“I’m still dead that Cameron told me he loved me. He’s always loved me he just never knew how to approach me”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jared
Nominees: Cameron Jag & Red
POV Players: America, Jared, Cameron, Red, Felicia, Matt
POV Winner: Cameron
Veto Ceremony: Cameron used the Power of Veto. Jared nominated Jag.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation

2:01 pm Izzy and MEME
They are complaining about Jag and America and how stupid they are compared to them.
MEME – I just get irritated by the audacity.. Like I must be stupid
Izzy – Audacity is RAMPANT
MEME – it is a disease in here. I must be stupid
Izzy – is every season like this? What’s wrong with these people?
Meme goes on about how Jag just comes to her and talks in riddles. “There has to be a level of intelligence.. like.. what are we doing right now?”
Izzy – I’m still dead that Cameron told me he loved me. He’s always loved me he just never knew how to approach me
Izzy – you didn’t love me.. I told him let’s not go that far
MEME – well America
Feeds cut

2:50 pm We’re in Chit chat mode

3:15 pm studying

3:30 pm sugary Salmon meal.

3:36 pm Izzy eats

4:30 pm Jag and America
Chit chat.

4:44 pm Cameron, Izzy and Cirie.
Cameron – Nikki would always do this thing when we went to watch her daughter play. Alexis is her Daughter that is my neese. Whenever we would go watch Football games or a cheerleading competition WE would sit on the bleachers together. She would always cross her leg over to the side that I was a tuck her foot underneath my leg. People probably thought we had a interesting relationship.

It was because we were so CLose.
Cirie – wow wow wow… wow I like siblings that are super close
Cameron – all three of us are super tight.. I was their little brother but I was also their responsibility I was a lot younger.. Nikki is 12 years older.
Cameron – Whenever me Nikkie and my dad would go somewhere it would look very weird. It would look as if my dad had a really you girlfriend and I was their kids (wait what?)
Cameron – she was always like DAD DAD DAd so the public wasn’t like what the hell is going on.

5:20 pm Red and Cirie
Cirie – I know for a fact the votes we got and I’m doing everything I can to keep it on track.
Red – awesome. Sometimes I’m like mmmmmmm
Cirie – I know I have to keep knocking that off Felicia. EVerybody else I think I got them 100%
REd- she would want to see Big Competitors go
CIrie – f** that I don’t care this isn’t the Felicia show

Cirie – I love you
They hug.
Red – Even if you couldn’t hold it together I still have love for you

5:30 pm Matt and Jag are building some sort Dinner date nest with Cirie and Izzy (Gross).
Matt heads into the kitchen.
Red tells Jag he had nothing to do with im getting out up on the block. He blames it on “one person.. And i’ll leave it at that.”
Jag -Matt should we make anything
Matt – Awwhh Quesadillas yeah Quesadillas .. Quesadillas and PBJ’s have a random a$$ dinner… Chips and Salsa as appetizers

6:15 pm Feeds on the pound.

6:46 pm No feeds for you.

7:51pm Still blocked.
8:13pm The feeds return to Bowie and Red playing pool.

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Psychologists would have a field day with what Cameron said

Spot ON

Let’s ask Himan what he thinks about it. Right?


Sane with most American families?


There’s nothing wrong with anything Cameron said. Those who are looking for anti-Cameron ammunition will take anything he says as negative.


uh oh the feeds are block. Does that mean something serious is happening?. I know Jared said something a couple of days ago. I hope he did get in trouble due to the fact I am sick of big brother hypocrisy of when the rules need to be followed and when they are not. Race and offensive slurs has been used on this show for a lot of seasons and it should not have taken this long to do something a bout it.

If any other house guest that was not Cirie’s son or daughter “Izzy” they would have been given the boot by now

Not Jason’s Holly

Unfortunately, I think BB blocked the feeds because of the “date” Matt & Jag set up with Izzy and Cirie. It’s dumb. And I’m sure will be a big part of a show.

Someone mentioned it’s a set up so Matt and Jag can convince Izzy & Cirie to not vote out Jag. I hope it’s wrong. I think Cirie has them convinced Jag’s staying, as of now.


I think it’s probably a Labor Meal they are giving them. They had food, music and alcohol last year. Not sure though


They are having a party


Bias bs is what it is


Anyone know why the feeds are down? They aren’t usually at this time of the week..

Izzy’s armpit crabs

Lol Simon & Dawg…..your Izzy pics are hilarious

Aunt Fester

That reminds me. I gotta get my weed whacker repaired.

Cirie’s edges

Pleaseeeee, let the reason the feeds are down are because Jared is getting the boot. He doesn’t deserve a seat in jury!! He and Felicia use far too much profanity. It wrecks my brain listening to Jared speak.


Bias crap going on .the R word is just as bad to some as the n word. Smdh


Hey…I just noticed we got the thumbs down ? vote back! I was so used to not seeing it that I didn’t notice until now.
I only ever used it before (because everyone is entitled to an opinion, right?) unless I totally disagreed with a comment.
Thanks Guys!