Cirie – “Jag I need a HUG.. I feel like I owe you an apology” **updated**

The Situation:
Lots of bullsh1tting going on.

  • Jared and Cameron are living in the house as “Zombies”
  • No HOH, No Power of Veto, No Eviction. Jared or Cameron will get a chance to reenter the game.
  • Jared and Cameron compete in a 3 part comp to decide who gets to play in the puzzle comp to reenter the game
  • Jared lost the Zombie competition so Cameron gets to decide to do The puzzle competition to reenter the game

Lock your ranks in before midnight

7:47 am Felicia is up. The rest is Zzzzzz

9:22 am Felicia and Jared having the same type of conversation they had yesterday. Felicia is now thinking that both players will get to stay this week as another twist.
They complain about BOwie Jane they talk about how sweet it will be whe Jared reenters the game. They talk about how overconfident everyone is that Cameron will reenter.
Jared goes on about making a smart move when he comes back in. Felicia wants to backdoor Jag or put Jag and Matt up if veto is played put Corey up.

9:52 am Corey and JAred having the same 1 hour conversation they’ve had 13 times already.
Corey – you woke up today Smiling ear to ear
Jared – Gotta have some hope cannot mope around.
JAred – I know it’s a uphill battle for me from here.. You gotta make it work s
Jared – How’s everything with you?
Corey – it’s aight, You know as well as everyone everything’s in f*** limbo right now. I don’t even know what to do.
Jared – How you feeling about Cam and everything?
Corey – Came?
Jared – Yeah
Cory – here’s my thought with you. You have a lot of reasons to target me but I feel like I could have a conversation with you. WIth him I don’t know if he would target me necessarily. I don’t think I would have much say if he was going to. He just kinda will. At the start of the week I was like I hope Cam wins, Now it’s more EEEEE it’ll be f***ign terrifying no matter what.
Jared – Like I told you yesterday for what it’s worth BRO, Truly I do feel like we can start new. Start fresh.
COrey – I was talking to Blue how about you know you were talking about moving forward as a bit of a group with these people. I was like YO I’m down if he’s down. I don’t know why he be down.
Jared – for me BRO.. everyone needs to move forward. Number 2 BRAH moves happen all the time in this f***ing game. At the end of the day like.. Truly I feel like I did put your ass on the block. Umm my intentions weren’t for you to go home. I told you that you knew that and I showed that. (By Jag winning Veto?)
Jared says there’s one “mother f***er” that did him wrong and neither America or Corey is that person.
jared – you did drop the hammer.. Cool whatever. I don’t feel like I was wronged by you. To be more clear so we’re not speaking in code. There was somebody that DROVE that home right.. (His eviction)
Corey – not speaking code…
JAred – I told you a name yesterday that damn well sealed my fate. It was the person that won the veto it wasn’t the person that played in the veto. It wasn’t the person that f***** was….
COrey – To be clear FEL

10:39 am Jared starts his first of many daily 1-2 hours rehash conversation with America.
Jared – BRO If I stay in there I think it’s smart for the only two couples to be like.. Listen let’s figure this shit out.
America – we’ve been saying that too.. Me and Blue have been low key hinting at it FOREVER you know. it’s tough when.. y’all already had something, Blue already had something I had something.. we were all in different alliances.
America – I’m down.. if you are down.
Jared – I believe it. we can make it happen. Talk to you later dog.
America – finally.. day 55…

11:00 am Cirie and Jag
Cirie – Jag I need a HUG.. I feel like I owe you an apology.
Jag – what for?
Cirie – this last time I even got the vote off you by telling Felicia what REd said, REd was a liability they were coming for you.
Cirie – I just didn’t want that. Any other time I went along with it.. I can’t say that I didn’t umm.. This last time everybody knows if they are going to be truthful some bullshit about you making Quesadillas late at night changed the vote to you I didn’t want to do that I wanted it to be RED still. The only way I could do that was telling her what he said about her. ”
Cirie – I really f*** with you, I do.. I’m sorry about that.. I really am
Feeds cut

Feeds briefly flip on.
Jag – I apologize.. I could have defended you..

When we’re back Jag sneaks a kiss in.

Feeds flip to America telling Felicia she’s not her target..

11:30 am Jag and Matt
Scheming about how to start the conversation with Felicia to work with her and MEME
Jag – talk to her and I’ll talk to her to. What I’m going to say is I WANT TO WORK
Matt – I’ll have to bullshit her be like I can protect you..
Jag – yeah … yeah ..
Matt points out that Felicia was talking to America on the hammock
Jag says Felicia is trying to make a group of MEME, her, Corey and America.
Jag – if we approach her with me, Her, You, MEME.. she’ll feel comfortable to not take a shot at either of us. She’ll be like I’m in the middle of two really good groups why would I ruin one of them.
Matt – yeah.. yeah.. I agree.. There’s no bullshitting, COrey and America are together and you and me are together.
They agree if Jared leaves Blue is on their side.
Matt – blue is ROCKING with us 100% you know what I mean? SHe’s not going with Corey and America.
Jag – Blue has a final 2 with America
Matt – I don’t know if that’s true.
Matt says MEME will join their side “She knows we’re good at this game.. competitive”
They agree not to throw the HOH
Matt – I don’t care with getting blood on my hands no more.
Jag – yeah
Matt – Yeah
Jag – the blood is there. We’re good with Bowie DUDE. Bowie is rocking with me and you. She might be rocking with COrey and America.
Matt – more us.
Jag – low key keeping Bowie as long as possible is good. Blue doesn’t have anything with BOWIE that is good for us. AS long as we keep Bowie that is good for us.
Matt points out that Blue is always suggesting Bowie as a target.
Jag – she’s always like BOWIE BOWIE BOWIE.. i’m NAH NAW NAW, Why BOWIE?
Jag – I think there’s a world were you and MEME and me could work together
Matt – YEAH I think so to. She is close to COrey and America.
They start speculating about what the HOH might be
Jag – what about the slippy slide one
Matt – yeah .. I wonder if it’s that one. THey usually do that when its’ like 8 .. or less there’s a lot of people.
Matt – It’s their fault they keep adding people in here.. They keep letting people come back. What a awkward week we literally evicted two people and they are both in here.. WEll COOL.. It almost works in our Favour if Cam stays we are golden.
Jag – I know
Matt – I’m hoping Cam stays.. he’s ready for it he says he’s ready for this..

11:48 am

12:13 am Felicia and Jag
Talking about how nothing is going to happen until Friday.

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Don’t you mean Cirie replacing one of her kids with Jag? ?


Lol! Me either Simon!

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

I hope Jag is not going to fall for that fake apology from Cirie.

Cirie will still cut Jag in a heartbeat. Don’t fall for her fake apology, don’t Trust Cirie.

She’s just covering her butt, just in case Jared is evicted again.

Spot ON

It’s obvious that JAG is more desperate than CAM. (wow…lol)


I call B.S. on the top black sugar babe, Cirie.

Tre Billis

No kidding. Cirie’s #1 was her kid. Everyone else was a puppet to Cirie. She was the one that orchestrated the constant using of Jag as a Pawn. In fact, Jag now has a big blemish on his record as already being voted out. Cirie is the main reason or that. So she can stop the bull. Jag needs to keep Matt straight and not let him get manipulated. When this season is over everyone in the house needs to go back and watch Ciries seasons on Survivor she is no one’s pal.


She’s playing the game! What do you expect! Jag is not innocent and a liar too!


It’s Brown Sugar Babe!

un autre nom

We’re still pretending the no game week wasn’t put into the season plan before Premiere as a consolodation/rebuild week for the social game stuntcast, right?
Just looking at feeds, saying mmm hmmm, and checking if that’s still the blinders we’re wearing.


Luke getting booted from the game probably altered the season somewhat and I’ve been trying to figure out what the course correction was. The superpower seems likely but it still could have not been used. I imagine we’d have a normal week had it not been used and/or Luke stayed in the game

un autre nom

only thing reasonably that luke altered? number of zombies. there were three headstones.


nah, that means sequestering a player for a week. not worth doing.

un autre nom

since they’re only renting jury house for one month, not two, they’ve saved 25-27k already, meaning sequester for a week would be feasible.


I’m guessing Matt saving Jag might have thrown a wrench into the works. Prodo probably figured Matt would only use it to save himself. Jag staying changed the course of the game. If he hadn’t won veto, Cam would have and not gone on the block.

un autre nom

The return comp would have been like finale, in a way.
stage one balls. at the end when 2 reached 30, third would be out
stage two first to 30 has default advantage.


More likely an effort to fill the schedule to offset the writer’s strike and maintain ratings.


These pizza boxes are just like this BB25 season. Never Leaving!!!


Felicia talking to Blue about believing Jared will stay. And that 90% of the battle is just believing. I don’t think so.

Spot ON

“Cirie – Jag I need a HUG.. I feel like I owe you an apology.
Jag – what for?
Cirie talks about the vote that evicted Jag”


And there appears to be a little bit of tongue action in CIRIE’S ear from JAG….

sick pup….



It's me

Production will have Matt and Cirie final 2.
I want Cameron and Bowie final 2
Just my opinion.
Matt take that Pick floss out of your month please. It’s Disgusting!

Here We Go

That pick was just as nasty when Cirie was nit pickin with it.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

I really wish they would hide Felicia’s tired white robe. Felicia really does need to come back to reality, ” You’re a FLOATER, you have NO POWER, stop talking about who you are going to put up, you will never win another HOH. Your 1st HOH was purely LUCK.

Felicia was chatting with Jared, if Jared stays, and he’s up on the block again, Felicia will vote him out again, she’s smart enough to know him and Cirie are still together. Too Bad Felicia can’t pay attention to how much Jared & Cirie look alike, this people are really slow.

Is Meme ever going to win HOH ? or just spend time in the house saying mmmmhmmm, Dumbo Jared did not catch on to that when he was talking too her, she said nothing but mmmmhmmmm.

I will be so glad when this week is over, and I am hoping Cam is still here not Jared. Jared is just hard to watch on TV, listen too, Brah, Bro, Bro, Bro, Brah, has got to go !!!

America helped Cam see that he was the target, why can’t she see that Blue is not her best friend. Stop sharing information with Blue, Blue will stab her in the back in a heartbeat.

Here We Go

Felicia, Meme and Cirie are major floaters. Just hanging on to whoever, lying to whoever.

Blue for the most part doing the same.

As numbers dwindle even the worst of the worst will win something.

This has been the most boring week ever in BB. What an incredibly bad idea. I’m my opinion Cam has won the comp and should be revived. The 2nd comp is stupid. Go Cam!

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

I agree, I feel Cam should not have to perform another competition.

Send Jared home, I do not have any trust whatsoever with Production.


With all of the choices CBS had to put an ex-survivor player in the BB house, they picked Cirie and her useless son????? I don’t get the reasoning, Those two clueless people must be related to someone in production…..No BB fan wants to watch them and their mean, idiotic, fake BS. I have to turn it off every time punk boy opens his mouth. And Cirie’s “ all about me” rude and classless attitude is sickening. Please Stop with these two, I don’t care who they are related to or what deals were made to rig this game.


‘Useless’ is a perfect description of Jared, among many for this punk kid.

Spot ON

FELICIA deserved 2 thumps up when she stood up to CIRIE’s bullying FELICIA over not disclosing the votes to CIRIE.
It actually sounded like a domestic violence argument right before the cops come knowing.


I’ve said it before but I think the reason they put Cirie in was because they wanted to get away from the race baiting. That poor Kyle kid got done dirty.

I think Cirie cutting the black guy in Traitors at the end spoke to that. She plays to win. She’s not going to “do the keep the black people safe” thing as runner up Quinton in the Traitors said.




??? maybe you should try out


I’m really getting sick of Cirie’s obvious show all her teeth fake smile. The “That’s nice honey, now go play” smile. How do the other house guests not see this.. are they not looking at her?

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Whoever is the one that comes up with these twists, they need to stop. Why do we need twists like this, twists that impact the players when they make a big move, evict someone who was controlling things, then Production gives the person evicted a do over.

We don’t need these dumb twists, twists that are not fair to the players, if Production thinks Jared makes good TV, I wish they would read this site, see how so many fans are not crazy about Jared or Cirie.

I liked Cirie when she was on Survivor, Cirie on Big Brother, I’m not a fan. Cirie & Jared together, they are not very kind people, Cirie has said some really nasty things about Bowie, and some of the other HG’s, so has Felicia and Jared.

Yes in Big Brother, you lie, deceive, and cause confusion, but the lies that Jared told Red, that had a really bad impact on him personally, Red thought Cam was really a friend.

Where Red messed up, if you really consider someone a new friend, talk out the issue, give the person a chance to give their side of what was told to you, a real friend would not just listen to someone who said someone else said something bad about them.

Get to the bottom of what’s going on, why take what Jared said as 100% true. Jared knew what he did with Red & Cam was going a little too far, instead of trying to turn things around with them, Jared remained true to form, he got everyone to vote out Red instead of Jag, just to protect himself from being exposed as the liar he really is.

Get rid of the twists, every year Production comes up with a way to interfere with what’s going on in the house, they drop hints in the D/R that cause some Houseguests to question the people who they trust, or interfere and get them to go after someone else who is not a Favorite the Production wants to advance in the game.

If Production wants to have a twist, be fair, sew doubt about someone has a family member in the house, do that Production, stop helping Cirie & Jared !!


The twists are as dumb as shit, a twist should be a ‘juicy’ contributor but instead they’re stupid and completely uninteresting & foolish — 1,000%. Jeez what a waste (not unlike Cirie & Jared aka: sonny boy)

julie O

Sounds like the hug of judah. If I was Jag I wouldnt trust cirie or her son at all.

Spot ON

Judah hugged and kissed Jesus.
Jag hugged and kissed the Devil.


It was Judas, not Judah. But I agree with yours and Julie’s comments.

Spot ON

Yeah, I know….I was being lazy and I cut-n-pasted the error.

Spot ON

But for your information, both ways seem to be correct as both names refer to the same person, they are just pronounced a bit differently in Hebrew and Greek.


Ok, thanks for that bit of info


It was Judas, not Judah


PS.. but I agree with your comment.