POV Ceremony results “If I can get to three then yeah” [I win]

Head of Household Winner: Jackson
Nominations are: Tommy, Cliff Holly
Power of Veto Players are:
Power of Veto holder: Nicole
Power of Veto Ceremony: Nicole uses the veto on Cliff. Holly is the replacement.
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11:40 am Feeds come back Nicole use the power of Veto on Cliff. Holly is the only eligible houseguest to be nominated in his place.
Cliff commenting how they are only getting the backyard today.

Cliff asks if he stayed up late last night.
Jackson – She ended up getting pissed. Sat in the Diary room until 5 in the morning
Cliff – really, ABout the challenge and general stuff?
Jackson – wine, Sorta a repeat of the couch last week
Nicole – is everything ok?
Jackson – it’ll be fine
Jackson – 16 days, on Wednesday it’ll be 2 weeks.

12:27 pm Tommy and Jackson (airplanes outside make
T – these mics are sick.. they’re so cool
Tommy goes on about high end the microphones are, “SICK. they’re good they pick everything up. Think about how clear the audio is when you watch the shows”
Tommy explains how the ceiling mics are backup.
T – do you feel like you are going to win?
J – If I can get to three then yeah
Jackson says going out next week is his biggest fear “Everyone else gets two chances but me. I get one” (HOH then POV)
T – the four of you it was smart it was great.
T – from the gameplay I f*ing love it. I can’t wait to go back and see everything that happens it will be cool
Jackson says him and Christie are very similar
T – being good with everyone you mean
Jackson says he always thought what would Christie do “If I was Christie what would I be doing going into this week”
T – wow it was all about her. Crazy I had no idea
Jackson thinks this is why they could never work together because they always knew what was going on inside each other’s heads.

Tommy says he feels like he was going to get pretty far in this game.
J – I never believed it fully I was going to make it
Jackson goes on about saying he never gets overconfident or entitled to something it’ll affect his performance.

1:45 pm (I’m sure this image will get us demonetized.. Humans in bathing suits.. OH NO!! my pearls)

2:44 pm Bickering …

2:56 pm Cliff and Nicole
Nicole – Tommy, and Michie were studying the days by the pool before. Bouncing them back and forth back and forth
N – I heard Tommy go, You’ve asked me the same questions 3 times
Nicole goes on about the two of them arguing over whether Jackson knows the days or is just bullshitting people.
Nicole wonders if it’s a strategy of Michie’s to show the house how good Tommy knows the days.
C – he knows them well..
N – if that’s next weeks veto. Yes he’ll give us a run for our money he’ll also give Michie and run for his money
Nicole – maybe with Holly all three of us would beat but so would Michie
Cliff – I know, But that’s the thing on the other side if you’ve kept Holly and that Veto comes up and it’s days are we better off I just don’t know
N – depends on how strong Michie is (with days)
They assume Tommy would go after Jackson.
C – that’s a commitment we have to get and assume it’s a…. real promise (like handshake real)
C – if I was him I would prefer to take you and me over, Michie
N – yeah
C – He’s gotta think he has a better chance against you and I than Michie

N – If holly were to win Veto one of us will go then it will be one of us against Her and Michie in a physical comp.. if it’s both of us against Tommy in a physical comp he might be more able but at least it would be fair
C – Seems to me Keeping Tommy gives us a better chance at potentially having 2 of us in final 3. It maybe makes it a little tougher to get to the final 2.

Nicole says with Tommy out they have a harder path to get to final 3
C – one of us at least will be in the final 3 it has to be. Cause we’re final 4
N – oh my god. oh my god cliff.
C – in a minimum you or I are never going to the jury house at a minimum. At least one of us will be there on Finale night.

3:46 pm Chit chat

5:21 pmJackson and Nicole
Jackson – I don’t want to say anything and make it seem like I’m campaigning against Holly, you know what I mean? But at the same times, I came here as an individual to win. While I don’t want to sit there and say why I would be better to be in the final 2 or final 3 than her it’s like at the end of the day the reason why I came here was for my family and for my self. You know
N – ohh yes
J – I’m sure you feel the same way

6:07 pm Nicole and Cliff
Nicole chats about her conversation with Jackson where he asked her if she told Tommy about their final 4. Jackson mentioned to her that Tommy told him “you guys are brilliant making a final 4”
N – I go, I think he deduced it he assumes a deal was made that is why Christie went when I won.
Nicole mentions how Jackson thought Cliff, Nicole and Himself fought to be in the game “but that’s not the case with everybody”
Nicole retelling what Jackson said – I just want to make sure I move forward with people that also fought. I’m not going to make personal decisions in the next week blah blah. I’m going to make game decisions.
N – I hear his argument but I have a very hard time accepting that. People could argue Holly didn’t have to scrap her way here didn’t have to fight her way here is he really going to save both of us over her
C – I don’t know
N – If it’s me, her and Him final 3 is he really going to take me over her
C – no
N – He said that’s all I’m going to say I’m not saying anything else or using names.
C – if that’s the case he shouldn’t be so upset
N – he’s (Jackson) is upset because he only has one chance to get to the final 3. I get that I would feel that way
C – I would too. But he won that HOH
C – I still don’t know. I gotta say there’s a part of me that’s leaning towards keeping Tommy
N – That’s how I feel, Tommy said to me. You know Nicole this veto could very well be face-off and I’m telling you I have a very good chance to win that. I was like I’ll be honest Tommy whos to say you’re not going to send someone else out. (her) He said ‘you have my word I would not’
N – I’m hoping that’s the truth
N – If I was him and I won the veto as scary as Michie is I’m not going to final 3 with a duo. That’s what scares me
N – but is it any better with Holly?
C – this is what I’m thinking from Tommy’s standpoint if he makes a promise to both of us and he wins Veto at that point if he breaks a promise that means he’s gotta compete against Michie in the final 3 which is tough and he knows that will be tough.
N – and the remaining of us
C – whoever is left of us and he’s going to potentially lose 2 jury votes if he thinks we are bitter about him breaking a promise at the very end
N – that’s why I’m worried about us if Michie and Holly get sent out. I don’t think they will be. Holly might but I thin Michie will respect it
N – A part of it makes me feels like Michie was alluding to it. Cut her off. a little part of him
C – I know
They agree that Jackson might feel a little “Upset” for having to bring Holly with him to final 2 so he might be relieved that they send her out.
C – is this his way of getting rid of her without having anyone to blame? because I’ve picked that up as well.

Cliff says they really need to pin Tommy down “say look you gotta do this”
Nicole wonders if Jackson is trying reverse psychology on them. Making them think he doesn’t want Holly around and getting super close to Tommy.
N – He’s smart. He’s super smart
C – I know
N – I’m leaning towards keeping Tommy. Odds are just so much better
C – I’m leaning that way too
C – whichever way we go I want it to be both of us on the same page a team to the very end.
N – no tiebreaker just us two voting, Yup.

6:49 pm

7:22 pm Tommy and Nicole
Tommy says he’s going to offer to throw the HOH to stay.

Tommy – I’ll offer that to you and Cliff. we’ll talk Wednesday
Nicole says that’s the way they are both leaning right now to keep him
T – WOW I love you

7:43 pm Cliff, Tommy, Nicole
Tommy – I’m letting you know if you guys decide to keep me I will be gunning for the veto I will be a number for you guys I would be honoured to be moving forward. I am willing to throw the HOH compeitions
C – would you
T – if would go to one of you two. One of you two are guaranteed to final 3

Cliff all excited “we want you on our side”

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Kat's Alien Bitch

Once you get passed DE there just isn’t enough drama on a day to day basis to watch the live feeds. The decisions are simpler.


Nicole using the veto on Cliff was good for a final two shot. Instead of being the third tit that the power couple Jackson and Holly planned for . That’s if Nicole & Cliff actually have the courage to vote out Holly. They had their shot at Jackson and Tommy and missed both. So stuck with at least one. Maybe even both. If Jackson doesn’t win the next veto they have to get rid of him or he wins.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

They’re only stuck with one if they vote Holly out.

Ian's Bedside Tissue Box

Now that he is safe, watch for Cliff to talk to Holly on the side and make a deal. I cannot see him going back on his word at this point in the game — his handshake/word throughout in addition to his comeback are biggest strengths to his resume.

If Tommy stays this week, Michie or Cliff go next. Tommy will be this year’s Kaycee and win. Dumb move to keep him.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

The one variable that can dramatically change the whole dynamic here at the end is just how much of a gag order does production have on the Tommy-Crusty advantage.

Cliff learned about it from outside the house. Since Jackson and Holly know about it because Tommy told them, are they free to use that information? If not, BB will have gone to visibly extraordinary lengths to rig a game.

So assuming that Jackson and Holly can use that information, I cannot see Holly NOT taking that information to Cliff (she doesn’t know he knows) and Nicole. Now if that information doesn’t sound alarm bells in Nicole’s head….

One way or the other (again, unless BB wants to be that transparent in their manipulations), that information will hit the jury house (thank you Tommy)…at which point there would probably be some real serious conversations in that house. I’m sure Jack would be interested in exploring preexisting relationships with Crusty.


Nicole is still out of the loop. Which sucks because it’s supposed to be a bunch of folks who don’t know each other but apparently not so much this season. It would be one thing if one of the twists was a duo type set up where everyone had a partner. I can sort of over look the Holly/Kat/Jackson connection as that was somewhat arms length but Tommy and Christie knew each other for at least 7 years…that’s a lot of history.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

The information will eventually hit jury. The question is, when?

If Holly goes this week I’m really not convinced the “spurned woman” will spill the beans (if she’s allowed to). If her and Jackson have made up I can see her sitting on the information just in case Jackson doesn’t make it to final 2. If he does, she spills it at that time.

Jackson and Cliff have to assume that she’s not in the mood to break the news to the jury, so they continue to battle it out. Let’s say Tommy actually sides with the two weaker players and they succeed in getting Jackson out. Does he go spill the beans to the jury (if allowed) to help out the two people in his final four who broke their deal? Doubt it.

Cliff? Cliff might spill the beans if he goes and Tommy stays. At that point he would try to burnish his fatherly image and out Tommy for Nicole.

Nicole? Of course that depends on whether she ever finds out and when. Depending on when she finds out, and if Tommy remains, she might not be inclined to help out anyone who hadn’t shared that knowledge with her…and who showed her the door anyway.

Of course if Nicole finds out about it before Thursday it will be simple. Tommy will spill the beans when he gets to the jury house.

zingading ding

why is holly mad at Jackson again?

The Beef

Because she got drunk last night and showed her a$$.


They had the same pot kettle sh^t. Zzzzzz

another name

If i get the basics: he was commenting on some of his frat boy past with women. he talked about going on the amazing race with Nicole (not with Holly). He talked about going on the challenge once it was explained that the premise of the show is comps mixed with partying and drinking. She took exception. After that during their arguing he was being a little holier than thou sanctimonious, said he didn’t have anything further to say, and continued going for well over an hour with the same point of how horrible it is that she called him an @$$hole.
The long and short of it: Holly + wine + Jackson talking about his past and future plans = Holly calling him an @$$hole. Both times.

zingading ding

thanks bunches another name…I sure hope we get to see that????

Roll Tide

You said it better!


Jackson is a young frat type and booze opens his mouth for crap to spill out and Holly realizes he’s still in a party phase of his life and she’s not getting a lasting relationship out of the deal.

Roll Tide

Jackson said he would like to go on the Challenge. I watch it, usually takes place in another country. A big house, everyone stays in it. It is a competition with hard challenges in teams. Towards the end it turns into individual challenges. Davon, Paulie, and Josh are on, it’s USA vs UK. Josh is sweet on a girl from England. last week, 13 letters for ease team were floating in tha lake for each team. They has to swim out and get the letters one at a time. Letters were in the middle of the lake. Letters were recovered. They had to put the puzzle together. One person had to swim across the lake and push the locked device across the lake, put the code in and unlock the chest for a win. USA won. Losing team nominates someone to go home. Tribunal nominates someone. They battle, loser goes home. Parts might be wrong but it is what happens.
Holly does not want him to do it. I think Jackson will do go. He is athletic, he is strong. Just keep away from the girls.

Challenge History

Roll Tide, That is basically how the Challenge is working this season. Each season the change it up slightly. It is always in someplace other than the US. Sometimes they compete the contestants compete as duos, smaller teams, etc. Usually the do end up as singles as the numbers dwindle down. They usually change up how they have to battle at the end too slightly (at least the voting in part). Last season is when the introduced the UK members. Kyle and maybe one/two other(s) has been on the show for a few seasons but it wasn’t US vs UK type thing. The Challenge started off as Road Rules cast members (really old show) vs Real World Cast Members. As times has gone on, the show needed more people. So know they went to other shows….AYTHO (MTV Show), EXONB (MTV Show), BB, UK cast, and a couple other shows. Road Rules hasn’t been on in decades and Real World hasn’t be on in a few years.


They actually had Real World Atlanta this year…but it was on FB. It was too much for me. I only watched the 1st two episodes because they obviously cast very polarizing figures and forced some hot topics. But as usual…there can’t just be a middle ground where you can see both sides…It has to be one extreme way or the other.


Awesome show…and he’ll be great to watch in it.

Ovi's tongue

Cliff was telling Jackson about MTV’s The Challenge and drunken Holly assumed Jackson was interested because he’d be able to birddog chicks.


Is Holly a transformer? It seems like she acts up after having a few drinks or at least that’s what I understood from Jackson’s comment…


A shorter season would open up the game to more people. I don’t know anyone who can walk away from life for roughly 4 months. 99 days plus a week in sequester before the show, at least a couple hectic weeks before sequester, then even if a few days afterwards. Bills have to be paid, money saved up, jobs have to be understanding, and a thousand other little things. Which is one reason so many of the house guests are recruited because they are the ones looking to get into some area of the entertainment/internet famous segment. Survivor is 39 days plus a couple weeks before and after. So just 2 months which is a lot more doable for regular types.

Franks fumes

Instagram models don’t have real jobs so it’s no problem being in the house for 4 months…….lucky us lol.


lmao true story

Change Of Heart

Nicole for AFP!

J e t s jets jets jets

I posted this a couple of days ago. The last paragraph above of Jackson talking to Nicole is exactly what I said:

Repost from other page:
Just a thought. Nicole wins veto. Jackson gives his blessing to use it on Cliff and vote out Holly? Thoughts?


I know…I was thinking of your comment from the other day, last night


The other day with them talking like it is that Friday night special Big Brother episode with them reflecting back on the season, I do agree that this season feels like it has dragged on


that’s the thing. i don’t think jackson wins if he makes 3. if they stick to the final hoh format of fill in the blank, jackson will lose and would not be selected by anyone but holly to move on. look at how he performed in what the bleep. this is why nicole and cliff need to come to their senses and get rid of tommy, tommy is much more of a threat to win that comp.


IMO the jury is more likely to vote for Nicole or Cliff if one of them is sitting next to Jackson than if they are sitting next to Tommy. We’ve seen from the past few seasons that juries can’t get past their emotions and they have too much resentment toward for Jackson. Anyone sitting next to Jackson or Holly wins. Anyone sitting next to Tommy loses. It’s the jury’s vote, not America’s vote.


usually it’s just a juror or two and while he certainly won’t get jess or kat’s votes, i think the rest are all potentially up for grabs for jackson, even christie’s.

The Beef

You guys are thinking too far ahead. Nicole (mainly) and Cliff are thinking about how to safely get BOTH of them out of the final four and into the final three. They know Jackson is a strong contender to win Veto and thus pick who goes home. If Holly stays, she is likely to be one of the nominees and he will NOT vote her out. However if he wins and Tommy is there, he WILL likely get rid of him, thus leaving Nicole and Cliff in the Final three. If Tommy wins veto, the plan is to have an agreement with him that he will vote out Jackson (who cannot participate in HOH) so again, Nicole and Cliff make the Final three.

Yes there are other permutations that can work against them, but Jackson being a strong competitor and protecting Holly is a very huge factor in the game and they should be weighing that out heavily. If they know/think/can finagle a Tommy vs. Jackson combat next week, it WILL work in their favor, as far as getting them both to Final three is concerned.


but they’re increasingly at the point where these comps should be based on remembering days and things like that which jackson is really bad at. jackson just isn’t a comp threat to fear, nor is holly, while tommy kinda is. plus no one but jackson is voting for holly in the finale.

The Beef

I just don’t see how you can say Jackson isn’t a comp threat to fear when he has totally dominated in number of comp wins so far this season. Maybe a comp will be based on dates, but you don’t know for sure. You say that Jackson is really bad at this, and I have no idea how you know that unless you are basing it on what Nicole and Cliff are saying on feeds, and they are basically assuming because A) They don’t know what kind of comp it will be (may be combo mental + physical) and B) They don’t know what or how tough the questions will be.

It doesn’t matter who is getting votes in the finale if you (meaning Nicole and/or Cliff) are not sitting there. You’ve got to get to Final Three first, THEN win and decide who you can beat in the finale. I’m not saying this is how I would do it, just trying to explain their (mostly Nicole’s) thinking in why she is considering going about it this way. In this case, they (C & N) may be better off as far as getting to the F3 goes, by going against a stronger T & J vs. a weaker H & J (though much stronger together against C&N as far as F3 goes).

Get Watermelon Head Out Next!!!

Totally agree! It’s best case scenerio for Nicole & Cliff to both get to f3…

Ppl here just dont like Tommy so they dnt care abt whats best for nicole’s game overall… They still are even on the same brokenrecord of its not fair that christie tommy knew each other…. get over it! Season’s almost over and no one cares to hear ur whinying anymore….


I understand you’re thinking…but I know in the back of Cliff/Nicole’s mind…they have to know deal or no deal…Tommy will not vote Michie out. He will think exactly how they’re thinking…this is for half a mil…ya gotta break up the duo. My issue, is being on the outside….we all know how skewed this will be FOR Tommy, if he is given even the slightest path to a final 2…and it’s difficult to watch. It’s not about liking/disliking Tommy. We don’t care THAT much…it’s a show. We want to be entertained…and it’s more entertaining when the F2 legitimately have an equal shot.

The Beef

Maybe so, maybe not. If they save him and he breaks the deal, he loses two jury votes – two he may not be able to afford to lose if he’s up against Michie. I could see Cliff, Nicole, Nick, Holly and Jack voting for Michie to win over Tommy in that case. Maybe even Kat too since Tommy was the one that lead the evict Kat because she knew Holly before the show (especially if his relationship with Christie gets out), so he needs them in the end, and can’t just screw them over and forget it. Plus he may feel like he can win final HOH over them both and select who he sits next to (Cliff) for the win, so I don’t think he would necessarily just break up the duo.

But, I’ve been wrong before. It’s rare, but it does happen. 😉

another name

Cliff next to Jackson means Jackson gets Jack, Kat, Holly, Christie, Tommy minimum.
Nicole next to Jackson means Jackson gets Jack, Kat, Holly minimum. if Nicole was instrumental in getting out Holly, she gets both Christie and Tommy and Jess, Nick, Cliff. If Tommy leaves instead of Holly, Christie and Jess vote Jackson.
CLiff next to Tommy means Tommy gets Christie, Holly, Sis, Jack, Nick minimum.
Nicole next to Tommy means Tommy gets Christie, Holly, Sis, Jack.
end result in final two scenario: Cliff loses to either Jackson or Tommy. Nicole can beat Jackson if she breaks the showmance to secure Christie and Jess’ votes. Nicole is in a tie breaker against Tommy with Jackson as the decision maker.
In the event Holly stays: Cliff or Nicole likely leave in fourth. my money is on Nicole leaving fourth because a) Jackson / Cliff deal. b) like Cliff isn’t going to throw out there that Nicole considered ditching Holly to stay in Jackson’s good graces. He’s thrown her under the bus to them saying he isn’t sure about her / her loyalty each week for three weeks running.
Now that she’s suggested the plan to Cliff and to Tommy, if she doesn’t follow through she loses Tommy in the vote. Cliff sells her out and she’s 4th.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

I can’t see Kat voting for Jackson.

another name

Wait for it. She campaigned to keep him safe along with Holly. She can revise in exit interviews all she wants, watching feeds leads us to the conclusion she was in for a penny with him. The rest: pr crap.

Roll Tide

Holly and Kat knew other from Beauty Padgets. Jackson knew Kat. Facebook or something.
They were acting like friends when she left the house.

another name

I don’t buy Holly and Kat’s relationship being as superficial as the show would have you believe. Given that Jackson’s selling point to Jack is that Kat said on day three that she and Holly have been friends for years, and that the show had already determined that viewers weren’t reacting positively to long term relationships (the revelation of christie tommy was a test and a trojan horse on week one imo). If the fanbase viewership had reacted positively to Christie and Tommy, I’m betting a WHOLE lot more would have come out about other relationships in the house. Add to that the bizarre kitchen conversation at the table where Tommy overheard that the two of them attended some concert together (a slip that he caught and they denied), and the whole ‘we know of each other but don’t know each other story has too many holes.
Additionally, three times on feeds Kat and Jackson talked about Dallas as if they had met. The most recent occasion, when Holly questioned, Jackson said he was kidding. How many times this season has Jackson said he was kidding when he’s revealed something he shouldn’t have? We’re getting close to the dozen mark is the answer. They also discussed their social media attachment once.
Additionally, when Holly and Jackson talk about the friends and acquaintances they have in common. GET REAL. So she knows his ex. he followed her on instagram. the ex made him drop Holly on insta. They revealed to Tommy that Holly knows Jackson’s ex, and a word was never said about it. Jackson later moves to L.A. and just happens to move in with a guy that calls himself her close friend. Each of them have mentioned him on feeds both together in conversation and seperately. They further discuss one of Jackson’s L.A. friends who coincidentally Holly also knows and spent the night at his place shortly before entering sequester. They further talk about another friend they share that was dropped from the amazing race right before filming was to begin. Kat, Holly and jackson all mention knowing a woman on another reality program. In seperate conversations. Kat and Holly talk about her. Jackson and Holly talk about knowing her a week later (again, she’s in the social circle of Holly and Jackson’s room mate). People can say oh it’s because of L.A. and famewhore industry and that doesn’t mean they know each other. That doesn’t mean they don’t have a basis of familiarity that goes back for almost a year.
It would not shock me at all to learn later that Holly and Kat have known each other since about 2011. It wouldn’t shock me at all to find out that Kat and Jackson have met before (In Dallas as they mentioned more than once). It wouldn’t shock me at all to find out that Jackson and Holly have been in some form of communication for almost a year (most certainly since they both received casting notification in… February for the two of them, wasn’t it?). It wouldn’t shock me at all if much like season 17’s bb takeovers (where a special guest was to enter every week for some stupid activity but it fizzled after 4 weeks) season 21 was initially supposed to have a twist of people that know each other being revealed as the season went on… but the overwhelming negative reaction to the inital reveal of Christie and Tommy put the kibosh to that.

Cliffcole for Final Two!

You can never predict this, Jury votes are harder to predict than the weather. Obviously the other half of duos or showmances will usually stay loyal but other than that it’s no guarantee.

I would say if it’s Jackson/Nicole, the only votes that Jackson is guaranteed to have are Holly, and Jack. I honestly don’t think he even gets Kat.

I think if it’s Cliff/Jackson, even Jack may vote for Cliff because of a respect thing. I mean no one has a resume like Cliff’s. He has clearly been a target throughout this game and was evicted and returned. If he brings that up final two I don’t see how you can deny him. Most of the time when a player returns they are immediately re-evicted, or shortly thereafter. Cliff has managed to avoid re-eviction and even when he was on the block after the Veto he has managed to stay despite having numerous wins under his belt and being an obvious threat to win. He wasn’t even the “favorite” to win the Comeback comp and yet he pulled it out and in impressive fashion. Cliff has played the best game, Jackson has won the most comps. Who do you give it to? We won’t know until finale night.

No one is for sure going to win or lose so stop going crazy with speculations, play the game a week at a time like the HG do.


Agree and disagree….

Tommy beats whoever he’s sitting next to
Nicole beats Holly…tossup against Cliff/Michie…but leans Nicole
Cliff is a wildcard…I don’t THINK he beats anyone but tossup against Nicole
Holly beats Cliff…tossup against Michie…leans Holly
Michie beats Cliff…tossup against Nicole/Holly…leans Nicole/Holly

*All of these projections are based on how I think jurors would view them. I don’t think the remaining 5 view the outcomes this way. Also, this is what I think as of today…not taking into account who wins things the next 2 weeks.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

That’s all assuming that Tommy doesn’t decide to side with the larger threat (Jackson) to break up the remaining duo.


Yup you’re on the right track.. I’m not sure why but Cliff and Nic seem to think Tommy if saved will keep them BOTH? Why on earth would he do that? He’s going to break up the other duo and likely send home Nicole because let’s face it…no one is beating her in F2. Everyone in jury has an emotional connection with Nic so she’ll get the votes to win! Tommy and Michie teaming up would make Tommy happy because he’s back again with an OG of that crazy eight alliance! Lol.


It’s possible Michie could win that comp if he makes it…but I do think Tommy/Holly are the only ones who take him to finale. I still am holding out for a Nicole/Michie F2.

Houka Inumuta

How do you guys feel that i’m going to be right next week when Michie goes? Everyone keeps saying i’m always wrong I can’t wait to say I told you so.

If I’m wrong (which I won’t) and Michie makes it to top 3 I will eat my words and accept the unlikely defeat.


Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

“Even a broken clock is right twice a day.”

Not in the digital age.

Don’t over think it

No you wont. Lol you’ll just make another predicktion

give me a break

well how big of ya to eat your own words, how about you eat sh*t…then we can talk!


OK, why is Trump posting here??? 🙂

The Universe

Who are you? I genuinely have never really taken notice of one of your posts until now.

The Beef

After you’ve been wrong 20 times? Not much of a sage hitting 1 out of 21, assuming A) Cliff and Nicole keep Tommy, B) Anybody but Jackson wins the Veto, then C) Jackson likely gets voted out.

Any of those things don’t happen and you’re 0/21.

Chichi Riviera

It is really hard to be 13, isnt it? Puberty is tough.




Oh if Holly goes you best believe he’ll be hella pissed and gun for that POV. Ratings wise best case scenario is for Cliff to win or be thrown HOH and Michie to win the Veto. Then watch Tom Tom & Nic plead for mercy….ratings gold!


Okay, this is just me thinking out loud. I really don’t have a clue which decision is best. Most everyone has brought up some really good points with solid reasons. I go back and forth.


If Nicole can express herself to jury the way she does alone in a room with the camera, I think she has a shot at winning. These days, I think it’s hard to tell how the jury will vote. The ridiculous blow up at the start of this season resulted in the crazy 8 targeting Nicole, declaring her a big threat. She handled that BS better than most. She hung in there by sucking it up. Nicole went from being targeted by a huge alliance (albeit a crummy one) to someone considered a non-threat.

Nicole vs. Tommy

I don’t know if big mouth Christie went to jury and blabbed about knowing Tommy. If so, how did they take it? She kind of made a big deal over Kat/Holly relationship. She didn’t even tell Jack. If Christie didn’t tell, I’m pretty sure Holly will. The every one loves Tommy vote may not necessarily be locked in.

Nicole vs. Jackson

Even with a bitter jury, it would be hard not to vote for someone with so many comp wins. However, if Nicole can represent herself well in front of the jury, showing how she managed to maneuver throughout the season to stay in the game, building relationships with people, (Including those that bullied her. Maybe they feel like a$$holes now.) She’s the lovable underdog, coming from behind, winning comps when it counted the most. She has a great story and would give jurors a great excuse not to vote for Jackson.

Nicole vs. Cliff

There are people in the jury who love Cliff and think he is the father figure taking care of Nicole. I think maybe there are a few that may have some resentment towards him. Once again, if Nicole can communicate her thoughts/strategy to jury as well as she has been to cameras/us, she just might win. She now has the comp wins and her loyalty to her final 2, Cliff. Hopefully, they will be able to see she did have gameplay which includes working with people who will protect your back. (She also had Nick as a shield. He was probably more solid than Cliff in that department!) She wasn’t just riding Cliff’s coattail. Cliff has a final 2 with her and Jackson. Jackson may be more unhappy with him.


Agreed. Nicole could argue that she turned foes into allies. Even Nick who came to protect Nicole later in the season, he was one of the ones who yelled at her when Bella was there n Nicole turned that foe into an ally.
Yes a great game wins but I think u r on to something with Nicole offering a great argument. I feel like her being able to articulate and have sound arguments, she may be able to reason with the insane jury for a win. The same way she reasoned her way through the 8 alliance


Cujo…this is such a good, thought out post. Thanks for recognizing what I recognize. Lots of people HAVE brought up some really good and solid points on both sides. And it’s refreshing to see someone who can see all sides and not be so biased. It was really an enjoyable read.


Awe shucks, thanks!


nicole is doing what i thought she should, holly out, if they get rid of jackson, she or cliff will win the whole thing!!


Against Tommy ? Who Loves everyone and everyone loves him .


Everyone in the house that is !


At this point, the money is on Jackson or Tommy to win with Nicole being the possible “Ian-like” surprise. I don’t see Cliff having a chance at all to win Big Brother


Love Tommy? You think they will when its revealed he knows Christie and they played all summer to give the money to people who know each other? Like 7 years worth of knowing each other? Tommy had a hand at voting out people in his own damn alliance. Nick, Sis, Kat, Jack and couldn’t save Christie again without another veto so she went.
He even admitted it was a mistake to play Christies game!!
Tommy was against Cliff n Nicole the outsiders and Jackson/Holly after Christie said Jackson was disgusting. All of the people Tommy was against are still playing. Everyone he love love loved and respected are all on the jury! And he voted against them to go.
How is voting out your alliance and using the vetos to take Christie down going to be seen as good game play?
Now if he lasts then maybe he has an argument for outlasting his alliance. But as far as game moves, I am not convinced yet of Tommy’s great game play. Everything he is admitting to regarding Christie can be used against him if those he told stays in the game. Probably why he didnt tell Nicole so she can’t use it against him after their “pink swear”


Hopefully I’m wrong…but I think the gag order on speaking about Tommy/Christie will continue in jury. If they ARE all allowed to know….I’ll feel a whole lot better about whoever is sitting in F2.


That’s a shame because Tommy already told Jackson so he can talk about it, but they can’t? I am hoping like u that’s not the case.


I think its a good thing that we have so many views about who & how BB should end. At least all the HG left in the game have a resume to win. I think Holly’s game is the least robust but she has won a couple of comps.

If J/H relationship continues to unravel, Jackson may be okay with her leaving. This would help Cliff feel better about that eviction since C seems more obligated to J than to J&H.

Earlier in the season it looked like the women would dominate and now when/if Holly goes it will be Three men and a Lady.

another name

Jackson would be fine with HOlly leaving. She’s a vote for Jackson to win.

another name

btw, it’s impossible to have a women dominate season when four of the eight women cast are showmance players that pin their game on being a guy’s appendage because they play with that guy’s appendage.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

At this point Jackson might want them to evict Holly.

Get Watermelon Head Out Next!!!

How do u figure Tommy wins? I see Nicole beating him 6-3 hands down, even maybe 5-4 but more likely 6-3.

Nicole gets: Kat, Nick, Jess, Holly, Jackson, Cliff and Nicole is season 21 winner…. Holly & Jackson will vote for Nicole based on game play, vs tommy they will not be salty…

Tommy only gets Jack, Sis, Christie….

Nicole will pick up 2 more comp wins b4 jury. I think she def wins f4 veto sends jackson to jury, maybe even then hoh but i think Cliff will win this next Hoh and Nicole PoV. Nicole will prob win either part 1 Hoh and possible 3rd Hoh and picks who she sits next too f2…. I think ur overthinking it… If Cliff wins f4 veto he might keep jackson boot tommy but not sure cuz he has to count his jury votes it will be close him vs nicole f2…

Tommy gets: Jack, Sis, Christie, 4th wld be Kat if shes salty at Nicole but she wont be…

Swaggie's Missing Brow

Unless the jury learns about the secret advantage, Tommy wins against any of them; he didn’t just have a good social game (I love you, I love you, high kick, high kick), he’s got a surrogate inside the jury priming the vote.

As for Nicole, she has a chance against Jackson and Cliff, but first she has to get to final two. Take a good look at that.

To begin with, everyone just assumes that Tommy will side with her and Cliff to take out Jackson. He might, he’s not very bright, BUT…Jackson’s the one he shared his secret with (not Cliff or Nicole), Jackson has a far higher chance of winning competitions than either Cliff or Nicole and Tommy probably believes he can definitely win against Jackson because of jury feelings against Jackson.

Lets not forget Cliff. Who does he want to go to final two against? He KNOWS he doesn’t want to be sitting next to Tommy. If he’s sitting next to Nicole he would have to publicly try to diminish her and somehow compensate for her accomplishments vrs his…what? His only chance…Jackson.

And Jackson is still a major threat. He can and does win competitions when his back is against the wall; as it is now. So who would he want to be in final two with? He also KNOWS that Tommy has a secret advantage with the jury; given the chance he cuts Tommy’s throat. Nicole? Of her and Cliff, Nicole is the only one with any sort of accomplishment resume. Cliff has “played” the father figure but he’s also played all sides while coasting along. He takes Cliff.

Unless of course someone informs/is allowed to inform the jury. At this particular point in time, if Holly goes, I’m not sure any of them can count on the “scorned woman” helping them out by exposing that secret.

Get Watermelon Head Out Next!!!

No nicole beats tommy n as for cliff or jackson they will take each other f2 . Christie even said she will vote for jackson if he gets to f2 so ur theory dsnt add up. U may get 1 or two ppl voting personal but not a whole jury. Jackson wins if he is f2 vs cliff or nicole…
jackson.=jack, christie, sis (in that case sis votes jackson cuz of christie.)Holly,Tommy= Jackson wins bb21…
nicole wld get nick, jess, kat, cliff,

Jackson vs Cliff f2
Jackson: Jack,Sis,Christie,Nick,Jess,Holly, Tommy.

Cliff: Kat,Nicole…
Cliff gets spanked by Jackson f2 cuz

Jackson vs Tommy
Jackson: Kat,Nick,Holly,Cliff, Nicole

Tommy: Jack, Sis,Christie, Jess,
*Jack cld even go towards voting for Jackson he told him he cld win it all n he wld vote for him if he was f2 b4 he left…. jack likes both tommy n jackson so it wld be hard…..so Tommy doesnt win except against possibly Cliff f2…

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Kat & Jess won’t vote for Jackson.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

“Christie even said…”

Crusty said a lot, and her actions never lived up to her words. There is no way she votes against Tommy, and I seriously doubt there is any way she would really vote for Jackson.


i’m not sure you can count holly and jackson for nicole which means she could lose 5-4.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

I think Holly would vote Tommy over Nicole and Nick is a ?.


Right…like I think Nick has a soft spot for Nicole no doubt. But I do think he has something for Tommy. In that scenario..I think he most likely will vote for Tommy because as I mentioned b4…Christie is going to have a power point presentation (lol) on all the strategic, incredible ways Tommy masterminded this game. She’s going to lie about things to make Tommy look even better. Nicole will not have an advocate anywhere near that. The only way things don’t go that way…is if BB suddenly decides to lift the “gag order” and let people speak about Christie/Tommy’s relationship.

Ovi's tongue

At this stage of the game nobody is bound by a handshake.

Ian's Bedside Tissue Box

Nobody bound by a handshake for sure, but on Big Brother they will be JUDGED on it. This is the biggest difference between this game and Survivor: Survivor it is expected that you will backstab. On Big Brother it is held against you if you do. Not saying I like it, but that is the deal.

So if Cliff has any shot at winning, he shouldn’t get greedy and go against his brand at this point. He should also keep this in mind: if Nicole is the last female standing, she will get 100% of the girl power vote, so of course she will want Holly to go.

I do also think Michie is baiting Cliff and Nicole to cut Holly loose and go against their deal — and I think that strategy ultimately backfires on Michie in the end if they do (though gives him a better shot against Cliff). He will 1000% be Tyler if he is up against Tommy.


Agreed…however…if that’s the case…then Cliff won’t be able to have that on his resume. And I think that is one of his selling points.


Soooooo, sounds like Jackson would NOT be too pissed to lose Holly. Go Nicole!


Is it just me or does anyone else think that Michie likes Nicole for more than just like a sister?

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

It’s just you.

zingading ding

I don’t think so, he’s just keeping his enemies closer!

Franks fumes

I think he likes anybody more than the buzzard at this point…….


Watching that talk between Holly and Michie in the HOH gave me anxiety…yikes

BB Watcher

i kinda hope they take holly out tbh. final two would be awesome with michie and tommy. woah


So aggravating hearing two grown adults, Nicole, and Cliff debating who I know could blow their games up, but why can’t they just somehow talk to Tommy openly and talk options if they were to keep him? They make it seem like handshakes are necessary or blood oaths. If Tommy blows up their game, it’s not too much of a surprise to Jackson. Hasn’t he been giving Holly all these different scenarios already?

They have gone back and forth with so many scenarios also relentlessly. Go speak to the horse, Tommy, directly instead of conjecture. SMH


Well you know what? Let them evict Holly and backstab Michie! She can then tell the jury members that Tommy and Christie knew each other. Grodner can’t control when Holly says it she’ll be an emotional hot mess it will come out!!! As for HOH yes Tom Tom go and throw it to Cliff then a pissed off Michie triple guns for and wins the POV. Oh the plot thickens, does he save Nic or Tom Tom. I say evict Nic because he won’t beat her in F2 (no one can at this pt) then Final HOH obvi Michie & Tom Tom will dominate. With Holly working the jury with that shocking secret, Michie should win!!!


You must be eating too much watermelons


First off, Jackson is communicating a vibe that he would be okay if Holly voted out b/c he is playing for himself. He could be blowing smoke but ‘stabbed in the back’ may be too dramatic. Secondly, Holly would be emotional but not at Tommy – H&T have had a great relationship. It would be a bold move for her to bring up T&C to the jury when she and Kat also knew one another. I think Holly looks miserable and probably sees writing on the wall with Jackson. At this point everyone should be in full game mode and figuring out how to navigate to the end.


What fools. Nicole doesn’t stand a chance of winning with Sis, Kat, Michie, Holly, and Jack in the jury. They will never vote for a floater who waited until final 6 to start winning. At least Cliff was seen and heard making deals and was an active participant in Big Brother. That has to stand for more than what Nicole can offer as a reason to reward her with 500K. Can Nicole really make the case that she deserves to win after everyone was making the deals with Cliff? Nicole vs Cliff, Cliff wins. Nicole vs Tommy, Tommy wins. Even Nicole vs Michie…Michie wins. Nicole vs Holly…..probably Nicole wins. How is she not seeing this? And so what if Michie gets the veto. If you think you’re better at the mental comps, then you shouldn’t be worried about him even getting to final two. Nicole is a drag.

Franks fumes

Remember Tyler lost to KC because the jurors didn’t want to acknowledge Tyler dominating all season….but the last 2 comps which KC won they remembered……worked for her.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

KC had the advantage of having had an active social game with the members of the jury. Nicole doesn’t have that sort of relationship working for her.


Tyler was so good they didn’t know he was dominating all season.


Kaycee was winning comps when there were 9 people still in the house and she then proceeded to win a veto, followed by consecutive wins of a veto, an HOH, then a veto, followed by 2 more vetos and an HOH down the road. So no, Nicole winning her first veto with 7 people left in the house AND no social game does not get her to BBlegend status of Kaycee.

New York New York

Just reminding everyone to vote for Christie for Americas Favorite Player. Say what you want but she was by far the most entertaining person this season, not even close. Yea, she lied a lot and chewed food with her mouth wide open but so what. It would be an injustice if Christie didn’t win anything this year. She played her heart out.


She won a whack power that she didnt use, had a family connection to play with as a security blanket and sucked at challenges.

BB21 Fan

i just wish with all this talk about people knowing production that someone actually provided me proof because sadly when I hear it all I just think they’re saying whine whine whine the people I don’t like are doing good in some other peoples eyes so lets ruin their reputation and say nasty things about them like they cheated. oh and lets not have the decency to at the very least talk about them using their real name but just to be really nasty we’ll call them something else. yeah you are the type of person ruining this site. Can’t you just talk about strategy like everyone used to? is it really that hard to say something without being a total dirtbag?


I am for SAM because he WAS my favorite player

zingading ding

Christie obviously knew ahead of time that she knew production people? Why would she sign up for bb unless she wanted that advantage & believing she would more than likely be favored. It was only unfair to the rest of the cast & possibly Tommy if he was truly in the dark about it and doesn’t know the bb crew.

Allies Mom

Jackson has given his blessing for them to take Holly out. Nicole can talk to Jackson and firm it up and get Jackson to promise if they do it he won’t target them. That it will be the three of them at finals. Jackson will honor that deal. He’s tired of Holly and wants her gone.

Nicole can then get Tommy to agree to target Jackson. If Jackson wins the veto then he will take out Tommy. Tommy should take out Jackson but is a wildcard.

Since that still leaves a big target in the house I would get rid of Tommy this time but if they keep Tommy I would try to make deals with both him and Jackson.


Can someone who is in the know answer a question for me? I was watching BBAD and Cliff & Miche are talking about how people will treat them after the show. They talk like this will make them famous. Really? Do people actually pay to see them? Maybe it’s my age but I have never had an interest in meeting any of the houseguests and don’t consider them famous.


Yes, some of them can get paid to make appearances at clubs and other events.


I thought they were referencing how social media will treat them after the show. I could be wrong but being famous is not on their radar.

Swaggie's Missing Brow

Some of these people hand onto delusions of fame for a very long time. Just look at the two recent game hosts; no one is going to tell Swaggy and The Screamer that they’re not famous. As long as there are some fans out there to feed their egos, and third rate venues that will pay them, they’ll believe they’re living in the spotlight of fame.

Think Frankie…


That’s so sad, not only for them but for the idiots who believe it. I’ve noticed that they all are concerned about getting more followers or figuring they will get free stuff by endorsing. Didn’t Holly last night talk about traveling for free?


I can’t tell you how many people DO consider them famous. The local place i go for happy hour after work was packed. When I tried to get in i was told i needed a ticket. Common when there is a local band for a famous singer or dj. I was confused when they pointed to a large poster of Angela n Tyler stating tickets had been sold out for months. Even as a huge BB fan I was flabbergasted


Holly knows about Chommy
Jackson knows about Chommy
Cliff knows about Chommy
Any or all of the above make it to jury, they would be stupid to give Tommy a vote having a 7 year connection AND using veto on Christie twice when everyone else was told it was only fair to keep noms the same if they got veto

another name

So, as devil’s advocate:
Let’s say for the sake of argument that my season long suspicion that the relationships between Holly and Kat and Holly and Jackson and possibly even Kat and Jackson are closer than we have been led to believe.
Let’s extend the argument by saying they revealed the Tommy Christie connection on week one to test how audiences would react to the fact that there were pre-existing relationships in the house with the possibility of making it this years big twist.
So, the test went over poorly, and they dropped the revelations. The show didn’t call Holly and Kat into the d/r to say it’s time to reveal your relationship. Holly and Kat discussed on feeds how they spoke to production about revealing their relationship in order for the two of them to get more air time since Holly was on a two week dry spell in d/r. The know of but don’t know each other d/r spiel doesn’t fit with a number of things they discussed in terms of shared history. What did the week one revelation actually do? It got viewers a head full of steam about rigging that distracted them from all of the other rigging production was openly pulling, and gave viewers someone to root against other than the pets that were being given production notes on how to behave to go along with edits that didn’t match behavior.
So let’s say that Holly and Kat were told to downplay the depth of their connection because viewers might not react well (knowing they wouldn’t because of the Christie Tommy revelation). Do we extend the unfair advantage or no?
Episode One they insinuated the possibility that more house guests knew each other. If the twist went well, I think we would have had more revelations. It did not. That doesn’t convince me that there weren’t more pre-existing connections.
Further, Do we extend the unfair advantage thought to revealing to house guests that are making asses of themselves on first week of feeds in order to get them to change and become more viewer friendly? The number of side eye inducing production stepping in to help a house guest moves that have benefitted Jackson is staggering. When you have the producers helping you at every turn, I consider that an even bigger unfair advantage than two loud mouths knowing each other. Having the hand of Grod on your side trumps having the mouth of Christie on your side every day of the week.


Another name
Totally valid devils advocate points.
The game was full rigging. Tommy n Christie were one of dozens.
I will say feeds vs what we see and know on TV make it painfully pathetic and obvious how the game has been “primed” for a particular groups or players.
From Jack’s behavior
To jacksons new found image
Nick’s inappropriate behavior
Tommy n Christie.
.yes it’s very clear producers has their favorite puppet players that they pull the strings for.

khristina stowers

I really dont get why people are saying that cliff’s word is solid. That man has gone back on his word and backstabbed all through this game. The only person he has kept his word to is nicole. But for the 500,000…He will throw her under the bus without a thought. He is ruthless. No hate here…however lets be honest.

Ovi's tongue

Why are you picking on Cliff? Everybody in this game is a stone liar, everybody has written checks they can’t cash. Cliff is no worse than any of them, particularly the final 5. He has kept his word to Jackson and Holly since the 6 broke up and Jackson had to rehabilitate himself. It is Nicole’s decision to keep Tommy over Holly, not Cliff’s, Tommy told Jolly about his connection to Christie (the biggest liar of all) but they didn’t bother to tell Nicole and Cliff. Michie and Holly, where do we start? The HG in this game think Cliff is a man of his word, that’s his reputation in the game. As for Nicole, we’ll just have to wait and see, but at this stage of the game there really are no binding deals. There are very few cases, in the house or outside, where someone would give up half a $million for an abstract commitment.

zingading ding

I agree Ovi

another name

Given the number of times he’s passive aggressively thrown Nicole under the bus the Holly and Jackson in order to make it seem like he is the better third wheel choice out of the four? I tend to agree. His word every week is only good to that week’s HOH. Because every week he goes to the HOH and sticks his head up their ass to pledge undying loyalty until next Thursday, at which point he will run to the new HOH and sell out absolutely everyone he has spoken to in the previous weeks.
It’s a non traditional take on the floater strategy. How loyal are you when you’ve pledged loyalty to each of the 8 individuals that have been HOH (excluding himself as HOH, and even then he folded and played servile). If it gets him to the end and gets him some more cash, great. Would I ever point to his game and say wow, I really respected his game? No.

zingading ding

He’s final 4…he’s doing something right. Whether he wins 1 st or 2nd I believe that’s the best any older person has done?? I’m not sure?

Swaggie's Missing Brow

I believe you’re right…he’s possibly the oldest floater to date.

another name

canada season 5 had the older woman runner up. Karen, the woman that couldn’t stand thatkevinmartin that won.
And her game wasn’t exactly respected either.

Ovi's tongue

If he is ruthless he wouldn’t have made that deal with Christie while he was HOH. He would have forced her to use her power at least. Nicole made the decision to evict Holly. Cliff was loyal to Jackson/Holly since the Six broke up. Tommy told Jackson and Holly about his thing with Christie, but they didn’t tell Cliff or Nicole. Don’t get me started on Jackson and Holly. They are all stone liars at this point and few people inside or outside that house would honor a dubious game commitment when $500k is on the line.

zingading ding

I like Cliff…he’s playing as hard as the younger peeps