Nomination Results! Carson “If I win the veto, I am going to use it to save you.”

Head Of HouseHold Winner: Miesha
Nominations: Cynthia and Carson
Power of Veto Players: ?
POV Winner: ?
Veto Ceremony Results: ?
Evicted: ?

3:05pm Kitchen – Miesha and Chris Kattan.
Chris – when are the nominations? Miesha – good question. They wouldn’t tell me but they did say that it is today. Chris – do you know who you’re doing? Miesha – can I trust you? Chris – I don’t know. Miesha – AHHhhh.. you wait and find out then. Chris – yeah you can trust me. You can put me on there. Miesha – yeah I know but… well you’re not going up Chris. Sorry! Not on the first two anyways .. we’ll see if someone wins veto.

3:53pm Miesha shadow boxing..

5:05pm – 7:01pm The feeds return from being blocked for the nomination ceremony. As HOH Miesha nominated Carson and Cynthia.

7:10pm Bedroom – Shanna and Cynthia.
Shanna – there is definitely tension between Todrick and Chris Kirkpatrick right now. Cynthia – I know because whenever Chris comes over he keeps trying to get me to go against Todrick but I don’t have an issue with Todrick so if he has an issue with Todrick then he should just go for Todrick. I am not going to for Todrick. And every time he is just like Todrick, Todrick, Todrick. And I am like .. I want Miesha. And I have told you and everyone else that is who I want to go for if I ever get in a position of power. So stop trying to tell me Todrick. I am not worried about Todrick. Shanna – me too. Cynthia – and this is what we have in common and he is not trying to hear that because she is his boo. Shanna – I agree, 100%! I honestly don’t think you’re going anywhere Cynthia because her target is Carson. Cynthia – well he is the biggest threat to her. I get it. And I don’t want to see him go either but they’ll focus on me later. I just want you to know that I completely understand why you made the move that you made to save yourself. Just full transparency I wish you would have told me.. I did feel some type of way ..but I know you did what you had to do.. I am over it. I just needed to say that. Shanna – I understand why.. and I am sorry for that. Carson joins them. Carson – you just need to ride it out. You think about you and how we can help you before we go down. If I win the veto, I am going to use it to save you. Cynthia – alright!…. NO save yourself. Carson – No because I have to go. They’re going to keep gunning for me. That will give you a little more time to work with you. Cynthia – No, I don’t think I am their target this week. I think its you. Carson – you’re going to last longer because you are in better with Todd.. Shanna – you guys are going to make me cry. Cynthia – I don’t feel comfortable with that. Carson – well we can revisit it but I also might not win. Cynthia – well if you win you absolutely save yourself.

8:45pm Gym – Todrick and Miesha working out.

9pm – 11pm Dinner, chatting, working out..

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