Matt “I win veto and I use it on you.” Jag “That would be wild!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jag
Nominees: America and Blue
POV Players: Blue, America, Jag, Matt, Felicia, Bowie
POV Winner: Jag
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation: Blue is the target. Felicia now knows Blue is the possible target. Blue don’t know she’s the target.

12pm Kitchen – The house guests have the usual ant problem and are trying to clean and spray them with raid to get rid of them. Cirie – they eat ants in certain places you know. Jag – ants a good protein. Felicia – well they can protein their a$$es somewhere else.

12:20pm HOH room – Matt and Jag.
Jag – you were saying that Mama Fe tried talking to you. Matt – Mama Fe tried talking to me. Jag – what did she say? Matt – I can’t hear her like when she is trying to whisper. I am like BRO I can’t hear you. She was trying to warn me and stuff like in this double everyone is going for Jag. And I was like yeah, I can’t let that happen. Jag – yeah. Matt – I think at the same time people have to say that if they can’t … they have to say that to Felicia and Cirie. Like oh you’re going to be the target instead. They have to say our names. Jag – well here is the thing… you and Bowie are solid. Matt – Oh Felicia said that last night Bowie said that. Oh yeah we have to get one of the guys out. Jag – Felicia said that? That Bowie said that? Matt – she said that surprised her. Matt – so is Bowie just trying to play along? That’s what we need to find out from Felicia. Because if Bowie is thinking that way .. good luck getting any farther than fifth! Jag – Bowie is not… I trust Bowie dude. Matt – I know. Jag – I trust Bowie. Matt – so is Felicia lying? Jag – no, we just have to ask Bowie like did you.. Matt – we have to ask Felicia first. Jag – yeah. Matt – Felicia said oh last night it caught me by surprise that she mentioned we have to get rid of one of the guys. Probably just playing along. Jag – Felicia could be saying that to separate us from Bowie. Matt – I am going to get close to Cirie. Cirie probably isn’t going to win (in the double). But she is not going to put us both up. Jag – no she won’t. Matt – America I am worried about. Jag – I’ll talk to America. Matt – I think Blue is doing most of the talking. I think that is what Felicia is getting the idea from. If we get rid of Blue then that gets rid of their strongest competitor against us. Jag – who else are they going to turn to? America? Matt – exactly Blue is their strongest competitor against us. We get rid of that, then America is next … but they can’t trust America. Jag – yeah. Matt – Felicia does not trust America. Jag – good!

Matt – Cirie isn’t going to put us both up because she knows she is cooked. She knows that she can sit pretty and make it to the final 3 or 2 or whatever you know what I mean. Jag – to Felicia here is what we say… Obviously we need to take out Blue because Blue is the strongest competitor .. to Felicia we say its perfect because next week on the double America will go. If its Cirie that wins, she is targeting America. If you win, you’re targeting America. Felicia wins, she is targeting America. If Bowie wins, she is targeting America. And if America wins, because that is probably the one thing that Felicia .. is like what if America wins.. obviously she is going to target me. I would rather have America target me over Blue. Matt – what I am worried about is America puts us both up. You win veto, you go down, I am still up.. They put Bowie up next to me. I have your vote… will Felicia and Cirie feel bold enough to evict me or will they keep me. Jag – they will want to keep you. If I win veto and you’re still on the block, I think they’re scared of me going after them. If I am on the block post veto… I think I am going home. Cirie or Felicia we just promise like everyone is about to get the smoke after this.. Matt – because they know if we both survive (the double) everyone is going to be like sh*t we have to be on their team. Jag – yeah. Here is the reality .. if I am on the block after veto I think I am going to go home. People aren’t targeting you, they’re targeting me. People are scared of me because I’ve won comps. They’re going to be like Matt can’t cook all of us. Matt – I win veto and I use it on you. Jag – that would be wild! I wouldn’t expect that though. They’re scared I am just going to win every comp. We should both just talk to Mama Fe. Like me, you and Mama Fe.. and just make that a thing. We don’t have to name it. And just be like Mama Fe the people that I trust are in this room. Matt – yeah. Jag – I will talk to America and say that we will save her this week and that if she wins next week I will protect her the following week because she will know she can’t play. Matt – we don’t want to do too much before the double because they will cook us. They talk about Jag celebrating with America after the veto ceremony.

1pm HOH Room – Blue joins Matt and Jag and the conversation ends. They start chatting about past events of the season.

1:28pm – 2:10pm Suntanning..

2:13pm – 2:45pm HOH room – Felicia and Jag.
Felicia – Cirie told me this morning that they were talking last night and she (Bowie) did say maybe we will get lucky and hopefully we can get out one of the boys. And I said OH .. I said Bowie Jane said that out loud to you and she said yeah. Jag – Oh did Bowie Jane say that to you? Felicia – no to Cirie. She did not say it to me. So I have no idea if she really said it. Whem she said that, I said girl you got to be kidding me. Jag – it seems bold of Bowie Jane to say. Felicia – and saying one of the boys.. she isn’t saying which one. Jag – I know which one when they say the boys or one of the boys. Felicia – Hmmmm at this point I don’t think they would care which one. You’re a bigger, better competitor but I think at this point they figure if they can get one it will put you at a disadvantage. Jag – yeah. That’s what I was talking about to Matt too. I said at this point I trust Matt and I trust you. Felicia – I don’t think Bowie would put you up .. I just don’t think she has the something. Jag – I trust you and Matt. In this double I hope its you or Matt that win it. You’re the only person that has come to me and warned me. That continues to show me that I trust you. Matt agreed too. Matt and I know that we’re targets. At this point I am riding with you and Matt. Felicia – I honestly think that if you were to save America, she won’t take that shot.. at least for a week. Jag – that is what I am hoping for too. Would I rather Blue try to take me out or America try to take me out. I think it is very clear to me that Blue is an incredible competitor. If I talk to America and be like you could be safe. We could have the votes.. which we would. Felicia – something to think about. Jag – I will chat with America and hopefully I can work that out with her where it buys a week through the double. Felicia – I don’t think she would but .. I don’t know 100%. Jag – I see Blue as the better competitor but America is there. Felicia – I was talk to her (America) and be like if he saves you are you going to put him up next week… and if she says yes I will tell you. Jag – that is tricky because she probably doesn’t know we’re close. I expect her to say that she is going to put me up regardless. Ideally you or Matt just win it (double HOH). Felicia – Cirie’s gotten very good through talking and getting other people to do things.. she doesn’t want to be seen as the bad guy. They talk about Jag telling Blue

2:53pm HOH room – Matt and Jag.
Jag – I talked to Felicia. It went really well. She is down to get Blue out. Matt – okay good. Jag – I was like me, you and Felicia should talk. She was like Blue is a better competitor, might as well get her out. And would rather have America gunning after you guys than Blue. Overall Mama Fe seems solid with us so at some point later we will talk to her with you.

3:05pm The house guests are having a contest to see who can bench the most reps.

3:35pm – 4:25pm No shirt grilling. Jag – we are probably the two worst people to be doing this. Matt – At least we look good doing this. That’s what matters. It doesn’t matter how good the food is .. its how good you look doing it.

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Any amount is appreciated! Thank you in advance!

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Matt: Cirie won’t put us both up on the block. I feel like he put it in the universe that Cirie would indeed do that , lol

Game fan

im afraid he is right ..
hoping for america for hoh.

The Beef

If in some bizzaro world Cirie was to somehow luck up and win HOH in the second part of Thursday nights double eviction and she DIDN’T put both Jag and Matt on the block, she’d be the biggest fool in the game. The same goes for Felicia, America and yes, even Bowie Jane, since based on how the game has gone, none of them have a chance in Hell of beating either one of them in a straight up fairly judged vote at then end, should they actually get there.

Note I said “fairly” judged, as we all know winners and losers of Big Brother are not always picked based on how the game was played at all. You just never know who might be bitter, or might vote an agenda vs. game play, until the votes are revealed, but I just don’t think it’s smart to go into the finals with players like Jag and Matt who have clearly out played you, for most of the season.

BB Karma

Blue can’t be this oblivious, can she? How can she trust Jag after he put her up the first time regardless of the reasons smh


Oh yes she can, and yes Blue thinks she’s safe this week.

Blue is not as bright as she thinks she is.

Blue thinks she’s playing a part right now in getting America evicted.

Blue is one of those women who will betray the other women, and work with a man.

I can’t wait to see Blue’s face when she hears that she has been evicted.

Blowme Jane’s rictus grin

It’s called “ arrogance” on her part; oh how I wish she’s blindsided!

Mean Jean

Felicia is Jags latest recruit to the rat pack. Unfortunately for him she doesn’t know how to be subtle and she can’t keep her mouth shut


Felicia is definitely messy. You may be rolling around in laughter if Felicia does something that either changes Jag deciding not to renom or be grabbing alcohol if her shenanigans send her out instead of Jag or Matt in the Double Eviction


Never seen so many “alliances” in a game. There is only one alliance, the lazy guy and the brown guy.


Please America win this next HOH and put these dumb asses on the block! I’m not even watching the show anymore I’m so embarrassed for all of them. I truly can’t get over how clueless they all are and how bad they talk about one another. Jag thinks he is a comp beast the only reason he is winning is because the rest are just to old, weak or throwing the comps.


Felicia is working overtime kissing Jag’s and Matt’s ass. She really wants Cirie & Bowie gone, Felicia is all lovey doves with Jag & Matt now, Cirie is paying attention, she’s just not going to let Felicia know she’s hip to Felicia trying to blow up her game, Cirie will still act like she trust’s Felicia.

If I were Jag, I’d be very nervous having to depend on Matt to save him during the double. Why they think it will just be one of them, on the block, that’s dumb. Both Jag & Matt will be nominated.

It would be great to see Matt win the Veto if he & Jag are both nominated, we will see
Jag walking around the house feeling soooooo defeated, Jag knows he would be evicted, if he and Matt are nominated together, as you would do, everyone knows they are a Duo.

America will vote jag out over Matt, Felicia will vote Jag out over Matt, Cirie 1000% will vote Jag out over Matt. Matt will go back to being breast fed by Cirie, he’d kick Felicia aside, he would also tell Cirie how Felicia has been throwing Cirie under the bus.

Cirie knows that Felicia is jealous, Cirie knows she can’t trust Felicia, Bowie trusts Cirie more than Felicia. The following week, it would be Cirie, Bowie, America against Felicia !

Cirie would help get rid of Felicia, Felicia is known by everyone in the house to flip flop, and they all know Felicia has a big mouth, Felicia is not going to go much further in this Game. Cirie I think will go farther than Felicia.

The Beef

That’s the funny part. If they get Jag, Matt has nobody to lead him and tell him what to do, so he goes right back to Cirie, who will gladly take the “new” comp beast (there won’t be anybody else left in the house who can win with only Matt, Cirie, Felicia, America and Bowie left) and put him to work for her. She’ll tell him who to nominate and he’ll gladly do whatever she says because “Reilly said so”. Bowie will probably go first, then America, and finally a “battle royal” in the final three between the young buck and the two little old ladies. What riveting TV that will be.

The thing is, I think Cirie will outsmart Matt, get rid of his ass and end up in final 2 with Felicia. A fitting end to a dreadful season in my estimation.

All of this is of course assuming somebody other than Matt can win that second HOH Thursday night, and has the grapes to nominate both Jag and Matt.