“Please god don’t let it get out.. because if she stays I am dead!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Cameron
Nominees: Mecole and MOMMA FE
POV Players:Mecole, MOMMA FE, Cameron, America, Blue, Matt (Jag is hosting)
POV Winner: Cameron
Veto Ceremony: Cameron did not use the veto.
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The situation Sounds like they are evicting MEME. (losing another great bikini houseguest)

7:15pm Havenot Room – Meme and Jag.
Meme – I just wanted to check and see what’s up. Jag – not much. What’s up with you? Meme – same as everyday. I don’t want to be that person but I just wanted to see what the vibe is. Jag – I mean I don’t know. I feel like things are up in the air. Meme – oh sh*t. Jag – yeah, that’s not great. Yeah I mean those talks are happening. Obviously I am a part of those, nothing is set so things are more up in the air than before. Meme – why? Jag – I think people have just been weighing the pros and cons. Meme – what are the cons? Jag – What are the cons of you staying versus going? Meme – yeah. Jag – I think it is just uncertainty of where you stand probably I think is the biggest thing. Meme – in terms of what? Jag – in terms of the game? Meme – what the f**k do you think I mean BRO? Jag – I think that is the biggest thing of weighing the pros versus cons of two people on the block of where do they stand in the game and how does that impact each person. I just feel like those are the conversations that are happening. Meme – so I am just thinking about who I targeting, who I feel comfortable with. Like where do I stand, that could mean so many things. I asking for you? Jag – Probably all of those. Blue – since we’re on the topic and its a concern of yours .. obviously I wouldn’t be targeting you, I told you that. I would be targeting Cam this week. That’s just where I am. Putting two people up on the block, I would put Cam and Bowie Jane. If I had to do a backdoor option I would do Bowie Jane / Cirie and backdoor Cam. That is just plain and simple for me. I think that should be pretty obvious. And to be completely honest I think that is where everyone should be. I don’t think I have that much of a shot at anything if Cam is still here.

7:20pm Games Room – Cory, America, Bowie, Cameron and Matt are studying the videos.

7:30pm Bathroom – Matt and Blue.
Blue – I think its a little suspicious that all of a sudden Cory wants to keep Meme. Matt – what’s to keep Meme? Blue – or ah.. wants to keep Felicia. I think its a little suspicious especially the fact that just two days ago she called him out. I understand that Meme is a stronger competitor but we’ve known this for a week now so why is it that the thing that she’s a stronger competitor now compared to two days ago .. three days ago.. four days ago. I think Cory is nervous that me and Meme are going to be close or that Meme is going to run to me which is why he want’s Meme out now instead of Felicia. Because two days ago, yesterday .. whenever …yesterday he was like I trust Meme 100%. And then today he is saying he doesn’t?! I think that’s weird. Matt – yeah I know. Blue – I don’t know why but I have a feeling if we keep Felicia we are just going to be playing Cory’s game again. Matt – yeah, I know. He is scheming and I think Cam sees it too. Blue – yeah and I know you and Cam are nervous about Meme too but.. Matt – in some way yeah. Blue – but I think Cory is more nervous and that’s why he is doing this. Matt – yeah for me I am nervous to the same level because I see them both one to one. If someone is to win HOH, I definitely have a better chance against Felicia. Blue – and that is why I think Cory is nervous because Meme has a better chance to take him out. I think Cory is nervous for Cory and America that they’re going to be Meme’s next target and not Cameron. I think that.. like Meme and I don’t really have a good connection but I think if she stays I can get close to her over anyone in the house .. maybe not Cirie.. but I think out of everyone in this house I think I could get closer to her than Cory is or than America is. But essentially if you and Jag are nervous that she is going to come after you I don’t think that’s a worry. Matt – okay. Blue – I just don’t want to play Cory’s game anymore and I see this being one of them to be honest. Matt – this is one of his moves, yeah. Blue – Him and America were so gung-ho to get Felicia out but now suddenly she is a stronger competitor .. like that doesn’t make sense to me. Matt – and obviously America is going to do what Cory does. Blue – getting Felicia out is the right move this week. Matt – yeah, if Jag’s on board. Blue – you know I promised Jared I would protect Cirie and Felicia being in this house is dangerous for Cirie. Matt – yeah I don’t know, I feel like Felicia is going to target Cam. Cirie joins them. Meme explains that Cory wants to keep Felicia now. Blue – basically they had a meeting upstairs on whether or not to keep Felicia or Meme. And so what I think is that, I personally think that Cory now wants Felicia to stay because he sees her less of a threat. Cirie – I am just going to say this to you.. and please god don’t let it get out.. because if she stays I am dead! She said that maybe one of them could work together. And let bygones be bygones and that it won’t be held against her.. So maybe it is why he is changing? I don’t know if it is true or not. I just don’t care, I just don’t want to be wrong. They start studying the video info for the HOH comp.

8:15pm HOH room – Cameron, America and Matt.
Cam – I am curious what Blue does. I didn’t really know what to tell her. The only advice I gave her was when we were talking I said tell me this.. How does Meme staying benefit you? And she said well Felicia would be this.. I said no, no.. tell me why Meme staying benefits you? And she danced around it. And then she said some bullsh*t stuff and I said okay fine. So here is my thing, if you feel like Cory is leading this. Matt – she mentioned that a little bit yeah. America – MMmmhhmmm. Cam – she mentioned that Cory is leading this so I said okay.. now you’re Cory what do you think he is thinking. If you were going to go talk to people about this not happening or whatever you think you’re going to do lead with that. Keeping her doesn’t benefit you and if we keep Meme in maybe we could do some stuff together to get out a self interest. That was the only advice I gave her and now I am curious what she is going to do with it because my only thing was she is already saying Cory, Cory, Cory. Now I am curious how she approaches for Meme to stay without blowing everything up.

8:40pm – 9pm Bowie’s Breakfast Birthday Dinner is ready..
Felicia – I learned how to live in a house with 16 people that I don’t know for 64 days and if tonight is my last night its been my pleasure. Blue – love you Mama Fe!

9:07pm – 9:20pm Havenot Room – Cory and Meme.
Meme – what the hell is happening in this mad house? Cory – f**k knows.. the sequence of events I got was we talk in here, Felicia talks to me after and she tells me what you would kind of expect. I know you said you wouldn’t give me your vote. Then I walk into the HOH, you weren’t there, Felicia wasn’t there and Cirie wasn’t there. Its basically everyone is going Pros and Cons. What are the Pros to keep Meme? What are the Pros to keep Felicia. The obvious ones are you’re a better competitor. Even though.. Meme – even though I haven’t won sh*t? Cory – people are like oh she did great in the veto. And obviously a lot of that comes down to underestimating Felicia which I think is a whole other part of it. I think most people believe next week would be a Cam and Bowie situation probably from both of you but I think everyone thinks after that Felicia will go after me and they’re f**king down for that obviously. Whereas I think people don’t know what you would do. And I am going to be totally transparent I don’t think I am in any position to die on any hill. One thing that I can guarantee is that I am not leading the charge. I really am a go with the flow person right now. If I know anything definitive I will tell you. Meme – I knew there was an energy change that was happening. Cory – I think everybody’s noticed it.

9:55pm HOH room – Cory, Cam, Matt, Bowie and Jag.
Cam – Blue felt like you (Cory) were leading what was going on. She told me that. Cory – well yeah because we were in the room and like.. Cam – she felt like you were leading something and I was like.. Okay lets map it out then. Cory – I hate being the face of it and I know why I am but ya’ll need to be like .. like when she asks you need to say no I think this is the right decision. Bowie – yeah. Cory – for all of us. Cam – even I told her that. Matt – I told her my vote is coming from who has a chance of winning HOH and its not Felicia so.. Cory – the only thing I don’t want, which I know you guys don’t want is… hey we’ve got Cory and America and if we don’t have them, we don’t have the vote. You know what I mean? Jag – but we couldn’t even say that if we wanted. Because she could say well me and Cirie are down so all we need is you and Matt. Cory – right. And that’s why I am not concerned to be honest. Cam – even I said the pros out weigh on this one. I thought I thought something about Felicia but after hearing all this.. it just makes sense. Cory – and lets be real Blue is targeting me anyways. Matt – its just getting so hard because anything I say she counteracts. She just keeps saying Meme isnt going to go for you so why? Bowie – just say decision made. Matt – I say Meme’s a threat to win HOH and so that’s why.

10:30pm – 11:40pm HOH room – Cam, Blue and Matt studying the video info for the HOH. Matt – I am done trying to study. Jag – the good thing is it helps to sleep when trying to study. As we’re up still and everyone else sleeps.. Jag, Cory And America join them and they continue studying. Matt – i remember all the details really well, I have a photographic memory.

11:45pm Bedroom – Cory and America studying alone in the bedroom.

11:51pm HOH room – Matt and Cameron.
Cameron – we didn’t backdoor that (Cory), I just want you to know that. Matt – who wants us to know that? Cam – we decided to not backdoor that guy. Matt – yeah. Cam – okay? Just remember that. Matt – because we can handle it next time. Cam – how about you just win HOH and we kick his a$$ out this week? Matt – okay. Okay, yeah. I am not too worried but if we win, nice! If Cory wins, Cory gets Blue out. If Blue wins, Blue gets Cory out.. and we’re sitting pretty. Cam – I feel okay. I may hit the block at some point this week but I trust ya’ll. Matt – NA. Cam – if its Blue, maybe. If its Cory, NA. Matt – if you do we can definitely save you because if you get put up next.. Cam – if its Cory, I feel like I am good. If its Blue, she might try to play it off as a pawn. Matt – yeah. I feel good. I don’t think there is anything to worry about yet. Cam – cool.

12:15am All cams on Meme doing her hair in the bathroom.

12:45am HOH room – Matt, Cam, Jag.
Cam – alright so we’re game on for this thing. Matt – lets go win a comp. Cam – we’re game on, Meme’s going home and we have to deal with Felicia a little longer. Jag – yup that’s what its got to be. Matt – I am sorry you guys have to take the blow and not me dashing all them. Cam – I think we’re going to be okay. Jag – I think we’re going to have to be okay. Cam – to be honest it was starting to easy and I am not used to relationships like that. We need to make it start harder .. Jag – this is the perfect way.. Cam – yeah this is better for us honestly. Matt – you have to play hard to get. You’re not afraid to cut it. We’re not playing around. Set the tone. Cam – do we give Bowie a name? Jag – I don’t know. If she brings it up but she is kind of rocking with no name.

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Blue’s BB Comic better have that roller attached to her forehead like it is 14 hours per day

Matthew schneider

Bleacherbum3 i just look at the bb 25 ratings from october 3 . 3million horrible even with cirie ratings are trash average for the season is 3.1trash its time to cancell the show after this season

The Artist Formerly known as JaredsVirtuous Nature

Idk why you would get rid of a bikini babe either. Do these guys actually want to stare at Felicia’s bathrobe? Oh well at least America will still be there for our viewing pleasure…

Gan ainm

If you are reading this, from this night henceforth may you be visited nightly in your dreams by the image of Felicia in her bathrobe hovering seductively over your bed as her bathrobe slips open exposing her itsy bitsy bikini that you are so eager for. Sweet dreams.


Come on
The Artist Formerly known as JaredsVirtuous Nature, you know you love Big Bulldog Bully Momma Felicia who is so sexy that she keeps her mouth clean. Give her a nice kiss you know you want to.


Corey is dangerous, now he’s telling Meme that he’s down with working with her. He is also making it seem like he’s not aware of the change in the house, about why it seems things have shifted, in regards to keeping Felicia and voting Meme out.

I’ll give it to Corey, he’s playing this game. He starts shit, gets things shifted, makes someone a target, then goes to the target, and makes the target feel like he’s on their side.

Cam could take lessons from Corey, Corey knows how to cut your ass, and he’s not cocky about it. Cam always wants to take credit, Corey gets others to do his dirty work, and he always comes out clean.

if Corey makes it to final 2, that can be his story, and they have to give it to him, Corey did not have the big ego like Cam, that’s what messed Cam up, he’s arrogant, talks in riddles, makes people uncomfortable.

I have to give it to Corey, he has them targeting Meme, but makes Meme feel he’s on her side. Corey is younger than Cam, Matt & Jag, but Corey is smooth, Jag & Matt complained earlier in the game, they said that Corey used them, made them look like the bad guys, but everyone loved Corey.

if that is how Jag & Matt, felt, why are they still letting Corey lead them ? Because Jag & Matt are Floaters, they are easily led, they want to play the middle, they are afraid to make big moves, Corey is playing the hell out of Jag, Matt & Cam.

I’m not mad at Corey, this is how BB is played, and Corey is not being an ass like Jared, Corey is nice & calm. Felicia told them that in her Veto speech. Go Corey !!!!


Watch mt or jg win hoh, and corey will convince them now is the time to get rid of cam, like its now or never, this is our shot… lol


I think that is exactly his plan. I don’t want Cam to leave but he is foolish for letting others always change his plans. He had all of the power this week and look where he is now… letting Cory dictate what Cory wants to happen.
If he does happen to get evicted next week it is his own fault.

Not Jasons Holly

I agree he should have gone after Corey. But, Meme, Felicia, & Cirie are all going after Cam if they win HOH. So the only way Cameron should kick himself is if Corey wins and gets him out.

The Artist Formerly known as JaredsVirtuous Nature

I agree that would happen in the event that Matt or Jag won, but those guys don’t appear to want to win. They are safe no matter what at this point and are aligned with everyone so they cannot win. Not really the best game play in my opinion but that seems to be how this season is going…


Yes, spot on! I am a fan of Cam, but you are exactly right. He is arrogant, and letting Cory outplay him. Cory is running that house and no one sees it.


They decided to do this so that Cory would be voted out next by Felicia or whoever wins Veto!

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Whoever wins HOH, I bet Cam is on the block. If it’s Cam and Corey, I have a feeling Cam will be voted out, Corey does not really win a lot of competitions.


Agree, but he’s using jury management skills with someone who won’t be in jury. He should be working Felicia instead, hint that he’s on her side.

Felicias Balding Clippers

Simon, why don’t Matt, Cameron and Cory ever let their feet breathe?


are you kidding me right now?

Felicias Balding Clippers

Simon are you on Instagram? If so what’s your ig?


Don’t use instagram.

un autre nom

Well, after Felicia campaigned to Jag, he wanted the flip. Matt got on board. The plan has been make sure Cory takes the heat (tbh Cory deserves some heat for yesterday’s overplay). This is to ensure the Blue / Cory war continues.
Cam is on board because it puts heat on Cory. Shhhh, secretly he’s threatened. Don’t tell anyone. He. Is. It goes beyond America.
Blue put the blame on Cory to Meme, as Blue does for everything.
Blue has yet to realize she’s lost Jag. Blue has yet to realize getting close to Cirie made Matt her enemy. Absolutely NOBODY gets to starfuq Cirie but Matt.
Cirie figured out Jag and Matt made this happen. She’s deduced Cory is the face taking the heat. She told Meme. Later, Felicia confirmed.
The pieces Cirie is missing?
Am wanted Meme gone because Cory kept defending Meme. sideye. it’s true
Co wanted Meme gone because Blue was courting Meme. c’mon.
Jag wanted Meme gone because Blue said she might nom Jag. d’oh.

un autre nom

Jag worked hard to keep Cory this week. Jag also worked hard to make Cory the face of the Memeviction plot. Jag is upset Cory is nervous. Ummm, mixed messages make people nervous cowardly lion.


I agree, I think all of these guys are keenly (read: uncomfortably) aware that Cory is 21. It’s gotta burn their britches on some level that they’re being outsmarted by him. This was so obvious with Jared … he could not stand it that this “kid” outplayed him on every level. Gee, let’s all take a moment to appreciate that Jared is gone!

Nether Region Euphemism

Plus, he stole the heart of the lovely, sweet, funny and smart America. Even though Cam and Matt are far better looking than he is, and Jag at least has some height and physical presence.

It’s killing them bc Cory is disturbing their normal order of things.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

There is NOTHING attractive about Matt, Jag, Cory or Cam. I was bummed there wasn’t even one attractive man this year.

no mo bro

Bro. I hear you bro.


Not looking forward to hearing Felicia celebrating getting her extra money making it to jury her believing G*d helped her when it was RollOver Boys Jag and Matt. I think is STUPID. Rewarding bad behavior is the normal production action in the Big Brother House as they try to raise dwindling viewership ratings. At least another gone from Cabinet.
Evict Felicia (today hopefully option #1)
Evict Meme(or today option #2)
Evict Blue
Evict Cirie
Here is my favorite picture of Bulldog Bully Momma Fe when she rolled into and fell in hot tub. Everyone just stood around laughing and couldn’t get her out. Red in the background makes me laugh the most. “Yeeeeeeehaw!”

Another Dixie

Thanks for that memory. I really wish Felicia was going today. I hate the way she has handled her anger & disappointment. I really want her out, especially because it would deny her the chance of being in jury & making herself jury queen. However, I see why it is smarter to get rid of Meme & support their decision, unless they change their minds, yet again. Meme has done nothing, standing back & letting everyone else do the dirty, keeping her hands clean. There’s more to her than she is letting people know. My only regret is down the road we’ll have to endure Felicia pissing & moaning, praying & complaining when she is again on the block. This week was long enough. However, it might be fun to watch her play slip & slide (along with Cirie who doesn’t consider it is a endurance comp) and get all gooey playing OTEV.

Gan ainm

What cabinet?Izzy and Jared are gone,Felicia has turned against Cirie and took Meme with her.Cirie’s closest allies are Blue and Matt now.Cirie is not running anything anymore.

Meme's Muse

Yes, Kristi, et al I agree. My opinion that Cory will be this year’s winner goes unchanged and unwavering. While I know he is only 22 and entitled, no one can question his great gameplay. Cory is logical, thinks beforehand he feels and he knows how to beat Cam. Cory is quite capable of being this week’s HOH. He is slowly getting rid of all who would challenge him. Jag, Blue, and Matt don’t really study, Cirie and Felicia struggle to study, also C&Fe are both expendable votes that are there to cook and provide humor only. Cory may through it to America who hasn’t done much game wise except make sure( watch closely) the camera is on her when kissing Cory) . Watch this beautiful skillfylu dance of Cory’s to the win!

Another Dixie

I agree & I have no problem with a 22 year old winning. He has worked hard. One thing I have noticed about him is that he makes moves yet his minions think they are actually doing it. He has so much control over the houseguests that afraid to make moves, like Jag and Matt. America thinks she is using him but it’s actually Cory who is using her. I think when the time comes both would have no problem turning on the other.
Cory & America’s relationship is so superficial. America wanted a showmance right from the beginning and pursued Cory. I don’t remember if she was eying anyone else at the beginning, but I do see that even now, she has no problem flirting to get safety & camera time. If, by some chance, Cory does get booted, she will latch on to someone else right away. The only strong one is Cam, but he’ll probably be gone.


She flirted with Matt and Jag both first, but Matt was interested in Reilly and Jag was more interested in Blue.

no mo bro

I wouldn’t think to much about Cory. If you listen to him, he’s made many comments and did many things to show he does not come from a life of privilege or entitlement. He told America a $30 lunch is too expensive for him. I expected her to get up and walk away right there and then, LOL. One of his favourite foods is Lunchables… the stuff low income families feeds their kids. I’m not saying he doesn’t have a decent IQ.. poor people can be smart too.


Cory is such a loser. Get that corny soy boy out!


I agree!!!!

un autre nom

I’m drinking my morning coffee.
A thought hits me.
If this jury goes bitter… there’s a huge likelihood FBJ’s vote decides the winner.
Let that sink in.

Gan ainm

Unless she’s in that final chair.

Here We Go

Meme’s floater game is so bad. She doesn’t want drama is her only speech. Well….we are gonna relieve you of the drama. Bye. Go home and wash and dry those fake hair pieces. She has been the most useless player since Victoria.

no mo bro

Where is Mecole? She hasn’t been on the feeds. I’m hoping for one last shot of her in the backyard before she goes.

Here We Go

In the bathroom combing her fake hair. 🙂

Gan ainm

So with Cam sitting out this HOH who is trying to win it?


I think only blue Cory and maybe cirie will go full on. Best case america wins and Cory can play again next week.

un autre nom

According to Meme as told to Jag re: Cory
Cory tried to f4 Am/Co/BJ/Me during Sunday’s screening
Cory called the 4 watching the movie a superalliance.
Jag is concerned.
Remember Sat / Sunday?
The big push to blindside renom Cory?
And Jag is concerned?
They took Blue. That alone should have caused Cory worry.
But okay.

un autre nom

Jag and Matt have finally caught a clue. Their overt connection to Cam and Blue is what triggers the Co/Am sketch. day 64 and they finally sniffed out a day 39 issue.

un autre nom

Meme is telling Ma/Ja she turned down a final 4 deal while she was on the block.
Gonna be honest, i don’t want someone turning down lifelines while nominated on jury. Stupid shouldn’t decide the winner.
Shush, saying no (she didn’t say no btw from the little we saw), or reporting to say no to a deal from a nom position is like saying i’m bankrupt and homeless and a rich relative died but I turned down my inheritence.

un autre nom

Bowie’s position:
Majority 7 with the kid’s table. Above Blue in pecking order
Majority 5 with kid’s table excluding Cam / Blue
Unofficial final 4 with Fugitives
Three with Matt / Jag
Three with Co / Am
Watching backs with:



It’s quite amazing that Cirie was mainly untouched by all of this and basically had a recuperation week

Here We Go

Blew looks like a blow up doll with all the makeup

no mo bro

She’s quite ugly. She needs it.


Wow buddy games sucks.


I remember the movie was pretty awful