Cam – “Cory made great points… I’m in.. Cirie already feels it”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Cameron
Nominees: Mecole and MOMMA FE
POV Players:Mecole, MOMMA FE, Cameron, America, Blue, Matt (Jag is hosting)
POV Winner: Cameron
Veto Ceremony: Cameron did not use the veto.
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The situation Sounds like they are evicting MEME. (losing another great bikini houseguest)

3:30 pm Matt, Jag, Cam and Corey
They are talking about this weeks vote.
Corey – The pros of getting rid of Felicia are simple. Felicia is kinda annoying. She’s more chaotic. She’s not going to be a good person to have in the jury That’s all lifestyle stuff. Who’s she’s going to nominate?
Corey says it will be some combinations of Bowie, Cam, Corey and America.
Corey – Getting Rid of her doesn’t do much for Cirie, Blue and MEME cause they don’t care about her. They don’t give a f***
Corey – it will be one person out of the house that will target one of us but she’s less likely to win.
Corey – the Pros if MEME, She’s a much better competitor. Are we better competitors than MEME probably?
Corey – who would she nominate?
Cam – that’s the worst
Corey still thinks it’ll be the same four people as Felicia but MEME has a much better chance to win.
Corey – MEME is much closer to Cirie. I’m not fully sold that her and Blue are a duo but they’re much closer together.
Matt says Blue and Cirie have been pushing for MEME to stay.
Corey – Cirie and Blue are pushing for her to stay that is a good reason why MEME should go .
Corey – if Felicia stays who does Blue put up?
Corey thinks if Blue wins she might put Corey/Felicia or a Bowie/Felicia or a Cam/Felicia
Corey – anyone next to Felicia is awesome. How is Felicia getting off that block.
Cam – I’m now putting less stock in Jury mindset.
Cam is less concerned about Felicia going to Jury now.

America joins them.
America – Cirie is bugging
Cam – here’s why.
Jag – rightfully so
Cam – I’m in..
America – you’re in? I’m out
Cam – Corey made great points.
Jag says they have the votes to evict MEME as long as they are all down for it.
America – I’m down for that.
They all agree that Corey made some really good points while he was “making butter noodles”
Corey – next week we have a very dangerous HOH outcome we have Felicia. The people that are in the most immediate danger out of us 5 is us 2 (Cam/Corey)
Corey – Felicia being here over MEME makes those chances lower.
America – what do we do about Blue and Bowie. Cirie is coming to me freaking out she’s saying I heard there are people flipping.
Cam – she’s pulling a Jared. Jag came to me.
Corey – Bowie is down.
Cam – lets tell Blue tonight.

They start to plan out how they are going to talk to Blue. The four of them (Jag, Matt, America) will talk to Blue and make it sound like they came to the conclusion together.
Jag – what about Cirie
America – Blue will tell Cirie.
Corey – if we tell Blue there’s no world that we can get to her.
Cam – Cirie already feels it. If Cirie feels it it’s true
Jag – we felt it before it was true.

They agree there’s no point to blindside MEME. They will tell her tomorrow morning.
Cam – MEME, Blue and Cirie is a lot more dangerous. In the house for a couple weeks. If we go ahead and pull the trigger right now we haul a$$
Jag – if we can get MEME out this week it’ll be a lot easier to haul a$$
Cam – we just have to beat Blue
Corey – the second we do this Blue has to know how bad Felicia is for her game. most of the point of this is so Blue goes after Felicia.
Cam – she’s smart she knows
Corey – if she was smart she would know that I should be her target.
Cam says they need to have a good relationships with Blue “She won’t come after us”
Corey – you all have to be Blue’s best friend.

Jag – what are the steps that have to happen.
Corey – talk to Blue, then Blue tells whoever
Matt – Blue will tell everyone.
They joke around about Blue telling the house.
Corey – we all trust Bowie, She should hear it before Blue hears it.
Cam – how about I talk to Bowie.
Jag – okay
Cam – I”ll handle Bowie
Jag – we’ll talk to Blue
Corey – can America grab Felicia?
Cam – talk to Blue first. You will want to keep balance at least for tonight. Felicia is doing her apology rounds.
They agree to talk to Blue after Cirie and Felicia go to bed. So 10pm
Corey – I just don’t know where MEME will be
Cam points out that that MEME is bouncing all around right now.

Cory power eating his bowl of butter noodles during the talk.
Corey and America leave.

3:42 pm Matt, Jag and Cam
Cam – here is what Kicked it off. Corey comes up here and tells us the thing about MEME promising him something.
Jag – Corey wanted to Blindside Blue and Cirie we keep that information in our back pocket. If we tell them this it gets back to Corey and he won’t trust us anymore. For now we don’t need to over play anything. Now if Cirie wins HOH then we say HEY By the way..
Cam – here’s how it went down.
They agree now that they know MEME will 100% not take out Corey next week they should get rid of her.
Jag says Corey is covering all his bases.
Matt says Corey will probably go to Felicia and Cirie and say “I’m helping you out”
Cam – Let him do the talking in front of Blue. Let Blue think this is all his plan and we’re going FINE (It kinda is though)
Cam – what back and forth week.

4:08 pm Matt, Blue, Corey, Jag, Matt
They start the getting MEME out conversation.
Blue start off saying she thinks it’s best to have MEME on their team.
Jag – I’m comfortable with anyone in this group winning HOH. whether it’s MEME of Felicia winning that’s not the best scenario for me.
Matt says MEME has a better chance to win HOH next week.
Blue – doesn’t MEME not trust Cirie
America says MEME told her she doesn’t trust Cirie because she was left out of the vote 3 weeks ago. “that’s pretty sketch”
Blue says she doesn’t trust MEME or Felicia bust she trust Felicia even less. “with Felicia it’s been one thing after another”
America says Felicia’s social game is A$$, MEME has a much better social game.
Jag says it doesn’t matter to him right now who he can trust more because “at the end of the day” he’s not going to be working closely with either of them.
Corey – MEME is telling me and America she trusts us 100%. My guess she will probably go you two after Cameron is gone.
Blue says she will be the replacement if the veto is played in a MEME HOH.
Corey says MEME has a much better chance to win a HOH.
Matt – last week Felicia was nowhere near.
They joke around about Felicia’s HOH performance last week.
America – we’ll get another shot easy. We can do it next week.
Corey – this is a silly point nobody is going to go out here and try to work with Felicia.
Matt – everyone knows Felicia’s game, No one knows MEME’s game.

Corey says he’s leaning more towards Keeping Felicia now.
Matt – for me at this point.. I’m thinking at aspects of who has a better chance at winning next week. It’s MEME so that is more scary. I am more inclined to say Keeping Felicia.
Jag says more or less the same thing says he’s down with keeping Felicia.
Corey doesn’t know what Cam thinks
matt – someone will have to tell Cam
Corey – who thinks they have the best relationship with Cam?
Blue laughs “ME”
Corey – sure as hell no me
Blue – he doesn’t trust me he thinks I’m the mouth.
Blue says she doesn’t trust Felicia and doesn’t trust that Cameron will stay calm after this move

Blue leaves.

4:42pm Cory Matt and Jag
Corey – she was really…
Jag – she was adamant and the more adamant she was I was like YUP this was the right decision.
Corey calls Jag out for being wishy washy during the conversations with Blue saying things like “It could go either way”
Corey – the Cerie and MEME Beef is not real. Clearly Blue does not like Felicia. we can tell Felicia everything BLue said

4:49 pm Jag, Blue and Cameron
Jag fills him in on how things went with Blue. “She’s very much on the other end of it”
(Bowie knows about the flip cam told her when the rest of them were talking to Blue)
Matt joins on. Jag goes on about how Blue wants MEME to stay.

4:58 pm Feeds cut..

5:43 pm Feeds return to houseguests studying. During the feed blockage they were shown some video clips they guess it’s for the HOH.

5:43 pm Matt and Corey
Matt – are they f***ing idiots. why are they telling.. In front of Blue
Corey – are they doing something right now?
Matt – they are doing it in front of Blue telling her everything. Guys thinks about it you’re telling her our information.
Corey – We should split up in dous
Matt going on about how everyone in the HOH was giving Blue the answers “Blue might not know all this stuff we have to leave her in the dark”
Jag comes in
Matt – YO stop saying information
Jag – I know.. I know that’s why I left.
Corey – who’s left in there?
Jag – Bowie and Cam
Cory – Cam’s not going to let that happen right?
Jag says the best thing is for Cory to go in there cause Blue isn’t going to say sh1t in front of him.
Cory – I trust you guys
Cory heads to the HOH. Jag and Matt start studying.

Everybody studying.

6:03 pm Blue and Cam
Blue says she’s trying to throw Corey off. She asks him if Jag and Matt talked to him. He’s says they tried.
Cam says the pros outweigh the cons.
Blue – I’m trying to work some magic.
Cam – on?
Blue – Trying to figure it out.
Cam – Let me know what you think?
Blue – Felicia being here is not great. At least MEME being here I can count on one thing she won’t do much you know. She won’t talk she won’t do much. Felicia being here..
Cam – I’m going to go talk to them. Are they in the had not room? I’m going to talk to them real fast.. Take your time.
Cam leaves
Blue – come back so we can study.

6:07 am Felicia, Cirie and MEME studying

6:21 am America and Bowie
America – we know how fast information spreads when she has a little bit.
America – we talked to Blue about it she really MEME to stay
America – She’s up there with US instead of them right now. It’s MEME, Felicia and Cirie in the comic room studying. She’s (Blue) playing the middle.
Bowie – she’s dangerous.
America – Cirie, Blue and Felicia or Cirie, Blue and MEME what’s the better team?
They agree it’s Cirie, Blue and MEME.
Bowie – by a lot
America is sure Blue has told Cirie already. “She talks like a lot”
America – if it gets out it’s her
America says that Blue’s nominations would be Bowie and Cam. “That’s not good for us”
Bowie – that’s right
America – none of us are okay with you going up.
America about Blue up in the have nots room “really pushing for MEME to stay”
America – I had top pretend to.. to make sure it didn’t look like we all in a group.

6:30 pm They start studying

6:40 pm Cirie, Matt and Blue
Cirie – that thing was so fast.. oh my god.. What is it now, is it the same? the vote.
Blue – we’re trying to figure it out.
Cirie – you all just got to tell me so I don’t vote wrong
Matt – you won’t be left out
Cirie – don’t leave me out please.
Blue – MISS GIRL you cannot be talking to America
Cirie – what am I saying to America?
Blue – just going around being.. so what’s happening..
Cirie – that’s all I said
Blue – she got a little spooked out about it. She called a group a$$ meeting
Cirie – all I said was what’s the vote?

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no mo bro

Looks like Felicia is staying. I wonder if she’ll ever get dressed?

Another Dixie

I wonder what she will think after she returns home & watched the episodes. If I were her, I would be mortified at how ugly & sloppy she looks. I really wish production would confiscate the robes & give them jackets if it’s so damn cold.


Or maybe they ought to turn-up the heat. That’s what I do when my house is cold, instead of wearing my ski parka.


The cold is suppose to help with germs, bacteria and is suppose to help them stay awake is what I heard. Not sure how true that is.


Got it, thanks. Makes sense.


Cameron is doing exactly what Cory wants him to. Everyone is going to be coming after Cameron next. I wish he would play for himself.


? He is playing for his self he just playing very stupid. You should’ve got rid of one the strong guys. Cory will be the one that goes after him first damn move not getting rid of him.


Oh my god are these people even listening to themselves?

not to be a kill joy but I will laugh my a$$ off if Fe wins the next hoh as it’s bound to be Q/A time

Spot ON

The BIG ASSUMPTION they (CAM, CORY, JAG, MATT) is that CIRIE, MEME, BOWIE will never win a HOH. They have some concerns about BLEW and AMERIKA, but they are not that worried about it. LIGHTNING can strike AT ANYTIME.


But it won’t matter like it, but with Jenn wins cause she don’t know what the heck she’s doing anyways, she would do whatever the guys tell her to do. The rest of them watch out.


I have used the same metaphor when I am one of maybe two females in a committee meeting (primarily male leadership). All the guys comparing sizes of their brain when really we know. dick measurements—funny! Thanks for situation normal


Crap this reply to wiring person. Guess I lose the measuring contest!

Gan ainm

How will all the Cam fans justify this?It’s a great strategic move by Cam…it was his plan all along.This is a great week for Jag,getting everything he wanted by controlling the noms and eviction,he just needed Cory to do all the work to flip it just like America did with Izzy.Cory is a great player when you can manage to puppet him.


It was a dumb move for cam not to get rid of Matt Jack or Cory. He’s worried about the girls. You need to be worried about Cory.

Rubber Ducky For The Win

Oh come on! Felicia is toxic in the BB house and will be just as toxic in the jury house. Send her home now! Meme is smart but she hasn’t proven herself to be much of a threat thus far.


I’m confused. I know Cory is all out for himself so the plan has now changed? He is teamed up with Blue, Jag, and Matt? They have decided Cory is right and Meme will be evicted?
I don’t care about her or Felicia…I just want to know what is going on. These players flip and flop so much it’s hard to keep up.

un autre nom

cory climbs off the ledge. jag climbs on the ledge.
cam says cory needs to be smartest in the room, but cam is smartest in the room, and that’s what he’s trying to prove. matt will claim ownership to cirie regardless.



So who was the first to want Meme out and keep Felicia? Jag? And who’s going to try to take credit for this “flip” by the end?

un autre nom

On Friday? America suggested it first. Cory was mayeb. he told her not to say anything. She mentioned to Ja/Ma, got no leverage. stopped. Two days ago it was Cory who brought it up. Then Jag Matt Bowie talked about it and wanted someone else to do the push. Yester Cory pushed too hard. Everyone sketched. Jag today wanted the flip, but wants someone else to wear the move.

Gan ainm

Jag wanted the flip,Cory will get the blame,Cam will take the credit.

un autre nom

so chronologically, america, powered by Cory, implemented by Jag with Cam taking credit by giving permission without a vote.

Cirie's sloppy gameplay

Jag was the most recent to suggest the flip. The first was america, then corey, then jag/matt talked about the potential, then corey again really hard to the point where jag matt and cam were saying fuck that he’s only looking out for himself. Then finally today jag was on board and backed Corey’s pushing to cam which got him on board

Spot ON

JAG and MATT have bifolds


One thing Cam is not the smartest person in the room only his delusion he thinks he is. Cory is a whole lot more smarter than him and it was a dumb move. Not to get rid of him this week.


Mecole getting 10th place pre-jury from coaster gameplay is music to my ears and you could see her demise coming. Cam taking her out on his hoh this is on MEME. She should taken cam out week 2 instead of Reilly – that was a clear mistake! That storage room rant week 2 makes her look silly.

Nether Region Euphemism

She’s trying to seem cute. Maybe she plans to run for political position one day, and thought this would help her……..


Ranting to yourself out loud trashing others in the storage room as if you knew all is not a great legacy. Mecole is a terrible player that mistakenly kept cam the threat who wrecked her game. Meme leaving in 10th place pre-jury is justice for solely making game moves on race as a coaster. She has done this to herself contributing nothing this season from being overly passive in game talk.

Spot ON

“Maybe she plans to run for political position one day”
That’s reason enough to KICK HER OUT!!!

Senior Citizen

Mecole is a political consultant from Washington, D.C.. What you be expect?

no mo bro

GRRRRR CBS! Blocking feeds so as not to pull viewers from Survivor!


Say it ain’t so….please?


When Survivor went from 39 days to 26 I said “I’m done”.

Nether Region Euphemism

My wish for this week was for Meme or Blue to not make jury. But Meme was the better choice bc she truly is the only one in the house not playing the game. If this flip goes through, it’ll be perfect.


I could not care less who is going this week as both are good options. I personally don’t care for Meme’s attitude – she thinks she’s better than everyone and is above the game. Well buh bye! Felicia is also annoying and somehow thinks she is also above it all, like, how dare they nominate/evict HER. Do these women know what show they signed up for?!


Ugh. I am so tired of the flipping back and forth. Can they not keep to a plan. I also do not like making up lies to get someone out. I am all for some excitement but the lies and the not sticking to a plan are getting old. Some of the best players did not have to make up lies to get someone out.

Exile Island

I thought the Grod-mother was against the HG telling the soon to be evicted the news. It used to be the dirty little secret. Now, let’s just tell everyone???

no mo bro

Wholly shit. Does Matt EVER stop eating?

BB Princess

Was thinking the same thing!

no mo bro

He is STILL eating… He’s starting to get a chipmunk look.

no mo bro

And now it’s dinnertime and he’s eating again. He does realize he’s not swimming right?


If he was a woman he would be dragged so much for that.

I mean look how Kalia was treated.

The Nair on Felicias Hair

Meme is the last piece of eye candy left. If she gets evicted it’s just a house of trolls remaining. Hope she stays.

The Artist Formerly known as JaredsVirtuous Nature

We all saw in the beginning that Blue’s goal was to service men and possibly have a love triangle, which says allot about her character as its big brother and not bachelor in paradise. However, should we not be shocked if she wins the next HOH now that she is at least temporarily not focused on pleasing a man?

un autre nom

Matt warned Cirie and Blue.
Cirie questioned America. America squealed that Cirie questioned.
Cirie warned Meme.
Blue and Cirie and Meme are trying to unflip the flip.

Gan ainm

That’s just reason to do it.


Mecole is making almost no effort. Her conversations with people just consist of her replying: “yeah….yeah, yeah, yeah, well, I’d appreciate your vote”. She doesn’t deserve to stay.

un autre nom

you have no magic.
your gameplay is based on revenge for being a pawn.
you were told to reverse psych finesse. nope.
telling people (Jag) you want final 5 with Ja/Ma/Cam/Cir means Me/Fe are irrelevant, so pushing for the stronger to stay is sketch.

un autre nom

So what’s going on under what’s happening:
Cam thinks Cory is better at bb than Cory is. He’s sorta spiral putting everything that happens on Cory. This is why he secretly wants Blue to win HOH. By secretly I mean it’s pretty much assumed by the other guys. Matt really benefits from Cam’s Cory hateboner a lot.
Blue is hurting Meme more than helping because she’s been pegged as a malignant narcissist by most of the house. What she wants is opposite of what others will want because she’s been so obvious.
Meme is talking game explicitly for the first time to people she’s ignored in terms of game relationship until today. It’s day 63. Think about that. Never talked game to voters until day 63. That’s a coaster folks.
Someone caught the pattern. Reilly, Hisam, Red even Jag (1/2 relevant due to twist)… Cirie promised them all safety days before the vote. Voted them out. America knows that’s a pattern for Cirie. She was front row a few times and heard second hand from Cory.

I’m only at 75% on this flip. But Monday i was max 40%
What’s really powering this flip is everybody trying to blame someone else for this flip.


I really think you made a mistake not getting rid of the three prong gas, at least Matt, jag or Corey. Pink it doesn’t matter who he gets rid of. It’s going to bite him in the ass not getting rid of one of the guys.