Nominations tonight, Neda is too drunk to go? “She’s not going to be in the state to do anything”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Sabrina Next HOH: Next HOH is final HOH
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots None

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-05-02 16-05-38-098

7:07pm Sabrina HOH

Dancing in the bubble bath listening to Michael Jackson. Big Brother repeatedly tells her to turn down the music.

Sabrina heads outside for a second where Heather tells her the nominations ceremony just came up on the screen. They figure that Noms tonight, POV is tomorrow morning and eviction is Sunday.

Jon says Neda is too drunk/hungover to go to the nomination ceremony. Feeds cut

(The audio was muted by Youtube do to a copyright claim. Sabrina was listening to Michael Jackson on the headphones and you could hear a bit of it..)


7:17pm bathroom Sabrina and Heather

game wise I don’t know what is best either you or Neda. Heather wants to be honest with Sabrina san says not sure right now.

7:20pm everyone but Neda
Chatting about how their Big Brother Canada experience is coming to an end.
Sabrina – “Oh my god it’s so sad”
Jon says they should go to talk to Production and find out what they should do with Neda she’s way to messed up to get ready for a nomination ceremony.

Heather leaves to talk to the Diary room about Neda.

Jon tells Sabrina if he doesn’t win veto he’s going home it no big surprise. Sabrina doesn’t think Neda would get rid of Jon. Jon says Neda made it very clear to him it’s just a game.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-05-02 16-57-14-531

8:00pm Bathroom Neda Jon and Heather

Neda is grumpy and MEGA hungover. She tries to get ready for the Nomination ceremony but can’t she goes off to the side of the room and starts dry heaving.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-05-02 17-33-25-818
Neda slung over a bucket…


8:10pm JOn and Sabrina
Sabrina asks If Neda is OK.
Jon – “no”
Jon – “Well I guess it’s ahh pretty much ahh me or Heather competing in the POV tomorrow”
Jon – “She’s not going to be in the state to do anything”

8:15pm Sabrina in HOH
Sabrina going over her nomination speech.

Sounds like Heather and Jon are going up.

(They were given a 1 hour warning)

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-05-02 17-39-20-057

8:40pm Sabrina and Heather
Sabrian going over her nomination speech says she’s nominated Jon and heather.

Jon comes in asks Heather to go look after Neda. Heather leaves and Sabrina does the Nomination speech with Jon.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-05-02 17-46-17-250

Nomination ceremony almost time. Sabrina and JOn talk about the house guests that have left.
Jon – “I’m going to wreck my girlfriend when I get home”
Sabrina – “Oh my god I’m coming to the NEwfoundland airport to hear the noises”

(Neda still slung over a bucket but apparently she now has her onesie on)

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-05-02 18-07-04-177

9:07pm Hot tub Neda is free from the bucket but still a hurting

Jon asks her how she’s doing.
Neda – “Decent”
JOn – “Ready for the noms ceremony”
Neda – “Nope”
Neda had two glasses of champagne.

incase you missed it more dancing from Sabrian before nominations

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Yesssss Neda is hammered!!! Jon has an amazing shot at Veto now lol


Drunk off of two glasses of champagne. That’s what happens when you don’t eat…


Dawg & Simon, thank you so much for the speedy spoilers. It’s nice to have addictions fed so quickly and efficiently lol. You guys are great. Just curious, who do u both want to win this season?


LOL at those saying Neda has played a perfect game. Maybe the most important competition of the season tomorrow, and she gets so messed up she probably won’t be able to compete in it. What a great game player!


On one other hand, I’ve seen her drink and she CAN put it away w/o getting drunk so perhaps she underestimated the affects of champagne. I’ve seen it in friends who can drink but have problems with the bubbly.

BUT can I play devil’s advocate for a moment (& yes I am a Neda fan).

So it really seems either Jon or Heather will leave next right?

AND Neda winning veto means she has to be the one to pick who leaves right?

So it behooves Neda to not put herself in that position KNOWING Heather will keep her over Jon and Jon will keep her over Heather.

THEREFORE: isn’t it ANOTHER SMART MOVE by Neda to ensure she won’t lose either’s vote since she won’t be the decision maker?

Whoever stays she’ll take to F2 and whoever stays will bring her over Sabs to F2.

I actually think this might have been a thought out plan.

It’s just a thought but it would put at least 1 guaranteed vote and if I’m right it is a brilliant plan!

P.S. I also think Neda truly cares for both Heather and Jon so this part of the game combined with feeling Canada may not like her is taking a toll emotionally on her. When you are upset and drink it hits you harder. So this could also be a factor.


Given your senario, what if this plan backfires and Heather or John win POV then put Neda on the block and vote her out? Oops.

It seems like this season everyone ends up making the wrong decisions (voting out Paul instead of Heather, voting out Andrew instead of Sabrina, voting out Arlie instead of Adel, voting out Allison instead of Sabrina, voting out Rachelle instead of Sabrina, etc). We all know hind site is 20/20 but it’s one of the reasons we watch every season


Seems like once again neda has done something to ensure a bad result when playing BB. i’d like to see jon win POV, then choose Neda over Heather, and have the F3 those two plus Sabs (i don’t have a choice about Sabs, we are stuck with her.).

I have no idea if that is his plan, which actually makes this BB interesting. A lot of the results have been surprises. Sabs getting this HOH? not so much of a surprise, pretty predictable once Neda and Heather decided to take out Adel, now all 3 of them are at risk, when before they would have been pretty solid with Adel unlikely to win anything in a mental challenge at all. last HOH was physical, there was no way not to know this one wouldn’t be physical, or endurance.


shes not drunk…. she is faking it…… no way in hell u can get drunk off two glasses of champagne,,, i call bs on this…..


She’s like 80 lbs. You can see from the videos that she was hammered. You just can’t fake that ****-faced look that drunk people get.


It’s just a ploy to stay off the block. Epic drama queen!! She sure can dish but cannot take it.


Wow, sobs did lose weight!! You can see it on her face and waist. I hate to admit this but she does have model potential, if only she lost more weight or she could just be a plus size model. Adel was right, she’s actually pretty. LOL.

Expanding Houseguest Syndrome

Sabrina has lost a lot of weight in the house … Jon has too (maybe). I think in one earlier video Heather mentioned that she has gained 17 pounds during Big Brother. I didn’t really notice it until tonight’s Side Show when they showed her at the beginning of the season in that black dress. She still looks gorgeous though!! It must be hard to be in there alone and not be snacking on things…


Sabrina has a foreseeable future as a backup dancer.


Yep Muppet Show here she comes hehe


It almost seems like she is playing this off as a way to stay off the block. You get drunk, deal with it! You big baby.
Nobody told her to get “real drunk” but her stupid greedy as7 self. Put the toad on the block, Sobs!! Who cares if she’s hammered, all she has to do is sit there and mover her bony as7 to the nomination chair and smile. Bam, done!!


I agrwe—total bull!!!


Sabrina loves this . She has whined about not getting enough camera time. Now miss queen thinks she’s all that dancing for the cameras. Ugh. Defiantly rather watch the hush hush screen then her


Neda is faking it big time! She doesn’t want to be nominated. Can’t you guys see it? Pathetic!


this neda not showing on cams is total bull-shyt!—we saw Allison a lot worse off !—–they protecting neda??? why??


all this blocking feeds just for neda is super annoying….


I know it doesn’t mean much Sabrina—–but no one had the guts to put jon and neda on the block together—–do it and you got my vote!!!

little mouse

they had 4 bottles of champagne neda was suppose to have drank 2 of the bottles, not 2 glasses. i hope she is good and sick and jon wins pov and votes her out..she would only have herself to blame ..but we all know if jon wins he won’t vote out neda …i hope when he gets home all the newfs laugh at him about being …. to use a phrase newfs know and use…pussy whipped …80 grand plus the prizes is a lot to hand over to a person you met a a few months ago ..and we all know neda wouldn’t give jon the time of day outside the house she is a high maintenance glamour girl who would never be able to handle a newfoundland lifestyle…just calling a spade a spade


Drunk or not, neda should go, what give her a pass. Please she s not 13 that needs to be taught, she is a super fan after all. play the game drunk, fake drunk, don’t matter the same compassion should be shown to you right. after all it is just a game, and while u did or didn’t decide to get drunk, everyone else is doing what is in their best interest, so if u didn’t care enough about ur game, why should anyone else. I mean you are not there to make friends after all. it is still about the money no… oh wait… lets erase all of this.. cuz it is neda… the rules don’t apply.


BB 1-0-1 … Expect the unexpected. Drink your face off? — busted when you least expect it!


awww please I went back and re watched the ” typed live feeds.. Neda is totally faking it. LIAR
Anyone but her in the final two


Neda is not going up on the block. They already decided it would be heather and Jon. I think Neda’s starting to second guess herself. She’s always known that she has to turn on Jon and Heather to further her game. I think the reality is when your in the house it’s hard to ‘keep your head in the game’ when you have developed real friendships with the other HGs.


Nicole, you have a very good point, and although I can see and agree with your view, I don’t think Neda is feeling that with any of the guests, for example, look at some of her out going messages, especially arlie’s. She has been saying she doesn’t care about any of these people, she is not there to make friends. I don’t think she thinks of jon or anyone for that matter as a friend. It’s fine to play the game, and lie do what you have to do, but truly pretending to be someones friend even though it is a game, I just think its wrong… and for that reason I would like to see Neda go.


The only reason, and this is even it is true, the only reason I would want neda to win… is that my parents were once immigrants too, and I know how hard they hard to work, and the sacrafices they had to make.. and if she is being truly honest and she would give them all the money, then there is honour in that. and it is a very noble deed. So for that reason alone, if in fact she is telling the truth I would want her to win the money to help her family but only for that reason.


So you don’t want the best gamer to win? OK. Let me guess you love Dan, Will and Evel Dick? So you’re probably sexist.

another name

i’ll probably be in the minority, but I’m of the belief that Sabrina deserves to be in the final four as much as the other three. the fact that they didn’t think she was worth evicting is their mistake. yup her personality is hated, but I see her game play as just as strong as most of the others in final four. they all feared her power of manipulation and persuasion, but still kept her? more power to her.
imo, heather or jon are going to be evicted. neda is almost a lock in f3. jon wants to be the only physical threat in the final hoh competition. he should evict heather. heather knows she is a bigger physical threat in the final three hoh. she should evict jon. Sabrina if she were to, against every odd in the universe, win pov, will evict jon. he hasn’t made a deal with her, he’s made his intention of not taking her to finals clear, and he’s likable. neda has deals with both but can’t take one of them if she wins.
I don’t buy the f2 between jon and heather. look what jon did to his last 2 f2 side deals. he put each of them on the block leading to their eviction. he’s hedging his bet. also, an f2 alliance supposedly made week one that isn’t mentioned again until week 7/8? not a credible basket to put your eggs in.


i don’t believe the Jon/heather deal either. I think he is hedging his bets by reminding her of it, but as far as i can tell her relationship with taking Neda is far stronger. I’ve never doubted Heather would choose to take Neda. She’d be guaranteed to win the physical without Jon around, and we can see in practise she is very good at the memory stuff and puzzles too. If she can eliminate the one person who is an actual competition, she’s got more than 50/50 chance. And Jon has a great memory too, he had all the last HOH answers. \\

She can see that Neda blanked on the mental comp, and has no physicality, just like Sabrina. She’d be crazy to try to do the F3 with anyone other than Neda and Sabs. The only one who it would make sense to choose Jon over Heather is Neda choosing Jon ensures Jon would only take her, and he would eliminate Sabs. I doubt if Heather would really take Neda. If she wanted to win that is. Jon doesn’t seem to mind if he got 2nd place, and i think Sabs would be happy to just be F2 also. if heather was not content with the possibiltiy of 2nd place she will only take Sabs, and she would be in a position to easily be the one making that decision if Neda once again does the wrong thing, and voted out Jon (if everything falls into position where she is the one voting someone out now). since she has made so many fatal errors since she was HOH, i have no doubt she will vote out Jon if that is how it ends up.

I heard heather say if she won POV she wouldn’t use it on herself, but stay on the block? lol, i kind of doubt it, but if that is really what happened, Neda should vote her out just for being stupid.


Another Name, you don’t speak of what would happen should Neda wins POV. From your analysis it seems that Jon is not desired in F3 for obvious reasons and Neda will proceed if Jon, Heather or Sabrina win. But also, if taken to F3 she may not make F2.

Neda has indicated she doesn’t want Jon in F3 and this may be her error. Jon is the only player that is firmly committed to taking to F2. This seems to be sincere. So she now has a dilemma should she win POV. For some reason she thinks she can’t beat Jon at F2 (I think she does), so doesn’t want to take him, but he is the only one that will take her.

another name

you’re right, i only touched on neda saying she would have to get rid of one of the two people she has final two deals with. I don’t think it makes much difference which of the two she evicts. she says jon, but could just as easily vote heather without it harming her game reasonably.
in the analysis, I was considering that neda has a pretty good lock on going f3 given that jon and heather, the two physical players, would most likely take out each other to have the best chance in winning the physical competition in the final hoh.
previously I’ve stated that its actually a good idea to take jon to f2. when he speaks of his big moves counter that he was neda’s puppet and you played your own game. when he speaks of strategy bring up that each of his hoh’s were only successful in taking out his allies, letting his enemies slip through the cracks. he isn’t an automatic 1st place in f2.
I’ve mentioned its not wise to think taking Sabrina is an automatic win. she has survived 6 nominations, she did win an hoh, she did manipulate the course of the first five weeks, she was loyal to her allies, she has allies on jury. she could make a vote a draw. her 6 week underdog streak could win her a Canada vote. she isn’t an automatic 2nd place in f2.
if neda wins pov this week, both jon and heather have shown they are emotion based players. breaking the deal could cost her a vote. jon will most likely vote for neda regardless, heather would feel betrayed, might vote against neda. she’s been so concerned with jury votes, she would evict jon hoping she can still keep his vote. she should take jon to f2 and say he was her puppet, and that she didn’t ride his coat-tails, she held his reins and guided the course. if she says she was jon’s puppet master, and he’s on jury, she hurts his ego and perhaps loses that vote. its the only way she could lose his vote. and its the only way she can justify her game. keeping jon is her wisest choice, but she is far too jury vote motivated and will most likely overlook the logic of keeping jon. it will be her biggest error if she evicts jon.


I think Sabs deserves to be there. She took out Ika without even being HOH and is the last final 5 standing. She won the most important HOH of the season and I agree, she earned her spot. She might even win at jury if she is next to Heather. Jon might not be sitting as pretty as it seems. If he wins POV he has to vote either Heather or Neda out. He has final 2 deals since first week with both of them One of them is going to be crushed and very pissed. Jon has Canada’s vote because people like him, they will vote who they like and not who played the best game. But I don’t know about the others in Jury. Jon has been HOH twice. When they were picking off the 5, Jon made final 2 alliances with Arlie and Adel (he already had them with Heather and Neda). I think Arlie and Adel might give Neda the vote over Jon, for different reasons. If Jon goes to the end with Sabrina, he might lose, especially if the final eviction is his. Neda or Heather might be pissed enough to vote for Sabrina if they go out on Jon’s vote. The easiest win is with Heather. I just don’t see Arlie or Rachelle voting for her against any of the ones left. Still lots of game to play. I won’t be disappointed no matter who wins, they all deserve it in their own way.


ok so now that noms are over she suddenly feels good faker to the max…

another name

suggested final three hoh comp:
1) endurance: put the final three in a hot tub “filled and tested by Rachelle”, one who lasts the longest without getting grossed out wins round one.
2) physical: cover the windows in slop, give each player a bucket and a cloth. explain to contestants how to clean. clean their windows spotless. they then have to run to the washer and do a load of laundry, wash it, dry it, and fold it. if at any time a player sticks their finger up their nose, grabs their junk or rolls their eyes they get a five minute time penalty.
3) trivia: announce the biggest lies and insults of the season. players must guess who said it and who they said it about. each question worth 10 points. first to hundo wins round three.


You people are unbelievable, you think she will fake being drunk to avoid a nomination, that doesnt matter anyways?
And just because she is drunk, it means she is has not played the game good so far? …my goodness…


Last year’s house guests could hold their booze better. I think these guys should have been given less alcohol more often


Some people should just take out their head out of sand and if you are going to judge anyone of those left in the house at least be fair. Just because neda got drunk for first-time and last time she doesn’t deserve all this bs from you. Why don’t you guys just go ahead and say how you really feel and if a person Was 1 OF NEWFIES SO IT WOULD BE FINE TO BE DRUNK AND A** RIGHT?? AND NEWFIES BLAH BLAH BLAH
I hope to god neda wins .


NEDA FOR THE LOSE!!! NEDA FOR THE LOSE!!! horray horray horray…. lets go ne da!!! lets go. lets go ne da lets go!!. lets go ne da lets go .followed by nanananana hey hey good bye… if only!!!!