Matt “Did Jag tell you the names?” Matt the Bounty Hunter. Cameron the Gunslinger. Jag the Outlaw.

The Situation:
Lots of bullsh1tting going on.

  • Jared and Cameron are living in the house as “Zombies”
  • No HOH, No Power of Veto, No Eviction. Jared or Cameron will get a chance to reenter the game.
  • Jared and Cameron compete in a 3 part comp to decide who gets to play in the puzzle comp to reenter the game
  • Jared lost the Zombie competition so Cameron gets to decide to do The puzzle competition to reenter the game

Lock your ranks in before midnight

7:17pm Bathroom – America and Cory.
America – Did you have fun? Cory – that was one of the better birthdays in my life.. if not the best. America – in the big brother house that is huge! You’ll always remember your 22st birthday. Cory – that is pretty cool. The thing about showmances is they’re dangerous. America – you want to avoid them at all costs! Cory – of course! I talked to POO and Cirie. America – how did it go? Cory – I will save you the POO one because it was long. The Cirie is fine. I think honestly I told POO to talk to you. He was talking about like I know there is power in the house is you, Jag, Matt, America and I know like I want to move forward with you guys.. Mmmm..sounds convenient. I was like YO you got to talk to America because like America is part of the decision making. It doesn’t even have to be about game just have a relationship with her. Because he was talking about how he’s had talks with everyone in this house except you. And I am like BRO WHY? America – literally same! Since he’s come back in this week its the most time I’ve spent with him in the last 8 weeks or 7 weeks. Cory – there is a lot to like there are just other parts too. America – no I know and the only part I know is the HOH him when I am trying to talk to him and he is just not listening. Cory – he’s a d**k but I really like him. America – no he is a fine cool guy and now I feel bad about sh*t talking him all the time but.. Cory – its big brother. America – whatever .. but he doesn’t even like her. Cory – right now I think his plan is to target me. And he told me that he wouldn’t say who he would put up but that he wants to work with all of us and doesn’t want to get into a Hisam situation where he says everyone is safe but I think he did tell Jag that he wouldn’t target him… and he didn’t tell me that, so we just have to fix that and obviously if he is putting me up, you’re going to be next to me so… America – yeah. Cory – at this point I trust the work that you do with Cameron. America – well f**k maybe its just me but I feel like he is grumpy with me when I talk to him.

7:38pm By the Pool – Meme and Cory
Cory – I talked to POO this morning for an hour .. 2 hours. Meme – how was that? Cory – it will be a scary thing if he wins HOH. I think it was a great conversation. He has to nominate someone and if you start to do that math about who he wouldn’t nominate and there aren’t that many people left, you know? Meme – yeah. Cory – That’s okay, I did just win an HOH and he did get evicted 6-1 on that HOH so I don’t exactly feel like I am being wrongfully accused of any of the sh*t that’s happened. I explained why and he understood. He’s a good sport. And he wanted a clean slate moving forward. But I think its hard to have a clean slate gamewise. Meme – yeah. Cory – How do you feel? Meme – I feel good. Vibes have been good. Cory – can I ask you something.. this me, you, America, Felicia thing and obviously it comes down to what you and I want.. is it real or not real? And I will talk it through ..for me I trust America .. and I am building a better and better relationship with Felicia and in terms of moving forward with ya’ll it sounds awesome but I can’t imagine us sitting in a room talking all the time. That feels a bit odd but I know like Felicia is always down for something. I am usually down but because of all the bullsh*t recently I am hesitant and I think America wants to work with you. The person I really wanted to talk to about it was you because when it comes to you and Felicia I am much closer to you than I am to her. Meme – I think I want to know how you feel in terms of comfort level and game wise with Mama Fe. I know Mama Fe is her own force and an interesting force at that. Cory – Me and America is pretty obvious. Matt and Jag are fairly obvious. Blue and Jared. You and Felicia .. I was like this seems like an actual thing. Meme – my decision to keep Felicia… I love Mama Fe but there were some very interesting things that I observed about Izzy’s game that I felt could be troublesome down the road. But to be frank no one ever asked me why I was where I was with my vote. Cory – if we’re doing this I am down to just do this.

7:54pm Kitchen – Cameron and Matt.
Cameron – I am ready for Thursday. I am ready to just f**king do it. Matt – and then from there.. Did Jag tell you the names? Cameron points at Matt – Bounty Hunter. Matt points at Cameron – Gunslinger. Matt points as if Jag is there – Outlaw. Matt – clever! Cameron – everyone is going to love this sh*t! They’re going to eat it up! Everyone at home is going to be like FINALLY!

8:40pm – 9:50pm Backyard – Cirie, Jared, Felicia, Bowie and Meme are chatting. Felicia talking about eating cheese – I am going to light up our room tonight!

10:15pm – 10:33pm Backyard – America, Cory, Jag, Matt, Jared, Blue, Bowie, Meme and Cameron. Jared thinks they could save all the alcohol from the HOHs and then have a massive part. Cory – I don’t think the would let us. I think they limit the amount of … BB blocks the feeds. The conversation turns to talking about whether or not the paint in the competition was edible or not.

11:40pm Bathroom – Cory, America, Matt and Cameron are chatting about random things.

12:19am Bathroom – America, Cory, Jag and Blue hug before going to bed.

12:40am The house guests are sleeping..

6:34 am zzzzzz

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Gan ainm

Everyone hates floaters but like the saying goes “Don’t hate the player,hate the game”.New school Big Brother with all these twists and voting multiple people out multiple times creates a game where the smart strategy is to do nothing and float to final 6 then make sure you have the numbers.

Wade F

Right. Its more of a game of chance.


Maybe if each competition win at least gave the winner like $1,000- $5,000 each it would incentivize people to not throw competitions?

Only one person is going to win the grand prize of $750,000 but if a player won like 5 challenges that is $5-25k extra likely in addition to being paid the jury stipend which is $14k iirc.

Look at someone like Michael from last season. If paid $5k per challenge win he would have earned $45,000 just from competition wins.

This method of monetarily rewarding challenge wins could be scaled down of course. Maybe HOH wins earn $2k and Veto wins earn $1k?

I know this would likely never happen, even if CBS could afford it. but it would probably shake up the game in a positive way.

Even with the amount paid for winning challenges going down to $2k *HOH* and 1k *Veto*, Michael’s 9 wins last season would have netted $12,000 more than just his jury stipend he ended up getting.

Spot ON

AND if players were to be awarded with a $5.00 cash prize each time they would articulate a LIE, they would all be taking home more than a million $ in prize money. It would promote la suciedad of society to which I disapprove. 😛


people shouldn’t throw comps. but people are dumb about what they do with power. your power isn’t to send a target home it’s to keep the majority of the house safe and if you phrase it that way you can create a lot of allies and go far.

Nether Region Euphemism

Dr Will always threw comps in his winning season. It’s a strategy.


Winning comps is also a strategy. Look at the houseguests that have won the first hoh of the season. They disproportionately go on to win the whole thing. And why? Because they make one enemy (the person they nominate who doesn’t go home) and ally with everyone else in the house. There are strategies and times when throwing does make sense, but more often you’re doing someone else’s dirty work (see Paul’s 2nd season for some truly boneheaded comp throws) than controlling your own game


The have/have not thing used to always be incentive enough, now they just rotate taking turns being have nots…


they’re already getting paid to play in the game. the longer you stay the more money you make. At least that’s what I thought.


floating really is the best strategy to get to the jury. the issue is transitioning that strategy to how to win at the end. but plenty of floaters have won, so it’s not impossible.

Tre Billis

True, it does not make sense to make big moves when Big Brother brings back already voted out players. Right now there are three people who have been voted out still in the game. Then you got useless floaters like Blue, Meme and Bowie. And America who has talked but done nothing.Cory, Cirie, Matt and Felica are the only ones that really should have a chance at winning.

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Felicia! WHAAAAAAT???

un autre nom

I thought FE / CI / JA were joking about Cam being mad about showergate.
Cam currently has a deep seeded one sided beef…
honestly, we all saw it coming.


Did I miss something, what is Showergate ?

un autre nom

cory / america showered together. Felicia told the house. everyone but cam laughed


Thanks for the update.

Cam is kind of creepy when it comes to America. Is he too old for her ?

un autre nom

i think the age diff between cory/america is equal to the age diff between america/cam.


Cory 22 America 27 Cam 34

Oh my

Give it a break already. You people ever thought maybe nothing that they say amuse him. Cameron knows what type of game America is playing. The guy stays to himself most of the time anyways. Felicia and Ceri talk crap about Cameron all the time and then say, it’s not them. Maybe, he sees them as old mean pathetic gossipy women that keep crap going all the time. And America is almost 30 years old. Some of you people act like she’s a kid. She’s fully aware of how she’s playing. All the house guest have talked about it and Mecole and Blu were laughing at her behind her back, while she tried to flirt with Cameron.

un autre nom

give it a break? no.

Gan ainm

Yeah I have to believe he will target Cory if he wins HOH.On a side note is there such a thing as nope adjacent because I am so over Blue.

un autre nom

it’s just nope.
however, before 23 /bbcan 10 i used to start the season by picking a gut reaction nope on cast reveal day. That player that just set off my intuition as the one i didn’t feel good about.
I’m trying to be nicer, so i stopped that.
if your gut is screaming, just break the seal and nope if she hits your nope button and let the sarcasm fly.


I absolutely love how you’ve adapted to the nope of un autre nom’s phrase! If makes me smile…like the big smile emoji 🙂

Nether Region Euphemism

He might start off proposing Fel Meme as targets, but keep dropping hints about ‘opportunity’ to take out a bigger threat. Really depends on how Jag and Matt respond. If so, most likely a backdoor so as to keep things low key in case Cory wins veto.


Cirie jumps up toward Felicia like she was ready to fight. If I was Felicia, I would be wondering why Cirie was going so hard for Jared. That would make me start thinking is their something more to their relaltionship?

Spot ON

“Cirie jumps up toward Felicia like she was ready to fight”
She’s a creature of environment. Noticed how JARED wishing CAM would roll his ankle during comp? No difference.


You are very subtle but to the keen eye, you are 100% correct in the undertones.


I can’t believe how these people behave! I guess we know where Jared gets this thuggish, threatening bully tactic. This is a game for Pete’s sake and she’s ready to brawl!?

Oh my

Felicia is a bully with a big mouth.

Spot ON

Yep..Yup…… she’s (FELICIA) like the gossip patrol….all mouth and ears, but nothing in between.
So what if CORY and AMERIKA showered together. And all the subsequent giggles sounded childish and immature. Only CAM’s reaction seemed appropriate for his age.


(replied to wrong comment somehow, sorry. don’t know how to delete)

un autre nom

Was there ever a 7 that wasn’t bitter in early bb?
7 juries always voted male unless there were 2 women finalists. combination of showmance voting for her man and bros vote bro.
Why this matters?
there’s showmances in the game.
there’s a pre-existing relationship guaranteed vote possibly in the game.
four of the men only count comp wins as playing.

Wade F

At the end of the day, it’s TV. They knew the risks of jury votes. However preconceived relationships in the house like Cirie and Jared is not fair.

Spot ON

” preconceived relationships in the house like Cirie and Jared is not fair”

Maybe Jared was adopted.

Says Bark

The relationship and love between children and their parents isn’t determined by whether or not the child was adopted.

Spot ON

Well, you are compounding two different concepts here, to wit: being a “parents” and manifesting “love”. The two may be complementary or may be mutually exclusive depending on the facts and circumstances of each case.

The RELATIONSHIP between a “mother” and a “father” to a “son or daughter” is unique, and is determined by consanguinity (i.e. blood). Any other relationship claims outside of blood of mother/father/son/daughter is a PURELY a legal FICTION.

“Love” can be manifested and expressed by “natural parents” or “adopting parents”. The love is not necessarily equal in nature. Nothing is greater or equal to the love natural parents MAY express to their offsprings. Granted, some do not express such natural love; hence they put up the child for adoption for a variety of reasons. They also do other acts having horrible consequences.
Arguably, there may be much “love” that exists between the child and the adopting “parents”, but the adopting parents are NOT, and will never be the child’s true MOTHER and FATHER, by fact. There may also be a want of love between natural parents and their child.

So the underpinning of these social and interpersonal relationships issues can be quite dynamic, and difficult to understand at times. Right?


Watching the show tonight, Blue is just an annoying wannabe, her D/R sessions are really fake. Blue thinks she’s all that, girl this, girl that, Blue you look like a fool. To top it off, why are you running behind Jared ?

Blue, put some of that D/R energy into some game play, do something to advance yourself so that you have a better chance of winning BB25, or at least 2nd place BB25.

All blue is doing now is sucking up to a arrogant, spoiled, entitled, pain in the butt, little kid who needs to always feel like he’s in charge, he knows what’s best.

Watching Jared in the competition against Cam, Jared has an excuse for everything, he has muffin hands, he’s flat footed, so it’s hard walking on the beam. I would think being flat footed, balancing on the beam would be easier, plat to your advantage, not disadvantage ?

Jared just can’t accept the fact that he’s not the greatest at everything when it comes to BB. Listening to Felicia tonight, I see she is using Jared’s play book, deny, deny, deny, get loud, over talk people when you are caught in a lie.

Felicia is all talk, bad at competitions, whoever teams up with her, you will be dragging her behind you, I just cannot get a read on Meme, I keep waiting for her breakout moment, I’d enjoy seeing who she you target if she’s HOH, I hope she would not let Felicia take over her HOH.

Hopefully Cam resurrects his game, then Matt, Jag, Cam, Corey, America and tag along Bowie, all stay connected, they can get rid of Cirie, Felicia & Blue. Blue’s game is just being here to service Jared, with Jared gone, watch how buddy buddy Blue will be with America. Hopefully they Kick blue to the curb as soon as they get rid of Cirie & Felicia.

Please let Jared be evicted once and for all, don’t go to Jury, go home !! I’m so over Jared.

Spot ON

“, I just cannot get a read on Meme, I keep waiting for her breakout moment”

MEME is the only one who is very self-aware that there are cameras and microphones everywhere to capture EVERYTHING 24/7. So she’s guarding her “image” for life on the “outside”. Same probably for BOWIE. They intentionally stay in the background.


Cameron is seething right now lol.

This man can’t stand that America is not interested in him romantically at all and instead is showing affection with a dude Cameron probably saw as no competition for potential romantic partners…

He needs to get the fuck over it though. When he pivots from targeting Felicia because she would taint the jury to going after Cory should he win HOH we ALL know why.

Spot ON

CAM appears to be desperate; even attempted to hug and embrace ICKY.

un autre nom

Blue’s assessment of America’s game.
She’s not playing/she’s playing for cory/ they’re going around meeting with people to be good with everyone ( pssst, that’s socail game, you nitwit).

America incited Cory to turn on Izzy. She was relentless. That was good for her game bad for his game.
America beat Cam over the head with house dynamics to turn Cam against Jared.
America was the one that had the reveals to Bowie, Meme and Felicia to create the voting block that got rid of Izzy and Cam, and aided in getting Jared evicted. she was the advance team, Cory did clean up.
She’s not playing? She got her showmance to spill, and turned him against his core group. Right now he’s her shield, and she knows it.

Up to the double, what had Blue done? Jared. the wetnaps don’t lie.


And, prior to Cory flipping sides if they had landed on the block SHE would’ve been evicted but now HE would.

The concerning thing for America is PERCEPTION. While viewers can see how she’s played and the critical moves she instigated the house seems to view her as riding Cory’s coattails and being a flirt.

It’s annoying bc if the finale were today & they were F2 he would probably win in a landslide but I’d argue she’s played a much more important role based on the people she orchestrated getting out (Izzy/Jared) combined with getting Cory to switch sides.

And as you’ve noted several of the men, only value comp wins so they’ll need a strong jury advocate & host to dive into the nuances of the game with an emphasis on influence and social skills. If not, none of the ladies can hope for victory unless it’s an all-women F2.

Nether Region Euphemism

Part of her problem is that she doesn’t give herself ownership for her influence on Cory.

When they argued on which of them Jag should put on the block, she said it’s Cory’s fault they are targets bc of the Jared argument.

Albeit Cory messed up bc he fell for Jared’s lie about Jag. But she’s ceding all game responsibility to Cory.

Matthew schneider


The Beef

Did you even read her post? If you did, I think you need to go back and re-read it slowly and digest what she said, because she basically gave America credit for getting out Izzy and Jared, and manipulating Cory to get it done. SHE didn’t say if you’re not winning comps you’re not playing the game, she acknowledged that several of the MALE PLAYERS “only value comp wins so they’ll need a strong jury advocate & host” to lead them through what America’s done in the game to make the jury see she has in fact played a strong social game.

I just don’t see how you could read what TTO wrote and then respond the way you did, unless you first said “TTO, I agree with you 100%”.


It will be interesting to see if they are on the block together after veto ceremony. How many busses will Corey throw America under?

un autre nom

tbh, and i know you’ll get this because we shared back and forth on it with Kevin/Haleena: the women for the most part are going to have a problem, they’re Haleena’d by house perception.
America was intentionally Haleena’d to the house as one of Cory’s inderrated game moves.. that he took too far. He recognized her gamesmanship, and undercut her to iso her and Haleena her if they got to final 2. (Cory taking it too far after the America partnership became real turned this from game move to game error).

The other problem this season:
Week one sets the tone. four comps night one, first alliances fored based on phys comp ability. Comps are going to be king to jury.

Carlito's Way

America was integral to turning this sinking ship around. Although Cam had figured out Cirie and Izzy were running the house (duh), he did not figure out that Jared was in the thick with them and blowing up everyone’s game who trusted Jared (double duh). Cam trusted Jared only and told him his plan to destroy Izzy and Cirie, which of course eventually screwed Cam’s game and got him booted BY JARED. It was America who opened Cam’s eyes that Jared was the snake around his neck, but it was too late. She also got her b’friend Cory to wake the hell up and see Jared, Izzy and Cirie as a power trio, NOT to be trusted. Cam did get Izzy out of the house (many thanks), but Cam and Cory keep taking credit for the aha moment of realizing the trio was killing everyone, when it is actually America who deserves big props for taking this info to Cam and blowing up Jared. It changed the game. Only problem, BB interfered. Finally everyone had an even playing field to play a great game. Then they let punk Jared back in to protect Cirie, after an awesome and difficult blindside eviction. Why did they steal our joy? I will never get it. But if Blue and Jared get their wish, the script will keep scripting. The puzzle they give Cam will be impossible and alas, Jared will be in the house again and off to the finale the Fields’ go.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Blue should be the last person talking about someone not playing the game. I’ve tried to be polite, and not just trash Blue. But hearing her knocking others for not playing the game, Blue, you sex up Jared, kiss his butt, run behind him, begging for his attention.

Jared treats Blue like crap, talks down to her, gets on her case for playing the game for herself and not him, tells her to watch her tone when talking with him.

Blue goes to the D/R cries, Jared is upset with her, goes back to Jared, asks him if they are OK, Blue is a Fool, and she is making herself look desperate and hard up for attention.

Blue has done nothing in this game but follow orders given to her by Jared. Blue and her D/R sessions, make her look like a weak minded Fool, Blue you are not hip, you are not spicy, you and that stupid roller in your hair, trying to talk like you are a big gamer, all you have done this season is give yourself to a dude who has a girlfriend outside of the house.

Blue, don’t bad mouth anyone’s game, Blue has been a total fool for Jared, he walks all over her, she acts like she can’t leave his side. Blue is a puppet for Jared, she needs to think more of herself, stop letting a no class, gangster wannabe, spoiled child play her for a fool, walk all over her.

Blue in my opinion when it comes to this season of BB, Blue has done nothing this entire game. Lies, says she will be the one to put Jared out of the game, we all know that’s not true, Blue is lost without Jared, as Blue would say:

Girl, you’ve made yourself look weak and desperate for attention, Girl Bye!! “.

Blue is so annoying in the D/R, pretending to be strong and confident, but her game play shows just how weak she is, lays around with Jared, she’s there to satisfy his needs.

Asked Jared if they’re in a relationship, over and over, his response to blue was, he does not like ” Titles “ Blue’s a damn Fool, she should have never hooked up with Loser Jared.

I bet your friends and family are screaming at the TV screen at home, telling you Wake Up!
Drop the idiot that wears these Blue Bandana’s on his head pretending to be a Thug or a Gang Member. Jared is a wannabe, Blue has attached herself to a straight up Loser !

I’ve said in previous posts, the way Jared uses profanity, disrespectful language, Cirie overlooks this, she gives the impression that this is ok behavior, she raised a real winner !

I’m hoping this coming Thursday is the last time I have to see or hear Jared, Production needs to stop helping him stay in the game, it’s so unfair for everyone else playing BB.

Senior Citizen

I personally like the physical Blue, she has a pretty face and good figure. But…..

Did a search for “needy personality”. From WebMD:

Dependent Personality Disorder, sometimes the result of authoritarian or overprotective parenting.

It causes feelings of helplessness, submissiveness, a need to be taken care of and for constant reassurance, and an inability to make everyday decisions without an excessive amount of advice and reassurance from others.

People with DPD become emotionally overdependent on other people and spend great effort trying to please others. People with DPD tend to display needy, passive, and clinging behavior, and have a fear of separation.

Is this what Blue has? If yes, unless she gets some help, she’ll be some guys floor mat forever.

Jared’s greasy doo-rag

Even Jared brushing teeth is obnoxious

Spot ON

Soul man?


Surprised he’s using “white” toothpaste. He sees everything through a colour prism.

un autre nom

I’m so used to reg bb week scheduling that i’ve been having to stop and say wait, there isn’t an hoh or a veto ceremony tomorrow.
There’s 4 days of jockeying for position left before we even find out who’s returning.
How long has this house ever been stable.
By Wednesday, anything said on Friday will be irrelevant.


this is why it was so important to get jared out in the double. if he was on the block with time to campaign i don’t think he goes. cory/jag/matt/america look really solid so what’s the appeal of working with them for bowie/meme/fe? i think they could’ve been swayed to vote out blue if cirie actually had time to talk to them.

un autre nom

Bowie would have stayed. We shouldn’t just group her with Fe/Me because of a week one alliance. Finding out she was the punchline to the bitches jokes guaranteed Bowie would stay with the other side as long as the other side stayed stable.


Bowie has no incentive to work with either side. She’s a true free agent. Flipping back and forth between the smaller alliance is her best of bad options. So being fifth among Jared/cirie/meme/fe/her is way better than sixth among Cory/America/jag/Matt/blue/her, especially once factoring in who she can realistically beat in comps. She definitely flips on them sooner rather than later but for the moment Jared was more useful to her game than blue

Just The Truth

Cam please make it back into the game and spoil productions plans of a Jared Cirie final 2.


Has there ever been a player who has been so massively disliked? I don’t see any Jared defenders (except for his MAMA) anywhere!

Hoping Blue loses followers after her pathetic display on national TV … it’s all smoke and mirrors (and hair extensions and makeup). She’s no bad-ass empowered woman ,,, nope!


There was one Blm’r in the third recap below stating production has it out for Jared. LOLz.


I’d say Paul (his 2nd season, we actually liked him the first season) and aaryn were really universally disliked. Bunch of super early boots that came in too hard like Devon would also fit the bill. I’m no fan of Rachel Reilly or Taylor hale but they’re more polarizing than universally hated

Nether Region Euphemism

Felicia was on fire during that argument with Cerie Jared. Cerie’s ugly side really came out. Whereas Felicia just came off as her usual, a passionate person who doesn’t tolerate nonsense.

I’m glad Fe lied about her F2 pitch with Jared. I think she actually might not recall all of it.

Idk if Fe could have dug further back for evidence that Cerie never considered her to be F2. Hasn’t she yet heard about the Cory Izzy F4 with them?

Jared has learned how to pivot and fight dirty from his mom, for sure.


The nastiness shown by Cirie and Jared was totally unwarranted… not to mention absolutely hypocritical as Felicia mentioned.

Carlito's Way

Please get Blue out. She is blowing up Matt and Jag’s game (about them working with Cam). Why do they trust Blue? Do these people ever learn? Girl, can’t they tell she is all bark and no bite? She will never help get Jared out. When someone spends 24 hours under the cover with someone, maybe don’t trust them, bro.


Getting caught up to BB Shenanigans. I am watching again and I have to say Izzy getting evicted from BB house in a pig suit is fitting since Cirie LOVES her bacon! Such a highlight for me. I want Jared evicted after her because she can’t be right about Cameron being next out of house. Clean the mucky muck out the house!

Felicia's eyebrows

So who are you all going to vilify and hate after Jared (and Cirie) leaves the bb house? No, seriously. Afterall, creepy scumbag Cam has become the new hero to a shocking amount of posters here and those same posters have apparently put on their blinders when it comes to Cam’s disturbing comments and actions (especially his grotesque comments to and about America).
So who are you guys going to direct your hate at after the Fields are gone? Cory, who was everyone’s hero last week?

Oh my

What comments have he made? Every time this question is asked, no one has an answer. They only repeat what the likes of Izzy, Felicia, Cory or Jared has said. Jared and Felicia admitted they only disliked him because of what “other” people told them. And everyone knows how much Jared lied on him. Cory admitted he’s spreaded some comments about Cameron and he hope people didn’t compare stories. That he liked Cameron but Cameron knows the game too well and America’s relationship with Cameron, makes him uncomfortable. So once again, what “disturbing” comments have you heard from his mouth? We’ll wait….

Felicia's eyebrows

How about when he told Riley that he was going to punch her if she didn’t listen to him? (I’m paraphrasing but his comment was bad enough that he was called to the DR for a talk).
His conversation with America last night was beyond ick. It was all right there in the recap provided. Try reading it instead of using your time to argue.
Those are just two examples, there’s many more but I’m not about to waste my time listing them all for someone who doesn’t possess basic reading comprehension skills….. “Have he made. What the likes of I, F, C, or Jared has said. Spreaded some comments. He hope that.”
Get back to me once you’ve acquired some basic fundamental skills. I’ll wait…….


That’s the thing, you get rid of Jared I’m mostly fine with everyone left. I’m not crazy about Felicia or blue but I find them tolerable. There is some ick between Cameron and America but it’s not like they really spend a lot of time together. Cirie minus Jared is actually watchable and while jag and Matt aren’t the brightest bulbs they’re not unlikable. Just wish there were better people for Bowie and meme to vibe with cuz with different casts they could be very entertaining but with this cast they end up too isolated and forgotten

Felicia's eyebrows

Let me be clear, personally I can’t stand Jared. And I think that Cirie’s game would be in much better shape if he was gone. Aside from Jared and Cameron I don’t find any of the other hg’s offensive. Are they compelling television? No.
But my original comment had more to do with how fickle the viewers are and how much a player who was a fan favorite one week can suddenly be viewed as a villain the next week and vise versa.


This is some of the most painful mid game feeds I think I’ve ever watched.


Simon I hope you and Dog laid in a lathe supply of Kraken you will need it. I am on my 3rd bottle of bourbon and wishing I had a 55 gallon barrel lol ?

BigBro fan

The big twist is Jared and Cirie ….if Jared plays ,easy puzzle …if Cameron plays ,difficult puzzle . The fix is in. Can’t let the seasons twist go away so soon !


Yes, that’s exactly what I was pondering. The FIX is in. If Cam chooses to do the puzzle it will be impossible, whereas if it’s a puzzle for Jared it will be 4 square pieces. Gah!

un autre nom

What we know so far.
Cory is pushing working with Jared if he returns.
He’s telling Jared he’d actually have to talk to America.
pot kettle because Cory doesn’t talk to Blue enough to realize she’s poisoning the house against him.
Jared reveals Fe / Matt are snakes. He isn’t after Fe, but Cory.. his active listening is always formed by his own playbook analysis, not what is being said.

What we know:
Cam targets Fe / Cory if he returns. Jag / Matt are enamored by the d/r reaction to a brolliance… there goes loyalty in lieu of storyline inclusion (unreliables stayed wishywashy because d/r made it clear the alliance wasn’t episode canon to Jag).
Jared targets Matt (Jag more). Cory is back to trying to carve out middle.

If you know anyone that wants to be on this show, encourage them to first watch one week of feeds and the corresponding episodes. They will thank you for the heads up.


Sort of a general comment…I’m tired of Twitter being scandalized about everything, they had swimsuits on for fuck’s sake. Like i know, Cory is everyone’s punching bag, but come on… Between that and Twitter’s Cirie worship/demonizing, now producers obviously switching up the game just because Jared is involved, pausing the game for a whole week basically so Cirie won’t quit next week.. I bet that Cam puzzle will be extremely hard (DR hinting to Jared now that it will be! Of course!! Let the script keep scripting). But watch him do it anyway, he’s good at everything. And I hate Cam and Jared both. They were fucking evicted, that used to mean something (and yes, Jag can go also). But it’s all so annoying that I want to quit the whole show really. And i’m not even being dramatic. Watched since season one and I’m fucking tired of producers doing all this shady shit and it’s really not fun anymore.