Jeff Schroeder hosts the Live #BB21 Cast Interviews Tomorrow!!

The premiere of Big Brother 21 is just over a week away and what better way to get ready for the new season than to meet the new house guests. Sign up for the CBS All Access Live Feeds today and watch the cast interviews tomorrow! Once again Jeff Schroeder will be hosting the live interviews of the house guests. We’ll soon see if we’re getting an all-stars cast, an all new cast of newbies or a mix of both. Either way I’m sure it will be a great season with lots of drama and unexpected twists!

Live Interviews start: Monday June 17 at 8am PT / 11am EST.

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Please let it be an entire group of first timers.


Thanks for the reminder Dawg! I’m definitely tuning in for the interviews this morning. 🙂


Most definitely!


For me All new or straight up Allstar. Don’t want a mix. A mix cast is proven trash.


Exactly, no mix. I detest the unfairness a returning HG (or 2, or 3…) brings.


All new cast apparently. I am with Simon, all new or all All-Star. I am a little disappointed. I would have liked a Tyler/Paul showdown (even though I can’t stand Paul). Oh well. New cast. I read profiles. Will have to watch interviews.