“I have a man crush on Jace, I know what you’re thinking your answer is no”

Finale Schedule
Sun, 9/20- 8p
Wed, 9/23– 9:30-11p Finale = Winner of Big Brother


Part 2 of 3 – Liz and Steve will compete against each other
Part 3 of 3 – The winner of part 2 competes against Vanessa

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-18 16-21-37-228

4:20pm Production tells Steve to clean the bathroom mirrors. Steve says he’ll do a terrible job because he hasn’t been able to figure out how to prevent the streaks

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Big-Brother-17 2015-09-18 17-08-30-304

4:31pm Liz meets up with Steve in the kitchen. Steve says Big BRother is not happy with how he cleans the bathroom mirror they keep asking him to clean it. Feeds cut after Big BRother tells him to stop talking about production..

They get into a conversation about working out at college.
Liz says Jmac came in here with no muscles and he left with a nice little body.
Steve – and some back hair

Vanessa gets called into the Diary room. Steve and Liz get excited thinking that the HOH competition part 2 is starting.
Liz – No, it’s just for her (Vanessa) meds

they make their way to the bedroom to lay down. The conversation starts on final 3’s being the biggest loser. Steve says Janelle was final 3 twice and she’s not a loser. Adds Enzo and Kevin were final 3 they’re not losers but Victoria from last year was a loser.

Vanessa comes back says she’s seeing a doctor they are going to give her more meds, “Muscle relaxants”
Vanessa saying her neck is so sore.
liz – you look like you have a brace on you

Liz – What if he flirts with Jackie in the Jury house and doesn’t like me anymore
Steve – what are the chances of Clay going with another girl
Liz – 90 (%)
Steve – really .. .I would say 5 (%)

5:15pm Steve explains to Liz how Broadway plays scripts are rented
Liz – nice to be a play write
Steve says if you write a musical that lands on Broadway you make a lot of money.

Steve goes on about how play writes will all go broke if people would just copy the scripts. He explains all the levels of royalties you have to pay for a production. Each ticket sold, each seat filled, theatre capacity, Number of copies of scripts. All this is subject to royalties.
Steve says it’s the same as buying your music from itunes as opposed to sharing it with your friends.
Steve – you are stealing from the musicians and engineers

5:38pm talking about Kids shows
Vanessa – remember when James called you Hey Arnold
Liz – ya f****g a$$hole .. .I don’t have a football head
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Big-Brother-17 2015-09-18 18-19-26-397
6:18pm Bedroom Final 3

Vanessa going over the details of Nazi concentration camps. Explaining all the horrible things that took place in them..

6:34pm Vanessa says she’s going to teach them how to count to ten in “French, Russian, Hungarian, Italian, and German”
Steve – I’m going to bed (LOL)

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-18 18-58-00-802


Vanessa – Do you have any bruising between your legs liz
liz – no
Vanessa – if you saw me in a bikini you would see it
Steve – you never went into the pool this year once
Vanessa – I went in twice.. I’m not wild about swimming in a pool with lots of people that’s not my thing.

Steve and Liz say how much they are looking forward to hanging out with Jace
Steve – I want to drink with Jace I really do, I love him so much.
Liz – Steve has a man crush on Jace
Steve – I have a man crush on Jace..
Liz – really
Steve – Yes, I have a man crush on Jace
Steve – stop raising your eyebrows Vanessa .. I know what you’re thinking your answer is no I want to be 100% clear about that.. however I love Jace so much
Liz – you don’t have a man crush on Clay but you have a man crush on Jace
Steve – Jace is kinda guy I would hang out with
Steve – I have a soft spot in my heart for Jace

They start talking about Jmac’s game. Steve says all of Jmac’s alliance were flops, Clay/Shelli/Becky.
Steve- he worshiped her (Shelli) so much he was willing to throw BOB’s for her

They start talking about the goblins, Meg’s number 1 was Jackie then James then Becky.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-18 19-28-44-506

7:26pm Liz says they are still building in the back yard.
Liz – I don’t think this comp is happening tonight.
Liz jumps on Steve
Vanessa – he thinks h’es sneaky.
Liz – Steve took a dump last night and when he wiped it was red
Vanessa – WHAT..
they tell him it was the die
Vanessa – what he ate it
Steve – it was in my a$$ crack Vanessa
Vanessa – you need to clean your a$$hole

7:58pm Feeds cut most likely for part 2 HOH
10:48pm NO
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Vanessa is going to win.. sigh..


Well yeah, she has ran circles around all these people foolish enough let her get this far.


I have a girl crush on Vanessa…and the answer is no.

Mentally Deficient by Design

Stop pretending they didn’t have to look hard to find more mentally unstable miscreants to fill the house so that their pseudo celebrity fraud wins the lame fake game, it’s not even a game, doesn’t have to advise by gaming rules and is a miserable excuse for entertainment. Low ratings, zero target demographics, doesn’t begin to describe the fact that most viewers turn it off 20 minutes in. Foolish people letting her win very poor excuse to back drug addled abusive cheat Vanessa.


I would run circles around if I was tipped off from the diary room to give me heads up on what you’re planning.

Coco has been through so much and now we know that these sexual frustrations have been unleashed upon Coco because of Steve’s lust for Jase.

Convenient History Lessons

Steve jealous of Johns popularity, AFP and career, talent, independence and attractiveness to girls Julia Liz and muscles, dogs him, his alliances, whatta douche. He sounds jealous John liked Shelli, overstates it like a spurned lover. Envious of James popularity, reminds everyone Meg didn’t like him til she was alone. Seriously, dude needs to come out, his frustrated homosexuality makes him mean. Steve talks farts in Liz bed, bleeding butt holes and loving Jace, yuck. I see that bullying sesh about betrayal in a “hole” new light. I don’t want him to win anymore, his cons, dick, fart, womens genitalia comments all summer too creepy.

Vanessa recounts her family history conveniently skipping over her convict dad fraudster. Cheating & not being capable following rules it’s in her DNA comments are disgustingly real. Now she’s ecstatic, complaining about concussion injuries gets more opioids muscle relaxants, yippee. Do they pad it out to everyone or only the one who doesn’t have to play HOH games. Cheating abusers don’t get my vote.

Liz while everyone reviews foreign languages they know, her shining linguistic achievement is memorizing bullying dialogue from Mean Girls, surprise. Daydreams of punching these a-holes without getting arrested is my guilty pleasure.

This is our choice of winners? I’m embarrassed to say I was a fan. Not a fan anymore.

Life Lessons

I never really understand why people come to a spoiler site just to bash a show and claim they are “no longer” “fans”, or they’re “not watching anymore”. No one cares! Not people reading comments and definitely not CBS.

If you are no longer a fan, why come read the spoilers? Or even worse, care enough to comment on the show you’re supposedly “not a fan of”. Makes no sense. Personally I think you’re just seeking some attention. I also think you will watch this show till the very end and be back next year.

And when your favorites are voted off, you’ll be back on here crying about how you’re no longer a “fan”.

Double D

I can hear Vanessa now, “If you throw final 3 to me, I’ll evict the other one”


Vanessa would be the perfect host for a new CBS show called Big Bully.


Nah, the comment section is a bigger bully.

Not even a fan of Vanessa, just saying.


She is not a bully ASSHOLE.. DUMBASSES keep calling her a bully. Amanda and Evil Dick were bullies, ASSWIPE..


You are too, apparently. If you watched the live feeds you should’ve noticed the similarities between Vanessa, Amanda, and Evel Dick.


Haha I watch the feeds DAILY and haven’t noticed a single similarity between Vanessa and Evel dick? Bahahaha are you joking??

Vanessa and Amanda? Also very laughable. You must be very sensitive and meek to compare her to those two. Either that, or off your rocker a bit.

Someone who was ACTUALLY bullied...

I’m left to assume that you people seem to me to be really uninformed about what it is to be actually bulied when you call Vanessa one.
For Johnny Mac to tell Vanessa she bullied him, a full-grown man mind you, for her simply confronting him (to involve those others involved) about lying about her, and James, behind her back is LAUGHABLE! I’m a chick and I wouldn’t be such a wuss as to admit that–especially on national television! OMG, he’s supposed to be a man, right? What a wuss.! “Whaaaaaa! A girl bullied me by asking me a difficult question in front of other people (insert idiot laugh)!” Puh-lease! Try to locate your balls, dude! For your own good, I’m begging you!
Austin was acting a bully at times I’d say, like commanding Steve to leave the hammock room, that Steve was happily alone in, so that Austin could talk to his friends/people/alliance without Steve. And even that example is pretty soft on the bully spectrum! Forcing a woman to kiss you by holding her head hostage, well that’s just being a masher IMO.

BUT I’m open to change my mind about it, if y’all can give me time and date stamps for this alleged bullying by Vanessa, perhaps situations that maybe I missed, . But really, I mean bona fide bullying, not speaking to someone frankly or confronting emotionally (crying not angry), but maybe more like Evil Dick, who actally behaved more like a criminal than a bully IMO,. Or even maybe just Amanda-brand bullying might suffice, although again that was pretty lame, her being a girl and all, Jeez, even Jace was sort of an ass to Steve that time in the hammock room raking him over the coals which was difficult to watch, borderline for sure, but I wouldn’t say it was so bad, because. Steve could’ve and should’ve just walked out of that room–something open to any HG at any time–something not really an option in genuine bullying, obviously.
So I’m just asking if y’all could maybe be a little more careful with the word BULLY? What it really means is something too many people truly know.


HEY CBS, STILL CAN’T VOTE!!!! Anybody listening???


No we don’t care , we already picked Americas Favorite Houseguest . Please try again next year


It’s fixed now.

I can vote

You need to refresh your IP address. Go to the voting page and press ALT+F4.


9:55 pm EST……….voted 20 times

James for AFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big Sister

Just voted 20 times for James!!


Why do ppl on here like James so much.. all he did was prank ppl and get rid of clay… i mean come on ppl…


And didn’t he invent pot ball and sling band and try to keep everyone from getting bored? And he played the nice caretaker to grandma part. Had a lot of funny lines. The court case was funny. He was cute in the cat hat. Plus he had some strategy, and winnings.


It’s about more then just playing the game too. Maybe someone is funny or compassionate, entertaining or any other number of reasons


It’s about a guy that called two of the female house guests b!tch and c#nt.
It’s about a guy that broke his word every time he gave it.
Then said he wanted to show respect and integrity in case his daughter ever sees the feeds.
It’s about a guy that offered to buy another house guest a new vehicle (bribe) that everyone called a generous gift on here because he’s likeable. Let alone his offer to pay another house guest’s rent for a year. not a bribe because he’s likeable.
It’s about a guy that made date rape jokes (chloroform jokes about meg).
It’s about a guy that found out the post op transexual woman couldn’t get pregnant and suddenly paid attention to her thinking she’d let him have sex with her.
It’s about a guy that was hanging out with the girl that invented those games you mentioned.
It’s about a guy who didn’t think it was important to try to study for any mental comps.
It’s about a sleazeball hick that was pulled into the diary room and told to clean up his act more than once, and then got one of the most golden edits ever seen on big brother.
But why quibble. either James or the lazy muppet (because his d/r game was played with production’s hand up his butt moving his lips) will win AFHG.


Working now and it keeps letting me vote…maybe their making up for the last two days of not being able to


Sign in under a different email and you can vote. It’s as if once your email registers with CBS you can’t vote under that same email. I have several email accounts so I just register with CBS with those emails and can vote again.

Come on!


Silly V

Steve and Liz would be stupid taking each other to the finals. It’s a sure victory for whoever takes Vanessa. Lets hope they dont f*** this up too.


Voting on CBS.com is now fixed!! Not sure if someone has mentioned it already, I haven’t been keeping up with the spoilers today, don’t care at all for any of these 3 HGs. Will watch the shows Sun and Wed but don’t care who wins. Watching Wed only to see who wins America’s Favorite. Know its between James and John.


It’s been fixed since season one. You’re just noticing now?


LOL! It took me a minute to get it but very funny!


BS Steve you have a crush on JMAC, admit it.


Ere do well the flying stones,
For once you know, you never think,
Of all the ghosts and silver bones.


Spine of the perplexing fool
Distance from the dashing mine;
Vengeance into Idyll pools
Then incased unto our signs.
Desperate men ignored by more
Done unto us when we stay;
Endless time for us in store.
Ready to commence our pray.

Modesty Blaise

Ugh, these people are snoozers. I think they are giving last year’s group a serious run for their money as the most boring people on Big Brother. And they should just cancel BBAD, unless you enjoy seeing Steve walking in circles talking to himself. So disappointing!


Lets hope Liz wins part 2 so we can officially say good bye to this season. blackout won’t matter the games done. If Steve won he’d throw part 3 any way.

Yo Yo Yo

Vanessa telling Steve: ” You need to clean your asshole.” Hilarious.


How is everyone voting for America’s Favorite Player?

Lameo Jameo

Just gave JMAC 20 votes.

Sir Peanut

It’s between Jason and James


Wait, What! Steve says he has a soft spot in his heart for Jace? The same Jace we seen berate him before he left! OMG, I just don’t know how to comprehend that………..


If you visited Jace’s twitter page you’d know that he has been rooting for Steve for awhile and says that they were good friends :/

After the Backlash

He apologized to Steve’s mom on twitter and looks sane compared to Vamessa & Skeve.


You know, I thought BB would turn this game around, yet the question Beastmode asked for the most important veto was, On what day did Frankie Grande enter the BB House? Really! Vanessa even said that was the best day in BB house for her cuz she went to that concert. Also, this comp was geared toward her because of her skill set. It seems so rigged. She should have been tossed from the house for so many reasons, yet CBS wants her to win. They left the true fans disheartened and questioning the legitimacy of this game.


They also asked about the day that Johnny Mac was first evicted. JMac and Vanessa were built for that comp – if it was rigged, it was rigged for the two of them to have an awesome battle for tv, not for Vanessa to win.


Because I hate to be an ass, I actually watched the POV comp on DVR after I left that comment because I wanted to make sure I was correct (yes, that’s pathetic, but the boyfriend is out of town and I’m bored). In all fairness, they asked about the day that Zingbot entered the house and JMac said he couldn’t forget it because he lost the POV that same day and went home because of it. Seriously, this comp was set up because JMac and Vanessa were both great at it. Until it got down to the 2 of them, he was buzzing in faster. I think that chick just knows how to win when it counts. Those tears in her eyes when she realized she’d just won the POV? That wasn’t for anyone – that was 100% relief because it was Vanessa or JMac going and she realized she was staying. Can’t wait to see who wins part 2 of this HOH…

Jody H


If the Frankie event didn’t just happen you could say this, but they were all there for it.. Not just Vanessa. And oh, because she studies the days all the time it’s rigged for her? They ALL studied days. She did better. I am just saying these do not show a bias.


her skill set is pushing 2 buttons faster than other people?
Every dang one of those people should know their days backwards forwards and sideways.
wtf else do they have to do for those 12 hours a day that they are laying around doing diddly squat? Any big brother house guest that makes it past the beginnng of jury and doesn’t know their days should be denied their stipend for being absolute morons.


Well It’s no real surprise about the game being rigged/geared towards a particular HG. Some have been favs over the years then again some have been trash. Say what you want and I like these folks but Jordan/Jeff got help. 🙂 So did Gary from BB Can 1 remember. They saw they “went to far’ and rigged the final voting “error”! I actually think that was rigged by production season 1 by season 3 BB Can they were all in to pick the winner. Have to be a very, very bad season to be worse that BB Can 3 up here in the great white north.
Fair to say AG was pushing Amanda and no question it was Vanessa’s turn for the golden hand shake. I’m at a point were I’ll rant about it but also accept it’s part of how they run their show. And after all some seasons like BB 15 the chosen one doesn’t win.
It’s almost comical how production has so little respect for the true fans. Were the ones that bring the advertising that pays the bills. They have never raised the 500K 1st place money in all these seasons. Often wondered about the level of greed to leave 500K for so long with so much money in the franchise. Maybe Moonface will actually make changes but I some how think AG will escape the noose. Kasting on the other had maybe be singing all the little robins go tweet tweet tweet! Rockin robin good bye.

My last post about Liz winning part 2 was simple frustration knowing Steve has to win out part 2 and 3 and after throwing POV F4 he is no better than J Mac. Kasting should have a BB IQ test. Not a BB history test but strategy, game rules ect. You must do 120 BB IQ rated same as 120 IQ versus 90IQ norm as an example. It’s either find a way to revive the brand or say good night as the game has gotten very tired for some of us.

When Van wins no complaining she cheated fair and square. The only real cure is if the advertisers bail out and that won’t happen because after all it’s a game and who is going to waste hours a day following a game…….. me and my dumb ass!

Old man

>Anonymous says:
>I don’t think Vanessa has been all that subtle while planting the seeds. She has straight up told both of them >that they must not trust the other in order to protect their perceived F2 deal with her. Does NLP include saying >to someone “It is important that you not talk to Steve about our deal.”
>Seems pretty straight forward to me.

To answer to your question, YES. She is using NLP, the weasel phrase followed by the command.

Weasel phrase “It is important that” Embedded command “you not talk to Steve about our deal”

Do you really think Steve and Liz are going to talk to each other and compare notes?

That’s what NLP is, google it and learn.


Are you Bandler or Grinder?
They’re the only two people that would care enough to put forth the same NLP argument at least 3 times a day every day.
Given that your patent was rescinded, and your process deemed a pseudoscience, discredited because of it’s lack of empircal supporting data…
who cares?
Are you trying to program all of the comment readers yourself in order to fan the flames of hatred?
If Vanessa’s using it and it isn’t a breach of the rules then she deserves to win even more for being better prepared and equipped in outwitting her competition.

Jace for AFP

he deserevs Cbs screwed him over


The conversation in the house right now is so bad that I would be okay with Simon and Dawg just making some sh*t up. I’m sure they could come up with something a lot more entertaining. Just saying.
Were all the conversations in the house this bad at the end of all the other BB’s? I’ve only watched the last two seasons updates.


The one with Spencer he got really gross and foul near the end.


Good call on Jmac and Shelli, Steve. And high-five for totally not doing that at all this summer. Good stuff, buddy.


From what’s in Steve’s a$$ crack and whats between Vanessa’s legs. They have managed to hardly talk about anything at all and give way too much information at the same time.


So have Steve and Liz had the opportunity to talk privately yet? Are they going to take each other? Liz has to understand at this point that she can’t be Vanessa. Surely she’s not this dumb.


Every year people complain about how the show is rigged for a certain person to win. If I felt this way, I would have quit watching this show years ago.

Capt. Obvious

Plus, the people they think it’s rigged for never win!
Amanda was supposedly being helped to win, but she didn’t.
Production was rigging the game for Frankie to win, but oh wait… he didn’t.
People that think this way live their lives with a “victims” complex, that when something doesn’t go right for them, it’s everyone else’s fault. It couldn’t possibly be their own lack of effort or education.

Everybody HAS Stopped Watching

Nobody IS watching, we read Simon & Dawg who makes fun of it and all the crazy commenters who hate on it, for confirmation we were right not to waste our time. Your welcome.


yes, I said that yesterday. That was a really obvious “give me” to Vanessa. Although someone responded that John would have also been aware of the day number too cuz he was in the house when frank came in, the fact remains the day was more relevant and memorable for Vanessa…. It was just another prod’n rig to allow her to prevail in the veto. You remember her comment, “I know it’s 86 ‘cuz I was 86’d from the house that day!”


This season has seen a big increase in the number of whiners, haters & crybabies on this forum. I hope these folks find something else to do next year.

We're Laughing

We’re here to laugh at the idiots like you who take this seriously as if it’s reality, unscripted and think this is a game. We love to listen to you argue over scrap social science experiment bullshit. We laugh hardest when you can’t defend your minority position then tell the majority to get off. If you don’t like negative reactions to CBS content, tell them to fix it. You can’t handle the truth.


Liz worried about Austin flirting with Jackie LOL Bitch he wanted her first but got rejected and so he got an easy girl like you
Jackie would never go for Austwit she is too good for that


Jackie, really? LOL.. Jackie is nothing special..


Liz is nothing special

Jmac Fan

Becky is better looking than them both…


Jackie slept with Jeff.

Yeah… she’s all about good decisions.


You really have to question the ethics of allowing someone with a dependency on prescription mental health med’n to be in a BB environment (isolation/emotionally intense/ inability to maintain usual routines) for that length of time. No disrespect intended relative to her need of med’n, but it can’t be healthy for her in the house when, clearly, she requires a doctor, or someone, to supervise and monitor her med’n intake. If she didn’t require close monitoring, she would have been able to enter the house with a sufficient supply and not have to go the DR to get them almost every day. Again, not that someone with similar issues shouldn’t play… Just saying that her reliance seems pretty intense.

Was a fan

They r not being subtle about supervising her intake. She probably needed a doctor’s (psychologist or psychiatrist) clearance to play… But, clearly, she didn’t hold up well….. Just look at her paranoia and excessive emotional responses to events in the house. Also, consider Audrey and HER psych issues…… Someone really dropped the ball in casting the season.


We really don’t know about her medical history but she would only get drugs that had been legitimately prescribed to her by a doctor. Houseguests aren’t allowed to take their prescription meds into the house they have always had to get them from DR not just Vanessa.


I think CBS could easily do a montage of housemates crying. Even Clay, Steve, and Johnny Mac cried as well as Meg, Vanessa, Liz, Julia, Audrey, Shelli and Day. Anyone else cry?

Mel's Clam

I just cast all my votes for my favorite clam. God but I love clam juice!


WAA WAA WAA my favorite didn’t win so I’m mad. I’m going to throw a temper tantrum like a little bi%ch and say bad things about the other players. WAA WAA WAA

Grow up you, it’s just a game.


Jeeeez–this isn’t a game is not reality is not even a sport, it’s licensed fictional drama subject to production writers discretion. Commen’s critique horrible concept, boring content, disgusting characters and values and misleading advertising. If you were comfortable with your position, you wouldn’t be bothered by differences of opinion. Just stop pretending this is a game whose outcome is chance or strategy. it’s a puppet show. and you are the puppet.


What made this season different from previous seasons?
From the get go the pace of the season was radically different.
There was a near constant state of confusion and panic and anger every single day on the feeds for weeks.
If you are going to vote for someone who set the tone for the season you could vote for the guy that tried to start the season the way every season starts (lets form a large alliance and sit back and control the summer), or you could vote for the guy that crawled into a bed and really didn’t do much else all summer.
How predictable. Vote for the people that cbs is pushing you to vote for through their edits.
Why not vote for the human train wreck that completely made the feeds something you had to watch every night for the first couple of weeks? And still had an effect on the game weeks after leaving.
Yeah, screw it, i’m going to f#ck with the bell curve and vote Audrey. Bwa ha ha ha ha.


Steve won


This BB season was a complete joke rigged for van to look good and most probably win. It was boring and annoying.
Last season for me good job CBS for making me hate my fav show.

Failure to thrive

Most unlikeable BB cast ever.

James 4 AFP

I didn’t get to vote yesterday cause I honestly I FORGOT:( now I’m voting for James of course, and it’s letting me vote a lot, I know I’m way over the limit of 20 votes a day. Is anyone else able to vote a lot? I think I’ve voted almost 40x’s. Is it cause they had issues? So now they are just letting us vote over and over again.

James 4 AFP

Oh and another thing! Why is Steve saying he is getting $50k? Lol just cause you won 2nd part of HOH doesn’t mean you are automatically going to one of the last two…smh, Steve you still gotta win last HOH or if you lose it hope Vanessa really does take you to final 2, I have a feeling he I’d gonna feel pretty dumb lmao


No. Still despise BB15 cast more. Racists, racists and more racists. Kind of like the Trump town hall in New Hampshire.


What happened to the “takeovers”? So disappointed in this whole season. I thought we’d see the diamond pov or Pandora’s box. The button like last year?