Matt “It made me feel used and I don’t want to be someone that’s being used. It sounded like I did the dirty work for him.”

The Situation:

  • Jared and Cameron are living in the house as “Zombies”
  • No HOH, No Power of Veto, No Eviction. Jared or Cameron will get a chance to reenter the game.
  • Jared and Cameron compete in a 3 part comp to decide who gets to play in the puzzle comp to reenter the game
  • Jared lost the Zombie competition so Cameron gets to decide to do The puzzle competition to reenter the game

Lock your ranks in before midnight

7:30pm Dinner Time.
Jag and Blue head to the bedroom and pull out their secret stash of sriracha to spice up their dinner. They then head back to eat with the others.

8pm Bedroom – America and Felicia
Felicia – Bowie Jane and Me and whatever.. and so I said so where is everyone on this Cirie thing? Like what happened and he said well everyone’s had a chance to talk to her and they all feel like she gave them good conversation and she’s not a threat so I don’t think anyone wants to put her up. And I am thinking??? America – I heard the Cirie thing. I’ve talked to her and she’s established that she’s good with everybody but I don’t think people are fully trusting that she can’t be good with everybody. i’ll talk to Cory later. He’s had more conversations than I’ve had and people are willing to tell him the truth over me for some reason. Matt comes by and Felicia tells him she wants to chat with him.

Havenot Room – Felicia and Matt.
Felicia – I am just wondering what you are hearing on the street versus what I am hearing on the street. Matt – Yeah, I had a really good talk with Meme. Just talking about being careful moving forward. Everyone is waiting to see what happens with the thing (Cam or Jared coming back). I feel if obvious answer Cam stays.. If I win, I would put him up and then next to him would be Bowie. I think just because I can trust everyone right now.. there is no one I don’t trust. I had a talk with Meme about that. Cory and America, I could work with them. Trust them but there were little comments that were a little weird. Like he would have never made a move .. that he would have never made the move without me and Jag… like on his side. So it made me feel used and I don’t want to be someone that’s being used. So it just kind of got to my head a little bit. So I am just kind of keeping that to the side a little bit. Its not enough for me to be like oh I am going to put you on the block. It sounded like I did the dirty work for him because I don’t want to play anyone’s game but mine. I don’t think anyone has given me a reason not to trust them. I genuinely feel like there are no alliance right now because everyone is scared of meeting with alliances. Everyone is just so focused on who stays and who doesn’t. Felicia – there you go.. and who wins HOH. A part of me believes that Cameron would put me and Cirie up. If I do end up on the block all I need is 4 votes. Matt – yeah that’s right. We just have to worry about whoever comes back into the house wins. Felicia – we will be okay Matty.

8:30pm Kitchen table – Cirie and Cory talking about Survivor. Cirie – you know more about it than I do.

8:40pm Games Room – Cameron and America.
Cameron – so you guys made up? I proud of you. America – yeah we made up. We talked it though. Cameron – I figured you would. America – you know there’s a lot of uncertainty after this. We’re just going to .. its not just here is basically it. We’ll try on the outside and we’ll see. Cameron – so he does care. America – yeah, and I care too. Cameron – my point .. I don’t know why he said or even acted. I told you both. America – well its more about the me and you thing. Cameron – what are you talking about? America – and me reassuring him that its nothing. And so he said well okay if its nothing, I don’t care. Cameron – cool and I don’t care either. America – I know you said this yesterday. Cameron – just letting you know it doesn’t hurt my feelings anymore. I am over you. America – shut up. Cameron – it was funny seeing you pissed off. America – we had the conversation, we made up and he made me feel better.

8:55pm Comic Bedroom – Jared, Blue, Cirie and Matt.
Jared – Obviously I am going to speak as far as me coming back .. I don’t want to speak Cam into existence. But I think with me coming back it is going to take a lot off of everybody. Matt – off of what? Jared – its going to take eye off of everybody because people are going to be looking at me .. if I come back. Matt – but if Cam comes back everybody is going to be watching Cam too. Jared – yeah same thing. That’s what I said .. regardless of who comes back. Personally I am not going to speak Cam coming back. I think everyone can be somewhat at ease because for most people ..especially outside of here.. people are going to be looking at me. Matt – I think what everyone is saying is the easiest move .. I obviously have a different agenda but everyone’s easiest move is go for the person that comes back. That is not my move at all. Jared – that is how I feel. Matt – yeah that is not my route.

9:18pm Comic Bedroom – Cirie and Blue.
Blue – And you know right its not all about closure.. its not all about tying the present up with a pretty little bow. I think for his sake too just like being able to have those conversations and that’s what I told him .. think about it in a TV sense.. like its more entertaining as a viewer to watch him (Jared) come back because what the f**k does Cam have? Cirie – right?! Blue – A$$ KISSERS!? Okay!? But like for him he’s made amends .. If he wanted to come back and start new it will be really fun. Cirie – right. Or even if he wants to start chaos that’s fun too. Either way that’s fun. What does Cameron have? This is fake. Cirie – and that is so not fun. Felicia – the first opportunity I am going to send his a$$ right back out. Blue – But he (Jared) has a chance. Cirie – a real one. Blue – so that’s fun, that’s entertaining.

Felicia then does a prayer to ensure Jared comes back into the house (apparently to do the lords work).

9:40pm Bathroom – Bowie and Cory.
Cory – I don’t think they would put up Matt or Jag as a pawn because they’re just too scary because they could win HOH. I don’t know if they would put up me because everyone thinks that I’m going to win the next quiz. But like I haven’t heard your name .. I think you should be fine. Blue – I know everyone is saying not but with some people you just never know. Cory – I think one concern for you is are you going to be the easy pawn? Bowie – yeah but that’s what I didn’t want to happen. Cory – Hopefully you’re way less likely to be targeted .. then if they’re actually trying to make a move it won’t be you. If they’re trying to make a move on someone else you might be a pawn. Bowie – yeah its a catch 22. You can’t have it both ways. Cory – and I think I am somewhere in the middle .. I’m a okay pawn and a target. The thing is there are so many people that could win and you wouldn’t even be a consideration.

10pm Bedroom – Jag and Blue.
Blue – When I was in there Fe (Felicia) was like if Cameron comes back he is going to put me up on the block. And so I was like someone definitely told you because what kind of gut feeling is that you know? Jag – I think that could probably be a gut feeling because he put her up. Blue – yeah, true, true, true. Jag – my conversation with Fe .. the only names she mentioned to me was Cirie and Jared and I was like why are you back on your bullsh*t. We were talking and she was like not knowing where they’re at and how she feels sort of thing. She was talking about I don’t know who to trust and then she mentioned Jared and Cirie. I was like oh yeah a lot has happened and you got to .. And I sort of danced my way out of saying anything there. I was saying why are you still saying the same names. Blue – yeah that got you in this place. Jag – I was like we’re done with it. We’re off the train, you know what I mean? Like I know she hopes Jared comes back but at the same time she is still like saying his name. If she is saying names I don’t know if she is actually going to take a shot or weaponize other people but both are dangerous.

10:40pm Blue and Jared are chatting in the Games Room. Jared – if I put Jag up would you vote him out? Blue – Over Cory? Or Felicia? Jared – anybody, if that’s who I was going after. Blue – yeah. Jared – are you just saying that? Blue – I don’t know maybe. Depends. Jared – if I come back tomorrow I am just going to be like thank god! Even if Cory or America win HOH I’ll be like there’s a way around this sh*t. Blue – I am confident about tomorrow. If Cam comes back I am just going to walk out the front door.

10:50pm Cameron made pancakes …

1:05am All the house guests are sleeping.

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Ok, I’m a little over Matt and the whole martyr “doing all the dirty work and getting used” act.

Listen pal, Cory won the HOH and made the nominations. All you did was win 1 clown shoe POV (your 1 and ONLY win of the season) and not use it so the whole house could vote out the person you wanted gone anyway.

un autre nom

If he’s so afraid of owning the move, and he’s essentially saying his veto power was usurped: a smart juror would give him no credit for the game move were Matt to make final 2. I’m a big own your game enthusiast, and his whining is giving me ‘don’t try to claim it as a game move later if you were just a puppet’ vibes.

Gan ainm

Oh I’m so done with Matt,he can go stand in the corner with Blue Cirie and whichever zombie comes back.They’re all dead gamers to me.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Matt has rocks for brains.

Spot ON

And he lives in Bedrock, and has a pet female dog named Pebbles.

The Beef

When I read that comment two things went through my head. Either Matt was telling Felicia that to try and distance himself from Cory, or he once again was proving he has absolutely no clue how this game is played, and I tend to think it’s the latter.

Of course Cory needed the support of the two strongest veto players left in the house in order to try and make that move, because if he didn’t have it and one of them won the veto and took Jared down, the whole plan would blow up in his face! That’s not a use job, that’s working together as a team to accomplish a common goal, and something these nimrods have had trouble grasping the entire game!

With thinking like that, it’s no wonder Cirie, Izzy, Felicia and Jared have had no problem running that house, and yes “using” Matt, Jag and the info rat Cory to help them do it (Cam too until his HOH and the America enlightenment moment). Matt’s a really great guy, but a couple of bricks shy of a full load for sure.

Nether Region Euphemism

Matt is having dissonance about going against Cerie and Jared.


… and we know that Jared needs The Lord’s help? Felicia. Then, so do you.


Felicia is so pissed that nobody is willing to put Cirie up, does she really think if they were, that they would tell her ? Everyone knows Felicia can’t keep her mouth shut.

It’s really upsetting Felicia, and she’s so jealous of Cirie, I’m enjoying seeing Felicia suffering and feeling like people like Cirie more than her. Can’t wait until she finds out Jared’s sorry ass is Cirie’s son, all the shit she has said about Cirie, Jared has told his mom.

Please BB, do not bring Jared back. Jared does not deserve to come back, he was evicted fair and square, Cam in my opinion deserves a 2nd chance way more than Jared. Cam has not had a family member in the game helping him, telling him how to play the game.

Jag, Corey & Matt, are on Jared’s list of people he wants to go after. I really don’t feel that it is fair, Production has done enough for Jared’s sorry ass, it’s time for Jared to go, and he can take his doormat, desperate, attention seeking, no game playing Blue with him.

Spot ON

Interesting prayer by FELICIA…. NO DOUBT…wishing CAM ill will…… Certainly don’t need to attend her church, IF ANY.

AND some of us here, wonder why the other half of us here, want this beeeach otta there, AND SOME GET UPSET.!!! Amazing, eh?

What a vile disgusting piece of sh**.


Does anyone know why Corey wasn’t allowed to use the HOH room this week?

Was it so they could sanitize disinfect fumigate and clean up all the STAINS…

Needed the WHOLE WEEK…


Corey’s HOH privileges expired that Thursday. He put up for noms Jared and Blue competed in Veto then the final vote which had Jared evicted so Corey’s HOH finished on the “double-not-double” eviction night. Since the double eviction zombies Jared and Cameron are this weeks “nominees” to fight to get back in house this week, the Big Brother House had no HOH no Nominations Ceremony no Veto Ceremony No Final Eviction Ceremony.
Tonight we find who comes back to life from being a zombie, Jared or Cameron.


OK cool. I was just thinking since there wasn’t another HOH comp that night that he could be allowed the privilege of the room.

On double evictions the first HOH winner always gets screwed out of the week of having the room so since there wasn’t a second HOH winner I thought maybe he could get it… especially since, from what I’m reading, he might not get to compete in the next HOH.

Another Dixie

I wanted Cam & Jared to be kept locked up there, with no contact with the others. They could watch on the monitors & basically drive each other nuts. My eyes would be bleeding if I had to spend much time with Raghead&& his constant “Bro”. I think having them able to schmooze with the players is a bad idea.


The original plan was for the two evictees to come back as zombies and as the ultimate BB twist, eat the brains of the other house guests. Production quickly realized however that the zombies would soon starve, so had to make changes.


Technically the first HOH was Jared who had the use of the HOH room for his week. Jared nominated Cory and America then they played veto that Jag won and took down Cory then Jared put Cameron up and final vote was Cameron being evicted.
Cory won the second HOH and it was compressed that one night. etc. On double eviction night the second HOH winner always gets shorted from the HOH privileges but at least Cory got his letter and pictures and HOH snacks.
In the live feeds all house guests got baskets this week and you had to see those vultures grabbing snacks and hiding them. Especially Felicia I was embarrassed for her. Felicia was grabbing out of everyone’s basket like it is owed to her.


Jared was the reigning HOH. Corey won the next HOH comp and normally on double evictions there is a second HOH comp and that winner gets the HOH room for the week. Since the second HOH comp didn’t happen, I thought it could be fitting Corey be allowed the room. That’s neither here nor there bc he got to compete in the subsequent HOH comp. If he wasn’t allowed to compete then it would have been a complete farse. Anyways appreciate the feedback regardless.

Senior Citizen

At the start of the season, Matt was one of the few I liked and wanted to go far. Now, not so much. If I really think long and hard, there might be 1 or 2 I still like, but it’s a stretch.

I’m adding Matt to my goodby list, Matt, Cir, Jar and Iron.


Matt can’t make up his mind and goes from standing strong on the veto to being everyone’s tool


Matt feels guilty because he hurt Cerie’s feelings by leaving Jared up on the block. He thinks of Cherie as his surrogate mommy in the house. He would sacrifice his game for her. That’s why he throws comps. He’s safely in the middle and he doesn’t have to make a decision that would be against her or Jag. He’s a coward, nincompoop and as he says a tool.

Tre Billis

Matt is a frustrating player. I’m over him. Rooted for him early. Not anymore.


who is Iron?

Senior Citizen

Felicia has been referred to as Fe which is the chemical term for iron. Learned this in high school.

BB since say 1

Felicia…the symbol for iron is Fe, very clever lol

Oops, I Foutted Again

Felicia? Fe = Iron, right?

Spot ON

And do you know if she is drinking H2O from Flynt, MI ??

Rubber Ducky For The Win

He’s earned multiple zero votes from me this week. He just seems so clueless.


I don’t get why or how anyone could trust Blue. One minute she is in bed with Jared, and then she is talking to everyone else. That floater needs to go up against Cirie.

Daisy may123

Jared needs no second chances, cam I would like to see get back in, I don’t know why the whole house suddenly went against cam? Just because your a good player and he was winning and putting people up any of those houseguests would do the same thing I mean isn’t that the game? If we get rid of cam we are safe no your not somebody else is going to coming for you are you going to despise them too? I can’t believe nobody but Izzy knows those two are mother and son they look so much a like! Why was Jared always wearing a kercheif on his head so nobody could see that they look a like? What kinda game is meesha playing you see glimpses of her from time to time but she is really quiet, well off to watch survivor.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

They all hated Cam long before he won HOH, Einstein. They have a very long list of valid reasons. Where the hell have you been? Do you even watch BB?

Oh my

Can you give time stamps of the things Cameron has said or done. Or, are you just another troll believing every twisted (lie) that comes out of America and Cory’s mouth. They twist everything Cameron saids to them. People like you run with that he said/he said shit. She’s so uncomfortable with him? So why is she telling Cory that he barely talks to her? That Cameron just talks in riddles or make jokes. He never gives her real information? He’s not following her around flirting, it’s the other way around. She’s the one popping up where he’s at? And I think she’s using Cory as well. But he’s too young and naive to see it. Everybody in the house knows it. I watched her flirt with Cameron as Blu and MeCole laughed at her behind her back. I too was on the hate train until I started watching the feeds for myself. Production warned him of what was being said, not of his behavior. Some of you people are the worst.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

People like me? You know nothing about me, Einstein. Mine and everyone else’s hatred of sCam has nothing to do with Cory and America. TF??? How on earth did you even come up with that?!?!

You already admitted you didn’t watch the feeds for the first few weeks, so sit the fuck down. Are you sCammie’s mommy???

Daisy may123

My my your a nasty person sorry to ruffle your feathers arsehole

The Beef

Don’t waste your time on Survivor. That yellow Lulu tribe is the weakest, most ridiculous tribe ever seen in the history of the show. Production spent a huge majority of that first show on that tribe, and I won’t say what happens in the end in case you haven’t seen it, but it’s highly disappointing.


You can certainly see the VAST culture change in this great country of ours if you look back at earlier seasons and compare…..


Jared with that thing on his head looks like cirie dressed up as aunt jimiama

Daisy may123



I updated the previous comment I made with SOME salty language but before what happens tonight I still feel the same way:

BB25 should be named the season of JEALOUSY:

Felicia jealous of Cirie (Fe clings to Cirie like a specter. Cirie says anything about life, experience, game talking then Felicia says she already did it better)

Cameron jealous of Cory(Cam CANT believe America’s attention to Cory when in Cam’s mind Cam is the better catch)

Blue jealous of America(Ugh Ick Blue can’t believe that America and Cory get more live feeds time when in Blue’s mind Blue thinks her showmance with Jared should have more attention (I turn off feeds EVERY time they show Jared or Blue) Hey Blue G*d don’t like ugly)

Jared jealous of his mama Cirie (takes her ideas and pass them off as his own)

Jared jealous of Cory (takes Cory’s ideas and pass them off as his own)

Jared jealous of America (has no b*lls to talk to her directly so he overhears America’s ideas from Jag, Matt, Blue then passes them off as his own)

Jared jealous of Felicia (takes her ideas then passes them as his own)

Jared jealous of Cameron (Cameron actually WINS competitions instead of others like Production, Matt and Jag winning for Jared then passes those to Jared so he can pass them off as Jared’s own wins)

Jared jealous of Matt (Because Cirie wishes Matt was her son instead of Jared since Matt uses the flosspick/toothpick and Matt is respectful of others because he doesn’t call America a ret*rd and blow up Cirie’s game like Jared did)

Jared jealous of Jag (Cirie wishes Jag was her “Honey in the house” after that kiss Jag stole, so it kills Jared because now he would have to call Jag, Big-Jag-Zaddy-Kins)

Me, myself and I because I am jealous for writing Jared’s name down so much. Naw I am angry because instead of the name “Jared” I want to replace name as Bag-O-Rocks-4-Brains instead.

As for Meme and Bowie…..
crickets just the sound of crickets because they are not in the Big Brother House playing any game at all. Meme supposed to be so “smart” I wonder why she hasn’t washed her *ssh0le to start playing the game! Bowie is just so blank.


Meme is the definition of a coaster that is preying on the race card. All she does is piggyback off of other people’s plans. In turn she’ll ignorantly pass them off as her own master plan like she’s actually pulling strings. The girl does not live in reality. A smart player wouldn’t have gone in the room when cirie & jared we’re having that blow up with Felicia.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

She’s a psychopath.

BB Fangirl

It’s hilarious to me that Blue thinks the viewers would want Jared back over Cam for entertainment purposes. When they all watch this show back and see all these type of feeds and posts and polls about how utterly hated Jared was (and others by association..) they are all going to feel soooo dumb. I actually can’t wait to see how Jared will address all this once the show is over and he wants to try to maintain some fame. He’s not even your typical villain that every one “loves” to hate because he’s good at the game. He’s just obnoxious, manipulative, and idiotic.


Its like she totally forgot about the puzzle and just assumes production is picking who to stay. Makes some tin foil hatters more suspicious. I would think she would be seen as less of a threat without Jared and be able to float longer. I wonder if she is afraid he will blame her for not trying hard enough if he doesnt stay. He seemed to blame her for him getting evicted but I didnt catch the entire convo.

BB Fangirl

Best case scenario for her is for him to go home now! Because if he ends up in jury before her, he will find a way to make it her fault and he’ll be bitter. I thought she was smarter than this but she’s proving not to be! And she’s annoying, to boot! You can’t refer to EVERYONE as “girl” or “b*tch”! I’m not your girl!!

Jared’s Virtuous Nature

He’s so arrogant that he will justify to himself that the people finding him to be the be repulsive will be because they couldn’t handle a real (and then throw in some stupid term such as man or maybe been game player).

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Well, he can’t deny that he fugly AF!

Not Jasons Holly

Bluuue and Jared thinking they’re better TV than Cam!?!? Anyone else watching feeds and changes camera view if it’s one of them on camera? I don’t even like reading these spoilers if it’s their names.

Queen B

EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I hope the torture ends for us tonight!


Yeah, Matt, that’s how alliances work. You target a threat, and you work together to get out that threat. Pretty simple, really.

(Jared and Cirie have already said the 7 Deadly Sins was a fake alliance, so you don’t need to worry about having taken a shot at someone else in that “alliance.”)

Another Dixie

I feel so relieved that God cares whether Jared stays. Here I was thinking he was taking care of mundane things. I can sleep now.

Jared’s greasy doo-rag

Please , please please make Jared & his crusty feet go away !


Tonight’s the night, please BB Gods, send Jared HOME!


Please let Cam come back I want to watch blue walk out the door.

yes I know she would never do it she has to many outfits to still wear but one can dream lol ?

Jared’s Virtuous Nature

She thinks that she is some sex symbol that everyone pays attention to, just like her social media profiles. When she made that comments about how she hasn’t shown all of her outfits, the people looked disgusted! Her showmance destroyed her game! To be fair she straight up said that her goal was to get into one and she will get into another after Jared leaves for good. Probably with Matt or possibly Cameron (just to be a troll if he can look past to her being tainted).

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Cam would take anything he could get, guaranteed!

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Oh, that’s right! She didn’t follow through on her lame threat, lol!!!





Only if Cam does puzzle, Jared would get a 2 pice puzzle and still get it wrong

Oops, I Foutted Again

And Jared’s would be something complex….


This is what I am expecting.




It’s not the most likeable cast, is it?! I’m grasping at straws here to suddenly be rooting for Cam, but he’s the best option we’ve got! I can’t believe these women are praying for Jared to win, then throwing out their vile comments about others. Jared is scared to even speak Cam’s name and possibly “manifest” that he’ll be back in the house! So much hocus pocus and magical thinking!

Matt is a complete write off … he clung to Reilly’s ‘wisdom’ from her few days in the house, and now he is clinging to Cirie. He doesn’t think for himself… and coupling up with Jag and all of his anxieties is exhausting to watch.

We need every week to be a double eviction and get this show on the road!


I vote for a couple of TRIPLE evictions and be done! Worst season ever!


Or better yet… When it is exposed they are mother and son all the rest of the cast see how they’ve been played and they revolt and all walk out. Done!

Jared’s Virtuous Nature

Unpopular opinion: Matt does not appear to be trying to win and is the ultimate floater. No matter how he votes, he blames the fact that he’s voting with the house. Heck, he told Cirie in tears that he didn’t use the veto to protect her! What is his game exactly? His only veto win he gave multiple answers to people affected, and we all know what he told Jared. I’m still convinced that they picked random Instagram profiles to cast this season.

un autre nom

Well, still haven’t figured out how to put the ‘fun’ in funeral. oh well.
My post bbcan11 tolerance for prodogremlins is still in the toilet, making this week one big long eyeroll. Not a diatribe. Fact. Coming off a mostly feedless season and still knowing a record number (in N. America) quit or volunteered to be evicted will do that.

Simple thing I fail to understand:
Ja/Ma found Blue’s lack of willingness to be part of the team plan a detriment a week ago. She wouldn’t target or vote with her allies, so they decided she was selfish. That’s why they got closer to Co/Am in the first place. A week later, and she is pushing that she won’t target with her allies again… but it’s acceptable now? That’s…okay that makes no sense.

Because he’s a nope, and i noped him for cause, I’d rather not read about Cam for AFP, but I’ve seen the phenomenon before (bb19 Cody, bbcan 9 Kiefer, bbcan 10 Marty, bbcan 11 Jon). General thinking is ‘he’s the only one who would have’ principle. But would he? Seems like he and the rest of the house have fallen into place, and are all promising the stuntcast safety.
I mentioned a few days ago that people should be watching for d/r calls before Cirie reconciliation meetings. Pretty interesting pattern for those that play along with the d/r as 18th houseguest game, no?
Pressure cooker was 35 days ago. 2 participants in that comp have left the game since it was played. 2. In five weeks, two evictions have actually stuck.
Both the participants in the zombie twist are nopes. I don’t care who stays or goes.

Oh my

Cameron for the win!! Only one willing to plan the damn game. Only one willing to not follow the house bulls+×t!!

Oh my

Matt got game?? Since when??




If Jared comes back and wins HOH I may quit


Simon you and Dawg better start applying for liver transplants because if Jarat does come back your livers won’t be able to handle the amount of Kracken it will take to watch the feeds ?


We’re both dreading the results.


Did you run away? 😉

Carlito's Way

Who could blame you?


I can’t handle it
Double eviction in my heart!
Thinking if Jared stays
Thinking if Simon and Dawg goes
I will be DEAD to watch this show!!




Is it just me, or does this whole zombie thing seem fixed? If it is a competition, let the winner in. If Cam won, he is better!!! They have done this to control who goes back in. It is obvious they want Jared back in the house and the fix is in. Had Jared won or been the one competing tonight, the “puzzle” would be elementary. Since it is Cam, it will be too tough for words! Having the comp this way is simple to manipulate. It was nice when they let the contestants decide Big Brother!!!

Jared’s Virtuous Nature

It does seem very fixed. It’s not just you…


Damn cam you should have made jarat do the comp that would have been an automatic return for you in my opinion. Unless jarat has been practicing the last two days just in case


Way to go cam


I thought my heart was going to stop there