Celebrity Big Brother HOH Results! “The nominations are going to be Ari and Omarosa.”

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12:30am When the live feeds return – Ross – my fingers were dug into that. At first at the top and then the side. I was just never going to let go. Ari – she (Omarosa) was saying come on Mark, he’s (Ross) shaking. Omarosa joins her. Ari – I need you to win. Omarosa – They’re targeting me, that’s a good thing. But if I don’t win, then you stay and fight. That’s a good thing. Nobody can beat them in the jury. Brandi’s in the jury, Keshia’s in the jury. Metta’s in the jury, Chucks in the jury. You can fight, they’re focused on me. You understand? Its a good that if you didn’t win, they think she is no problem. But if you get into the 4, you win. Simple as that. And then you’ll have me in the jury. Me, Keshia, Chuck, you just need one more. Ari – Metta! Just get to the four, fight for the veto and don’t think about anything else. Omarosa – METTA But if they put both of us up, who comes down? If I get the veto and you’re on the block, you are getting pulled down. If we’re both up and both of us come down,… then who goes up? Marissa… no Mark. Ari – they’ll send me home. Omarosa – they’re gunning for me. You’re not a threat, just get in the 4. The good thing is that Brandi is already in the juru working things already. Ari – do you think we’ll beat them? Omarosa – I don’t know, these are competitions they’ve never had.

Bedroom – Mark and Marissa. Mark – looking good! Marissa – MMMhhhhmm. Holy sh*t! I couldn’t hold onto for 2 seconds. I was surprised you dropped. Mark – he just asked me if I wanted it. His mom is sick right? So when he said that I was like ok, I’m done. I’m dropping. Its the one I could have hung on there for an hour. Ross joins them.

Mark to Ross – is your mom ok? Ross – she has breast cancer. She is in the middle of chemo. She has 12 more weeks of chemo. They’re gong to get it. Mark offers his friend to take a look at her. He’s the head of oncology at cedars-sinai. Mark leaves the room. Ross – I meant it when I said I wasn’t going to drop. Marissa – the next HOH your going to win it or I’m going to. I would take you, Mark will take you. So you’re going to put up.. Ross – here’s how its going to work. The nominations.. and don’t worry you’re not going up. Marissa – I will do anything for you right now. Ross – the nominations are going to be Ari and Omarosa. I’ll have to break that to Ari tomorrow and say you’re not the target. You have to win the veto. If Omarosa wins the veto, you will go up. I can’t put Mark up. If Omarosa votes you out and he votes Ari out. I will break the tie. Marissa – Ross, its all ok. Ross – I would never make a deal that didn’t protect you. Marissa – we’re good. Ross – as long as he (Mark) keeps his word. He never hasn’t. We are two competitions away from doing this. Ari – joins them. Marissa – I’m so proud of you. Ross – we’re going to send her (Omarosa). You (Ari) need to win the veto. Or she (Marissa) has to win. Or Mark has to win. So there is four against one. Marissa – she just can’t. She broke up Brandi and Ross. She tried to break up me and Ross. She got James out. Ross – you (Ari) are not a target of mine. Ari – you’re going to put me up? Ross – if she (Omarosa) wins the veto, I have to. Ari – why? Why not Mark. Marissa – he make a deal. Ross – I made a deal with Mark. Ross – I am going to protect you through this one. My dream is that we’re in the final 4. I’m going to put you up tomorrow. Ok? Ari – ok. Ross – I’m going to say you’re the only two people. I’m close to her (Marissa) and Mark. Ross – lets just win the veto tomorrow. And if she (Omarosa) wins it, then she deserves to stay.

In the kitchen – Mark is cleaning up. They got a dinner with champagne.

1am Storage room. Ari and Ross. Ari – oh my god Ross, can you believe it!? Ross – that was insane! Air – how proud do you think he is? Ross – he is proud because part of this game is making deals, you know? Ari – I’m not good at making deals, that’s my problem.

1:40am Mark and Ross. Mark – I’m not responsible for anyone going home. Now that’s good and bad. If I got to the final two I could say look I never sent anyone home. I’m stoked. If I went home right this second, I am happy. Ross – but you’re not going to go home. You’re going to be in the final. You can compete int that HOH. Ross – if I take one of the girls (Marissa or Ari) they win. Mark – your only chance is if you take me or Omarosa. Ross – I have been really loyal to Marissa. Mark – without a doubt you have… and she sees that. Ross – if the room opens up tonight.. I’ll wake you up. Mark – please do. Mark goes to sleep.

2:40am All the house guests are sleeping..

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If Ari doesn’t go home and lands in the finals, she is going to win


I hope Ariana or Mark win.

Ross, Marissa and Omarosa are all losers.


Ari is so beautiful.




Ross is going to win this. I will be shocked if he don’t. Will he take Sugar Ray or Marissa?

Bend Ross Over

I think Mark will win the final HOH and send Ross and Marissa packing.

Botox Pelosi

Ross yuck!

I’m Team Ari


If Ross takes Marissa he loses! I hope he sees that! They can be friends later this is BB! Did he come to win or show America how loyal of a friend he can be! Only way to have a shot at winning is to take Omarosa or Ari! But then again the girls will vote for a girl to win & they have the numbers & Metta will vote for Omarosa too b/c she let him go home on her HOH, so Ross still loses! If he takes Mark, Mark has played such a smooth game so Ross still loses b/c Mark has no blood on his hands! Brandi blames James for her eviction! Sorry Ross you lose either way! I don’t see a scenario were Ross wins! Sad but true b/c he has played the game! What do you guys think maybe I’m missing something! ?#teamOmarosaforthewin


Ross only loses to Ari in the final 2. Anyone else he beats. I’m not sure why anyone thinks Marissa beats him. Is there anyone that was in the house that didn’t like him. Brandi got pissed but she’ll be over it by the time of the vote. Marissa won one veto and everybody complains she talks too much. Mark didn’t play enough and Omarossa might pull one or two votes. If Ari doesn’t win Veto she’s gone which will leave only Omarossa left that would not be stupid enough to take Ross F2. Ross has played the best so far I would just like for someone to knock him off his pedestal.


Agreed. I’ve made no secret about my feelings for Marissa but in removing personal feelings, I still don’t know what her game was. If she had game I could respect that. Apparently she won the last veto. Outside of that I saw zero game besides bending with the wind depending on who she was talking to and riding on the coattails of whomever was in power. Although I’m not sure most of this cast understands that jury’s historically choose winners based on best game play. At this point, I can’t see anybody beating Ross if he’s sitting in the f2.


ross and marissa are like humpty dumpty and over reacts all the time


I wonder if the people on the jury are gonna be bitter , and wow Ross wants to take Mark to the final 2 instead of Marissa and Ari. The only way Mark will win this game is if they are bitter as hell in that jury nobody like Marissa so easy W for Ross the only one who Ross would lose too is Ari for sure which is smart of him not to go final 2 with Ari.

Bend Ross Over

What about if mark takes Omarosa to the finals? i think Mark wins.


How strange is it that I’m actually rooting for Mark now?! I never thought I would, but he’s the one that I dislike the least at this point.


The only one who deserves to win this…Ross


ok then who?

Bend Ross Over

I don’t want her to win but Omarosa has been a target since day one and she has made the biggest move in the game getting rid of James.


Julie Chen has $$$$$legs, what a beauty!!!


Just wait until they upgrade the Chenbot.


Julie Chen has $$$ legs, what a beauty!!!

Rough Kneecap Syndrome

I want to hate Ross because he’s Ross, but you can’t hate a player this good. He has played almost a perfect game up to this point. I think he has a great chance of taking it all but I’m still #TeamOmarosa!

Franks farts

Ross has had terrible jury management. That may cost him the game.

double d

Ross has 3 easy jury members already. Both James and Metta picked Ross to win. And Brandi is a old friend. Besides he promised her free booze. If Marissa is in jury that’s 4. Who knows how the early evictees will fall.

Are Celebrity twists more famous than regular BB twists ?

Think i will leave this right here

Cody 2 reality show appearances 525.000.00 in earnings 1 first place finish and Fav Player award

Jessica 2 reality show appearances 500,000.00 in earnings 1 first place finish

Paul 2 reality show appearances 100,000.00 in earnings ZERO 1st place finishes

Post BB19 is sweet candy

Bend Ross Over

LOL. Paul the Punk.


The only one whos made or attempted to make a big move was Omorosa. She got screwed on the “special veto”, and getting James out was huge.


Please, she was a waste of breath in that show. She played every card she could – race, gender, religion, politics, etc.

Team Ari

Omarosa tried to play the race card on Shannon too. Omarosa has a lot of class…….the kind without the c & the l.

What planet r u on?

Omarosa attempted to make a big move and get Ross out twice, and failed both times with Ross winning veto and pulling himself off!

The first time she spent all that time working to break up the foursome , and ending up getting out Metta which wasted her HoH!, She shouldve put up Ari or Marissa!

The second time the “special veto” wasnt even used, it was just a regular veto,.. so she didnt get “screwed”
and yet again she wasted her HoH getting James out who only had 1 veto under his belt and never made any moves! Again she shouldve put up Ari or Marissa. Ari is the biggest threat to win , Not James!

Ari has an HoH and Veto under her belt and has never been a target, She got the biggest target out, Shannon. and has been in a foursome alliance making moves!

Mark and James were too fixated on getting Brandi out, which cost them, and James left. Had they listeded to Ross and got Omarosa out,..James wouldve won the double eviction HoH, then couldve gotten Brandi out just an hour later.

To Sum up,.. Omarosa took two shots at her target and missed both times, and instead of getting out the next big target she took out two lame ducks and wasted both her HoH’s.

Now its Ross’ turn to take a shot at Omarosa!


Calm down


What a drag.
Was looking forward to a different outcome.
Marissa and Ross both at the end sucks.


It will be great if Omorosa wins veto, takes herself down, and Ross has to put up Marissa because of the deal with Mark. Mark and Omorosa vote out Marissa, she goes out on Ross’s HOH.


if you a james fan go vote for America favorite to see the look on brandi face


Not sure her face can show emotion with all the Botox

CBS are ass wipe political POS

I think CBS is a piece of shot for turning this into a political bash.
You’re a 2nd rare network, you’re supposed to nonbiased not an asswipe network bashing your country’s President.
POS CBS! Grow the F up!


Agree 100%


Networks and programming are under no ethical or legal responsibility to be nonbiased in and of themselves. You’re confusing journalistic ethics with entertainment broadcasting. There is no law, or ethical standard that says a network must present reality based gameshow inspired format entertainment programming in a nonbiased way. Reality programs aren’t even obligated to follow the same guidelines as gameshows, because they are categorized as reality based entertainment programming.
Just think about all of the television shows that have existed since television was created that had characters with political bias or opinion. If a network was constrained by being nonbiased in it’s entertainment programming, there would be nothing on television. Reality programs aren’t journalism.

CBS are ass wipe political POS

CBS has turned a shit sow into a political grandstand. What a fake news network, YOU SUCK CBS


If I could jump thru the TV and shut Omarosa’s mouth, I would — what a b!tch!!!


What is this? The Omarosa Show? The woman is insane!


Well CBS is paying her 1.5mil and a tv show from this. They had to let her win the last HOH to keep her in fo tonight’s show I mean when have they ever done a question HOH and everyone is in a different room and who only puts up 120sec for that first comp.


Just heard Omarosa say she may leave the country — I say “Go, and don’t let the door hit you on the a$$”


it ok thatr ros win both things draw more attention to himsdelf but he big move play get up marisdsda right right know because they way the votes lies only 2 ppl voting which split votes




It’s like they
paid marissa to cover Ross.
She’s so annoying.

Team Ari

You’re right and in the end I hope she covers Ross just as well as she covered Shannon. Both Ross and Marissa are so annoying.