“My mom was like go for the win. I was like I just want to be on it.. I’m going in for the representation”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

HOH Part 1: Bowie, Jag, Matt
Part 1 Winner: Matt
HOH Part 2: Jag vs Bowie
Part 2 Winner: Jag
HOH Part 3 Jag Vs Matt
Part 3 Winner: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation: Matt won Part 1, Jag won Part 2. They will face off Thursday during the finale to compete in part 3. Winner of Part 3 is the final HOH and gets to decide who to take to the end. There’s a lot of chit chat and a lot of feed blocks.

11:20 am Chit chat
Bowie – the money I haven’t thought about that since I came in
Matt – My mom was like go for the win. I was like I just want to be on it and she was like but you want to win.. There’s one in 16 mom. Of course everyone wants you to win. I’m going in for the representation and that kinda stuff… there’s never been a deaf person I have to represent. Share my story.. I wasn’t thinking about the money. I was like I hope I can make it to jury it would suck if I didn’t make it to jury.
Bowie says she won’t have any votes in the Jury. She’s not thinking about winning.
Matt says whoever he’s sitting next to he’s not going to be Anti the other person he’s going to be just PRO Matt. They talk about how some seasons people aren’t like that.
Matt – I have nothing against you or Jag. That’s not how I play. If it was me and Felicia yeah maybe.. the only thing she won was not a winner but by Luck.. she took Hisam out but everyone wanted him out. She knew she was never in danger. She played a good game but was sloppy with her secrets and sloppy with spreading rumours.. She had no idea what was going on in the house when she thought she did. She was so wrong.
Matt – at one point during OTEV she thought it was Cameron, Blue and Jag working together to get me out.
Bowie – Ahhhhhh
They bring back past weeks.. “We targeted Felicia and got out Cirie”

12:20 pm Chit chat..

1:20 pm Jag cleaning out the scary room. Matt playing solitaire

2:20 pm Jag packing. Some chit chat about Vegemite.

3:20 pm Checkers

4:00 pm Final 3 Chit chat
Matt says he’s excited to see Reilly. They talk about how Swaggy-P only knew Bailly for 20 days before purpossing.

4:50 pm
Jag – I wonder why they did a 7 person jury.. the real reason..
Matt – it’s classic
Bowie – THey didn’t want to keep people for so long
Jag – I think so

5:20 pm Everyone laying around.
Bowie says she’s not sure she would do this show again it was too long. She would be up for the challenge or Amazing race.
Bowie – you said you would right?
Jag – yeah I would, It’s been fun
Bowie – it’s been fun yeah.

6:00 pm Jag and Matt
Jag – Tomorrow we make history
Matt – the comic room is so messy
Feeds cut. When we’re back they are broing about being in final 2.
Jag – the whole season was the minute man season.

6:30 pm feeds are on pound

7:10 pm Matt and Jag cleaning up. They find Felicia’s secret stash of Cookies and chocolate bars. Jag finds his red onesie from a competition. “Bro I shit you not this is my red one.. Felicia ”
matt – Felicia stole your onesie

7:20pm – 7:50pm Collecting name tags from everyone’s competition hangers.

7:50pm – 9pm The final 3 nap…

9pm They start making dinner..

9:22pm – 10pm Kitchen – Bowie and Matt.
Matt – I just want to get tomorrow over with.. Bowie – yeah. Matt – nervous! Bowie – yeah I bet! At least its in your hands, you know what I mean? Matt – yeah. Bowie – Like I am like ..this is sh*t. Nothing I can do about it now. Matt – yeah I don’t know what it is going to be.. I don’t know what they’re going to be asking that I can prepare for. Bowie – yeah. Matt – stuff that’s happened over the season .. if I don’t know it, I don’t know it.. and if I know it, I know it. You know what I mean? Bowie – yeah. Yeah, you already know everything that you could possibly know. Matt – I feel like the jury already knows who they’re going to vote for. Bowie – yeah. Matt – so I don’t think a speech is going to change much. Bowie – I do not think the speech will do anything. I think they will be going into tomorrow knowing who they’re going to vote for. Matt – yeah. They won’t know who the two will be but probably yeah..

10:23pm – 10:30pm Bedroom – Bowie and Jag.
Bowie – I do think that I should do one pitch to you… even though I do believe that you’ll take me … just so that I don’t have any regets. Jag – yeah you can. Bowie – I totally trust you’re going to do right. This is a lot of freaking money on the line. I don’t think that you should feel guilty like you did from four to three. Because four to three was not giving him a chance to play. Three to two, you’ve given him a chance to play … if you win fair and square, you’ve won fair and square. By the way I just told him that I am not going to campaign to him. I am not doing this to him as well. If you take him you are essentially just handing it to him ..the 750K which is a million million dollars which it sets you up for life at 25, seriously. Big freaking deal. Which you’re basically going cool mate here’s the cheque. Which is fine but I think you would regret that. I don’t think he is in the same position be cause he is probably going to win either way. If he was in your position, would he do it? Where he is not going to get the votes? Jag – because you’re saying he is going to win either way. Bowie – so its not hard for him to make the decision. Whereas for you, you know you’re basically handing 750K away. Jag – that actually is a good point, I didn’t think about that.. I hadn’t thought about that aspect. I didn’t think about that one. You’ve been cooking up. Bowie – I was just thinking about how to make you feel better about it.. because I know your biggest issue is going to be feeling bad right. Jag – 750 is life changing. Bowie – I am not just saying it.. I think he will win. I genuinely don’t think I would win and I want to get to the final 2 so I can come second. So I will be happy with second. Jag – yeah. Bowie – and he probably hasn’t had to be in a position where he goes out on a limb for you right? Jag – he’s been playing a different style of game. There were some things that I was like dude why would you say that. Bowie – which to some extent it damages your game. Bowie – I think you did the right thing going from 4 – 3 .. I just think its fair game now. Jag hugs Bowie.

10:40pm – 11pm Bowie plays solitaire. Jag looking at his HOH photos.

11:11pm Bathroom – Jag and Matt.
Jag – Dude she was already pitching to me while you were in the shower. Matt – I shut her down. I feel bad. Jag – she came to me and was like .. Matt – she said I just want you to know that I am not campaigning but I am. I still want to get second. Jag – yeah but what was hers to you? Matt – She was like I don’t want to really campaign against Jag. And I was like no that’s how we all are we’re not campaigning against each other. But I do want to go to the final two. She said it sucks, its out of my control. And then I said oh everyone wants to make final two of course. She knows I am picking you. Jag – when she came to me she was like I just have a really quick pitch. I would regret it if I didn’t try. She was like I want to take second. She was like there is no way anyone would vote for me. Pretty much that if I take her she will take second. If I take you, I will take second. Matt – did she say that. Jag – no she didn’t say that ..but she was pretty much.. But I am taking you. Matt – and I am taking you. They shake hands on taking each other.

11:32pm Jag and Matt set up the beds in the scramble bedroom so that they can all sleep together in the same room.

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I honestly don’t know what to think at this point 🙁


Matt is very smart and has a great social game. He is already working on Bowie votes and he did great with most evicted players. And he is right will be nice to have a deaf win the game. it will bring attention to the deaf community and so much support. And Matt is the sexiest Big Brother player just saying


Unfortunately the inner does not match the outer. To me and hopefully many others, that makes him very unattractive.



Nether Region Euphemism

It’s amazing what people will project onto their crushes. Then the reality sets in, IRL and they wake up one morning thinking, why am I with this idiot?

Matt is not very smart, at all. He’s kinda average.


True, but he is nice to look at and is a sweet guy. Those are hard to find.

Gan ainm

I like them so much more when they’re sleeping.

Just The Truth

we feel the same about you.

Gan ainm

Still can’t handle the truth.

Just The Truth

I can, you can’t clearly.


Thank you for all of your work throughout the season. I’m off to donate again.

This was not my favorite cast, and the season lasted too long for my taste, but I still enjoyed the season — largely because of this site. I think all three of the remaining houseguests have a legitimate argument for why they should win. It should be an interesting finale.


Like Ducky4, I am donating again too. Simon and Dawg, your work is valued and appreciated. This has not been an exciting season, but your comments, along with the other folks who commented, have made it enjoyable for me. Here’s hoping for a better BB season next year. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy holiday season!

Spot ON

“…comments, along with the other folks who commented, have made it enjoyable for me”
Thank you very much. I thought so; especially if one can get passed the censorship department….

Team Taylor

If Jag wins the Final HOH and he still takes Matt to Final 2, he deserves to lose.

Just The Truth

if they are in the final 2 it is a happen ending regardless

Just The Truth

how did that work for ya?

Gan ainm

Who wants to tell Bowie she’s too old for the Challenge?

un autre nom

She’s about the same age as the legacies that return season after season, you know, the ones that started on real world. lol.

Gan ainm

Unfortunately the older All-Stars don’t accept newbies.


un, did you mention the Crossroads alliance in the early part of the season?

un autre nom

it was charted. As part of the Cirieverse of alliances until end week 6.

Mike Honcho

It’s like watching a cripple fight. I don’t know whether to be appalled or entertained.

un autre nom

100 days is too long for a season.
I don’t think there’s a single houseguest I wouldn’t dislike if they were on feeds for 100 days.
None of them are capable of keeping their mask on for the full 100. That means feeds can’t flip to a different convo to hide it anymore and we’re getting all the eyeroll.
They’re dipshits.
THIS final 3 are dipshits.
Dear Jury… chain the door shut, refuse to vote, go to the after party.

not sorry. My last nerve for these people was a couple weeks ago.
Jag’s a coward, Matt’s an asshole, and Bowie? blink blink. Really?

How the pair of guys can say they were forced to be bullies, played without ego and cruelty, and said / did nothing to be ashamed of in the same conversation while tangenting to personally malign other cast members… pick a lane.
I don’t even like them as humans at this point… eyeroll.

In the future when new community members ask is 25 worth going back and watching? No is the answer. The ONLY thing of note is prodo’s evolution of the edit has reached maximum prodo-manipulation suckage. This season’s episode edit sucks.

Things we can hope for ? (but likely won’t get)*
Felicia votes opposite of Cirie out of spite? Bagofcats.
America repeats the ‘literally fuq off’ as her jury question? Given the slut shaming it would be earned.
Cory asks for game ownership? well, every move was his fault until week 11 they said until this week’s ego stroking verbal masturbation.
Cirie asks who rode whose coat tails because the jury can’t decide? Something guilt trippy in disappointed mom voice.
A split vote? We likely get 5/2 at best.
*extrapolations from the will interview regarding round table.

Gan ainm

You may never want to see any of these cast members again but wouldn’t it be amazing to see Cirie run The Amazing Race with Bagofcats.


Cirie and Felicia!! ? Lol


Who’s bagofcats? lol

Gan ainm

Un’s name for Felicia.

un autre nom

no. lol. the last thing my brain needs is images of Cirie and Fe actually kayaking Futaleufu in Chile… oy. Though it would probably be the first time a team tried to U-turn each other / themselves.


Can I kindly ask you to tell me what’s the problem with Matt and the others? I watched the season solely on TV and I’ve heard people saying he was a misogynist but I heard the same about Cam. But saw little evidence (I’m not negating anything, I’m just saying I personally didn’t see anything). I’d like to get an insight on the matter and you have followed this season closely.

un autre nom

Someone on twitter went back and counted. Matt brought up America to personally insult or slut shame her 163 times this week. That’s… oy gevalt.
My issue? He doesn’t keep it game. Attack others’ games all you want. Take it personal, I’m annoyed.
Matt’s episode edit is a big leap from Matt on feed imo.

Here We Go

Agree 100%. Live feeders see Cirie and the others in true form. Not the edited version. Jared was disgusting and his lady servant was worse. Mew mew sh1t.


Right, but just from watching the edits I could see that Jared was disgusting. He was full of himself, accomplished shit, and thought he ran that house. He also thought he was super smart and treated Blue like sh1t.


Oh, I missed most of Matt’s America insults. That’s not OK! But Blue was just fine?


Thx for answering.


Well during the live feeds Matt Jag and Bowie were being really nasty basically being bullies especially towards Fe and Cirie they were just ignoring them hiding from them up in the HOH room I mean there was alot more but they were ruthless I mean they were saying this stuff to feel better about themselves I think by far Jag n Bowie were the worst but Matt isnt far behind especially the way he talked about America these 3 actually think everybody in America love them Matt n Jag think their gonna be like Derrick and Cody not even close lol their feelings are gonna be crushed once this over and that’s not the case wait to they watch it back n see how they were a bunch bullies on Live Feeds their egos are gonna bust after tonight


Thank you for replying. Since Twitter went down the drain, I didn’t have access to social media about BB. Last year I found clips everywhere about the obnoxious Kyle, but production also chose to air a lot of that ON the show. I felt that they’d do the same in regard to any nasty behavior this season. Oh well… I hope people get what they deserve. Still I’d have liked to see more specific evidence, but I believe you guys.

Just The Truth

there was no misogyny unless you are just a biased man hater.


100% agree!


i do not like how BJ keeps her hair to look like a Mouseketeer, silly!

Carlito's Way

Or when she wears it like There’s Something About Mary (when Mary opens the door and well…)

BB Princess

I always think of Pebbles from the Flintstones!


She looks corny and foolish. She apparently is 45 going on 16.

Cam Fav HG

fBj celebrated her 46th birthday in the house.

Here We Go



These three really think they’re liked. They’re in for a serious reality check. I don’t understand the Matt love. Matt is one of the most disrespectful fat faced misogynistic clowns, in that house. Giving him a free pass because he’s hearing impaired, is bullcrap. All three of those people played a nasty personal game. They will see just how much this season sucked. Season 25 will be added to the crap box of seasons.


They’re legends in their own R minds.



Finally !! This season comes to an end.


I don’t agree with the favoritism.i do agree with the decisions to remove house guest for using the N word but then nothing is done when someone is called the R word. Is it because you’re mother is on the house and it will mess up production? Such a one sided show.

un autre nom

According to bitter Luke, The show wouldn’t have removed him, except Cory made a complaint and wouldn’t let it go. He’s attempted pity party on social media 3x recently. Once with Red, who sympathized with Luke. Weird that it was also Red that voiced on s/m that “R” was on the official list of words and implied double standard, but calls Luke’s infraction ‘a silly mistake.’ No really, I don’t get that, i’m not trying to dogwhistle.

The big difference: one was on feeds, the other wasn’t (only the apology for the word was on feeds). Tptb can cling to that plausible deniability.
If he wasn’t Cirie’s son? They’d have been more likely to acknowledge. Production refused press calls on the issue, whereas they didn’t ignore with the Luke issue.

Gan ainm

TPTB always try to cover it up if they can get away with it.There were times in the past when the same word was used in a blatant derogatory way without consequences.Given Luke’s use of the word without the malicious intent given that he used it in casual conversation as opposed to attacking someone I assumed they were upholding a zero tolerance policy but if the R word is also on that list and Cory wouldn’t let it go then I guess not.

un autre nom

We missed nearly a full day of feeds for luke leaving fallout.
Skuttlebut on feeds was there were arguments. What was mentioned: a couple of hg’s took offense Cory complained.
Does that play in to Cory not complaining again? a thought.

Nether Region Euphemism

Production finally went no tolerance on racist comments, but they are ignoring other forms of discrimination or bias. It’s really not one-sided, it’s about power structures not being willing to make changes until it gets to the point where it will affect their bottom line.

East coast

Amazing Race – I would like to see Cam and Red as well as Cory and America.
The Challenge – maybe Matt when he gets back into shape, and maybe Cam or Hisam. I don’t think the rest could do it without risking serious bodily injury.
Survivor – Cam

un autre nom

Red made it to semi in survivor casting.
Who is most likely to attempt challenge casting? Jag/Reilly/Matt and Jared (same chances as 23’s couch to cross over for Jared). Who played ball best with production, that’s who usually gets the call.
Amazing Race? was anyone particularly screwed by prodo choices? That’s generally who gets AR do over.

Game fan

cam would be voted out so quickly in survivor. would like cory there


Jag is going to win because he played a better game than either Matt or Bowie and the jury knows it. Bowie has always been playing for second place. Matt seems fine with second place now as well.

Nether Region Euphemism

Feeders seem to overwhelmingly believe that Matt is easily going to win this.

I agree with you, Jag will be the winner, 5-2 or 6-1.

If there’s one thing I understand in life, it’s the way people’s choices reflect their psychological constitutions.

Viewers are being overly simplistic in their assessment of the jury.

Spot ON

“If there’s one thing I understand in life, it’s the way people’s choices reflect their psychological constitutions”
Shrinky… you’ve been dead wrong all season….go do the inkblot test again….

Nether Region Euphemism

Well, looks like the proof is in the pudding……Jag, 5-2.

It’s smart to know your opponent before proceeding to be so cocky.

The Beef

If it’s Jag vs. Matt I feel fairly certain of the following….

Cam votes for Jag
Bowie votes for Jag
Cirie votes for Matt
Felicia votes for Matt

The rest I’m just not sure of. Cory has seemed to be a Matt lean throughout the jury segments, and while I still think both Blue and America may be bitter towards Jag, there’s been enough time for both of them to “heal up” enough to get over it, and possibly vote for him, especially Blue, who was always quick to let him off the hook for putting her OTB.

It may come down to who wins the final HOH for some of them, but then again, they may not even care about that. If they vote best game, Jag wins. If they vote who they like the most, and Cory and America know how much smack Matt talked about her, Jag might still win. If they don’t, Matt might pull it out.

Nether Region Euphemism

Cory seemed to shift during the last jury segment; recall how excited he was when realizing that a Cerie eviction would not be beneficial to Matt. It seemed an aha moment, that Jag’s been in control of Matt’s game. Then Cerie further reinforced that by blaming her eviction on Jag.

That sort of game control is very impressive to Cory. He’s going to rethink on prior weeks and reconsider who had the most control over the moves.

I think America will come around to respect that as well.

Blue and America were always very close to Jag. It seems everyone in the house is already relaxing quite a bit, which means they are more likely to get over any sore feelings.

I feel that Blue’s vote is iffier than America’s, bc Cerie might sway her, and then her allegiance to Jared might kick in. Jared would want what Cerie wants.

I do think that Matt winning F2 could sway jurors against Jag, but then again, I expect Jag’s speech to be much better than Matt.

This is an intelligent jury; I know Cory and America will be listening closely.

I can even imagine possibly Fe voting for Jag, based on her comments to Julie during her eviction night. She gushed about Matt’s social game, was impressed with Jag’s comp game, but added that Jag had a good social game too.

Overall it might come down to 4-3, but I still see that going in Jag’s favor.

un autre nom

Best social game (until week 12): Matt (no end game pivot)
Best strategic game (until week 12): Matt (same, no end game pivot).
He won 4 comps legit, but 2 were too similar not to be a joke.
Until week 12 he managed Jag and played him like a fiddle.
Week 12 to end that switched.
So we’ve got Jag who simultaneously doesn’t own his game AND takes credit for every eviction (coughcough week4 coughcough).
He won comps (4 weren’t even individual time and 4 were pretty much the same comp for 3 weeks ).
He pivoted as of week 10, but mismanaged the jury horrrr-END-ously.

Bowie has the same win equity as cutout Josh to that jury. The smart move is put her in a final 2 seat and collect your winnings. Grod would never allow this.

un autre nom

let’s remember the episode only effect.
let’s remember Cirie walked in with a fanbase.
Edit of episodes: take Izzy, Blue, America, Red, Bowie off the list. They were excluded from story edit and d/r too much in episodes.
Take Meme off. Obviously.
Cam gets GWH vote.
Cirie gets existing fanbase vote.
don’t know third contender.


What is GWH?

Nether Region Euphemism

Your trolling on the word salad posts has me cracking up.

un autre nom

oh. fine i’ll bite.
i’m burnt out enough that i honestly don’t give a shit anymore.
It’s the great white hope vote, MiMo.
Since Can and Us changed the casting parameters, there’s been a bias backlash. A decent percentage of fans that feel the policy change somehow takes something away from their ability to enjoy the show gather in support of some white dude in hopes that he will win, and stick it to them to teach uppity production to put things back to the way things used to be.
What’s being missed: production is intentionally pushing this in their own agenda through editing practices in order to keep people’s ire stoked. They are capitalizing on viewership divide and socio-political divisiveness to their own benefit… and everyone is drinking it up without realization they’re being played.
That’s my opinion.

Just The Truth

if Jag and Matt are in the final 2 chairs at least it is a guaranteed good ending. We really need this after last season.

Meme's Muse

You should get funny, thoughtful, and knowledgeable reply from un autre as well as a few notable others here like Gan Simon. If you watch the feeds( sometimes they are blocked for long periods of time unnecessarily) you will see Matt, all the houseguests ” behind the curtain” Matt has a good read on people, but he isn’t very nice person. He, Jag and Bowie have been the most arrogant, cocky final three in years! Watch the feeds and you will see what most of here in this shared community see. Matt is a fan of Andrew Tate, he has stated ” you date blondes but marry brunettes” the list goes on. His obsession with insulting Americory borders on some kind of mental illness( I suspect Matt is ADD) anyhoodle If you ever have time check out Taran Armstrong’s season recap, he’ s great( present company not excluded)! Hope to see you back here chatting about ( maybe winter) the game we all love or love to hate or hate that we love it!

Gan ainm

This year was a race to the middle.Cory and Matt fought each other for the middle position but it was Bowie that snuck in and took it.Bowie’s decision to choose Jag over Cam and to choose Jag/Matt over Cory/America defined the end of this game.Jag could not have dominated the end of this game without Bowie,she proved to be more strategically valuable to Jag’s game than Matt in getting to the end.

Just The Truth

It was those strategic social relationships that got him to the position he was in though.. That is literally playing Big Brother. I know you are sad a Male one but please try your best to deal with it and stop looking to anything to knock on their game.

Gan ainm

This season is an example of what happens when the perceived big threats are taken out early.It’s a smart strategy for the houseguests but makes for a boring season.Although none of them seemed impressive to begin with,it allowed the weakest players to get to the end.The players who were not seen as threats were not targeted Cirie/Matt/Bowie or used as a pawn Felicia.This set up allowed Jag to strike first against Cam and Cory clearing the path to the finals.


If Jag wins, blame Simon. If Matt wins, blame Dawg. If Bowie is picked for the Final 2 AND wins, look for 5 comets streaking through the sky all at the same time….

Nether Region Euphemism

That might be Melancholia returning to finish the job.


I hope he does take Matt. It is still anyone’s game. Some will vote on strategy, some will vote on feelings, some will vote for revenge.

joe miller

I hope Cirie’s son 15 minutes is up and disappears. Managed to get his face in the camera a lot during the finale. What an unfair advantage for both of them. I bet the jurors will be thinking how their game was altered by his presence.