Celebrity Big Brother 3 – HOH Wall Competition Live on the Feeds!

Evicted: Chris Kirkpatrick voted out 5-0

Head Of HouseHold Winner: Carson
Nominations: ? and ?
Power of Veto Players: ?
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony Results: ?
Evicted: ?

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The house guests are lined up on the wall from left to right: Carson, Todrick, Shanna, Lamar, Todd, Cynthia.

Lamar is the first to fall off the wall.
Cynthia falls off..

7:44pm Todd falls off the wall..

7:48pm Shanna falls off..

7:54pm Todrick and Carson are the only ones left up on the wall. Miesha tells them that she’s proud of them.

7:55pm Todrick falls off.

NEW Head Of Household is Carson

Subscribe and watch the live feeds with the FREE Paramount+ Trial.

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Yessssss!!! Carson is the new HOH!!

Big Jim

All right! Meesha or Todrick is gone!!


Oh please let Meisha of Toddrick be gone. Sick of their Reign!


Anybody else sick of watching Meisha’s boxing workouts? Im so done, she looks like a lunatic! I really can’t do her anymore! Let’s go Carson! Get out Meisha or Toddrick!


Why is Toddrick wearing the HoH key around his neck? ?


Shanna did good sacrificing Chris for Carson, Chris wouldnt have won that. or i should say Chris sacrificed himself. lol


Carson messed that up (he’s ALWAYS had too much faith/trust in Todrick) – he should’ve said to Todrick if I don’t put you up will you do what I ask with POV if you win it?

I’m assuming he puts Miesha straight up with Todd but by not also putting up Todrick if he wins POV he’ll just take her down & then they won’t get either of them.


There we go … Shanna did try to convince Carson to also put up Todrick but when he says he promised she tells him – then you need to get him to promise not to change the noms if he wins POV.

She’s suggesting if he can’t promise that then Carson should put him up (Thank you Shanna).

And that’s exactly how Carson should approach it – say I know you pulled away from Formation & were intent on taking us out so this is an olive branch for us to fix things. But – in that vein I also need you to PROMISE me you won’t use POV if you win.

Todrick might lie and agree but his game will be completely sunk if he does. Todd/Lamar are already annoyed he made the deal (hey – it’s BB you make deals on the wall). Wonder if we’ll see a DR with Miesha where she’s annoyed Todrick didn’t bargain for her to be safe too. Yes it would’ve been too much but last week Miesha was trying to make deals with Shanna for both her & Todrick.