“I played a very impressive game in my eyes to myself. “

Head of Household Winner – Jackson
Have note are:
Nominations are: Jess and Christie Cliff
Power of Veto Players are: Jackson, Christie, Jess, Nicole, Cliff, Tommy
Power of Veto holder: Tommy
Power of Veto Ceremony: Tommy used the Veto on Christie. Jackson put Cliff up as the replacement.
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2:40 pm Nicole and Cliff

N – I am very scared moving forward you’re my guy and that’s why the way it’s always been
C – I appreciate it. Tomorrow you’re vote and Holly’s vote
Nicole brings up talking to Christie and she was told “it’s all up to you Nicole you decide”
Nicole confirms with Cliff she’s with him the entire game and she’s not changing now.
C – I’ve always said you gotta vote the way your game needs it
N – I don’t know what’s happening next
C – say this is a double eviction and say you win which way do you want to go?
N – I was thinking yes, Michie and Holly are HUGE competitors I can put them up BUT I think Christie and Tommy are capable of a lot to
C – how I know
N – put up CHristie and Tommy and if one of them come down
C – that’s what I thought in the end if you win it whichever way you go I’ll support it.
N – what do you think is the smartest path? I know they are HUGE HUGE threats.
C – All four are dangerous there’s a part of me that really hopes that Tommy and Christie will go that way Michie and Holly would go that way and we’re safe
N – it’s a no brainer moving forward with you
C – I’m going to try for the HOH tomorrow because I feel like I can’t not try
They talk about putting up a pair if they win HOH.
C- I’m going to think about it some more
Nicole speculates that Tommy might put up Cliff and Michie “My biggest fear is Tommy winning”
C – we gotta win Comps and have a little luck on our side.
C – if you and I make it to final 6 tomorrow that means you will make it to final 5 at an absolute minimum probably more than that. I really think if it’s 2 and 2 and you. They will go at each other.
Cliff says both duos will want Nicole to go final 3 with them if not final 2.
Nicole – oh my god my stomach (see image)
N – I want you there with me c’mon Cliff.

3:20 pm Nicole, Jackson, and Holly (Apparently Holly is sick)
Jackson says he doesn’t know if Christie/Tommy what to win HOh and if they do what will happen, “I really think what they want to do is get you to take the shot at us because they don’t… ”
Jackson – as long as you know I am not coming after you and Cliff I will not vote against Cliff. I’m not going to let him walk out this week. We have two votes.
Holly and Nicole make comments about how C/T is talking about how Cliff should go.
J – I really don’t think Tommy and Christie have it in them I think what they want since I’m not playing they want to throw it so they can both play in the next one. Let you or Cliff win get into your ear and have you take a shot at us. I really can see it because they’ve done it in the past.
Jackson beings up the deal C/T had before the slip n slide “the plan was to throw it to have you and Cliff take the shot”
N – why do you think the information got to you I knew it was a setup. We’ll include Nicole and Cliff make them feel part of something
J – they are in our ear (C/T) take things with a grain of salt. what they are saying to you. They are saying the same thing to us about you and Cliff
Holly – I don’t expect that shit from Tommy. Christie, Yes.
N – much more from Christie, Tommy he’s vague, scared, very general, neutral
J – let’s do the math. It’s them two very you, Holly and Cliff. If you win take a shot (at Michie/Holly)
That leaves; Tommy, Christie, Cliff to play in the HOH “and one of us remaining. Because one of us will be gone and you can’t compete in the HOH”
J – it went from 4 V 2 to 2 V 2 and both of them get to compete in the next HOH. So what they are doing are setting themselves for success so they can both compete in the HOH final 4. Have one of y’all take the Shot and not compete in the HOH and pick you off
Holly – yeah

Jackson says C/T are vocalizing they want Cliff out they want Jackson/Holly out and they want Nicole for Final 3.
J – with all due respect they think they can beat you.
Nicole – I know
Holly – or they might want to take Jess to final 3
Jackson – I know who they don’t want to take to Final 3 me, Holly or Cliff. I know that much

Nicole brings up Jessica telling her she’s the one person in the house she can’t trust.
N – she started crying saying I can’t trust people and that person is you. I was like holy shit. So I was trying to talk her down from that. yesterday during her campaign she was like Nicole you’ve been the one person I can trust. I’m like WHAT.. I looked up at the camera. Three days ago I got a lecture about how I’m the worst person in this game.

Nicole is certain Christie and Tommy are in jess’ ear. Jackson and Holly agree tell her C/T want Jess in the game so she will target Nicole and form a trio with C/T
Jackson – Jess would pick Christie over anyone
Jackson – Christie will pick Jess because she knows she can beat Jess
Holly – Jess is going to have such a wide awakening when she gets out of this house. (I really don’t think Jess will understand anything)
J – Christie is manipulative
Holly – she’s snake, she’s been a snake
Jackson says if they had evicted Christie 2 weeks ago he wouldn’t be here right now.
J – my loyalty is with you and Cliff..
Tommy joins them.
Holly talking about not feeling well, Getting chills then hot flashes.

5:05 pm Jackson and Holly
Going on about how they’ve laid out the pairs.
Holly mentions how Christie has a hold on Jess there’s no option to keep her, “I don’t know how Christie gets a hold of so many people”
Jackson – neither do I
H – I will not understand that I do not get it. I don’t see how people didn’t see through Nick and I don’t get why they don’t see through Christie. I just don’t get it
Holly says she did eventually respect Nick can’t understand how Christie has everyone
J – Bamboozled
J – I truly don’t think C/T know we have a final 4 with Cliff and Nicole
H – I don’t think either
J – they are trying to beat us to Cliff and Nicole so it’s them 4 vs us 2
J – either way it will be 4 v 2 in some fashion.
J – essentially it’s me and you versus Tommy and Christie. Who gets Cliff and Nicole
H – If Cliff and Nicole go back on their word to us that would be really rotten.

5:33 pm Jessica and Nicole
Jessica campaigning. Nobody wants to hear this. Here’s a taste
Jess – I played a very impressive game in my eyes to myself.
Jess – it doesn’t matter what other people think of my game and wheater or not I did good. I’m not a comp beast, I’m not good with Chess, I’m not good at checkers. I’m not a strategy person. I might not see the very very end and the very very beginning. That is not my strategy. I come in here THinking I’m going to do a hail marry and hallelujah and hope that the decision I make I Can live with the rest of my life.
jess – I believe and trust in my gut that is something I can offer somebody.. like,… because like that’s who I am.. Like I don’t want it to be a lonely number of one but like that’s how I feel I’ve been playing but I haven’t I haven’t been playing this alone.
Jess – I’ll give myself credit I don’t suck but.. I don’t know man I think the fact that Michie doesn’t play next week. He’s been playing off his smarts. He’s a smart cookie. there’s no way he’s as dumb as he comes off to be.

6:15 pm Holly and Jackson
J – they (c/T) are trying to do what we did. Me and Christie are so freaking similar. They’re trying to set themselves up. If we can go along with it and make them think they are safe. If they feel safe with Cliff and Nicole. Throw it and let them take the shots. They don’t know us four are planning on taking a shot at them.
H – I hope Nicole doesn’t waver. She’s done this from the beginning.
J – This week now more than ever we need her to stay true
H – She can single handly can screw 3 of our games.
H – SUcks because C/T have been playing on her heartstring. It’s so inauthentic UGH! Just because they know she has a big heart.

6:23 pm eating.

7:30 pm Jess and Christie.
Christie – one of them has to f*ing give. I think if one of them give. It will be unanimous (Nicole, Holly)
Christie says that Nicole is really weighing it out to keep Jess or Cliff.
Christie – seriously Holly play your own f*ing game vote the way you want to vote.
Christie says Nicole probably wants to talk to her and Tommy again before making her decision. “Nicole’s smart. Nicole up here is more like us more than some of the other girls that have played this game”
Jess – I wish I had more of an appetite.. they’re so good. I also remember I had a cookie
Christie says she’s going to have more banana bread “And milk cause I am a savage” (HAHA)

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Could you imagine playing the drinking game every time Jess said the word “like”?

BB Crusty Crab Shack

Liver damage

g Love

We talked about this earlier in the season. I heard from a friend , lol one could die of alcohol poisoning after just a quick 2 min DR session, but that was after waiting through 2 shows before production remembered Jess was in the house. Lol


Alcohol poisoning!

Last Season was Better

Bye bye Jess. Tomorrow’s double eviction should be entertaining i think. Battle of the duos

BB Crusty Crab Shack
  • Will do a happy dance if high kicking Tommy or Iron Giant chew jaws Crusty goes
  • Maverick32

    I am so hoping and counting on the Bb motto “expect the unexpected” I don’t expect these idiots are going to get rid of Christie during the double so with that being said, maybe just maybe I won’t have to stomach another week of Christie !!


    While everyone is focused on Christie,They need to get rid of Jackson, not because he is a douchebag (I saw tonight ‘s Episode), but because the double eviction may be the last chance to get a shot at him


    I think they screw him with that edit. She was being bitchy. She’s said a number of times, going back weeks ago that getting in a showmance was a regret. It actually happened when she realized the live feeders knew that she was getting bonked in the shower

    Franks fumes

    I feel sorry for the shower……


    I’d say Tommy is the bigger threat than Christy. Better comp record for one, then he has the connection with holly which he can use if Christy goes. Point is.. if Tommy goes, Christy will be evicted this week or the next. but if Christy goes, Tommy can still weasel his way into top 3, and with the advantages he’s had i wouldnt like that.


    What Holly/Tommy connection? There is no connection between them.


    Amen !!

    Franks fumes



    you really think there will be another HOH comp that night? I don’t think there’s time for that. Perhaps much later, on live feeds, or maybe not. who knows at this point.

    another name

    Episode recap:
    26 minutes of the episode was spent on the argument that happened AFTER the veto was played. Any episode only that reads this. The argument was not about his dismissive take on her talk show idea to get air time, I mean if Jackson condescending to Beth was going to cause an argument, that would have happened every day since day 55.. That just caused a chill before the veto. The argument was because she had the temerity to sass talk him. The actual argument had multiple rounds of passive agressive crying and doormatting on one side, and right fighting condescension on the other.
    On to things that actually happened before the argument took place:
    Veto. oh. no mention of the imposed ground rules (save the watermelons and the food). No mention of the final four agreeing to tell each other where they hid their vetoes so they wouldn’t knock each other out of the comp. No mention of Jackson telling Tommy to use the veto if he got it before the veto comp. No mention of Jackson telling Tommy to use it after the veto comp. No mention of Cliff wanting Jackson not to nominate him after all. No mention of Jackson then sorta trying to get Tommy not to use the veto.
    So we got an episode dedicated to Memaw and her douchebag… no game to see here.
    I feel cheated.


    At least someone else see’s meemaws passive aggressive works

    another name

    Just because I dislike him more, doesn’t mean I like her. LOL. I can see that she’s passive aggressive. I just think he’s worse.

    Franks fumes

    Where’s Peepaw?

    Last Season was Better

    You are so right. Waste of an episode to watch that kinda BS. Come on CBS do better


    So Jackson and Holly can’t see why people dont see through Christie?
    Because THEY didnt get rid of her when they had the chance. Jackson had his shot. So doesn’t he mean “We’ve been bamboozled?” Or “duh how dumb r we for keeping her?”
    Raise your hands if u ALL saw this conversation coming 2 weeks ago
    Played to yourself jess? That’s y no one aligned with u or really wanted to because u played to yourself in a game that involves playing with others!!!


    Jackson had his shot(s).

    There, I fixed it for you. 😉


    Jess “Michie is smarter than he acts, he can’t be as dumb as he comes off to be” . Yes Jess he really is that dumb, your just dumber !!

    Sam's Boyfriend

    Why are people torturing themselves by continuing to watch this disaster of a show? #BB #Has #Jumped #The #Shark… BRINGBACKSAM!!!

    another name

    Yeah, she’d have them making arts and crafts, and be doing their hair, and be having imaginary affairs with d/r personnel. all while telling the hussies to treat the menfolk gentle or gtfo….


    My comment may await moderation but I think the game strategy has changed permanently and is not coming back to the golden years. I agree the show basically ends after the first month each season.


    I come for the bitching too. But the game has taken an unfortunate turn. I’m glad you two are here for us.

    Buh Bye

    I’m come for the bitching and stay for the complaining.

    Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

    I’ve been watching since season 1,when I make a commitment I keep it even when the sadness disappointment frustration and disgust outweigh the good fun excitement and inspiration.So I’ll be back every summer hoping for the best until cancellation.


    Uhhgg Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder…
    I hear ya! Back when u could hear the cameras rotating…
    Back when the people looked like your neighbors and not looking to break into TV Back when people like Monica who laughed in the HOHs face for putting her up and Chicken George who would shave himself bald and dye himself green just for another week in the house
    Back when people would openly tell how they felt right in front of the hoh.
    Back when a guy or girl wasn’t afraid to admit they “played” the opposite sex to get a vote
    Back when people weren’t afraid to admit openly they got played like Janelle n Erica with chill town.
    Back when they leaked parts of the DR sessions to the jury
    Back when name calling wasn’t covered up or twisted to make it look like something it wasn’t. Ah the memories.
    At least we have the memories to compare with what was once a great show
    Its almost like when something is so horrible u dont want to look at it but u STILL look at it anyway


    Christie is so annoying. She is so mad about being on the block, so win something and stop complaining. Then she gets mad at Tommy for not winning the hoh but she dropped early because she felt safe. She really is terrible to watch.


    The word hypocrite should have Christie’s face next to it in the dictionary.


    She didn’t get mad at either. She’s playing a good game of BB. I’ve seen her get madder at herself more thanbanybody. Wondering, btw, if Michie goes on block, will he receive the penalty votes he’s been accumulating? What did Holly mean two days ago ‘re worrying about her penalties?


    Can someone please do a welfare check on Christie’s sister, because she isn’t long for this world thanks to Christie…


    Hate to say it but she’s already gone….

    Franks fumes

    Jess “ I can’t trust people in this game and that person is you” Nicole “Holy $hit” lol……

    DE time! Let's Go!!!

    Bye bye jess! U will go down as one of the worst players in bb, so clueless and beyond mind numbing listening to u!

    Now I bet Christie or Tommy wins hoh since its 4 vs 2. This same thing happened when it was holly n jax vs the rest of house. It happens everytime on big brother so i can’t wait to see jax and holly on the block freaking out with hopefully jack@ss out the door!

    Then i bet nicole or cliff win following hoh with tommy/christie going next!

    I love double eviction time!!!


    Jess has played a very impressive game, said no one ever, except Jess.

    Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

    I don’t know,her campaign was pretty convincing.


    Her points to hack are points crusty gave her. She could not come up with those points otherwise. That was all crusty’s doing! She should not get credit fro them. !

    Franks fumes

    Jess “I have played a very impressive game in my eyes to myself” well after all what else matters lol…….Nicole for the win.

    another name

    I get it… Christie is the devil to most (I don’t like her, and dislike her personality greatly, but I don’t think she’s the omen). Every once in a while she will say something bitchy that I’ve thought. I’m not sure what that means… but here is the latest example:

    “She (Holly) is on my last nerve too. You want to cry for hours that you are not seen as playing your own game, and you are just Michie’s girlfriend, then stop acting like just Michie’s girlfriend. I have no sympathy for you.”

    Yeah. her context is spilled milk sour grapes, but the comment itself sums up what I’d be saying If I were a juror at the round table and she was a finalist.

    Franks fumes

    Jess looks crazy in those stills……..those creepy long stares into empty space……..I picture an exhausted mouse on a wheel chasing a piece of cheese as her brain.

    g Love

    I think you all missed this on the live feeds, let me recap. Lol
    Jessica was just stilling around looking out into space, when she finally snapped out of her medication, errr I mean meditation she appeared to be excited and started shouting for all the other contestants.

    “Guys, Guys, guys….. like I just want to share like with all of you. I have played lyyyyyke a very impressive game in my eyes to myself. OK, here in this like incredible game/TV show we have like been on is the longest running game shows ever! When I first decided to like try out for Wheel of Fortune, I like was so so good when I watched it at home. I could manifest the money in my spins! Then like once I got picked, I was totally freaked out that it was such a long game, I had no idea we would have to be in house, together for like so long before we even got to see the wheel!

    I realize now since I got picked to sit up here for like Christie, and now Cliff, that means I’m like one of the top players in the house and everyone thinks, like, I’m ready to go SOLVE THAT PUZZLE! So I’m just like saying, hopefully you guys will like keep on supporting me like you have for the past like 75 days! “ ~ Love Jess

    Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

    If that doesn’t flip the vote nothing will.SPIN THAT WHEEL!


    I wish there was a big LOL choice in addition to the thumbs up/down choices.

    DE time! Let's Go!!!

    OMG it’s beyond annoying listening to jess campaigning right now! Just go to jury already… Ur killing me!!!

    No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

    Bless her heart; she hasn’t strategized, she isn’t good at mental comps, she isn’t good at physical comps, she has no allies … but other than that, Jess has played a good game (palm to face).

    YAS!!! Hell NO!!! What??? LOLOL

    I agree with all of you… but mostly the ones who want Jerkson/Beth or Crusty/Timmy to go next. Those who are rooting for dear Cliff/Nicole have my heart ?