Izzy “Cam told me that he loved me. I said we don’t have to go that far. I ain’t going to say it back!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jared
Nominees: Cameron & Red
POV Players: America, Jared, Cameron, Red, Felicia, Matt
POV Winner: Cameron
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

4:15pm Games Room – Cirie, Izzy and America
Cirie – Jag said that Cam said next week, you’re not my target. America – why would he tell him that? Cirie – I don’t know. That’s what Jag to me. I think that people should be limited to a certain amount of time. Its a long time with 12 people.. 12 hours that’s all day. America – its long conversations too. Cirie – like oh my god! Talk, talk, talk, talk! America – I mean I would like to discuss it with everyone but Red is beefing with me. I have nothing against Red but if we can guarantee that he isn’t going to come after me as a target, then I am okay with him staying. Right, but its the fact that he seems to have this resentment towards me. It just doesn’t sit well with me. Especially when he doesn’t know me and like we’ve had conversations before and I don’t know why he would come to the conclusions he has like calling me names or like you know?! Its just mean and I don’t like it. So if it comes down to him and Jag .. obviously I am down for Jag to go. I voted to evict him last week. Cirie – so the only thing is .. it has to because I don’t want her going up… at all. Izzy – I know. I don’t know where everyone sits .. I just don’t trust it. Like why? Why must it be America? Izzy – I know. America – wait?! What is going on? I mean I feel like there is no need for me. Cirie – absolutely not. Izzy – no! Cirie – but someone must have said something to Jag because he is all weirded out now. America – he doesn’t trust anyone right now. Izzy – Cam told me that he loved me. I didn’t tell you that yet but I knew it would make you laugh. Cirie – he said he loved you? Izzy – he said he always loved me and that we have so much in common and he didn’t know how to approach me. I said we don’t have to go that far. He was like no, its true! I was like okay… I ain’t going to say it back! What’s that even going to do?! America – he (Jared) hasn’t even had a chance to hang out. Cirie – that’s why if I win I am locking the door. I’ve got snacks, a bathroom, a tv to watch. America – in the robe. Izzy – she is going to double robe it for sure!

4:35pm – 5pm HOH room – Jared and Cirie
Jared – its going to be a tough conversation but it is what it is. Cirie – what do you mean, you going to tell him? Jared – Jag, yeah I’m going to tell him. I don’t want to blindside him. I’ll just let him know, like bro listen.. because what can he do? Cirie – but wait until tomorrow. Jared – na, yeah I am not going to tell him tonight. To make it seem like it was a big conversation that I kept having over and over. I know for a fact that he is going to want to talk to ya’ll tonight. He asked me to set it up. Cirie – he mentioned that last night. You know why because he’s finding out that its getting around that people don’t trust him. Felicia be pressing people too hard. He is feeling a type of way that’s why he wants to meet again to make sure everything is good. But Jag is a snake! A snake.. but who here ain’t! Right!? So these are the people we can count on if you put Jag up .. ME, Felicia, Meme, Izzy, Bowie Jane… Jared – Cameron is going to vote now. Cam is going to vote for Jag. Cirie – Cam is 5 and Bowie is 6. Jag will go. I need Jag to go. Jared – alright. Cirie – you wanted Jag to go last week. Jared – ya’ll ain’t telling me nothing new. Felicia joins them. Cirie – do you still agree that Jag has got to go? Felicia – I do. Jared – I am cool with it. I am fine with it. The only thing I told Mama Cirie is that I am going to tell him tomorrow because I don’t want to backdoor him. Jared – in a perfect world we win HOH next week. Well we don’t have to.. Cirie – no we kind of have to. Felicia – anyone but Cameron. Jared – this is the position that I love to be in when we don’t have to win. Felicia – we just someone else in our circle to get it and put up America and Cam. Cameron has to go out first. Cirie and Jared agree. Jared – we can’t put up Cameron first, it would have to be America and a pawn. It could be Bowie .. to see what she got. OR put up Red. Cirie laughs – put up Red again. Jared – I am telling you his beard is going to come off. Felicia – but every time he is under pressure he hasn’t succeeded. Jared and Cirie – that’s true.

5pm – 5:18pm HOH room – Cirie, Jared, Felicia and Izzy.
Izzy joins them. Cirie – how do you feel about it being Jag? Izzy – how sure are we that this isn’t a wild plan to save both of them. (Cam and Red) Like how sure are we that Cameron and all of his concoctions previously and up till now and even now with how he is denying everything and pushing Jag so hard. And given what we know about Red and his background. I don’t know the Jerry Springer vibes. Cirie – if it was me and Felicia does it make sense for me to keep saying I think Felicia should be the one to go? Before he was on America and now he is on Jag because he feels Jag is telling his stuff. Izzy – I just wanted to say it was a thing I was thinking. That is the only thing that has been giving me pause about Jag. Everything else I am on board for Jag. Jared – Cameron stopped talking about you and that’s what made me know it was real.

5:30pm HOH room – Felicia, Jared and Meme
Meme – Honestly ya’ll outside of ya’ll, I really don’t care who goes, what order or who they next to. I don’t give a damn if they’re Jag, Red, their mamas, all of them! Felicia – like if they Red, Blue, Green.. Meme – Purple, Yellow or Brown. I don’t have no strong preference. Jared – I got to know because I’ve got to pull the trigger. I just got to know who we locked in on. It is worth bouncing ideas off. Cory brought up the good point of all this sh*t happened and then you kept those three in the house and if they start working together again you going to be upset! UPSET! Felicia – with only two weeks till Jury who do you not want in jury? Meme – I think the question is going into next week who can you trust the most? And I feel in this moment it is Red. Jared – I agree. 100%! Felicia – I think we can trust Red more than Jag. Jared – I don’t trust Jag.

5:40pm Comic Bedroom – Red and Cirie
Cirie – I’m excited about Tuesday Red. (His birthday) Red – it will be good.

5:44pm Felicia – we would love for Red to go to Cam and ask him if he will use the veto on him for his birthday and bring him down and say they’re putting up Jag … and the house is going to vote Jag out. izzy – he is so sketched out by it. I don’t think it would work. Jared – no. Felicia – but what we want is for Cam to tell Red HELL NO! Jared – so we can solidify .. (Red & Cam never joining back up) Jared – that sh*t would be hilarious. Izzy – I need a pie! Jared – that sh*t would be so funny! Izzy – ya’ll messy!! YA’LL MESSY! Felicia – we need that! Jared – is it a possibility they would mend that relationship. Izzy – this would solidify that.

6:06pm By the pool – Blue and Cirie
Blue – I get it he (Jag) is definitely not putting in the effort to talk to the seven like he should and I recognize that he hadn’t talked to Jared at that point. I was like I cannot keep vouching for you and telling people to keep you because at the end of the day they’re going to look at me funny and I am not trying to do all that especially for someone that I did not come in here knowing. You might be my best friend in this house but if you don’t have my back like I have yours then what good do you do to me? Cirie – right!? So tell me how you see us in the next two weeks? Blue – I really see.. especially since I was on the block I’ve been reflecting on my relationships with people. I still feel confident with our seven. I trust that we are still solid to make it to the seven. Even within our seven I feel really solid obvisously with Jared, you and pretty good with Matt. And I feel really good with Izzy. I think he is a little nervous. He is catching wind a little bit. Cicie – Obviously no one wants to go on the block. I think you more than anyone would be able to talk to Jared and find out what his final decision is. Blue – yeah, right.

6:30pm Big Brother gave them stuff to make a cake for Red’s birthday on Tuesday.

7pm Comic Bedroom – Izzy and Cirie
Cirie – I still say Jag.. you know why? Because everyone is campaigning for Jag to stay. Blue was underhandedly campaigning for him to stay but still campaigning none the less. She told me that she found out that he had a final two with somebody that she just heard about. And she said … oh and he is beefing with Felicia. Izzy – I am just going to say this one thing. Jared just said … like me, Cory and Jared were talking and Cory was asking questions and Cory was like well yeah if Cam wins he is not putting up Red. It just made me think .. that he was like oh yeah he is definitely not doing that. The one thing that Jag has over Red is that he would put up Cam. SO if worst case scenario Cam wins probably he puts up me and America? I am not worried about me so much.. but is keeping Red and Cam longer an extra week .. is America that big of a deal to lose next week? I am still on board with Jag, I really am. Cirie – I don’t think it is the deal about losing America because who cares about losing America. Izzy – but it would be that we wouldn’t lose Red. Cirie – right but Red only has Cam. Now even Red and Bowie are fighting for Jag to stay… because they don’t want to work with America. If Red, Cam and Bowie make it back together.. Izzy – that is better than five or six. Yeah, yeah, okay. Cirie – even if their fight is fake out of their fake fight has come all of this support for jag. Izzy – you’re right, I don’t want Jag here. Cirie – also with Jag gone where is Matt going? Where is Blue going? Blue is going to Jared. Matt is coming here. Red & Bowie have to stay here. Izzy – of course. I agree with that for sure. I agree that Jag is the piece that makes everything unravel. So you remove him.. Basically we’ve erased last week. What was supposed to happen last week happens and we are moving forward.

7:30pm Dinner time..

7:43pm Hammock – Blue and Jared.
Jared – that would be fun, two weeks in the HOH. Where do you think I should go (renom)? Blue – I don’t know. I think I need to think it through a little. I have just been having my conversations and taking in all the information. You know what America said to me though? Did you tell POO that I was thinking of putting Cirie and Izzy up? I was like no, why? And she was like because he mentioned them two specifically and the only person I talked to about it was you. I was like nope! And then she was like I think Cameron.. And I was like oh thank god. She was like I think Cameron is saying bla bla bla. And I was like nope not me. She pressed me a little and I was like you’re not in an position to press me at all. Jared – I can’t stand her. Blue – I really want to talk with you and Cirie. If everyone has to talk then sure I’ll be there whatever.. but like I really don’t need people who are panicking to be there.

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I still think Production told Cam that he has to start cleaning up his own mess

Spot ON

I’m beginning to have mixed feelings about CAM in that he has become the punching bag in the house similarly to Taylor(?) from last year.

Maybe at the end of the day CAM will end up pocketing the 750k (with help from Production).


hey now, cam’s actually won competitions. that’s something taylor NEVER did.


After watching the HOH comp on tonight’s show, the stupidity is astounding.

Not Jason’s Holly

I was thinking the same thing.

Spot ON

YUUUP !!!!!!

Another Dixie

And CBS even dumbed it down!

East coast

The problem seemed to be that the images were A-B-C left to right and their buttons were C-B-A. I think most of the mistakes were that they hit A instead of C or vice versa.

Spot ON

“Izzy “Cam told me that he loved me!”
Based on tonight’s episode, it’s hard to believe that CAM and RED (the swamp bros?”) are so FAR OFF AND DISPLACED with their reliance on “Legends25” alliance that they both have NO CLUE what’s going on after being some 30+ days inside that chicken coop.

WOW….I mean, how blind can they be??!!


comment image

Jared ranking below Izzy and RIGHT RIGHT man is hilarious. He really is very unlikable.

Kirsten should be near the top. Why she’s ranking so low?

Cameron and Red moving up they were near the bottom for a couple weeks!


Someone pointed out earlier that Production’s slip up of showing Jared say that he was targeting America because of his DR is tied to them prepping the America segment for tonight

Mad Max

maybe the voters have come to their senses! Flea and Cirie need to move on down too!

Carlito's Way

Haha they are behind Hisem. Now, that’s saying something. No disagreement from me.

Felicia’s Tooth

Izzy looks like Where’s Waldo when she has her beanie on


She looks like Martha Plimpton’s character from the Goonies.

Felicia’s Tooth

Stef !!! Ha! Yes she does!


I was thinking Izzy looks more like Meg from Family Guy. Shut up Meg!

Spot ON

But who was born with a prostate?


This show is done. Just too many stupid people.

I get that Jared needs Cirie in the game, but dude, you’re in a showmance. When you break up the other showmance, the heat is now on you and Blue….

Cory and America are shields.


I’m so sick of Cirie and her big mouth son. This game is getting boring and the fact that Jag was saved was great, but now they are backstabbing him is just wrong. No offence but Bowie Jane needs to go.