Corey – “What I thought going into this week is me and America, Cam backdoor.” **Updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jared
Nominees: ??
POV Players: ??????
POV Winner: ?
Veto Ceremony: ?
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The situation Nominations look like they are going to be America and Corey.

10:25 am Bowie and Cirie
Bowie is saying Cameron is starting sh1t again. “He’s trying to use me”
Bowie goes on about not trusting or being close to Cameron.
They talk about Felicia still being cool with Cirie after the vote. Both Like Matt a lot. “I trust Matt a lot”
Bowie says she trust jared.
Cirie – I trust him so far completely.. never heard anything he shared that I shared.
Bowie – that’s the same with me and Him.
Cirie says everyone was saying Bowie was with Cameron now.
Cirie says she doesn’t care if she makes it to Jury or not like the rest of them.

10:44 am MEME, America and Corey. Chit chat about the food situation.
Corey – yesterday was a daze..
America says when he was up stairs battling her and MEME were downstairs talking about their curls.

10:45 am Matt and Bowie
Matt tells her he thinks the plan is nominating two of America, Corey, Jag and Backdoor Cameron.

10:54 am Blue and Jag
Jag tells her Bowie felt burned with how the red vote went down.
Jag points out a Jag, MAtt and Blue with Jared, Cirie and Felicia is a six. He thinks a Matt, Jag,Blue group makes more sense than a Jag, Matt America group.
Blue says she feels solid with MAtt and Jag “No questions asked”
Jag – Me, you and Matt.. My god..
Blue claims she’s not telling Jared anything anymore and she’s retrusting Jag.

11:27 am Jared and Matt
Jared tells him he’s not nominating Jag. He’s counting on Matt and Blue to keep him under control.
Jared says tell everyone outside of the six that the six alliance is no more.

11:28 am Jag and Jared
Jared says he’s not targeting Jag and he trusts Jag isn’t targeting him. He adds that himself, Matt and Jag can keep each other safe then AMtt and Jag have nothing to worry about this week . “Is that something you can lock in with?”
Jag – absolutely
Jared – I promise you bro I am not after you I will never be after you if that changes I will come to you and tell you what is going on.
Jared – if you hear some sh1t let me know
Jared proposes they create a new alliance with the 6. “if we were to do this we need to let everyone outside of it know we are not doing it anymore”
Jared – it’s the only way we can dodge that bullet. THe moment people see us together they will be like OH well they are doing that
Jared says he really wants Cameron to go this week but he’s fine with any of Cameron, America, COrey.

They hug it out
Jared – COrey can come next I’m about to chop his a$$ up
They end up sitting down and talking more.
Jared says he wanted to “COOK” Corey more during the have not blow up but he thought “F*** it it’s not that deep, I’m going to save it for this right here”
Jared – as far as Cameron goes there is no more beating around the bush with Cameron he knows what is going on.
Jared wants to make sure Cameron knows he needs to play in that veto.
Jag says if Cam win the veto America or Corey are going home.

11:50 am Corey and Jared
Jared says Corey never accomplished what he was going for yesterday.
JAred – Regardless of what happens I’ll still f*** with you regardless outside of here.
Jared – I don’t give a shit about this game after this game.
Corey – you know I’m on the same page as you.
Corey – There’s a very short list of people that can go on the block right now. I don’t know who’s going up or if you are sharing that information. Does anybody know?
Jared – I think it’s pretty obvious at this point. Regardless of all that bullshit that happened yesterday I couldn’t care less.
Jared says all he needed to know from their argument/blow up yesterday was to find out who is voting for IZZY and he accomplished that. (LOL)
Jared – Cameron is the target for me no matter what but I think it’s pretty obvious what is going to happen.
Corey – what I thought going into this week is me and America, Cam backdoor.
Jared – mmmmhmmmm i’m just saying yeah.. I don’t know…..
Corey – I just want you to know I went hard on you yesterday I felt I had to because you were coming hard at me it got pretty heated and that sucked. Obviously you and I on whatever level connect and this entire game the first 4 weeks my plan was 100% go to the final 2 with you.
Jared – Yeah
Corey – then you know sh1t happens that’s how the game is and I just wish it didn’t happen that way putting aside every once of it you winning last night was bad a$$.
Jared – Appreciate it BRO
Corey – when I saw that competition I was like F*** jared’s winning this sh1t
Jared says what went down yesterday showed him that he can’t trust Corey in this game. “Even I am smart enough to know that”
Corey says he knows no bridge it full burnt.
Corey says if he survives this week a lot of it will have to do with Jared.

12:01 pm Felicia and Jared
Jared says he’s going to chop Cameron’s a$$ up

12:12 pm Jag covering his ass with Cirie
Jag being Jag.
Jag – Things weren’t adding up completely with what Corey was saying entirely (Ohh good grief)

12:13 pm Jared and America
Jared – last Time I talked to you you said you were keeping Izzy to some capacity there’s no trust ehre.
Jared – Cameron is my target 1000% percent Cameron’s only chance staying in this house is getting picked for Veto..
Jared – What Corey did to me yesterday was very distasteful for me.
America – people lie everybody lies.
Jared says they are not allowed to tell people if they are a nomination. Regardless of what happens “I’m going after Cameron it is that simple”

America – it stresses me out that it will be me and Corey ON Thursday
Jared says the only way that happens is if Cameron wins Veto.
Jared says he’s had a final 2 with Corey since “Family style”
America – Ohh okay
JAred – that is why Corey I don’t get why you doing all this Bro cause you and I had a conversation in the beginning of all this.
Jared – Bro.. when Hisam was coming after you I told oui HIsam is coming after you when we did this whole bullshit family style I pulled you out of it and told him BRO we’re at the bottom of all this sh1t
Jared says him and Corey’s final 2 was called ‘Skeazy and POO”
Jared – Cameron is my target this week. He doesn’t want to talk to me because I’ll chop him up

12:27 pm Bowie and Jared
Jared – Corey and America and I’m praying I can get Cameron out.
Jared says the only reason he’s telling her this is because he wants to work with her and take her opinions into consideration of his plans. “that’s the only way we can be teammates and that’s that.”
Jared – I’m in a rebuilding phase with who I can and Can’t trust. Corey I did trust Corey and he should me why I cannot.
Bowie says she voted Izzy out because IZzy wasn’t very nice to her.

12:33 pm Cameron and JAred
Jared – Ca, my boy.. you did me dirty BRO
Cameron – I feel like you were going to and have done me dirty
Jared – I haven’t … um… yeah… you know about the Red situation.
Cam – first off Great job. Not one person expected you to do that.. (LOL)
Jared – yeah I know.. I know that I felt that.
Cam – you should have
Cam – I feel like I lost my third friend this week and I know you are a sharp dude I’ve been lined up this entire time over and over…
Cam – I’m tired of all this.. It’s hard and it hurts.. I thought you and I were close and yesterday i thought that was all a lie.. like you don’t like me and you don’t give a shit.
Cam – What were you going to do whenever you vote Felicia out? What were you going to say to me?
Jared – just simply BRAW I thought this is where the house was going to go and that’s what it is.
Jared – Everyone was upset you were calling them dumb a$$es So I knew Yeah Cam is rubbing people the wrong way
Cam – I didn’t call them dumbasses you know what I meant.. Ohh know I rub people the wrong way I’m already the a$4hole.
Cam – whatever happened yesterday created a whole new game we can think for ourselves

12:57 pm America and Matt
America says she’ll pick Blue.
Matt – I’m going to let Corey know if he wants to pick me he can.
They move into the Scary room where they are joined by Blue.
America says there’s a good chance it her and Corey on the block.
America – If I got houseguest choice I want to pick you (Blue)
Blu e- Yes of course
America – I want to start working together with both of you. we’ve sorta started to..

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dang, looks like jared’s realizing he should target america/corey.

Game show lover

I am glad he is going after cory and America, I don’t care what you all has to say because I have been on this site long enough to know what audience are here from previous posts. Cam needs to win the POV and cory leaves next Thursday.


What are you implying that the audience here loves narcissistic egocentric men like Jared and Cam and root against actually decent players AND humans like Cory and America? Cause if those are the kind of posts you’re implying to they’re thankfully far in between and show nothing but how bad some of the fandom are for supporting those behaviors as they are most likely the same irl. Nothing to be proud of.

Stop ON

11:27 am Jared and Matt
“Jared says [to Matt] tell everyone outside of the six that the six alliance is no more.”



Stop ON

“Jared – I promise you bro [to JARED] I am not after you I will never be after you if that changes I will come to you and tell you what is going on”

Carlito's Way

I feel you rage pain.

Carlito's Way

What I meant to say is I feel your rage pain. Haha

Ghost of Jared’s IQ

They should have an all star season of sorts this winter, since they have no new shows to air to our knowledge, where they get all of the complete @holes from the game throughout the years and pit them against each other! I hope that Jackson Michie wins!

Backseat Driver

I’ve watched BB for several years and never have there been this many knuckleheads in the house.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

I agree, I’ve been watching BB since 2000, the houseguests this season are horrible !

Just The Truth

Matt, Jag, America, Cam, and Corey are the only remaining houseguests I would want to win this season.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

I agree with you, minus 2 names. I’d like to see America, Cam or Corey win.

Just my opinion, I don’t think Matt or Jag have really had any game play, they are floaters.

un autre nom

For the fifth time this season Jared says the d/r were pushing America nom. This time with Cory. Last time with Red.


Fixed much lolz


Meme telling Felicia she don’t trust Jared and Cirie come on!! Let’s gooo

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Give me a break, now Bowie is talking crap about Cam to Cirie ? Bowie told Cirie, Cam is talking Shit, trying to use me again. Bowie wants to make sure she floats her way to the Jury house, her goal was to be in the Jury house, what happened to wanting to win?

Who the heck plays BB, and all they want is to make it to Jury ?, Bowie Sucks.

#1: I’m praying Cam wins the Veto this week, stays for the Double Eviction.

#2: Cam wins HOH during the Double Eviction.

#3: Cam puts Cirie & Jared on the Block, wonder if Jared starts crying ???.

#4: Cam wins the Veto in the double eviction.

I’d love to hear Cam tell Jared, Bro, it’s time for you to go meet Julie. Don’t worry, Cirie & Felicia will be joining you soon in Jury, because we all know they will not be winning any HOH competitions. Later Bro, step your butt out the door, tell Julie I said hi. Later Braw !!!

Cam can also tell Jared, while you are in Jury, with no TV just Videos, pickup a book, read, learn how to hold a conversation without using profanity, or saying Bro or Braw, after every comment, stop using Bro as a filler word, try to sound like you are somewhat educated.

I know this is wishful thinking, but I’d rather see Cam or America win BB 25 over all of these people in the house.

Rubber Ducky For The Win

Right now, if there is an America’s Favorite Player, Cameron gets all my votes.

The Beef

Okay, somebody correct me if I’m wrong, but according to my math, with a 7 person jury and 2 finalists, that means only 9 players will be in jury or a finalist, right? So, there are currently 11 players still in the game, so won’t both players evicted next Thursday fail to make jury? If Cam does in fact survive the first eviction, win HOH and manage to evict Cirie or Jared, won’t that evicted person be going home, and not to jury, or am I missing something?


No you are correct so let’s hope Jarat gets evicted in the double and has to go home and mom gets sent to jury lol ?

Spot ON

” Bowie Sucks”
Don’t know about that, but she’s been a LOUSY player. Same for “MEME”.
What the hell do they do? Hardly ever read about them here, and they get no airtime on TV.
But I’m with you with CAM. He’s been the only one willing to make something happen for himself while the others pathetically stand along the sidelines hoping others make a play. PATHETIC.

Backseat Driver

I like your plan……


Only chance Cameron has is to actually get drawn for veto, then has to win it. This week is a waste, and although I don’t care for Cameron that much, it seems like he’s the only one who has the balls to play.
Best scenario I see, he gets drawn, wins veto, takes down America, Jared puts up Jag as replacement….. Then the fun would begin. And we could probably see Jag go. I used to like Jag, but this week he’s lost all with me.
‘I’ll keep my eye out for the veto draw, that’s the only thing that could possibly turn this week interesting…

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Since Jag went running back to Cirie, and he is kissing up to Jared, does this mean Jag and Matt both feel that they can trust Cirie and Jared again ?

Remember how Jag said Cirie is in with everyone, she has a hand in everything going on in this house. Did he forget that, did he also forget he said the Alliance of 7 was a lie ?

Now he wants to have an Alliance of 6, meaning Jag, Matt and Blue will beat the bottom, I wonder why Jag thought he’d be good at BB. He Sucks, he’s very naive, can’t read people.


While I can’t help but root for America who sees through all the crap, I hope cam gets picked and pulls her down. Then one of them wins hoh for the DE! If I were America, since I’m sure she will be everyone’s next target I would pick Cam to play for me in veto!! That would be exciting tv!!!!!!! I want Mom/son on the block together more than anything!!


Awe. Jared thinks he’s a thug. Choppin butts and takin names bro. Mommy needs to remind him to play nice and do what she says.and that his stupid is showing

Spot ON


Backseat Driver

Who do you think raised this a$$hole?


I don’t think America should pick Blue if she gets houseguest choice. I don’t think she would save her. She should pick Cameron. Please can someone hide those stupid scarfs Jared is wearing does he know how bad they look?

Spot ON

If she is smart she would pick CAM. I agree.


But they make him look like a gang member. And he is definitely part of a gang in that house. Vice prez bro

The Beef

I gotta say, Jag has got to be the dumbest most simple minded person that has ever played Big Brother in the history of the show! Not only is he the biggest chicken sh@t I have ever seen play the game, as witnessed by his constant running back to people who have backstabbed him time and time again, begging them to “work with him”, when they clearly have no intention of doing so, but he’s so damn gullible he seems to believe them when they say “Oh yeah, that’s a great idea! Let’s get the band back together just like we did two weeks ago when we voted you out 10-0, and make another run!” and he thinks that’s a good thing!

In the immortal words of Foghorn Leghorn “That boy’s about as sharp as a bowling ball”!

Spot ON

” [JAG] running back to people who have backstabbed him time and time again, begging them to “work with him”, when they clearly have no intention of doing so”
What I think he says is: “I just want to make sure we’re solid. I got your back”. LOL
What I’ve been wondering about is what the hell is he saying in jibberish every now and then.


watching Cirie,Jared, Blue and Matt in HOH room,had to shut it off cause i puked in my mouth a little.

Mean Jean

Okay Corey and crew orchestrated the Big move and evicted The Izz. So what was the plan moving forward? Was it one of them win HOH. Well that didn’t happen. I’m enjoying them all try to get a plan together now.

Not Jasons Holly

If they would have stuck together and didn’t throw the wall comp, they could have put two more of Cirie & Friends. They would have kept the numbers. Even if there was a renom, just keep it from their side. Still have the numbers. Nothing to be afraid of at that point.

Jared’s greasy durag

Ugh ….. can’t stand Jared’s narcissistic ass


Same he talks so superior and trashy if a white personality talked that way it would be a big deal his mouth is so vulgar he gets away with calling America a retard no one else would of


I honestly believe that this Jarat gets a pass because of the script that is in play……


I’m still on the wall…. Every single one of them knew that their game would be in jeopardy if Jared won…. Not a dang one even tried! Was there a deal that was made prior? Something had to happen for them to drop like idiot flies.

The Beef

They’re all busy scurrying around trying to work their way back to “the middle”, where they think it’s safe. I also believe some of them are so afraid of becoming HOH (Matt, Bowie, Cory and possibly even America and Jag), that they would rather risk the chance of Jared putting them or one of their so called “allies” OTB, rather than step up and take the reigns and actually do something in there.

It just proves the classic line “With friends like that, who needs enemies” is so very true.

BB since say 1

I swear Jag nodded to Matt just before he jumped off @6:34 ( this may be central time) so what is going on?


If America gets houseguest choice she needs to pick Cam. If she doesn’t and Cam goes home how many of you guys are going to continue watching? This is turning into BS as there is NO WAY Jared should have won HOH. It will be #boycottbb


I like this season because there’s no one player I want to win. So I can sit back and watch the chaos unfold. Cirie is playing a really strong game as well as Cam. America was just getting started last week and if she survives(I hope she doesn’t and I hope Jared and Cirie realize it is her that dragged their names through the mud) this week she will definitely be entertaining. Matt and Meme are A class floaters everyone sees them as a number, not a threat and no one want to put them on the block. I feel bad for Corey because he was also a great floater until America got into his head and made him an act her plan, she got him to not only vote out a huge ally but she also got him to show his cards(we’ve all been there haha). Jag was promising but he doesn’t understand that laying low and seeming weak is his best chances of staying in the house. The Felicia is this seasons wild card.


Does anyone else think they only put in the chips for veto, for who BB wants to win?
I’ve thought this a while…..the sounds made when folks are choosing a veto member all sound super hollow and edited to me…..just a question

Cam is now my favorite

Julie told Izzy that she loved seeing her play the game. While I thought it was you hing because Izzy was emotional, seeing how Izzy went out so bitter, not hugging Cam, saying crap to Corey ..I thought thAt was really poor form.

I would love to see Cam get picked and win veto, take down America, Jag goes up and he leaves.
Then America or Cam wins HOH and puts up Jared and Cirie for double eviction and Jared goes home. And while I am really painting my BB dream, Bowie wins HOH and puts up Felicia and Cirie. Yeah I know…that is all a pipedream but one can hope.