Cirie “Its going to be stupid for them to waste an opportunity. They’re dumb but they ain’t that dumb.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

INVISIBLE Head of Household: Jag
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation: Jag won the invisible HOH. (He also gets to play next week for next weeks HOH.) He wants Blue out this week with plans to nominate Felicia and Blue.

9:20am The house guests are super tired after the very late HOH comp. Jag is getting dressed in his Comp costume for his upcoming diary room sessions.

9:36pm Comic Bedroom – Felicia and Cirie
Felicia – if Matt or Jag are not on that board (nominated), then we know that one of them has the thing (invisible HOH). If Jag is not up there, then you know he has it. If Matt is not up there he had it. If Cory ain’t up there, then you know he had it. Cirie – That’s too many assumptions. Blue was on the outside. Cory and them were already talking to Blue so it could be Blue that put up Matt or Jag. Cory and them are already thinking of me and you because we the non threats. Whoever has it has so many options to be able to diffuse it wasn’t me.. that would be too obvious. Cory could be going it wasn’t me. Matt and Jag could be like really you think I would be that obvious. Felicia – so they’re going to put up Matt and Jag or they’re going to put up me or you and deflect. Cirie – time is too short to deflect right now especially with them like this (at each other). Its going to be stupid for them to waste an opportunity. This is the only opportunity they got to hide. If they don’t take it now, when are they going to take it. They looking at each other like this.. they have to take it now. They have to take it now. They ain’t got no more opportunities. Its 3 weeks after today. Are you going to look them in the face and put them up or are you going to put them up while you got it. Felicia – right and say it wasn’t me.. because everyone is going to say it wasn’t me. Cirie – if I wait the next 3 weeks I have to look at you. This is their only opportunity, do you think they’re going to let it go?! Felicia – we gonna see. Cirie – they’re dumb but they ain’t that dumb. It could be a Cory and Blue. It could be Cory and Jag. It could be Matt and Blue.

9:50am Bathroom – Cory and Blue.
Cory – the whole design of this twist is to make a big move. Whoever is nominated .. like we talked about how it will be obvious but I don’t know if it will be. Blue – I don’t think it will be. I think that is what people want to think because they’re f**king all detectives and investigators in this god damn house but its not going to be obvious. Cory – like bat sh*t noms like Felicia and what?! Its funny because everyone went to bed except for the HOH thinking it was them. Its no way it was me or America you know what I mean? I think if you were going to go the safe route it would be Cirie and Felicia… then there is Bowie too. Blue – I think me and Bowie is the safe route. I think Cirie and Felicia is way too safe. Cory – I mean .. I don’t know .. who would make those noms. If everyone feels good about those noms .. if you were going to go safe. You would go the two people that you don’t have as much of a relationship with. You know what I mean!? If you’re going to take a swing. Take a swing. There is no middle ground. Blue – yeah I hope so. I know everyone is freaking out. At least everyone seems to be freaking out.

10am Storage room – America and Cirie.
Cirie – I believe it wasn’t you. I promise you it was not me. America – I know it was fast. I thought we were good and now this is just a free shot. Cirie – we will see from whoever is on the board. I think its going to be me and Cory. I do because there is no other reason for people not to tell us. We talked about it yesterday.. like there was a plan. The plan is already changing. Cirie – f**k hopefully its not both of ya’ll. If its not both of ya’ll then its doable. If its both of ya’ll then we’ll see what the veto sh*t is. That is the only other hope. America – I think its going to be both of us and they’re going to blame it on Blue. Right!? Cirie – MOTHERF**KER! He (Jag) didn’t even say what his time was. At least Matt came in and said what his time was. America – he said it was 9:09. Cirie – GIRL BYE! BYE!

10:57pm Living room – Jag and Cory.
Cory – is it you? Jag smiles. Jag – I was trying to f**king find.. you’re the first person I’ve told. I was trying to find Matt after my DR but he is all f**King everywhere so.. Cory – do you want to go to the humiliverse so that I can cry. I am going to go sh*t my pants. I’m going to go up there and sh*t my pants. Jag – bullsh*t. Should I put up Blue and Felicia.. is what I am thinking? Cory – that was going to be my noms. Jag – or should I put up .. or is it even worth it to do a backdoor? Cory – I don’t think so .. if you put up Felicia and Blue they’ll think it was me.. which is fine. I am going to be safe but I am going to have the backlash. I am going to deny it. They’re going to think its me and we’re going to move forward with next week. Cory – I was telling America, I think it is Blue because I trust Matt and Jag .. and also no one is going to get that f**king time other than Jag. I thought I did fine and I got 11 (minutes). Do you want to tell America? Jag – I am going to tell America. Do you think I should tell Bowie? Cory – I don’t think there is a reason not to.

11am – 11:10am Bathroom – Matt, Cory, America and Jag.
Jag to America – did you talk to Blue? America – I did, she’s denying it. Cory – I think Felicia won. America smiles. Matt – do you really? Jag – there is no way Felicia won. America – Cirie was like it took me 8 minutes to go up the ladder. Cory – I am getting heavy vibes its Cirie. Jag – there is no way its Cirie. Jag smiles at America. America – COCK A DOODLE ZOOM? Jag – COCK A DOODLE ZOOM I f**king pulled this one off baby!!!!! Cory – wait what? They hug. Cory – he told me on the couch 1 second ago. Jag to Matt – I wanted to tell you because you told me about yours (when Matt won the special power) but you were all over. (Jag told Matt last night) Jag – Do I put up Blue and Felicia. Matt – I am worried about the veto. Jag – I get to name the replacement. BB blocks the feeds. Cory – we can keep it a secret until noms are done and then whenever you tell her (Bowie).. like you just told me and America. I think she will believe you told Matt. That’s fine. Jag – I am thinking that. If the noms are Felicia and Blue .. there’s no reason why Cirie couldn’t know. I am just worried about Felicia. Cory – I think it is better for all of us if know one knows. Matt – they will never be able to pin.

11:31am Bedroom – Jag and Bowie.
Jag tells Bowie that he won the invisible HOH. (So much for keeping it invisible, everyone but Blue/Cirie/Felicia know now.) Bowie hugs and congratulates him. Jag – I just told Matt and I just told you. I haven’t told anyone else. Matt joins them. Jag – I am thinking of putting up Blue and Felicia or Cirie and Felicia.. if we want to backdoor Blue. Bowie – I wouldn’t put up Cirie. Matt – I wouldn’t put up Cirie but we can always save her. Jag – my gut is telling me I should tell Cory and America because I am not putting them up so they’ll feel tight with us. Bowie – what about when you have to do a replacement. Jag – you’re saying if Blue wins? And Cory or America go up then they automatically know its one of us anyway. There is no point in not telling them. Bowie – okay. Jag – the moment Blue is on the block they’re going to know it was one of us.

11:53am – 12:04pm Bedroom – Jag and Matt.
Matt – I think the best plan is Felicia and Cirie but makes it hard is telling Cirie. Jag – if its Cirie and Felicia and me .(in the veto).. and Blue plays. Its really going to be me versus Blue and the other two people because Cirie and Felicia aren’t as good at vetos. But if its Blue next to Felicia, like Cirie is not going to get chosen so now suddenly its 5 vs 1. Cirie will be good no matter what. Noms will change. There is no world where Felicia beats me in the veto. That means Cirie will get take off the block no matter what. I think I should talk to Cirie and let her know. I’ll tell her that you know and Cirie knows. Matt – tell her that you just told me right now. Jag – should I tell Cory and America that I told Bowie? Matt – the thing is once everyone knows that everyone knows they start talking about it. Jag – yeah.

12:45pm Comic Bedroom – Felicia and Blue
Felicia – I do believe that it was Cory or Jag that won. I am watching their behavior. One of those two won. The pictures will be the tell all. I think they’re going to do something stupid so that people won’t be able to figure it out. I might be wrong but that’s my gut. Blue – I think there is a weird world where you and I go up. Me because I am the target and you because you’re the pawn. I am trying to learn to shut the f**k up. I am just trying to figure out who I can trust.

3:04pm Comic Bedroom – Cirie and Felicia.
Felicia – if you and I are on that wall I am going to say you got to be kidding me. They gave you this super power and you still put up me and Cirie? You could have done that sh*t without a super power so you wasted an opportunity. Cirie – DUMMIES! Felicia – I wish I had got it because I wouldn’t have wasted this opportunity. Ya’ll ain’t even willing to play the game. Ya’ll don’t even deserver $750,000! Like I am going to be thinking about this for whoever hits those final two chairs because you don’t take a super power like this and put up me and Cirie. Why do you guys keep playing us as your pawns because you’re scared to show your hand. This ain’t game play. Cirie – sure ain’t! And I am going to look at everyone of them. Felicia – clearly you guys aren’t the superfans you say your are because this some sh*t right here! They did this because they’re trying to get the game to shift and ya’ll still playing stupid. Cirie – yup! Yup! Felicia – all these damn unanimous votes and house meetings .. when is that sh*t going to stop! Felicia gets called to the diary room.

3:20pm Bathroom – Matt, Cory and America.
Cory – They were probably pissed that Jag won and he is telling people. Its going to be a boring week. Even though I am sure everyone loves Jag. Matt – I am sure people are loving this week no matter what. Cory – as a view I would be so mad if anyone told anybody. Matt – I know. I feel like its good that he is telling us because it means he trusts us. America – I was scared like why isn’t anyone saying anything.

3:29pm The live feeds switch to the pound cams.. looks like the nomination ceremony is happening now..

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Carry over from previous post:
These BBComic Book Covers are HIDEOUSLY RIDICULOUSLY HYSTERICALLY accurate. (Some cut off by accident. Sorry. I am proud I am not perfect.)

Bwhahaha hahahahahaha hahahahahaha


Oh Mama, I’m in fear for my life
From the long arm of the law
Lawman has put an end to my running
And I’m so far from my home
Oh Mama, I can hear you a-cryin’
You’re so scared and all alone
Hangman is comin’ down from the gallows
And I don’t have very long (yeah!)
The jig is up, the news is out
They finally found me
The renegade who had it made
Retrieved for a bounty
Nevermore to go astray
This’ll be the end today of the wanted man – Renegade by Styx

no mo bro

No singing, house guests.

Spot ON

ONLY IF you can sing ….”you can’t always get what you waaant…” to CORY….


The government is probably not going to tell Jag who really shot JFK any time soon.


This cracked me up!

Spot ON



put Cory and Felicia on the block.

no mo bro

It’s too late for that. Jag already told Camerica the secret. That information could be used as a weapon if Corey goes up. Corey could and probably would say, “Vote for me and I’ll help you get Matt and Jag out.”

Game fan

cory knows its not him and america.
he is too smart to belive fe or cirie won bb comics . ( and fe is otb for sure )
so doing initally fe with cirie/blue is already telling him its jag/matt (who is the same thing)


Well I think Blue will win veto and Jag will put Cory up there.

Team Taylor

I wasn’t expecting them to keep “Camerica” safe another week, but I have no objections evicting Blue next.

Once she’s gone, then Matt and Jag can be split up next week.

Game fan

if blue wins veto they would do cory i believe

Not Jasons Holly

Matt AND Jag both get to play in HOH next week! So they will win it probably.

Bowie Jane aka the Female Neo (Matrix)

Cam would be the winner if Blue was evicted…

Spot ON

The password is:

There is no “a” in the second space; u like “rAcism”.


Queen Catia

This is a total waste of an Invisible HOH as FIVE of the remaining HG’s already know it’s Jag. Geeze, they are living up to the Scramble-verse because they ramble on and scramble to it…

no mo bro

This season has been a disaster. No one competes for anything. They all just give up. Most times, the competition’s winner is decided before it even begins. Look at the wall competition this year. It was over in record time. We all watched it live on the feeds as they just let go.

It used to go for hours. *shakes head* This is the “hide in a corner in your bathrobe” season.

Production needs to motivate people to participate in these competitions. I see two ways:

1) Reward: Give a cash prize for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Some people will still not want to win, but they will certainly fight for the cash reward. The upside is, the harder the players fight for 2nd and 3rd place, the harder it will be for someone else to take 1st place.

This also has the potential to make someone in 2nd or 3rd place who didn’t think they could win and were only in it for the cash, to decide at the last moment that maybe they can win! Maybe they should try!

This has the potential to bring this game back to what it was… back when people only dropped out because they were exhausted and simply couldn’t go on. It would make things very intense.


2) Punishment: Give everyone who doesn’t win a punishment. Something like 2 weeks of slop for the 1st player out, with it dropping to less and less days the longer you remain in.

People will fight for food. Maybe even harder then they’ll fight for cash.

All I know is, what is the point of having competitions when no one competes?

Queen Catia

Both the reward and punishment ideas you offered up are excellent ideas for Big Brother moving forward.

Game fan

cirie would prob know soon. ( but she is already thinking that )

no mo bro

I don’t know why but I seem to be focusing on BJs teeth whenever I see her now. I mean they were always there and I always noticed them, but now all of a sudden they bother me and all I can think is… close your damn mouth once in a while … yeah. yeah! yeah?

Game fan

well cirie – they are that dumb! at least jag is!
why do a backdoor when you have invisable hoh, it top 8 and blue never won a veto?! (or anything?!)

un autre nom

They (prodo) told the secret that more super powers are incoming.
Veto fear + cowardly lion stategy = invisible safe move

Game fan

when powers are floating i wouldnt take the risk NOT puting my target otb

un autre nom

you aren’t Jag.
I started calling his strategy cowardly lion because he will always defer to the safest option in an attempt to stay away from conflict.
He puffs up his chest to roar, then coughs up a hairball.


Why do a back door when there’s an obvious power couple to front door? It’s insane that jag’s target is blue. His target should be Cory 1000% with America as plan b should Cory win veto

un autre nom

In JAG’S head:
split Am/Cory and the survivor becomes no threat. That means the rest of the house says ‘thanks, Jag, now take a seat as a nom with Matt.’
he’s not wrong.


They want Blue out first. That way America doesn’t turn to Blue and away from them. Cory is next on their list after Blue.

un autre nom

True, but by then they are surrounded by their final 3’s that didn’t volunteer them for the block (Blue did Jared’s first HOH), and it’s hopefully (in his mind) not Jag doing the shooting.


He’s too scared to put up Cory. Jag & Matt want someone else to do it. SMH


What part of invisible does COWARD Jag not comprehend.
What a crappy season this had been.


The crappiest.
The -verse twists are remarkably dumb and meaningless; Really Production ?? any chance you think BB watchers are more sophisticated than that ?

Another boring ass on-the-block week; geeze Jag don’t put up a threat, that would be far too intelligent at this point in the game for f**k sake.

Why no parting comments to Cam from the remaining houseguests ?!?! I find that curious.


Wouldn’t it be great if Blu( whom I don’t like) takes herself off the block and Bowie goes up as a “pawn” and gets voted out?! That would be perfect karma for her.


Absolutely it would, but unfortunately I don’t think Jag would do that.

Omega BB

This is the COWARD JAG we know & love.

JAG is going to be gone next week if he or MATT don’t win HOH because we know BOWIE throwing. Should’ve kept CAMERON since he was the only one not afraid of going to at least FINAL 4 or 5 with them.

Game fan

if blue is out like he wants it so badly to happen than yeah
cory and america would go for them not felicia/bowie/cirie….
cirie already is wanting to do it..
so there is only felicia who might spare them but not after a week that he put her up for the 5 time (and she would figure it out )
its true.. he better hope bowie or matt wins next

un autre nom

Jag the Invisible
told Matt, told Cory, told America, told Bowie. oops1
has already asked Bowie if she’d pawn. oops2

bbcomics week one and two evicted houseguests.

bbcomics 1-2.jpg
Gan ainm

Since he revealed himself he shouldn’t be allowed to compete in the next HOH.

un autre nom

Almost every US invisible power holder reveals.
Season 20 powers and Hackers.
Season 19 halting hex.
Season 23 Claire secret hoh power.
Season 25 viewer vote Matt power


Yep. That part makes me scratch my head. If the diamond power of veto is used by someone other than him I guess I could see letting Jag compete, but other than that no fuquing way.


big brother making reilly out to be a villain is preposterous

no mo bro

BJ keeps using the hand towel in the kitchen to wipe the gunk from her eyes, then hangs it back up for the next person to use. EWW BJ. EWW.

Spot ON

And did she pick up the chicken from the floor that JARED dropped, and handed it over to FELICIA so that FELICIA can cook up some Southern Fried Chick’n, and to give JAG the dirtiest piece??

un autre nom

How prodo ruined their twist

  1. made hoh physical
  2. told everyone their times so they could compare
  3. told them veto would have a twist

bbcomics week 3-4 evicted houseguests

bbcomics 3-4.jpg
un autre nom

okay, i got Izzy / Red out of sequence.

Another Dixie

I really don’t understand why Production even bothered calling it “invisible” if they were going to tell them their scores. What they should have done was tell everyone they were not allowed to share their scores or if they won or there would be punishments.

un autre nom

Actually, in past US invisibles there was a card on D/R chair that said sorry or congratulations. Times were not revealed.

In CAN versions, because it was number guessing based, everyone had an idea of the their own numbers (for both Vic and Santina).
Cirie was told her time in the viewervote, too.

Game fan


Carlito's Way

What part of “invisible” do they not understand?


Mum’s the word. Riiiiight.
It’s all so fricking dumb.

un autre nom

Jag made the mistake of not considering his onion.
He has a final 3 with Bowie, a final 3 with Cirie, and a final 4 with Bowie and Cirie.
He tells Bowie he wants to pawn either Bowie or Cirie.

This made sense in his head. Eyeroll.

bbcomics week 5, 7/8 evicted houseguests

bbcomics 5-6.jpg

I’ve been eye rolling my eyes so much this season I should see my eye doctor, I hope my eyes don’t get stuck this way.

un autre nom

Jasmine last season proved to me that you can eyeroll an entire season without permanent damage.


Jag needs to be penalized for revealing he won, should tell him he no longer can compete in next weeks HOH


You’d think production would have thought of that idea, but nooooo.

un autre nom

y’know how some comments have been women’s alliance is going to happen?
I’ve been reticent to buy that.
This week may change that.
Jag pissed Bowie off. Blue’s even got a clue. Cirie and Felicia have read the room. If they promise to save Cory to last they get America. Just saying.

bbcomics week 9-10 evicted houseguests.

bbcomics 9-10.jpg
azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Jag is such a idiot, he really does not deserve to win. Why the hell do you win invisible HOH, then you tell the entire house that you won.

Jag bragging about his time, acting all tough, telling everyone in the house he’s the invisible HOH, that makes him the target even more in my book.

If he puts Felicia and Blue up, Blue wins the Veto, Jag would have been able to put Cory up, people my assume it’s Jag, but they don’t have 100% proof.

I feel now that he has told almost the entire house, Jag should not be able to play in the HOH for next week.

Jake just could not STFU, why not win the Invisible HOH, put up who you want, then deny deny, deny, Jag’s ego is going to cost him the game.

When Blue is on the block, do you think she will be smart enough to remember last week Cam told her Jag is not to be trusted, Jag doesn’t trust Blue, Jag wanted Blue out.

I bet Dumb Blue will not remember Cam told her that, Blue is going to think Cory did it. But due to Jag telling everyone, Blue will find out that Jag nominated her.

I think Jag should not be able to play in the HOH competition next week, that’s not far.

I noticed Julie did not tell Cam Jared is Cirie’s son, Just in case Cirie makes it to F2, Guess Julie did not want to throw Cirie under that bus.

un autre nom

The jurors are never told prodo or game secrets when they are evicted.
IF jurors are told it’s in gbm’s in order for hg’s to make points in jury.


What is gbm?

un autre nom

goodbye messages


If Felicia or Blu when the Veto, Cory and America will definitely panic and tell. Especially Cory, because he’s a panicky player. They will use that to cover their butts for the next week, just in case Blu or Felicia wins HOH and it could happen, because Blu and Felicia have come close to winning. Jag game sucks and has been sucking all season. The HOH was named “Invincibility” for a reason. His ego wouldn’t allow him to keep his mouth shut.


I thought Blu was the only one who knew that Jared was Cirie’s son.

Another Dixie

This morning I said that by this evening the secret would be out. He couldn’t even make it to lunch before Matt, Cory, America, Bowie knew. Who’s left? Cirie, Felicia, & Blue. Can that idiot keep his mouth shut?
I hope this fancy Veto takes power away from him, allowing the winner to choose the replacement. If Blue, Fe, or Cirie won, there would be an explosion.

Not Jasons Holly

If you like podcasts, listen to “The Winners’ Circle”! Tiffany does not like any of the houseguests!


Tiffany was no prize either! I don’t care if she won AFP. Her best game was doing Kyland.

Bowie Jane aka the Female Neo (Matrix)

Criminals: do not go on a crime spree with Jag!


You can if you kill him afterwards


Just saw Cory in the bathroom with Jag and Cory PICKED his own nose with his thumb then put whatever he unlodged from his nose into his mouth and chomp chomp chomp. This guy thinks he looks like Harry Styles? A shame that America’s tongue touches CoryNosePicker snacks. I vomited in my mouth.


Yuck, that’s disgusting!! America told yuck boy he looks like Harry Styles. That is a lie!!

Spot ON

UGH….the things people do when they think others are not watching.

In contrast, had a kid in grammar school who used to do that ALL DAY LONG while sitting in class. INCREDIBLE, EH?


Meanwhile America got booger breath. ??

Carlito's Way

Oh man, Bowie going up on the block and out the door would be sweet revenge.


Yes!!!! Sweet karma!!!

un autre nom

Felicia is the Victoria.
Felicia is also a human cuckoo clock.
Her assessment of herself in the game is a joke.
What makes her a target:
her mouth.
What does she do?
She consistently thinks it’s her social game that saves her.
It’s pity. Everyone against her is a traditional concept ‘bigger threat.’
Everyone is going to know the HOH that noms her is losing her jury vote.
Strategic thinking voters would flip the vote to cost that HOH her jury vote in final 2.

Mad Max

welp….I’m done…..I can’t stand to look at any of these creepy people!

un autre nom

where we’re at

BB Karma

Yes Cirie they really are that dumb

Just The Truth

Cirie and Felicia thinks anything that hurts their game is a dumb move. Girl please.