“I feel things now, you watched me grow a heart .. Defrosted it.. melted the ice”

POV: ? HOH Angela
POV Used ? Noms: ??

9:18am Lights on..

9:34am .. Sam and Angela are up.

9:49am Kaycee and Sam talking about how quiet it is now that Brett is gone. Sam mentions that JC won’t be up until at least 3.
Sam – maybe we’ll get a puppy now
Sam says Kaycee, tyler and Angela are the three that talk the least out of the entire cast.
Kaycee wonders if JC will still be “rambunctious”
Sam doesn’t think so.
kaycee – he has no one to really pick.. (Brett and Haleigh gone)
Sam – he’s going to pick on me now
Kaycee – he knows he can only pick on you so much.. he can whip haleigh’s hair, poke her mole ..
Sam – I’ll pick him up and give him a swirly.. his head will be in the toilet
Kaycee – he can pick Brett’s nipples you know do all this crazy sh1t..
Sam – JC, one time out in the pool whistled and clicked at me like I was a dog. I would have liked to have thrown him across the f*ing yard ..
Sam – but I love him I do.. I don’t know what to do to cheer him up he’s in a very low place.. if he gets sleep today maybe he’ll be better..

11:51am for the last couple hours it’s been random storied aka putting in jury vote time with Sam.

Angela spends most of the time in the HOH watching.

12:41pm Kaycee constructing the bun

12:43pm Angela and Tyler
Angela says she had the “dreaded appointment” last night
T – did you get red face
A – mmmmmhhhhmmmm
(talking about the showmance in the Diary rooM)

Tyler- the world knows.. they probably already knew before we even knew..
A – you’re probably right
T – it’s just a matter of time
T – it’s crazy.. is this real life..
Tyler- the most perfect girl in the entire world comes in and you expect me not to do anything
A – ohh hush
They bring up the only 2 people left in the house that knew about their showmance left yesterday.
Angela – I can’t get why Brett thought he could tear that apart.. how dumb are you
T – unless it was part of his plan to get me out.. maybe he was going to do the exact same thing to me just the opposite..
A – either way he was working with himself..
Angela says she talked to JC last night, “he just acted oblivious.. he didn’t really say anything.. he knows h’es going up and he knows he’s the pawn”
T – he’s so mad.. he’s so pissed.. (Mad that Tyler put him up)
A – you really think he’s that mad at you
T – he is so bad
A – I don’t know..
Angela says JC has been on the block 10 minutes total
T – and he almost lost his mind
Tyler – we just need to make sure kaycee doesn’t fine out
A – about us.. yeah.. i think she has an idea but isn’t sure
T – even if she did ..
Tyler doesn’t think it would jeopardize their final 3
T – Peanut
A – peanut
Tyler- Lifes good..
Angela – Life is good

They talk about Sam “cussing” about Angela during the double. Tyler again saying how bad it was he had to tell her to stop.. adds that moments after Sam left kaycee stomped in “lets f*ing go Let’s f*ing do this”
T – I’m like Okay this sin’t going to get aired..
Tyler is looking forward to seeing what the fans thought, “I want to watch the first few episode” (right away)

T – you’re the only person I remember when we first walked in
A – really.. awww..

Angela ays she feels like she knows so much about him yet they know so little about their day to day life.. “you don’t even know the world I live in.. I know you so well yet there;s so much .. I don’t know.. ”
A – usually when you are this close to someone you know everything about them there’s still so much you have no idea outside of this what my real life looks like outside of this house.

Tyler points out how that’s flipped with what normally happens. “usually you just know the basic outline.. ”
T – we got to know each other first then we get to know the details
Angela thinks that’s the better way because you don’t have all the day to day bullsh1t clogging you mind.

Angela – that’s what the problem is with LA.. all the extra bullshit. you never really know who people are because they are hiding behind a facade of their material things and all their other sh1t. Drives me nuts
T- and their status, what they do
A – all you have in this house is yourself
T – you can’t hide..
Angela- I’m not a robot any more.. I feel things now.. I was just numb to everything
A – I was indifferent to everything.. I don’t really care I never really had an opinion
T – I literally watched you change into that
Angela – you watched me grow a heart
T – I knew it was in there
A – Defrosted it.. melted the ice

2:03pm Sam and JC

Sam – I miss Rockstar today for some reason.. she was fun at least for me..
Sam – where are all the people in this house

JC leaves..

Sam talks to us about what she plans on cleaning in the house today. She won’t take a shower until after.

2:09pm Tyler tells us Angela’s hair smells like grape soda, “Tangela updates”

2:38pm Feeds cut to reruns.. nominations..
Feeds still down 4:38pm

6:26pm Still not back yet.

7pm Still nothing..

7:50pm The feeds are still show BB re-runs..

8:32pm Still blocked..

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Swaggy's Missing Brow

I’ve enjoy this early part of their courtship. Actually very nice for them since it eliminated the external influences. I can see this blossoming.

Good luck guys, you’re off to a good start.

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

I especially like that it didn’t start with sex, like 3 days after they met! (Swayleigh). And they control their flirting to simple complements and developing friendship, and not just horny (most other showmances). This one definitely has potential after B.B.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I do prefer the quiet, private approach myself.

I’m not really into the “Yo, Mr. D, I’m the guy who was tappin your daughter on live TV and talking about it to his bros. Here’s some flowers for Mrs. D” approach.


No they did not have sex but they both played the game nasty and I hope they lose.

Haleigh's Melanoma

I would be interested in how to play this game any more cleanly than they have. I’ve seen every season.


I totally respect your opinion but could you tell me how they played it nasty?

BB Fan

Big Brother is set up to be a dirty game Ronnie. Maybe you have never actually watched the show. Angela and Tyler are far from Nasty people and one of them will prob win.


lmao. I agree with you totally.

BB Fan

So true Namaste

Who said that!

Reality awaits them.

Jimmy Jam

LOL!!! You really are clueless. This is a reality TV forced showmance for ratings. Tyler is gay. Look at his Instagram page

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

You can hate all you want to; but at this point, Big Brother has a better track record for long term relationships outside the house than The Bachelor franchise.


The relationship does look forced and passionless.

who me?

I just hope they (Tyler and Angela) watch the episodes far enough for her to see him cuddling and handjobbing with Kaitly…lmao

Who said that!

That was just game.

BB Fan

Oh…..was he with Angela then? Must be awful to be filled with such nastiness!


Re: The Early part of their courtship

For those you that are enjoying the early part of Tyler’s and Angela’s courtship, I have some questions:

1. Did you also enjoy the early part of Paul and Christmas’s courtship last season?

2. Why are there more gay men on Tyler’s instagram than you can find at a Barbara Streisand concert?

3. How does Tyler manage to stay 100% aloof and detached from pretty girls like Hayleigh throwing themselves at him even while drunk? I honestly think a drunk girl has a better chance of seducing JC than Tyler.

4. How come the final two indications are that he will NOT take the love of his life even though he is totally smitten in these early stages…but intends to take Kaycee to final two? Do not worry about this last one. By the time it is down to final three… Production will have convinced him to take Angela. He won’t be thinking with his heart but looking at his wallet and imagining it SWELLING UP.

Boring week ahead

Ha ha and the funny thing is all there conversation are basic none of them are in depth or deep all basic. And she’s an average chick not fine or gorgeous even though guys are drooling in here for this basic chick, so you never know. But i don’t see them lasting outside on the real world just because of there different backgrounds and were they both seem to be headed in life. I just hope if KC has enough sense she’ll put Angela on the Block if she wins hoh next week!

BB Fan

Paul never liked Christmas. She was all over him. He called her a lonely older woman. LOL. And he came here to play BB so whatever move is his to make


It will be interesting to see who he takes if he has a choice between Angela and Quiet Ann. Oh, I mean Kaycee. I find it weird indeed that the love of his life is the ONLY one left in the house he doesn’t have a final 2 deal with. I also find it strange that Angela has a final 2 with absolutely no one. She seems to be perfectly happy to go to jury house or rather out on the stage at 3.

BB Fan

Why the thumbs down? People can’t just be happy for a young happy couple? How sad that you people are so jaded. 🙁


Jesus. This season first half wise started off so amazing to watch but I barely even care to read day to day feed recaps the last 3 weeks.

Fessi Has a Snoopy Lunchbox

I didn’t think there were any Hivers left?

Screw Showmances!

I know! It’s so boring. To be honest even the double eviction was a little boring. I use to like Tyler’s game but he doesn’t have any game since he hook up with Angela. Just suck face with Angela all day & say some of the stupidest crap to each other. This sucks! These 2 idiots have sucked the fun out of the house. I need JC to get HOH next (if he survives this week). So he can break up this showmance & the house. I would even take Sam staying and shaking up the house.

Crack That Peanut

The double eviction was boring? Maybe you should stick to Bubble Guppies, Paw Patrol and Shimmer and Shine.

Boring week ahead

I agree with you this is not the Bachelorette it’s big brother needs more plotting and scheming one of the whole points of this show. Why do you think they keep going back to jc talking to the cams cause it’s better for tv than that shit in the hoh room!

BB Fan

The end of the show is always a whole lot of sleeping because they have zero to do in that house. Don’t you people watch the show?

Is Tyler my daddy???



Exactly my sentiments. I am an old romantic but this is gag worthy. Something is off it feels so forced to me. Awwww

Little Hand Party

Uggh, all we have is Tangela pillow talk and Sam mentally plotting Saw torture sequences for every woman from this season.

Bring back Brett!

Is Tyler my daddy???

Smart money is on JC having a Meatball-style meltdown today when he actually goes on the block.

Rachel MadCow

Take your pick. Both Sam and jC are capable of spontaneous human combustion.


Only JC leaves a smaller amount of ashes……

Rachel MadCow

That was stong.

Botox Pelosi

The skill, loyalty and strategy of this alliance is really something special.

I loved Hayleigh’s line about Brett last night whem talking about going together to the Alabama and Texas A&M gane after the season ” Uninvited.”

This season rocks!

Eh eh

poor Brett 😉

Smitten Kitten

I think you mean “Brent”. 😉


She grew a heart???? (LOL) ..is that why she rolled her eyes when Sam saw her mom, dad and brother????
Is that why she always said sarcastic and snotty remarks about the other contestants that weren’t on ‘HER’ side.

Is Tyler my daddy???

Anyone else see a little bit of Estella in Angela? I know we are missing the Mrs. Havisham (maybe Sam??) I see Angela back-dooring Tyler and giving him a smirk on her GBM. Remember how much love Estella had in her heart for Pip and kept cutting his heart out at every turn.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

It could always be worse. She could be making sarcastic and snotty remarks about someone she doesn’t even know.

Is Tyler My Daddy

LOL. Point taken!!! But, isn’t that why we’re here??

BB Fan

Good one. LOL


Funny how you see Angela doing that but failed to miss Hay rolling her eyes and giving Angela and Sam nasty looks. Hay is very fake and mean. All of the house guests talk smack about each other. But for some reason Angela haters only see her.

Is Tyler My Daddy

No, I saw all that. Actually not one of the haters. Actually was more of a hey! Wouldn’t a good backdoor of Tyler by Angela liven the place up on Wednesday?

I actually really like the game Level 6 minus two played.

Hay, “You’re exquisite Julie!” “You got me KC.”


She only started the “sarcastic snotty comments” when people started talking about her first is she just supposed to take it and not get mad when people attack her verbally behind her back? Is she not allowed to say something in response?

Is Tyler My Daddy

The only one I thought she was truly mean girl to was Rachel. I totally misread that relationship.


That one I can agree with although in her defense she thought Rachel was lying but it was Bayleigh lying


Yeah that was weird. Still don’t understand that.

BB Fan

She still doesn’t know that she was lied to about Rachel


Yep Yup. Just look at President Trump. 100 vs 1 and Trump is still got them chasing their tail. People like the SJW JiveHive, want people to roll over and take their crap. Not Angela….lovin her.

Rocky's Mom

Everybody in that house has said something mean and nasty about the other houseguest not in their alliance! So stop saying it was one sided!!!


That’s because Sam is over the top bat shit crazy, and they all know it.

BB Fan

Oh…just like everyone else? God forbid she acts human. So jealous ;-))


PS; You don’t DO that if someone cries because they miss their family????

Eh eh

there, there, have a boxful of tissues

Tyler's Tatt

I guess it’s hate on Angela today! Geez…you don’t know her personally.

The Hive is Compost

They make a very cute couple.


They will get an Amazing Race invite


1) So sad Brett is gone because feeds are a snoozefest. Sam said that Kaycee, Tyler and Angela are the three that talk the least out of the entire cast. That’s the whole problem with the feeds now! ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz.

2) Still rooting for Tyler FTW, but don’t care to see L3 bashing Brett after his exit. You loved him when he gave you intel from the other side. No need to hate on him now. You evicted him. Goal accomplished. Now move on. Gloating is a bad look.


#2 Exactly!!


So they aren’t allowed to be happy that they beat Brett to the punch and flipped on him before he could flip on them?

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Part of the continued talk about Brett is a defense mechanism; they had to cut a friend (who was planning to cut them) so they talk about it to justify what they did.

The biggest part is pure boredom. Just look at the fed watchers, us here. We’re bored Scottiless, but we have the option of plenty of other distractions. They cannot watch a TV show, they cannot read a book, they cannot discuss current events since they have no clue what is happening outside of those walls, they can’t sing, hum or whistle.

I’m sure Tyler and Angela wouldn’t mind discussing and exploring their relationship, but they don’t seem intent on rushing that or putting on an intense show for the feed watchers.

They’ve got nothing else to distract them or talk about outside of the game…and right now there’s not a lot of game to play so they’ll discuss what game has been played.

This is the point in the (every) season, when few players are left and there’s little suspense, that BB needs to dramatically change the show format to make things more interesting.


They did what they could by keeping 7 people to the point there was only two and a half weeks left they just weren’t counting on there being a far superior and dominant alliance that there were only 1 person who wasn’t in there alliance (or their alliances allies) left at that point I laugh when people try to claim it’s only boring cause level 6 evicted the exciting players. If it was the other way around and the hive dominated and it was Fessy Bayleigh Hayleigh rockstar and Scottie left it would be just as boring.(and I’d argue that it would be even more boring than it is now because I believe level 6 is more enjoyable to watch than the hive. I believe the only thing enjoyable about the hive was the looks on their faces and how they acted after being blindsided week after week thanks to level 6)


scottie fessy and hayleigh all in the house right now would be pretty entertaining between fessy’s completely unjustified jealousy and the constant questioning of who flipped.

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

I was so happy this season to not have to watch all the girls spending HOURS doing their makeup, waxing their armpits, painting their nails, and constantly playing with their hair extensions. I think Fessy used more face masks than the girls did. Season 18 was the worst!

BB Fan

If the hive had stayed it would be BB19 all over again. Nothing but a nasty-fest


Brett brought that upon himself (with JC) –you don’t go to somebody in an alliance that you THINK is in a showmance and talk about putting her up!

The Hive is Compost

I can’t wait to see the jury house reaction to seeing Hayleigh arrive. The Hive reunion is complete.


This is cute, and it normally gets quiet at this stage of the game. There is only a couple weeks left. I think it’s sweet, but I think Angela is in for a rude awakening when she gets out. When she watches Tyler and Kaitlyn… THAT WAS CRINGEY… Then to find out how he is manipulating her to get Sam out instead of JC… Although he dabbles in some truth, he holds out on a lot of info… I am pretty damn sure he wants JC to send Angela packing. JC has said way worse about Angela than Brett, but he doesnt disclose that. I think loyalty is what Angela values most, and when shee sees how willing he was to let her go… She be like nah, go on home boy.

Right on!

Dear Kaycee, please break up the showmance! And yes, cheers more merlot please


Without Tyler’s terrific gameplay very early on, we would be at very different point today. All of L6+2 played a role, but Tyler deserves the win by miles.


Oh shut up Angela. No one cares.


Yeah ok. Do you understand what “no one means? Clearly you don’t.


I cannot stand Tangela. Get them out and bring Brett back. This is sickening to watch.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Ok, We’ll get right on that.

Who said that!

umm…ummm….why was Tyler lying to Angela last night by covering for JC and putting mostly everything on Brett?


Because 500k USD.

Who said that!

How does covering for JC help him win?It doesn’t really matter since Angela wasn’t really listening anyway.


This also goes against all those lamenting, “Tyler! Get your head in the game! Your puppy love is costing you half a million dollars!”

No. Tyler, if nothing else, is great at compartmentalizing, being very selective with his words, and stays true to his ultimate goal of winning the game. He will do what he feels gives him the best shot at 500k, not what his heart says to do.

That being said, he doesn’t realize how obvious the showmance is. The perception might hurt his game (hasn’t yet), but his ultimate decision will be money over relationship. 100%.


At 23 years old……


His best bet to win is taking his showmance to the end

Haleigh's Melanoma

Because the Earth might tilt off its axis and JC might actually win something and go after the girls which is something Tyler l doesn’t want to do himself.

Who said that!

He’s hoping.

Cray Cray6

Because Jc had brought up to Tyler a couple times that Brett was talking about putting Kaycee and Angela up and breaking up that girl duo. He made it sound like it was all Brett’s idea.

When Tyler told Kaycee and Angela about it a couple days ago and they said what is Brett thinking? Tyler said JC had gotten in his ear (about his paranoia) but he did tell them that.

I just don’t think Tyler really knows that it was all JCs idea that he put in Brett’s Head. Brett probably would’ve gotten there on his own anyway but prob not until final 4 without JC influencing him and talking non stop to Brett about how awful Angela was


I think Tyler absolutely knows JC did that. But he knows he can beat jc at anything. Since Brett allowed JC to influence him and Brett is the charmer. He had to let him go. But he for sure wants jc to stay since he feels he can beat him on all levels.

BB Fan

Brett was stupid to listen knowing that jc did that-to Faysal. I do feel for him having to mingle with the hive and dumb as a rock-star

Who said that!

BTW is Kaycee not concerned about a final 3 with a showmance?Does she have blind faith in Tyler and would she choose him in final 2?
Also who will Angela choose in final 2?


She does not know that there is a showmance and she is a very loyal person (until someone gives her a reason not to) plus even tho she knows there MIGHT be a showmance she is confident that she can win the last hoh

P.S. Tangela is the best showmance in the history of big brother and will be the first showmance to make final 2 together



BB Fan

How can KC not know about Tangela?


i think it’s a combination of factors of kaycee having strong relationships with tyler and angela individually and knowing that they’re gamers who will make the best game move rather than an emotional one. tyler in particular seems to believe angela is more valuable to him game-wise in the jury than in a final 2. angela may see things similarly (or kaycee think that). and there is some logic to it as it’s nice to have a guaranteed jury vote but kaycee is shrewdly, and probably accurately, counting on the other eight members in jury voting her way (look at the austwin alliance, liz knew austin and julia in jury was two votes in her favor (securing the other votes though… not so much)).


I hope we don’t have to watch Tyler and Angela doing this all the time now. It is nauseating! She has not grown a heart and is still full of herself and Tyler will continue to lie and use people to his advantage. Hope Kaycee sees them for what they are before she is blindsided.


As of now, looks like Tyler will have Angela setup for the fall at final 4 leaving him, KC, and JC. I suspect his true intention is KC taking him if she wins, him taking JC if he wins, and JC being incapable of winning 2 of 3 regardless.

I feel his F2 with KC is ultimately a one way street if she keeps winning. If not, he might be counting on his wins to carry him to 500k regardless of who he’s sitting next to.

Who said that!

In this scenario wouldn’t it be an epic blindside if Kaycee choose JC over Tyler.

My Take

It just may end up where Angela wins the final HOH and she picks Tyler. That will save Tyler from being disloyal to KC. So if Angela and Tyler final two…..Tyler wins!


Just as I predicted, JC has a bad taste in his mouth after Tyler put him on the block and sent Brett home on Tyler’s HoH. Tyler isn’t doing a good job at Jury management with his own alliance if he wants to win. Sure Angela is hated by The Hive in Jury BUT so is Tyler. When they had they Battle back everyone of the Hive interviewed said they hated Angela and Tyler equally. Screwing all of your Final 2’s isn’t going to help you win Tyler !!!!!


They hated Angela not so much Tyler they just viewed him as the biggest threat. I’d have to see the next jury house segment or maybe the jury house round table to know for sure but I don’t believe anyone in the hive hates him on a personal level like they do with Angela or did with Brett

Who said that!

I agree.

Butters Mom

Just watched a video of Brett after he was evicted and he’s pissed at Tyler. He plans to go ask Rockstar to be besties and slam Tyler and Angela as much as possible in the jury house. I think he’s bitter. lol


Where is this video?


They’ll have to pick one of them!

Jimmy Jam

Angela will get over Tyler when she finds out that he lives in his Mom’s basement, drives a 1996 Toyota Corolla, and make $30,000 a year as a lifeguard.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Oddly enough, the comes more closely to being an issue for Bayleigh; change it to drives his mom’s Corolla and lifeguard to babysitter and you’ve nailed it.


How exactly does he live in his moms basement? What does he do commute from rosford Ohio to Hilton Head everyday to go to work?

Tyler's Tatt

Tyler may be looking for a sugar momma. He can at least treat her to Hawaii.


You love the person for who they’re not materialistic things. Besides, tyler will have a lot of opportunities like modeling when he comes out of the show, girls drool over him. Also can tangela fans comes together & root for them to go on amazing race, I would love that!!!


Doesn’t even live in the same state as his mom.

And 500k goes a long way on top of 30k/yr lol. Especially if they pull a Amazing Race deal.

Jimmy Jelly

Fake news Jimmy Jam. Tyler lives in Hilton Head. Go back to CNN.

Scottie goingthe little house

Are you saying facts matter?

It’s True

And has $500,009 from BB!


He lives in Hilton Head and both of them will make a fortune modeling after this.

Elijah Clueless Cummings

Does Tyler tell JC that he will use the veto on JC and that they can then vote out Kaycee?

Roses Are red Hivers Are Blue

This is perfect for Tyler. if him, Sam or JC win the veto he can vote Kaycee out. What a game move that would be and he would still be able to compete in the next HOH.

Dumber Than a Box of Rockstars

You’re right. If a move on Kaycee is being made now is the chance.

Crack That Peanut

This could be the end of Kaycee if she does not win the veto.


Good grief…if someone is unhappy with Big Brother & they call it a “snoozefest”, I’m positive your TV channel can be changed. I like this season. It’s been a nice change compared to the last several. The fact that 2nd Place Paul isn’t on this season is enough reason to watch it!

who me?

Oh My God! 2 weeks of this BS? Kill me now!


No one is forcing you to keep watching. If you can’t appreciate the gameplay and straight domination from one of the top 5 alliances to ever play the game no one is forcing you to watch. It’s called change the channel

Tyler's Tatt

stop watching then


Go find a 10 year old and have them teach you how to use the TV remote so you can go watch another channel, maybe CNN.


I didn’t like last season. I stopped watching. I was happier.

I still came here though=)


I have gone back and forth in the beginning of one or both of Tangela were using each other. But to see the moods when they weren’t able to spend time together. Being cranky and not themselves. Then they get together and giggle and constantly having to hold hands or touch each other in some way. To me. That isn’t fake. They are completely giddy with each other most of the time. If you’re faking it. Your mood would be worse when together. Plus I can see being locked in a house with a person 24/7 and all the talking they do. It’s probabky very easy to fall for someone when you spend that much time together and truly get to know that person. I hope they can keep that same connection outside the house. They seem to care so much for each other. And none of the arguing or belittling like the other showmance. I wish them luck because they do seem to have a real connection.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

The thing about a compressed environment like they’re sharing is that they can go through the same stages of getting to know each other far quicker than couples in the real world; what happens in a 24/7 environment is no different than months of dating when you add the time up.

They’re good together and I’m sure they’ll work things out for themselves on their own time.

Who said that!

They’ve both been good at separating personal from game.Which makes me wonder why they wouldn’t take a shot at eachother.JC is the ideal person to have in final 3 which I thing was Tylers original plan before the feelings got involved.


Like Fez and Hay. FAKE!


Stockholm syndrome.

Haleigh's Purple Panties

Long live Sam. Goodbye my purple panty scented goddess. Good luck in jury. Now I’m pulling for the curb stomping robot. Long live Sam.


Well you have just a few days left to root for her since she will be gone in a couple of days Thursday at the latest

Crack That Peanut

Your girl Sam looked pretty good last night. She really is a pretty girl but she needs to learn to chill out.

Haleigh's Purple Panties

She usually looks smoking hot.

Haleigh's Melanoma

What’s wrong with Sam’s panties?

Jimmy Jam

stained with skidmarks

Haleigh's Purple Panties

Not a deal breaker.

Haleigh's Purple Panties

Her panties are fine, I’m just saving them for personal use lol.


Am I crazy for thinking Angela played the best game this season. Obviously you could probably make the same case for anyone in L6 but hear me out. First, She obviously has the comp wins so that’s a given. But all of her hohs (this one pending of course) have been a success. She successfully backdoored two big targets in bayliegh and fessy. Also she won the veto that she would use to set up a Brett eviction. I know that’s a lot of blood on her hands and that can be a bad thing but she owned all of her moves and didn’t try to hide or pin it on anyone else. Paul’s issue last year was he never owned his moves. Secondly, unlike Tyler who has finally 2s with basically everyone, angela really didn’t have any with anyone. I know now she’s probably riding with Tyler but that’s a big point to bring up if she were to be against Tyler in f2. Tyler would have to deal with breaking those deals where Angela would not. Next, Angela has been the biggest target out of anyone in L6, yet she’s still here in final 5. Yes obviously I know the hacker helped and what not but that’s a case she could make too, she was always the target compared to Tyler and kaycee who rarely had to worry. Finally, just little things about her game, she helped flip the votes to evict Kaitlyn and also had an absolutely fantastic read on the season. She nailed the jc/Brett duo on the head before Tyler even told her anything. Granted I know “jury mgt” will be her downfall but I honestly don’t think it’s been that bad. Rockstars GBM was just texting what rocks said about her That jury really just does not like her personally,she comes from money and doesn’t wear her emotions on her sleeves so the House think she’s entitled which is ridiculous. I know she’s said a few things her and there but I think it’s more a bitter jury then her jury mgt. I know maybe it’s a stretch to say she played the best game but like I said you could make a case for Tyler and kaycee too. I just hope Angela’s game isn’t undermined because what people think of her personally. I loved her gameplay and very rarely do we get it from a female. Definetly in the top 10 females ever to play the game for me. I know there is a slim to no chance of her winning I just want her to get respect as a player. But I’d be happy with either Tyler or kaycee as well. Great season!

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Very well thought out!

Haleigh's Melanoma

Very interesting. Angela defies the usual stereotypes and avoided the pitfalls that have traditionally plagued most female HG on BB.

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

That’s why everyone thinks she is a bitch. Plenty of people hated Big Meech because she cried non stop. Plenty of people loved Dr Will, Boogie, and Evel Dick because they were cold and cut throat. But when there is finally a girl who can take it just as well as she dishes it out, she is called and treated like a cold hearted bitch. Angela has remained strong, competitive, and unemotional, even when she knows others are calling her names, and suddenly people act like she is the only player that has been mean. She hasn’t gotten in anyone’s face and acted like a raving lunatic, like Bayleigh and Rockstar. The attacks on her have been absolutely personal. Bayleigh called her trash and a whore. Rockstar called her an entitled bitch not knowing a thing about Angela and her life. Both Fes and Scottie stood on live national TV and impugned her character. And the very few times she did get emotional, many thought she had no right because she called people names for how they played the game. I’ve seen her hug the other players, encourage them, listen to them, and even told Bayleigh that she really cared about her on a personal level (not just to her face but also in her GBM). Ohhh, but what a bitch right? How dare she play the game as stoically as any of the guys in the last 20 seasons. I don’t think I have heard her say anything worse than Kaycee has but I find it interesting how everyone loves her and think she deserves to win. Brett lied about Rockstar on live tv and sent her into a rage, but then it took, what 2 weeks, before she was kissing his ass and wanting to team up with him? What did Angela do to her that warranted so much hate? There were times that I cringed when Angela gave her speeches and GBMs and I didn’t always like some of the things she said but I do give her a lot of credit for playing the game just as well as many of the male players who have been so admired on this show. I wish people would just stop with the double standards and give her some credit where it is due.

Big brother fan

If Angela gets to final 2 she is without a doubt a top ten player in big brother history, maybe even top 5. Someone could argue that she is top 5, to your point above they would have strong argument considering how badass some of her moves have been in spite of having a target on her back and everyone hating her.

1. Getting out Bayleigh, Coming in fifth place on the knockout veto competition she convinced Tyler, and three other people!!!!!! Meaning she some how manipulated everyone to give her that veto so she could get all of the blood on her hands to take out the opposing sides leader being bayLeigh and everyone decide to listen to her and hand the veto over I mean when do you ever see someone get fifth place in the knockout competition win the veto!!!!! I mean honestly, that Move and her ability to persuade people to give her the veto when she got fifth place is unreal and is highly underrated and arguably one of the best moves of the season in order to gain all the power and get all the blood on her hands ensuring to get out Baliegh who controlled that whole other side of her house meaing foutee/hive is a ballsy move!!!! and she deserves all of the credit for that one. I mean coming in fifth place on the knockout veto competition she convinced Tyler and everyone to hand the veto over I mean when do you ever see someone get fifth place in that competition and some how they let you keep the veto. Like come on that is unreal. That is highly underrated move arguably one of the of the season in order to gain all the power and get all the blood on her hands to get out Bayleigh out.

2.Not to mention she went right after The opposing power couple Fes and Haleigh, got all the blood on her hands to get out one of the strongest physical competitors in Fes.

3. In my opinon, and To your point the move she made last night to use the veto to get blood on her hands to get Brett out was bad ass. Brett who was and is a phenomenal player who arguably could’ve won any other season in big brother and is in your alliance, but taking him out is bad ass it basically assures that her and Tyler made a historic move. She deserves credit for it. I’m not talking about this season, but in big brother history. The Brett backdoor in the double eviction Was in my opinion the greatest blindside in this shows 20 season history.

4. And to top it all off in the same night she wins one the more crucial HOH is in final five to take out JC and Sam. I know that only technically as of now she’s made the final four but in the case that she does make final two:

If she makes the final 2 I think she’s the greatest femal player ever Even if she gets second next to Tyler.

She deserves to be compared next to the lights of Danielle Reyes and Janelle Pierzina. Both of those women are all time legends/bad ass competitors who are not afraid to make bad ass moves like Angela and she is exemplified the comparative traits and the downright willingness to make big moves. In my opinion It will be kind of be a big brother tragedy if Angela gets second place similar to janelles two third place finishes and Danielle Reyes second place finish. I firmly believe there was a season were two people both deserve the final cash prize it is Angela and Tyler; both of them deserve the 500,000. If they both make the final 2 they are the greatest big brother power couple of all time. In spite of how you may feel about them personally, that his a huge big brother milestone.

But to Angela’s credit she is one bad ass player, that’s why I think you could legitimately say she
might be top five ever. Yea it might sound crazy, but damn she can play and isn’t afraid to make the best moves of the season or in these cases maybe the history of the show.


IMO the two best blindsides in Bb history is marcellous (prob spelled his name wrong) when he didn’t use the veto on himself and got evicted and dan taking out Shane

Who said that!

You’re crazy.But only because you’d have to ignore Tyler’s game play all season,but if she backdoored him,you’d be right.


Yeah I’m not trying to discredit Tyler at all he played a phenomenal game as well. I guess im trying to say is if Angela made it to final two I think she could make a strong case to win and I wish the jury wasn’t so against her(again I know that’s partially her fault but also a bitter jury) Because it would be awesome to see Angela/Tyler or Angela/kaycee duel it out in questions from jury in final two and have the jury really deliberate. Because all three are deserving to win and I wish it wasn’t a given Angela will lose no matter because she has a strong case to win but the jury won’t look passed her “entitleness”

Big brother fan

Trust me this is a situation where if Tyler and Angela make the final 2. We are going to have two players in Tyler and Angela that are top ten and maybe both top five players ever in the history of big brother. Both of them deserve the money because you got a look at it from this perspective they would be greatest duo ever- far superior Than the hitman bc both players were stronger than Derrick and Cody and were willing to make big ballsy big brother moves with getting all of the blood of the entire season to be pinned on them and owning their moves which exerts Traits and is cornerstone of the two greatest big brother players ever as in Dan and Dr. Will. Which is why both of them make the final two you can make the argument That both are two of the five greatest big brother players ever. Because they’re would be by far the greatest duo to ever play this game and similar to Dan and Dr. Will is the fact that they were both successful and I have a chance at being in the final two together. Take this for example if you combine both players (Angela and Tyler) the times they’ve been nominated in spite of how much blood theyve shed obviously they hav the most blood in the season to get to where they are now and making the biggest moves of the season they’ve only been nominated both combined two times!!!!! Yes two times !!!! Angela and Tyler have only been nominated once this season as result of the hacker twist. That is why they are the greatest duo ever and when it comes to the hitman; they blow Cody and Derrick out of the water. Because unlike those two both Angela and Tyler shedded a river of blood and they were never hardly nominated and got the biggest challengers out of the season: it’s not that crazy.

If Tyler wins he’s the third greatest player ever.

I think if Angela gets even second place because she loses to Tyler she could be number 5 or 6 all-time

Think about that it’s not that crazy.


Agreed Bb20

Fes mom

She is not a top10. All she did was spend the whole summer screwing some guy in the HOH bedroom. She is still an entitled B* and she wont ever come close to the 500g because I expect my boy to deliver kick-ass speech about her on the finale.

Big brother fan

Hey she took out your boy Fes, who was getting it in months before with Haleigh. I mean at least be consistent and not bitter at the fact that she has made arguably biggest moves of the season, and at that was only nominated once.

BB Fan

The only B is you. Make Fes proud mom.


Remember in the beginning of the season when we didn’t have very many comments?

On another note, will they shut down feeds at some point during this accelerated week?

Swaggy's Missing Brow

About those comments at the beginning of the season…

…earlier today I went back and reread some of those threads. It was quite entertaining and I recommend it.

For instance, in just a few weeks Angela has morphed from a piece of furniture, to a racist piece of furniture, to a vile Ice Queen, to an Ice Queen with a mustache, to that b(*^h who can no way win unless of course she’s next to that idiot who is playing for 2nd place.

Kaycee went from a piece of furniture, to a lackluster floater, to the amazing general peanut, or for the Hive fans…”she who cannot be beat”.

Tyler’s still pretty much Tyler, and throughout the season we’ve been treated to various reasons why on that given day he just blew up his game and cannot recover to the current refrain that he cannot win, why their romance isn’t real, etc, etc, etc.

Oddly enough, none of the three of them have appeared to pay attention to the expectations and predictions of the perpetually angry.

BB Fan

Nor should they pay attention Swaggy to a bunch of unhappy haters.

Big brother fan

Personally feelings aside of how you feel about him, from a game perspective. No doubt I think if Tyler ends winning this season he is without a doubt the third greatest big brother player of all time. I would honestly put him in front of Derrick and right behind Dan and Will.

The reason why I think Tyler is number 3 in front of Derrick and similar to Dan and Will is like both of those two (Dan and Will), they were straight up savages when it came to making moves regardless of how people reacted or how much blood they were going to get. Had it not been for the hacker twist he still wouldn’t have been nominated all season. Unlike Derricks season who people never bring up, that he never had any challenges unlike Dan, Will, and Tyler. And Derrick never had Balls to make enormous moves in front of the face of the whole house and getting all of the blood on his hands. Which is why I think Tyler is a better compliment to Will and Dan, I’m not saying Tyler is better than Dan or will I just think hes greatest compliment with them that is if he wins this season of big brother.

Because has had a hard road with their being a large alliance that started with foutee. Yes I get that foutee/hive has their own personal/game problems, but as we all know big brother is a numbers game, and had he not convinced Kaitlyn to take a major competitor in swaggy out ..that huge alliance could have stuck together made it to the end. Point being is that Derrick never had a threat in big brother 16 because he only really had to deal with maybe Donny and Nicole. Only person who caught on was when Nicole said Derrick was comparable to Dan she said that as compliment because she likes Derrick as a person. Then she was gone that same week bc Derrick whole alliance was there to take her out by herself. Derrick was never willing to get a mass amount of blood on his hands.

Ever since Tyler got called out at that house meeting where Haleigh and really bayLeigh put him on blast there was still a good 4-5 people left on that side (4/5 depending on your point of view when he got outed bc bayLeigh was out the door that week as a backdoor even during that house meeting).

Point being is that I think I’m order to be a big brother all time great you have to be a straight up savage when it comes to making big moves regardless of how much blood you get on your hands. Dan and Will had that quality, hell even Angela has that quality which why I think even if she finishes second she is a top ten player all time. I swear if Tyler wins big brother he should be the third greatest player ever only behind Dan and Will. In spite of how he and Angela have done it this season, if they both get second and first they are without a doubt the 10 greatest players ever arguably both of them top 5. I got to give them credit.

Who said that!

Hope he can point all that out to the jury.


Dan? Really? The funeral was the most dumbest thing I have ever seen. Yuck! Speaking of production puppets, I am pretty sure he had a book written before going on a second time…. He joins paul’s ranks to me.


Dan’s funeral was EPIC !!!

BB Fan

Def in front of Derrick


I wonder how Hilton Head is faring against Florence



Even though parts of North Carolina are getting hammered by Hurricane Florence, people on Hilton Head Island are soaking up some sun.

People were out in their bathing suits and lounging in their beach chairs Friday on Coligny Beach.

According to the latest forecast, our parts of the Lowcountry could see minimal effects from Hurricane Florence, which is good news, but if you plan on going to the beach on Hilton Head Island, those with Shore Beach Services say you still need to be careful.

We’re not out of the woods just yet and we could possibly see some strong rip currents along the shore. Lifeguards on Hilton Head say they’re not prohibiting swimmers from the water, but you should use caution.


Will the feeds be back before the next eviction or will they be down till then?


It’s down for the Bebe performance it will probably be back before the eviction but will go down before the eviction and stay off till Wednesday after the eviction airs

Butters Mom

I wonder if they are getting to see a concert that Julie mentioned they would be seeing this weekend?

Timmy the Jimmy Tedeski

Yea, it might be that concert from what Julie said would air Sunday. Having it tonight will give editing time to put it in for Sunday’s show along with the HOH comp, noms and any other key happens. (if any)

Is Tyler My Daddy

That just hit me!

JC’s Tikitiki

Ang put JC & Sam otb…. target is Sam this week, JC next week

JC is Spinning Already

JC talking about Angela being ungrateful bc he is on the block is the most backwards shit I have ever heard.

1) Angela knows you and Brett were trying to take her out last week.

2) You have not won a single thing all summer long. So outside of when you completely got in Fes’ head and got Fes to take out Scottie (which was amazing btw) Besides voting with that side of the house What have you done? And you weren’t voting with Angela. You were voting pretty much with Tyler

3). It’s not like Angela won her first HOH and put you up. It’s down to the final 5 and her third HOH before she considered putting you on the block and you are STILL the pawn.

Can’t wait to see if Tyler wins the veto and tells JC he’s staying on the block but I think Tyler will do his best to make sure Kaycee or Angela win it.

JC better be very careful here if he doesn’t win the veto himself. He could very easily talk himself into the jury this week He’s already spiraling out of control and he knew he was going on the block.

Boring week ahead

I agree but some ppl love watching this bachelorette crap that’s why im laughing at all the ppl telling us to turn the channel when we came to watch plotting and scheming and making moves so you can win this 500K. not sitting in bed playing kissy-face with this basic chick screwing up his game. And i keep watching because i hope somewhere in jc or kc brain they know they have to get rid of Angela in the next HOH if either of the 2 can pull it off to have a chance at final 2 with tyler


I am still at a loss here. WTH would they get Sam out before JC? I don’t get it. Going out 4/5th really makes no difference. I would love for Tyler/Kaycee give their vote to keep the other and have Angela vote out JC, saying she has heard all the things he has said about her, so you have to go. At least we will have 3 days to watch JC lose his mind being on the block. If they want to keep JC then I would also love to see Tyler/Angela win POV take sam off and put Kaycee up and vote her out. How can they not see that Kaycee will win the game over anyone. I think Tyler has played a great game from the start and deserves the win personally, BUT, he didn’t do great jury management where as Kaycee did. Everyone went out still liking her, so, I don’t think it will matter who she is beside, she will win. For Tyler to win ‘IF’ he is in F2 he would have to be sitting beside Angela, everyone in the hive hates her for some reason. I don’t know why rocky hated Angela so much, she was calling her names and making accusations about her before she even had a conversation with her, I think rocky is just a negative hateful person in general, she made ignorant comments about almost everyone in the house. I would love to know what Angela said/did to make rocky attack the way she did from within the first couple of days they entered the house. Maybe it was just jealousy from the start because nothing rocky said about her was game related, all personal attacks. I do feel bad for Brett, having to sit in jury with rocky, maybe he can just avoid her..LOL. Still hoping that Scottie/haleigh will be able to talk to the hive about voting for the best player and not just against the person you hate the least. I doubt they will be able to change rockys opinion but maybe they can get through to the others to not vote with hate and not allow rockys negativity get to them.