Matt “I’ll be like I saved your a$$, guess what you’re going to do?”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jared
Nominees: Cameron & Red
POV Players: America, Jared, Cameron, Red, Felicia, Matt
POV Winner: Cameron
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

8:02pm Storage Room – Cirie and Felicia.
Cirie – Jag got way too many connections. Everybody wants to save Jag. Even Red and Bowie all of a sudden. Why? Why do they want to save Jag? Because Jag is telling them that they can move forward together. Jag got connections to Matt. Jag got connections to Red and Bowie. Jag got connections to Blue. Also now he’s trying to make connections to Meme. Jag is the core with connections to everybody. And when he decides whoever he wants to get close to .. you got Bowie and Red fighting to keep you now!? Bowie and Red are now like na we should get rid of America. Why are ya’ll so threatened by America!? Because America won’t work with them. Felicia – Right! Cirie – why would we keep somebody that they could work with? Its stupid! Felicia – Me, You, Meme, Izzy and Cameron .. are you sure Cameron is going to vote? Cirie – of course Cameron is skipitty dippity happy that it is Jag. Bowie Jane has to vote .. as long as Jag is up there .. you think she is going to vote for Red? Felicia – so six. Cirie – we don’t need six. We only need five and Jared makes the decision. Who is telling you we should keep Jag? Felicia – Cory. Cirie – do you know why Cory is saying that? Because Cory doesn’t have a relationship with Red over this girl. And he feels if Red wins he thinks he might go up on the block. BUT that is just about Cory. We’re looking at the group and the bigger picture. No its wrong. I am looking at the bigger picture. Jag is already throwing us under the bus to Red so that he can build a relationship over there. Blue talked to me and said you got his name in your mouth too much. That’s enough for me that Jag got to go. Felicia – that pisses me off because she didn’t say that to me. Cirie – then don’t say nothing. I am telling you that is what she told me. Felicia – no you’re right, f**k Jag going home! Because he’s a snake! Cirie – Matt and Jag are like this. Blue and Jag are like this. Now Red and Bowie want to keep him because they’re looking for other opportunities outside of us. We want to keep them right here.. we don’t want to give them opportunities. And they can’t work with America. Our best bet for us is to keep the people they can’t work with and they have to work with us.

8:37pm Havenot room – Jag, Cirie and Matt.
Jag – at this point what do you think is the best way to show and also just clear the air but also be like I trust the seven, I am with the seven, I am rocking with the seven. Cirie – well being in the kitchen with Red for two hours ain’t help. That didn’t help at all. Everybody seen ya’ll! Jag – so I guess moving forward how do I clear the air with that? Because for me I am with the seven. I am rocking with the seven. Matt – we know that, but they don’t know that. Jag – so in your opinion what is the best way to show that? I’ve mentioned to Izzy and Felicia that I am going to have to play along with Cory and America… and they were like yeah we understand that. Cirie – what do you mean? Jag – play along as if I still trust them. Cirie – oh yeah I didn’t hear that piece. I will say that people felt kind of interrogated so they felt like you didn’t trust them. Jag – everything I want to address that so that everyone feels solid with me and committed to moving forward.

9:14pm – 9:25pm Havenot Room – Matt and Cirie.
Matt – I think we should not do Jag. That just wastes what we did (Saving Jag with the power). Keeping him just a little longer would be good for the seven obviously. Next week I feel like we want Red right? I think keeping Red is good too. Cirie – I know. Matt – Red really likes us. So that is really good for us as well… just safety too for us. So it Jag also. Cirie – I know. America, neither. That is why I am trying to paint a picture on her that she needs to go up. She is a wildcard for everyone .. not just us. Cameron next week is here.. and we have Red that is going to go against him. Jag is going to go against him. If I win next week, Cameron is not going to see it coming. Cirie – so who would you put up? Matt – Probably put up Red and Jag. Cirie – oh wow. Matt – ballsy I know. Cirie – do you think Jag would go for that? Matt – yeah because I’ll be like I saved your a$$ guess what you’re going to do? I would be like you’re not going home, this is the plan to get Cameron. You can either throw it and let me win. Of you win and you have to frigging use it.

9:56pm Games Room – Meme and Matt playing chess.

10:10pm Backyard – Cory and Cameron playing pool.

10:47pm HOH room – Blue, Jag, Felicia, Matt, Cirie, Jared and Izzy.
Jag – I just wanted to make sure we all meet just because I wanted to get everyone together to let everyone know that I am 100% with the seven. I just wanted to look everyone in the eyes and be like this is my squad. There is no one else that I am trying to move forward with. I know there’s been conversations. Like Cam was having a conversation with me and that is not something I am considering at all. So that is something that I wanted to just like say in front of everyone and be super open with everyone. Like this is my squad and my team that I want to move forward with and I wanted to make sure everyone knows I’m on that page and hopefully we’re all on that page and can trust each other and move forward in that way. And I also wanted to say that if I’ve made anyone feel as thought I am not fully with the seven, I want to own up to that and apologize. Its never been my intention to give off that vibe to anyone. And if I have, no excuses. I am not going to try and defend myself or be like bla bla bla. I apologize for that. My intent was not to give off that vibe. That is just something I wanted to lay out there for everyone. Felicia – appreciate that. Cirie – just felt like that was needed. I think its good that you take the initiative to clear that up.

11:10pm – 11:40pm HOH room.
Blue – people are already talking about you (Jag) today because you’ve been a hot topic today. Would it not throw people off that we’re working together. And I know you don’t want to be a pawn. Shoot me down. Jag – I don’t want to be a pawn. Felicia – but that is not a bad idea next to Red and they’ll be saying damn. But Red goes home. Jag – so how many votes would we need this week to stay? Izzy – five because Jared breaks the tie. Felicia – and we have Meme. Felicia goes to leave. Jared – I just want to make sure we agree on something before everyone leaves. Felicia – put him (Jag) up as the pawn but Red goes home. You have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and Meme is 6. We got to end this, we talking too long. Felicia leaves. Jared – its past Felicia’s bedtime. Izzy – I would hope that we could take some heat off Jared from Cameron. And even though you’re not going home it would show some faith of Cameron’s previous nomination which could showing I tried but ultimately the house voted Red out. I think that could be a really good thing for Jared also. Like Cam wanted you (Jag) gone. Cam put you and Blue on the block. Cam is going to be in the house next week. Jared is in a vulnerable place with what work you’ve done .. this at least would be a good faith like look I see you .. I also think Jag is a threat. I am going to put him on the block but ultimately I don’t vote. I can’t help that the house voted Red out. But see I tried to do this. Jag – If this is what we decide on, then I am down. I’ll be a team player too. A concern I have with it is I feel as though everyone outside of the seven look at me as a big target.. and that would only continue to make it bigger. Jared – the only people we have to worry about winning is Cameron and Bowie.

11:45pm HOH room – Blue and Jared.
Blue – Tomorrow I am going to say (to Jag) I am so so so sorry to that I did that to you but at the end of the day with Felicia freaking out with everybody buggin’ you were going to have to do this to gain trust. And Izzy already mentioned it, he already mentioned it. Jared – just between us.. he can’t know this but realistically this is a better shot than if we didn’t do this and he didn’t go up. Eventually we can let him know that once we are back secure .. I don’t even think there is a point to let him know. There is no coming back from that. This is ultimately the best decision for him to stay. Without this it was almost going to be inevitable that he was going home. Blue – everyone was talking like he was already going home. Jared – I know, that is why I am happy he did this sh*t and why I was telling him like bro .. make sure when we have this meeting … lay all that sh*t on the table bro. That’s why I am glad that Felicia pressed him. I am comfortable with it either way. It sucks to send Red home on his birthday granted like I know but.. BB switches the feeds.

12:15am Bedroom – Izzy and Felicia check in on the meeting they just had in the HOH room about getting Jag to go up as a pawn. Izzy – we have been putting in work! Not that this is a deciding factor but if Red does go home, then you can move into the Comic bedroom. Felicia – OKay!

12:27am Backyard Hammock – America, Cory, Matt
They’re talking about the animated move Trolls and the shows/movies they watch in Mexico while in sequester prior to entering the house.

1:30 – 6:20 am Zzzzzzz

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Same same same same same.
Week after week it’s the same old story: put up Cameron, Red, Jag.

This is tiresome, is it not ?

Now What


Izzy’s bushy pits

Praying to the bb gods that SOMEONE gets clarity & can see who’s really running the house…. Would love to see dickhead Jared & the spazzy flute player otb with no hope of a veto win. ( and mommy doesn’t win) Hopefully this doesn’t turn out to be a cookout steamroll again (yawn) Really hoping that Blue can get a clue…. She’s being used as a show-ho


Add Felecia to the Jared/Izzy. I would love those 3 in a row. She has the nerve to call jag, red, cam, Bowie snakes among other things. I can’t decide who I dislike more of this trio.

Nether Region Euphemism

America has clarity. Jag and Blue have some clarity, as does Cory. It’s just near impossible to do anything about that, as the Cerie Stunts are very good at intimidation to squash any potentially solid formations against them. Power intertwined into all segments of the house is a very difficult thing to break.


So question? Red is mad cause cam was throwing him under the bus, but i seem to remember prior to that wasnt red spilling the beans to cirie anout all the shit cam was saying to him when cam was HoH. Yes cam didnt know but how you gonna be mad when you threw him under the bus first


It was more than what they showed on last night’s episode. Let’s just say it was a combination of Red not wanting to be portrayed as a male chauvinist and a misunderstanding where Cory thought Red was specifically calling America the B word (they both were saying certain things about America and I think Red actually called her Veronica)and things flowing from there

Oh my

When Cameron was HOH and Red won Veto, Red got cocky and had a big mouth. He told Ceri everything Cameron was saying. This tool has a undying love for Ceri. When he realized, him and Cameron are the targets after information from their alliance was withheld from him, he started playing pitiful and throwing Cameron under the bus. I question if Red was ever Cameron’s friend. I think he was using him as a shield. If you’re my friend, I’ll come ask you, did you say this or that. He believes it because it gives him bs reasons to turn his back on Cameron.

Matthew schneider

Justnyopinion so whos goes up as the replacement nom jag or america its 1 of them whats the latest going on


Shocker. It’s Jag.


Having a coven in the house is scary. Having a paranoid coven is scarier, particularly when their henchman is a dimwit.

Mad Max

how many more days before this season is over?


something like 63ish more.




Stop watching them leelee. Why comment? Just stop watching. So annoying. Grow up.


So….Long Island Ice Tea for this Labor Day then?


Hmm that sounds like a good idea 🙂


No Kraken?


Out of Kraken. These are dark days over here.


Producers are you listening ?
Next summer I/we suggest a cast that is worthy of BB’s legacy — this season I give you a generous D-

What the heck is it with these houseguests; all they do is go around & around & around in circles 24/7.

Mary Gillaspie

They know the winner before the show starts.

Team Taylor

This is giving me “deja vu” vibes to when Erik gave the idol to Natalie and Cirie’s alliance voted him out afterwards.

I hope Izzy can influence the votes to get Red out.


Izzy is the one pushing for Jag to leave!