Nomination Results! “If Shanna does happen to win veto, then I promise I will gun for her like next week too”

Head Of HouseHold Winner: Carson
Nominations: Todd and Miesha
Power of Veto Players: ?
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony Results: ?
Evicted: ?

Nomination Results: As HOH, Carson nominated Todd and Miesha for eviction.

8:15pm Kitchen – Todrick and Miesha.
Miesha – worst case scenario if Shanna wins the power of veto.. Todrick – who does she save? Miesha – no, I think she will probably leave it the same. I think she probably would. Todrick – should I just talk to Carson real quick? I think he should be thinking of his own theory and his own game plan. Miesha – I know but I would like to have a little bit of a pitch here because my thought process is if you’re smart about it …well if we can’t get Shanna out this week… if we can’t, lets get Miesha out. She is the second biggest. So yeah aim for Shanna but if worst case scenario if you can’t get Shanna out why wouldn’t they still want to get me out. So like if Shanna does happen to win veto, then I promise I will gun for her like next week too like should I win it. Todrick – Mmmm Ok! Miesha – like keep me here and I will help gun to get her out. Todrick – I thought that they would want to work with us as a final four. That, that was the general consensus of how people might be feeling. So like I would try to pitch that at first to try and keep you safe. That means we get two weeks closer and then the four of us go at it. I think that you might be underselling something that just keeps you safe for a week. Miesha – Yeah, but I don’t want them to decide like if she wins veto that they vote me out. I’m going to try hard for you to get HOH next round. Carson doesn’t get to play HOH.. hopefully Shanna’s gone.

8:45pm HOH bath time

9:35pm Shanna brings Carson a bottle of wine. Carson, Cynthia and Shanna chat. Carson reads the rules out loud.

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Wondering if Production is going to set up another veto catering to Meisha


Definitely would not be surprised Dawg lol

Dementia joe

And if Meisha does get voted out there will be a battle back.


Please no! I am sick of meisha and Toddrick! Did anyone notice today when toddrick joined Cynthia, Lamar and Todd in the gondola, he said hello my black people. I don’t think Todrick likes white people!


I totally agree with you. I didn’t catch Todd saying that BUT he & Meisha are a set of ‘evil twins.’ Going to be REEEALLY disappointed if ‘either’ one of them wins this. Meisha is excellent at winning but I am sick of evil people getting off scott free, not just on Big Brother but in the world in general.



Donald Jenson

HOPE B.B. isn’t directing these people into doing what THEY want to get ‘their girl’ Meisha in the winner’s circle. …..and Cynthia, she is a mad woman who ‘tries to’ make up for her stupidity by screeching and getting in people’s faces. How the heck can Carson and Cynthia believe everything Clod and Meisha tell them. Good heavens, how can THEY be so blind to the fact it was/is MAINLY Carson who ‘they’ want out!

Dumster Donald

All Hail Pres Joe


another name

social media skuttlebutt says they were already told the veto would be something like bowlarina (sp?). No idea if that was just rumor that one person tweeted, that others took as gospel or if it was actually on feeds.


whatever excuse you need to deal with things not going like you want, keep crying.


I read somewhere yesterday in an interview that Mirai did and said she did not know initially about the Athletes alliance until 3 different Producers kept asking her about the Athletes Alliance.

another name


  • So the d/r spoonfed the athlete’s alliance to multiple houseguests? Gee. shocking. not so much. Same d/r seems to be going out of their way to encourage the games of Miesha and Todrick? again, shocking not so much.
  • Shanna is in the ‘just want to go home’ phase. sideye. looks at page six. looks at twitter. no dear, no, you don’t. grimace face. yeesh. To small c celebrities i guess no publicity is the worst publicity, but look again, grimace face… I’d go for the no publicity in this case. eek.
  • Todrick is saying one of his house visitors stole his luggage and sold it. The sarcastic side of me says, okay which season 23 houseguest pawned Todrick’s luggage? I mean, some of them only lived in his place post season for almost a month. How did that effect his efforts to spend a quarter of a million on a hat? Is that why production is shielding him? It certainly isn’t his personality.
  • Odd. What could possibly be odd? In looking at interviews, and looking at evictees comments, there’s a timeline hole. There’s an incident. What incident? What are they all skipping? I’m placing the hole somewhere in the time period between their second day in the house, and the hold placed on feeds starting. At some point, something happened that they aren’t allowed to talk about, and it isn’t the false positive test result, and it isn’t Mirai crying for three days. Those get covered. So what are tptb keeping from us? How does this ‘incident’ they aren’t allowed to discuss impact the way the housemates are playing the game? Hmmm.
another name

Couple of things:

  1. If the drgremlins are adamant in their current Shanna storyline, expect her to be the one that doesn’t play in the veto.
  2. Usual season questions when it comes to early determination of season long story arc: anyone remember who were the members of the first alliance pair in the first episode? Who was in the first named alliance shown on the episode? Who had a WAY more d/r involvement in the first two episodes than their place in the storyline would actually require? And Finally Who was the first person in d/r to say they were there to win? If repeated past experience predicts future? That’s who you keep your eye on.

I’m pretty sure it was the Formation (Carson, Cynthia, Shanna, Todrick) – DR was a ton of Todrick, Carson & I can’t remember if Miesha was even though she was HOH.

Can’t remember the last one but I think it was Todrick (might’ve been Teddi though lol)

Dementia joe

Hopefully Carson goes soon.


Listening to Cynthia drink the koolaid from Todrick just now and Shanna, I hope Cynthia is evicted soon and realizes what a j**khole she’s been believing Todrick. If Carson puts Shanna up, him and Cynthia deserve to be voted out. They were my favorites but are too stupid to stay!


I know FOUTTE Part Deux

All Hail Pres Joe

Meisha is horrible at sportsmanship. I cannot stand a sore loser.

Inflation Joey

I would rather see Meisha than Todrick.


So CBS and Big Brother will have 4 live feeds on a woman being ostracized by the house cause of the 2 pieces of crap that have ruled the roost, but the feeds cut out the minute one of the jerks in there starts talking trash. Let us see the ugly and all. Way to go big brother. I hope your ratings fall after this!

Joelle Knox

So much to say. Lamar and Todd act like frat boys. Todd is so far up Lamar’s behind it’s crazy. Shanna has played the game. She has been in the middle of the house and trying to fit in. Cynthia acts like she doesn’t have a brain of her own. She blindly listens to everyone instead of listening to herself. Carson is playing a decent game. He’s easy breezy (he’s going to win). Now to the bullies. Todrick is the most disappointing in this game. I thought he was going to make it fun but he’s making me not want to watch it. He’s mean and then plays victim. He kissing Meisha’s backside and he’s using her as a shield while he floats. Meisha is also playing a mean game. But doesn’t know Todrick is pulling her strings. Carson wasn’t a threat. In the beginning he won one veto. And because Todrick was paranoid he became a target. Chris told Meisha a million times thst he would never come after her but because Todrick didn’t like Chris personally and he told Meisha a bunch of stuff he needed to go. Todrick has her believing she’s playing her own game when in fact she is taking all the risk, getting all the blood on her hands, protecting Todrick and he doesn’t have to play all he does is sit back and let Meisha do all of the work. Sad……mean girls.


Todrick wanting to paint the target on Carson had NOTHING to do with him winning a comp b/c the push for that began even before the POV was played

Rather, it was about Carson’s overall game but in particular how popular AND NICE he is. Todrick ASSUMED everyone would love him & like Big D last year assumes he’ll be the most popular in & out of the house.

Like you, I was excited to see Todrick play b/c of his knowledge & in the clips from the summer with so many of the BB cast staying at his house he seemed fun. But yeah, he’s been BY FAR the biggest disappointment.

But after tonight’s show, Cynthia is a close second.

another name

I don’t even think Todrick targeted Carson for game. I think he came in with a vendetta for a frenemy.
I think this might be why Cynthia has an easier time believing Todrick than Shanna as well. They are more acquainted with each other in real life. I can see two people with bravo connections knowing the same people or being invited to the same events far more than i can see Cynthia at an event or being close to people that are close to Shanna. Shanna’s connections I’m aware of are with Billy Idol, De La Hoya, Blink 182, the Quaid brothers and the Hell’s Angels…. I’m not seeing a lot of Cynthia overlap….
I wouldn’t for one minute put it past Todrick to use familiarity as a game tactic.

another name

I’m not a Todrick apologist. That would be impossible. I’m not a Meisha apologist either.
The two of them together? oooooph. nope, not going to be the crazy person tilting at windmills for the wicked witch and his flying monkey.

I’m also finding it impossible to overlook what i view as strategic errors on the part of either nsync or Shanna. Sorry, just because Todrick and Meisha are the obvious gruesome twosome, doesn’t mean Shanna and Nsync (i keep calling him that because there were 2 Chris K’s, it’s not meant as insulting or devaluing, it’s actually just easier in my brain) were faultless in their own games.
Nsync repeatedly said he would not target Meisha (much to Shanna’s consternation), however, he did tell Shanna that if one of the others put Meisha on the block he wouldn’t try to save her, and he would vote her out. So when he said repeatedly I won’t come after you to Meisha, he was telling a half truth. He didn’t want to shove the knife in, but he wasn’t going to yell watch your back either. He specifically targeted Todrick for one reason (stated on feeds at least 3 times): to weaken Meisha. With that reasoning in my mind, I still don’t like Todrick. I still don’t like Meisha, but I think Nsync got caught turning against his alliance and paid the price. That’s how I see it. They’re still jerks, but he’s not a victim.

Shanna? Okay, she’s the cheese right now. I don’t like that. Some of the crap that the Gruesomes came up with was exaggerlying to the extreme. But… what made the falsehoods sound plausible? Shanna’s game moves up until that point. She DID spend the first week acting like she was with the Carsons, when she was feeding info to the Meishas. She DID lie about who she was voting out right in front of Carson. She did jump back to the Carsons, and she was trash talking others in the house to Cynthia (something she’d been doing the previous week with Todrick). She WAS playing the rat float game. And everyone knew she’d jumped ship at least twice already. She did enter another alliance with Cynthia and Carson, but she also told Meisha and Todrick that she still wanted to work with them if they stayed in power (before the HOH comp). I hate the cheese stands alone thing, and in a usual season I’d be really peeved. With Shanna, damn i hate that this thought is even in my head, there’s even the little doubt in my mind. Given how she has played the game, perhaps she’s intentionally being more isolated than necessary in order to manipulate support. I hate thinking that. I really do. Go ahead, say I’m being a jerk for it… but given that she has been playing a really messy pot stirring rats gonna rat float game… is it impossible to see why my mind could have some small doubts? Is it completely impossible that she’s intentionally blanketing hoping for the fan fave pity vote? Is it impossible that a ‘celebrity’ would try to manipulate the audience?

Todd? Todd’s spent enough time behind bars to know that he has to identify and get in good with alphas. I know, messed up way at looking at his game… but. blink blink. shrugs.

Lamar? Thinks d/r is chatting with producers. Thinks veto wins are irrelevant. He’s clueless to the extreme…man they’re gonna drag him to final three. No matter who it is that gets to finals, they’re taking Lamar, aren’t they? Yup. I likely would too.


I’ve been more in favor of Shanna b/c at least she’s frigging playing the game but your points are plausible.

I know you don’t tend to watch the live shows but if you get a chance watch the scenes with Carson/Cyn/Shanna right after Todrick/Shanna bury her followed by the kitchen scene. It was a terrible episode for Cynthia -made her look like Todrick’s gullible puppet.

another name

I’m not saying they are right. What i’m saying is her chosen game style totally depends on other people never sharing notes. Now, there’s definitely a lot of creative alternafacting going on in retells, but once notes started being shared, Shanna was going to be in trouble.
Pretty much every time she would come clean to Carson and Cynthia, she’d only come about 60% clean with them, hoping nobody would mention the other 40%. Here comes Todrick making 40% into 2 million tons of poo. Let’s be honest, Todrick is a fickle, petulant, rotten person, but he’s a fickle petulant rottern person that has known Carson for a few years. For some reason i think familiarity had weight.
Again, not against her. Not even against her style of game. But. Her style of game carries the risk if anyone compares notes.