“No Bowie Jane, what do you damn think? .. What’s your goddamn plan?”

The Situation:
Lots of bullsh1tting going on.

  • Jared and Cameron are living in the house as “Zombies”
  • No HOH, No Power of Veto, No Eviction. Jared or Cameron will get a chance to reenter the game.
  • Jared and Cameron compete in a 3 part comp to decide who gets to play in the puzzle comp to reenter the game
  • Jared lost the Zombie competition so Cameron gets to decide to do The puzzle competition to reenter the game

Lock your ranks in before midnight

9:00 am Jared and Felicia are up chatting (Another Jared marathon Convo with a lot of BROs, BRAHs and Likes). Felicia is claiming she was always cool with Cameron she always liked him everyone else was coming to her with the dislike for him.
Jared feels the same way about Cameron.
Felicia – then he turned into a raging BULL
Jared – You have to make more allies than enemies. That’s where he went wrong. You creating too many enemies part of the enemies you trying to create are my PEOPLES I’m like BRAH if you know these are my PEOPLES why the hell you trying to make them out to be some enemies.
Felicia – somebody convinced him we were running the house and Low Key we were (LOL)
Felicia laughs “AS far as creating moves and trying to get people to do this and do that.
Jared – that’s why I was telling him BRO when it Izzy was here every DAy I was up there telling him BRO. I think Jag’s the one that needs to go.. Jag needs to go. He needs to be a target put him up. It’ll be crucial for you to make sure.. if not he will come after you.
JAred – He was bought in on the fact that deal he made.. (Does jared forget he was the one that took Cam out?)
JAred – I’m like BRO I’m like.. you could get to that easier than you can get to Jag .. I was trying my hardest..
Jared goes on about the conversations with Cameron 3 weeks ago..

Felicia – I love Jag to death but he’s a manipulator behind the scenes. He’s running that group.. He wants Cameron gone so he can run that group.
Jared – YUP.. I told Blue this. Be careful I know you feel like you know.. She feels like she can’t put him up .. I’m like BRO just be careful. Jag is smart..
Felicia – at some point he’ll take your a$$ out.
JAred – the only thing she has saving her is that Jag is smart enough to know that sitting next in the end to Matt is ..
Felicia – it’s his ticket to the 75 thousand
JAred – So I was like that may be your Saving grace. I don’t think he wants to sit next to you either (Blue) He would rather want to sit next to Corey or America. WHo do yo use him around lately? All day

Felicia – MMMMmmmhmmmmmmm
Jared – he knows he can beat both of them in competitions and in moves in this game. Jag had to fight a few times he’s seen the block a few times.
Jared goes on about how Jag was so close to being nominated every week.
Jared seems to remember now that he was the reason CAmeron was evicted. They agree at the time that is what everyone in the house wanted including Cameron.

Felicia says she’ll probably be on the block next week. She doesn’t think Bowie will be Bowie is working herself in with the other players.
Felicia – Bowie Jane has never voiced an opinion.
Jared – not one time
Felicia – I remember we were sitting in the room one time and she said ‘so what’s the plan what do you guys think?’
Felicia – I said, ‘what do you think?’ and she said ‘well I don’t know I want to’
Felicia – I said, ‘NO BOWIE JANE, what do you damn think all you ever want to know is what everybody else thinks. What’s your goddamn plan’
Felicia – For real you never say what you want to do.. You waiting for everybody else to tell you. what’s your damn plan..
Felicia impersonates Bowie ‘ohh well well I think .. ‘
Felicia – DAMN stop waiting for someone else to tell you what you THINK
Jared – get it together. I said this a couple weeks ago. I said MAN Bowie is becoming more and more important. When I say Important..
Jared – not that she would make a big move or that she’s dangerous or have any input that will make a difference. She is going to become CRUCIAL when you need four people she will be your fourth person.
Jared – I see it happening now. Bowie Jane do your thing if that’s the game you want to play. Is that the game I want to play? HELL NO
Jared – if you just need to make it to the Jury house more power to you.

JAred goes on about how smart at Big Brother Cameron is. CAmeron knows if he doesn’t win the next competition he’ll likely get nominated.
JAred – he’s so well versed in this game. he’s the ultimate Superfan
Jared – I said him I know damn well you will pick yourself to play in this comp
JAred – yesterday this is the first time I heard him say this.. he said ‘man when Thursday comes i’ll either me out there kicking some a$$ or I’ll be out there looking like a damn fool’
Jared – that was my first feeling of HOPE. I’m like DAMN Bro.. like Maybe..

The move into the shade.
Jared – Maybe BRO it’s something you can’t do (Cameron)
Felicia – you never know
Jared thinks that the puzzle will be really hard.
Felicia thinks it will be nearly impossible because Cameron is overconfident.
Jared thinks this is a great twist for the fans because him and CAmeron are such competitors.
Felicia – his fear that you would win will drive him to play and that will be his downfall.
JAred – he’s smart enough to know he has a leg up on me in a lot of these comps.
Jared – Corey is saying there’s going to be a pandora’s box
Felicia thinks something is going to happen “They said twists this week”

10:20 am Corey and America
Hard to hear. Something about Blue not telling JAred anything from last week. America wishes she still had the final 2 with Blue.

10:40 am Chit chat about music

10:50 am Corey and Jared rehashing everything for the 30th time.
Jared – BRAH

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These two pukes! All mouth. Bruh you ain’t shit.

Spot ON

Wondering if FELICIA has an affinity for shaving or whether she’s going through chemo.


could be Alopecia


I’m sorry but it appears that the only twist will be production getting Jared back in the game for Cirie’s game. My gut feeling believes this because practically every spoiler on this website (or live feeds) has been Jared, Jared, Jared, with some Cirie and Felicia discussions (the folks that sleep/nap the most). Bad move BB.


I can agree with this partially. Jared lost the first part of the battle back, but I think they made it a week long thing to give him more chances to win. It would seem that Cameron now has the right to choose who does the final puzzle and I think in the DR’s production has been in his ear trying to convince him to let Jared do it. The puzzle would probably be an easier one if he chose that, but b/c he did not I think they are trying to figure out which one Cameron is most likely to fail at. However, I think the main reason they are flooding the feeds with Jared over Cameron is b/c Jared is being more vocal with his anger at the situation whereas Cameron is more focused on getting the job done. So right now I think they believe Jared is making better tv.

Nate Covington

Yet Cameron is winning these zombie competitions so how is production rigging for Jared to come in? How about production is rigging it for Cameron to come. Oh my mistake the “production is rigging it” talk only applies when its HG you dislike.


Um, have you not seen the past five seasons where it’s clearly rigged for one demographic. Spare me…….

Nate Covington

Nonsense… Care to explain what you mean by demographic because the past 5 season there have been when breaking it down….

(3 males and 2 female winners)
(1 winner who is LBGTQ, 4 heterosexual winners)
(2 white males, 1 black male, 1 black female and 1 white Filipino)
(5 different occupations)

Don’t know their religion or income before playing the game

So what do you mean rigging for one demographic. What you’re saying makes no sense.

un autre nom

A Thought:

y’know how the house is playing dumb to cloneface mom/son?
Okay, let’s play along with that. They aren’t related…wink wink….so

Jared is evicted. Cirie’s ass never touched the block.
She’s flipping out and arguing like she lost her shot at the prize.
Jared comes back and the 2 of them hold interrogations and chastise everyone that targeted Jared without endangering Cirie.

If I’m in that house and she’s SO invested in him instead of her own ass?
She’s mad? She didn’t get nominated. wtf.

That’s logical. The actual reaction of nobody questioning their sameface, and nobody questioning her response to staying off the block and not endangered… that fails the smell test.

Just saying.


If you haven’t yet, watch the 1st season of Traitors the U.S. version. I got reminded Cody and Jared’s gameplay are similar (and not in a good way). Also, if one wasn’t aware of how Cirie likes to the game, her Traitors gameplay mirrors what she has been doing in the House


Plus it was handed to Cirie by production while in the last 5. That dude quit (a traitor) for no reason whatsoever. It was very BB production’esque. Cirie (a traitor) was a slamdunk for the next banishment but that guy took a bullet for her in order that she would win.


Arie quit so the prize would be split between the 2 faithfuls and Cirie (a traitor) that’s what she said she’d do. She blindsided them all at the end and kept the prize for herself. Although it’s a game, it broke my heart that she did that to the 2 people at the end. I do feel it was setup for her to win, just like BB is.


And the way she responded while reading the transmission about them coming back. It’s obvious they are too invested in each other. It’s absurd if they don’t know.


This sucks. A whole week of Jared and Cameron plotting their return. They are both egomaniacs and both delusional about their genius grasp of the game. Jared was completely blindsided by Felicia and Meme. Cameron didn’t have a clue about what was happening until America filled him in.


10:50 am Corey and Jared rehashing everything for the 30th time.
Jared – BRAH


Spot ON

Density it’s at a premium.


What’s with certain people wearing robes all the time, didn’t they bring real clothes? I’ll be so happy to see this week go its so boring listening to the same thing over and over. At this point I don’t like anyone so I’m more hoping someone doesn’t win than hoping my favorite wins, because I don’t have a favorite.

un autre nom

There’s been so many seasons where i’ve said i don’t give a flying eff who wins, i’m only watching to point and laugh as everyone else loses.
Welcome to the dark side.


It’s very cold in the house and hot outside. Bowie Jane is the only one who brought a coat. The others use the BB supplied robes as a sweater that’s easy to take off when they go outside and wrap up in to keep warm inside.

Spot ON

The reason for keeping the house deliberately cold inside is to minimize the risk of spreading bacteria, germs, viruses, and the like inside. That’s the reason why hospitals are always burrrr inside. Cold temps helps slow down the spread of bacterial growth, but bacteria does thrive in warm temps.

However, the rationale behind the temp control still does not explain why there are still certain parasites in the house.


This is what unemployed people do. They just doin’ what they do at home.


BB is something that I keep track mostly via this website and watch occasionally, so I am not obsessed with it per se, but this “twist” made me angry. Why have a double eviction if they were only going to nullify it? Why are only two evictees getting a chance to battle back and not the others? Have they ever done something like this before? The timing of it just feels wrong somehow and while I get that production says and does some things to shape the show/game a certain way, this felt almost rigged. I’m all for having twists in the game to make it more exciting, but they really lost momentum when all of them only seem to be benefitting particular players. Am I reading too much into what happened?

BB Fan

I think we have to remember this season is extra long because of the writer’s strike. No other shows are airing new episodes currently. It’s annoying but they kind of have to drag it out and what better way than saving multiple people from eviction. It’s probably another reason Jared didn’t get sent out for his use of the r word…because they realized they already had to account for the week both Kirsten and Luke (idiot) went home.


I think it’s wrong to bring players in the house that are related, first of all. It puts the others automatically at a disadvantage and not an equal playing field. Second, I think Jared being brought back, even at a chance, is not fair since he already has a relative there, giving him already better chances, on top of chances, on top of chances.


Does Jared call his mom Bro cause I know he calls Blue that. Felicia thinks she is the Godmother.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

I for one will be so happy when this week is over, and I’m really hoping Jared has to take the final walk out of the door. I just cannot like this guy, he is so entitled, he has this high opinion of his skill and knowledge of BB, but in all reality, Cirie seems to be the one who has been feeding him, giving him information, telling him who to target.

This idiot told his doormat “Blue”, about being related to Cirie, anyone with half a brain would blow his game up. Blue playing up to the camera during every live show, talks a tough game, but falls in line when given orders by Jared.

What really puzzles me, I don’t see how anyone looking at Jared and Cirie, do not see how much they look alike. This cast is not very bright, they are not paying attention to how Cirie acts whenever her tantrum throwing, complaining, verbal abusive, whiny son wins HOH, or any other competitions. Wake up BB25 Houseguests, can’t you see the resemblance ?

If Jared is allowed to stay this week, I feel Production is to blame. It’s so obvious, they, being ( Production ) wants Mother and Son together, the conversation Jared and Blue had about following the script, and Blue saying she hopes the challenge is rigged for Jared. What more do we need to hear, it’s very obvious what’s happening in the D/R, obvious Production is interfering with this season ” BIG TIME “, just for Jared and Cirie.

Felicia is a total waste of a person allowed to play BB, she does nothing, walks around with a robe on, barks out orders, slips and gives out information that she should not spill. Felicia is another person who adds nothing to this season, Felicia thinks that she is playing a good game, in her own FLOATER mind. Her lucky win for HOH really went to her head, Meme & Felicia, both can leave, they bring nothing to the game. Hell half the time I forget Meme & Bowie are even in the house.

Off subject, please someone tell Corey to NEVER go shirtless in life. His pale reddish
skin is really not a very good look, especially when you look at Matt’sin shape tanned
look, Corey makes you want to throw a blanket his way, tell him he needs to cover up.

I also find the make out scenes with America and Corey kind of gross. Corey looks very uncomfortable, he seems like he has no experience whatsoever being with a woman. Corey can’t really think he’s looking sexy, it’s just the opposite, Corey looks like a 20 – 21 year old virgin, please put on a shirt. I turn away or look away, it just does not feel right looking at him and America making out.

Spot ON

1. Cirie, Jared, and Felicia’s”entitlement” is only by limited by way of Affirmative Action and the 14th Amendment.
2. Regardless of what you think Cory looks like without a shirt, he is arguably getting more “booty” in the house than “Adonis”. Jared and Blew is just another “community”.
3. Reason why Cory “looks very uncomfortable…seems like he has no experience whatsoever being with a woman” is likely because is may have “identity” and/or sexual “orientational” issues. That pink hat and sweater he wears doesn’t help either. And it also appears that he is big on LTGQYXWZWTF issues, and is very supportive of their “rights”. He is probably grossed out making out with AMERIKA, but it’s all part of his/her “game”.

Felicia's eyebrows

3- Cory’s discomfort making out with America in front of all those cameras could be because he knows that his family, including his mother are watching all of the livefeeds. And his inexperience & confidence in that department probably isn’t being helped knowing that his every “move” is being watched and dissected by livefeeders. Imo Cory is a total nerd with zero experience and an ally to the LGBTQ+ community, but not necessarily a member himself.


if Cirie and felicia were the zombies do you think that they would have to walk the teeter totter and balance themselves while attempting to put the balls on the other side no chance
someone else said if cam participates the task will be harder if Jared does they will make it easier CBS has ruined this show by being politically correct and in this season doing whatever they can to get Cirie or Jared win Cam should win but thats not what the show wants

Betty johnson

Rigged show to get Jared back in house