Jon to Neda – “If you are thinking of us final two the best option is for Deli to be here”

POV Holder: HEATHER Next POV April 26th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 28th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: May 1st
Original Nominations: Heather and Sabrina
Current Nominations: Sabrina and Adel
Have Nots None

8:11pm spinning around

Jon falls and hurts himself.


8:17pm Sabrina and Heather living room couch
Sabrina brings up seeing Heather and Neda talking. Heather says they were talking about the vote and whose best to take to final 2.
Sabrina says there always her.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-29 17-52-05-797

8:43pm Bedroom

Random chit chat and making fun of Adel. Heather says she’s going to wear her onesie on Thursday as a show of support to Neda, “I’m a good friend”

Sabrina relizes today was Racehlle’s Birthday. She freaks out and leaves.They calculate the days and find out today is not Racehlle’s birthday today it’s the 29th and her birthday is the 30th. Sabrina comers back says she thinks it’s the 30th today. Jon says if it’s the 30th the show ends on a Wednesday.

Adel – “Please end this f** challenge already”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-29 17-46-47-962

8:49pm Adel still up… barely

9:02pm Bedroom Jon and Heather

Jon asked her if they plan on telling Adel he’s leaving this week.
Heather shakes her head.
Feeds cut
Heather says If Canada picks HOH and Sabrina is here it’s going to be Sabrina.
Jon – “:Yup
Heather – “I’m just wondering if we should take the chance and keep Adel and just Beat him”
Adel enters the room

(The end of the video shows the conversation with Heather and Jon it’s very short. The rest of this video is part of the conversation in the bedroom above. Contains talk about the date and laughs at Adel being a tired mess)

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-29 18-36-55-774

9:37pm Neda and Jon HOH

Neda says she feels more comfortable beating Heather in the next HOH than Adel.
Jon tells her if she loses the HOH against Heather he will have to win the Veto or he will go home.

Neda – “Having Adel here will not Ensure HEather doesn’t win.. she still can win HOH”
Jon thinks Adel has a better chance to win it over Sabrina.

Neda says she doesn’t think Adel will take her to final 3 she thinks it’s going to be Heather and Jon.
Jon disagrees, “Zero zero zero percent chance”

Jon – “If you are thinking of us final two the best option is for Deli to be here”
Neda – “I dunno”

Jon says if Heather wins HOH, he wins the veto and Neda and Sabrina and Sabrina are nominated.

Neda – “That’s worst case scenario”
Jon – “Best case scenario.. whats the best case then.. you win HOH and I win veto”
Neda – “Yes of course”

They agree Heather will beat Adel in a physical. Jon wants Heather gone and the best option to do that is use Adel.
Jon says having Neda and Adel competing against Heather is much better odds than Heather and Sabrina competing against Neda
Neda – “I feel much more confident beating Sabrina over Adel”

Neda doesn’t trust Adel, Jon says he trusts Adel 100%.
Joni says if he didn’t think it would mean they make it to final 3 he would not want to keep Adel.
Neda – “I know you trust him but I don’t”
Jon – “I trusted Arlie and you didn’t”
Neda – “Ya you trusted Kenny and you trusted Andrew I didn’t”
Neda says Adel straight up told her everybody can Beat Heather in the end this is why Neda thinks Adel wants to take Heather. Jon doesn’t think so say there’s a lot of competition left to play in.

JOn tells her she makes it to final 2 she’s going to win the game. Neda disagrees. Jon asks her to come up with one scenario where she doesn’t win. She can’t.

Jon – “If he f***s you I’m not taking him to Final 2 i’ve made that very clear”

Neda says in a final 3 with Heather and Adel, Adel knows Jon and Heather will take Adel.

Neda – “If Adel wins Veto he’s taking me out”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-29 19-00-58-315

10:00pm bathroom Jon, Heather and Neda

Jon says Sabrina told him she had final 2’s with Neda and Heather.
They start to study dates, Neda tells them to stop she’s had enough “I’m over it”
Heather says Sabrina has memorised the dates a lot better than they have.

Heather – “Whatever choice we make i have a feeling it’ll be the wrong choice”
Jon – “so if there was no twist you would say Sabrina for sure”
Neda – “I don’t think we should play with the twits in mind”

Neda asks Who Adel will take to the end

Heather says Jon to final 2, “He might take one of us to the final 3 but not to the end”

Heather – ‘Sabrina makes it to the end she wins the game…” Heather adds that really any of them could win the game.
Heather points out how Sabrain freezes during the challenges, “I really hope coming in to the HOH it’s not a memory one… even POV could be memory”

Jon says Heather can beat Adel in physical, Neda in mental.

Jon agrees that Sabrian will be f****d if there is s buzzer competition, “Will there be another buzzer.. I highly doubt it”

Jon says if Sabrina wins HOH one of them three is going home.
Neda – “Same with Adel that is how final 4 works or are you saying Sabrina is going to win”
Jon thinks Adel has no chance of winning HOH but Sabrina has a big chance to win HOH.

Neda says she’s 50/50 with who they should evict
Jon asks HEather whatever happened to her and Adel. Heather – “Ask Adel.. we got along up until he stopped needing me.. ultimately he is just playing a game and doesn’t give a sh1t about anything… he wants to make paper”

Neda – “He wants to win that 100 thousand dollars”
Heather says she use to “Kid around” all the time but this past week he’s been getting on her nerves.

Jon takes a pee and weighs himself.. says he lost 2 lbs.

They mention going to bed and Big BRother give them a “Stop that”
Jon leaves to check the time. ..

NEda – “I’m not listening to anything he’s saying because it’s obvious he’s trying to convince us to keep Adel”
Heather agrees says she’s in a toss up.
Jon comes back says they have 10 more minutes to stay up it’s 10:20

(video coming it’s super long)

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-29 19-43-12-014

Gallery shows the camera person inside the walls and Jon’s weight.

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Go ahead Jon. Push Neda to get what you want since she always gets her way. He also needs to push Heather a little too. If Adel leaves this week then Jon is out next week for sure. Anything can happen in this game and if Adel somehow wins HOH next week, Jon is safe. I really dont want Sabrina anywhere near the final 3.


Yeah, hello Jon – this is your HOH, quit letting Neda run YOUR game. Adel is best for YOUR game.


jon has no more power, neda and heather decides who goes home.. jon gave his power away to neda and heather when he put adel up….. he should have kept adel of the block and put neda against sabrina,,, now neda and heather will vote out adel making jon have to win next pov or his going to jury…


Jon…..please be smart and play your own game! Do not listen to Neda since it’s all about her and not us! I honestly don’t want Neda winning. I would rather have Heather, Jon or Adel!


Jon should understand that if Adel leaves there is the possibility for the girls to form an alliance of their own and Jon might be left alone in the house and Neda doesn’t have his best interest in her heart.He needs a back-up plan with Adel … 1 hundo!


I am thinking Neda is the foolish one here. They wanted Heather out. Neda is only concerned that she knows she can beat Sabrina. well so can Heather. Heather may have more of a struggle to beat Adel. It’s like 90% she can beat Sabrina, (everyone can), and 50/50 she can beat Adel. What does Neda want? Heather as HOH? Adel would 100% take Jon and Neda, not even a toss up. Heather could easily take Sabrina and Neda, knowing she can win everything else.

The only real chance I see of Neda getting to the end, and for Jon to get to the end, is to improve their chances of beating Heather. Neda has to stop thinking of it in terms of whether she can beat Sabrina, but more about how many people there will be that definitely have a great chance of beating Heather.

Keep Adel, you have Adel, Jon and Neda with good chances of beating Heather and controlling her going home.
Keep Sabrina, you now only have Jon and Neda with chance of beating Heather and controlling her going home.


If Adel leaves this week, he deserves it because he doesn’t campaign to the people that do counts ( Neda and especially Heather). Adel has campaigned to Jon only, overlooking Heather who is the least fan of Sabrina.Heather is disappointed because Adel hasn’t spoken to her for long time.If Adel doesn’t see Heather sits on the fence on who should go home this week, if he goes home this week, he 1 hundo deserves it.


Your a little mixed up on the last part. Adel staying and winning HOH F4 does not make Jon the least bit safe. It’s the POV winner that determines who goes F3 other than the HOH which goes F3 automatically.

Jon your not idiot of the day ONLY because Deli has been idiot every day for several weeks with his F2 strategy. Jon’s made several mistakes but the 1st was not securing Neda to vote Deli up before he had to renom when Heather used her veto. If he couldn’t get her agreement then he had to CONSIDER putting Neda up to keep Deli. Not a great idea mind you as Deli is clearly a loose cannon. What Jon has now is ZERO power and he’s hoping to get at least 1 vote to evict Sabby so he has a vote in a 1-1 tie.

Telling Neda yesterday she could have gone up instead of Deli was terrible strategy. You want this girl to keep you around F2 you don’t tell her she could have gone. He simple can’t try bullying Neda to keep Deli. Neda is not the bullying type. I don’t he can persuade her either as Heather is more likely to listen. I think Neda has her mind made up she is keeping Sabs. This is clearly way better for her game. Jon/Deli need a Heather flip and vote out Sabby. Gotta hope for a Sabby error and p*ss off Heather or I think Deli is gone.

Heather has all her eggs in the Neda F2 basket! If Jon evicted F4 and Neda decides the finale Heather will be sitting in the jury and Sabby scoops up 20K. IMO Heather would be taken F2 by Sabby. I’m not sure if Jon won 7 questions if he would pick Heather over Neda. I still think he’s loyal to the Neda F2 myself.

Neda only sketchy bit I see F4 is a Neda doesn’t win HOH and Jon wins veto. I do not believe Jon would evict her personally but I know others do here. Heather or Sabby would both evict Jon and I have to say I think it’s about a 20% chance Neda would evict Jon if she was POV holder. Fortunately Neda is sitting best atm. She’s competing with Heather and Sabs HOH. She wins HOH I think she sits F2 and wins the money.

Won’t be much to talk about before the feeds go down as I think most scenarios are set going forward. Neda wins the dough and Sabby(?) gets 20K WTF? 😛 😛

Jon's ye@ster

LOL…the last time I read, Jon was talking to Neda about how he wanted Adel out 100%…today it is Sabrina…tomorrow si Heather then?!?

WAKE UP…for his game, should be Neda he wants out 1-HUNDO

*scratches balls


Trust your gut Neda! Adel will totally take you out… Vote him out!!!


No Neda. Vote sabrina out. Please


I love it.


Why would he ask her a scenario where she wouldn’t win? He basically told her he wouldn’t win against her, and that it’s better for him to take someone else to final two. Is she supposed to believe that he is playing for the 20grand?


jon your funeral is next week, neda and heather are planning on taking u out next week….


I don’t understand why anyone wants Sabrina to keep going further. She is going to get to the end. I agree with Ayesha. Jon will be out next if Adel leaves this week.

I understand everyone’s strategy including Sabrina and Adel…..

But What the heck is Heather’s strategy? I liked her before, but now she is just making me frustrated as a viewer. I wouldn’t notice if she was in the house or not. At least she won some comps so that I know she exists.


jon go to bed so neda and heather can plot against u………….


Fabulous last conversation between Neda and Jon. Please go check the video.
j has figured things out – putting the screw on N to keep Adel, the best scenario for himself.
N keeps rejecting the idea based on trust. Eh! Her body language is so clear – she had already made up her mind about backdooring Jon and has various alliances perking up with Heather and Sabrina.
But sure as hell, that Jon knows that if N keeps Sabrina ahead of Adel, he is her next target.
Yep! Jon has finally realized that all the girls are gunning to take him down.
In the end the punishment for Jon has been useful.


to late now.. he should have listened to adel,, now he has to win pov or his jury bound …..


Ultimately the final power lies with the jury, so Sabrina has a great chance to win it all.
Neda and Heather should remember that.
Adel made the best campaign pitch: THREAT to be bitter if evicted this week.
Will Neda realize? That Adel could easily rally 4 votes against her or Heather, in favour of Sabrina, his secret crush!!!
Arlie, Rachelle, Allison and Adel will vote for Sabs.
If it is a F2 of Heather and Neda, tough choice.
If Jon makes F2, he wins against everybody. That’s why he is fighting to stay for Adel.
He has realized that the knife is already coming his way, treason by Neda.
Dumb for his game to have handed the power to Neda.
Could he have mustered the courage to put Neda as a pawn along with Sabrina? Too late now.
He is literally begging Neda to save Adel, in fact he is trying to save his own chances.


I hope jon is finally seeing through Neda. She’s obviously wanting to take Heather and Sabs to the end and will cut him out. Jon you’ve got to convince them to keep Adel. Otherwise a boring final three. Yawn for live feeds if the two most entertaining house guests (Jon and Adel) are gone.


honey live feeds are down in final 3. We wont even get to see who wins part 1


I’ve got a really bad feeling about Sabrina still being there at this point – she’s going to steal home plate if they don’t get rid of her now. After that, who cares – they can battle it out – best man/woman wins. Too simple? Maybe….


Jon and Neda are over!! they just broke up in the the HoH room


Jon should of replaced Heather with Neda such a dumb move to put Adel up. now he has to win the veto


yup i agree with u didnt see this before i typed mine ,,,,,,


Realistically, Jon has to win veto next week no matter who wins head of household. He has said as much. He knows he’s target #1 for everyone.

A Name

Heather is so ridiculous! She’s been wanting Deli out all week last week and has a F3 with Neda and Jon and has the nerve to mad at Adel for thinking the same?? She takes everything so personally (she’s STILL mad at Arlie for playing the game – get over it). Little does she know, the person she’s saving this week in Sabrina was just trashing her last week with Rachelle and throughout the whole game.
What’s she’s not realizing is that there’s a common factor with Jon and Neda. They’re making a F3 with her and Adel and she doesn’t realize that at all! WAKE UP


She said last night that Adel must think she’s stupid, since he stopped talking game with her as soon as Arlie was evicted. I think that’s the real reason she’s pissed at Adel. And, to be fair, it is pretty insulting the way everyone assumes that she’s an airhead. I think she expected Adel to know better.


If Jon wants to push Adel he could assert to Neda that if Sabrina is F4, and Jon wins POV, Jon will take Sabrina to F3.


That’s stupid. Threatening is just gonna push Neda even more to evict Adel
Basically, if Sabrina stays, Neda’s ass is covered
If Adel stays, Jon’s ass is covered
It really wasn’t that hard people. And Ned is absolutely seeing this chance


Jon… it’s too little too late for you try and keep Adel. He’s a gonner and soon you shall follow.


Ugh wanted Jon to take this… Jon’s just screwed anywhere. In the end Should have kept Arlie!


Is it me or are these 3 dum-dums overthinking this? On the one hand you’ve got Sabrina who, if they keep and she makes it to F2, will win the $100,000. On the other hand there’s Adel who only going to get $20,000 if he makes it to F2. What’s the big decision? Am I oversimplifying this or what am I missing here? The choice seems to clear.

Mike P.

Yeah Jonny Boy’s been whipped since the beginning, he’s scared to let Neda down at this point, she means too much to him on an emotional level. Neda played with her head, not her heart. Simple as that.


Adel should tell Heather she was going to be voted out if had win veto but do it when everyone is in same room with her tomorrow and tell her if doesn’t win HOH or Veto next week she will joining him in jury next. Adel has nothing to lose because he is voted out he needs to stir things up.


What did Jon do to Neda at the end of the last video that pissed her off so much? I heard a buzz sound and then she freaked out.