Meet the Big Brother 21 Houseguests June 17

Big Brother 21 is almost here! Are you ready for your summer guilty pleasure to begin? The premiere is just 2 weeks away! Mark your calendars because on June 17, CBS All Access subscribers will be introduced to the season 21 cast LIVE! Just tune into the Big Brother Live Feeds @ 11AM ET/8AM PT. Very soon as well we will get our first look at the newly redesigned house that the cast will spend their summer in. Keep checking back here because we’ll be posting new information about the upcoming season as its released over the next couple weeks.

Premiere Week Schedule:

6/25 – One-hour premiere @ 8/7c

6/26 – Two-night premiere continues @ 8/7c

6/26 – Live Feeds open after the 9PM PT episode ends

6/30 – Sunday’s episode @ 8/7c

Exclusive CBS All Access event: Meet the Big Brother Houseguests on 6/17 @ 11AM ET/8AM PT with FREE trial!

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Tyrion Drank All The Wine

I hope them come up with some new twists this season. I’m also hoping there is no way for houseguests to return this season.


Kaitlyn’s puzzle should be used. That thing would need a team of super geniuses with advanced Jarvis level computers just to have a chance…

Tyrion Drank All The Wine

A blind monkey could of put Kaitlyn’s puzzle together. She choked and then quit on that puzzle. That thing was softer than a gum drop on the pavement in summer.


To be fair that thing had a bazillion pieces or at least 4 and it started together so she had to shove it through that door and then reassemble it! Those pieces probably weighed lots of ounces each.

Tyrion Drank All The Wine

I’m on board now. It had to be an unfair puzzle if a Mensa level player like her couldn’t complete it. I’ll burn some sage for her to cleanse the evil spirits.


2 weekends until Big Brother 21!


Will we see an alliance with less intelligence than FOUTTE this year? Can’t wait to find out!


LOL FOUTTE almost forgot about that one.. HAHAHAH Season 20 was so funny..


I’m not sure that’s possible, I mean they were HoH for 3-4 weeks in a row and still managed to evict themselves one after the other. It’s great strategy to nominate folks from your alliance to have a chance at a backdoor.


This granny is ready to meet these new houseguests!!!


Hiya Granny 🙂


Hola Simon! I know you and Dawg will do another amazing job this season! I just love you boys!

*pinching your cute cheeks* (the ones on your face)


Me to Granny. Can’t wait to se what BB has in store for us. I hope it’s all new HG and no returning players this Season.