Corey – “All these conversations today are f**** pointless”

The Situation:

  • Jared and Cameron are living in the house as “Zombies”
  • No HOH, No Power of Veto, No Eviction. Jared or Cameron will get a chance to reenter the game.
  • Jared and Cameron compete in a 3 part comp to decide who gets to play in the puzzle comp to reenter the game
  • Jared lost the Zombie competition so Cameron gets to decide to do The puzzle competition to reenter the game

Lock your ranks in before midnight

11:58 am Feed leak for a fraction of a second.

1:17 pm Corey and Cirie cleaning the bathroom
Jared walks in “I should just blow up the bathroom before Corey cleans it.. ”

3:42 pm Corey and Felicia
Corey – the last people nominated were me and America. That feeds like year ago in the game.
Corey – I’m trying to figure out who everyone will put up now.
F – Who do I think Cam will put up? I have no idea.
Corey – he’s getting good with the Jags and the matt.. He’s trying with me.. He’s also smart. I think he will take a shot. He won’t go after you or MEME.
Felicia thinks Cameron is getting close to Matt and Jag then he’ll blindside them.
Corey – he’s a total wildcard no matter what. Everyone seems to be on the same page. whoever comes back it
F – Going up
Corey – an easy-ish person to go after.. It would probably be a backdoor is my guess in which case who takes those spots?
Corey – one person I’ve heard a lot if Bowie Jane.
F – Bowie Jane is one of them.
Corey – that’s not us so that’s good.. the other one I’m a bit scared for you, Me, America. I don’t think they will put me up because they are more scared of me because I’m a dude.
F – or Cirie, people might go after Cirie
Corey – people don’t like putting up Cirie.
F – really?
C – she hasn’t gone up yet and everyone individually feels they have a good relationship with her.
Corey explains if Felicia goes up it annoys two people. If he goes up it annoys two people. “If they put up Cirie who’s going to be that annoyed other than her?
C – have you put any thought into who you would put up if you win?
F – I’ve been racking my brain. I do think one of the choices will be Bowie Jane.
Felicia goes on about backdooring whoever comes back from the twist.
F – I might just ask everybody who wants to be a pawn.
Corey – the scary thing about Backdoors is there’s a good chance they’ll get picked to play veto. Sitting next to Bowie Jane most people will feel like they have a good chance going home.
Corey – if Blue won the double there’s a good chance it be me and Bowie on the block. Are we really going to vote out Bowie Jane?
Corey weighs if the backdoor is worth it anymore.
Felicia says if Jared comes back he will target Corey.
Corey says he would rather Cameron come back. If Jared came back he wouldn’t backdoor him because Jared isn’t as strong as Cameron is in COmpetitions. Cameron may have to be a backdoor.
Corey points out that everyone is talking to Matt and Jagg right now because they have a good chance to win the HOH.
Corey says Matt and Jagg are “Tight tight”. The difference between them and Him and America is they haven’t proven themselves to be strong competitors like Matt and Jag have.
Felicia asks why he thinks Cirie will make it to the end.
Corey – I don’t think it to the end. It’s just she’s really good at this. Everyone talks to her and walks away from the conversation feeling like wait a minute I got Cirie.. She’s proven herself … I think she’s had the least success in competitions so far. People aren’t threatened by Cirie
Corey – the one thing I’m certain she has no group right no.

Corey leaves..

4:02 pm Corey and America
Corey says Felicia is putting up Bowie and some pawn to backdoor
America – she said that too
Corey – which is good we can report to Matt and Jagg.. ohh we got them off your a$$
Corey says Felicia is pissed off no one is targeting Cirie.
Corey – if Jared comes back we need him gone before Felicia.
America – ohh I know
Corey – I think Jagg and Matt feel really good with him
America -I don’t think they feel good with him or Felicia honestly.
America says she talked to Cameron against today “He hates Felicia”
Corey – She was asking who will Cam target.. I’m like I don’t know he’s a wild card.
Corey – I told her he will make a BIG move and it won’t be Me, you, MEME…. whatever…
Corey – all these conversations today are f**** pointless
America – I talked to Blue, She’s a little bit nervous of you.

5:23 pm MEME and Jagg
MEME says she likes to be CHILL there’s been a lot of foolishness these last few days
Jag doesn’t know what she means by foolishness..
Jag says the talks he has with her are different than Felicia
Jag – people have lumped me. it does suck to be in that position. Everyone has to play their own game it not fair to have assumptions made about you because you are close to someone
Jag goes on about not talking about MEME and Felicia as duo.
feeds flip…

5:35 pm Felicia and Cirie
Complaining about their alliance network getting smashed last week.
Felicia – I’m prayer on him f***ing up making the wrong decision or losing. Jared stays in this house cause it’s going to f*** them all up.
Cirie – mmmmhmmmmmm
They laugh
Felicia – Cam is a loose cannon but they trust his loose cannone over Jared.
Felicia – cause again it’s this thing… always.. always that’s the bottom line. that’s the piece about this sort of stuff that pisses me off..
Cirie – mmmmhmmmmmm
Felicia says nobody in the house knows what Cam will do.
Felicia says in the rule book you are not supposed to tell who you are nominating. “so he followed the rules” (his previous HOH)
Felicia – my gut is telling me if he stays puts up me and you that’s my GUT.
Felicia says if one of them come down Cam will put up Corey and have America all to himself “He’ll be a happy camper”
Cirie – mmmmhmmmmmm
Felicia – I could be completely wrong.. He could put up Matt and Jag. To me that would be his smartest move. He might do Jag and Blue again.
Felicia – If Matt or Jag won they will go after Corey and America. IF corey and America win I do believe they will put up Bowie Jane.. I don’t know who their next person will be.
Cirie – mmmmhmmmmmm
Felicia – America is working to get in close with Cameron
Cirie – mmmmhmmmmmm
Felicia – in case he stays..
Cirie – mmmmhmmmmmm
Cirie thinks the house will be too afraid to take out Cameron.
Felicia continues to fantasize about Jared staying and the four of them controlling the house.

6:13 pm Dinner time and Chit chat.
6:45 pm Chit chat and pool

Matt – I’m tired.. my head’s been pounding today
Jag – what happens if Jared stays?
Jag – Me, you, Jared, Blue?
Matt – mmmhmmmm, He’ll probably work with Cirie

Jag – Cam says if it’s us and him in the end he’ll throw it to us.
Cam walks in.

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Sorry for the duplicate comment, I just posted this same thing on the last recap, but since it’s buried in the comments a bit I thought I’d share here where more will see it..

Here are the US ratings per episode (according to Wiki):
Week 1
Ep. 1 – 3.41 million
Ep. 2 – 3.35 million
Ep. 3 – 3.26 million
Ep. 4 – 2.85 million
Week 2
Ep. 5 – 2.89 million
Ep. 6 – 3.23 million
Ep. 7 – 3.07 million
Week 3
Ep. 8 – 3.24 million
EP. 9 – 3.29 million
Ep. 10 – 3.02 million
Week 4
Ep. 11 – 3.18 million
Ep. 12 – 3.33 million
Ep. 13 – 3.14 million
Week 5
Ep. 14 – 2.99 million
Ep. 15 – 3.28 million
Ep. 16 – 2.90 million
Week 6
Ep. 17 – 3.74 million
Ep. 18 – 3.51 million
Ep. 19 – 3.21 million
Week 7
Ep. 20 – 2.78 million
Ep. 21 – 3.48 million
Ep. 22 – 3.48 million
Week 8
Ep. 23 – 2.61 million

*A quick glance at last years ratings show these ones slightly down, but that is almost all of cable as every new year passes and more people cut the cord for streaming only, so not anything significant. You could say they are pretty similar.

Gan ainm

With less options during the strike I’d have thought the ratings would be up.

Not Jasons Holly

People might be watching old stuff.

Nether Region Euphemism

Everyone has at least one streaming service. There are always shows or movies that people have been wanting to start. With a Smart TV there are also plenty of free options with commercials.


They don’t care. They think they can change the world by doing this. People are going to be people. And there is nearly a million dollars, nobody is going to be NICE. It is their show, if you don’t like it, then don’t watch it. They don’t care. Why are you still watching it? There are million of things to watch on TV. Other tv shows and movies would love for you to tune in and to watch their shows on Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday. Big Brother is only hurting themselves.


Thumbs up if you think Cam leaves tomorrow. Thumbs down for Jared.
(this is who you think will leave, not necessarily who you want to leave)


I really hope that Jared does NOT come back but I think we all know that the game is rigged in his favor. Otherwise, why all of the different comps? They had a battle and Cam won. Enough! Or are they doing this to fill time in such a worthless week? If they have to do this puzzle next you can bet we won’t get to watch it with them both on a split screen doing it at the same time, same puzzle.
I can’t bear watching another week of Jared, listening to this whining entitled man-boy that has an excuse for everything, that lies and just makes up, and is just horrible.

un autre nom

Before I get sidetracked, I have a few questions:
1) has Cirie promised every houseguest safety yet? something I’m expecting.
2) are Matt/Jag riding middle between Blue / Cory yet?
3) bbtwitter says Cory asked about playing HOH and prodo asked who would you target instead of answering. Is that real or tinfoil baiting?


The heading SHOULD have read:

Corey —“All these conversations everyday are f**** pointless”