Matt “I am going to f**king full send it! I’m going to go hard! Sprint!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Bowie
Nominees: Cirie and Felicia
POV Players: Bowie, Felicia, Cirie, America, Matt and Jag. Host it Cory
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: ?

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The situation Going to be a interesting week. As is stand right now if Veto is used Cameron goes up.

12:05pm Kitchen – Cirie, Felicia and Matt.
Felicia – everyone is waiting for one person to get up so that they can get into a conversation. And nobody knows what anyone is doing. No one knows what Bowie Jane is going to do. Everybody has a different agenda. One day it will be the tell all. When somebody decides not to use that veto. We are praying that somebody doesn’t wait till Monday and say ah no I’m not using the veto. Matt – no, yeah… I am using it. Felicia – we could be wrong .. we’re just seeing some odd awkward stuff and its like.. Cirie – so was he though.. there’s a weird vibe. It used to seem like everything was straight. Felicia – we know that Blue wants Cory.. BAD! And we don’t know if Jag wants Cory bad. Or if anyone wants Cameron bad. I am hoping .. we’ll I don’t know what she is going to do… I don’t care what she does as long as one of us comes off the block and she puts somebody else up. That’s all that really matters. This going to get craizer and crazier.. Matt – I know. Felicia – but you go out there and play today. Matt – Yup definitely.. will do! Felicia – every time you go out there and put your mind to it .. you perform. Matt leaves. Felicia – maybe the fact that Bowie Jane isn’t telling them what she is going to do is the piece that is making them all worried. Cirie – my conversation has shifted from using it to get a big target to maybe you shouldn’t use it. Felicia – because she might be doing what you don’t expect her to do. Cirie – exactly! Felicia – and that is why I am saying we may need to talk to her and say we know who you’re going after in order to make the other side feel comfortable you might need to put a leak out there.. because otherwise for both sides.. Cirie – well we don’t want to give any more battery in America either for her to try to win it because right now if she thinks everyone is on board there is no rush for her and Matt going for the common goal. But if you switch that up and let her know that it might be Cory she might put a little extra Ummph in her Ummph! Felicia – but if you tell everyone else that its Cory. That’s where we’re going to be on Monday ..everyone is going to be paranoid and no one is going to use it. One of us has to win this sh*t.

12:30pm Kitchen – Felicia, Cirie and America
America – We got this. Cirie – I know. America – We really do. It was really best case for the draw. (Veto player picks) Felicia – we just watching Cameron following everybody around the house. America – yeah he sat in the room with sunglasses on not saying anything. I am over him. Cirie – Mmmmmhmmm. Felicia – now he is following Jag. Cirie – in Bowie Janes room. America – as long as it comes across as its what everyone wants it would be unanimous and no blood on her hands. I think that is really the only option for both of you to stay this week because otherwise it gets tricky.

12:48pm Havenot room – Cory and Matt
Cory – The only thing that scares Bowie is that its not a house decision. You, Jag and America, she knows where you guys are because you guys talk to her privately. There is no reason for us to lie to Blue anymore. Matt – Blue knows? Cory – no she doesn’t but the problem is she is probably telling Cirie and Felicia that the plan is to backdoor me right!? Matt – yeah. Cory – so now all of a sudden Bowie is actually in the middle because she’s got you, me and America and Jag over here and then here its Cameron, Blue Cirie and Felicia. Matt – Cirie and Felicia would want Cameron to go though right? Cory – of course but they don’t give a sh*t they just want to stay. So if we tell Blue that Cameron’s been being a d**k and like going after her and selling her out.. or we just tell Blue the plan is to backdoor Cameron because at this point its too late and none of them can plan. Blue or Cameron. Matt – I know. Cory – so Blue is just going to care about keeping herself safe. Matt – I know.. I don’t know why everyone is acting so f**king weird today. Everyone is just so quite. Cory – I walked into the HOH room and it was super awkward. I could tell that Cameron was pitching some sh*t. Bowie cares what they (Felicia & Cirie) think. And Bowie cares what Blue thinks.. because Bowie doesn’t want to just go next week. I also think the sooner you tell Blue, the sooner she is going to trust you. If you don’t tell her till really late is going to look hella shady. And like Bowie is scared because she thinks if she puts me up she is going to lose you, Jag and America. And if she puts Cameron up she is going to lose the rest of the house but that is not the truth. We just need to stop being scared of him because Cameron is gone. Once he is gone we are literally in final four.

1:15pm HOH room – Matt and Cameron.
Matt – I am going to f**king full send it! I’m going to go hard! Sprint! Cameron – I am excited to vote this week. I get to finally vote. Matt – you get to go in the DR and do a shout out. Cameron – Hi Julie, I’ve got a list of shout outs because I’ve missed a few.

1:40pm The live feeds switch to the pound cams … the power of veto competition is starting now!

4:16pm Still blocked..

4:54pm Nothing yet.. (FYI – I’ll be back in a bit to check if they’re back and will update at that time.)

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no mo bro

Feeds have gone to the pound for veto ceremony. I guess we’ll see what type of person Bowie is when the feeds come back.

I hope Cory goes up and leaves with his ridiculous looking moustache. I really dislike that guy more and more each day. He’s a dirty snake and his sidekick is no better. America is a leech who picked the guy she thought she could go furthest with. He wasn’t even interested but she forced herself onto him.

Watching that was far more creepy than anything Cam has done. She clearly wasn’t attracted to his appearance or personality. He looks better with clothes on and his attitude is condescending and immature… I mean come on… look at him.. listen to him… He’s still a child.

I’d be happy to see America go right after him. Send her back to the corner where BB found her.


Felecia and cerie have been pretty vile and nasty yet they seem to get a pass. Jared too.


I’ve changed my mind again. I think Corey needs to go. Lol


they all need to go, we need a new cast to save the rest of the season

no mo bro

Agree. I don’t want anyone left in that house to win.

un autre nom

Drop the fact that he’s nope. Is it tactically good to target Cam?
Can they reliably beat him in comps?
Can they trust him?
If the answer to either question is no, it’s good for houseguests to target him.
Would it bother me if noms didn’t change?
No, because Bowie has every right to target her noms. She’s justified due to her noms’ social game fails with Bowie.
Would it bother me if Blue or Cory were nom’d?
No, because Blue annoys, and Cory leftbrains far too much.

Sometimes it sucks when you never chose a real fave. I’m happy if anyone goes.

Add nope factor and i, of course, want my nope evicted. Not one bit sorry.



Game fan

Cameron – I am excited to vote this week. I get to finally vote.

I think this is going to be aired.
And in the same episode he is going to get back doored. Ouch.

Well it’s gotta be a record for someone getting that far in the game without EVER voting.

Red Amber

Sad really, he had Cory dead to rights last week and he passed. Tsk, tsk, Made a fool by Jag n Matt, more so Jag as Matt was on board w the backdoor Cory plan. All Cam has to do is tell Bowie, who’s your final 2? They all have one except for you?

Nether Region Euphemism

If Cam tells Bowie he is her F2, he’s further exposing himself as a liar. He had the F3 with Jatt, and he knows people have been talking.

That is the point that people seem to be overlooking. Cam lacks any sincerity in his game play loyalty towards Bowie.

Cam and Bowie were not actually a pair. She has no reason to ride with him at this point. Although Jatt are trying to manipulate her, she is not wrong to realize that Cam had other stuff going on that did not include her.

If she sticks with Cam with the plan to let everyone else target each other, she would be ignoring the fact that she is DISPOSABLE to everyone, including Cam. Cam will throw her UTB at any point that he feels it would benefit him.

She’d also be playing Cam’s game, riding his comp-win coattails as long as possible until his luck runs out. Being that Jatt and Americory clearly want him out, his ability to comp out to the end is essentially nil at this point. Her ride defaults.

Although it’s smart to consider who would target who, or who would float to who after specific HGs are gone, it’s also important to not lose the big picture.

un autre nom

Cam voted week one and week 5. weekly charts show he voted to evict Kirsten and he voted to evict Jag (Red eviction).

There was a guy on BBCan11 that voted for the first time as juror number 1 on finale night.

Game fan

Oh yeah that’s true. I forgot about Kirsten.. and the red vote he got on the block that week, so since week one he is still getting on that block unless he is hoh .
Who is it on Canada? I watched.

un autre nom

Dj Dan. nom week one/two. 1 hg quit day3 HOH week three. 2 hgs quit week four so no vote. evicted week 5 to be juror 1.

Truth Hurts

Cam voted out Kristin & Jag weeks 1&5 the week after Jag was evicted by a cam HOH nom. With his hands clean Jag understandably is justified a month later for Cam to be taken out on Bowie Jane HOH. The fact Cam is going on her HOH proves his poor social and how he sketched others out.


Depends on whether the editing is good

Omega BB

This season is just a long walk to some fool bringing CIRIE to F2 so she can win the game.

Game fan

Nah , she is getting number 5 probably.
At the very end game you either need to win comp or a partner who wins.
As of now she doesn’t have that. Maybe if someone separate jag and matt and than matt can partner up with her but it seems unlikely for them to be targeted right now. Also he would join with bowie before her

Senior Citizen

I feel sorry for the BJ. She has a dilemma. After being fed so much BS, who does she most likely believe or think “might” be best for her game. If the Veto is used, who does she put up? Cam who says he wants to take her further? Jag or Mitt, the two who really want Cam gone.  Blew? Does anyone like her? Corey? Possibly. America? Not likely since they seem to get along, at least half way. My choice would be Jag who can’t be trusted to remain loyal to anyone except Matt, and that’s debatable. Second option is Matt. I’m tired of seeing him chewing on a pick and using his hearing as an excuse when others are saying something he disagrees with.

If the veto isn’t used, send either of the two senior citizens packing. Not sure which of them I dislike more although Fe is ahead by a hair.

Another Dixie

I hope she realizes that if she puts Cam up as a replacement, she has no one on her side. I feel for her. She seems so confused all the time.

Not Jasons Holly

I’m hoping she’s playing dumb and pulls a Cameron on the house! It would be perfect if America wins the veto and uses it and Bowie nominates Corey or same with Matt/Jag. One wins and uses the veto and she replaces with the best buddy of the veto winner!


Get rid of CORY!!!!!!!! And JAG!!!!!


Get rid of Cam, Cory and Jag! Jag definitely can’t be trusted. You see how he keeps telling Matt what to go say to Bowie so that nothing falls back on him. He is a manipulator!! Can is really working the house and trying to make sure nobody gets time with Bowie! Cory is just down right annoying!


Does anyone like Cory or Jag after their all their slimy low ball back stabbing lying hateful shameful disgusting pathetic disgusting ways they have betrayed and abused their own alliances please make yourself known.

Cirie's sloppy gameplay

I don’t dislike corey. He’s playing the game and playing it fairly well. I’ve never liked jag.

no mo bro

No one in that house deserves to win. I miss Red.

Gan ainm

Hi!Why does everyone criticize lying and manipulating when that is literally this game? Would you rather go back to season 1 rules?

BB long term watcher

Cory is showing a very difficult guy to like and I think he needs to go. At 21, he is actually very two faced and not very likable. Wonder how people who are watching this at his university will feel after he returns. I would never believe a word he says and can see he taking advantage in a creepy way in a law environment.

Another Dixie

When he returns to college, he’ll be a celebrity, People will want to be his friend & will want to hear about his experiences. Cory is playing a game. It’s not the game of life.


Hey Simon or Dawg, if finale night is set for November 9th, it seems like this season will set a record for the most double evictions. (Based on the number of people left, it seems like there will be 2 more in the coming weeks unless they do a short week and something else unexpected)


I give up, Bowie just believes everything Jag tells her, Jag is a jackass, he’s lying on Cam and making Bowie feel bad that Cam is talking behind her back, and that’s not true.

Too bad Bowie is such a wimp, all she has to do is talk with Cam, but the only problem with talking with Cam, he can’t shut the hell up.

Cam always wants to blow things up, Bowie is so afraid of people being mad at her, she wants to fit in, she wants to be liked, jag, Matt & Corey are using Bowie to get rid of Cam.

Cam is such a FOOL !! He feels things are strange, can’t he see or feel that Jag & Matt, have done their usual, jumped over to who has the Power. Cam has been tossed aside.

I have to blame Cam, his social skills SUCK, he’s Arrogant, Wants to always blow things up, create drama, sit back and watch. Cam sucks at reading people, keeps getting played by Jag & Matt, but for some reason Cam still thinks he can trust them, Cam thinks they are still working with him.

Jag can hardly look Cam at Cam when they talk, he looks at the floor, Cam is not good at reading people, know who he can trust, stop thinking he knows everything, Cams ego and lack of people skills, Cam is gone this week. It’s his fault, he should have evicted Corey or even Jag last week.

Bowie is weak, scared, spineless, has no opinion, easily led, that’s why she could not fit in with the other side at the beginning of this season. When they asked her what is her input, or what she thinks, she had nothing, she just wanted to be told how to vote, and make it to Jury !!! How pathetic.

Bowie would be Cam’s #2, but she’s working to be #3 hanging with Jag & Matt. Bowie will be back to being on the outside, no one having her back after her HOH is over.

Evicting Cam, will be a bad move for Bowie, Jag & Matt, Corey & America will use her as a pawn, and they will use her as a vote, Bowie will not go far, Bowie has nobody in this game that wants to work with her, she’s the 3rd wheel.

I Can’t believe I’m saying this, but I hope next week, Felicia, Cirie or Blue win HOH, I hope they put Jag & Corey on the block, if the veto is used, put Matt’s Ass on the block.

I don’t like Blue, Felicia or Cirie, to be honest, I have had issues with all of the BB25 cast, I don’t have a favorite, I’ve been watching since season 1, this cast has been Horrible!!! They are boring, floaters, scary, they suck.

Question why do they let the HOH tell everyone who’s going to be nominated ? I thought the houseguests said that Production said you cannot tell who you’re nominating to go up on the block ?

Then they go around and tell the people who are on the block, which one is going home ? That really takes away from the surprise factor, back when BB first started, it was more dramatic when you saw the person’s face hearing on Live TV, they have been Evicted.

My last complaint, I’m sure they are telling them to say this in the Diary Room: “ I don’t want any Blood on my hands “

Play the game, stop worrying about getting blood on your hands, and stop saying This is what the House Wants ! Play your game, do what’s best to advance your game, and whoever you’re working with.

Back to the game, please let someone win HOH next week that will put Jag or Corey up ! I think Jag’s playing a wimpy game, I wish Bowie would actually talk with Cam, tell him about Jag & Matt throwing him under the bus. Bowie is an idiot if she back doors Cam !!!


Well said, I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Not Jasons Holly

You’re right on all of the points!

The only thing I think is Cam is almost too trusting and he’s the only person not lying on the others. Not that I love the lying but this is BB where if you don’t lie, you lose. ?

Game fan

The girls trust jag.. unfortunately. but they put Cory for sure.

un autre nom

it’s 95% that Jag won veto.
Felicia is convinced Bowie and Matt threw it.
It was OTEV.


JAG won POV! Oh boy!


Ok, not quite sure but based on discussions happening it doesn’t sound like the zing for Cirie was funny at all just mean and not completely accurate

un autre nom

Cam: Lt. Loser to Maj. fuqing tool
Bowie: great white shark comparison: australian, big scary teeth… other one is a shark.
Cirie: all her friends are gone and she sucked at survivor?

Meme: me nap, me sleep, week long me coma…oh yeah, she’s gone.

no others known at this time.

otev results: from the convos it sounds like
cirie 6th, america / matt 5th 4th,felicia 3rd, bowie 2nd, jag won

Game fan

Felicia won matt over in otev? Whattt

un autre nom

Cirie got wrong clue round one. Not sure of order between Am/Ma. she fell and dropped her clue into the water or something, so Felicia passed her. Matt ran to the wrong side looking for his answer.

Gan ainm

So clueless Cam buried himself today.


Jag won pov Cameron. In HOH looks sad

no mo bro

Jag won the Veto. Now all Bowie has to say to him is her usual…. yeah.. yeah.. yeah.. yeah.. yeah.. yeah.. yeah.. uh huh.. uh huh.. yeah.. yeah.. yeah. Then let Jag use the veto and put Cory up.

Carlito's Way

Matt and Jag have reached a new level of low. Just making things up and ganging up on Cam. Dirty play. Wish Cam had booted Cory last week and not trusted these two a-holes.

Game fan

Better if he back doored Jag

Gan ainm

Cam could have evicted Cirie,didn’t. Cam could have evicted Cory,didn’t. Bye. But wait is there yet another battle back form jury?

Gan ainm

All these houseguests are slaves to their modus operandi.

Where’s granny?!

You know, I don’t remember a season being so boring with, what-10 people left? The feeds are so quiet sometimes I check my volume to make sure I don’t have it muted.

I keep wondering where they went wrong. Maybe it’s because these people are just so unlikeable and boring. This used to be my absolute favorite show. I miss the old BB that was subscription only for feeds and aired on showtime after dark.. so much more FUN to watch.

Don’t get me wrong, I will still have the feeds on in the background for days at a time and catch any headlines they may make BUT, it’s just not the same.