Miesha “Chris just wanted to shake things up.” Todrick “He f***ed us! No lube!”

Evicted: Chris Kirkpatrick voted out 5-0

Head Of HouseHold Winner: Carson
Nominations: ? and ?
Power of Veto Players: ?
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony Results: ?
Evicted: ?

8:05pm The feeds return from the HOH comp. Carson is bringing his suitcase out of the storage room to unpack it again. He heads to the bedroom. Cynthia – you did it! You won! Carson – the tide is turning. Lets just bask in the glory. We had a nerve racking couple of days! Now we’re going to have baths and king size beds! Cynthia – I know! I’m off the block! Carson – and a win from little old me! Cynthia – we turned it! We did it!

9:07pm Bedroom – Miesha and Todrick.
Todrick – what are you thinking? Miesha – I just think that it all comes down to veto or I’m going home. That’s it! Todrick – do you think he will vote for us to stay? Miesha – no, because its an even week. Todrick – I hope I win the veto. Miesha – me too, if I get put on the block I’ll get a chance to play in it. We don’t know if you’ll get a chance to play. Todrick – well hopefully it will be a veto and you’ll be put up. Carson will put you up honestly. Miesha – and Todd I think. Todrick – yeah. And in a perfect world I would be able to win it so that way I am safe too. Maybe Lamar he would put up. Do you think he will honor his deal? Miesha – about not putting you up? Yeah. Todrick – but I would love to win it and take you off just to be on the safe side. I do feel better knowing that Chris wouldn’t have done well at that competition at all. Do you think he would have? If Chris had stayed loyal to us this week .. I would have killed that! And Carson would have been gone. Miesha – I know! But they wouldn’t have pulled him down. Chris just wanted to shake things up. Todrick – he f**ked us! No lube! Miesha – yeah. Not even any spit! Todrick – Carson would have been out of here. Miesha – I know. Todrick – like hands down. Miesha – and he was still trying to be all cute with me. Todrick – how did y’all leave things? Meisha – I just didn’t even feel like looking at him. I wasn’t out and out rude to him but now especially the way this is playing out .. this is just really frustrating. They head into the other bedroom to talk. Todrick – I hate that they (Cynthia and Carson) we’re in there rejoicing. It makes me so mad. Miesha – I know. Todrick – what sucks is that.. if he hadn’t turned on us, we would have had this game! Miesha – I know. Todrick – with Carson out. It would have been over! If you leave, I don’t know what I would do because I am done. I would have to beat out someone.. I don’t even know. Two people.. Carson and Shanna. Miesha – if we can make it past the veto.. then Carson doesn’t play in the next HOH. Then we take it. It was so frustrating not being able to play in this wall comp. I’m built for it. Todrick – I wish I would have taken last weeks HOH. I have been so close to everything. I was just thinking I have to pull through for Miesha. My legs were shaking and I was like if I don’t make a deal .. then we’re both going to be up on the block. Miesha – did you make one up there on the wall? Todrick – yeah, right before I fell down.

9:47pm Bedroom. Todrick and Carson.
Todrick – I love the finesse that you and Cynthia have. You guys have been in so many situations to realize that thte world keeps turning. But sometimes when you’re new in the game and you have stuff to prove .. it feels like it is so huge and at the end of the day.. Todrick you’re healthy, you’re alive. This is not the end of the world. I have to keep reminding myself of that. Carson – and the only thing that I would say to you is wisdom .. remember your brand and who you are… and do things with grace. Because I was looking at the memory wall.. and Miesha is so respectable and puts in the hard work and she is so prepared and that is so admirable but her brand is to be ruthless. Like kicking a$$ in here and playing a no hold bards game is very on brand for her. Its actually good for her brand whereas I want to play with integrity because I really want people to watch this show and be like god I watched this show and really liked him but he seems like a real jerk! My brand is not ruthless. My brand is joy and helping people like feel great about themselves and how they present themselves or their faces to the world. That’s all I would say to you. And I know you have a great relationship with her and you’re fine and dandy but just be mindful of your brand. Todrick – yeah. I appreciate that. And if you ever feel like I have done something.. Carson – no I would have come to you. Todrick – I appreciate that. I am very very proud of you.

10:18pm Bedroom – Shanna, Carson and Cynthia.
Shanna – did you see what Todd said to me? He was like ohhh.. you didn’t vote for him (Chris)? Oh we thought you were going to have that one vote. You didn’t vote for him? I was like Todd, I went with the house! Like I did for you. Even though your friend put me on the block. Like he knew he was going home. Say if you put up Todd and Miesha and one of them wins veto and comes down who do you replace? Carson – oh do I replace? Shanna – yeah. Carson – oh Todrick already came in here and said you know.. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Carson – I’ll put up Miesha and Todd. And hopefully they won’t change it and one of them will.. Shanna – if Cynthia and I play in the veto, hopefully we can keep your nominations the same. But then Cynthia and I will vote for Miesha. Lamar and Todrick will vote for Todd I think. You (Carson) would break the tie. Carson – and I would get rid of her (Miesha). That would be the best scenario. Shanna – when Todrick makes a deal with you .. you have to say if you play in that veto, you keep my nominations the same.. or I am going to backdoor you. Carson – okay. Shanna – Or I will put you up if Miesha takes herself down. Carson – okay, got it. Shanna – we need to get her out of this house and she has a very good chance of winning that veto depending on what it is. Carson – yes and she is going to be so inspired to win. Shanna – and if she did win and take herself off you would have to decide who to put up on the thing… you would put up Lamar and we would have to vote Todd out because he is so pro Miesha. Carson – yes. I agree.

12:22am HOH room. Carson got his HOH room. They’re up there looking at his photos and HOH basket. Carson reads his HOH letter.

1:10am All the house guests are sleeping..

3:18am – 3:45am Backyard – Lamar, Todrick and Todd.
Todrick – what are we going to do?? Todd – nothing we can do! They’re going to put us up! They’re going to put up me and Miesha. I already know that. Todrick – you think so? Todd – yeah. Lamar – you never know. Todd – they will. Lamar – you got to see how things play out. Todd – I ain’t crying over it. Lamar – say its you and Miesha. Todd – they’ll go for Miesha before they go after me. She knows that too. Todrick – but if we win the veto we can pull Miesha down. Todd – yeah but whoever else is up there is gone. Pull Miesha down.. the other person is going home. Lamar – does the other person go home that day? Todrick – on the live show. People go home on Monday’s and Fridays every week. Big Brother switches the feeds and then when they come back. Todd – ..you want someone else to win because you know that you can’t. That’s all you’re doing. Don’t be telling nobody man! Todrick – who? Todd – you. Todrick – have I told anybody anything this whole f**king game? Todd – you saying you didn’t tell Carson if I go down not to put me up? Todrick – what? Todd – never mind. Todrick – I told Carson today if I fall, not to put me up. Todd – yeah, we know that. Todrick – yeah but that’s not telling anybody anything. Todd – I heard it. Todrick – that’s what you should do if you’re about to fall. You make a deal. Todd – its alright. Todrick – because if I fell and didn’t say it he would put up me and Miesha. Todd – now they’ll put up one of us. Todrick – you think that was shaddy I did that. Todd – no. Lamar – no, you threw yourself a life raft.

Nomination Results: As HOH, Carson nominated Miesha and Todd for eviction.

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I wish that Carson had not made a deal with Toddrick. Maybe he will go back on his word and put him on the block, better still, maybe he will be a replacement nom in the veto. Can’t wait for Toddrick and Meisha to get evicted


Yeah, I said the same thing. No way Carson goes back on it especially after the talk he had with Todrick about how he’s playing to his brand so it’s important he plays with integrity and kindness.

The good news is Shanna told him to ask Todrick NOT to use the POV if he wins it. The issue was she said or tell him he’ll go up LOL – um Shanna if he wins POV he’s also safe.

I swear even the self-titled super fans don’t understand the game.

Hopefully, they get a grasp on that beforehand so Carson can ask Todrick to promise in advance of POV. I doubt Todrick would honor what he says but maybe that chat about brands will make Todrick think.

The DR had already warned Todrick about how he was coming off to the outside world & he ignored them but maybe hearing something similar will make him think.

I would’ve liked to see Miesha/Todrick OTB (and staying OTB) just to see them turn on each other (b/c they would) but Carson isn’t going to do that. He has this weird loyalty to Todrick even after everything that’s happened.

The only scenario where I see Todrick going up is if Lamar wins POV & takes down Todd b/c earlier Shanna/Carson discussed Lamar going up if Miesha wins POV (slaps head). That would be the worst decision b/c then they both stay in the house.

Worse would be both staying, then Todrick winning the next HOH & putting up Carson. Cynthia might go ballistic on him if he did that.

Feeds Gold

lit feeds right now

Paul Sucks

Hate it when they don’t use lube or spit. Even worse when they use their whole hand!

another name

so i stop paying attention for an afternoon and suddenly cynthia, carson, toddrick and miesha are workshopping the idea of back dooring Shanna because she’s been playing a modified rat floater game?

what the sweet thundering….


I hope not. Shanna is perceived as a big threat to Monsta Meisha and Toadrick because she has won two vetoes. That’s why they are doing that. I hope Carson is smart enough to see that.


“Toadrick”……so fitting! Love it.


Obviously DR influenced

another name

Oh you know I’m totally on board with saying anything at all that has happened in a season since 16 has drmonkeys all over it. Given how often regular season house guests actually come right out and say the d/r told them they should <insert stupidest move possible>. The only props I’ll really give a Celebrity season is they are so used to getting stage directions, that they don’t talk about it.
As Cynthia and Shanna started talking, I was actually really hoping that Shanna would read the room, and realize owning without hatcheting was her best play. As soon as she started in with bringing up others, I totally stood by my thought that now that the other houseguests are sharing info, Shanna was making her problem worse.
She had to know Cynthia was going to go straight to the guys and tell them what Shanna had said. I mean, I don’t watch any Housewives shows, but isn’t the entire point of them? Two middle aged women that insist on believing and acting like they are still in highschool get into an argument, then each attempt to gather the rest of the clique against the other. Seems right on brand.
My main problem with this season is I don’t really have a horse in the race. I haven’t really liked any of them, and I’ve just been waiting for each one to taste the end of karma’s boot.
In analysis, I can see the logic to reactions regarding Shanna to a degree. Shanna did play both sides, jumping back and forth. She and nysync clearly stated their plan was to keep C/C focused on T/M and vice versa, so that she and nsync could skate through. So what happened? I contend that the pre-veto meeting where Shanna told T/M she was removing Cynthia from the block, which put Todd as renom into the mix, was dashed when she removed Carson instead of Cynthia. That change right there, the lie right up to the ceremony, that’s what got Nsync on the block. There is no way she should have expected Miesha to follow through on her end of the deal, and put up Todd, when she changed the terms of the deal by removing the target instead of the place sitter.
The odd thing is this: Carson actually sticks by his brand no matter what move he makes… except if he were to renom Todrick (we can’t have nice things). If he goes ahead with the renom Shanna intent, he is following his play a clean game schtick and supporting his ride or die Cynthia in her anger toward Shanna. If he doesn’t renom Shanna he is showing his love peace forgiveness schtick.

another name

Here’s the problem.
Even with the exaggeration to the point of completely ridiculous that come out of Todrick/Meisha’s mouths, when it comes to Shanna there’s going to always be doubt in the housemate listening’s mind.
She did screw her week one alliance. She’s the one that outed them and their name. She didn’t vote with them. After the eviction, she and Nsync were in a bit of a worry / panic because her rat game cover was blown and it was going to take a lot of effort to get the two of them back into the middle with the other pairs aiming at each other.. Meanwhile, she has been obvious in the way she jumped back to the other side. She’s not been subtle enough. All of this has been way too out in the open.

The issue is going to be whether she can justify her moves without exaggerating. If she comes out in her usual mode of making everything sound worse than it was, now that people are communicating, that’s going to sink her even faster.
The modified float and rat game depends on other people never communicating.
As much as kernels of truth have been stretched like a taffy pull into whatever nonsense we hear on the feeds, it’s that kernel of truth that is screwing her game.
In order to survive the day, she’s going to have to own her own game, without trying to hatchet anyone, because now that everyone is talking, if she goes full hatchet job, she might as well pretend it’s a shovel and bury her game.

At this point ownership without whataboutism is what she should do, relying on Carson’s brand of peace love and blahblahblah.
I don’t know if she’ll be able to hold back from trying to whatabout, but that would be a REAL mistake.


I haven’t caught up on the day so maybe this is all a moot point – BUT — I can’t see Carson putting her up (if he’s staying true to his brand) b/c SHE was the one who saved him & lost her F2 partner in the process.

Only way I see them doing this is if TPTB are pushing it to happen –


AN – she has played both sides but her actions have been to protect CC & she wasn’t the first one to out Formation – (maybe the name but each of Teddi, Mirai & Cynthia told Miesha about that alliance first).

I remember thinking at the time Cynthia what the F are you doing – you just told her precisely who your alliance is. Mirai was in trouble so spilled – ditto for Teddi. By the time Shanna got up there everyone had shared with her what they said (& no doubt Kirk had filled her in so she knew the situation). She covered her *ss and while she probably shouldn’t have said “Formation” at that point she needed to push herself ahead of the other idiots who’d spilled all the intel except the name.

another name

Were her actions to protect C/C out of fealty to them? I’m still in the mindset that she likes them more, sure, but she only saved them to keep the two pairs going after each other. She clearly stated she wanted to keep Carson because she needed someone that could win comps and take out Miesha. In terms of game and strategy, I’m not saying that’s a bad move if done subtly and correctly. I am saying that i have a hard time attaching sentimentality to ‘landshark’ game strategy.


Please, someone tell me what I’ve missed. Why is Shanna by herself and Cynthia mad at her. What happened?


Okay – I caught up and UGH what a way to ruin the season. I’m so frigging annoyed by Cynthia right now I can’t. Who the F doesn’t realize that Shanna is the SOLE reason why both CC stayed in the house?

She hasn’t been perfect in this game & consistently has believed whatever Todrick tells her & is CHOOSING to ignore the ACTIONS of Shanna. Kirkpatrick kept CC off the block & REFUSED to keep Mirai regardless of how many arguments TM gave them – but no let’s ignore that. Let’s ignore how Miesha double-crossed Teddi but crucify Shanna for voting her out knowing her vote didn’t matter.

Let’s give Todrick a pass for saying crap about Carson & making him the top target in W1 . Let’s ignore Todrick claims for leaving Formation was b/c Cyn didn’t consult him about adding Teddi/Mirai or how he said Cynthia doesn’t deserve to even be here when all she does is cook & instead listen to the guy & his alpha female who’ve made CC the targets every week.

Let’s buy into this rhetoric that Shanna was the one who put the target on Carson & ignore the fact it’s Todrick in her HOH room 24/7 – sure Shanna was the one pulling Miesha’s strings. That’s why she saved him b/c he was her #1 target — Come on people WAKE UP!

Worse let’s ignore the fact Shanna could easily have kept noms the same with both her Kirk staying in the house & instead put her game on the line to make sure they both stayed but reward her by aligning with the 2 people who want to cut them & WILL if Miesha gets power next week. Hell, I bet Todrick would put them both OTB if he wins HOH – & if they cut Shanna I’ll applaud that action for their stupidity.

What an absolute clown show – if TPTB aren’t the ones pushing the buttons for what’s happening then Cynthia & Carson deserve their just desserts which is both following Shanna out the door & losing out on all the positive momentum they had gained. I love a good underdog storyline but I can’t deal with ignorance & hypocrisy!

Suffice to say I’m disappointed by today’s turn of events.


Today was uber annoying but then again I find most Celebrity BBs frustrating b/c they have so little of a grasp of how to play – – let alone the basics

We got robbed by Teddi’s early oust b/c she did know how to play & would’ve added some intrigue to the season but instead we’re left with Todrick & Shanna as the only ones who remotely understand the game.

Miesha: comp beast – very singularly driven. Forgives Todrick anything but targets others for similar actions. She had F2 with Todrick, Kirk (we saw how that worked out), & Todd (who is equally disposable). Her/Todrick F4s with Kirk/Shanna (null & void) and Todd/Lamar. Waits until she NEEDS something from you & then offers her safety (ex: Lamar last week). You’re either with her or you’re out & even if you want to be with her if you’re female – sorry you don’t belong.

Todd: somewhat knows the game but plays extremely emotionally if you do something minor even non-game related to him – that’s a reason for you to go next. Has a violent side that comes out if you question him about anything or take a stance he doesn’t like. If he wins HOH even knowing Miesha won’t take him F2 & Todrick is in front of him he STILL won’t put them OTB – it’ll be whichever of the 2 remaining from CC/Shanna remain that go OTB.

Lamar: literally has NO CLUE what the basics of BB are. It sure seems like his recent health battle impacted his memory. He does have good instincts (KNOWS Mei/Todr are the main targets) but he’s content to not push to win b/c he also knows he’s probably the safest in the house for at least a week or two.

Prior to this BS today CC targets were Miesha/Todd & Shanna’s was TM w/Todd as backup. Todd wants to take him to F3 (maybe F2). For the moment TM would target CC/Sh ahead of him & likely Todd too but things could shift this week if Todrick gets his way.

I can’t decide if he’s throwing comps or he’s physically too tall to win the BB style comps. We saw how quickly he answered those Q’s from Julie & was right on most so I think he’s purposely playing dumber than he is – – except about the BB game- that I think is real. He’s probably never watched a season before.

Cynthia: picks and chooses who/when she wants to get righteous. That she said Kirk was untrustworthy & bashing him (Todrick) proves how little she understands the nuances of BB. It’s okay for her to rat on someone but how dare anyone else have a conversation even when it’s to help/protect CC. And all this happening while Kirk was HOH & refused to backdoor Carson despite TM pushing for it.

Shanna can remove Carson from the block saving both CC but she’s a devil now – while Todrick who pushed for CC to go is forgiven because why? She likes him? She knows him? She’s playing the most hypocritical game in the house. She can’t win a comp, doesn’t actually play the game & just spouts about loyalty/integrity. Cynthia will be the goat someone drags to the end & she’ll inevitably cost Carson his game bc she derails so much of the right gameplay that Shanna would steer them in.

I watched how panicked she got last week OTB & how she was wanting votes to stay & it blew me away how self-righteous she acted. She honestly thinks she deserves to stay b/c she’s nice, cooks & is Carson’s BFF. There is no strategy, she can’t win comps, only wants to take out Miesha b/c she’s a beast & anyone who dares to play the game has to go (well except Todrick bc he’s her friend & said he wants to work with her). SAD – just sad.

Carson: He sometimes plays coy about his understanding of the game – albeit he doesn’t know it well. Carson is more concerned about staying true to his brand & being kind & when he explains it I get it. He’s decent at comps, has an impeccable social game, & is extremely kind/loyal. The problem is he either doesn’t see through the lies/manipulation or is “playing dumb” b/c he refuses to go low. Like Cynthia, he has this unwavering loyalty to Todrick who has trashed him but he refuses to bite.

He strikes me as much more intelligent than he’s acting though & I’m holding out hope he won’t backdoor Shanna to hand TM the game. He’s totally loyal to Cynthia but you can tell he sees through certain things like when she blew up at Todd. Yes, he backed her up (and it was wrong how Todd acted) but Carson wasn’t going to admonish her for going at him aggressively first b/c she’s his bestie.

So I remain hopeful he’ll recognize that backdooring Shanna after she saved him would be a bad look – either as a shady move or a bad game move.

Shanna: Everyone of the hamsters has done something shady except Carson & Chris Kattan at this point so while Shanna was playing the middle ground I’m not as hot at her as others. It’s extremely annoying to me that Todrick/Miesha/Cynthia/Todd & even Lamar are all burying her when NONE of them are innocent.

She made the biggest move in the house & TM are just pissed b/c she spoiled their plans. It’s not like Todrick wasn’t going to gun after Kirk next or Miesha after Shanna next so spare me the hypocrisy.

Sure, she probably made too many overt choices to ride that middle ground & maybe I missed her trashing Carson but I can’t recall that happening. I prefer to look at it like she knows Miesha has to go, that Carson is a threat to win so can’t stay forever (but prefers to play with him deeper into the game). Out of everyone in the house, she’s also been the most consistent about trying to work with every hamster to develop a rapport with them.

She seems to be the only one who totally sees through Todrick (although Lamar/Todd sort of do but mostly b/c Shanna/Kirk made them see it) so I think her goal was to get out Miesha this week, then Todd & then Todrick/Carson with the goal of going to F3 with Cyn/Lamar which would’ve been smart IMHO.

Todrick: It seems his previous relationships have helped him immensely b/c neither of CC wants to target him & no matter how many times he burns them/lies about them/targets them they simply excuse it & want to bring him back to work with them. He has the best understanding of BB, is a good manipulator having turned Miesha toward Carson & Kirk ahead of her previous (always FEMALE) targets.

He goes low brow a lot saying cruel things, playing victim & gets away with it. He talks quickly without allowing others to interject & never lets go of his agenda. He’ll sell you on how he’s been loyal to you after coming out of a room where he trashed you. Has audacity/balls in situations like where he tells Kirk how he supported his HOH ignoring the fact he came at him with at least 5 different reasons why Mirai should stay & Carson should be the target.

A shift may be occurring b/c this HOH made him recognize just how much CC still wants to work with him & how safe he would be if they stay (over say Lamar/Todd). He’s already started planting the seeds to Miesha who is opposed to it (just like she was about Carson/Kirk initially & we know how that worked out). The first time ANYONE has gotten through to him is Carson b/c that chat about “his brand” made Todrick realize if he wins HOH next week & puts up CC it will NOT go over well for him outside the house (little does he know that ship already sailed).

He’s also finally realizing he can’t beat Miesha so I think the above alignment (once he gets CC to shaft Shanna this week) works better for him. If he wins HOH don’t be surprised if Lamar/Todd become his targets next week so he can break them up. My guess is he’ll push Miesha oust soon (but won’t be the one to put her OTB) & will cut Carson shortly after believing he can go F3 with Cyn & one of Lamar/Todd – watch to see who he sidles up to first between that pair b/c that will be the tell.


As I noted up top I find it hard to fully invest in any Celebrity BB season b/c so few of them know the game. Most are only there for TV time/clout. It’s one thing to watch the wannabe youngsters on the main show vying to become influencers but at least a good portion of them know how to play BB.

I also find it hard to understand why TPTB wouldn’t want to keep the celebs who do know how to play in the house. We know they can shift the hamsters direction (it’s in the contract) via DR sessions so shifting to take out Teddi in week 1 put a damper on the season from the jump.

For Kirk to not even try to stay (or production not to have her put up Todd as originally planned) also reeked of something being off. And now they’re pushing this new “let’s cut Shanna narrative” with CC suddenly not worried about getting out Miesha who was their target since week 1.

Like I said – it smells fishy. — Fishy as in TPTB guaranteed Miesha/Todrick F2 in their contracts. Hey, maybe that’s why they were openly discussing who would vote for them as early as Week 1 (shrug).

All I know is if Carson shafts the person who just saved him the week after it will be hard to buy this wasn’t all scripted.

Hopefully POV isn’t a timed event where Shanna comes in last — rather see her win it now. In fact, I’d like to see her win POV as well as the next HOH just so Cynthia, Todrick etc have to sit down with her & explain THEIR ACTIONS! Not likely to happen but hey – I can put it into the universe and hope.

Game shows lover

Funny how chris k. Said he wants shanna, Carson, plus Miesha that put him up and sent
him home to be the final three. What is the reason the others four(Todrick, Todd, Lamar, cynthia) should not be in the final 3?
Todrick is smart, he saw the reason in Chris and when after him. He counted them out when there are still more games to play?
Good job Miesha and Todrick.
This is BIG BROTHER bye bye Chris k


Following up on the let’s dig a hole and bury Shanna narrative from Saturday…

It’s NOT surprising that Todrick would take this path he’s done it with everyone he wanted out. He did it to a lesser degree with Carson b/c he doesn’t do shady things. BUT let’s not forget he was saying “Carson is acting very different in here than how he used to be outside the house.” Carson was one of the people Todrick said “didn’t deserve/didn’t need” the money.

Todrick intimated Kirk is homophobic & was being a bully toward him. Um – Kirk was in a band with Lance Bass who is still his friend – so for Todrick to try to plant that idea with the public is so out of line & I’m quite frankly really disturbed by how easily he goes below the belt about non-game-related things.

The conversation in the bathroom where he went in HARD on Shanna saying among other things “she’s only famous for marrying famous people” again had nothing to do with the game & was cruel and unnecessary. More people know who she is than who you are buddy – most people only know who he is b/c he had most of the Cookout stay at his house after BB last year.

I get he’s playing the game but this is precisely what CC said they didn’t want to do in this game & is in poor taste.

Beyond this bullsh*t the two main issues I have are tied to hypocrisy and ignorance.

First of all Carson & Cynthia (more Cynthia) are attacking Shanna for playing the game & isolating her specifically. They had no issues when she was reporting to them what was going on with the other side of the house but now suddenly she’s the devil’s spawn for having the audacity to play Big Brother.

Personally, I think part of the reason Shanna didn’t share more things with them is b/c Cyn has no filter. When Kirk told them what was going in & kept them safe during his HOH she repaid him by going to Todrick saying Kirk couldn’t be trusted & was trashing him. Hello Cynthia – Todrick is trashing you too – you just don’t know it b/c you have never been privy to any game talk from him other than when he bullsh*ts you about wanting to work with you or is asking you if you’ll vote for him over Miesha. Wake the F up!

Weren’t CC the ones who saw through this before this week & were disgusted by them treating people & talking about them like that? But suddenly bc Shanna is emotional or “trying to defend herself” she must be a liar.

Um, hang on so when Teddi got emotional & had her say – that was okay with CC. When Cynthia got heated at Todd for suggesting something about her & HAD TO EXPLAIN herself that was also okay (and Shanna supported her). But Shanna being upset b/c the people she just saved from THE PEOPLE who are trashing her means she MUST be lying. I can’t.

They’re also ignoring how Miesha never bothered to speak to them about game until she was in danger. And they know Miesha has been negative toward virtually every female except Cynthia in the house.

Hopefully, Shanna wins POV – that would be the best-case scenario. I want to see it happen just to see how (or if) Miesha’s tone would shift then? How would Todrick dial back the things he said? Would they suddenly start trashing Todd or Lamar b/c Shanna was unavailable?

Beyond her safety, the most important thing is it would afford Shanna a chance to calmly walk CC through the audacity of what TM attempted to do. How it was a carbon copy of what they did to Kirk – trying to control his HOH saying he would be publicly attacked for taking out the lone Asian player instead of Carson.

She could reiterate what Todrick said & look CC in the eyes swearing on her kids that Todrick said Cynthia didn’t deserve to even be there bc all she does is cook & doesn’t play the game & what he’s said about Carson.

Remind them of what Miesha did to Teddi & how she ONLY spoke to them once she was in danger. Say was I playing the game – YES – but ask yourselves one simple question… They tried to get you to believe I was the one who wanted Carson gone but if that was the case then why did I take him off the block & risk having TM so angry at me for doing it? Is that remotely logical? You’re believing people who up until this week never talked game with you but I’ve said from the beginning she was my target so who was really being transparent? They had several meetings with Kirk trying to get him to switch the target from Mirai to you Carson – so how can you just buy this rhetoric that I wanted you out? Don’t you think if that’s what I wanted Kirk would’ve put you OTB or I would’ve left you OTB? How is that not obvious to you?

B/c she knows how TM rolls- she should say I’m sure Todrick trashed talked me & not just about the game b/c that’s his MO. Up until this week, you two played a really clean game. I can only imagine how Kirk feels sitting at home with you two letting TM & the guys trash talk him & me when he didn’t even try to campaign against you b/c he wanted our group to succeed & I risked my game to keep all 3 of us in the house.

If you don’t see that & are that easily duped by them then maybe I shouldn’t be working with you. B/c if my closest allies treat me as bad as my enemies & are so willing to throw me aside after last week then I’m F’d anyway. Just don’t kid yourself into believing you are the ones playing with loyalty & integrity.

Their plan was to use your HOH to do what they would’ve (take me out) & then next week when they won HOH put both of you on the block. So you tell me what you want to do but if we say we’re good then I don’t want to be questioned again about loyalty nor do I want to hear about integrity anymore b/c this is BB it’s a game.

To Cynthia, she needs to ask her if she knows who Dr. Will, Dan, Derrick, or Tiffany are. Assuming she knows at least one of them ask her — Can you imagine saying to them – b/c you talked to other people you are shady & can’t be trusted? The ONLY thing you should judge me on is my actions & last week my actions trump everything they’ve ever shown you. If I’m doing the same then the only actions I can judge you on is you were going to toss me aside the first chance you got – so you tell me what I should think!

Bit of a rant (sorry) but I’m super annoyed by the events of yesterday. I can’t believe Cynthia is that blinded by Todrick & if Shanna loses POV & they take her out then she needs to STFU about integrity & loyalty. She has ZERO CLUES on how to play Big Brother & this holier than thou sh*t is on my last nerve. She is literally punishing her ally for playing the game but accepting Todrick for not just playing the game but trashing people’s character. You tell me what is the more unacceptable action.

I’m also disappointed in Carson & how easily he buys whatever Todrick is selling – they are sitting in a room listening to him as he paints a negative picture of people’s characters & that doesn’t raise any alarm bells?

Is this completely being driven by Production or are they that gullible? Again – I can’t.

another name

I think the conclusion that Carson and Cynthia came to late last night is:
If Shanna plays and wins her third veto they’ll stay with Shanna.
If anyone else wins veto and uses it, buh bye Shanna.
As of earlier today, Carson told Miesha he’d take her off the block if he wins veto, then added as long as Miesha keeps Carson and Cynthia safe is she wins the next HOH.
He then told Cynthia he wouldn’t renom Todrick, and he’d follow through on his word to Miesha if he wins veto, but it would be just as good if Shanna won veto.