Celebrity Big Brother Finale Spoilers

Omarossa and Ari on the block.

Vote goes down

Omarossa is evicted (2-0)

Final HOH “Hash it out” goes to a tiebreaker.

Marissa wins Final Head of Household

Marissa evicts Ari and mark.

Ross and Marissa are the final 2.

The Vote goes down..

Winner of Celebrity Big Brother is Marissa

America’s favorite player is Ross.. (WTF)

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Equalization maybe? Perhaps people subconsciously saw that people would vote against Ross out of bitterness so voted him as AFP. If that wasn’t the reason then the women in a huddle decided as a group to vote for their fellow woman.

I was hoping Metta would get AFP


Uhh no… Metta is great and all but it is America’s favorite player.. he was a quitter.

bbcan6 - everyone please vote in villains mikey and kirsten, they will be way more entertaining

the other 2 seem a little boring, too nice and submissive
bb can needs alpha game playing villains and that is what mikey and kirsten will provide

vote mikey and kirsten to enter the house!



SHOCKED that Marissa won. I thought Omarosa’s jury statement was sarcasm but i guess we got a jury that was just as bitter as last years.


This was a bitter Jury. Last season wasn’t a bitter jury….Paul never owned his moves. If he would have owned up to everything as game play, he would have won.

Grow up

Shame on Shannon, still making it about her~ boo hoo.

Shoo Fly...

Don’t underestimate Oma’s ability to sway people. That jury was out of control and would not have been tolerated with a regular season of contestants. Julie NEVER has to talk over anyone. One thing for certain, Americans personally saw how easily Oma twists the facts (lies) in her favor in everything. Another thing I found annoying about her & in real life, is when Oma points out that she & Ari and Christian sisters. I and everyone else I know in my world are Christians, but we never have to call it out to undermine or cast doubt about other Christians or anothers beliefs. It shows in us and you just know we are believers. Actions speak louder than words Oma, now go away.


Ross for AFP, really?!?!

Botox Pelosi

Marissa for the win…WTF???? I’m am glad that Ross didn’t win though.

Overall the season was better than I thought it was going to be.

Thanks Simon and Dawg!


I call shannanigans….Shannon should have won that and all signs were pointing that way so I am definitely shocked.


If Shannon were that good of a player, she would of not been voted off. Many contestants have weaseled their way out of getting voted off in past seasons to get much further / win. Does she know the game and athletic, yes, but that is not all it takes to win this & by all means ev1 needs to stop saying she is the best player to have ever played bb…REALLY ~ NOT. Be real here. She got off early cuz she laid all her cards out too soon and bragged way too much.


Hell No!!!!!! CBS NEEDS TO NOT DO CBB AGAIN It was already bad enough Ross & Marissa were F2 now Marissa wins and Ross for AFP. I Cannot wait for BB Canada to come on and hopefully BB20 is better than this mess . CBB had so much potential and this happens .


My takes on this season……….

Shorter season…….yea!
No bedroom romps….yea!
No “f” word rants…..yea!
Marissa wins final HOH…..HAHA
Marissa wins CBB…..HAHA
Ross wins AFP…..not likely!

All in all……….I enjoyed it.


Ross got robbed. She did nothing The “celebrities” voted totally off emotion so much more then the normal B.B. contestant. Can’t believe she won. Did not deserve. Her nonsensical speech. Come on. Took EVERYTHING for Shannon to keep that smile on her face.


I agree, wanted Ross to win soooo bad. Maybe next time


I agree. I’m not a Ross fan, but he deserved it way more than Marissa. I don’t even think that Marissa had a single idea of her own the entire season. She just latched on to those around her. The only thing that I recall her doing is talking, and talking, and then talking some more.

Guy From Canada

Poor Jury Management. He should have known the dirtbag Andy doesn’t work when Jun lost, playing the best game because the jury went home to watch the show…..poor superfan jury management.

Grow up

I agree Image, Mar even admitted she just followed Ross’s path throughout the entire game ~ smh


Ross made a huge blunder with James by talking up his HoH victories. He was gifted two HOHs and did not acknowledge that. That is why James flipped.

Super Fans Shannon and Omarosa simply voted bitter. Very disappointing of Shannon to take things so personally. Shannon would not last long in any BB game, celeb or otherwise. Omarosa digging back at the one that recognized her as a threat (compliment) was also pretty shallow.

I enjoyed Ross for most of the season until it got close to the end. Marissa tells him you’re golden. At that moment Ross was so full of himself it just had to go sideways. He was basking in the win well before the vote. In the end I was happy Ross lost… not that Marissa won.

Botox Pelosi

I think Marissa won it by her last statement to the jury. All her earlier answers were terrible but this jury valued loyality and when she said I was loyal the entire season and that is why I took Ross to the end even though he can beat me. James said that answer changed his vote and this jury wasn’t voting for who played the best game.

I’m glad that Ross didn’t win even though he probably played the best game but Marissa was a load all season.


It’s hilarious that Marissa won when Ross thought he had it in the bag.

No More Omarosa Please

Ross did look good with that turd in his mouth when Marissa won. Ross thought he was going to sweep the vote. LMAO.

Disappointed with whiny jurors

Supposed B.B. diehards still voting with emotion. Boo. Ross deserved the win.


I just want to thank Simon and Dawg for this website. You guys totally rule! It’s the first time I’ve been back here in over 5 seasons. BB8 was my favorite season. I just got sick of the players (young idiots looking for attention and stardom) and the clunky finale’s (still true on this one). I can’t believe Ross didn’t win. I was rooting for Mark but Ross definitely deserved it over Marissa with his game play. I hope they do another season of CBB. I definitely think that some of the celebrities will receive a bump from this (Ari and Mark especially) and that will lure bigger celebrities to compete. Please, no more political nonsense. Celebrities with previously known friction would make things more interesting. They will have to eliminate the stipend for players asking to leave going forward. Any ideas from anyone on how to improve these finale’s? I will give BB20 a chance because of this site. Keep up the good work!


Thank you! We’re glad you enjoyed our spoilers 🙂 And definitely come back for BB20!


This season felt rushed so idc who won but gg Marissa
Can’t wait for BBCAN next week get hyped wooo


I thought AFP was for anyone but the winner and runner up?
What the farts is going on here….


hahah what the farts! Love it


Guess this just proved that it does not matter whether the jury gets to see what happens on the show before or after they leave. Those were some of the dumbest questions asked by the jury members. Glad this is over.


Kind of hard to think the jury would not vote by emotion…they haven’t been out of the house long enough to think it through and get their emotion in check. 6 jurors in just a week. The regular season, they have weeks to think about it. Out of the 2, Ross deserved it! But I don’t think he deserved AFP.


So…THAT Just happened! Smh
Thanks for the updates Simon and Dawg. Great job. Until…BB20. 🙂


the fact that those that got booted were given tapes of what went on in the house .. and got to watch at home then vote is total stupid …and you can tell they are all demicrats just by the way they voted… again .. STUPID … will i watch again .. not likely … they didnt get the have not treatment slop for two days .. and hell not one but two cried i wanna go home .. sent me home .. dang and some one who did nothing more then nod her head wins ..that is just too sad..


Wow.. Marissa is dumb lucky. I do not care if your entire game is owed to another.. taking them to final 2 is just plain dumb. Lucky the ladies voted as a block for a woman to win since you essentially gave the win to Ross and even HE thought so.
Ross as AFP.. omg.. no wonder society is so whacked. Sickening human being…

No More Omarosa Please

Brandie voted for Ross. Her and Ross are friends outside of the house (which was bogus).

Marissa’a answers to the questions were pathetic.


If there truly is a God, please.. can Omarosa just go away.. never to seen or heard from again. Please. Please. Please


That would be great, but CBS is giving her a talk show. Why else to she think the whole CBS station in her speech.


I guess the thumbs down are Omarosa’s fan’s! She thanked the CBS staff because she already won 1.5mil and a show.


Ross played TRUE TO HIS CHARACTER! His own words. Exactly. Manipulative, duplicitous coward. Despicable human being masquerading as a good person… victim mentality justified in treating those he sees as privileged people with venom and disrespect.


HaHaHaHa.. Ross still thinks HE won the bowlerina hoh comp.. haha.. hope he sees the show and realizes one of his greatest sources of pride is a lie. He was handed the HOH


YES. I can’t believe he didn’t realize James was throwing it to him either! It was so obvious!


He did know. It was revealed that he told Shannon to have James throw the comp.


HaHa Brandi… I vote for the shadiest person in the house

Julie reading the votes.. Brandi votes for… Ross


Ross made the same mistake as some recent previous losers…he didn’t own his game. Yes, he won when he had to…but the reason he should have won Cbb is that he out strategies and out socialized everybody else…putting together deals with everybody to keep himself safe. And they never caught on. This may not have mattered in the end if it was always going to be a girl power thing…but he needed to give them a reason why he was so much more deserving, other than comp wins. It seemed like Marisa tried to make that case for him…but he never owned up to his gameplay…which they could all watch from home.


I’d buy this argument if Dan had beaten Ian …


Did Metta actually just randomly grab a key or was he playing around and truly voted for Ross? Genuinely wondering.

Botox Pelosi

Metta seems like a good dude but every time I see him I just think………squirrel. He seems to have focus problems.


Enjoyed this season of Celebrity Big Brother. Hopefully we can have two seasons a year instead of one. Wouldn’t mind another season of BBOTT, also!


I too enjoyed Celebrity Big Brother. But, next time get people who won’t be begging to be eliminated and as much as I enjoyed Metta, he didn’t have a clue what this game was about. But, that might be a good way to start casting. Getting a bunch of random people who don’t know the game and would play it a different way. After season 3 it’s been the same old way. The HOH has everybody scared and everybody has to vote the same player out. In the beginning people voted for who they wanted out. The last few seasons they have turned into bullies, nobody likes bullies. That why America gave Cody the money last season.


Begging to leave when they only had to stay for 3weeks. lol


Yes! I really miss the first few seasons before “voting with the house” became a thing and everyone just voted how they wanted. That made it way more interesting.


Well I’m over Shannon at least.

S: Marissa, why do you deserve to win over Ross?
M: Well, basically Ross did everything to get us here.
S: Well, I’m a super fan but I’ll vote for you regardless.

AFP should have been “none of the above”.


This season was sadly a disappointment. It was rushed, no chance for players who were on the bottom to flip it around, and only after about a week in… a snooze fest. The concept was with good intentions.. but I think now BB in the future only works with non celebrities who are hungry for the win and who character is unknown to the other contestants and the world. That way they all get a fair shot. Oh well. Until next season.


Survivor = Outwit, Outplay, Outlast
BB = Honesty?


the challenge on mtv is much much much much better

Bo Man

CBB should be renamed “People who think they are celebritities”. Very lame show that didn’t work.


So sad Ross didn’t win. He played a true bb game. (Without being mean) stop wing haters he played the game the way it was meant to be played. enjoyed every minute he was on screen very funny. Ross I believe is a class act. So glad he won AFP he deserved it along with the win. Love love love Ross!!!

Botox Pelosi

Are family members allowed to post here?


I was wondering? Did anyone notice in the final HOH comp, that Marissa had her answers before Julie was even through with asking the questions?!?! Smh


The game was who didn’t say the truth…she knew the answer and didn’t need to think about it. Nothing wrong with that. I did have an issue with the same type of game but all in different rooms and Omarosa won….that was rigged!


Totally agree that the Omarosa win was rigged. They needed her on as long as possible so she could keep “splling secrets” about the white house. *eye roll*


Sooo glad Ross won AFP. He deserved the win too!!! So funny to watch. He’s the won who I kept tuning into see he always kept the conversation going with out him it would have been boring


I really wanted James to be America’s fave just to see Brandi’s face. At least she wasn’t in the running and he was.


but they wouldn’t show her face, they zoomed in on her breast which we all know she was hoping for.


it was a great game, really good first CBB! i hope they continue every year!
it just ended badly with a butt hurt jury and the winner riding 2nd place’s coat tails.

She even said multiple times, that she wouldnt be there if it werent for Ross. and she also said Ross would make a plan and she would just say ,..”OK”!!

At least the viewers got to tell them all you the real winner was with Ross getting Favorite HG!

And as Ross said at the end,…”C’mon it’s Big Brother”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Backseat Driver

I was NOT going to watch CBB but glad that I did. Of course it had some awful moments and those were Omarosa with her ridiculous notion that people give a shit about her opinions and advice…..
My last comment is I wish BB would consider a more diverse age group for the summer show.
Thank you Simon and Dawg!

Biff Burns

Did anyone notice Omarosa’s name dropping when she was interviewed by Julie after she was voted out ?
“ Thank you Julie, thank Les ( Julie’s husband who runs CBS) thank you Allison ( Allison Grodner who is the executive producer of B.B.) …it was shameless familiarity.


because she has a deal to get a show plus 1.5mil.

B.B. Fan

Name one person in B.B. thar has not lied misled or back doored someone. You can win the game without doing it. I am trtired of people saying or voting for people that played an honest/true game. Because no one is honest in the game. Some people are better at the Lieing than others and that is called strategy. There is a difference between lieing and being mean Ross was not mean and should have won. If you don’t want to lie misled or backdoor people did don’t go on BB but don’t get mad when someone is better at it than you.

Are Celebrity twists more famous than regular BB twists ?

The last 3 BB series

1) Paul is an idiot part 1

2) Paul is an even bigger idiot part 2

3) Celebrities are basically lame at BB


Thank you again Simon and Dawg for keeping me up to date due to limited time to watch and enhancing the BB show.


You’re welcome. I’m glad you enjoyed our updates 🙂


PRobably no one will see this comment but help me if you can:

After Marissa and Ross came out onto the stage, Marissa is hugging her son and all that and saying “I missed you so much” a dozen times, then the camera goes back to Julie and a little before the commercial break it’s back on Marissa hugging her son. Why does she apologize to him? She says something and then say “I’m sorry…”

It may be something stupid but I was really intrigued. Plus I think no one loves BB more than her son! Hahah


she was hugging him too much, so she said “im sorry”


Actually she was apologizing to him because he didn’t like the fact she spoke so much about him while in the house. Watch her interview on E! and you’ll get the scoop. Thanks for reaching out though.

Love this site!

I enjoyed the Online Big Brother comments and conversations A LOT MORE than the show itself 🙂


Off topic:
Big Brother Canada 6 Spoilers from move in night:
Theme Heaven and Hell.
First person to enter: Hamza. First person to enter hasn’t won in Canada or the US, and still they have no problem finding people to enter first.
First Night Twist: Andrew gained the ability to secretly send 7hg’s to Hell (have nots / slop and none of their personal belongings for a week). Andrew chose all the non blonde girls and the newfie and the gay guy (man, that’s not going to create a kettle of fish at alllll).
The seven people in Hell are the only ones to compete for HOH. The seven are also the only people eligible for eviction week one.
There are currently 14 house guests. 2 more enter (out of a choice of 4) depending on viewer votes a week after everyone else.
Surprise Casting: four (possibly five depending on viewers choice) of the house guests are 30-49. five (possibly six depending on viewers choice) don’t readily or easily define as anglo or saxon…. and only five (possibly six depending on viewers choice) define their occupation as bartender/server/wine ambassador. What is the world coming to?


Hey guys 🙂

Just wondering if your going to post BBCan this season, and whether you have a preliminary cast assessment to post, haha.

Just checking in!


Oh man! Okay thats understandble.

Wish this season was covered. Prefer the Canadian version and houseguests!

Thanks for the response 🙂