Enzo “I’m having way more fun this time around.” Nicole “Yeah, it’s way more fun to not have a showmance.”

Head of Household Winner – ENZO
Nominations – Nicole & Christmas
Power of Veto holder – Cody
Power of Veto Ceremony
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7:05pm Kitchen. Christmas Cody, Enzo and Nicole.
Enzo – I just feel like I am having way more fun this time around. Nicole – yeah. I think it is way more fun to not have a showmance. Enzo – oh yeah? I never had a showmance. Christmas – I thought I was your showmance. Cody – yeah you and Christmas were getting pretty intimate today! Nicole – were we? Cody – yeah. Christmas – you and Enzo were too! Cody – yeah that was a little much for me. Enzo – I would have given him a whole face thing but he didn’t want me to. Christmas – you weren’t taking it serious. Enzo – I was definitely taking it serious.. you weren’t. Cody – no you weren’t. Enzo – you couldn’t handle my soft hands. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Enzo – I just want to get the f**k out of here already! Seven more days. Cody – no eight! Christmas – Seven full days.. Live day is not a full day. We don’t go to sleep here. Enzo – I am going to be so happy to pack. I am going to take every picture down in the photo room. Christmas – You have such a stack up there. Enzo – I do. Its a good thing .. when you go to the bathroom.. Christmas – did you rub one out to those photos! Enzo – NOOOOOOooo! Christmas – okay just asking!

7:35pm Cody, Nicole and Enzo play hide and seek. Nicole hides in the HOH room. Enzo hides under the kitchen table. Cody is looking for them. Nicole then leaves the HOH room and hides in the storage room cabinet. Enzo finds her (see photo below).

8:30pm Cody is talking about soccer. Christmas and Cody sit down to play backgammon.

9:18pm Bathroom. Enzo and Nicole.
Enzo – Cody was like are you telling her like that she has hope? What do you want me to tell her?! I’ll tell her that she is gone then. No, no, no.. then what the f**k do you want from me?! She keeps coming to me like do you know anything?! I don’t know know nothing! Talk to him.. he has the power. Why is it on me!? Like what the f**k!? He has the power not me!

Christmas – I don’t want to keep bugging you but this is down to the end and I want to clean some sh*t out. What you asked me yesterday .. or the day before yesterday.. I can’t remember when it was. One obviously I am here to play comps but I am also here for my family. You know how I feel about my family and that is f**king number one. Cody – yeah. Christmas – And I think you have a similar relationship with your family where you would f**king do anything for them. Cody – yeah. Christmas – so with that in mind .. I have to do whatever I have to do for my family to make sure that I go to the next round. I was very shocked to go up on the block this week. I was furious with Enzo. When I went up on the block before for him.. he told me that he was never going to put me on the block again and that he owed me one big time! Cool.. early in the season .. I get it. He reinforced that after the triple. He knew from Tyler. Tyler came to me right before the vote telling me that they have the votes to flip it. In the bathroom, Enzo confirmed it. That was why I voted the way I voted. Enzo changed his mind last second. After, I was like what the f**k Enzo!? What happened?! He flipped back his vote because he didn’t want to piss off Memphis. Memphis would come after him. And he promised me, I won’t come after you .. like I know that exposed you a lot. Whenever I get HOH again, I am not putting you up again. Like I have your back. Enzo has been wanting to get Nicole out since the very beginning of the season. And then when he didn’t, I was like what the f**k!? So that was the triple. Fast forward to.. the pumphin seesaw .. he threw that because he knew he was in good standing with you and with Nicole. And then he put me up. He said that he wanted to go to final two with me because he knew he couldn’t win against you or Nicole in jury. I tell you this because you know how I play and I already promised you that if I stay I am going to fight like hell to win and take you to final two. I am not even asking you to promise to take me to final two .. you can take whoever you want to. Even if we are in final two you will sweep the whole competition because of the entire game you have played. Cody – I don’t think you’re throwing him under the bus .. I think you’re just talking. I think you’ve been duped constantly.. which is a sh*tty thing to feel.

9:35pm – 10pm Christmas reading the bible.

10:05pm – 12am HOH room. Christmas and Nicole are playing Backgammon. Enzo and Cody are playing chess. Nicole – I love each and everyone of you. This is by far the coolest final four ever. You know how I had to move my wedding back for this experience and I am glad I did because this is friendships I am going to have forever and I am still getting married. And now I have three really awesome guests and their plus ones. And no, I seriously love you guys and I hope that I stay in touch with each and everyone of you. Enzo – I hope so too. They all cheers. They sit around playing “Truth, Dare or Consequences” and talking about other random things.

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Where’s Janelle

Nicole has proved everyone wrong in that she is one of the best to ever play big brother.

Dropping a Deuce in Frisco

I’m rooting for Nicole……to get third place.


Nope. Fourth would be better.

Piece of Schiff

Enzo is our only hope.


Please may we have a BB quake for a hail mary.?


Thought I would drop in and see how the seasons comments are coming along. Haven’t watched a single episode since I dropped out nor checked updates. Looking and reading, one thing stands out, so little comments compared to past seasons were there were pages of comments. Also noticed a drop off in attendance here.
What I did notice was the changes in Ranking increase in percentage in players like Nicole F and Dani, etc. showing their fans are trying to up their numbers for fan favorites.
Those that have been left since the Triple Eviction, I have no interest in any of them winning only because of allowing these players to have a pre-arranged alliance, interference by an outside players. The stupidly of players not listening to wall yellers. No real evictions as done during other seasons or on Survivor were you try to win by getting strong players out. The increase of Diary Rooms sessions were I’m sure hints are given by production. Xmas winning HOH by default. Were viewers don’t really see times by contestant to see if winners are up and up. The lack of truly and real competition rather then so many wins by Luck.
I’ve seen many fake, scripted reality shows, but this season is and should be at the top of the list as the worst ever scripted, faked, pre-arranged show with a set-up finish.
How many can take watching this show to the final when the outcome is known. As to Enzo, he has to be one of the stupidest players ever, and Nicole F has coat tailed her way everytime. At least last time she used the bedsheets to cover up her technique for continuing in the game. Good luck to those that can stomach the finish.


The very 1st comp that was rigged for the guys to win turned me off the the entire season. Then finding out the whole season was rigged, so refused to give a CBS a ratings point by watching on TV. I think I watch the 1st 2 episodes after finding out about the pre-game alliances, , and just come here for the real story of what is going on.(Thanks OBB!) A complete waste of a season, too many fake All-Stars, and the majority of real ones were unlikeable. I never understood the Nicole A casting, she was my least favorite of the cast. Completely useless. The wall yellers that could have saved this season were ignored by those who they were intended for, so I just couldn’t watch that much stupidity. I still want another season to get the taste of this one out of my mouth. The saving grace and my most happy moment was Nic F and others losing their sponsorships.


Interestingly, Janelle said on Twitter she wrote she’d put up Cody and Tyler and gave it to her handler. Prob why Cody “won” first HOh and Janelle was out third.

Mary Altman

For Gods sake get Nicole out while you can. Big deal she will be mad,uninvite you to her wedding!

Jake from state farm

Yep, that’s also another 3k gained. It’s like finding prize money bounties. Janelle got it first.


and will save you $3k to not have to go!


Uninvited from the wedding is already enough of an insentive

The Beef

This is the first thing that came to my mind when I read that comment from Nicole. Yeap, everone’s invited to her wedding (with their “plus-one’s” – an additional $3,000 less the actual hotel cost, for the coffers), until you piss her off and you get uninvited, hopefully on national TV so that she can make a big deal out of it. If not on TV, probably on twitter or instagram. You can rest assured it won’t remain private between the two parties. That’s not Nicole’s style. lol

Piece of Schiff

Does anyone care if Nichoe gets mad?

Bic Mitchum

When you can predict the entire outcome of the season after watching the first episode, what does that say about the season. I hope there’s never another All Stars. Bunch of pointless pre game alliances and just ruined the show for me completely


I’m assuming Christmas is going to be evicted tomorrow.. so with the final three being the dream it is…

If he wins HOH and cuts Cody I cheer for Enzo
If Cody is in the final 2 I cheer for Cody to win
But… it’s 2020 so expect for Nicole to win via a tie breaker vote from Da’Vonne then for Da’Vonne to win AFP.


Nailed it! :p


The one super alliance this season won all but 2 competitions (I’m counting Enzo in the committee because he basically was and not counting safety suite) . The two veto wins by Da’Vonne and Kevin. The veto was only used once and that was by Kevin. There was no blindsides and for the most part every single week was predictable.

This season is really giving BB16 a run for it’s money. I’m starting to lean to this being the worst season of all time. At least on BB16 we had a 2-3 weeks of fun feeds. What did BB22 have other than Kaysar and janelle? NicA epic implosion, kevins bad reads, a mild fight with Bayleigh, Da’Vonne and Christmas people who are known to fight everywhere they go? really it had nothing.

This show used to be about powershifts and blindsided. what the hell happened?


Also, 16 had a rootable underdog who managed to stick around for a bit…then Nicole re-entered got our hopes up that she and Donny would get something going. Then the suckage continued.


1 hundo P. I know people say it every year…but this year truly has outdone all the other worsts to take the cake. Makes sense w/ it being 2020.

BBAS2 baby

All the constant Janelle and Da’ finishing second in comps will haunt me forever

Kats Alien Bitch

Was this the best dominant alliance in BB history? The problem was that the members of that alliance knew what they were doing. Another aspect – the players understood live feeds – and the danger to their ability to make money from social media – that they represent.

As a result, the feeds were less controversial.

Put another way, a well played BB season is a BORING BB season.


I hope it was the most dominant, it contained almost half of the freaking house guests, and the other half was to stupid and to incapable of winning a dam comp to do anything about it. They might as well have stacked the other half of the house with crash test dummies.


Players didn’t care about live feeds, but production did and cut the feeds so much that we have no clue what truly was going on inside the house.

Aunt Pat

And production made it worse by just phoning it in – no unexpected twists.


Umm – I believe Da’vonne used her veto on Kevin.


You’re totally right my mistake. Veto was used twice.

Expect the Expected

it also use to be about 24/7 feeds or real close to it, now its 10/7 feeds, its worse than canada’s free feeds


I have been asking that very question myself Simon. I even posted a comment about it asking people to give their thoughts. I didn’t get any replies. So I will give it a shot. I am currently re-watching big brother 10 to get my fix. Despite the fact that I know the outcome of everything that is going to happen, it is still by far and away more entertaining than what we get to watch these days. If I had to wager a guess with a gun to my head, I would say that it is just a sign of the times. These younger players are simply to docile. They are always to scared to “piss” anyone off, they can’t or refuse to think for themselves. I remember watching episode 2 of season ten about a week ago and thinking to myself, wow, there is more fighting and action in the second episode here than in the first 30 episodes of this supposed all star season. No one wants to take a shot, everyone is scared, no one thinks, everyone follows. Classic mob mentality sets in almost immediately these days. Once the “cool kids” decide who they want to target – nothing changes their minds despite the fact that many times its not the prudent move. This makes things extremely predictable, which in turn makes for a boring season. The casting director needs to be fired. These cookie cutter casts are getting a bit ridiculous too. Also, I would have to say that the Jury aspect of the game needs to change as well. Jury management has become to much of a hindrance to good game play, because more often than not the Jury will be bitter and almost never rewards good game play. Big brother used to be fun because of all the lying and manipulation. Now even if your trying to play the game, you have to be careful not to hurt all the bitches feelings , or you won’t be getting their votes in Jury. I think with some slight rule changes that would prevent 10 person alliances day one and some more carefully thought out casting and perhaps the game we all love could be saved. I don’t know about the rest of you but this is the first time I ever actually stopped watching mid season. If something doesn’t change I fear the end of big brother. Also, stop casting fucking house guests that are more interested in instagram followers than playing the dam game.


One reason I’m an advocate for a person on the block and wins Veto, takes himself off and able to pick their replacement rather then HOH picking a replacement.
Non of these HOH contest were you can win by default (like Xmas did and never had to answer).
Get rid of those Luck type contests and more endurance type. Make them work for HOH.
Have were the first 4 evicted, get a chance to return and upset the HGs
Get players that have no relationship to any past players
If, and its known by viewers and production, eliminate any player, even if its found out during game, be evicted if they received any outside strategy from previous players.
Less Diary Room calls. We all know that they are also script sessions.
Lastly and most important, any timed events, a clock should be on screen at all times so viewers know it isn’t production that gives a manipulated time.
AS a FINAL-No More ALL STARS. They’re fake, they’re prepared, besides, if one was held, it should be by viewers choice who they would like to compete.


I think that BB has become way too predictable. The players know what’s coming and know what to study. You know that they are working on counting days because that contest hasn’t been done yet. They need to come up with new and not predictable competitions. They could even copy some of the old ones from very early seasons. There were some really good ones back then. However, at least this year they didn’t trash the house.

The Beef

Great post! So many good points – especially the ones about today’s players and the mob mentality and their fear of going against the power, and the jury management point and the jury voting for the winner for the wrong reasons (game play vs. bitter/friendship/agenda). I get it that everybody has their own idea of what is “good game play”, but some times it’s so obvious that one has outplayed another, yet jury members STILL vote bitter, or for their friend, or for their agenda. This is why there’s so much outrage when judges “cheat” and award outrageous scores in judged events at the Olympics, in support of their own or other “friendly” countries competitors. Somebody making a good move to get you out of the game should not be held against them, but instead should be applauded and held up as good game play (God knows we didn’t see much, if any of that this season). Not anymore though. Not by these pantywaists. Instead we get “If you put me up, I will not vote for you in jury.”

It may be honest, but it’s a chicken sh!t way to play Big Brother, and anybody who says it and follows through, should never be invited back to play the game again, IMHO.


totally Agree. Alot of these problems would be solved by kassssting. Maybe they should up the prize money to 1mil. That would attract a higher caliber player.

There was always model/actor wannabes on Big Brother but now it just feels like the majority are shooting for some sort of Instagram side hustle. Side hustles are great but what happened to having just one social media mogul on. Sign of the times.


Upping the prize money might be a good start. However, I have often wondered why it was only 500k. All the other huge game shows like survivor and the amazing race all pay out a mil. I wonder if production costs have anything to do with it. Actually, out of those 3 games I feel like Big Brother probably has the lowest production cost. The basis of the game is still sound and can still be entertaining. They just need to shake things up. Grodner needs to go. They need to remove the stigma that production screws with the outcome of things. I don’t really see the point in any tampering from a productions stand point, but many think that it does happen, and quite possibly it does. They need to be more transparent on the timed events. Maybe come up with some new comps, and start diversifying the personalities in the cast. I feel like they must know people are getting tired of the same old crap. I wonder how the TV ratings are doing? Plus, the live feeds have been a total joke. People should honestly get their money back for the crap they pulled this year. Well I guess we will just have to wait until next year to see if they will implement anything new or if it will be more of the same old. Please, no more all stars and no more returning players. Although, I always thought a season of all past winners would be interesting. Oh well, there’s always next year. Slams a shot of Kraken.!

Voice of Reason

They are so dumb if they don’t evict Nicole while they can. The jury will all vote for her just for making it to the final.

BBAS2 baby

I’m not really certain she has Da’s vote considering she backstabbed her twice in s18 and now and lied to her face and let her bash David for the thing she did


can you imagine being in the jury and thinking about giving Nicole a second win??? nope she is not the face of bb and should not have won once let alone twice.


I’m not so sure about that. Dan made it to the final his second time around. He played a significantly better game than Ian. Ian making it to the end was a DIRECT result of Dan. Dan lost because the Jury was bitter. Although I did like Ian, and wasn’t upset that he won. If given the chance, I would have voted for Dan to take home a second win. I find it extremely unlikely that there will ever be a two time winner, as that is a strike against you in the juries mind from day one. I think Cody is hinging on that fact as well, and in my opinion is a huge reason why he will take coins to the final 2 if given the opportunity. Not to mention Nicole is the biggest do nothing winner in all of big brother history. She attaches herself to the alpha male of the house and hand-jobs her way to the top. Rinse and repeat all three miserable seasons she has been apart of.


Just had a great idea. Next season, tell the houseguests that there’s no live feeds and let the fun ensue. Never happen though…


Can we get ONE MORE wall yeller please…

Have the megaphone guy yell out – “jury says Nicole wins if she’s F2″

That might be enough for Cody to get paranoid – – which he hasn’t been all season since he’s typically been the guy the wall yellers have outed.

I do think Xmas is on the right track here saying the things she is about Enzo to Cody. It’s basically a done deal but she should make one more pass at Cody and there are two specific things she needs to say:

1) Expose that Nicole told her at F5 she wanted Xmas with her at F2. Nic’s plan was for Xmas/her to win HOH/POV at F4 & take out Enzo or Cody if he was available & then take each other to F2. She needs to deliver a strong message of how Nic said Cody cut me in BB16 so I need to cut him this time around.

2) Xmas has to offer to throw P1 or P2 of the HOH to Cody (she doesn’t have to stick to it – especially the second part which is timed so she won’t know the other player’s time).

As for Enzo – he should probably plant a seed too & tell Cody how Nic told him ‘NO ONE IS BEATING CODY IN F2” that she was implying neither of them can take him but he’s not listening to her.

Get inside Cody’s head & make him question bringing Nicole.

Again, it’s unlikely he shifts – but they need to try.

For fans we’d get the pleasure of seeing Nic ousted at F4 & Xmas getting F3 yet again lol Mind you this season almost deserves to have the Meow Meow & the holiday in F2 just as a fitting tribute to this terrible season. The thought of that happening actually made me giggle.

It’s really bad when the only joy we get from BB22 is entertaining ourselves — at least we have OBB!


Hey!! CBS just might come out next season with…
Big Brother The New World.