like Jon and Neda. I see Britt keeping Sarah till the end as promised. If I were in jury and it was B/S in a final 2, I would vote for Brittnee. The girl has been on slop for more than half her time in the house, she took out 4 big players, winning two important HOHs. Even if Sarah is able to get Zach out, she hasn’t had great success in comps, her social game, while strong, hasn’t been the best and she has been too emotional in some instances.

If however, Sarah was up against God in F2 I would no doubt vote for her. I hate God’s gameplay. He starts off sleeping the first half of the game, is lucky enough for another player to campaign on his behalf to flip the house, ahem Sindy, makes bold statements to get out the showmances and openly calls out Zach as his target only to purposely throw comps, have 0 true loyalty for any HG and consistently throw people under the bus. I have no respect for his gameplay. Then to boot say how great it would be for Zach to win veto and take himself off the block… LOL wat!?

While God can be entertaining to watch, I don’t think he’s worthy of being crowned winner of BBCAN3.


Next POV challenge … Who Can Stay Awake … watching the bore fest


Simon and Dawg, Thank you for all your hard work! We don’t show much appreciation but thank you for keeping us entertained, you guys are the real MVPS!


Thanks Nishat 😉


I am pretty sure Sarah or Brit will win POV anyways but even if they don’t production will forget about a twistos twist or something to make sure they get what they need. Production has fed Sarah and Brit everything!


POV taking forever tonight. Makes it seem like it was either a timed event or endurance which doesn’t make it seem likely it was How Bad Do You Want It.

I was hoping it was something like that b/c Sarah had said she would shave her head. Meanwhile BB never makes the girls shave their head. The punishment is always guys shave head, girls dye theirs pink. The irony is I bet Sarah would love to have pink hair lol and she said she would shave it anyway.

The other reason I was hoping it was HBDYWI is they always include a “can’t play for veto” as part of the comp. Imagine going into double evict thinking you’re are safe only to learn if you don’t win HOH you are likely gone. So Zach, Sarah or Britt getting that punishment (can’t play for veto) would be a huge detriment.


I want to thank everyone for the support we’ve had these past couple days.

another name

drove to the city tonight to spend some time with friends visiting from the uk. left about an hour to an hour and a half before feeds were blocked expecting to have to do a lot of catch up before going to sleep….. oh right this is the global version of big brother what was I thinking. gone for hours and I missed almost nothing. (?)thanks… big… brother???


Saw an interesting tweet tonight which highlights the timing of this year’s twists versus last year (for those thinking production biased it toward Britt/Sarah)

Last Year (LY) This Year (TY)

LY: Canada is HOH TY: Bruno gets double veto opportunity

LY: Hidden POV (Alison) TY: Sindy returns to house

LY: Double Eviction TY: Triple Eviction

LY: Emmett/Neda talk to Neda TY: Sarah/Britt win SP

LY: Instant Eviction TY: Upcoming Double Eviction

Hard to argue the timing and facts.




Been wondering that myself all night/all morning.

If I was going to make a guess I’d say Zach didn’t since he was lying awake early this morning when everyone else was asleep as per Dawg/Simon’s update.

He could just be thinking things through, but if he was wide awake at 8:30 a.m. while everyone else was sleeping soundly one would think it wasn’t him or Pils. (since they were the only 2 who could win to save him from going home)

Dying to find out though.


I’m thinking they pulled an all night POV comp, maybe that’s why they were napping in the day yesterday.


Veto comps. Are never long endurance are they? Like were. They up all evening and night last night competing or something? Or are they short staffed because of the holiday weekend?


I think Ashley won POV b/c Britt was just discussing voting out Zach with Sarah. I came in on the end of the discussion but it sounds like she is going to put up Pils and then say we need to ensure Zach is leaving and I think she said so if you can count on your girl you’ll be fine.


Feeds prob out until the show..,so we don’t see veto results


Feeds came on for a sec while Sarah and Britt were changing batteries. Sarah was telling Britt that they will phrase it to Pili that “it doesnt matter if she trusts Godfrey or not…Britt is voting out Zach…so it depends on if she trusts Ash or not”. This tells me that Ash won veto and Sarah is going to put up Pili (yay!) and Ash is will have choose which to vote out. Now Godfrey and Ash could both vote out Pili…with Zach staying yet again. I hope that doesn’t happen.


I am checking this site like an addict and I am having withdrawals- neeed updates…………….


Confirmed: Ashleigh won POV, Some sort of puzzle that took her 28 minutes.

Convo in HOH with Britt/Sarah/God
Britt took 38 minutes, Sarah took around 48 and God was longer (did he throw it?). Don’t know where Zach/Pils placed.

Sarah plans to tell Pilar she is the re-nom and she doesn’t need to fret b/c even if she’s worried about Godfrey’s vote she has Britts and all she needs to rely on is Ash. (funny they are going to plant that).