Matt “Cam told America if you get HG pick for veto I would love to play for you.” Cirie “She be crazy, she might do it.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jared
Nominees: Cory & America
POV Players: ??????
POV Winner: ?
Veto Ceremony: ?
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

7:14pm HOH room – Matt and Cirie
Matt – everyone knows that Cam is the main target but.. Cirie – what if he gets picked and wins the veto. Matt – that’s what I’m saying then they (Cory and America) have to campaign. Who would you pick? I don’t even know. Cirie – that’s a toss up. Matt – I think America is scarier than Cory. Cirie – yeah .. but I think Cory would be out for revenge.. Matt – Oh he will.. but America will the same way though. Cirie – right. Matt – and we didn’t put them on the block. If America goes Cory will definitely come for revenge. Cirie – yeah you’re right. Matt – but he hasn’t won anything so.. Cirie – I think for the votes Bowie Jane would probably evict America. Jag would keep America. She would have Jag and Blue. Matt – I feel like Meme doesn’t have a preference. I never see those two talking. Cirie – oh I do. And then that would leave me, you and Felicia. Matt – I think they’re just sneaking by. What is scaring me is that America thought it would be jury so she was like I am ready to make a big move.. I’m ready to cause drama. She was like I want to play the game. She said its too boring in the house. I thought those are some dangerous words to say right now. And that is why I say she is scary because she is saying things like that. Cirie – yeah. Cory is not thinking that way. Matt – so she would target us. Cirie – absolutely. Matt – she wants to cause a little drama. Cirie – she will probably just put me up I’m sure. I am sure. Probably me and one of you guys. Matt – she (America) told Blue that she would put me up. Then I asked her and she said that Blue said it. Cirie – she always lies! Is that what she said? Matt – yeah. Cirie – f**k! Matt – Ideally if I was HOH.. next week .. and you know who (Cam) goes home this week and in a perfect work those two (Cory and America) go back up.. Cirie – yeah. Matt – and I wouldn’t need a backdoor or anything I would be like you two and whoever win or if none of you win then campaign. They’re both superfans. They know what to expect. Matt – when we were arguing about all these alliances I was like I got two. Cirie – Everyone in here has more than one alliance. That is why I said we live on the hill of hypocrisy. Like everybody is saying oh you did this .. but didn’t you do this, this and this!? Hypocrites!

7:35pm – 8:15pm HOH room – Blue, Matt and Cirie.
Blue – the energy is pretty good downstairs. Cirie – Much better I think. Its a little lighter. Even with Cam it is deferent. Jared joins them. Jared and Blue head back downstairs. Matt – Cam said to America if you get pick for Veto I would love to play for you. Of course he would. Cirie – I bet he would. She be crazy, she might do it. Matt – I asked ..would you do it and she said hell no. But if he really wants to win, I could win and take you off. Cirie – but then everybody will be mad. Matt – true, yeah if she does that it would put a target on her next like big time. Jared comes back.

8:37pm Bedroom – America and Cory
America – F**k Jared. F**k his followers. Cory – I am trying my best to be nice. America – I know, you are. Cory – once the veto is over we will know what we have to do. America – I know I am trying my best to have a good time. I am just sad. Cory – I know.

8:45pm – 9:04pm HOH room – Jared and Felicia.
Jared – Bowie is a spy. Felicia – Bowie is a SNAKE! But she swears she is not aligned with Cameron. Jared – she just don’t want to be left out of nothing. Felicia – she just wants to be in the loop some how someway. Jared – I wonder how she is outside of here. You’re a grown woman you and don’t know how to be around.. Felicia – she doesn’t know how to just be by herself. Jared – if we can get Cameron out. Felicia – if we can get Cameron out .. oh my god. Jared – this is going to be excellent. Felicia – we shall see! Its going to get rough though when we get down to the final 6. I know I am going to be one of the first they throw out the door. Jared – oh no I think its going to be me. They’re going to want to want people they can beat. That is why as soon as we get there we have to execute fast! Felicia – Right. We got to get rid of .. I ain’t going to even say it. Jared – yeah I think we’re on the same page. We have to protect Meme as much as possible. Out of everybody I keep hearing Meme and Bowie. Jared – if noms was to stay the same who would everyone want to go home? I would say Cory. That’s why I like the noms this week because I am like sh*t which ever way it goes ya’ll not a strong pair. Felicia – right. Jared – if

9:50pm Bathroom – America and Jag.
America – I am just thinking ahead if I stay or we both stay like what is happening because I just feel like this hasn’t been the full experience that I wanted coming in here. I just feel like we’ve all been getting played, I’ve been getting played. Like this week, this last Wednesday, Thursday was the first time that we were like okay we’re making a move. You know and like we had agency over what happened in the game. It was a lot of fun but then that whole blow out happened and like you know what I mean?! Like I want to take more charge in my game and what is going on, instead of having other people decide it for me. Up until now its been a lot of you’re going to do this, you’re going to do that. It depends on who is in power obviously. If Cory hadn’t blown up it would have been me and you on the block. I really want to win. I need to win. I need to win something please! Jag – dude that would be huge. America – do you think Cory would go home if it was me and him. I feel like they would think it was a waste if they sent me home.

10:48pm Kitchen – Meme and Felicia.
Meme – I don’t see any of these people winning next week. Felicia – girl I don’t know who. I don’t know who Cory would put up. I don’t know who America would put up. I don’t know who Cam would put up. I don’t know who Bowie Jane would put up. Bowie Jane I think would be easy, she would go with the house. I think right now she really feels aligned with Cirie and Jared.

11pm Bathroom – America and Cameron.
America – if the veto was used and if there was a backdoor plan it would be you but at the end of the day I think Cory is the target. We’re not both pawns right. And I could be a target too if I choose you. Cam – I am okay with it. America – I haven’t decided not to Cam. Cam – yes you have. America – No I haven’t. Cam – I don’t want you to put yourself in jeopardy either. It sounds nice for me to go oh yeah thank you for the handout.. even though I know I am going to haul a$$ at this thing. America – I hope you just get picked. Cam – me too.

11:18pm – 11:50pm HOH room – Jag, Matt and Blue.
Jag – I don’t really care to be so direct that they realize we caught them in their bullsh*t because the position that I am in personally is unless new information comes in I more or less know where I land. They were in that alliance and we weren’t told. I know for a fact that Cirie has been dishonest or lied about information. I know for a fact that Cory knew about the Seven Deadly Sins. I know at least two cases where Jared lied. And I know for a fact that my name was involved. All the eye opening stuff that was to happen, happened the last two days and I am rocking with Cory and America. Blue – and that is fair. I totally get that. Matt – that seems fair because you’ve kind of been betrayed by this alliance. Blue – out of everyone here you have been the punching bag. I have been very fed up with this whole situation so I am just trying to figure out what I am going to do. Jared joins them. Jared – do you want to hear some funny sh*t if he (Cam) don’t get picked (to play in the veto), I am going to pick him to host. They all laugh. Matt – oh in the face! That is funny. Jared – that sh*t would be hilarious. Blue – that would be funny. Jag – if you get house guest choice who would you pick. Jared – one of you two. They talk turns to talking about how Bowie threw the HOH comp after Blue dropped. Matt – she didn’t want to be the person to have to backdoor Cameron. Blue – that is her downfall, she doesn’t want to make any decisions, she doesn’t want to play the game. Jag – she doesn’t want to play the game. Blue – that’s the thing if you’re going to throw it, why not throw it in the beginning. Jag heads downstairs.

11:54pm Bedroom – Cory and America.
America – Cam is not going to play tomorrow. Cam is not going to get picked. We’re going to be okay. Yeah its going to be fine. We’re going to make it. And then next week… Cory – next week is going to be easy. If we get through this week, we are golden. Cory – I am stressed. America – we’re going to make it out. We’re the first showmance of the season to be put up. Cory – well look somehow neither of us are the target either. America – well allegedly. Cory – I don’t think we’re the target. You know how I know we’re not the target… because Cameron is freaking out which means he did not go talk to Jared and get any reassurance.

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Is Matt really scurrying back to Cerie like the rat he is or just play acting?
I’m truly disappointed/disturbed/disgusted if it’s actually true 🙁
I know, I’m delusional to think he might not be…
Just ugggg

Queen B

I was listening to the feeds earlier today and Matt was telling Jag and Cory that their focus was to get out Cam and the future weeks is to get “Jared and them out.” For the moment they are just going through the motions. Hopefully that will remain the plan going forward. 😐


It’s not that big of a deal. Queen Cirie is GOAT


Matt’s game is the middle. The Beef was right when he said Matt threw the wall HOH.

So when Cirie, Jared & Blue proposed a Final 4 to him and noted they want to reunite the six remaining from the Seven Deadly Sins that was a perfect storm for Matt.

Since he also created another group that includes America and Cory it only leaves Bowie and Cam who aren’t in an alliance with him but he has strong bonds with both.

Suffice it to say, Matt’s just gonna keep throwing comps (especially HOHs) because he’s not anyone’s priority target let alone secondary or tertiary.

As for Cirie, it’s not surprising he’s reconnected with her even without this new F4 because of Reilly. She told him he could trust Jag & Cirie (and look at who his two closest allies are in the house!).


Honestly just uggggg. How Matt will/can stay loyal to Cerie…. l just don’t know….I’m an idiot because I think this person can possibly read all the clues, the everything surrounding him….again, no need to think, it’s all fixed for who is scripted/poised to win…..
My apologies, I forgot myself for a moment there


matt and jag are pure floaters. they will say whatever to whoever’s in power and never fight for the power themselves

Julie Chen

Where’s Rachel when you need her!


rachel’s definition of floaters is not mine. to her floaters were basically anyone not working with her, which in her first season was most of the house.


Don’t waste it on Cam bro! Get rid of soy boy Corny or Lamerica.

Spot ON

Soy boy and Corny, respectively.

Game show lover


Jared’s greasy durag

Cirie looks downright evil in that pic….. really hate when this group is in power bc they’re so effin cocky…. especially can’t stand fk boy Jared… puke


Give me a break, Jared is far from a fk boy, he wishes


he will make momma cry, she gonna box his ears, then he gonna cry!


Can I honestly tell you all I barfed in my mouth?
Felicia still riding the Field train!!!!
The way the nasties still talk about FBJ?
Talking about the way she “don’t know how to be a grown woman”
I used to love this show, this game…’s completely been over-produced and rigged.
Again, I vomit….
I read feeds/updates, cuz I can’t get them myself, but again,
This makes me vomit….


I actually laughed out loud! at my own comment 🙂


Felicia knows that Cirie & Jared was not voting for her to stay against Izzy. She was telling Meme that.


Up to this point the week has been boring because it’s been rather predictable. Veto, especially if it’s Otev, might give us a twinge of fun, but we all know what Jared will do at the veto meeting.

He’s hoping to win the veto, of course. No one’s better than him; in his mind he’s a comp beast. He will change his nominations taking one down and replacing with Cam.

If anyone else wins it, Jared is confident he can force them to use it…to put up Cam. I wouldn’t be so sure of that. Too many are still against him.

The exception to that is Cam himself. He can and may win it. Then Team Cirie ( sorry Jared but you will always walk in her shadow when you are both together ) will be screwed. Cam will then be untouchable. He can’t be put up and can decide if he wants to use it or not.

Then, hopefully he will win a swift HOH, etcetera, etcetera, blah, blah, blah…JARED GOES HOME !!!


it’s crazy how inflated jared’s ego is about his ability in veto. i mean he’s actually won comps, so he’s not at taylor levels of lack of perception, but let’s see:

1st comp – loses
1st hoh – nope
1st veto – loses
2nd hoh – rushes it and finishes 2nd
2nd veto – didn’t compete
3rd hoh – crapshoot, loses
3rd veto – loses
4th hoh – embarrassingly bad performance but somehow claims america threw
4th veto – jared puts up a respectable time but doesn’t win
5th hoh – the classic who’s in the best alliance spot wins comp, so basically handed to him
5th veto – loses cuz of his “big hands”
6th hoh – didn’t compete
7th veto – he ended with the veto but finished 3rd
8th hoh – everyone’s pretty sus on this

so… in all these comps, he’s really only got the most recent hoh win that he can point to, but everyone thinks a lot of players threw. he’s not exactly a comp beast (but other than hisam i don’t think anyone this season can or should claim to be all that great at comps).

The Beef

So to summarize what you’ve written above, Jared has competed in 12 comps so far, “won” 3 of them, which is a 25% winning percentage. That in and of itself is not too bad, but when you consider the fact his alliance helped him win the first HOH by the fact they “selected” other targets first and more often to eliminate them, and then, he didn’t even “win” the final answer – Izzy buzzed in and lost by answering wrong – he won by default.

His next “win” was the Veto comp where he actually finished 3rd, Jag finished 2nd and chose to keep the $5k prize (which in the past would have been called out for being a greedy and total non-game play move), and Matt, Einstein that he is, chose to take a damn PUNISHMENT, either because he’s too dumb to know how this game works, or he is just too chicken sh@t to want to deal with the responsibility and blood that goes along with Veto operations, so that one was really a loss.

You can’t argue that he won the wall, but I’ll be damned if most of his toughest competition didn’t throw it to him (America, Matt, Cory and Bowie – possibly more I’m unsure of).

The fact is he doesn’t have even ONE clean win on his slate – not ONE. It’s also a fact people do throw competitions in Big Brother for a variety of reasons, but these players are some of the least strategic and dumbest in the show’s history, and none of them that threw that wall comp had good reasons for doing it, other than possibly Matt (as explained by TTOTambz above). The rest are just foolish for doing so, and if you don’t believe me, just check on Jared’s initial nominees this week for confirmation.

Not Jasons Holly

That is perfect case scenario. If Cameron gets to play and wins veto, I do wonder if he would save one of them. I honestly hope he would save America because she is wanting to cause drama (hopefully going after Cirie and friends). Corey is still too scared to make a move and would probably nominate Bowie & Meme.

un autre nom

So something I’ve noticed about veto this season.
Night before noms discuss options they want.
Then there’s short d/r calls.
Next day we see the picks discussed picked out of bag unless they are playing up the longshot win in an ind. time comp.


veto players have been very sus this season, but it’s often speculated that players palm who they want to pick anyway.


I’ve always wondered whose chips are in the veto box…..
I think it’s only who prodo wants to play….
I can’t be the only one……it’s been the past several years that I’ve thought this…

Not Jasons Holly

It always sounds like there’s only one chip in the box. Even if they show the HOH putting the chips in, production can “cut tape” and remove the chips they want out.


I’m curious, has any bb contestant came forward and said the game was rigged? It seems like it is.

The Beef

Red has an interview out that I saw on Facebook today where he flat out stated the game is rigged (and he used that word) for Cirie to win.


I’m starting to wonder if the game is rigged for Jared bc Blue already outed how the DR was pushing for Izzy (Cirie’s right hand) to leave.

Today out of the blue Cirie is suggesting to Jared she be the re-nom so she leaves & he can play the game on his own volition with her out of the way.

Perhaps Cirie wants to be the last pre-jury oust to avoid being stuck in the house for 100 days.

I’m not advocating for Cirie — rather I’m just wondering if this could be a possibility.

The Beef

After DR calls, “things” miraculously change/shift….
I’m getting pissed off and really tired of prodo affecting the game….I’m not talking about tv episodes, that bullshavic is garbage…..I’m just so irritated and pissed off and frustrated about how this “show” thinks it can pull the wool over our eyes because they shut down live feed cams, and switch between cameras to “shield the fields”.


Also, the veto selection isn’t friggin random…there’s only a few chips in the “select” box…

Not Jasons Holly

Right?! There should be 8 chips plus two “HG Choice.” It seriously sounds like one or two chips in the box when they pull.


Does anyone get irritated of Cerie’s picture above?
Please someone tell me it’s not just me…..

Jared’s greasy durag

No! Not you, lol….bugs the sh!t out of me too haha


It’s double eviction. America goes, then Cory. But there will be battle back. There hasn’t been one in a few seasons.


nah, battle back won’t happen following a double eviction. give it a week. i do think it happens because luke’s racism forced them to add a non-elimination week (possibly the power of invincibility was their correction though).

i doubt cory and america go back to back. jared can’t play in the first hoh so cameron or america are going to win it because everyone but felicia and cirie is going to throw (yeah, cory will throw too if he plays, cuz he’s awful) and i like cam and america’s chances over felicia and cirie. most likely the veto is rigged so jared wins it though, preventing a backdoor and keeping cirie safe, and then we end up with likely felicia going.

un autre nom

Tinfoil hat rant
If we’re working on the theory that season 25 winner is a gift from enabler mom Cirie to dullard loser in life son Jared, what is required?
Smaller jury that usually makes up only one side of the conflict.
Who should be on that jury?
Meme. will always vote black. she’s playing for cause not game.
Blu. prodo already bought and paid for her. By Monday she sells out everyone.
likely Felicia.
Who can’t be on that jury?
America. he hates her. would she ever vote Jared?
Cory. speech and debate sways jury. he knows too much dirt.

Will fans say hold up, that is an unfair advantage?

The fact Blue acted oblivious to knowing the secret until after her late night d/r call now says that secret is why she can trust Jared tells us prodo controls the ‘secret’ If you aren’t sketched as fuq by that…slap yourself upside the head. She’s showmance with him for longer run to increase her followers. He wanted a showmance. Nobody else would do it. Blue and America thought he was a sexist arse until suddenly she’s mancing him and saying he’s cute after a feed block.
The fact Red revealed all cast were given a list of forbidden words before the season and r-word was on the list shows us production is protecting Jared.

I don’t like this train of thought. It’s the only train running.

The Beef

Great post and makes a whole lot of sense. About the only thing I disagree with is it’s pretty clear 1 of either Cory, America or Cam is going home on the 1st eviction so not on jury, but who goes on the 2nd eviction? That’s controlled by who wins the in show HOH, and I just don’t see who is going to win one that supports the Fields crew. Now they could trot out some weird “colored fart” random winner comp that might give Cirie and Felicia a chance, but that’s about the only way they have any.

They also have the “dead brain” chance that somebody like Matt, Jag, Blue or Cory wins and fires away at Cam instead of at Cirie, Jared or Felicia, which would not only be stupid but sad. Yes it could happen and what truly sucks is it probably will.

Oh, and if somebody does win and chooses to fire at the Fields alliance, I’m going to be really disappointed if they choose to go after Felicia, and not C or J. She’s just not a threat at all, and can be removed at any time. The person they need to get rid of is the only one that poses any real threat whatsoever to win a comp, and that is of course my BRO Jared.

un autre nom

cam’s edit is pretty golden compared to house behavior.
they’ve got him looking sympathetic underdog, not backstabbing failed cult leader.
Cory has limited edit, mostly as floater with agency.
America was barely included except for deal and latest episode.
That makes a difference.
how are they involved in season storyline so far