Blue “Maybe this is just me being a hater but I don’t think they really like each other.”

The Situation:
Lots of bullsh1tting going on.

  • Jared and Cameron are living in the house as “Zombies”
  • No HOH, No Power of Veto, No Eviction. Jared or Cameron will get a chance to reenter the game.
  • Jared and Cameron compete in a 3 part comp to decide who gets to play in the puzzle comp to reenter the game
  • Jared lost the Zombie competition so Cameron gets to decide to do The puzzle competition to reenter the game

Lock your ranks in before midnight

11:40pm Backyard – Jared and Cory.
Cory – what they’re laying out to me doesn’t make that much sense. And then I have all this but I was like he (Jared) has every reason to come after me and he just nominated me and America. Jared – I think that was the driving factor for you. Cory – yeah. So there was these two things and it was hard for me to get over but that’s why this week if you do come back… its a weird week.. its almost .. this week is asking everyone to reset because there is nothing else to f**king do. Jared – that’s what I feel like. That’s what I truly feel like and especially being that its me and Cameron. Because people are going to fear it a bit because alright f**k these two have a great shot at winning HOH and then somebody is going to get cooked! Cory – yup. Jared – and then its also the fact that one of these motherf**kers is not coming back so that is also a good part of it, we only have to worry about one person. So we aught to be able to kick it straight with them especially me since I lost the resurrection. Its up to you to take it how you feel about it but I truly do mean it .. if staying in this house I am completely resetting. Cory – I appreciate it. Jared – I got all my conversations out that I needed to get out. I have an understanding of why it happened and at the end of the day like I always tell you like I am a gameplayer. I get it. From you I sort of expected it. Here is my thing, like I said me coming back into the house that is just how I feel and its up to everyone to believe it or not. I spoke to Matt about it and I spoke to Jag about it and if I wasn’t able to have those conversations for sure I would be on the F**K you guys train. But considering I was allowed to come back in the house even if I am not allowed to stay in the house that was enough for me to have .. essentially to get closure. And I take my part in what I played in that whether it was less or more. When I was talking to Jag I said in a world where I do stay I am not coming after you either BRO… and like obviously I am not going to fall into the Hisam level I am not going to go after anybody because then like what the f**k are you doing here. But truly right now it feels like day one again for me. I get the part that I played in it and that’s what make it easier to accept.

12:05pm Backyard Couches – The house guests are talking about how many kids they would want. Felicia – America? America – IT AIN’T FOR ME! Maybe if I meet the right person that might change. Felicia – I applaud you for knowing what you want and don’t do it if you don’t want it because its not fair to the kids.

12:25pm – 1:09pm Havenot Room – Matt and Blue.
Blue – I want to talk to Cameron.. it feels like everyone one giving him a chance and obviously so am I. I just want to talk to him and see what’s up. I am not completely sold yet you know?! Matt – yeah, I think that is the same with everyone. Everyone is trying to be careful with Cameron. I am too. I would rather have him on my side to be honest. Jag if for sure with Cory and America. Blue – for sure. And between you and I that makes me a little nervous. Because its obviously its me, you and Jag but Jag is getting closer to Cory and America. And obviously you and Jag are seen as big threats. It just makes me nervous that he is going to choose them over us. My thing is I feel good with the 5 right.. I feel good with Cory and America. I feel good with you and Jag. Matt – I see us three as priority and those two as next in line. Blue – right. Matt – but I have you over them. I have Jag over them. Blue – I am just a little nervous because I don’t know where Jag stands. I feel weird because I feel like I am on the bottom.. pair, pair and then me. Matt – I don’t blame you once you get put up on the block that drives a little wedge. Blue – I am starting to feel super expendable to Cory and America. I kind of feel like they’re .. not using us because I know they want to work with us but in the same way that everyone wants to work with us just because we’re strong competitors. Matt – they know if they don’t get them on their side they’re f**ked. Blue – so I personally have a feeling that they’re hanging out with us and that they like us as friends but they’re kind of using us to do a bit of their dirty work. Matt – or because they know they can’t play in these physical comps. That is just how I see things right now … I am moving in a way of being a team player but from my position I am keeping a close eye… because at any point it could be me again. Matt – I am keeping them at a distance too. Blue – I want us three to be there. Matt – I won’t let them take you out. I will not. I am going to defend you. If they were going to put you up, I’ll be like no f**k that. And we will take them out before they make a move. Blue – I was thinking about that .. like no matter what Cory and America are a final two. Matt – of course. They want to be the showmance to make it to the end but they won’t because they don’t win comps. Blue – and technically they’ve been getting people to do their dirty work. It really does piss me off that some people in this house haven’t played the game. That’s the thing that gets me a little annoyed with America is that she hasn’t done anything. She is not even playing her game, she’s playing Cory’s game. Matt – I know, all she does is flirt with him and hangs out with him all day. Blue – and flirts with Cameron. Matt – I know dude! I’m like stop pissing off Cory. She’s say that she hates him but then have long convos. Blue – and be hell’a flirty. I think that Cory is playing a smart game and America is just latching onto him. Matt – that’s why she is F**Ked when he leaves. Blue – at the end of the day Cory is a smart player and he is playing for himself. America is playing for him. Matt – Cory’s already made comments like America and me, we’re not going to last outside of this. Blue – yeah and maybe this is just me being a hater but I don’t think they really like each other.

1:40pm – 2:07pm Bathroom – Cameron and Blue.
Blue – congrats on winning. Cam – on what? It feels like that was forever ago. Blue – Obviously, I didn’t put my money on you but however.. just kidding ..all jokes. I feel like the vibes with you in the house are different. I see you integrating with the house which is good. Cam – if things go how I want them to go .. you don’t have a lot of time left to hang out with Jared. Blue – yeah. Cam – and you know how close me and him are. And I know that I am giving him his time and you your time together and to grips with what happened. I hope he told you about the advice I gave him. Blue – no I did not. Cam – well it wasn’t about you specifically. Do I just say f**k it and run with what I did when I came back into this house with everything I did and allow people to think I am whatever or should I try to mend these relationships? I said I know you have this thing where it is hard for you to separate things that happen in the game and personal. And you know I am the opposite. When I went out I went out with love in my heart and didn’t screw anything up. If it was me I would figure out a way how to talk to those people. I think after that I’ve seen him talk to people and he’s in a good space. Blue – I think he regrets playing as safe a game as he did. In the slim chance that you’re still here I am ready to make a big move. Cam – its not that slim. Blue – I am manifesting for someone else right now. Cam – I know. Just to let you know I am manifesting as well. I know my abilities and my confidence level. I’m a bust that sh*t out the frame! And he is going to be my first hug.. because I am going to lose my friend. I’ve lost a lot of friends in this motherf**ker.

Blue – the nature of the game is to talk, trust people and what not.. so if at any moment that I feel that I can’t trust you or if at any moment I hear someone say like oh this happened .. like you and Cameron said this… (She snaps her fingers) I don’t need to pull what other people in the house are pulling, just like drop you and then as soon as you’re on the high come back to you. You know me, that’s not me. If that does come back to bite me in the a$$.. there is no way for me to stich around and do my little hair twirl and kiss a$$ is essentially what I am saying. Cam – well that is not very comforting by that I mean this is a conversation that Jared and I had because we did that to each other .. we cut each other but we realized that we’re great friends and like super tight. And the agreement that we made after everything went down is that we have got to talk to each other… so I beg you not to drop me. I beg you to come have a conversation. Blue – No, yup. 100%! Cam – because I won’t bullsh*t. I will talk straight to you about what is going on. I preface this because it is going to happen. My name is easily thrown under the bus every week. That is going to happen over and over again.. and it is going to get worse. Blue – no yes and I should have clarified. I don’t care about he said she said. I will base my decision on my gut reaction not on what other people tell me. Blue – Lets rock some sh*t. Cam – I am down to throw grenades. You know that I’ve been wanting to do a big game play. You know that I want to have some fun in this house. Like I am ready to make people who haven’t been playing or people who I don’t like how they’re playing I want to .. I want to stir the sh*t up! Cam – do you trust me enough to tell me what you think you might do? Blue – I am still trying to figure that out. Cam – I know what I want to do and it has hard logic reasoning behind it. Blue – and if you’re comfortable sharing with me.. Cam – we’ll get to that point but it won’t be shocking.. when it happens it would make a lot of sense. It would be a move that I wouldn’t want to give all the details to Jared. It would be a move that would resonate and make sense to the people that play the sh*t out of this game and are playing their a$$ off and deserve to be here. Blue – I am interested because if it is that same target that I’ve been hearing about. Cam – who did you hear that from? Blue – I heard from America. I heard that you’re going after Felicia and Meme because you don’t like how they’ve played. Cam – who do you definitely not want to go to jury?

3:20pm Big Brother gives the house guests more wine / beer and party stuff for Cory’s Birthday.

4pm By the Pool – Apparently Felicia gave Cory a lap dance during the BB feeds block. (Cory says that she offered.) Jared – you are a legend! Felicia – Jared, Jared, he got his P hard! Cirie – Cory’s family is outside ready to take him home.

4:50pm Backyard – Blue and Meme playing pool.

Blue – Do professionals sit on the table? I don’t thinks so. Meme – We are professionals, we make the rules.

5:30pm Backyard Hammock – Meme and Blue.
They’re chatting about the past events of the season and what happened during the double eviction. They head inside to sing happy birthday to Cory and give him his cake.

6:43pm Pool Games – with Cameron, Jag, Matt, Bowie.

7pm Bathroom – America and Cory showering together.

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Methinks Blue is projecting herself onto America


She (blue) acts like she’s made big moves and won lots of comps when we all know her one and only move.

Matthew schneider

Lioness i cant believe blue said america isnt playing the game which is bs look at the izzy vote out america first said that to cory and he keep saying no america keep pushing wouldnt let that go until cory finally realized america was right to make that move then her and cory went to work that is playing the game what has blue done nothing .

Spot ON

” we all know her one and only move”
HUMM…What was that move?

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Thats mental illness 101 right there!

Jared's Virtuous Nature

Blue is not much of a game player and would just be another floater if she wasn’t attached to the most obnoxious player in the house that has ties to the celebrity edition and her minions. She would be jumping around effectively like Matt and Jag since they don’t win much, they can essentially say and do whatever they want as they don’t have any merits and aren’t usually making moves. Yeah, Matt won that veto and didn’t use it but apologized and played the stupid card when confronted by Cerie and fell for her game that involves emotional manipulation, even crying with her.

Back to Blue, she came in as some wannabe social media icon and lost all of her allure by hooking up with you know who. To be fair, she said that her goal is to have showmance so I guess that she is doing a good job playing her game. In all reality, she is an information collector for Jared (Cerie) and I don’t get why these others tell her anything. If I was in the house, I would give her BS information. God I need to apply for this game. I think that they would maybe pick me, but I refuse to get any of the non-fda approved jabs!

un autre nom

Matt, friendzoned but building shrines to Reilly.
Blue, the side ho to a self professed serial cheater.
That’s who is talking about real and lasting relationships.
What a couple of morons.


I don’t believe Matt was friendzoned. In fact, since Reilly’s been out of the house she’s revealed she deeply regrets not telling Matt how she feels before leaving. She thought the Q-tip heart she made would be a clue. She said she hopes Matt “holds on for a minute and waits for me” and knows she will have to wait until November to reconnect with Matt because “he’s totally making jury”. For reference, these quotes are from a live Reilly was on with Kat Dunn on or before Sept 1st.

un autre nom

in the house she friendzoned him. that’s what he knows.
Reilly trying to be relevant after getting evicted week two by attaching herself in absentia to someone making jury? convenient.


I don’t think actively avoiding a showmance is the same as friendzoning. I’m not convinced “that’s what he knows” either. I also don’t think Reilly needs to attach herself to anyone to remain relevant. Having been on the show in and of itself can keep her relevant.

For years I’ve loved and appreciated your POV on things, Another Name. At the same time I think your tinfoil hat perspective can go a bit far. I’m a pretty pessimistic person, but I just don’t have the pessimistic view you have on her.

un autre nom

i’m not being tinfoil re: friend zoning.
before her eviction, he confessed his crush. her response was thanks.


I’m aware, I saw the confession you refer to live and several times since. That doesn’t make your opinion of her initial reaction correct. We are all humans that don’t always react the way we mean to when confronted with uncomfortable situations we’re not expecting.

As for you saying her response was “thanks”…NO, you’re just flat out wrong. Not once did she say that. She immediately hugged him (which is a good reaction if you ask me) and playfully said “secret-telling already?” (CBS did edit this differently for the show) For some people it takes time to process everything. She has since completed that processing and regrets not reciprocating his confession. I always thought she wanted to secret-tell as well, and her regret confirms that.

Also, I intended for the tinfoil part of my response to refer to your last sentence regarding Reilly trying to be relevant since being evicted.

un autre nom

hey, you want to believe they’ll be a happy couple? I’ll support you in that. i’m not a romantic, but i’ll support others that are.
I support every commenter whether I agree or not.
I don’t ask anyone to agree with me, and enjoy reading the comments that don’t agree with me.
As far as my opinion of Reilly? She left week 2. It’s week 8. There’s still 11 people actively in the house playing big brother. So…. stan if you want. nice woman, horrible strategist with bad reads, but I wish her well. Am I going to search out interviews or follow her socials? No. I wouldn’t follow any reality show cast member’s socials. so that’s not a dig at her.


I think your read on Reilly’s reaction to Matt’s crush confession was spot on. That moment, and I’ve seen it a couple times, is soooooo awkward and cringe. But hey, wish them all the best – maybe it was the edit and she’s pining for him. 😉 Pass me the tinfoil.

un autre nom

i realize fans of a houseguest won’t like my dry sarcastic humor about their houseguest.
what you were referring to be tinfoil was actually humor that i didn’t think anyone would mistake as serious.

Spot ON

Yup….and imagine if MATT wins the 750k….. she’s be all over him until the money runs out…
SOOOOO TYPICAL of her type…

Jared’s Toddler-like Temperament

I think that they casted random profiles that they found on Instagram for this one.

Cirie's sloppy gameplay

Blue saying others aren’t playing the game lmao


Rachel Reilly legit thought only she and Brendan were playing the game while the brigade and their allies ran circles around her

Jared’s Toddler-like Temperament

Yeah she isn’t playing the game except for being an informant to Jared and of course his mom and destroyed her social media baddie image. Like Jared, she lacks self awareness. I think that she came in as some social media star with sex appeal as an allure. She is now disgusting! She should have continued her career as an Instagram model (do they even make money?). When she said that she has more outfits to display last week I could see the look of disgust on the faces of most competitors. She would have been better off not prioritizing a showmance over game play. She straight up said that it was her MO! I don’t know why they casted her. She must have charmed the producers or not told them that unless they thought it would stir up more drama…

Nether Region Euphemism

Blue: maybe this is just me being a hater…….

Feeders: yes, Blue, that’s exactly what it is………

un autre nom

Jared telling Cirie she slipped up and Blue has probably figured out the secret.
mmm hmmm.

un autre nom

According to Jag d/r loves the fugitive alliance and their nicknames.
According to Cory he most likely doesn’t get to play in HOH
They’re celebrating Cory’s bday 5 days early.

Even if I’d never worked in any aspect of television production in my life…
I’d be saying….well that sounds pretty leading, doesn’t it?


Celebrating Cory’s birthday early is super shady imo…

I could just see them having a real eviction on Thursday after Cameron likely wins his way back into the house.

They would do the HOH and Veto competition the same episode just like a double but with Cory now ineligible because the producers are shady fucks…

Cory would have to win that Veto to stay most likely because we know most of the competitive people seemingly want him out especially Cameron/Jared and I don’t even know the status of Jag/Matt in relation to keeping Cory really… Blue, Mecole, Cirie, and Felicia also would target him imo and while they may have a lower chance of winning they still could and the odds are not in Cory/America’s favor..

FBJ might use it but her chance of winning is low too.

Thursday is going to be a potential shit show that reeks of Production interference.

Watch Cameron fail to complete his 500 piece puzzle in 30 seconds and then Jared come back, win HOH, nominate Cory/America, and neither wins Veto and Cory goes while that ugly annoying douche celebrates with his lying hypocritical momma….

Fuck that nightmare scenario. I would tap out of the season like I have occasionally done for BB Canada…


Producer just walks into the house, grabs 5 plates, throws them against the wall into a million pieces. “Ok Cam you have 1 minute to glue them back together. Go”!

“ Congratulations Jared Bro, you are back in the house”!


Yeah, why do you think they’re celebrating his B-Day 5 days early?
Do you think they’re planning on sending him home early?
Because that’s what it feels like to me.
I’d be haunted rather than psyched by that prodo move.


Bowie’s bday is 10/4. They could’ve done a double celebration and get both out of the way.

Spot ON

It’s a way to create “material” for us.

Let’s see is BOWIE pulls out the week-long birthday stunt…..or the month-long birthday celebration like another worthless contestant tried to do a few years back (or was it last year?) aa a way to avoid being kicked out.

Barney Rubble

I really can’t bear the level of game talk hypocrisy from Cirie, who’s given too much ‘good’ airtime, when she accuses everyone of doing what she’s done from Day 1 with the added bonus of the idiot son.

It’s frying me that the 2 evictees are in the house poisoning the game after being evicted.

un autre nom

Blue in the middle
Cam house target.
Scary Double (not a double)
Cam evicted
Cory HOH
Matt Veto
Jared evicted
Get ready for a recap episode

Blue: boom
Cirie: no friends
Cory: wild heated up.
Blue lies. everyone else says Blue / Jared
Blue lying about lying
Jared picked Matt hg choice.
keep it the same is the play.
Blue pushes Cirie evicted.
Matt lies to Jared for no reason
Jared / Blue soft confrontation. It’s Blue’s fault.
Bowie put in swing position.
Everybody voting out Jared. Cirie feels played.
Cirie is circled by sharks.
Facts: how is Cirie surprised? She said for a week nobody is talking to her.
Reality: an exposed social manipulator loses manipulation ability. Even told to her face she wasn’t the house this time, she was saying but we’re the house. no,dear, this time they, not you are the house.

Cory and Jag knew zombies double resurrected they’d figured out.
No bb game week. Zombilympics with a default medal ceremony. mmmhmmmm.
Cory wants the zombies back out.
Blue gots splainin to do.
Meme hates that she can’t trust her fighting allies. is she new?


Ghastly Graveyard in three rounds
dig up balls, teeter totter. get to 30.
ten minute round one
flat footed muffin handed poohforbrains… Cirie calls him a competitor… he’s always got an excuse when it’s not a default comp… but sure mommy.
Jared big balls FIRST. Cam little balls FIRST
round one ties at 7.
round 2
ten minutes.
Cam stays on beam
Jared loses balls. hears the cheering team mostly Cirie.
Cam loses balls
Jared panics.
round 2 CAM 13 JARED 9
When Cam gets cocky he calls himself daddy. it’s almost okay for comps. not when talking to women socially.
Jared has to slow down.
round 3
no time. to 30.
back to wall cam since week one? he was in hoh alliance week one, pawn week 2 and 3 hoh week 4…oh nevermind. if he didn’t backstab his alliances consistently, he would prolly be fine.