Jag WON HOH PART 2 of 3!

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

HOH Part 1: Bowie, Jag, Matt
Part 1 Winner: Matt
HOH Part 2: Jag vs Bowie
Part 2 Winner: Jag
HOH Part 3 Jag Vs Matt
Part 3 Winner: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation: Matt won Part 1, Jag won Part 2. They will face off Thursday during the finale to compete in part 3. Winner of Part 3 is the final HOH and gets to decide who to take to the end.

3:30 pm Feeds return after 5 hours plus. Jag wins part 2.
Bowie – at least we can enjoy the rest of the day now.
Matt – no competition tomorrow.. they told us

4:00 pm Solitaire

4:25 pm Bowie alone in scary.

4:47 pm Matt and Jag
Matt says he was happy to see he won. He didn’t want to show it to be mean to Bowie.
Matt – that was a hard comp
Jag – SO hard
Matt – A timed comp over an hour.. all the other time comps were less than 10 minutes
Jag – yeah
Matt – that insane
Jag – crazy
Jag briefly goes to chat with Bowie and the feeds cut.
4:50 pm Jag and Bowie
Jag – what a crazy comp over an hour
Bowie – I tried. I really did.

4:54 pm Matt and Jag
Jag – she’s in Scary.. she’s just chilling
Jag – DUDE that’s crazy.. that is crazy.. I’m like BRO that means we did everything we set out to do.
Matt – we did everything in the last half of the season.
Jag – everything
Matt – that’s hard to do that’s hard to pull off.
Matt – good job
Jag – thanks man
Matt – Time to go make history

5:50 pm Solitaire and feed blocks. (I believe there’s a special dinner tonight)


6:15 pm Jag and Matt Solitaire
Jag – Bro isn’t that crazy? I kept thinking about that. We made it
Matt – I know I know … DUDE
Feeds cut When we’re back.
Matt – the hitmen are quivering in their boots right now.. they’re being replaced
Jag – the greatest heist of the century

(I like the minutemen better than hitmen)

6:25 pm They got Indian food and wine/beers

6:32 pm they toast “To the mafia”
Matt – wouldn’t want to be here with two other peopl e
Jag – same
Bowie – absolute truth.

7:40pm The final 3 playing never have I ever… Jag – it doesn’t have to be something that someone else will for sure put down .. this could be a way to get to know someone.

8:20pm – 9:08pm They make a new game called Thunder Bolt similar to beer pong.

10:10pm Kitchen – Bowie and Matt are back to sitting at the table chatting about what they’ll do when they’re done.

11:20pm – 11:50pm The final 3 lay in bed together. Bowie leaves for the bathroom. Matt – we’re going to feel weird as hell tomorrow thinking this is the final night in here. Jag – I can’t get over the fact that WE are going to be in those final 2 seats. Matt – I know.

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un autre nom

An hour and a bit behind. was on another window waiting for tech support for an hour. sorry.

Mafia. Cirie evicted. Bowie HOH #3. Bowie f2 Jag. Noms Fe/Matt. Jag record veto #7.
Jag “loyalty” question. ASIDE: more like D/R said keep him or you’re the villain.
Jag evicts Felicia.
Mafiamafiamafia? What happrened to minutemen we heard about 5x a recap since week 10???

NOTE: LOTS OF MAFIA (6 day old alliance??) SIGNS.
BOWIE I’m f3. f2 with Jag
MATT Jag (Grod) kept me. 1 in 3 for 750k
JAG oh I’m loyal/honorable, Matt was always safe (coughcough bullshit). I owe Matt, our work is coming to fruition.

a 53 yr old woman AND HER SECRET SON. Fe was f2#4, pissed they tried to save f2#3 over her. SORRY, SHE’S BAGOCATS, BUT HOW R THE FIELDS’ SO ENTITLED TO ACT MORALLY JUSTIFIED? Oh, entitled hypocrites with fanbase carte blanche, riiiiiight.
1- Chillbillyisms. No game WHATSOEVER….Bowie gets more inclusion and DR than for 3 weeks. Fast talking.
1-Cirie didn’t like being on Big Brother, but cashed that signing bonus stuntcast cheque.
D/R RECAP encapsulating rise and fall of a failed despot. (STILL A NOPE). Let’s take a ride on the mood swing before we play on the teeter totter. Insert laughs and multiple ‘right, right, rights’. SCARY PSCHOLOGICALLY SCARRED FREAKSHOW.
continuing the tradition of devaluation… they get a lump segment. Oh look, they throw in showmance stuff. MATT’S GONNA BE PIIIIISSSSSED. He and the blonde moron don’t get a 5 minute mance slot – watch his mance slot be with Jag or cookies.
1-Lunchables date. and boundaries.
2- constitution pillow talk
Matt misses Reilly (at this point, my brain registers her name in the noise of an Aphasic goat).
MATTMANCE (costarring Jag with special appearance by some blonde twit)
blinkblink. headdesk.

Jared’s idea of playing his own game was lying to mommy and tanking both their positions… and Izzy’s because he’s an enabled dickhead.
oh, we’re back to enabled little brat and overly permissive mommy. shocker.

whoatemysteak song. Matt being Matt thought he was entitled.
his apology: I’ll make you a quesadilla if someone cooks the steak. sideye.


Felicia is Denzel’s sister CONSPIRACY.
Call the mothership you wingnut.


MATT DIDN’T COME FOR THIRD (was 4th before a 2 hour D/R)
JAG I WAS EVICTED. I’M GOING TO WIN. I’M F2 NO MATTER WHAT (see above D/R comment. Say hmmmm, considering he D/R disappeared for 2 more hours before Part 2 and think of what that meant in season 21). 5TH WIN EQUITY D/R.

un autre nom

part of tonight’s attitude rises from learning Felicia suffered a family death concurrent with the bratty assholes shunning and shitting on her and plotting plan pressurecracker.
It actually does make the behavior hit worse, even the game but dirty game stuff.
It. Just. Does.


Oh well, its a game! Felicia should’ve self evicted if she couldn’t handle it!


Jag is a jackass. Big ole jackass.

Bowie Jane’s kinda cool. It’s low key sexy watching a 45 year old chick dressed like a 25 female mechanic. She can Blowie Jane me any day.

Matt’s a simp, in love with a girl he met 3 months ago for only 2 weeks.


I’m so confused.

Gan ainm

Jag better win that final competition and evict Matt like he wanted to before letting production hijack his vote.I’m not a Cam fan but the one thing I liked about him is that he stood up to prodos manipulation,but did he?It never made sense to me that he didn’t nom Cirie when he had the chance since she was his target,I suspect prodo convinced him to hold off on noming Cirie and came up with that whole cabinet excuse to explain not nominating Cirie.


Is that a real thing though? Do we have any confirmed stories from past houseguests who’ve shed light on what happens in the diary room? Or we’re going with the assumption that the producers do their best to manipulate the situation?

Gan ainm

Well I have stolen Un autre nom’s tinfoil hat but we watched Jag towards the end of the week decide to evict Matt and mysteriously change his mind after spending time in the DR.We will never know what actually transpired behind the scenes and we will not be given an explanation.In general all forms of reality TV shows are influenced and manipulated behind the scenes by production.Just watch this season of the TV show vs the live feeds,they have a completely different storyline and characters.On TV they turned Cam into the loveable SpaceCowboy but behind the scenes actively sabotaged his game.Cirie got the nice mastermind edit eliminating all her nasty comments and the fact that she essentially gave up playing after Jared left.

Game show lover

Come on!!!!
Jag, time to take it home!!

Here We Go

Bowie pouting…….ha ha ha. Is that how you’re going to enjoy the rest of the day?

Game fan

Bowie is always tired about the game , to talk game , to play in comps. Just let her rest. She came to the house to play … Pool. Not big brother. Wish she went home instead of red.

Gan ainm

In regards to Matt, imagine if Matt were a woman.Would he be so well liked and his gameplay respected?Take the worst qualities of America Blue and Bowie’s personalities and gameplay and you have a female Matt.He perhaps would be the most hated and disrespected HG inside and outside of the house.But attach a penis and he’s amazing.

Game fan

My fab in s 13- Danielle.
My fab in s 15- Amanda.
S17- Vanessa.
You get the point. Even this season – cirie .. and i really wanted to cheer on blue but she was very delusional and emotional.
Matt is playing a great game and the best of this season. This is not about gender. I think he was aware of everything. Even when they wanted cirie out .. he knew what’s going on and didn’t wanted to push aganeds. This style of game play can be seem cowerd or weak. but he know what he is doing . this is the main reason he is still here and was never was going to be nominated until f4- where no one is gonna evict him. He was always in on the plan to BD cam .. or cory. He really pushed Jag to do cory & america . Matt played it always the right way he wasn’t hoh but influenced the house enough to get things done without being too aggressive and being caught targeting people. He than won hoh when he couldn’t reai make a move , cause jag won veto and he and bowie held the votes .. if he nominated bowie , jag would of save her anyway. He actually can make a move now at 3 but even if he doesn’t – he is still the better player . Who would of got here i believe even if jag was gona in week 3/4 .. we can’t say the opposite

Gan ainm

I’m not criticizing his style of gameplay,it was successful.I’m criticizing us the viewers for how we perceive gameplay based on the gender of the HG.Women who play similar way as Matt are generally criticized/disrespected/attacked as floaters who do nothing and are carried through the game.Just look at how many viewers would respect and cheer a Matt win but not a Bowie win.


I disagree, Matt hid behind jag, jag made all the decisions, everyone in jury is because of jag whether he won hoh or pov or neither. I dint like jag but he’s by far the best player this season, and if he don’t win it’s a shame, if he’s in f2.

Just The Truth

here we go with the gender bs again. gameplay is gameplay. he won some comps and was in good social standing in the house. send your toxic feminism to some man hating rally.

Just The Truth

Now we just need Matt to win the final comp. I feel like he would take Jag to the final but can’t guarantee Jag would take him. So I hope Matt wins just so both of them are in the final 2 seats as Bowie has not earned her way there at all. Not to mention she would be a terrible winner if the Jury chooses to go the bitter route.

Gan ainm

Bowie didn’t earn her spot but Matt did?They played very similar games initially from opposite sides of the house.Neither were ever targets.Matt positioned himself better socially while Bowie won more comps.If one would be a terrible winner,they both would be.That’s just the truth.

Just The Truth

she guessed random numbers while Matt was in good social standing almost the whole house through out the whole game while also winning some comps. So yes he played way better than her.

Gan ainm

She guessed random numbers while trying to throw it,is that a positive or negative?Either way she won more comps,but I guess for those who value comp wins it only counts for Cam.Matt and Bowie were equal in not being targeted until Grod saved Matt last week meanwhile Grod tried to make Bowie vanish for nearly the entire season.In my book Bowie did more than Matt to get to the finals.

Just The Truth

if your brain is telling you she has played a better game I would highly recommend being evaluated by a physician immediately. something is not working.

Gan ainm

By all means explain how he played a better game?As I said they played a similar game,he excelled socially,she edged him out in comps,they shared a similar strategy except Bowie had to be slightly more proactive in attaching herself to Jag than Matt had to.They both made it to the end without being targets except for Jag wanting to take Matt out last week.Who you like or dislike should not be relevant in evaluating their gameplay.But Matt is liked and Bowie is not.

The Beef

BJ won 3 HOH’s and that’s it. Matt won 1 HOH, 2 veto’s, 1 special power, and he won the mini-comp opening night. He also won the 1st part of the final HOH and has a chance to win part 3 which BJ has no chance to win anything else now.

Where are you getting “she edged him out” in comps or “she won more comps” than Matt did? The numbers just don’t back you up with those statements.

Gan ainm

As I said they played a pretty even game.I forgot he won a 2nd veto and I don’t count the extras like the night 1 comps or the special power we and production gave him.To me anyway their comp wins are completely irrelevant as they handed control of them to mainly to Jag.Neither used their wins to benefit their own game.Jag is responsible for the eviction of every juror.My point is they are basically the same gamewise but one is considered deserving of the win and the other is not.The reality is they both had little impact on the game.If you plucked them both out of this season how would the game change?The only significant impact would be the saving of Jag which was prodo manipulation not earned gameplay.

Just The Truth

sorry I have seen enough of your comments to know now you are a biased feminist. it all makes sense.


They both played crap imo, Bowie floated then hid behind jag, Matt has hid behind jag since Matt saved him.

Who Cares

Jag put little thought and almost no effort into Juror Management. This alone should be enough to earn him the loss. After all, this is a social game where fellow contestants decide who wins.


Matt’s better social game is reason enough to say he played a better game. The jury likes Matt, they don’t respect Bowie Jane and her gameplay even though it’s similar to Matt.

Just The Truth

They controlled almost the whole 2nd half of the game..

Carlito's Way

Matt worked it all season. He was connected to everyone in the house and was never put on the block until Jag and Bowie tricked him to pick a number and that doesn’t count imo. Otherwise, he managed to be in on all the votes. Everyone trusted him. Bowie gets credit for her three comp wins aside from the fact that she guessed one and Jag threw the last one, as he didn’t want to be the one to put Matt on the block. I loved Matt until they all started bashing people during the Cameron eviction plot. That showed a side of all of them that was not pretty. But all in all, I still like Matt. I think he did great and it had to be so much harder having a hearing disability. We can’t know what that is like. So, out of the three I hope Matt wins.

Paul Sucks

The fact that Bowie couldn’t straight up tell Matt that she was putting him on the block so it is one less argument that he has to me shows weaker game play.

Own your moves!!!

Gan ainm

I think anyone who makes it to the finals deserves to be there,even Victoria.When it comes to determining the winner I look at who is deserving based on who proactively eliminated their targets to move their game forward.In the early days it was largely Cirie influencing who was evicted and then America and Cory until Jag evicted them.Jag directly targeted and evicted every member of the jury.Matt and Bowie simply assisted Jag and did not drive the eviction of any HG.

Who Cares

The objective of Big Brother is to get to one of the final two seats and get the most juror votes. Comp wins only matter if the voting Jurors can be convinced of it. The real value of the comps is to get advantages to assist you in getting to the end of the game with the person you think you can defeat

Who Cares

There is no one left to pull for. They all deserve to lose. But I think Matt deserves to lose a little less than the others.

The Foosa

No, that’s your “truth”, aka your opinion.

America’s Sanitary Napkin

Cory for AFH! But I wouldn’t mind if Cameron wins ?


Mama Fe for AFP
8 times on the block and survived until eventually voted out. That’s an impressive record. Lol…..

Felicia’s Mustard Gas

Thank you for the plug, Happy!


And she did it while secretly grieving her brother


Afp is fixed. No way that chick had the most votes last year


Ok! And she needs to be compensated for all the cooking and cleaning she’s done the whole season lol! Especially when she was on the block 8 damn times. Not me! That’s where I would draw the line. I understand she didn’t have to do it, but you could tell she loved doing it. And yes she got on my damn nerves too sometimes, but you can’t deny she’s very entertaining.


Hell yeah Jag!!! I just don’t see how Matt beats Jag in a mental comp there’s no way.


While watching BB right now, it just confirms that this season was not fair for all. You had Cerie and Jared, with Jared playing both sides of the house without others knowing. Glad Production didn’t get the Mom/son win they were looking for. I hope they let jury know the truth before final vote of winner. BB really failed this year. Not wasting time next year watching.


Will never know who you are……. We will see you next year…. under another name. Smooches

The Foosa

My friend, it hasn’t been well let’s call it an honest, level playing field for at least 7 seasons.

America’s Sanitary Napkin

Cory for AFH!!!!


I hope they aren’t dumb enough to take each other to F2


whoa. jag won part 2. really think he should’ve thrown this. i think voting out matt is a very high risk strategy if he wins part 3. 3rd place finishers are usually so bitter they don’t vote for the person that voted them out, and i feel like the whole jury could turn against jag if he does this.

Just The Truth

throwing a comp is still putting your fate in other players hands. there is no guarantees with anything in this game. only way to guarantee you are sitting in the final 2 chairs is by being that final HOH.


i get that, but jag needs to shake his “playing too hard” image. losing a comp is a way of doing that. obviously bowie or matt might not take him, but i think he’s built up strong enough relationships with both that they both should.

Game fan

Last three – Turner , azah , Nicole f did voted for the person who got them out tho

Game fan

what is there to dislike – this are facts.


If Jag wins and takes Matt for sure Matt has three votes, Blue, Cirie and Felica, only needs four. If Jag or Matt take Bowie they win. Period.

Who Cares

If Jag takes Bowie he has a better chance than if he takes Matt. I think that Matt would be more inclined to give Jag his vote than Bowie would, but I don’t know if that would be enough. Jag has too much blood on his hands in my opinion.


Not true. Ottoman voted Xavier. Nicole voted Cody. turner voted monte. That’s just in the last few seasons.


I must say I was super excited when they announced the 100 day season since I had been “deprived” of my summer show during actual summer, but I confess I can’t hardly wait for it to be over. CBS needs to shake things up and hire a new production company to manage and produce BB. The comps are getting old and repetitive, the way they edit the show is so predictable, and it’s amazing how they come up with some themes (multiverse this time) that never really hold up. I binged the last two weeks because I just didn’t care to see Corey getting eliminated (in a truly California fashion, he “manifested” his eviction after repeating exhaustingly in the DR that Jag should get rid of him) because I knew nothing else would happen and Matt and Jag would be the finalists. Nothing wrong with that considering they were very consistent… still, oh wow, where are the unexpected? The thrilling performances? Things like Felicia and that whole toenail dust – eww – BS making the cut and appearing on TV just gave me even more nausea and the desire to see this hot mess end. They had a chance to offer something new and get new viewers into BB, considering there’s an actors strike going on and all new programming is only possible if they produce reality shows, but they completely missed the chance here. I must say I liked the houseguests in general (just won’t ever enjoy Izzy) and they all had their good moments while they could also be obnoxious. I can forgive Felicia and her cookies, bacon in the robe pocket – barf – and the aforementioned “dust,” considering how charismatic she was during her eviction interview. Cirie was all talk and no action but she did say something I will forever remember as one of the best quotes this season: “I’d give Jag that same congratulations if he wasn’t playing against 2 senior citizens, one airhead and one idiot.” (Question for y’all: is Bowie an idiot?) What’s up with the kitty kitty purr thing? How did Blue come up with that lame tagline? Cam should win AFP because he was the only competitor going against the odds.

Real champs, as usual, are Simon and Dawg for putting up with 100 days of BB and blogging non-stop. I will forever support you.

Why do I have the feeling the BB Xmas Special will be some half@ssed BS?

Spunky Monkey

Totally agree. Prod have lost touch with the public seeming to jimmy the show in favour of the least favourite houseguests. It tells you something when the likely AFP left the show weeks ago. You can polish a turd…..


cirie left last week. i know people here don’t want her to win afp, but she’s very very likely to.

The Foosa

One serious LOL.


More twists so its not so predictable!


I know everyone wants a cut throat to happen…but I honestly am loving the wholesomeness Matt and Jag bring. I hope they do take each other for real cause you know they each would be happy regardless

Gan ainm

I like the world you live in.Sadly I’m stuck in reality where one dickhead is going to loose 750k.

The Foosa

Jilted much. You know exactly what mean, don’t you

Just The Truth

stay mad karen. an undeserving winner got the victory handed to her last year so im sure you are happy about that

Just The Truth

he didnt lose lol. hows that “reality” working out for ya?


Wholesomeness? I’m guessing you haven’t watched any live feeds? This was my first time watching them and the HG’s you see on just the shows are definitely not the same as on the feeds. I was shocked at the difference and probably won’t watch the live feeds again. I’d rather have the “good version” of HG’s and be oblivious to how they really act.


What have Matt and Jag been doing. I haven’t watched the feeds in so many years, so I know edits happen. But I never saw things about Matt or Jag, I saw about Cirie and Felicia being terrible

Starboard Bow

Just an observation, not my personal feelings.

If it’s Jag’s decision to make, he’s playing for 2nd either way.

Jag has ZERO chance of winning if he sits next to Matt.
Matt is just too darn likable, and he hasn’t burned the jurors as much as Jag has.

Although… Jag has a slightly better chance of winning if he sits next to Bowie Jane.
However, Bowie Jane HAS been padding her resume over the last few weeks, plus the jury may be BITTER against Jag, so who knows?

If Jag evicts Matt rather than Bowie Jane, the jury will be even more upset with him than they are now, simply for burning likable Matt.

As such, whichever way he goes, Jag’s playing for 2nd place.
it’s a catch-22.

The time to get out Matt would’ve been the last eviction, rather than sending home Felicia.
At least then, Jag would’ve had Matt in the jury house doing damage control, and telling the other jurors he understood why Jag evicted him, lessening the sting of his eviction for them and convincing them to vote for Jag.

My prediction is that Jag plays for 2nd, no matter WHO he decides to sit next to… but I do hope it’s Matt. 😀

Gan ainm

Production stopped Jag from evicting him over Felicia.What does that tell you?

Just The Truth

you are in such denial making up any excuse to convince yourself.

Game fan

Jury would cheer if he cuts matt and the opposite.


my highly likely to be incorrect finale predictions:

part 3 hoh winner – matt

3rd place evictee – bowie

jury votes – 4 for matt(cirie, felicia, blue, america)…3 for jag(cam, cory, bowie)

afp – cirie, because of survivor audience

will matt/reilly kiss – no, just a big hug

julie holiday bb surprise – there will be a short winter bb season half celebs, half bb legends

Gan ainm

This is my nightmare except Cory also votes for Matt.

Game fan

Replace cory and blue. Cory is rooting for Matt .

un autre nom

Worst jury management since Paul.
Bowie doesn’t get goodbye messages.
Jag is mishandling her realtime.

It’s awkward
Her gameplan: loyalty go team.
Jag pushed for that f2 parachute. HARD for 2 weeks.
Now he’s being wish washy. when she hasn’t won a final HOH stage.
Go back to her gameplan.
He’s realistically lighting a vote on fire.

It’s possible he throws round three so that he doesn’t have to cut her.

I’m not kidding. 55% chance.

Tbh, according to his poor reading / fear of conflict?
He likely thinks Bowie is swing vote. In a season of unanimous votes…
He’s telegraphing he’s backing out of the f2… but if Matt cuts her it’s Matt’s fault?
That’s how his misread of others’ motivations works. That’s his not my fault impulse at work.

Enjoy your time on Challenge Season 41, Jag. They won’t chew you up and spit you out… there’s no ind time comps… hiccup. oops.

Gan ainm

Has Grod scrambled Jag’s head to get a Matt win?

un autre nom

Remember how Jag would say D/R has/hasn’t asked about this alliance as his way of determining where his loyalty was?
You know D/R is pushing Matt over Bowie.


FBJ is finally nominated



Rumor is Matt won favorite houseguest. Seriously???? Barely beating Cam.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

I hope this is just a rumor, Matt does not deserve Favorite Houseguest.

I am hoping that Cam wins.


I saw these numbers yesterday. Matt 36.67%, Cam 36.35%, Cirie 13.04%, Felicia 3.07% and America 2.05%. Those are the top 5. Followed by Cory, Blue, Jag, Red, and Reilly.

Nether Region Euphemism

Every season feeders expect a bitter jury, but often that’s not the case.

Cam is already favoring Jag, per jury segments. Cory will vote for game, he can respect jag getting out cerie on Matt’s HOH.

I think BJ respects Jag much more than she does Matt. I don’t expect a bitter vote from her, especially as Jatt was a tight bromance long before BJ came onto their group. She’d respect the loyalty.

Blue feels that both of Jatt played her. I think she sticks with Jag as her buddy.

You have to look at context. Jurors now look like they are really enjoying each other; the social connection melts away sour feelings about the game.

America is a toss up but like Cory, she’d appreciate Jag’s late game strategic hold.

I could even see Fe possibly voting for Jag She’s in a new headspace saying it was god’s will for her to leave when she did.

The only thing that might sway is if Matt wins F2 over Jag, but even then it’ll just look like Jag always had full power and social game with Matt to not get cut.


Can’t stand any of the final three, but hoping Jag wins the final, cuts misogynist Matt Tate, and Bowie wins.


I’m tired of listening to BJ beg for alcohol