“I’m very very serious I’m done. I would have at least doubled my followers that’s all I really care about”

11:26 am Carol and minh

They argue for an hour

11:45 am Angie and Kyle
Angie says she wanted to say “Stuff” during the house meeting but it got so wild.
Angie – she’s lucky not everyone got their chance (To speak) At the end of it she would have said everyone was ganging up on her. Sher really does like to play the victim.
Angie laughs “Sleeping in the have nots.. OK do you think people care”
Kyle – when she was done and the whole Jamar thing happened she was out talking being ecstatic about what was about to happen (Jamar’s removal)
Kyle – she then comes in here and cries.
Feeds cut
When we’re back they’re talking about Minh and her mood swings.
Angie says when Minh is sad about things she can never tell if she’s being sincere. They agree if Minh stays it’ll be a waste because next week she’ll need to go again.
Kyle – Another house meeting
Kyle – you know what’s crazy when the whole Jamar thing happened she was playing. up I didn’t know he.. Feeds cut
Angie says Minh could have stopped the whole thing and pulled Jamar into the Expedia room
feeds cut

Noon Carol, Kyle, Vanessa and Brooke
(Houseguests will find out today if there will be an eviction)
Kyle says Minh has got to go, “I’m sorry she’s out of control”
Kyle – She’s f***ing insane Brooke I’ve been telling you since day 3. She’s a crazy person that is why this eviction needs to happen just for our sanity.
Kyle jokes that Big Brother can keep the booze and parties they just need this eviction.
Kyle brings up Minh and Sue arguing in the HOH.

Carol brings up that Minh pulled her into a room telling her that Vanessa was telling her sh1t
Vanessa – the whole object is me.
Kyle says he sat down and smiled at her and she said “Kyle you can’t do that’
Kyle – you can’t tell me what to do and you can’t switch on a dime like that. You’re insane.
Kyle – worst self-aware.

Carol – I literally said If I win HOH I’m putting myself on the block
Carol – I seriously want to go home, I’m done
Vanessa – you want to go home next Thursday
Carol – I really do. I’m done I just don’t want to self evict
Carol – I’m very very serious I’m done I got no fight left I hate it here I hate production..
Feeds cut.

Carol – I don’t really care anymore
Kyle – like I said dude if You’re done you’re done
Carol – I really am. I don’t want to be here anymore
Carol – I know I’m in a great social situation I can make it to jury. I don’t think I can win the game I don’t think I can take part in the last like umm… challenges where it’s endurance and running and puzzles. I don’t think I have a chance That’s not be being down on myself that’s me knowing myself and what my body is capable at this point. Therefore like I’m just wasting time.
Kyle – just being honest with you If I win I need that guy gone (Hira)
Carol – I know I can’t even get voted out of here if I wanted to because nobody is threatened by me
Kyle – if he wasn’t here I would help you out with that.
Carol – I know that’s fine. I legitimately would put myself on the block. It would be hilarious if I won HOH.
Kyle – can you do that
Carol – I don’t know I would try (Ohh F*** off)
Carol – everybody in my life thought I was nuts to come here as is. They’re not going to hold it against me
Kyle – everyone thinks we’re nuts for being in here
Carol – you cannot fathom what it’s like until you’ve been here
Carol – All I wanted to prove was if you’re old, If you’re big you can still make it here and I already proved that (ZOMG)
Carol – I would have at least doubled my followers that’s all I really care about
Carol – I got thriving business outside of this house

(Carol is the worst pass it along)

12:48 pm Chris and Vanessa
Talking about Carol and dragging her along in the game for at least 4 more weeks then they can cut her loose.
They need her as a number.

2:03 pm Sheldon, Kyle, and Brooke. Hira is also in the room on the couch.
Chit chatting about how much fun Chris is. They mention that Maddy has lost 8 pounds while on slop.
Kyle mentions how Chris is saying he’s going to be the greatest slop bucket eater in BB history.
Hira – he will end up eating all the slop

4:47 pm Sue and Maddy
Sue mentions that tomorrow is HIra’s Birthday. They talk about Ming not being a nice person.
Maddy – her and I didn’t get on the right foot
Sue – how can anyone be mean to you. Seriously it’s bizarre
Maddy – may be because Jams was flirty
Sue – that’s why I think she hated me. She wanted him
Maddy – where are you at gamewise
Sue – I don’t know I’m still trying to figure it out. I feel like I can trust you guys, You all tell me where your heads at
Sue – I feel like I can trust Shell
Maddy – I trust Brooke I just feel like if I try to get close or something they’re just too tight 9Brooke and Sheldon)
Sue – they’re tight
Maddy says she feels like a lone wolf. Still talks to Ri though.
Sue – do you talk to Brooke and Shells about anything
Maddy says they talk a lot about personal stuff “I would like to talk more game with them because I feel they are both honest for the most part”
Maddy – Kyle drives me insane he was so close to Mike
Sue – I guess you guys talked game before
Maddy – we talked so much game before
Sue – are you guys good now
Maddy – yeah we’re OKAY now but I’m not going to forget they did it to Mike. They were so close.
Maddy – they both opened up to each other he was like I have your back 100% I swear on my kids(Kyle to Mike)
Sue – that’s why Mike freaked
Maddy says if Kyle is sitting with any of them in the final 2 he’ll win the game.

5:43 pm Brooke, Kyle and Vanessa
Kyle saying that Angie is going after JL.
Kyle – Carol wanted to self evict today
Kyle – we need a game plan going into next week you talked to anyone today
Brooke says Maddy and Ri were in the HOH both talking about Kyle and saying if Kyle was going to target someone it would be Hira.
Brooke says Maddy wants to win HOH to protect Hira, “She’s either playing you or Ri”
Brooke adds that She was talking to Ri alone and Ri asked her what was her standing with Kyle.
Brooke – I was like yeah I love Kyle we have a very good personal relationship (ZOMG)
Brooke says that Maddy and Ri also mentions Kyle was brining up Sheldon’s name “I kinda played off of that as well”

** Feeds have been down for over an hour

8:42 pm Feeds still down…

10:30 pm Feeds down until after Tomorrow’s show..

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another name

Carol can go. Social media following? pshaw. whining every week about quitting? There’s the door.


DAMM, BBCAN needs to go over their selection criteria and testing.
Sad when players cry and quit. Not good entertainment.


I totally agree with this, they need to screen better candidates. They dropped the ball on this.


Seriously Carol? All the people who wanted to be in there and you want to self evict? Great Job Big Brother Casting Crew!


Nico Jamar and Carol, whoever casted these people needs to be fired


Well said!!!


Yup on Carol. My gut told me from the start – she NEEDS to go. Mostly b/c she plays this role of being someone people can confide in but she is one of the worst at then sharing those details to the person being vented about. Worse – is the genuine joy she gets at laughing at others when she shares that information. For example – she has been all about the “Kyle has to go – and how he treats/manipulates people is wrong” narrative BUT she was the FIRST one in the meeting to stand up for him. Where was she when Kyle was trashing others disparagingly? Why didn’t she tell Kyle to stop smacking his lips throwing kisses & goading Jamar? She didn’t say sh*t then – my guess is b/c she’s scared of him.

Look – it’s a smart strategy – just not my cup of tea. The ONLY person I think she hasn’t ratted out yet is Vanessa, but like Another Name pointed out that should last about a day or two until she learns Nessa is painting her with “Carol said blah, blah, blah about Brooke”.

I’m guessing Vanessa’s next target once (or if) Carol leaves will be Sue or Maddy since she’s already in an alliance with Sue & is trying to build one with Maddy/Ri Ri.

As for Carol wanting to go home, she would’ve served herself better by telling live feeders/hamsters that her back is causing her unbearable pain and she doesn’t want to be viewed in constant pain. Because I always want to see a better mix of ages in the house I was hoping she’d be more of a player than she has been and in truth, her strategy (again – not my cup of tea) is working b/c she’s become this season’s BB consigliere and would be a perfect goat to drag to the end. The irony is at that point she could lay out how she influenced so much of what happened. Instead, she’s focused on doubling her social media followers (wtf?) — disappointing, to say the least.

Whether you like or dislike Ming’s game (or her as a person) I’d rather she be in the house than Carol b/c:

1) she WANTS to be there
2) Ming will go after Kyle/Vanessa
3) If nothing else, Ming is entertaining

If TPTB (the powers that be – i.e. PRODUCTION) read these forums I sure hope they consider letting Carol replace Ming or Ri Ri on the block or leave in their stead. As viewers, we don’t need to see another lost week of inevitability from a player who has no desire to play the game and is ONLY there to gain social media followers.

Even more annoying is Carol staying to help Kyle take out his targets (Ming, Hira, etc). Because she’s not invested in the game or playing she should go NOW – having her remain to help influence the game end and the winner is a joke.

Here’s hoping TPTB do the right thing. This season could’ve been a nice diversion from what everyone is addressing in the real world instead it’s quickly transitioning into another boring season of inevitability.

Stay safe and healthy everyone.

another name

So how’s everyone enjoying this SUPER-SIZED season?
Somebody walked. Somebody was removed. and Somebody has threatened to quit for the umteenth time again.

What is this? This is a failure on the part of casting. This is production editing and providing viewers with profiled character types pre feeds.
This is modern Big Brother in North America. What’s the difference between bb21 and how they handled (or mishandled) their clusterduck of a season, vs how bbcan8 is handling what could become a clusterduck of a season? I think (just my thought) tptb are looking at the 21 model and attempting to cut off the effect before it happens. In doing so, they may be doing the exact opposite and may actually end up playing into the controversy model they are trying to avoid.
Observation: When dingo of hamsterwatch quits updating on twitter (not sure about website stats updates) in week three of a season, that’s not good. When there’s a gofundme that isn’t the butt of a Raven joke? Not good.


Interesting how the ranking is so different on various sites this season. On Jokers, the bottom seven are: 10- Sheldon 11- Brooke, 12- Chris, 13- Nico, 14- Carol, 15 – Vanessa & 16- Kyle whereas only Chris, Kyle, and Carol rank in the bottom seven on OBB.

Maybe it’s too early in the season – but usually, the two sites tend to be closer at least the top 3 and bottom 3 rankings.

Guy From Canada

When you’re constantly rating the majority of the players 1 maybe they all tie for the bottom…..

Chris and Kyle need to go

Can this season get cancelled already? Jamar won, he got more than 100K from that one donation


Seriously? WOW – good for him.

Hey – I’m an NBA Blogger who is killing myself writing 16 or more hours a day to create content that won’t pay my bills for the foreseeable future & it’s STRESSING me out lol. If we know who is throwing around money so easily my hand is raised – (as I’m sure many of yours are).

another name

I thought the current total was 5k. wow.


No he didn’t. The GoFundMe is only at 4k.


gullible is an art, methinks, being well done

another name

just pointing out that Jamar’s d/r have him wearing his house meeting clothes.
side eye.
Vanessa d/r saying she is close to Minh and it’s nice to have someone else in her corner…. uh. about that. why the whole don’t trust her talk then? like every time she leave the room. smells like storyline not reality of feeds. Since she knows already if Maddy or Ri get off the block it’s adios Minh as THE PLAN on feeds as of Thursday night’s KVBS meeting.
Okay. that’s enough of the obvious for me.
Veto picks. Ten playing. Really? with a safety partner. Pretty telegraphed in terms of expectation. Pretty good way to save an alliance of three if that’s your storyline prerogative… one with veto one safe. hmmmm. sorry that was a tinfoil sideline never mind.
Kyle gets a sound effect. and it’s not a donkey braying. it’s harp. oi.
So Vanessa was told to throw I’d missed that on feeds. Just not specifically by Brooke. By the alliance.
Vanessa confrontation. Vanessa lying through her teeth and playing intimidated and grilled. What did she say about Jamar again? oh no, she felt threatened. So here’s Vanessa’s tell in the game: if she feels victimized most likely the person talking is right and she’s full of it. Game tactic.
Is Carol wearing Brooke’s spare glasses for this veto?
This comp was last seen in season 4 if i’m not mistaken. just after they’d evicted their fourth female houseguest and the house was looking like a sausage commercial. Will they show the penalty the feeds discussed?
HOW comfortable are you in the game if you don’t even work at the veto? TOO COMFORTABLE. The house should have said oh… that there’s disconcerting.
Nope, the penalty wasn’t shown. oh.
The Minh talk between Sheldon and Brooke like it isn’t something that happened twice before. I mean, it was foreshadowed in his top 4 last episode. Jamar knew about Minh as renom for about a day and a half. let’s remember that. Usually there would be a Jamar d/r. d’oh.
The Minh and Sheldon talk. So this was about 45 minutes of after bedtime feeds. interrupted by Brooke trying to resume her spot in the hoh room at one point. How did they get any film of her anywhere else?
five minutes to go…. and nothing about the jamar situation yet. hmmm. WEAK.

another name

oh. during the episode bb tweeted that the current situation will be covered in Thursday’s episode. OH.


Hey Another Name,

My big takeaways were pretty much in line with yours…..

The fact not one hamster commented at Kyle-Chris not even trying to win POV blew my mind. Not even Sheldon-Brooke who you think would want them to win so noms could’ve stayed the same.

I like Sheldon & I know he’s methodical but the WAY he speaks to Ming is so condescending – he doesn’t talk to anyone else the way he talks to her. He measures his words with all the females except Ming – & doesn’t even try to sugar coat it- “no one cares about you or if you leave” is so out of character for him – why not just say “others feel they can’t trust you” or “others are concerned you cause too much drama”? I honestly don’t think he likes her – or perhaps b/c he’s so controlled in his emotions Ming is the absolute worst player for him to keep b/c she’s emotional & adaptable (the two things he’s not).

And yes the “you’re threatening me – making me feel uncomfortable” Vanessa thing was something I immediately noticed too as her tell. Just like Kyle’s is the uncomfortable laugh or bad joke, Chris’ is his pec flex & Brooke’s eye’s widen plus her voice changes where she tries to show that she’s concerned/caring.

The other big thing is WHY is Sheldon not taking any heat for the blatant lie to Ming? They are all saying they feel so sorry for him – come on this cast can’t be that dumb. This season more than any in recent history feels more like they are playing to a specific script or plot lines b/c what they say about one person lying (Ming), one person manipulating (Brooke) or one person intimidating (Jamar) is NOT replicated in their actions when others do it (namely Vanessa and Kyle).

Although they all lie Vanessa lies almost as much if not more than Ming and she’s buried every single one of her allies via her comments/actions but somehow she isn’t even on the minds of anyone? Kyle has talked about goading others into self eviction, body slamming them and getting them so mad they’ll hit him or self evict but even those comments are barely mentioned. Maybe I’m just too overexposed to TPTB interference but does anyone else think this season doesn’t make a lot of sense in terms of this disparity and seeming blindness to the obvious?

another name

I’m absolutely 100% positive that Kyle saying (yesterday) that he’ll no longer imitate Jamar because it is disrespectful came directly out of a production note. There is absolutely nothing that could convince me otherwise. Because he has had no issue whatsoever with saying disrespectful things about others before or since… but suddenly that one and only that one is a no fly zone.
It’s well documented that Sheldon does not like Minh. What gets me is they were discussing a final 2 last week night one or two of feeds because nobody would suspect their partnership due to the personality difference. She is the only person he truly talks down to. But really, she lectures as well. I’m okay with Sheldon (not like, but begrugingly okay) on a game level. I find him to be boring on an entertainment level. I’d never say oh look it’s sheldon, grab the popcorn.


i dont get why kyle wants hira gone so bad

another name

When Chris nominated Hira last week he wasn’t given any notice. That made Hira want Chris to be a target. He later came to the conclusion that Kyle was in on the decision. When Vanessa was mad at Kyle last week, and trying to gather forces to get rid of Kyle as the real threat (because she felt threatened that Kyle was mad she won the slop pass), Hira was one of those that got the download. Jamar and Hira talked. More anti Kyle info. Hira and Minh talked. More anti Kyle info. Before Sheldon won the HOH the number of people that would nominate Kyle was just about unanimous.
Once Hira joins up with the Brooke, Sheldon, Susanne and Jamar alliance later named FIVE OUT, it gets back to Kyle that Hira said his name. And now As far as Kyle is concerned, Hira has joined the list of Angie, Jamar and Minh that he has to get out because he can’t control them since they said his name. That’s his stated reason.


Because he 1) can’t read Hira 2) can’t goad him into saying/doing things & 3 most importantly IS NOT in an alliance with him

Kyle has an alliance with Sheldon/Brooke/Vanessa and has another alliance with Chris/Sheldon and also has tentative alliances and/or can either control or scare Carol, Sue, Angie, Maddy, Ri Ri, John Luke and up until the house meeting had another with Ming/Chris.

The ONLY people he couldn’t lock down to get into an alliance, control or scare were Jamar and Hira. So now that Jamar is gone and based on tonight’s comments of “who will be evicted tomorrow Rianne or Ming Li” it sure looks like Ming is done meaning Hira is the only person in the house who is outwardly gunning for Kyle. That doesn’t mean any of the trio Maddie, Ri Ri or JL wouldn’t put up Kyle but ONLY Hira would be locked on getting out Kyle over Chris.

another name

Feeds will resume after Thursday’s episode.

offs. what a load of mfbs. We already know what happened you obtuse morons. Biggest eyeroll ever.

What…. did Carol dig a hole through the bottom of the hot tub and escape to Narnia?
I’d ask if Kyle was caught eating in the shower… if have nots were still a thing.


what the actual F? Here’s hoping TPTB are convincing Carol to leave while feeds are off saving Ming AND Ri Ri b/c this is straight up production BS if it’s anything else.

This season is SO HEAVILY PRODUCED it stinks.

another name

Unpopular opinion: season 6 was more heavily produced than this one. I only say this because I made an evicition order list on the night of episode one for the season. Other than reversing the evictions of Maddie and Liv…. my list was correct in order. Just from watching how they edited the night one episode pre feeds.
Then again, season 7’s sunday night debacles were pretty gross as well. EVERY sunday the prettyboys are discovered and people plan to take them down. Every Monday the prettyboys were still a secret and nobody was after them once there were d/r calls. It’s why I still to this day refuse to believe any Sunday drama until after veto ceremonies happen. We had an entire season of Sunday night group delusions on feeds.


Sheldon/Brooke have done a great job of keeping KVBS secret (or the actors are much better this season – take your pick). For those who aren’t Kyle fans or want something different than a KVBS “Pretty Boy” season repeat should want Hira to win HOH. Although I don’t think a Rianne win would net a much different result except she MIGHT put up Sheldon/Brooke with a view to backdoor Kyle (insert big grin).

If Hira wins HOH he’ll put up Chris/Kyle immediately. Hira said his re-nom would be Carol (that was prior to Jamar’s eviction & pre-Carol going back to stating “I want to leave”). I’m not sure THAT isn’t just gameplay b/c she was talking about who she would put up if she won this morning so who knows with her.

Either way, Hira (or Rianne and even Maddy’s) best-case scenario would be to put up Chris/Kyle straight away with Chris winning POV otherwise Brooke & Shel would work taking out Chris over Kyle & convince the girls (Ri Ri/Maddy) why that’s the better option. Because of Carol’s comments about going home (or gameplay – shrug). In the event Chris comes down we know Hira won’t put up Brooke/Sheldon so he HAS to put up Vanessa to ensure Kyle leaves & that wouldn’t be a bad option for the girls either simply b/c it would force the hands of the KVBS group. The only other option is to put up likely Angie (maybe Sue) and in either of those scenarios it would out Brooke/Sheldon alliance if they didn’t vote out Kyle and in turn pit Hira/Ri Ri/Maddy & JL all against Brooke & Sheldon PLUS Hira could then out the 5 alliance to the rest of the house & prove BS is full of BS (lol).

I mean I’m not really invested (at least not yet) in any of these hamsters I’m still looking at the season as who can provide fun & entertaining feeds. Most of the players are either ill-equipped (read typical group who aren’t really super fans but call themselves that b/c they binge-watched one or two seasons of TV episodes ) are only on the show to gain social media followers (rolls eyes), play the type of game I don’t respect (goading/mean), or full of themselves so it’s hard to find anyone to cheer for. I had greater hopes for Hira but he’s been so easily sucked into the BS of BS it’s unfathomable.

If you’d asked me from the first episode it wouldn’t have been my initial take but I’m kind of leaning toward hoping Hira, Rianne, Maddy & JL (with Angie’s vote) can work to topple the KVBS group or at least give them a run for their money and make this game more interesting.

Anyway – here’s hoping this season can be saved so we have something to get invested in while we’re locked in.

Wishing everyone a safe and healthy evening.

another name

Gee. With the feeds down they are currently making the houseguests run through every hoh comp they’ve ever had, in order to find a comp Carol can win in order to keep her from quitting. Has converting oxygen to carbon dioxide ever been an HOH comp before?


ZINGGG!!! lmfao


It’s too soon to hate people isn’t it?

But I do! I hate so many!
Here’s my take..

Rude, entitled. This can be entertaining. But he’s a train wreck waiting to happen.
Have you seen this guy smile? There’s nothing behind those eyes. All bluster.
Sheldon=Ice Cold
I like Sheldon. I think he can win it all. He shows no emotion, which, in turn could burn him.
Right now, she’s playing a good social game. BUT, she and Shells have made targets out of each other.
She’s like watching paint dry.
Carol=The Gram
Angie=Big Momma’s House
I have no idea what she thinks she’s doing.
Minh=Black Dahlia
Chaos, entitled, rude, erratic. Good tv.
Throwing herself at all the guys is all she’s got
Maddy=The Little Girl
Can she stack competitions? Probably not, can she win mental? Maybe. So long as she has either Rianne or JL.
Jl=Frat Bro
He can’t be that stupid right? His game is Bro-ing. That’s it.
Hira=Lone Wolf
He seems mentally capable and physically able. But can he make the social connections throughout the house. Not sure about that.

Guy From Canada

Hira is too much a normal guy to relate to the nutters. He’s the one that doesn’t make good feeds, but is a normal genuine guy. He won’t make a lot of social connections early, but if he survives for a few more weeks (or get Kyle out before Kyle gets Hira) he has a chance to go far, but has little chance to win. Don’t get me wrong I’m rooting for him to win, but with the house dynamics it’s a low chance.

Ideally, Carol self evicts, Minh is kept, KVBS breaks up and Chris is out pre jury. That’s what I want to save this season.

another name

Last thought before I go to sleep early because feeds are down.

by the end of the house meeting debacle there were ten votes this week.
Three people said they’d not be giving Minh their votes.
Two people are in Rianne’s alliance.
Then there’s Angie. That’s six. Sheldon doesn’t have to break a tie.

So, Minh would have to convince one of Vanessa, or Kyle or Sue or Angie to vote her way… and get brooke and hira and Chris and Carol.
That isn’t actually possible given personalities and social ties. UNLESS. The talk between Kyle Vanessa and Brooke could turn the tide. UNLESS the KVBS talk where Vanessa might be a block possibility to the leftovers alliance could turn the tide. UNLESS they figure out one in a trio is scarier than a chaos grenade that’s been turned into a used birthday candle that won’t light.
I don’t see this happening. I especially don’t see Sheldon wanting to break a tie. THAT SO ISN”T HIS GAME.
If KVBS switched their votes right now, deciding Ri bringing up Kyle’s name, or saying Kyle was naming Sheldon, and keeping the three together when Maddie wants to protect HIra, and would put Vanessa on the block (maybe as a pawn maybe not)… I’d question it because feeds have been off. It would be more logical to get rid of a member of a trio than a lone wolf whose game is… is kersplut or Kablooey a word or just a cartoon sound effect? anyway… that. I’d still be itching to put on my tinfoil hat.
Better that production cancels the vote than a minh save while feeds are off.

And someone tell Carol that she’ll never be able to use that spork to dig a tunnel all the way out of the studio. Like she’d want Trevor Boris dressed as Tommy Lee Jones chasing her through the sewer system of Etobicoke anyway.

another name

Okay. Like i was going to actually be able to sleep when I’ve trained myself at this point to stay up late for feeds.
Remember the bb20 saga of the little but not little person guy that had a thing for stuffed animals and hairboy/runnerup/ whatshisname … tyler? So grabby guy had a thing for groping tyler. Production spoke to both after viewer complaints were made. Tyler was asked if he felt uncomfortable or wanted to make a formal complaint to production. Tyler chose not to complain and said he didn’t actually feel uncomfortable or threatened in any way. This was openly discussed on feeds.
So, we can reasonably infer that in order for Jamar to be expelled, at least one of the two people that expressed discomfort had to have said yes to both questions. This inference is backed up by comments from past house guests on social media that have stated in such situations they were interviewed about and asked similar questions in their seasons regarding incidents. They were asked if they felt threatened, unsafe or intimidated. They were asked if they wished to make a complaint about their safety concerns to production in situations where actual physical violence was not present. From that point, either all involved would be spoken to by production, if a complaint was issued, it would be reviewed. This is stuff we’ve seen. This is stuff past houseguests have spoken about. It’s relatively safe to say this would have been the process.

Kyle saying he’s uncomfortable on feeds post incident with Maddie retorting ‘don’t say that, I’ll get thrown out.’ pretty much tells it all. The house knows there’s a level of bs here is what i get from that exchange.

You just know that one of those dunderheads is going to try to drag Carol allllllll the way to the finale, right? My money’s on Kyle. Run, Carol, Run!!! you can make it go down the hall, turn left at the second corridor, and run for that emergency door and freedom! Free Carol.

another name

The ‘live’ taped show is getting set for run throughs:
Arisa, Thank god you’re here…. cover the west exit! Trevor, keep an eye out by the loading bay doors!
This is not a drill folks…. Carol is loose in the building, and she’s armed with a toothbrush.
You know the plan! Just like we practiced, people!

Free Carol.

In one half hour on global today they’ve had 3 watch tonight’s live eviction on big brother commercials.
so they turn off the feeds last night. they amped up the number of advertisements.
They’re turning the expulsion into a ratings grab? oh.

another name

Safe to say they have gotten to the letters from home portion of the episode edit in taping.
I wonder if Carol could make a rope out of braiding everyone else’s stunt hair… and try to repel out of the building using Angie as a hostage / human shield?
free carol.
One of the four spoiler personalites on twitter that I have looked at in the past (thus far has been 80% reliable at providing background to the spoilers of the other three), has tweeted that there is no eviction this week. SO… this is the test for this spoiler personality. I am NOT saying it’s a fact. I am NOT saying I believe it. I’m saying THIS IS A TEST for a twitter spoiler.


Never thought id say this one, but im cheering for JL this season. Can’t stand anyone else. Usually I can justify certain players or game play but this season is honestly a pretty bad one casting wise.

another name

Last one before the episode.
psst, hey Carol, they’re bringing out the riding mower to trim Kyle’s back…. hop on that sucker and ride like the wiiiiind! You can make it!
Free Carol.

Arisa (who flies in from out of ON if I remember correctly) is working from home.
She says 2 people are leaving. hmmmm. so maybe that spoiler test is a fail. or maybe they set carol free…. or… wait for it? I’m not repeating the spoil.

Bb fan

Im hoping they removed Kyle…. doubtful but a girl can dream


Time to start dreaming of a lotto win! byebye kyle 😀


I’m behind (PVR’d it) & I’m at the point where Jamar & Ming are talking pre meeting where she says Kyle was behind this. Following up on your thought that Kyle/Vanessa had to say “I was uncomfortable” to have Jamar evicted – I’m wondering if the outrage on social media over things Kyle said combined with someone in the house saying (MING?) they are threatened uncomfortable with Kyle & he got evicted (oh please let it be Kyle – I’ll take Carol – but hoping for Kyle) just to shake this house up.

If ^^^ that happens I’ll be dying to see what Brooke/Shel do — would they go back to Hira & try to strengthen that fake alliance? Would they stay loyal to Vanessa? Would she turn on them – realign with Ming?

Yeah – I really want it to be Kyle leaving

another name

2 ejected for different reasons. not showing why Jamar was gone. and Kyle removed and not showing.
reset button. Sheldon eligible to play in HOH.

another name

sounds like a repeat hoh reset for Sheldon, where he currently plans to nom the people on the block as of the veto ceremony, Ri and Minh? I may be wrong here, i’m splitting attention because Chris and Vanessa are talking Carol out of quitting. free carol.


Did you notice Vanessa was the first one to say let’s just start fresh? I mean not a surprise her meat shield is gone & she just outed herself as a liar to someone who thought she had a F2 with her (Ming) & someone she was trying to align with to save herself from going up (Jamar) beside Kyle if he won HOH. The latter is gone but the entire house saw that & while they might not have said anything prior, now that Kyle is gone I wonder if everyone will be as accepting of her constant digs at everyone. It could come back to bite her bad.

I’m also not 100 it’s in Brooke/Shel’s best interest to keep working with her since Kyle was the one they trusted to reign her in although Shel was the one who told Kyle they needed to keep her in the alliance.

Also – a bit of a surprise how demonstratively Sheldon reacted to Kyle being gone. Was it normal YEAH – but he doesn’t show emotion and keeps things chill with little outward emotion. By reacting so strongly that should’ve told the smart players in the house they were aligned. Especially since Jamar & Shel had a great friendship & he didn’t react much at all to his ejection (I don’t think he even went over to Ming whereas Brooke did). Wonder who was paying attention.

So Brooke & Sheldon are in the HOH bed so it appears Sheldon won again (I guess we can only have ONE nice thing a day lol) Still, he has to carefully manage this week. He’ll definitely put up Ming & I’m thinking Ri even though they made that fake “we are wayyyyyyyyyyyy under the radar working with you” deal. If he does will Maddy get angry like she did over Michael’s blindside & call them out to the house? Even if he told her beforehand citing he needs to throw off the house — he’d lose all potential to be seen as a straight shooter. So maybe he puts up Carol or Angie beside Ming & tells them they are a pawn.

Given his distaste for Ming I’d say she is a certain nom & my gut says he can’t put Ri straight up. So I’m going to hope for a Ming POV win & then watch him scramble – Would he put up Hira? Go after Rianne despite the deal? Would he try to make a “house move” & target Chris?

If it’s Ri or Hira they’d have four immediate votes to save them with JL, Maddy, Ming, (and whoever wasn’t nominated). If it’s Hira Angie won’t vote him out & that’s their 5 and if it’s Rianne I’m not convinced Sue would vote her out. The thing that the group has to see is the following week it would be their majority competing against Brooke, Vanessa & Chris for HOH and they could definitely take control.

For someone who loves control & prides his game play on being calm IMHO this was Sheldon’s first big mistake. I’ll need to see who was up at the end with him but if it was JL or Hira (on his birthday) that won’t look good for him long term. This was an HOH (other than if Ming was going to win) he should’ve thrown. Now it’s a given Ming will go up but his other options are:

1) Maddy/Ri (proving he’s a liar & can never be trusted in the game)
2) put up HIra – blow up that alliance & likely get called out for the double-cross
3) put up Chris & have him blow up the F3 with him/Kyle
4) put up Carol or Angie (which would be the fourth different nom on the block in two weeks)
5) put up Vanessa & risk having her pull a week worse than Ming in terms of explosive outing of intel

Yeah – anyway I look at this unless Ming was the last one hanging beside him that was his worst move in this game. Not to mention his desire to “disappear” after his HOH won’t ever occur again b/c now he’s shown himself as a comp beast on top of everything else.

another name

They’re getting booze to celebrate Hira’s birthday. They got refills too. Feeds should go back down in t-minus…. oh they’re down. Global and booze.


I’ve never seen Vanessa spend this much time especially without airspace between her & Kyle – guess he’s her new meat shield with Kyle gone & that can’t go unnoticed. Can it?


Carol is so selfish for having come on. Think of all of the women who could have taken her place who wold have loved to have been there and would not have spent their time just feeling sorry for themselves. A big fat dallop of fail. Her, the casting people, just fail, fail. fail.