“now you know Christian and Alyssa were planning on putting you up next week anyways”

HOH: Derek X
HAVENOTS: Christian, Xavier, Alyssa
Nominations: Britini and Sarah
Power of Veto Players: Sarah Beth, Britini, DX, Claire, KY, Alyssa | HOST: Hannah
Power of Veto: Britini
Power of Veto Ceremony:

FYI – Teams are done, Wildcard comps are done, Twist next week with Fan involvement

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Big Brother Spoilers – Brit will use the veto on herself Christian will be the replacement nomination and is the target.

1:33 am
Brit – TOmorrow we’re going to use this America

2:26 pm DX, Tiff, Claire, Hannah
They’re showing how long Ky hugged SB.

2:58 am Hannah and DX
DX – Lady Hannah is using the porcelin throne..
DX – should I talk to X before the ceremony?
Hannah – did you already talk to x? how did he take it?
DX – Not bad.. I basically phrased it I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’m going to try to do damage control after.
Hannah says the person that will be “pressed” is Alyssa
Hannah – I think you should tell them even if it’s 15 minutes before noms. If you want to bring all three of them into your room. and be like this isn’t what I was planning for. She pulled herself off the block I need a replacement nom. I don’t know when I will get the opportunity to do this again.
Hannah – Christian, and Alyssa told X that next week is critical and they need to win HOH because they will target you.
DX – they said that?
Hannah – YES
DX – ok obviously
Hannah – 10 people play in the HOH next week which means they have a 30% chance of winning

Hannah says the worst case for her is if SB wins and put her up with Brit and they have to send Brit home
DX doesn’t think SB will do that she will put up BIGD and Brit. SB wants to work with her.
DX – if anything TIFF and Claire move up there as pawns she would never put you up as a pawn
Hannah – really? I don’t know if she’s just saying that You are HOH this week and you and I are former teammates.
Hannah – X isn’t as opposed to Christian going home than you think he is
DX – when I talk to him he said we would try and do damage control
Hannah – Christian is not his number one or if X even has a number one in this game. He might think if Christian goes Alyssa becomes his number one.
Hannah says X feels like he’s third-wheeling with Christian and Alyssa
DX jokes that is why he had to get rid of BRent so he can get closer to her.
they laugh.
Hannah – Christian has to go this week it is what it is. it’s best for your game which means it’s best for Tiffany, Claire, and my game as well. It’s what’s bests for our collective games.
Hannah says as long as they have Azah and Britini’s votes
DX – the jokers are a locked vote
DX – god Alyssa is going to f** me up

DX says he’s going to scare Kyland and tell him he’s backdooring him “Dude I’m really sorry but I have to do this then we’ll go to the ceremony”
Hanna – don’t do that you are already going to be in enough hot water with BRitsitna and Alyssa
Hannah brings up Alyssa coming up to tiffany saying that the plan for DX was is to take out BIGD out but they are going to flip the votes and get SB out.
Hannah – they think X, Alyssa, Christen, and two jokers are going to send Sarah Beth home which means they have the numbers. THey said TIFF we want to make sure you vote with the right side of the house.
Hannah – they said we’ll talk to Hannah 30 minutes beforehand because we really like her and we don’t want her voting against the house so she becomes the number one target next week.
Hannah – I looked at Tiff… that was about 8 plans ago
DX – oh my god
Hannah – they are so far behind..
DX – Now I don’t want to tell them.. they’re so dumb why start saying that before I made my nominations. If that gets back to me and I wasn’t going to backdoor Christian. Now I am .. Why would they do that?

Hannah says she and Tiffany have X so they just have to worry about Alyssa after Christian goes.
Hannah – X would be stupid to come after you. The votes on Thursday are going to prove.. it will be 7-2
Hannah – now you know Christian and Alyssa were planning on putting you up next week anyways and you beat them to the punch
Hannah – I don’t want Christien going to jury because of a battle back he’ll win.
Hannah says Christian doesn’t know this game he shouldn’t have tried to win every competition.
Hannah – I’m curious to see how Alyssa’s game will change when Christian is gone. These past couple of weeks they’ve been very isolated from the rest of the house
Hannah says that Alyssa knows this game like the back of her hand and she’s a likable person. She started the game with a good social game but the showmance is bringing it down.
Hannah says Christian has the worst social game in the house now they never see him anymore.
Hannah says she did talk game to Christian and that resulted in her being on the block. So she is expendable to him. Christian is also more likely to win the next HOH.

They laugh at some of the things DF says
Hannah – This dude is still drinking Frenchies Koolaid from week 2
DX – KY is his Frenchie now
Hannah – I don’t know
They laugh about DF saying that he likes that X, DX, Ky, and Tiffany are on their own islands.
DX – I’m like we’re not playing the same game right now.
DX – Frenchie is annoying he made all these rumours and blew up my game

Hannah says Sb is a big quesiton mark “you guys have me convinced Shelly doesn’t exsist”
DX – I’m not convinced. Tiffany .. Bro she went from SB jury to KY and SB are F**ing (LOL)

Hannah Brit and BIGD are good to keep in this game. “If one of us is targeted and one of them go up as a pawn we will have the numbers”
DX – if we vote out SB we can pull in KY he has to work with us (not this week)
Hannah – maybe Ky and X.. three guys and three girls what do you think about that (Claire, Tiff, Hannah are the girls)
DX – I would love that
Hannah – we can make it happen
DX – we can go final 6 if that is the group
Hannah – we keep Brit and BIGD to act as pawns.. that means we have to get rid of Azah, Alyssa and SB
DX – I would want to keep Azah over Brit

3:07 am Vanessa.. err I mean Tiffany talk to the camera
“HI AMERICA!.. well Tomorrow is veto ceremony and there will be a backdoor and I am trying to position myself to look surprised.
I hope Alyssa doesn’t get too upset and figures that I knew.. how would I know? I’m not in DerekX head I don’t make the rules around here I go along with the plan.
My master plan is in motion and Sarah Beth gets to stay one more week I knew something like this was going to happen. but that’s okay.. I cannot allow her to keep making it through cause Kyland is all I love (WTF lol) but she is a sweet girl.. my god she’s wearing off on me. I like her personally I really do.. I’m not buying that I’m not going to feel bad either. I’m not going to feel nad sending anyone home except for DX.
At least can I get credit for masterminding this plan? (Cookout)
I’m a player so if you did not come to play get out of the way. ”
Tiff goes on about not being manipulative in this game she’s just telling people what they need to do they all helping each other. She gave them the blueprint now it’s up to them to follow it.
Tiff – I would be more than willing to go with someone else’s plan if they had one but they don’t. Why is everyone coming to me to help them figure out what to do?
Tiff – if you aren’t coming to me to tell you want to do then I have my eyes on you cause that means you are making your own decisions and you can make you own decisions just run them by me so I can approve them.
Tiff – I didn’t come to play with these play I came to PLAY these people there’s a difference
Tiff plans on voting for Christian to stay so she can stay in good with Alyssa but she can’t tell Claire or Hannah. She mentions her sons name is Christian so she cant vote out someone names Christian.

3:45 am DX heads to bed

3:49 am Ky and Tiff ..
Joking around.

9:30 am houseguests waking up. Veto Ceremony is supposed to be at noon.

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Linkin Park

Why does Derek X hate Christian so much????

Did Christian do anything to Derek that he’s holding such hatered for him?


Literally christian will take him out next week if he wins HoH.


They’re leaving out a big part in that conversation. They said they would take DX our next week assuming it was the double eviction week. It wasn’t a Dx is our target next week no matter what statement. That whole conversation was based on a double.


DX is still Christians target. For DX it’s best to take a shot first. And this is the move for him right now. Tiffany explained it better. Getting christian out only alyssa and x will be after him. But if he puts a joker up everyone else will be aftef him. This buys him maybe a couple extra weeks. With christian there he will definitely take a shot at home. Dont be blind.


I don’t take it as hatred at all. I take it that he needs to get out someone who is competition, Who has thrown his name out there, and who is in the showmance he needs to go


While I’d agree there’s no hate from DX towards Christian, I’d still say there’s unresolved issues based on Frenchie’s week 1 lies.
Frenchie (not me!) had a big hand in DX and Christian never really vibing with each other.
Frenchie made up all sorts of lies and rumours about DX in week 1, including telling Christian repeatedly that DX was throwing out Christian’s name. That’s why Christian was always suspicious of DX, since as far as he knows, DX “owned up” to having “messed up” (whatever that means) back then…
It’s unfortunate.


Somewhere back in Tiff’s home city of Detroit, there is a stalking victim yelling at his television screen… “Run, Kyland, run!”

mad max

Pleeeeeease, how much longer are we going to have to listen to Brit and Tiff…..someone put them both up and spare us!


Simon, I see what you did there calling Tiffany “Vanessa”, lol. I like how she is calling it her plan even though she tried to get it to happen this week and had to amend her plans


Part of being a great mastermind is knowing when to adjust…. and getting CH out this week is great for everyone’s game.

If she is in the final two, she beats everyone else…. DX might make it close, but i think she is playing a really good game.


I don’t know I think x Alyssa potentially brit (thinks she has final 2 with Christian) potentially Bigd (doesn’t want to be overrun with girls or just a hinky vote) and now tiff saying she is not voting out Christian the vote could very easily flip with one of those two potential votes and a hinky vote or both those potential votes is all he needs.

The Beef

I’m with you 100%! Christian has definitely got Alyssa and Big D’s votes, and if there’s even the slightest chance he might stay I think X will vote for him too (he may do it just to keep Alyssa happy). If Brit truly believes in her final 2 with Christian and votes for him to stay, Tiffany will screw up the whole deal just because her son’s name is Christian? Yeah, I know she said she wants to keep Ayssa happy, but I wonder if she wouldn’t really rather see SB gone? But if that’s true, why lie when she’s just talking to the camera and not another cast member? I think Tiffany has too much stuff rattling around in her head, and maybe she’s not getting enough sleep – she needs to think this through before doing something STUPID like this. Of course it would blow up in DX’s face (and Hannah’s), not hers, but I really don’t think that’s her intention at all!


Simon, Tiffany is definitely Vanessa 2.0 lololol!!

another name

So wait… now Tiff has three personalities?
Nessie is the one that has a thing for Kyland.

Here I was sort of hoping somebody would take a page from her book and float around the rumor that Christian is actually Tiffany’s real life son. I mean… she could have had him at 18.

Dx has ruined the blindside.
He’s told Alyssa. Alyssa is nonplus. making excuses. lying big.
Dx knows Alyssa is making excuses and lying big.
X has joined. He’s still low key trying to save Christian.
oh joy. Now SB has been pulled in to learn for the very first time (wink, wink) that Christian is an option.

another name

Something odd just happened.
I looked at twitter post veto ceremony.
i looked at the rabbit hole.
scrolled down 15 posts.
all 15 posts were the exact same two messages (with the same grammar and spelling errors), all under different names.
Sloppy. If you are going to manufacture outrage, spread it around, don’t just barrage one tweet with the exact same comment under multiple names.