Big Brother Canada 2 – AWARD SHOW Dinner with the FINAL 4 House Guests!

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Big Brother Canada 2 Awards Show:
Best Style? – Humping and Fist Pumping, Duck Face or Arlie’s Bits?
Best Crying? – Sabrina Vs Sabrina
Best Dance? – Anick? Paul? Allison & Jon?
Best Fight? – Ika & Sabrina? Ika shredding letters? Paul Jackson calling Andrew sexist/racist?
Best BFF Moment? – Kenny & Sarah? Adel & Kyle? Jon & Neda?

1:20pm – 5pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the house guests & special guest BBCAN1 Gary Levy to take part in and watch the Big Brother Canada Awards show in the backyard. When the live feeds return – The house guests are sitting in the backyard eating dinner at a table with a large big screen behind them with And The AWARD goes to… Jon comments on how he never really cared about the show prior to coming on the show. Heather says that she is very grateful for everything that has happened up until now. She thanks every one behind the scenes and in front of the scenes. This is the best experience of my life. They all tell each other about how much they mean to each other. Heather tells Jon that she loves him and always wanted a brother and now has one. Jon tells them that he loves them like sisters. He tells Sabrina that at first he didn’t like her but he does now. Jon opens up his jacket and whispers into his mic to tell Big Brother that they need more alcohol.

BBCAN2- 2014-05-02 14-11-30-738

5:25pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds again ..

5:30pm – 5:40pm The live feeds return and the house guests are in the HOH room. Neda asks why they’re on an HOH lock down. Sabrina says so they can take it all down. Jon comments on how Kenny and him were the “Newfie Bullets”.. Sabrina says that Kenny said it was you and Allison. Jon says nope it was me and him. Jon says that we would all be in a group together and Kenny would make shooting sounds and Jon would just laugh at how no one knew what it was about. Neda seems pretty drunk. (Heather isn’t in the HOH room because she isn’t allowed in there until Monday.) Jon and Neda both don’t even remember their BFF moment with the camera and say there were a million other better moments they could have picked. Jon comments on how Heather wasn’t in one category at all! Neda says oh yeah that’s right.

BBCAN2-2014-05-02 14-38-32-954

5:50pm – 6pm Neda tells them about how he never knew about her situation of where she came from until Adel told him about it. Neda explains that she hates when think they deserve it for where they came from rather than because of their game play. Neda starts to cry and Sabrina and Jon console her. Big Brother lets them out of the HOH room. Jon heads into the storage room and says F**K I should have kept more dudes! He says I weight more than all these girls. We need more alcohol. Heather comes out of the diary room and Jon calls her “SL*T-ERELLA”


6pm – 6:25pm Big Brother blocks the feeds again.. The live feeds come back on cams 1 & 2 with Heather eating a nutella snack. Jon joins her and starts complaining about how there’s no more alcohol. He says there’s 3 girls under 160lbs that are drunk and he weight 240lbs and isn’t drunk. Heather then goes and gets a banana, cookies and peanut butter ice cream..

BBCAN2-2014-05-02 15-10-12-598

6:30pm Heather brings Neda a glass of water and a puke bucket because Neda had a little too much to drink at the Awards …

6:35pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds again ..

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61 thoughts on “Big Brother Canada 2 – AWARD SHOW Dinner with the FINAL 4 House Guests!

      1. Thanks for correcting Dawg.

        As the season is winding down I thank you and Simon for all the work you do maintaining such a fun site.

        ($contribution submitted)

    1. Yes. Since the live feeds will be turned off on Sunday .. we won’t know for sure who is evicted but because we will know the veto winner we will have a pretty good idea of who it will probably be..

  1. Simon and Dawg. Question. With all of your knowledge of the game youve gained through running
    this website and such, would you ever consider going on Big Brother? Personally I think you’d be
    great. Excellent job you’ve done this season, tough as it must have been to muddle through some
    of the hot mess moments.

    1. THanks!

      I wouldn’t be very good at Big Brother and even if I thought I would be I probably wouldn’t it’s fun for me to watch but not to play. I’ve watch enough of the show to see how production messes with edits sometimes twisting things so extreme to become straight up fabrications.

      I’ve also seen how a small subset of fans react to the people they don’t it’s not really an issue for BBCAN but for BBUS it is and I wouldn’t want to have to deal with that in life.

      All in all Dawg can play Big Brother I’ll send him secret messages via a drone through the gremlin cave.

  2. Sabrina blows me away. During the awards dinner she said let’s not even care what was done in the house after because she knows the horrible things she said. I was almost sick the other night when she said to Neda “I have never said anything bad about you” Today she told Jon that Kenny told her Alison and Jon were the “newfie bulllets” she is the one who said she saw them saying it to the cameras. She is trying to find things to justify saying what she did about Janelle, Neda and Jon.She is always trying to spin everything.She is sooooo nasty. That was not game it was very personal. She should not win BB because of that crap.

  3. Just want to say thank you to you and Simon for all your hard work on this site. BIG BROTHER would not be the same without this site and thanks for answering my questions. Hope you get sleep soon……

  4. In the finals it will be Sabs, Neda and Jon. Neda and Jon will do what they have done all season long, tag team Sabrina and take her out.

    Rule #1 of BB is always break up a couple or pay for it in the end which nobody did this season.

  5. My, Heather sure does stuff her face, it’s a wonder this girl hasn’t gotten diabetes yet. This is the second time Neda makes a comment about deserving the game because of her strategies and schemes than her hardship filled past.

    1. I’m happy to see a girl that eats. Heather is gorgeous and I’m proud she doesn’t just eat air. True woman.

      1. That’s not what I meant, I should have been more clear. Heather eats copious amounts of junk food. She is undoubtedly beautiful, but all that sugar isn’t good for anyone.

        1. Your an idiot, you don’t get diabetes from eating sugar. How do I know? I’ve had diabetes my whole life. Know what your talking about before you open your big fat yap.

    2. Heather mentioned one of the reasons she was bullied in school was for being super skinny. Could be why she eats a lot?

    1. Just because she’s drunk doesn’t mean she drank more than the others. Her body size dictates that she should stop after two drinks … But she’s young and hasn’t learned that lesson. Look at John … He out drinks them all and barely gets a buzz.

  6. why do they keep blocking feeds? protecting neda here to much….. they need to show neda drunk and being an ass….. why all the blocking off the feeds?

  7. they had no problem when other people got drunk and made an a?? of them self … why the blocked feeds now? production really wants to protecte nedas image…..

  8. I am not a Neda fan, but that moment with Neda in the HOH room was very touching and might explain alot why she’s playing so hard for the money.Sometimes we really do have to walk in the other person’s shoes. It really changed my opinion on her if this is a scheme to get Canada’s vote then she has me fooled.

  9. Great job running this site and giving up such wonderful updates! <3 Simon and Dawg!

    Sabrina is either bi polar or her past behaviour was game play out of control..Really not sure since she hasn't freaked out since Rachelle left.. I think too, Sabs looks much prettier without make up..

    Neda and Jon in the finals, Neda probably will win but I am hoping Jon wins it all.

  10. neda is always thinking about jury votes…. neda got worried when the audience cheered when she got an answer wrong yesterday,,,,, so she is worried about canada hating on her…. thats what all she talked about last nite…… this is all for canadas jury vote………..

    1. She’s an overachiever. The kind in school who is straight A+ and takes the paper or test to the teacher to complain if they just get an A. that’s how she described her school and self the other day. Which i can see, based on her home town. i think she is always a bundle of nerves, and is so thin because she is too wired up to relax long enough to eat a sammich.

      I do think that Heather is a closet eater/binger and probably has eating issues. They just finished a meal for the Awards show, but she is eating the equivalent of another full meal (banana, nutella, cookies, peanutbutter on some kind of bread, etc). that’s a problem, even if someone is snacking on fruit, her go to snack is an icecream bar, ice cream and that kind of thing when no one but the cameras are around.

      1. Now now…There is no need to be the little BB food monitor. I could care less what people consume or the amount in which they consume it. What we put into our bodies is a personal choice but one also must realize our choices can be influenced by certain stresses in our lives. I’m a very active individual and health food fanantic but I also recall a few years ago being in graduate school and having a “love affair” of sorts with the vending machine down the hall from my rez room during exams. Sometimes stress drives us to the good stuff…and by good stuff I mean what is typically bad for us. I’m sure Heather’s “problem” as you call it Sunnydee, is not really a problem at all and will clear up nicely once BB is complete.

    2. I agree that Neda is calculating and definitely thinking of jury votes. Neda has keep her eyes on the prize the entire game. However all of them are thinking of jury votes at this point – or at least they should be! Neda should not be the exception to this rule. Technique will be different for each player and perhaps it will even mirror their gameplay. In this instance I think Neda was actually being sincere given that her personal circumstances was not something she used against her housemates throughout the game. Rather than a game play maneuver I think her realities and her pressures from the outside world came to the surface. Neda is about game play and clearly wants to be judged on merit and game performance and not circumstance.

      1. I agree. Neda did not bring up this subject. Jon did. He was upset because she never shared her life storey with him. She’s been drinking and her guard is down and she starts to cry while she tries to explain that she wants to be judged for her game play …. not out of pity. Immediately Jon realizes his mistake because he doesn’t want Canada to know about her family’s poverty or that they’ll feel sorry for her so he very rudely tries to shut her up.

    3. Just stating fact here, Neda opened up to Adel few days back & it is Adel who told Jon.
      That was before the cheer after her loss of hoh.
      And if you see in the video, she is not the one who brought up the subject, it is Jon ( asking how come he didnt know)
      Soo….please keep hating her, but stick to the truth…..

  11. everthing neda does in the house is calculated, even her relationship with jon was a plan she had entering the house…… neda was all about the girls alliance in the beggining until that blew up,,,, when rachelle turned on the girls thats when neda decided to go with jon….. jon was always nedas second option…

  12. i dont buy this she drunk but she is not that drunk? she just wants people to feel sorry for her including canada.,,,,, she is trying to manipulate canada into feeling bad for her..

    1. soooooo puking her gut out, in the BD & HOH WR….was all pre-planned and part of the game play? yea…,k

  13. I think Sabrina is stunning , I do think she could be a plus size model, I thought she’d drive me nutz as a hoh, but she’s not! Rooting for Sabrina! Previously I was rooting for Adel! I chose his nemesis!

    1. With a little toning around the mid section, she’d be ideal for plus size modeling. With that hair and face, absolutely not a problem. its not that she has a bad shape, it just needs to be tighter so the shape is more defined. she could do that without losing weight really.

  14. Why was Neda surprised at the audience’s reaction? I think she has been given a lot of hints to settle down. Jillian and Emit’s looks of surprises when she said she was going to take Heather to the end, Jill’s advice about goodbye messages. even her sister telling her to not be too cocky.

    1. she told jon to fuck off 28 times bc she didn’t want anyone around while she was throwing up (at least, that’s what jon told sabrina after). anyone who’s saying she was faking CLEARY was not walking the feeds bc it’s very clear that she was sick from drinking and from food poisoning (that jon and sabrina have this morning).

  15. For past couple days we’ve seen Neda cry and so emotional. My believe she’s in deep troubles with her feelings towards Jon and since she knows there’s no way they can end up together so … breaks my heart :(
    If she wins the veto I sure hope she takes Jon with her .ore

  16. neda is not going to win veto,,,, she will let jon and heather fight it out…. this way she does not loss jury vote if jon wins and evict heather neda gets jons vote,, if heather wins and evicts jon neda gets his jury vote…… neda is all about winning big brother people need to listen to her diary room sessions….. every thing neda has done in the house is all about winning……. fake relationships included….. ever since jury began all neda does is for jury votes…. befriending rachelle, throwing adel under the bus and blaming him for wanting to evict heather last week jury vote…. being honest with her feelings and telling canada about her family ? working on jury vote from canada….. neda is all about jury votes at this point of the game…. those fake goodbye message are all for jury votes….. nothing neda says at this point is honest in my eyes….

    1. Come on–she’s playing a role. She even said so herself last night, about them all just being “characters.” I think she went in envisioning herself as “the ruthless strategist behind the scenes” a la Dan G., and that’s what her DR sessions are about. Doesn’t mean she’s actually cold-hearted or incapable of emotion. She’s definitely not on Dan’s level, because she’s not good at hiding it when she’s annoyed.

      1. u can only play a role so much.. i believe that this is her outside the house also…… the fact that her sister had to warn her about not being to cocky and her saying back to her that she was not being cocky at all…l showed me her lack of self awareness as to how she is behaving…. your personality and how you are in real life eventually comes out, u can only have a fake personality for so long before your true character comes out…..

        1. Well you could infer that she’s actually crumbling right now because she’s worried about eliminating Heather or Jon. So that could be her humanity shining through. We just don’t know. I just highly doubt she’s some heartless witch. She’s playing a game for money, like they all are.

        2. She is the one of the most self aware & intuitive BB guest i have ever seen. She picks up on things very fast & is realistic.
          Even when she was talking to Heather about taking out Arlie, she told heather ”Canada will hate me now, they are thinking what a bitch for breaking up sloppy seconds”. They had similar conversation another time & even joked about taking a road trip after BB to avoid the hate.
          Even before the negative cheer, she was convinced anyways canada will not vote for her…& she is at the bottom of their alliance for canada vote……..

        3. Sooooo no one is going to comment what a cute couple they will make if Jon doesn’t have GF? I thought they looked smashing…!!

      2. playing a role or character?
        I do believe that in part… but believe that then has to apply to all the big brother players this season.
        so, Andrew was playing a rude douche role. he mentioned that was the role he thought he was cast for twice.
        so, Sabrina was playing a nasty mouthy bitchy role. otherwise she would have monitored her mouth and behavior in front of the cameras like a lot of others in the cast have.
        just two of the most strongly hated this season as examples there.
        so none of the players should be insulted or hated personally, they’re all just playing roles.
        hey, I’m all for dropping the hate for how their personalities are perceived.

    2. Adel has stated (calgary herald) his votes go as follows: Jon against anyone, Neda against anyone except Jon, Heather against Sabrina only.

      Jon: power player
      Neda: strategic monster
      Heather: a couple of wins
      Sabrina: creeper through cracks

      He doesn’t see Heather/Sabrina as F2 together.

      1. I don’t think anyone is surprised adel says his vote goes to jon. it’s pretty much a given.
        now heather saying she could perfectly imitate james earl jones’ voice… that would be a complete surprise.

  17. I’m sending out a plea to:
    “Name says” and “Name says” and to “another name says”
    Please adopt new names!

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