Omarosa “Ross, his word doesn’t mean anything. He gave his word to Brandi and he broke it.”

9:15am Ari and Omarosa. Ari – you made us the biggest favor ever. You have the biggest competitor after Shannon out of the house. Yesterday, he (James) would have won 100%! Omarosa – oh he would have won easy. I can’t believe he was throwing HOH’s like that .. arrogance. That’s what you call arrogance. Ari – why he was throwing them? Omarosa – because he didn’t want to be a target. But once you become a target you can’t un-become a target.

9:33am Big Brother blocks the live feeds. When they return.. Ari – Ross asked me yesterday. Omarosa – don’t take Ross .. I’m sorry. Ari – but I didn’t ask him back. Omarosa – take Mark because now its about jury. But if Ross asks you.. Ari – I said yes. Omarosa – if you take him .. you lose. I’m sorry. If you take him .. he’s won 2 HOH’s and a Veto. Ari – 2 Vetos. If it goes just by the record, he wins. Mark has won HOH but someone gave it to him. No veto and he doesn’t have the jury. Omarosa – you promised him or you just said you’d think about it? Ari – I promised him. Omarosa – I am telling you, you’ve got to take Mark. Ari – he said if you take me and beat me .. I am so happy with second place. Omarosa – that’s not true. He knows he can beat you with the jury. Ari – I told him I think he can win. Omarosa – you have to win, this is you. Ross … his word doesn’t mean anything. He gave his word to Brandi and he broke it. Best payback for Brandi .. oh well I guess that’s part of the game. You know what he said .. he said its part of the game. Take Mark. You can’t take Ross, he’ll win. Ari – I didn’t ask him but I know he’s going to take Marissa. And you know what if he wins, I’m okay with that too. I didn’t like what he did to Brandi but.. Big Brother blocks the feeds..

9:45am – 12pm
Big Brother blocks the feeds.

12:30pm Ari and Omarosa are packing their bags. Mark is sleeping..

1:45pm Ari laying in bed reading the bible..

2:15pm – 6:55pm Big Brother switches the feeds to the dog pound..

9:25pm HOH room. Ross and Marissa. Ross – he (Mark) confirmed that he would take me still (to the final 2). Marissa – why wouldn’t he? Ross – but he must know that he’s coming in second no matter who he goes up to and second is good for him. Marissa – yeah. I feel the same. Ross – you know what I’m saying. Marissa – he comes in second. Ross – to anybody I think. You have the women, you would beat him. Marissa – I would maybe beat Mark. I mean, I don’t know. Ross – you need 5 votes and none of the women would vote for Mark. Marissa – no, that’s true because they weren’t here long enough for him. Ross – to really appreciate him. To really know him. Marissa – yeah. Ross – I have to win this one tomorrow. Marissa – you have to. Its going to be on the scale of justice. Ross – but what are the questions going to be like? Marissa – its going to be how well you know people. Ross – I think its going to be Before or After. Did it happen before or after… Marissa – I’ll know that. Ross – we’ll nail before and after. Omarosa would nail before and after. Ari will not. Marissa – who the f**k knows at this point. At this point everyone is taking you sweetie. Ross – I don’t know. I hope so. Marissa – Ari told me she is. Ross starts practicing how he will answer jury questions.

12am All the house guests are sleeping..

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Team Ari

“Ross starts practicing how he will answer jury questions.”

Now that is arrogance.


It’s not arrogance, it’s being prepared. He loves this show and he has played well. I, personally, am rooting for him.


i also like ross .. i think he played a very good social game .. he planned his moves .. planted seeds …. and now doing what he has to in the physical part … winning when he has to .. he was my pic from the start because i find him entertaining and i do really like the way he has played this game ..

CBB Better Than Expected

Ross, Marissa and Omarosa are my least favorite players left. They are all full of themselves. I’m hoping Mark or Ariana win it all and I am voting Shannon for Favorite Houseguest.

Marissa Must Go

Ross had dropped six spots in the ranking today. Everyone is on to his fake personality.

Botox Pelosi

I’m rooting for Ross…….to join the jury.

Team ARI also

They all do, don’t be so judgmental.

double d

My order by chance to win


Next time better celebs

Gawd! I hope you are wrong!


C’mon BBCanada!!!


I’m bored. After Brandi and James left it’s become a snoozefest. I forgot to watch the episode last night. Totally lost my interest.

Just Maui'd

You didn’t miss anything. Last night’s episode was just clips from the past few weeks. No game play.

Team ARI also

Its always a bit boring towards the last few late nights. Tonight will make up for it lol.


Shut up Oma


Could someone please tell me, did Ross win the skiing competition? Did they have the veto ceremony & he left it the same – Ari & Omarosa?

So….they all know he’s going to take Mark. If he does…Ross will win. I really got to like Mark during this season. He didn’t make really good choices sometimes, but he is a nice guy. If the jury is bitter (I don’t think so), then maybe he will win.

Only thing that could mix up Ross’ win is if Ari wins the final HOH. I’m hoping that she listened to Omarosa & doesn’t want to settle for second place…..again. As much as I dislike giving Omarosa any credit….she’s right, Ari should take Mark.

I hope Shannon wins AFP!


yes he did and the following veto


Did no bigger celebrities want to do CBB? This is a SNOOZEFEST!


Hi Simon and Dawg, will you guys be covering BB Canada 6 with your great youtube videos? I think the cast reveal will be around Thursday/Friday next week, and Saturday March 3 is move in day, feeds to start after the west coast airing following the first Thursday eviction March 8.

Also looks like CBS All Access is coming to Canada in June, and Australia soon after, giving more fans easier access to the USA feeds without the need for vpn and american credit card, assuming feeds will be included on these All Access versions for non USA countries.


Hey bbcan6!

I don’t think we will be covering BBCAN this year. Shaving our energies for BB20


Hi Simon, I remember you said the same last season but changed your mind and covered bbcan5. Did you only change your mind because there were returning players? Do you think if the cast looks great and first few episodes look like it will be a quality season there is a slight chance you may cover bbcan6? I would have thought as you guys are Canadian, and have arguably been the best at covering the Canadian seasons than anyone else, that you would continue, and if you could do only one full season this year that you would choose the Canadian season over the USA season. A Canadian season isnt the same without onlinebigbrother coverage of it, but if its not possible for bbcan6 then no worries. Just wanted to say thanks for such a great coverage over the years of USA and Canada BB.


Prepare the livers just in case…hopefully, they don’t recast the same characters with different actors this year. I don’t want to start checking off who is the old guy, gay guy, the redneck, practical joker, Bachelor/Bachelorette reject, and Jerry Mathers as The Beaver etc.


Noooo! That makes me so sad. Bbcan is easily the best version in North America. Even the sub-par S4 has been better than any US version post season 14. Season 1, 2 and 5 of Canada are among my favorite BB seasons ever.

Y’all will be missed, but I suppose plently of other sites will be covering it.

Roll Tide

Omarosa is the one who is arrogant, thinks she knows everything about everything. I hope Ari has figured out that not all that is said is not necessarily the way it is.


@bigbrotherca tweeted if @globaltv got 1000 retweets on one of their tweets that they will do a bbcan6 cast leak, which i assume may happen sometime today, so keep an eye out for that

with slice tv no longer involved and the side show and after dark axed after bbcan4, does anyone know if they will continue the facebook live eviction interviews on thursdays that they had for bbcan5?

also a big thank you to rob cesternino and evel dick for being instrumental in getting bbcan renewed another season after it initially looked like it wouldnt return


i also like ross .. i think he played a very good social game .. he planned his moves .. planted seeds …. and now doing what he has to in the physical part … winning when he has to .. he was my pic from the start because i find him entertaining and i do really like the way he has played this game ..


That is really crappy to hear Simon!!! I hope you change your mind,we will miss you guys a lot.


Vote Shannon or James for America’s Favorite Houseguest!


Go for it ARI…you can win this!


only 2 people vote s[lot votes


Say that again ?

cant read yer

cant read yet


It would have had to be a longer season to see if any of these people could hold their own.

Most of the time it appears as these people are playing to get Ross to the winners circle anyway. He’s played an alright game, but he’s not that good.

Marissa is pandering. Comes off as fake. (Optics)
It’s weird that she is alright settling for second or third over Ross. What the heck is up with that?

I like Ari. It would be nice if she came out of this alive. She played a solid social game. Did pretty darn good on comps too. Ain’t holding my breath though. Seeing as though Ross is the pre- determined winner.


I really underestimated Ross for this Big Brother. He is definitely a good player of this game


I agree. Ross is playing the way Big Brother was played in the good old days. I haven’t finished watching the last 5 or 6 Big Brother’s because of all the bullying and disrespect the players have for each other and the game. Ross is playing strategically and socially……the way the game was and should be played. Ross deserved to win.


This veto competition is 1 of the better competitions of all the Big Brother seasons


watch survivor bb canada just gave our clues choosing gate of 3 people


Something I would have been fine with never having seen:
Marissa and Omarosa and Ross bungee bunching in their harnesses.


marissa wont win know


Metta proved again he is the kindest & funniest person this season