“He got muscle relaxants 6 times a day” “massages twice a day”

PART 2 HOH: Cody Vs Enzo
PART 3 HOH: Nicole Vs ? (Part 2 Winner)

10:20 am Nicole up applying her mask for the day.

11:12 am all done.. muttering to herself about making her eyes bigger

12:16 pm Nicole and Enzo
Enzo explaining why Christmas was pissed at him.
Nicole goes on about wanting Christmas to come to her wedding.
Nicole says the only reason she said things about Christmas is because she was pissed about her voting against her.
Enzo impersonates Christmas thinking that Nicole was going to backdoor Cody.
Nicole – I was never going to backdoor Cody.. that good we convinced him
Enzo impersonated Memphis saying he thinks Nicole will backdoor Cody.
Nicole – we fooled Christmas and Memphis just like that.. that’s good gameplay.. we weren’t thinking about it we were just wanting them to think we were thinking about it.

Enzo says on his season people would sneak up to talk to the HOH This season everyone sat around like a “Doctors office” waiting for their turn.
Enzo – I hate that
They bring up how Fake Da’Vonne, Christmas when they fawned over the HOH Basket contents “Ohh my god you got that!”

Enzo brings up how upset he was at David for taking the money on the veto when he was on the block.

1:05 pm Nicole and Cody debating if an avocado was ripe, overripe or just right.

1:21 pm Chit chat about the season

They bring up that Memphis had muscle relaxants 6 times a day and massages twice a day

2:48 pm Cody plays one player backgammon

4:20 pm

5:00 pm Enzo and Cody are sleeping. Nicole looking around in the fridge.

5pm Enzo and Cody are sleeping..

5:08pm Kitchen. Cody and Nicole.
Nicole is making dinner for herself.

7:40pm Nicole and Cody playing backgammon. Meanwhile Enzo is still sleeping..

8:20pm – 8:30pm Cody studying the past events of the season..

8:40pm Big Brother gives the house guests donuts. Nicole is so excited. Big Brother you’re the best! I have never felt more blessed! This is so cool!

9:18pm – 9:40pm Storage room. Enzo is finally up and moving around the house. Enzo – I’ve got to win this next comp. If not they got me. If not they got me. That’s it! He heads to the kitchen where Nicole and Cody are playing backgammon. Cody comments on how Enzo went to bed at 3pm and is just getting up now..

10:45pm – 11:30pm Enzo and Cody chatting on the living room couches. They move to the kitchen. Enzo – Me and you pissed of Dave. We pissed off Christmas. We pissed off Memphis. We pissed off Ian. Dani is mad at us. DaVonne is mad at us. I don’t know where Tyler is at?! I lied to him all that week. He didn’t know what the f**k was going on. At that point I don’t care if you win or I win because you’re my dude. Cody – yeah. Enzo – I don’t give a f**k yo! Do you know what I mean?! Cody – yeah. Enzo – same thing if its you and her in the questions and she cuts me ..she knows I’m giving you my vote. That’s it. It is what it is. Cody – I don’t even what to think about that. Enzo – yeah I know. I don’t want to answer the questions .. you got third place again HUH?! I don’t want to deal with that sh*t! Whatever yo! Cody – its not happening. Enzo – I don’t think so Yo ..because if I make the questions .. if you make the questions that’s it you know what I mean!? Cody – yeah.

11:54pm Kitchen. Nicole and Cody.
Nicole – you got this (Part 2 HOH) tomorrow. Nicole heads to bed.

12:05am Cody studying the memory wall / past events / days of the season..

8:42 am Zzzzzzzz

10:24 am Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

11:04 am lights on still zzzzzz

11:09 am Nicole
“Can you please go on revolve and purchase me a finale outfit and then.. I’m going to try and talk to production to see if we can work something out because my dress does not fit anymore I gained weight.. ”
Feeds cut. When we’re back Nicole is talking about drinking protein shakes today
Nicole – there’s no way I will fit in that dress UGH.. and I have my wedding coming (ohh?)

11:42 am Nicole’s face cleaning begins.

12:15 pm Enzo sleeping, Cody studying the memory wall. Nicole probably practicing facial expressions in the bathroom.

12:52 pm

1:24 pm All feeds on Cody playing backgammon by himself.

2:25pm – 3:35pm The final three are waiting for part 2 of 3 HOH to start. Enzo was working out. Nicole and Cody played a game of backgammon. Enzo joins them. Enzo – this season everyone was in an alliance to take out people in their alliance .. that’s what this season was about. This season was just bananas. I was just waiting to get backdoored. They start recounting the past events of the season. Nicole to Enzo – was it a lot different playing with 13 Vs 16 people? Enzo – yeah this was a lot especially with being locked in a lot.

3:50pm Enzo is showering. Cody and Nicole play backgammon again..

4pm – 5:20pm The house guests are napping..
6:25pm Cody playing backgammon with himself. Nicole is still sleeping and Enzo is pacing back and forth outside the HOH room kicking the ball.

6:34pm The live feeds switch to the kitty pound. Part 2 of the 3 part HOH competition is happening now! Cody and Enzo are going to battle it out to see who will compete against Nicole in part 3..

9:12pm Still blocked.

10:26pm Nothing yet..

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Piece of Schiff

Tyler for America’s Favorite.

Miss Impression

Anyone who tries that hard to get AFP doesn’t deserve it.


Thank you! No one who wanted to quit the game and publicly announced it should win AFH. Couldn’t stand Tyler


Slim pickings. I am splitting my vote between 3 since I cannot decide on 1 specifically: Tyler, Davonne, & Kaysar

Barney Rubble

I’m on the Tyler train too. At least he is a good guy.


Nicole, you want big eyes, follow Buffalo Bill’s etiquette …It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.


that was creepy, give her a bunny to boil

Sleepy Joe's Forked Tongue

Ten more votes for Tyler.


Tyler is actually campaigning for everyone to vote for Day as AFP. Angela is also campaigning for her.


Da’Vonne is the last person I would ever vote for.

Tom is a Canuck

Day sure couldn’t read the house well but she was at least passionate, funny at times and dramatic at others. It sucked that she could only win the veto. But at least she didn’t do what the big alliance wanted with the veto. It was funny to watch the alliance get upset by Day’s audacity. Tyler tried to quit (and wanted to before thinking of hitching a ride on the BLM train) and Janelle couldn’t perform nearly as well as her past levels.

The Beef

How the Hell can Tyler campaign for anybody when he’s still in the jury house? If Angela is doing it, that’s on her, but anybody who bases their vote on race doesn’t deserve to get AFP, IMHO.

Piece of Schiff


How is Tyler campaigning from the jury house??? Fake news.


On Twitter

Britney Fan

I just cast ten votes for Tyler. Hopefully Tyler or Janelle win.


Lol No she’s not. She is campaigning for Tyler and even has an IG pic posted of her in a bikini that says “it’s AFH time”. She should want tyler to win.


On Twitter, both Angela AND Tyler are requesting that everyone NOT vote for Tyler, but to vote for Da’Vonne for AFP.

Antonio Beadle

I thought Tyler was in the jury house? How is he on Twitter?

The Beef

Tyler isn’t even on Twitter! lol Plus the SJW crowd can join the list of people who can KMA! No way in Hell do I vote for Da’Vonne. I’d vote for NicA before I voted for Day, and she’s waaaaaaaaaaaaay down the list of potential vote receivers for me.


Yeah the one who wanted to quit! Perfect choice!

Sansa Stark

You’re right. All ten of my votes heading Tyler’s way.


Nicole wants Christmas to come to the wedding because Christmas has a lot more followers than she does.


What I get from Nicole’s wedding and were its at, is that she thinks she is of Royalty and her serfs should feel priviledged and willingly pay the price to attend. She’s probable hoping CBS has a special and telecast it.
Be something if no one shows up, including the groom.

Sleepy Joe's Forked Tongue

Well Cory will be there.


Blanket in hand…


quoting Harry Potter, Harry Potter

Tom is a Canuck

That’s why CBS is working hard to rehabilitate her reputation after the Ian autism fiasco.


a lot of not all, BB fans have short memories

Sansa Stark

The North remembers.

I miss the bearded gnome

Paul for America’s favorite player and…. he didnt even play. Most boring season ever!!!

Another Cunt

You can’t watch just two seasons and call this one the worst season ever. Go watch every season and then get back with me. And FWI Nicole and Cody’s original season is probably the worst.


Nahh, this season wasn’t the absolute worst, but this season was up there. Predictable and pretty boring. This is probably the first season, that I can remember, where I wasn’t even watching episodes. I’ve missed about 6 or 7 episodes now. Nothing exciting happening. Could care less what happens now. Cody and Nicole will be final 2, very predictable. People are so sensitive now, that players like evol dick, and Paul, who make things entertaining won’t be around anymore because of cry baby’s.


When you no longer care to watch this season, sorry to say, its the worst. There was nothing, nothing that would make this season watchable. The players, the competition, the payed live outages, the increase in DR sessions, the lack of real “All Stars”. Nothing could save this season after the 4th week.
How many were able to predict the final after week 3?
Why was Ian voted out because he was a past winner yet keep Nicole? Especially after wall winners, everyone had to be aware what was going on, right? So it has to be DR sessions were BB interfered so Nicole would stay. After thinking about it, maybe CBS is thinking of sending a crew to Nicole’s wedding and running it as a special so they need to keep her in and make her a 2 time winner.


I’ve watched since Season 1..this is by far one of the worst seasons ever. It’s amazing how much Productions involvement shows with each season. Just like last season, someone who shows their true colors on the live feeds will be rewarded. It’s disgusting.


I think the reason many refer to this as the worst season is b/c the expectation for an All-Star season is higher than a normal season.

Combine that with players who were targeted before house entry & the constant live feed cuts and it led to many feeling short changed on a season everyone pined for since season 7.

Just consider how much time in the recap show was spent focused on Janelle and Kaysar and that speaks volumes about what many hoped for and perhaps naively expected.


This season needed the dynamic duo of Janelle and Kaysar to make it further in order to have the chance of a good season. They brought a lot to the season and we were short changed by their early exits. With all the production interference going on anyways, it would have behooved them to find a way to keep them in the house.

Sleepy Joe's Forked Tongue

I miss Paul crying when he loses.


watching Christmas should of quench you. Aargh

Paul Got Punked

is Paul still a gnome model?


Nicole is so hot. She’s like that nerdy girl you grew up to next door who acts all innocent and sweet but know deep down she’s a freak in the bedroom. Victor is one lucky dude.

Miss Impression

I’m sure she’s hot on the planet Melmac.



Roisin Dubh

I’ll take Christmas, say what you want but she’s smokin/


Dani is the hottest of them all.


I think Dani is actually scary looking. Very weird looking face.

Sleepy Joe's Forked Tongue

Not to mention that Dani has the personality of a doorknob.

The Beef

Dani is VERY hot, if you lust after Skeletor and you like your women with scarecrow looking hair. I swear, her hair looks like she gets her extensions off of the old kitchen whisk brooms from the late 1950’s and early 1960’s.

She does have a good personality though, if you want your woman to have the personality of a pissed off wolverine, who just had his ass sand papered and somebody squirted half a bottle of turpentine on it.


Haha! Very funny!




Alf added an ‘e’ at the end of the last word. Yikes


You’re the only person who thinks that

Roisin Dubh

Enzo, you are a moron. Keep joking dummy, jokes on you stupid because if they would’ve backdoored Cody, you had 50k easily. Instead you get third place, AGAIN!!!!

"It's Jake...........from State Farm"

I have heard nothing at all about wedding gifts for “the wedding”.Anybody have any suggestions? Maybe a coin changer!

Sleepy Joe's Forked Tongue

Bottles of Botox?


Thats a ZING!!

another name

24 minutes into the special Friday episode.
Second commercial block is starting.
so out of 18 minutes of episode…. 8 minutes has been Janelle / Kaysar centric. Gee, production…. trying to keep the interest of old schoolers much? The episode returns from commercial after the second Janelle Kaysar block with a viewer vote reminder.
leading to third commercial break they’ve had a moment of Cody is stupid, Grinchmas is stupid, then a longer segment reminding us of this season’s social commentary about autism awareness as well as racial and religious awareness.
After third break: the production sponsored “like us” moments of punishments. will they finally show the Bayleigh punishment? Oh there it is, with all of the people saying she should have gotten more laps and putting down her punishment going on about how brutal the punishment was. Yeah, I called them a$$holes for that one. They make it seem like it took her forever. She finished the 12 hour punishment in… was it four hours and 20 minutes?
So, the last block is emotions in the d/r and then Enzo saying he’s in the final 3 with the people he bonded most with from the beginning in the house…. um….when the fuq was that? Now the three are talking about how they want to win. I think i smell burnt toast doctor penfield.

another name

What I would have given actual kudos for…. If they’d put together an entire block of all the times houseguests talked about the preseason alliance. A good twenty clips of Cody talking to Nicf and Dani, and the clip of Cody talking to Memphis… added to the clip of Da’vonne and Bayleigh discussing the Derrick call, and the Janelle Kaysar conversation. Add in a pastiche of the wall yellers, and the never before seen on feeds (but discussed twice) production house meeting. That I would have applauded. Anything less? Production drivel and frozen poo on a stick.

another name

btw. Dear Franzel,
try doing a kegel once in a while. It was embarrassing but funny in 16. it was just embarrassing in 18. now it’s just silly and derivative hokum.


Yeah it’s pretty sad that a grown woman has that little control over that. It wasn’t even that funny. Humorous but not that level of funny. I mean she was cracking her own self up before Enzo even came out of the bathroom and before Cody even saw.

Meech's Peach Sweater


another name

Okay.. it’ been a while and i’ve come back because I’m still ticked off.
To be quite clear: the editing choices in the season recap were… dubious.
My reasoning: The people that were ticked off by Bayleigh’s punishment and made passive aggressive to just plain aggressive comments for almost a week about that punishment are the three that talked about what a difficult punishment it was. Holy scripted crap for viewer consumption.
The Janelle Nicf have not argument. the clip where she is discussing doing it, and planning how she’s going to make a nasty comment says day 14 on the bottom of the screen. That means little miss ‘i didn’t mean to say that’ planned what she was going to do for TWO days because the actual naming of have nots was on 16. And still, they go with the “oops, I didn’t mean to say that out loud” d/r edit? Really?
Added to that: the autism segment. They choose the moment he is talking to Enzo, Nicf, and Nica about being on the spectrum? How many times did Enzo make fun of Ian after that conversation? Almost as often as Memphis. Why did they include this conversation? The other conversations he had were far better for the edit they were trying to achieve while he was in the house. What changed? Well, Dani was called in to d/r at least 3 times to be told to knock off her autism as a strategy talk… The Memphis Nicf Dani and Grinchmas conversation that got so much press and cost Nicf sponsors….. oh. Bingo. THAT is why they chose that particular conversation. So they could include the final three talking about how much they like him and want to be life long friends with him… and hopefully get those sponsor dollars back on that influencer train. Like THAT isn’t why she got the extra competition 10k gift. I can’t be the only one thinking it.
I really hate the storyline editors.


Agree, agree and agree…..
Nicole practiced what she was going to say to Janelle, the same way she practiced her fake tears for Ian. Maybe production thinks were idiots and will not remember seeing it? Wait a minute, didn’t they show again tonight. Smh
It’s funny but I believe every competition Nicole has won, she had it before during her previous seasons. Maybe the whole day she spent in DR following the Ian incident, she cried and blamed them for showing her in a negative light. In Nicole’s voice ” this show ruined my life, and I won’t have my podcast & endorsements after this”
We now have to give advantages to Nicole to get her to the end.
The way she whines and complaines to Cody. Trust me, she’s in that DR, still today, complaining about that incident.


But, again fans have short memories.




I actually think the have nothing storyline made nicole look quite bad. It clearly showed that she spoke about it prior to the ceremony and then the juxtaposition of her denying it, makes her look like a huge liar. The whole autism part of the episode made Nicole look worse to me because it shows that she clearly did know this was a sensitive topic for him but still laughed about it. What is this about Dani talking about her autism? Since when does she have autism..

another name

Dani talked in the house a few times about Ian ‘acting’ and using autism as a strategy.


My prediction Cody wins part 2 ,Nicole wins part 3 and evicts Cody.


From your mouth to God’s ears


Honestly, if that happens I think that might make this season *a bit* less sucky, and I can’t even stand Nicole.

Sleepy Joe's Forked Tongue

Lorne don’t forget the icing. Then the bitter jury votes for Enzo to win.


Yes cause thats what a backstabber does.


Worst case scenario. Absolutely do not want a nicole win. Cody deserves it at this point.


Keep in mind that would be a way to make Nic win. Because the houseguests in the jury said if someone takes Cody out that would be a big move and they would vote for that person.


FYI – Janelle has tweeted out that if she wins AFP all the money will be donated to a children’s charity (the same one she donated the $18k she got for auctioning her Janelle necklace worn this season).

Miss Impression

That’s a bonus,I was already voting for her because I hate snakes.

another name

isn’t the total up to 21k now with the inclusion of Kaysar’s fbi hat?


Oh not sure – but that’s awesome


Thats what a Sweetwoman does.

Team Janelle

That’s what a true queen does


I read that the buyer of it tried to back out. I’m not sure if the payment ever went through. I know if you look at her eBay profile you can see the review exchange with the buyer who backed out.


The thing I don’t get about Nic is she scripts herself and works the camera for air time. I read a post about her planning a nomination debate in her other season and the guy was like why are you talking about this and she whispered for the show it will make it better if we are on the fence. The Ian vote plan and rehearsal she had for herself. The peeing her pants, she planned it. I have had 3 kids and have yet to full on pee my pants by accident from laughing…like you run to the bathroom…not stand there and let it flow. You honestly cannot trust a single thing she says or does because you don’t know if she is being sincere or playing for airtime. And what the f is with her mirror faces? What is she checking for wrinkles, double chin, food in teeth?

I used to follow her on Insta but I cant be bothered now.


What is she checking for wrinkles…haha or just looking at them knowing she will need Botox before the wedding.


Geez I’m not a nicole fan at all. Really can’t stand her but she doesn’t need Botox. I’d rather someone look natural then have a fake expressionless face that looks like a mannequin.


The mirrors are two way mirrors. Sometimes you can see the camera people behind them and they may have fixed cameras behind some. It’s another shot at getting screen time.


I stopped watching when Janelle got evicted. Just checked into see who was still left and definitely predictable. Glad I didn’t waste time watching! Janelle for AFP!!! She’s got all my votes!

The Beef

I thought the same thing about the whole peeing the pants thing. I’ve heard of women who have had multiple children doing that, but not healthy young non-mothers – not unless they are drunk and can’t get to a bathroom quick enough. I’ve seen that happen once, and the girl was a complete dimwit and totally drunk.

So yeah, I believe the whole pants peeing thing was for TV, as well as what she said to Janelle. That one just made her look like a 13 year old girl with a grudge though, and when she obviously lied about not having thought about it, it just made her look worse.


If she purposely peed herself just for tv then she is even more incredibly desperate for attention than I thought. I do not believe it was on purpose though especially knowing how insecure she is. For a grown woman to do that, just to be funny, would be some kind of psych disorder.

The Beef

But she KNEW Enzo was going to do it though, and she was even part of planning it, so it’s not as though she was surprised by this whole toilet tissue getting stuck in his pants, and she knew that it was chocolate on the tissue and not something else, so exactly how funny could it be to her, when she knew it was a set-up from the very beginning? It’s really THAT funny, even though she knew the whole thing was going to happen and she knew all of the circumstances behind the whole prank?

I’m more inclined to believe your last sentence then I am that she actually laughed so hard she really peed her pants. Nicole is ALWAYS looking for ways to get attention. Always! For example, see her grandiose wedding. Also see what she needlessly said to Janelle, just to stir up sh!t and get more TV time. They just showed her “visualizing” her winning BB22, and if you don’t think she did that for the purpose of more TV time, why do you think she did it?

Now I do realize she and Cody are the favorites of production, and therefore they are going to get more time in front of the camera, just by default. But that doesn’t explain her need and desire for going over and above that to get even more time, but I guess you have to be able to understand a healthy 29 year old doesn’t just up and piss herself for no apparent reason.

Just a fan

I watched every episode this season. Did not miss one. Last night, they showed Bayleigh doing a penalty of 500 laps on a tricycle. I have no recollection of this being shown or mentioned


It was on the feeds. I saw it on there then was so confused later in the week as to why they didn’t show it on an episode.

Lady E

They have it as “extra” footage on the CBS app.

another name

Dear Production,
Instead of going out and buying a new dress for Nicf, might I suggest just getting her a gingham picnic blanket that she can wear as a toga? Look back at her finale looks of the past. Won’t be a big departure.
As she practices her finale speech she discusses having enemies in the game, and making it known to the house that they were her enemies so that her alliance could get rid of them. Janelle I buy as an enemy. Was Bayleigh? OH, riiiiight, couple tries couple guys. THAT was the enemy standard. Was Dani? OH, riiiight, she had more than one final two with the same people Nicf had more than one final two with.
Or we can just finally say it, she was a petty spoiled and pampered (and judging by her bladder control issue should BE in pampers) pet of the executive producers.


Julie is going to pretend Cody and Nicole had no interaction prior to the game cementing their unspoken deal. She also is trying to reinforce Nicole as some kind of skilled BB player so maybe people will forget how much help she had from production in her previous season.


Every time Julie Chen stops someone after they are evicted to say about social distancing I wish the houseguest would call her a dumb twat because SHE is the one that should be wearing a mask…

Tom is a Canuck

Memphis got muscle relaxants 6 x day and two massages a day? Royal treatment. Yet he was always able to turn it up for the competitions. I guess the audience wasn’t allowed to see that because that’d ruin his image.

Antonio Beadle

The only positive about this season was no Frankie or Jesse.


As someone who has very bad chronic back pain from disc issues I can empathize with him and completely understand. If you haven’t gone through it yourself it’s hard to fully understand the necessity of what he received.

Tom is a Canuck

Why would he sign up then if he knew that his back problems would be triggered by the competitions? Was there no one else they could get?

Roisin Dubh

That’s why I think he sold that injury.Was he hurt? yeah, but not nearly to the extreme he portrayed.

The Beef

Well there are degrees of everything. I’ve got bad back discs too, and there’s no way in Hell I could probably do half of those competitions because of them, and “muscle relaxers” and back massages are not going to repair bad discs, I don’t care how many times a day you get them. They might help a muscle injury, but not a true disc issue. Those usually require surgery IF they can be repaired.

I suspect Memphis back issues are minor, and he likely played them up for any number of reasons – not the least of which was two free massages a day. lol I wish my doctors would prescribe massages to help with MY back, but they don’t.


Nicole Enzo Cody

you pick


Shame on you for insulting the three monkeys!


Nicole better be worried if she is even having a wedding. If Victor has watched any of this she may get kicked to the curb. She’s had a showman every time she’s been on. And she’s been jocking Cody the whole time.


Cody won Part 2

Penelope Taynt

Was there ever any doubt?