“I kept seeing that little motherf**ker in the end. LIKE BRO! If he wins this sh*t, I AM GOING TO BE ON FIRE!”

The Situation:
Lots of bullsh1tting going on.

  • Jared and Cameron are living in the house as “Zombies”
  • No HOH, No Power of Veto, No Eviction. Jared or Cameron will get a chance to reenter the game.
  • Jared and Cameron compete in a 3 part comp to decide who gets to play in the puzzle comp to reenter the game
  • Jared lost the Zombie competition so Cameron gets to decide to do The puzzle competition to reenter the game

Lock your ranks in before midnight

3:26pm Sun tanning..

3:45pm Backyard Loungers – Cory and America.
Cory – I still need to talk to Blue. America – I don’t know if you will get to because she has been glued to Jared. Cory – if Jared is targeting the four of us what the f**k is Blue doing? America – I mean I’ll talk to Blue about it. Cory – I think every night we should have the five of us meet. America – yeah. Cory – and like solidify, solidify, solidify. That is the only thing that we can do because I don’t think I can make any headway personally with her.. maybe you can but I know you guys are kind of complicated. America – Mmmmhhmmmmm.. I need him (Jared) gone. Cory – We need Cam to pull through and he usually does. America – Usually but when does anything go our way? Besides that double though. That was great! That was crazy! Cory – and honestly the veto before .. things kind of have gone our way. America – yeah, you’re right. I’ve been really pushing with Blue how important she is and I think she gets it. America – he (Cam) would be good to have on our side. Cory – I am just saying he is really good and if we let him get too far.. we’re f**ked! And when I say too far, I mean 8. America – you’re talking like he is better than us .. he is not invincible. Cory – look I almost went home on a targeted Cam week. Like it was pretty close and I do agree with you .. its just hard. America – we’ll see, maybe he won’t even have any power. I am just saying I don’t think it should be this week. Cory – we just have to figure out how to talk about that with Matt and Jag because you’ve got me. America – I did talk to Jag in the kitchen. Cory – what did he say? America – he just needs to talk more with Cam and feel trust. Cory – just try and not be definitive. America – no yeah, you are all game. Did you have a couple Smirnoff Ice’s?

3:33pm – 4:06pm Backyard – Blue and Jared.
Blue – Man obviously the objective is to win $750,000 but its crazy to think that one person here is going to win $750,000. Jared – Don’t remind me of that sh*t. BRO there were only a few people in here who I was okay with winning besides myself. And that sh*t was burning me inside knowing that, I kept seeing that little motherf**ker in the end. LIKE BRO! If he wins this sh*t I AM GOING TO BE ON FIRE! LIKE ON FIRE BRO! There are a few select people that I really wouldn’t care if you won. Like in a good way. I wouldn’t mind if you won. Obviously I wouldn’t mind if Cirie won. And to this day I really wouldn’t mind if Felicia won either. Same with Matt. Blue – me too. Jared – but everyone else in this motherf**ker .. if Bowie win this sh*t, if Meme win this sh*t, if Cory or America win this sh*t, or if Jag win this sh*t.. AGHHH.. BRO I kept thinking about that .. just thinking about and reflecting on things. But that’s what I kept thinking about was that like AGHHH.. BRO! If I see that little motherf**ker at the end and he wins that sh*t .. I got to respect it because I can’t be a hater but ohh…that sh*t makes me sick to my stomach. Blue – we’ll see. Jared – oh yeah we will but that is not going to happen regardless .. because I am going to make sure here or not I’m going to make sure that sh*t don’t happen.

4:30pm Backyard – Cory and America chatting about what they want to do after they get out of the house.

4:35pm By the Pool – Jared and Blue.
Jared – Thursday is going to be a crucial day for me. Blue – MMmhmmm but it really isn’t over till its over because who knows maybe there is a pandora’s box .. Maybe I am able.. maybe Cirie is able .. someone is able to play and win that sh*t. Jared – keep somebody safe. Blue – keep somebody safe .. who knows. Who knows!? Because it could be a good or bad thing and like for me the good thing.. at this point I would take both of you in this house. I will take both of ya’ll in this house and that would be bad for everybody! She laughs. Jared – I would be able to keep him in line for as long as possible. And I would tell that motherf**ker like BRO yeah.. terminator! The terminators! You see the fact that he is still alone right now.. is good. Blue – that’s my thing with Cameron too I told him I am not ..even in my position I am not going to beg him or hound him. Like you know I want to talk to you and I am going to talk to you. Jared – Cameron knows how to play the game ..he will play the game regardless … he came here to play the game. With his flaws .. everybody got flaws.. Cameron really is not as bad as people make him out to be and I was part of that. I was a part of Cameron isn’t the greatest person train but… Blue – I mean he was like word for word Jared is making me look like a bad guy. Jared – yup! If I said anyone who had a role in my demise it would be him, Cory, inadvertently Izzy and Felicia. He started and Felicia carried it on. He started it and Felicia was the one that drove that care.

4:50pm – 5pm Comic Bedroom – Jared and Cirie
Jared – you know what I am wishing on a shooting star for that somehow someway me and Cameron stay because then it would be ugly. Cirie – did you ask him if he is going to play? Jared – yeah, he said he is going to take it. Cirie – he going to play? Jared – yeah. I was like shoot me straight what are you doing? And he was like I’m going to play. He was like BRO I respect you way too much as a competitor to allow myself to not play. And for that I know you would have done the same. I was like you believe in yourself to much to not play this game. Cirie – it might be catch 22. I really don’t want to do it without you. Jared – you did it for four years.. 6 years at this point. I was like damn this is what you do ..and damn I realized how much harder it is. Cirie – when I said I was going on vacation.. this ain’t no god damn vacation. Jared – the only thing that kept me sane in this house was knowing that regardless I had one person that was loyal regardless of what was going to happen. That right there is a lot. Even with her (Blue) I got two.

5:57pm – 6:20pm Comic Bedroom – Jared and Felicia.
Jared – I just got to survive one more week and then I’m about to start taking those shots! And something told me my time might be up and that my time might be shortened. I was telling him yo, should I keep Cameron? Should I keep Cameron? And I was like damn YO I just wish I had that feeling on Monday. If I had had that feeling on Monday I never would have put his a$$ up. I would never have put his a$$ up but I allowed my competitive side to outweigh my logical side and I was like you know what .. get rid of the competitor. He threatens me and people around me so f**k that, get rid of him. So I allowed that to blind me and I was like ahhh.. I wish! I just wish! Felicia – something that you want to think about is some times you want to keep a couple of the competitors because you leave a target beyond you because the minute he is gone .. you’re the next biggest target. Jared – I was not thinking like that, I was thinking clean the house because you threaten my peoples. Felicia – but think about if you stay .. you carry it to the end .. man the game is yours. The game is yours! But just do it in a humble way. Jared – yeah I am. (Ummm Okay?!) I know its going to be tough for me in these next couple days. Its going to be hard. It sucks sitting here. I am manifesting that he take an L on this one because I do want to stay here. His luck is running out with these comps. I just know the odds are against me here. Felicia – that don’t matter.

7pm – 7:20pm Dinner time.. BB gave them two bottles of wine and 6 beer.

7:54pm The drinking continues..

8:20pm Comic Bedroom – Jared and Cirie
Cirie – I need you to make him (Cory) think that everything is cool. Jared – okay. why? Cirie – just in case I stay here and god forbid everything go left and maybe that might shift him off of me. If he thinks you’re still on it, he’ll think I’m still on it. He told me today that you and Izzy were on him about America. Like she got to f**king go .. if she f**k up .. she out! And that’s what started to sway him. He said that Izzy did it at night and you did it before that. Jared – he said he ain’t trust me since he told me the survivor thing. Cirie – because Cam told him that you told him. He said that you tried to make him think that America told Cam and he knew America didn’t tell Cam. Jared – no, when he told me on week three.. BB blocks the feeds.

8:33pm Hammock make out session..

8:58pm The house guests are sitting near the pool table while Cory, Jag and Meme play pool.

9:09pm – 9:35pm Backyard – Bowie and Cameron.
Cam – I won’t do something without letting you know. And I expect you would play the part that’s needed when I tell you what’s going on. If you don’t have anyone in this game Bowie, you’ve always had me. Red told me .. I was always close to Red since day one.. he told me that he trusted you over everything else. Bowie – that’s crazy. Cam – and I want you to know that and I hope you feel the same way about me and that I won’t ever do you wrong. Bowie – I feel pretty good about Jag and Matt, don’t you? Cam – I’ve been wanting to be good with them. I feel good with them but I don’t trust them completely. We can all work together to get out a common goal. And although I don’t trust Cory and America, I trust them to make the right decision for the next week or two. Bowie – of even three weeks. Cam – exactly and then we do what we have to. Bowie – the moment they get power they become different people. Which is a normal human behaviour but in here it gross. Cam – piece by piece .. like I am tearing down an old house. I would never leave you behind. Blue – thank you. Cam – if I am here we make money. Other people might… once the realize what you have to offer. Once they recognize how loyal you are and how great of a player you are. Once they recognize these things that I recognized weeks and weeks ago.

Kitchen – Jag, America and Blue.
Jag – he’s made his targets clear so its going to be impossible for him to work with anyone else other than us probably so.. America – he just don’t like them also. Blue – and his target being Felicia heavy makes so much sense.. Everything really started with Miss Girl. She lies about it or denies it or whatever. I don’t know if shes said anything to ya’ll. Felicia has never owned up to anything. Even with her owning up she is not a big target. America – but she is dangerous being in the jury house. Blue – yeah bitter jury. Bitter jury. Jag – maybe she is not a competitive threat but she is a social threat. She spreads seeds of doubt all the time. She is hyper paranoid but that is her game. What is she going to do win a comp?

11pm Bathroom – Meme, Cory, Jag and Matt.
Meme – lets play a game. Cory – sole mates? Likes and dislikes of their sole mates.

11:30pm – 12am Hammock – Jared and Blue.
Jared – its really up to you on how you want to play your HOH. You can play it super safe and put up .. since Bowie is part of the crew.. you put up Meme and Felicia. One of them definitely goes home. Whoever wins is going to keep noms the same. One of them is definitely going to go home because you got all the competitors on the outside. Blue – and when I do win HOH, I am going to have to act like its the only HOH I am going to win. Jared – that’s what I am saying. In my HOH that was my regret. I was thinking this buys me more time and that sh*t did not. I am not going to make that mistake again. They continue to speculate.

midnight – 1 am Jared and Blue on the hammock mostly chit chat or Jared talking about the game. Jared is saying that Matt has had the easiest rid in the house “BRAH” for never being on the block “BRAW” .
Jag, Cameron, Matt, Corey and America chit chat and laughs on the backyard couch.

1:15 am Cameron calls it a night.

1:17 am Blue, Corey and America late night burritos and fries chit chat at around 1:59 am Some game talk about Cameron. Corey points out if Cameron wins the next HOH he makes it to Jury. They try to figure out what his Nominations will be.
Blue – I think he knows he has a short shelf life
Corey – he knows if he puts up Felicia and whatever he won’t be in a good spot. at least if he puts up Matt and Jag he rolls the dice and see where it lands.
Feeds flip for a minute when we’re back they are joking around about America and Corey having a ‘fight’
Corey – our fights are more so her being upset and me apologizing.
Corey leaves.
Blue and and America talk about bowie jane. America says she doesn’t trust Cirie at all. They talk about how Bowie was holding meetings with people today. She’s playing the game now.

They head to bed.

2:00 am Zzzzz (Corey and America are making out)

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I just threw up in my mouth


Holy Smokes …. Matt looks like Adonis laying there. Lucky hammock!

Thanks Dawg!


Those downvotes must be due to my grammar slip-up. Matt is LYING on that lucky hammock!

Another Dixie

Kind of funny when Cory’s photo is right next to him, with his pasty white body.


Eh different tastes for different people. Cory is more attractive to me than a Greek sculpture

Spot ON

That “pasty white body” is getting more booty in the house than “Adonis”.


Matt is gorgeous

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Only from the neck down…

Spot ON

LOL….and so was REILLY…lol


How can they possibly condone him still being there? Look at how he’s acting! If I’m not here I’m making sure that mother###ker doesn’t win. Talk about inflated ego!


Ugh!! Why are people idiots. Apparently, what people did with Turner and his business they also decided to do to Hisam:Leaving fake bad reviews of his medical practice. I wish people were better than this

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Those reviews were there for YEARS.


Not most of them. Check the dates again, the toxic fandom had done shit like that even prior to social media EXISTING with bb6 Jen and her school work for example. Some people are mentally sick.

Felicia's eyebrows

The toxic fandom analyses every single second of the houseguests, vilifies them and then tries to ruin the hg’s lives outside of the BB house. And then those same people can’t understand why BBCan has eliminated the livefeeds ?????


Simon and Dawg have an interesting sense of humor: picked that picture of Matt sunbathing to remind me that I need to stop being a sore loser, pizza eater, candy maniac, and get my sh!t together and work out to get rid of my current body that is nothing like Matt’s! LOL

Thank you, Simon and Dawg! That’s actually a good reminded I needed to get my act together.


Snl did a great skit a few years ago of the Michael Phelps diet. An insane amount of calories but if all you do is swim all day yeah you too could have an amazingly in shape body

Spot ON



As for BB:

Words a real SORE loser: If he wins this sh*t I AM GOING TO BE ON FIRE! LIKE ON FIRE BRO! There are a few select people that I really wouldn’t care if you won. Like in a good way. I wouldn’t mind if you won. Obviously I wouldn’t mind if Cirie won. And to this day I really wouldn’t mind if Felicia won either. Same with Matt. Blue – me too. Jared – but everyone else in this motherf**ker .. if Bowie win this sh*t, if Meme win this sh*t, if Cory or America win this sh*t, or if Jag win this sh*t.. AGHHH.. BRO

You don’t get to decide, “Bro.”

un autre nom

Jared’s ableist shit about Matt.
Compare their social games.
Compare their strategic game moves.
Compare their comp performances. Default and Cory cam talk about the wall vs actually winning comps head to head.

which one got evicted?
Take away production protection to keep mommy happy? shitforbrains would have been gone weeks earlier.

Jared can go back to his pathetic high school drop out depends on mommys celebutard life and remain being a loser.

tom f

Jared needs to be gone even before Thursday. With Jared’s antics tho, were all talking about him. It shouldn’t be. He should have been gone after the r-word slur!!

Nate Covington

And Corey should be gone just for eating boggers on the feeds. Then he kiss America in the mouth? Gross

Spot ON


Which reminds me of my 5th grade class, and one particular classmate. This kid used to sit in the middle of the class about the 3rd or 4th seat back from the front. In other words, everyone else, relative to him, had a pretty good view of him.

Well, as history was written, DAY IN AND SAY OUT this kid used to engage in what you described. He would “pick”, he would “examine” the prize, and then he would swallow.

For the life of me, I can’t understand HOW or WHY someone would develop an affinity to engage in such behavior. Every kid in class class was aware of the silent joke. Today the guy is a lawyer in CA. and wondering if he has kick the habit. Can you imagine doing THAT in front of the judge or jury?

Nether Region Euphemism

Swoony aerials of Matt, but that floss stick from the front profile is truly a turn off. He’s adopted it.


Yeah, floss stick needs to go to the nether-land along with Blue’s curler, Jared’s bandana…and a bunch of gray robes.

Jared’s greasy doo-rag

Ugh, those fkn robes, lol


Jared is always dropping hints to production about finding another way to keep him safe.

While talking with Blue, Jared was hoping there was something that Cirie could win, something that would save him, keep him in the game. Dude, production has done everything in their power to keep you in the game. It’s not fair to everyone else !!! Stop talking in code to production, stop asking for more help to keep you in the game.

Jared seems to think he’s special, and worthy of winning BB25. In his little peanut mind, he feels he deserves to be here over everyone else, what a loser. I want Jared gone soooo bad, I’m tired of hearing “bro, bro, bro” idiot, please leave, you’re annoying as hell.

Stop dropping hints while talking with your doormat Blue, production has already ruined BB25, they should have told everyone you and Cirie are mother & son. Production can’t actually play in a competition for you, they keep doing everything they can to save you, you’re the one who can’t seem to win, Jared, please leave on Thursday, and stay gone !!


You mean Jeff and Jordan. Lol.

Nate Covington

My word, if I hated a HG like you I would come up with make believe scenarios too.


do the producers realize how much the viewers hate Jared? get this POS out of the house. they had the chance when he said the r-word.

un autre nom

They used the long weekend to try to cover for not enforcing their zero hate speech policy. They hoped the press would drop it by that Tuesday. The network pushed pr to put out feel good messages instead.

That said, the production company has blocked so much misogynist behavior this season, that i wonder if Meme and Bowie actually tried playing bb here and there, but it got blocked because hg’s were talking about the latest he-man woman haters club bullshit that had occurred. I’m eyeing Jared, Cam, Red and sometimes Matt for us losing cumulatively about 8 days of feeds in 20 minute increments. Apparently being a douche is cool, but reacting to a douche’s behavior is chenbot colonoscopy time.

Aunt Cece

What r word?

un autre nom

before they sign the contract, each prospective houseguest is given a list of hate speech words that will immediately terminate their stay on the show.
one of those words is r#t@rd.


Jared called America retarded but he did immediately apologize

Another Dixie

Yes, and the guy who got ejected also apologized but still got booted. Double standard where the Fields are concerned.


It’s not just the Fields, it’s everyone of their ilk.


They need a villain; hence the return of Jared/Cam.

Queen Catia

As far as I am concerned if Jared does not leave for good this time then the rest of this season is toast…I’ll read updates here but there’s no point in actively watching the show with Jared on it. He is a narcissist, entitled and spoiled man-child. I already am muting my sound whenever he is on screen because I just can’t with him…


Quit watching a week ago! Just read the updates here. The season was destroyed right from the start!

Jared’s greasy doo-rag

My feelings exactly. I can’t take his asshole behavior anymore ; is Cirie blind to what is so obvious? Has she just enabled & made excuses for him ? Surely this behavior is not new….. he is a total embarrassment to his family & to the show

Queen Catia

I do believe that his behavior is most certainly not new and that Cirie has, in fact, enabled him throughout his entire life.


You hit the nail on the head!!!

Another Dixie

Cutie is just as bad as her son, but she is nicer and more PC than he. She does a real good job of belittling and intimidating the weaker players, like Bowie. She’s like a dictator and they better do her bidding or else. And they know what “else” is.

Another Dixie

I wish Cam hadn’t told Jared that he was going to do the puzzle. It’s so much fun watching Jared get all worked up & he’d be crapping his pants the rest of the week worrying about having to solve the puzzle.


Maybe Cam is telling everyone that & then will change his mind at the last second to throw everyone off.

However, I honestly don’t see Cam choosing to not compete & leaving his fate to chance.

Either way, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for Cam to win!

Spot ON

“I wish Cam hadn’t told Jared that he was going to do the puzzle”

He’ll be relaxed.. not expect anything…
and then…. SHAZAM !!!!!!!!

Another Dixie

I hope that is the case and that production is also in the dark. I believe they would give Cam a much harder puzzle that Jared so telling at the last moment would cause havoc.

tom f

I need clarification. So Cameron won the Zombie thing and he get’s to decide if he or Jared gets to do a puzzle? I’m confused. I don’t do live feeds and just read what is here. Anywho, let’s hope that exterminator gets exterminated like the bug that he is. Good job in parenting Cirie. You raised a bully and wannbe thug!

un autre nom

part one
the balance beam teeter totter with balls comp.
done in three or four rounds. first to 30 balls? maybe.
winner: Cam
Cam. gets to decide who must compete in a puzzle
if Cam competes and finishes puzzle: Cam returns
If Cam competes and fails: Jared returns
Cam can make Jared do the puzzle.
If Jared competes and finishes: Jared returns
If Jared competes and fails: Jared leaves.

Fair race would be if winner part one got an easier puzzle, loser got harder puzzle and they fought head to head.


It should have been the one comp and be done. First time they do 2 parts for a houseguest to return. It’s like the fix is on!


Yes. Cameron won the Zombie thing and he get’s to decide if he or Jared gets to do a puzzle.

As of right now Cameron is saying he will do the puzzle. Hasn’t happened yet.


Cory is getting better at kissing. From the first kiss it looked like he was vomiting in America’s mouth (reminded me of Timothée Chalamet awkward kiss) . Tonight I saw more gentler tongue teasing action. I rather watch Cory and America navigate than hearing, seeing anything pertaining to Jared Bag-O-Rocks-4-Brains and Blue No-Soul-Snake
After Thursday if THAT Jared mfker STAYS? I will be FIRE bro! Production will see the ratings drop

un autre nom

As Cameron is getting more cocky and pompous about staying, he is saying a lot of insert woman’s name better keep her mouth shut… in a way that i’m hearing as threat and saying to the screen ‘or what’?
This is the type of shit that got his ass noped because the edit insists on playing up the space cowboy angle. I still insist the ‘space’ is in reference to the number of feet that are going to be required in the restraining orders.
So far he’s telling Bowie Jared was his plan all along. Was getting evicted before Jared part of the plan too?
Let’s all remember the day America spilled house dynamics to Cam. She had to repeat it 5 times because Cam kept saying no. Delusional Asshat thought Jared was his best friend.
But now he’s saying he knew aaaaallll along.
Blink blink.
This guy’s a clown. and not the funny haha kinda clown… the fuqed up hands out balloons from a sewer grate kind.

Nether Region Euphemism

At this point I’m rooting for Cam bc most everyone else is not deserving of the win. Continuously, Jag, Matt, and America go back to trusting Blue with information. They deserve to lose.

Ok, he was duped by Jared for awhile, but none of them have been good this season in terms of not getting misted. Except for Cerie, I suppose.

Right now though he’s playing well to work himself back into the social milieu with improved standing, and subtly set up wedges between HGs for future weeks.

His weakness definitely is his inherent lack of social awareness. But if he can make it to the end despite that, it’s a deserved win. I think at this point there’s a desensitization effect where the shock of his persona no longer triggers a cringe for most of the HGs.

I am still rooting for Cory, but if Cam does take him out (or orchestrates others to do it), then Cam is the one for me to make it to the end. I would not mind a Bowie sleeper run to the front, if she has it in her (doubt it, though).

And certainly Cam is not afraid to play. All the seasons of feeders complaining about tame game, so what’s not to celebrate here?

Certainly I’m not keen on his sexism, but then again Matt with his Andrew Tate quote, yet he gets a pass bc he’s a sweet man. Cam for sure is more overt about it, but in some ways he’s less problematic for me bc I feel he has signs of a social disorder and just doesn’t realize how he’s coming off…..whereas Matt smirked about the Tate quote, he knows better.

The insidious misogyny of ‘nice guys’ is perhaps more harmful than that of the overt creeper.

Felicia has also done a lot of slut shaming this season towards America. Feeders do that towards Blue, yet they balk at Cam’s behavior.

un autre nom

oh, i don’t give Matt a pass. i’ve previously mentioned the feedblocks due to the reaction of the sexism of Jared, Cam, Red and sometimes Matt. Hisam too.
The sometimes isn’t an excuse, or letting him off the hook. It’s that the feedblocks we’ve experienced has less often been due to Matt comments.
I remember commenting that this group of men would not usually be cast together. My suspicion given this is a stuntcast season? Knowing Jared would be Jared, they cast knuckle draggers so Jared wouldn’t stand out as the douchenozzle he is. They intentionally cast men problematic to varying degrees so that Jared wouldn’t stand out as an asshat loser quite so much.


Cam thinks he knows everything. He says he knew he would get a chance to come back when he was evicted. Now how did he know that? Did Prod tell him?

BB Fan

They all say they know things. When they end up not being true/happening no one remembers, but when they do, they must have an in with production? He’s a super fan. He “knew” there was a chance of something like this happening at this point in the game because there have been similar twists/battle backs at a similar time. He made a lucky guess.


At this stage I just scroll past any transcript with Jared in it.

Fast forward this Season

Me too. Why are there so many with Jared? Production loves him and Cirie.


I was on twitter and someone posted a video of Jared’s rap song. I don’t know what possessed me to watch it…I cannot unsee or unhear it! Absolutely atrocious! He was bragging about it and hoped BB would give him more exposure!


Finally some MANCANDY

Spot ON

Careful not to come to quick conclusion these days. Nowadays, what you see may not always be what it is. Check for a prostate gland first.


OMG Dawg what has happened to OBB with the photo of Matt being spread open to all …JK Dawg but would like to see more of the Gals…… Great work this season and just think you all have 50 days left.

Fast forward this Season

Production should require them to get up and get dressed even if they don’t want to work out. I am sick of looking at the House Coats.


Here you go

un autre nom

The conversation between Amer/Cam.

Y’know how he’s already decided the script for his fairytale bb adventure?
He’s decided that Amer is his jury house blow up doll, and that Cory is just her cover story so nobody sees Cam and Amer are the real showmance.
This is why he is targeting Cory. not game…but because Cory is becoming too besotted with his property.

It’s creepy.
Before we start with the ‘she flirts back’ shit.. if she wants to play the game, there’s nowhere else to go, and if she doesn’t play along, he could go back to threatening her game like he’s currently targeting Cory.

It’s not like production stepped in when she was uncomfortable and mouthed ‘help me’ to the cameras.
He’s not always a cartoon villain. Nobody is, but pointing at the good times to ignore the bad times? Expecting her to hate him all the time because he goes too far and makes her uncomfortable sometimes is too black and white diagnosis for a gray world too. If she wants to play big brother, she can’t leave. We know from the Amber and Da’vonne precedents that production isn’t doing a damn thing. That’s Grodism in action.


I like that Cam is willing to make big moves against Cirie, Jared, Felicia. I am pulling for Cam to stay in the house, I just can’t stand listening to Jared, nor Blue, she’s just as annoying as Jared.

Here’s what bothers me with Cam. Cam is his own worst enemy, he talks too much, needs to learn how to shut up, stop bragging on himself and what he can do in the house.

2 weeks ago, America had to keep telling him over, and over, and over, until it finally sunk in, Jared is not the friend you think he is, America opened Cam’s eyes, made him realize he has or had been the target since week 2.

I want Cam to stay, but he really needs to work on being able to blend in, stop trying to be the Big Man on campus, the Hero, everyone’s savior. He turns people off with a lot of the comments he makes, Cam’s social skills need some work, this is why so many people don’t care to be around him, or trust him.

Cam, shut up, stop bragging, stop shooting yourself in the foot. Build up someone other than yourself, work on making people feel like their opinions matter, they are contributing to the game, chill, show yourself as being humble with the people you are working with.

Stop being the older version of Jared the asshole, if you want people to work with you, stop being all about you, and what you can do, chill, build up the people you are working with, be a team player, stop trying to be the leader, the brains of the group, work together, if you continue being so arrogant, you will be back up on the block, on an island all by yourself.

Work with Jag, Matt, Etc… respect their input, it’s not all about you, and what your plans are, you need people to trust you, want to work with you, please stop acting like know it all Jared.

Production, stop trying to make this BB25 Cirie & Jared edition. Stop fixing shit that keeps Jared and Cirie safe, you are wrecking BB, Blue and Jared have already made it clear, you are following a script that benefits Jared & Cirie, Knock it off Production, you are ruining BB

Queen Catia

Exactly, Cam needs to shut up and get out of his own way. I, too, want Cam to stay in the house but he needs a big dose of chill…

un autre nom

As of the conversations held today:
Who are houseguests targeting if they win HOH

Meme: Jag/Matt
Felicia: Jag /Matt
Cirie: Jag/Cory
Blue: Cory+ revolving list depending on who Jared whines about.
Cory: Cam/Jared + Felicia
Bowie: Cam/Jared + Felicia/Cirie
America: either Cam/Jared + Felicia or Meme / Felicia or Cam/Jared + Cirie
Jag: Meme/Felicia
Matt: Meme/Felicia

I don’t give a shit who zombieManson and zombiePoohforbrains want to target. They’re both slimeball asshat douchecanoe Nopes. Seriously, wtaf is Grod’s mental defect?

Yeah…Today i’ve actually been editing my opinions. shoulda seen the first drafts.


Bowie, Blue and America not mentioned. Start talking, girls!


Based on this list I’d prefer a Cirie HOH just so Cory & Jag are forced to battle each other & we get livelier feeds.

Cory already stated if Cirie had won HOH in the DE that he & America would spill everything. Hey, that’s Cory’s game so it’s not surprising but I wonder what tidbits he really has at this point to spill.

As for Jag, he may have more ammo to use against Cory simply by stating Cory will turn on his closest allies (Izzy & Jared both had long-end games with him).

Most of the posters weren’t fans of Izzy but notably, since she left, the feeds/game ground to a halt (even before this zombie week). The hamsters received alcohol deliveries TWICE recently which speaks to how boring the feeds are.

If Jag/Matt are the noms it wouldn’t provide the same level of drama nor would Meme/Felicia. I guess Cam vs. Felicia might offer some robust action but nowhere near the level of Cory vs. Jag.

With another 40+ days to go, I want lively feeds so that’s my wish for the next HOH.

Caveat: this is with the assumption Jared leaves on Thursday

un autre nom

what was also changed when Izzy left? The general anxiety level of the rest of the hg’s. that’s something we can’t overlook either.
The real change was that Cirie didn’t hyper-anxiety flipflopfidget the vote because her paranoia wasn’t being amplified by izzy’s rabid gamer squirrelling.
However, if anyone but baby had been HOH, of course mommy would have flipflopped the vote every day.

Wife Mom Chauffer

Recent reality tv junkie here due to the strike. My observation so far. The most overused terms in reality tv are:

Let’s Go- All reality contestants collectively since Kaycee Clark.

Why all the hate against Cameron? Sure, he’s a little creepy and Manson-ish, but does that warrant all the hate he receives? I don’t watch the live feeds, so I don’t know what garners all the hate.

BB Fan

I agree I feel like really must be missing something. He has turned a little cold since they screwed his relationship with Red but can we blame him? He feels (knows) he’s on an island. Why should he be fake with everyone who he knows isn’t giving him a real chance and that he can’t trust them. It took him a minute to accept that Jared was against him but as soon as he knew he did what he had to do. Other players wouldn’t want to hear it/believe it. It’s also not really “bragging on yourself” to talk about things you’ve actually accomplished. He’s trying to remind people of his value, and he hasn’t led the charge on backstabbing an ally or someone he had an agreement with like Jag, Jared, Cirie, Cory, Felicia, etc. etc. have.

un autre nom

You’re at work. A co-worker comes up to you and says he can’t wait to get you under the mistletoe at the christmas party. He further says hope your husband doesn’t mind driving us to a motel.
Do you feel creeped out, objectified and harrassed?
What if H/ R tells you to deal with it yourself, it’s not their problem, he’s on the fasttrack to management.
is he just a little creepy still?


I bet that some of these guys are so jealous of Cory because he’s in a showmance with America … they’re undoubtedly feeling insecure about themselves and thus targeting Cory (on various levels and at various times). He is the ultimate threat to how these guys see themselves. Matt surely came onto the show thinking he’d be making some kind of love connection, especially with his ‘good looks’ and athleticism. Hard to say what Cam’s assets are but he would have to be wondering what Cory has that he doesn’t. Not only is America physically beautiful, but she is a real game player! And I think Jared is the most mentally threatened by Cory, which is why he is always talking down to him, telling him the fans wouldn’t vote him as favourite, and calling him ‘kid’. Jared is, by far, the most insecure male in the house. Yes, he landed a showmance but she’s a total dipstick.

Meme's Muse

True! One of the many reason why, IMO, Cory will win this season. America, she is a knowledgeable fan but if Cam, looks like he is not a sinking ship she knows reentry houseguest often are, she will continue to “flirt with him” to ensure her spot. She is trying to play a Taylor H kind of game.. sigh where are the Janelle’s the Danielle R, the humor of Brittany? Why is Bowie more committed to being non-committed when she clearly could be in a greater spot? Whatever. Look for these players to show up on the Challenge soon. CBS must know not many are invested this week because who wants to watch a week long of the houseguest rehashing the same conversation for the 30th time

BB Fan

Was it just me though, or did anyone else catch how America kind of went for Matt first, but he was hung up on Reilly…she got dissed by Matt and once she saw she didn’t have a chance with him she went to Cory. Jag wanted Reilly too. Don’t get me wrong I like America…but I don’t necessarily think anyone is jealous of Cory for that reason.


America also said to the cameras when Reilly left “don’t worry Reilly I’ll take care of Matt for you”!


Cirie being the opposite of Jared (smart) doesn’t speak well of his father. Where and who is he?

Spot ON

Why do you ask us when he probably doesn’t even know!


Wow I could look at Matt all day long

un autre nom

I can only comment for myself. I’m sick to death of bb houseguests calling out for a power or twist to save them.
Play better.
There. That’s the only special power that should be given.
Today we’re four days into the double eviction. Asshat Jared and Felicia are calling for a Pandora’s box twist in the middle of the zombie twist…
Shut up.