Miesha Won the POV! “I think that after we get Carson out this week, I’m thinking Todd. Is that terrible?”

Head Of Household Winner: Todd
Nominations: Lamar and Carson
Power of Veto Players: Todd, Lamar, Carson, Miesha, Cynthia, Todrick
POV Winner: Miesha
Veto Ceremony Results: ?
Evicted: ?

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10am HOH room – Todd and Lamar.
Lamar is listening to Todd’s HOH music. Lamar – Seven days left today! Seven days left! That’s the best news I got all day.

10:30am – 11:52am The feeds were blocked for the veto competition. When the feeds return we learn that surprise, surprise Miesha won the veto.

1:06pm Kitchen – Miesha and Todrick.
Todrick – I don’t even want to think about what he would do if he won .. the potential would be so wild. Like if he didn’t like you that week, that day … it wouldn’t have been good if he won something. Miesha – Oh I know. Miesha then whispers to Todrick – should I leave the noms the same? Todrick nods yes. Miesha – would he put Cynthia up so that she can’t vote? Do we trust Lamar or does it matter? It doesn’t matter does it? Todrick – no. Miesha – You know what though I think that after we get Carson out this week … I am thinking Todd. Is that terrible? He has just show how he can be competitive and stuff. He is just likely to win something. Is that terrible… I mean we all agreed that at final four all bets are off. Todrick – yeah but that would be five people. Miesha – yeah I guess you’re right. Well cross that bridge when we get there I guess.

1:58pm Kitchen – Todd and Miesha.
Todd – I came damn close! God I wanted that win. Miesha – but we’re still going to send Carson home right? Todd – it doesn’t matter what he does or not … Tie breaker. I am going to do it. Miesha – that’s what I’m asking you? You’re still going to send Carson right? Todd – yeah, I have to. Miesha – well you kept saying we might have to send Lamar home. Todd – well at first but then I came to my senses… and I was like no.

2pm – 4:40pm Quiet afternoon..

11pm Bedroom – Lamar, Cynthia and Carson
Cynthia – yeah you (Lamar) are the only one that has stayed here this long and you are a free agent. That is pretty amazing. Lamar – its probably a compliment to where I’m from. Cynthia – well if Carson leaves I am happy to talk to you and Todd about… I feel if Carson leaves its pretty much me against the world. I just thought all of you guys were together. Carson – I think you’re going to win an HOH at some point too. Cynthia – oh that would be nice. Lamar – see I never told Todd oh I’m down with you. It was just me and him … being me and him. Cynthia – but you never said the words. Lamar – no. Carson – well then you’re fine. Lamar – he’s not fine. He’s in his feelings. He is saying I gave my word man. I gave my word. To what?! To break it? When its down to three of y’all? Does that make sense? Tell me where you cut the line at? Carson – I guess they went HOH to HOH. Protect us this week and we’ll protect you next week when you don’t have power. Lamar – I would rather not compete against Todd …he’s won one.

12:06am HOH room. Lamar and Todd.
Lamar – I’m sorry. Todd – no problem. I forgive you. Lamar – and I do want to be here. 6 more days left… All I need to do is win HOH and we take the house back over. Todd – I can’t do it by myself. Lamar – Do you forgive me? Todd – of course.

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She deserves to win over all them clueless celebrities they are just there not even trying lol


Can’t stand any of them, but Miesha couldnt even save herself last week. It took Todrick to figure out how to turn CC.


“Miesha – but we’re still going to send Carson home right? Todd – it doesn’t matter what he does or not … Tie breaker. I am going to do it. Miesha – that’s what I’m asking you? You’re still going to send Carson right? Todd – yeah, I have to. Miesha – well you kept saying we might have to send Lamar home.”
Does Miesha not realize it doesnt matter what Todd wants, her and Todrick can decide who goes. Can these people not count, there is only 3 people voting, Todd can not break a tie with 3 votes.


ya , weird…Meisha and Todrick vote Carson out, boom, done…it doesnt matter how Cynthia votes, or what Todd says about it…he cant play next HoH..

No Name

My mind is exploding with rage.


I’m beyond mad myself!


I think Rhonda Rousy knocked that head too many times. I don’t understand why her and Todrick get good edits! Nothing they do that’s negative makes it to the shows. They sure show everyone else’s negative comments. My mind is blown.

No Name

They have to get good edits because one of them is the winner.

All Hail Pres Joe

Yeah, Meisha really doesn’t seem to understand how and why toe breakers work.

Dementia Joe

I’m not sure any of them are trustworthy.

Diana Rodriguez

If they are dumb enough to follow Meishas orders they don’t deserve to be there. Might just a we’ll just hand it over now. I can’t stand Meisha but she took control of the house day 1. She expects people to keep their word while she breaks hers. Chis had the perfect opportunity to get rid of her but look where he is now. The only ones I like are Carson and Cynthia and Lamar who knows as much about the game as he did about the Kardashians. Cynthia can’t win anything and Carson is next to go home so yeah .


Sorry, after what happened to Shanna, Carson and Cynthia are too stupid and gullible to like.


Absolutely agree! I’m hoping for Lamar or Todd at this point!

No Name

Miesha may act like a boss but it’s Todrick who’s running her game and the house.He deserves the win for playing the game and deserves (insert meanest thing you can think of) for how he has played the game.


I am laughing at the fact that Todd thinks he will be able to get rid of Miesha after Carson. As far as Miesha, goes you are right in that, while she has a good physical game, her social game sucks; Todrick is her “Social shield”


Watching the feeds right now and listening to Meisha talk about ear piercing and breast feeding! Insert eye roll, what a know it all! I had to stop watching!


Honestly I will stop watching when Carson leaves. Who wants to watch the Miesha Todrick show? Gross




This show has gone from meh to who gives af.

Todrick argues with Todd when he says I don’t want to put up Cynthia UNTIL he learns it’s Lamar going OTB & then he immediately stops complaining or speaking (he’s so transparent). Wasn’t it just last week Todd told Lamar he can’t stand Todrick? But yeah – let’s keep him safe.

If I have to hear one more time how Todrick has saved a person I’m going to break something. Isn’t there anyone in that house that catches on to call him out?

If I was in there I’d be saying “wow -so you have no targets then b/c you’ve protected everyone right?” Hang on when you were saying in week 1 that Carson was the number one target for all of us to evict how exactly was that protecting him? Or was that when you were protecting the rest of us? You must be tired.

Todrick is just grimy – I’m having a hard time watching the spoon-fed production BS & b/c it’s Celebrity BB I doubt he’ll be called to the mat until he leaves the house & social (the BB stans) come with receipts.

And of course, Miesha has already decided Todd has to go next week b/c he’s the only other person who understands the game – and that’s being extremely kind b/c if he did understand the game he would’ve cut a deal with Carson/Cynthia to not put him OTB if they won HOH next week & then put up Miesha/Todrick to break them up & have the 4 of them (CC/Todd/Lamar) go against whoever remained.

Unfortunately, that would require just one of these celebrity hamsters knowing how the hell to play BB or having the guts to say NO to TPTB. The only surprise would be if TM backstabbed each other – him likely more apt to do it than her but it’s not happening.

Next week it’s Cyn/Lamar/Miesha & Todrick competing for HOH so unless it’s a fingernail eating competition or having to put things into baskets that are hung 7′ in the air one of TM will win. TPTB will tell them to put the guys up b/c Cyn will never win POV but…

Is it too much to hope for Todd/Lamar/Cynthia to collectively realize that if whoever isn’t OTB wins POV & removes one of them that Todrick/Miesha (whoever isn’t HOH) would have to go up & they would have the votes to take that person out & then whoever remains can’t play in HOH? Yeah – I didn’t think so if that happened they’d just call them into the DR show them the new script sides for the day & force them to keep T or M. UGH

As I’m typing this I realize just how crappy this season is – I was excited to see Todrick play & now he ranks in that specific group of players I despise the most. His combination of narcissism, hypocrisy & unnecessary mean girl BS is intolerable. Miesha is a competitor but bland. I’m 50-50 on Todd & am sort of surprised he doesn’t see through the obvious (again – insert production fed BS). Lamar clearly was impacted by his near-death battle – – if you saw him on TV before that incident he was intelligent – he’s a shadow of who he was. Cynthia’s self-righteous indignation is on par with my disdain for Todrick.

I never liked Teddi on TROBH, wasn’t a fan of Kirkpatrick & didn’t think I’d like Shanna but would rather that entire trio was in the house over everyone left except Carson & I was meh on Mirai but she was more tolerable than 99% of them too.

I’m disappointed with Carson but like him the most (even after the bone head move). And actually, his comments/actions are what makes me feel this entire season is FULLY scripted b/c he keeps planting specific statements over & over such as “well if what you guys say happened did happen then it’ll air & people will know why” — it’s akin to him looking straight in the camera & giving us the big wink wink.

I pine for an OG style season like any of seasons 2, 3, 6, 7 (other than Boogie winning HATED THAT) or 10. Perhaps I’m just too old to appreciate this entertainment predetermined fully scripted version of BB.


Cynthia and Carson are dumb as rocks. I’m beyond mad that Shana went home. I’m now hoping somehow Lamar or Todd make it to the end. Please let one of them win.


This whole season makes me not want to watch this anymore! From Julie saying LOVE one Another to to watching Carson loose the game by putting Shana up the whole season STINKS! They should play 1 game to let one of the evicted house guests RETURN!!! Now that would make the season SOOOO Exciting!!


I was hoping Carson would win, but after Meisha and Todrick turned things around, I don’t even want to watch CBB. How dumb can they get especially Cynthia saying ” My work is done” when they evicted Shanna. At this point I’d rather see Todd win over Meisha and Todrick. Can’t stand their personalities. And Lamar is not really playing the game because he’s too fixated on Khloe. I hope Shanna at least gets favorite houseguest! Cynthia ruined the show!


Cynthia completely ruined the only chance they had to get Meisha or Toddrick out of the house. She convinced Carson to turn on Shanna. Cynthia is a clueless airhead just like she was on RHOA. She is a washed up celebrity trying to make money anyway she can. Chris sacrificed himself so they would have a chance to take control of the house.


They need to send Miesha and Todrick home when they get a chance. They should have back door one of them just play the game this is the worst Big Brother i have seen. …


After Carson goes, I go. Can’t stand the other bunch of personalities.


I see a quiet cookout happening. Next out will be Miesha.


I said the same thing! CO 2.0